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JUNE 6, 1014 



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■ AL.G.BAPNESv V - ■--'--'•■■■•■ :: '- i --'.: V:-- 

x ~ x >tT-T"-~. 

Oldest Theatrical Journal in America 

Fotiiided in 1853 by Frank Queen 



i -« 





U 9 - - - 13 6 1KT. 44tll St.. XV. 7BT. 


June 6 




Is the title of his latest Ballad, and he considers It without a doubt the Greatest Descriptive Song ever written. A wonderful -LyricTby STERLING ana 

a wonderful Melody by VON TILZER. This Song is going to sweep the Country. Get it quick. 




This is a corking Song for either Male or Female. Can be used for Doubles. A great Song for Opening or Closing an Act. A lively swinging melody 

, - that will get your audience from the start. 




ON TILZER MUSIC PUBLISH I IM C CO., 12 5 W,43dSt:,j4.y.Q\iy 

CHICAGO OFFICE: Grand Opera House Building. ■Manager, Western Office 



The Lambs, In their All Stir Quobol, struck 
the Queen Cltj at the West on the night otter t 
slssler. The evening air was ttui surcharged with 
left ofer sunbeams. Despite the beat, and It 
«u hot — Muelc Uall was well tilled and the 
distinguished tourlau carried away 80,000 anil 
pleasant memories of a reception quite as warm 
at the weather. The gaiiilwllug Lauiba anj their 
Shepherd — William Oourtlolgh — were met at the 
depot. May 20, by membera of the local recep- 
tion committee and Ksbcrger's Baud. They were 
provided musical escort to the hlatorle edlnce ou 
Kim Street Mayor F. 8. Spiegel was to the 
party, and extended official greetlug. Johu Philip 
Soma led bla baud In peraon. All along the line 
of march the celebrlilea were recognlacd and 
hailed. The march was like one or triumphal 
entree. The curtain did not riae uutll after ntne 
o'clock, and It was not until Ions after midnight 
that Ibe last adkii was Eiokcii. Ex-Mayor Julius 
Flelscununn, who was ru.iumsn of the Clucln- 
natlani, pold f 123 for an ulii graphed copy of t'.ic 
program wblcli bhephenl CtitrtMgb auctioned >>'t 
after be bud been presented with o limb qulto as 
whits and Ileecy as the one which Mary lost i.nie 
upon a time. The lamb Muiled rbmfully during 
the apecch of ni.-<V|,tai]cc, much to the delight of 
the audience, old CuKlliLatl favorites, oa 
well a* a few nut lie wns wen pleased with 
the personal leceptlon ncconlnl them. Wlnwr 
McOay oud Dick Outcil", v. ho were newtpaiwr 
artists bere Irfuie they courted Fame and won 
fortune In No* aork, amn-arcd It. their enrtoun 
act Young Jack Ilarrud, Mho rrnde a local hit 
to "Tbo WorlJ In Olucliiuji's" musical pageant, 
was cordially gieelcd. "Dob" Ilcteo waa another 
Ctnclunatlan iu the nilnstrvl cnotua. Tlie L.LubH 
departed on tbvtr apeclal early In the morning, 
well pleased that they had put Cincinnati ou 
their map. 

Msmoiul Day saw every one of the Summer 
parka In tbe full flower or popularity. The week 
was a awelterlug one, and linen nulla were In 
early masculine bloom. 

Ohsstu Pass: (1. M. Martin, mgr.)— "A Cir- 
cus on Wheels," the act put on by Millard Broa., 
la the headllner at Cheater Opera House May SI. 
Others: Moore, Brownie and Crlatle, the Wilton 
Sisters, Mae McCrea and Ben Tidwoli, tree motion 
pictures and Echmlttle'a Band. 

Boo (W. P. Whltlock, mgr)— The Cincinnati 
Symphony Orchestra will begin tbe second week 
of the concert season May 31. On 30 "Tbe Butter- 
flies OarilTil" waa given. Tbe outdoor tbesplan 
season at Woodland Theatre opeued 27, when 
"Much Ado About Nothing" waa glTco by the 
Schoster Player*. 

Const lauano.— Tbe Masonic fraternity bad Its 
analogs aa govts of tbe management, 20, and 
Hay 80 saw the real Inaugural at tbe season. 
Nettle iMcLsughlln, Just back from Mexico, will 
ha tbe premier attraction at the Utile theatre on 
Lake Oomo. 

Lublow Laoooh (Joba J. Weaver, mgr.) — rue 
races at tbe motordrome, under the direction of 
tbe veteran, John S. Prince, began May SO. t:ic 
University roar and Ktalue Bowman are In tbe 
roof garden cabaret, and tbe Singers give 
club nouse muncales. 

B. P. Ksrr.i's (John r. KcTal, mgr.)— The 
third week of Summer vaudeville begins May 31, 
when "Nlghtblwks," a rlnvlet, by 1. K. Vrri- 
man, was featured. Oth'-rs wen' . Orstg and Will- 
iams, George Ward, Kolb and lUriand, in "An. 
LIUoo;" the Alithcrgs, Page snd Kewtco, snd 
the Stilling'* Ciurlnnatl Iu molloa. Last wee:; 
Prank Lynch and company eprchted In the rural 
comedy, "Iluakln's Bun." Others included: John 





HALF TONE PICTURES la the read- 
IBs; pases of THE CLIPPER will be 
Inserted at tlieae prices I 

Front Face Cat »C0.00 

Doable Column 910.00 

■lade Cols 

Cotter and Ada Foulden, tbe Van cer Konrs, Do 
Varro and Zemater, and the Balvaggls. Cincinnati 
in motion, and ttlier fibn features. 

Gbamd Ormu Hudsb, Libic, G/vcrr. Walnut 
Stbbst still eontinae their picture shows, with 
Heuck's Open House People's, Piiiuliy, Orphemn 
and Oratory still In the running. 


Josariiixa Du.Nrxs was the soloist at tbe Zoo 

Las Gocorrs and tbe pictures were added fea- 
tures at the Zoo. 

TusoDOcs 0. Mitchell, formerly dramatic 
editor of The Enquirer and now general press 
agent for Oliver Morosco, came In tdvance of 
tbe Lambs. 

Max ScuuiA la directing tbe Cincinnati Bum- 
mer Symphony Orchestra. 

Emmons amp Ooltin are still singing at the 

Tns Walnut Street found "Traffic In Souls" 
a big winner. 

CitssTxai's regulars liked Betty Weill, and told 
her so In hearties: applause. 

Tun Rvinstou Welfare Association banquetted 
at the Zoo, wnere Tom Goodwin aililed to the hon- 
ors he has won a* boat at tbe club house. 

B. F. Kami's "ten acts for ten centa" h-ivc 
scored heavily. There wen- several huu.lrcl 
turned away on opening day. 

Cam. TtBfrrr'H mllltarr canine drama proved 
a big Chester Park card. 

A miw feature at Chester Park Is a Bilk-weaving 
loom, where souvenirs of Clrttler are woven In 

"PniMoaas CiiaietNTiisurni" was pres-rated 
by tbe Juilor pupils of the Kubn-Hess School, 
with a nine year old Marlon Mackle, in the title 

"Youno Mas. Wumtnoi*" was the play pnt en 
May 29, at the Odeon, by the graduates of the 
Kahn School of Oratory and Dramatic Art 

Esther Bnowx, one of Jtieph O'Meara's pu- 

Slls, glrea a graduation tecltal a*, tbe Orteou, 
use 1. 

Ooea OlAX goes out under tbe auspices of tbe 
National Lyceum Alliance. 

"Tbs Human Launbbv" 1b a Ludlow La- 
goon addition, which Is called a "laugh faetorv." 

W. T. 6ks*U4K. who Is riilitng here, his uld 
home, enjoyed a vlslt-on-tlie-ren with tbe stroll- 
tog Lambs. 

Gaoaos Bibhubi. former umpire and finished 
actor, was one of the bcit In the casta of Lambs' 

Muskogee, Okla.— Broadway (D. Myers, 
mgr.) Association and Mutual aims, first run. 


THIS COUPON will be numbered and attached to jour contribution, audi a certificate 
will be returned to you aa an acknowledgment, and lor ruture reference. The contribution 
should be signed plainly by the perron or firm eondlng in same, and should be endorsed by 
the stage manager ot the show or of the house where the act is being used. Further 
acknowledgment will be made by the name* and numbera being puillaled eaci week aa received 

Address your contributions to 


NOW TOEK CLIPPER, 47 W. 28th Bt, New Tork. 



Enclosed please find copy of my 

entitled '. 1 , 

for Registration. 



When you register a 
ducer, we will IV 
entered in Inn 

register a play or scenario that you Intend to gotmlt (or reading to any 
furnish a label to be attached to tbe original, showing that the atme has 
e CLirpBit Registry Bureau. Get tbe Idea? 


change dally. 

Oaiett (J. Mitchell, 
and vaudeville. 

Olthno ArsnouB (L. 

mgr.) — Motion pictures 


651— Marshall Coleman AttMrtlon Co Title 

652 — Geo. Merle Title 

f>53 — Jack Oorbett Title 

554 — Harry H. GcMberg Songs 

6B5— Hay Hlbljeler Lyric 

588 — Broadway Comedy Four Title 

56T — OUtf Slgler Title 

358— -Walter S. Decker Musical 0ot3»ly 

t-59 — Calvin Clotk 6kvtcu 

560— II. P. l'o.-s..-th Act 

681 — Oliver De Orand "8lrand Trio" 

60*— Joba Hagcn Sketch 

603— Walter GrltHey Title 

684 — Arthur M. Blackaller Kame of Co. 

665 — A. Singleton Adams Scenario 

608— Bddle Jewell Act 

607— Fred Dawscn Song poem 

608— Lea W. Hose .7.. .Act 

68»— Wm. Augostla Act 

670 — Bobert Ouildy .Sketch 

671— Foster 8. Ilnltaan Act 

5IJ— At< » Craves Song Lyric 

S™"^.™ . °, r .' Te »\; So"* Lyric 

5"*— Jlmmle Motnell Eccentric Dame 

675— -A. S. Dlehl .Billing and Act 

- nensbree, mgr.) — For 
May SI and week, the Keystoee Dramatic Co. 

Noras. — Tbe Broadway Is enjoying good busi- 
ness. The house Is cooled by a fan aystem. The that are given out tbe day preceding 
tbe showing of the ".Mutual Girl" are great 
drawing cards. Feature pictures for week SI: 
"Dope" SI and June 1, six reels; June 2, S. 
"The Great Leap," four reels; "Cardinal Riche- 
lieu's Ward" 4 and R, foar reels; "The Floor 

Above" 6. 6, four reels Yale Theatre la 

still enjoying good crowds, as the feature "Lucille 
Love" Is watched by every theatregoer In the 

city L. F. Docker, who formerly bad charge 

or the Gaiety, and who la also the ploaeer of the 
"free Dories" In Muskogee, has been located In 
California. The Gaiety, nnder their present man- 
ager. Is doing good business Bessie Deno 

Stock Co , which haa been playing within a radlne 
of fifty n-.llea around Muskogee, played at the 
Olympic Alrdome. May 24 and week, to capacity. 
Tbe company will play Nowata, Okla., week of 


81, after wnlch It will return to the Olympic Alr- 
dome for an Indefinite stay. Tbe comesny num- 
bers twelve people. " - 

Ottatra, Can. — Dominion (J. V. Clancy, 
mgr.) week of May 28 the Dominion Stock Oo. 
presented "The Oonsplraey." The vsudevllle fea- 
ture ot the week wss Lee and Cranston, singers 
of Irish Bonn. 

Fauilt (Ken. E. Fin lay, mgr.)— Singing and 
motion pictures. 

FruKCAts (Ken. E. FInlay. mgr.)— Vaudeville 
and motion pictures. 

ArstroanrM (J. D. Hnrrar, mgr.) — Mlas Mane 
\oder and the Britannia Stock Co., In "The 
Woman of Mystery." 

~. A, P A ^ Kr ^ *l"«gt. mgr.) — Roma Reide 
Co.. In "The Charity BalL" 

Nona. — It Is now snnonnoed that tbe opening 
of the new Imperial Theatre will be on June 16. 
Ken. K. FInlay will also manage thla house 

Belle Isle Fark has opened again this Bummer. 
Being In Quebec, tbe auditorium la privileged to 
run Sunday shows, and on that day It draws 
large crowds from Ottawa, which, being In On- 
tarlc, enjoya no 8unday performances of any kind. 

Krelyn Cunning! om, the singer, who made 

such s hit st the Family during bar four weeks' 
engagement, la singing in Montreal st present. 
Miss Cunningham will likely return to Ottawa 
for another lengthy engagement at tbe Imperial in 
about six weeks' time. 

Terre Halite, Ind.— Graa; (Cbas. Smith. 
mrr.) Arvlne Stock Co., for Its third week, May 
25-30, had good business with "Charley's Aunt" 
sj the offering. The engagement la Indefinite. 

FAsmss (Boss Garter, mgr.)— BUI 28-31: Her- 
man Setts, Frank Parish, Osthryn Chalouer and 
cossnany, Dyer and Alvla, and Scott and Stone. 

Maw Oolowul (M. Leas, mgr.)— Yaodefllle 
sad pictures. 


Advertisements not exceeding one Use ta length 
will be published, properly classified Is this Index 
at the rate of $10 tor one year <S2 lames). A 
copy of Ths Naw Toss Curpsa will be sent free 
to each advertiser while the advertisement Is raa- 

_ _ . BOOTHS. 

O. W. Trainer Mfg. Co., 75 Pearl It. 

. > _ ^ BAHHBB8. 
D. o. Bosaparys Co., 918 Aieh Bt, Philadelphia, 


Bneekhelai Bros, a Eckstein, 24B 8o. Peoria St., 

Colcaf 0. 


Edwin B. Street, 28 Brook St.. Hartrcri, Conn. 

... HCSIOAIj specialties. 

1. O. Deagcn. 8800 H. Clark St., Calcago, IB. 
MUSICAL olajses. 

N B Y n **"' "**'" AT *"' Bktooa4 HUL 

BMekhelm Bros. A Eckstein, 346 So. Peoria St., 



ton. Mass '^^* °*"' 8omer?Uto bHB5 BOS- 

£^5S t L 8t ! ,d, «j 1001 Times Bldg., H. T. a 
Howard Tattle. 1203 Center Bt. Milwaukee. WU. 


o .™._ . . TIOKETB.^^ 

Paul Tssaug A Bon, I0e B. 14th Bt, II. X. O 


Boston Hegalla Co., 8ST Wash. Bt. Boston, Mass. 

a Walker. 300 w. 39th St. New Tort 

»_ «,T5? , ^R!J ,0 * ,II§T MGirRES. 

Ben Bobson, 1590 Amsterdam Are.. K. T. CRy. 

Lois (E. B. Sheets, mgr.) — Vaudeville snd pic- 

BaroT, CotORUt, Msjsstic, Focntuk, Pane- 
cxas. CuucaNT, Obphsuk, Akxbicum, Roth. 
Paucs, Mooes, Paax, Elk, latr, Gabdxn and 
TBSUToairjit, pictures only. 


Motobctclb races at the fair grounds May 20- 

Tns Varieties doses Its vaudeville sesson may 

Youita'a Anooira will open with stock Jane 14. 

Two carnival companies are here June 1 and 
and week, the K. G. Barkoot, for benefit of Labor 
Temple, and Con T. Kennedy, under tbe anaplcea 
of Moose Lodge. 


Bras II, Ind.— Soarwlcc (E. E. Atku, mgr.) 
vaudeville and pictures. 
Colonial. Pbikossb and Aeo, pictures only. 
Cltmb Cib.mvil Co. week June 15, canceled. 

St Lonla, Mo^-Olppodrome (Frank Talbot, 
mrr.) motion pictures. 

AaraaiOAX.— Pictures. 

GniKD. — Vsudevllle. 

Nstr Obund CawnaiN— Plotaies. 

Oohtmsu. — Pictures. 

Kmfsiss.— Vaudeville and pictures. 

PSTNoaas. — VasderiUe snd pictures. 

FoaasT Pass: Hiobxakd. — Vaulevllle. 

?1T £S*S2±*—y*f k of May SO. Joe Howard 
and Mabel HcOane, In "love aad PollUes. 

Kiso'i.— pictures. 

BHBNiMDOAti. — Pictures. 

PaiasTBa's Pabk.— Vaudeville sod plerores. 

i °S?^2S , »w T , c , : ?r- aI J r " le ' KelLlyn WUIUto, 
to "Warrior Maid." and Mary Tulle, ta •'FreJ- 
f22.M^S %2SlL J»r!>le Elackwrll. In "The 
5S!f a /lG ?^.7 •„ JoM *■ ""T Pickforl. la 
The Good Utile Devil.-' all feature 61ms. 

Qcasn.— Opece-I 22, to caraelty business. Vera 
8ISBDS slid Florence Long. In 'The Bolted Door." 
and otber up-to-dnte pictures. 

But.— Feature for week, three reel "Bells 
Starr, the Outlaw." """ 

Cop/rl^ht 1914, by tt» Franst Qnxn FnUkhloc Ctotnpeaj (Limited) 

Founded by 

NEW YORK, JUNE 6, 1914. 


PsJes, 10 Canta. 



Tub Flying La Marrs went big at the 
Union Square last week. 

Billt Conlet, the Blllle Sunday of vaude- 
ville, Is touring tie South for the (J. B. 0., 
and going big. 

Mash and Dwtkb Sistxbs, working In 
New England, played Lynn last week. 

Csosbx, Scott and Pcglia, all set for the 
big time. It Is one of the best singing and 
comedy acts In vaudeville. 

Smith, Cook and Mabib Bbandon cleaned 
up at Henderson's last week, bnt then they 
do that wherever they work. Some act 

Obacc Doile, big hit on Poll time. 

Tke Aloha Twins Hawaiian singers and 
dancers, made a decided hit in Detroit last 
week. One paper said : "The cleverest dan- 
cers that have appeared at the local theatre 
In some time. Tliey also sing well." 

Roth Powell, doing line up in New Eng- 
land for Loew. 

Hazel, Crosby (Mrs. Jack Allen), after 
playing eighty-two weeks in vaudeville, has 
been engaged by Jacobs A Jermon for next 
Reason. Jack Allen will give np his vaude- 
ville agency to go ahead or as manager of 
pheum. The Crescent will show feature 

Rdmob has it that vaudeville will move 
from the Orpneum, Brooklyn, next season, to 
the new Prospect, on Ninth Street, near 
Kiftu Avenue, and the stock company play- 
ing the Crescent will move over to the Or- 
pbeum. Crescent to show feature films. 

Harvey Trio, the basketball act on bi- 
cycles, opened for Poll Jane 1. 

Lod Wilson, one of the men who helped 
to make Long Beach famous, and a "first 
nlghter" who has a wide acquaintance in 
vaudeville, was caught at one of the Broad- 
way places tangoing for a prize. He nearly 

This Sullivan & Consldlne circuit will be 
known after Aug. 1 as Loew's Western cir- 

Gordon and Mdbphv, back In New York 
again. It la claimed that they went out on 
Long Island looking for the property they 
bought, or for the man who sold It to them. 

Taylor and Howard, playing the United 
time and doing nicely. 

Manages McDebmitt, of the Bedford, 
Brooklyn, has dressed his orchestra up in 
new white duck coats. They look real classy. 

Poll,i Moban, who recently returned from 
South Africa, will sail on the B. S. at. LouU 
June 5, to open at the Alhambra, Glasgow. 
Miss Moran will return to this country in 

Edwin Foed's Dakciko Carnival is one 
of the best dancing acts of five people seen 
at the Bedford, Brooklyn, this season, and 
is one of the best in vaudeville. They are 
working the U. B. 0. time. 

Harbt Saubeb la going big with bis single 
on the United time. 

Marcos Loiw has secured two new thea- 
tres in Brooklyn, taking possession of the 
Broadway, which haa hitherto played stand- 
ard productions, last Monday for vaudeville 
snd motion pictures, and will take over tbo 
Fulton Theatre, which he has been booking. 
This Fives Loew seven theatres in Brook'yn 
and offers him a strong foothold in that city. 

Virginia Evans, star in both "Hanky 
Panky H and "The Pleasure Seekers." Ms 
just been engaged as prima donna in the 
revival of Lew Fields' "Hanky Panky," 
which will start rehearsing for tie Southern 
tour. Miss Evans Is In every way qualified 
for the part and will be particularly val- 
uable as a dancer, for Manager Hloom in- 
tends to have a great deal of modern dan- 
cing In his new company. Miss Evans was 
deughtfnl In "The Pleasure Seekers" at the 
Winter Garden, and will probably be a big 
success In this production. 

Thr theatre at Schenck Brothers* Pall 
sades Park opened Saturday. Decoration 
Day. with a bill of five acts. The headlincr 
was Ruth Lcckwood, Harry Van and the 
Mecca Four, In a mtnlaturo musical comedy. 
"A Night In the Park." Others were: 
Haydn, Burton and Haydn, In artistic 
oddities; the Frey Twins nnd Frev. In ex- 
hibition wrestling: Wedlin, Clark and Townos, 
"three lyrical lads." and Hanlon snd Han- 
Ion, In "Six Minutes of Acrobatic Speed.* 

Cecil Dunham, back In vaudeville, play- 
ing the U. B. O. time. 

Sam J. Harris has Just returned from a 
tour of the S. * C. and Western vaudeville 
circuits. He Is playing n few weeks on the 
Loew circuit. 

Arthur Leighton, manager of the Fulton, 
over in Brooklyn, will be In the same ca- 
pacity at the Shubert, across the river, after 
June 8. 

Stephen and Dorotht La 
Cboix are preparing their travesty act. in 
"one," entitled "She Wanted to Go to 
Heaven, Bnt — ** for a return to vaudeville. 
The act will be ready for a showing In about 
two weeks. 

Hugh Herbert, who became famous 
through his work in "The Son of Solomon," 
has been engaged for the part of Abe Potash, 
in "Potash * Perlmutter." and has started 
rehearsals. Herbert Is very well known 
through his work in Jewish and German 
character roles, and it Is believed he will be 
at lis best as Potash. Margot Williams, 
who appeared with him in "The Son of 
Solomon," will play the part of the designer. 
In the play Miss Williams is a young per; 
former whose work in "The Son of Solomon 
won her quick recognition. 

■ i > 
Forty-second and Broadway seems deserted 
ilaee the advent of the Dew clubrooms secured 
by the Theatrical Managers and Agents' Associa- 
tion, at 1431 Broadway, Id Booms 210-212. which 
have been handsomely decorated and fitted with 
every convenience for the comfort of the members. 
Geo. F. Hopper. tb* genial aecretary-treasurvr. 
haa tent oat final notice that the charter Hat 
will close on Jane 14, molting In an Inmate In 
membership daltv. for the sppllcatlooa are rom- 
Ing In every mall from tb* boya on the road. so 
that present Indications point to not leas than 
one hundred and fifty majpper} In foot) Handing 
barer* Um next meeting. 


What Is claimed to be the most expensive play- 
bouse la America, as far aa the land la concerned, 
was opened in Philadelphia on Jose 1. It la 
known aa the Globe, and Is located at the corner 
of Janlper and Market Streets, In the moat ex- 
pensive section of the shopping district. It la 
directly opposite Wanamaker's and the Olty Hall, 
and the lot, which measures 70x150 feet, cost 
alone 11.800,000. while the theatre cost $200,000. 
It will be under the management of the syndi- 
cate beaded by George H. Earle. which controls 
a dosea amosement ventures In Philadelphia. The 
rental. It la understood, will be la the neighbor- 
hood of 1100,000 a year. The house contains one 
gallery, and haa a seating capacity of one thou- 
sand eight bondred. Vaudeville and moving pic- 
tures, at popular prices, will be the policy. 

jgm mgrngmm h i 


FOR 1914-15. 


Doris Keanc, who Just tloscil her season In 
"Romance." will salt on the /mpcrafor on June 
0. to meet her rurnager, Charles Dllllngturu. In 
Berlin, to complete her plana for next »i»n. 
For the Bnt part of be.- vara) Ion, lllaa* 
Is to motor through Oerminv. md wind uo her 
Summer In the Scottish Highland*. Mlaa Keano 
closed her tea-son in Boston on Saturday night. 

Owing to extended runs ot "U< innnce" in Chi- 
cago, Philadelphia and Boston, ahe only nUreil 
during tho thirty eight week* In l-.alf s doten 
Eastern cities, She will therefore undertake an 
extended tear In Edward Fbeldui'n play, begin- 
ning early In October, and will Include a trip to 
the South, aa well as California Early u»it 
Spring ahe will appear m N«-w York In a ne'T 

2, 25 YEARS AGO. 

Under this heading we will publish each wee* 
Important and Interesting amusement etenls oc- 
curing In the corresponding week a quarter of a 
century ago. 

W-:' :: V ' 

" -*. " - "*'"-" '"* 

. . 


*-"*i$£J&£K: '• ■ 



• -.".- • ' ■ 

•CaqjH-tL^K^ . . 

fe r 

Bnr • 


5 . ■ ■ 



*a-*»? ~3B n 


aaaatafj-' . 


Hastt'.V:.' " 

stS. •'«, , va^H 


. ^-jTB 


sWaasi asf 

HE. * 

■n :. 


■B - 

■ m 






.-. ii*k ■ 


*-'-"' **■-'•- c 


"The Party from the South." 


Tuna Is a girl In the new Winter Garden re- 
view named Muriel Window, bat yon can't see 
through her, and If you coulit It probably would 
not give you a pane. 

Waixuf A. 1'iudi la pretty well equlniied 
with material for the begluulng of next seuion. 
He haa three new plays which have been tried 
oat to bid entire laBafactlon — "Ihe Decent Thing 
to Do," "Sylvia Runs Away" and "The Eldc 
Son." For tho cities other than New Tort bis 
new plays are "The Things That Count" und 
'Too Many Cooks." 

Rodebt Uintii.l's next tour will not open 
until October. He Is spending tho Rammer i.;*>n 
bis One country place at Atlantic Highlands. 

Oiacx QconcH's Spring season hi "The Tru.h," 
at the Little Theatre, having tinted, the actress 
will embark upon a vacation trip to Europe. 

Mxo A. Spaiikh bought f Izo worth of trout 
tackle to go ddliing la Ma'ae. and inside an hftii? 
was engaged for the Sunnier at an obeso salary 
to play the grouch In "Sylvia Buna Away." No 
raoaonahle offer for the Usblng tackle will he re- 

Alicb Bum'i fad la bnts, of the Simmer 
variety, of which she Is the proud possessor of 
twonty-aix. .Some are saucy, lilted over the 
eye, others are saucers, nprnreutly attached to 
the eiur, and others with tall things gtt.-kl:u; 
up straight are worn oprlfht. Collectively, tho 
spectacle Is a delight to Miss Brady's girl friends. 

"Too Many Cooks" icntlnre* to occupy ihe 
Thirty-ninth .Strec: Thealw and to promote tulrtii 
In high degree among tho alleiHlIng throngs. No 
I'erson who has ever undertaken tu build a howc 
In the eoontrv, or has lieir", ethers tell aliont It. 
falls to enjoy Mr. Craven's «>medy at Its highest 
worth. For others also lt» alrtnuidng humor liss 
an Irresistible tijineol, so that the audience rcoaj 
almost constantly echoes with laughter. The 
acting of Mr. Craven, himself, lu the chir«cier 
of his own creation, has added materlallr tu 
Ihe reputation previously heightened by bis per- 
formance of tho role of Jimmy Gl'ley, In "Bou.;it 
or.d Paid For." "Too Mao)- Cocks" will stay In 
New York all Hammer. 

"Ta« Things That Count" apparently Is 
ontte *s strong In Its hold upon the regard of 
theatre patrona as in the very height of the 
theatrical season, and It Is no Idle figure of 
speech to say that William A. Brady'a Playhouse 
very rarely has a vacant aeat. The play, which 
haa nasaed Its two hundredth performance, will 
remain la New York until the weather conditions 
become Intolerable to moat of us. snd there Is 
every Ilkllhood thst It may be revived for a few 
weeks to re-open the Playhouse In the Fall. 
» <*> 

Arrangement* were male Kay 20. by whlcli 
Margaret Anglln will present Euripides' "Mojoa" 
In the Greek Theatre of the TJi.-mislty of Cali- 
fornia at Berkeley, Oil . at lb* time of th? 
Panama-Paelllo Expotdttou. 

Negotiations are under war with a Eii.-opena 
composer to furnish a ir.islca'. setting for the 
play, which will be pliye-l by a symphony ir- 
chestra. A clitwdc dancer Is to arrange ihe 
dance* and perform Ihe rolu rumbtrs. 

»s» - 


Charlie Gllleii, the well-U.1 wn pianist and 
leader of the orchestra jii the Fultdi. Brookl7ti. 
and probably the tnoit tailed of plaaljt at any 
of the small-time houses In the East Is going to 
hike Into vaudeville. Charlie has hsd sevenl 
offers, and will leave Ike Fnltun Juno 8. Be 
will team up with a partner and then— two-a-day 
for Charles. 

♦»» ■ 


Oscar Ilammersteln, on May 28, wa* Invited 
by cable to accept the directorship of the Royal 
Opera House In Budapest. 

"I declined," Mr. Ilammersteln said lo a news- 
paper representative, "because I And I can have 
enough trouble In New York without going to 
Budapest for it. Resides. I am interested In giv- 
ing opera In New York, not In Europe." 

Aa an evldenee of the widespread popstartty t f 

Earene Brleux's piny. "Damaged Goods." the 
drama will be acted for the first time by a stock 
company at Wat Fox'a Aradaxny of Moslc wxek 
of Jane 8. 

-= — ~- ** . ' > ^ -^. 
R. B. Fsisa will hsve three 
Blies" coaspaalea next aeaion 


Siegfried Wagner, son of Richard Wagner, the 
composer, announced last week that be and his 
mother, Frau Ooalma Wagner, Intend to present 
their entire heritage to the German nation la 
perpetuity. Their gift Include* the Wagner home, 
the opera house and grounds at Bayreu'.h, the 
composer's manuscripts and relics and an endow-, 
inent for the maintenance of the memorial. 

The original plan for a Wagner Theatre for 
the presentation of music dramas after the com- 
poser's own Ideas, called for Ita erection In 
Munich, but Richard Wagner felt that the works 
would be more effective If their bearera were re- 
moved from a large city, and Bayreuth was 
selected. King Ludwtg II, of Bavaria, gave prac- 
tical support to the plan, and the municipality of 
Bayreuth assisted. The necessary fund* were 
raised by Wagner societies all over the world snd 
by the Issuance of certificates of patronage. Tic 
work of construction was begun In 1872. and the 
first complete performance waa gives four years 


As a refutation ot the Many (nil lerslatent m- 
mors ot a disagreement between them, E. II. 
Sothern and wife (Julia Marlowe), aailed for Eng- 
land May 20. oa the Jfawefanla, announcing that 
they would not appear on the stage next year, 
bnt would spend the time traveling In Euros*. 
The following se.'isio Mr. Mhcrn said, he and 
Ills* Msrlowo would make their Dnal ap)icnrance 
on the stage, tonrlng Ihe I'ultctl Mates In "Ham- 
let," "Merchant of Venlte," "Romeo anl Ju- 
liet," "Macbeth." "Taming of tie Shrew," <u>l 
"As You Like It." 

Mlsa Marlowe was compelled to give up the 
stage lsst December on account of an attack of 
appendicitis white playing with her husband In 
l,oa Angeles. She haa almost entirely recovered. 
hut feels that she needs s year's rest from her 

They will spend the Summer lo England and 
will go to France In the Fall. 
i > 


Mme. Sarah Bernhardt suffered s slight aprsln 
of the ankle as she wsa alighting from her auto- 
mobile one day laat week. The news reached 
this city on Mas' 28. and stilled the rumors which 
were to the effect thst the great French actress 
was seriously 111. 

*-"".- mP ■%. 


jHKvV. .. , ^>l 

»"~irri .'-.'■ £s . . . 


Starring with her own company. 


In addition to the apeclal company which, with 
Frank Mclntyre In the principal role, will play 
"A fair of Sixes" In the Oort Theatre, Chicago, 
beginning Aug. 0. II. II. Fraiee announces that 
that a tblrtl company, with a well known player 
In the principal role, will be organised to open on 
Labor Day for the principal cltlos of the 1'acfic 
Coast and South. 

♦ ■■ » 


Robinson's Oners House, Cincinnati, In the 
cellar of which tbe Famous John Robinson Bbowi 
used to go Into Winter quarters. Is to be re- 
modeled and offered for rent. Few persons who 
attended Boblnoon'a years sgo knew <4 tho fact 
that wild animals were kept beneath the floor 
on which they were sitting. 

The Wm. B. Poland Co., 18 East Fourth Street, 
Cincinnati, is agent for the property. 


SNYDER and HALLO. Novelty Tnngo Dancer*. 


(United Time.) 

May 31. 1880. — Johnstown flood. The dam at 
North Fork. Pa., reservoir broke. Tbe 
waters ruah<..| down Ihe Oancmaugh Valley, 
carrying destruction In Its wake snd caua. 
Ir.g great toss ot life Tho Johnstown 
Opera IIoumi nnd the lienovn, Pa., Optra 
House were destroyed by the flood. 

June 1. — 'The Spider'* Web," by riul M. rot- 
ter snd Harry Hamlin. Cist acted In 
America at Elgin, 111. 

June 2. — John Symtee. cortortlonlst, mad* bis pro- 
frttlcnal detail at tho Apollo Theatre. 
EvMiisvllle. Iml. 

June 3. — "Esther flandraa." Sydney Grundy's 
adaptation cf Adolpli rtefot'a novel, flrat 
rcted In America nt McVlcker'a, Chicago, 

June .1. — "For Bis Nstnnl Life." Inlge Tyrrell's 
drnmatlaallon of Mantis Clerk's novel Heat 
"ted In New York, nt Hi* 

June 6.— Galveston, Tex., Lodge, II. p. O Elk* 

Juno 0-— Fteye-s Opera nourc. Oorfa Rlandsrl 
?'*?. ,w "J'l 8mlth's Bijou Theatre, all of 
Seattle, Wash., burned. 


. PAt 7 h. 00 " 4 ? Pleluro appeared on tho front 
page of Tits aims. 

w.'i '**■'* "» p - " ■•" h J* ssMli Remlnglon. 
was imlillshed In TlIS Ct.ti'rsn, 

ai- "■^. ' ,, ■'" fl"**! '"»"•"■ was held at Boston. 
P. ' . 0,lmp * , ". l lL- u T Tm w - Whitney, Big. Del 

tW^sssaS * ""' 8 "' *'"** *"• ' aoa * 

..^"fJ'SfrnV**- "• 8lnn ' nd Wi "" ^ 
for" sasrtSs. L, " ,m " 0u " r HMMsBI sailed 
Hl"ws ,,T AKaa " m ' "*" **"b the Dale Bros.' 

A Oh* cTre'n'.. 1 '*'""*''* * W " W " h ""* McDom '"' 

Wam.a Lssiniiait, Oen. Holland, Kate Hollo. 

SSStsT" mnBbn§ " ,b0 "M*"* * aoVmley 

Many cnntrihiiilnns from theatrical oomnanlta 
were sent lo the Johnstown Flood a, fferer. 
ii? 1 " l S,l, -i T " , l"* t "" 1 0ll,b SBssi 'i wme'wllh 

vlllJ."N. n Y. W * UJ< " C h "'' , ' 1 " " ,0CtS Um " l m *l<- 
In fitiauis > S UI ><""»""*4 "Imaelf .. lib,,,, 
M'*ar*tBSsV, nWM " toT <"• "woklyn Cup, 

J. n. Wiiai.t.ity announced s number of lm. 
i , ".l«vUi;! , K , y to m " 1 * '" ~^^'I 
slre'lsr" *"" * Mn ' linl * btA »'"• »«v*rly*s Hln. 

Tom ( was matched to tlarht F.iiavn* 
. B e t is aali l fr, r Hie feslher weight cnTnxokVnahto 
?,r,J. n o7 l *ia n ", ,h< ' 0r,hh P ,ab •* I»«rlem for t 
?e n r^ . f nd',h n ; ^ Z^n^ "'* ""«" 

f S1T)1,EYvsTgRAU.I»«^ 

A decision In (be above raso wsa given ont by 
Ihe Commissioner of Licenses st New Yolk, on 
Mar ST. aa follows t 

"After raiding and flllns the complaint of Jessy 
Sidney, dsted May 11. 1014, and after bearing 
his testimony. Ihe testimony of his witness, and 
ihe testimony of the defendant who appeared by 
Mnnrlcc Gran, t find that the complainant he«dn 
applied to Matt Gran In he provided with wnrk 
a> o performer t Hist Ihe said Matt Graa fur- 
nished the complainant with a theatrical enasjo- 
ment for the season of IPI2-1013 with the 'Mntt 
and Jeff' Co., at a salary of tW weekly. The 
«a»nf received a* his commission the anm of 
122 r,n on tho said engacrement. In sernrdanee 
wllh the provisions of section 180 of the Employ- 
ment Aovner Law. 

"1 briber find thai Ihe agent was not directly 
or Indirectly Instrumental In continuing or pro- 
curing for this complainant Ihe second season's 
ensseement with tbe said 'Mntt and Jeff* On. 

"The agent submitted a copy of ■ contract 
which he altered was signed by Ihe cotmilslnsnt. 
The term* of this agreement appear to be In- 
equitable and unreasonable. 

"I mnlntatn that Ihe agent would he entitled lo 
collect commlsalnn on all •nhsonnent engagements 
only In Ihe event Hint the anlweniienl season's 
engn«»menf waa nrnonred through the efforts snd 
lit«'riiment*lltv of Ihe agent. 

"Prom nil Ihe facts adduced lioforo me at this 
licarlnr I find no evidence lo su.lnln the conton- 
Hon of the scent, hot •>» Ihe (ontrnrv. I And 
that Ihe complslnnnl ohtitned the reconrt season's 
enenovnxAl with the *Miill snd .Teff' Oumpaiiy, 
not thrnngh the effwla of the raid agent. 

"Under these rsjvssssassaatjsa ih« snld agenl Is 
not entitled lo any fee foe Ihe suli«eqiienl rngnge. 
ment. nnd Ihe sum of »2-;.'i'i ivhleli he eolleetod 
••n the M-mnil sciaoa'a oiiTseoment Is fteroHth 
onlored refunded lo Ihe comnhlnsnl," 

Dated, New York. May 21, 1014. 
as s » 

Hlwrtly after one o'clock morning of May 25 
the ssfe In the Kinpress Theatre box office, De- 
catur, HI., wss found to have been blown, snd 
nhoiit f7l)0 was missing. 

The safe had Ijecn carried from the office Info 
the rear part of the lobby, next to Ihe auditorium. 
where It wsa wrapped in sacks and blown with 
nltru-glycerlne. The 1700 la tbe ssfe, according 
to manager It. V. Hallory was Ihe amount of the 
previous Saturday and Sunday reeelpta. Burglar 
Insurance sufficient lo cover the lev* la carried 
by the Empress theatre management. 



Robinson's Opera Home, Cincinnati, which we 
called attention lo laat week on account of tbe 
iinnaunl fact Ibat live wild animals were one tint* 
kept beneath Ihe stage, also bad a museum adjoin- 
ing the theatre. Whenever an animal of value died 
"Ooveroor" John Robinson would have It stuffed 
snd mounted and placed In the llohlnson's Olrcm 
Museum, adjoining the plarhouse, wbos* patrons 
were welcome to Inspect Ihetn. 

The Opera House Is being rnmodeled and offnrnl 
for rent by lis agents, Hie Wm. II. I'oland Co., 
18 Must Fourth Street. Cincinnati. O. 



Charles J. Onrter was In New York Inst work 
bidding farewell lo his folks and friends U-fnre 
going on nnolher world's tour. He opens st 
Winnipeg for a foar months' Western trip, nsd 
will sail In October for China. Leon Mooser bss 
started ahead for the advance work. 


Few men. In his. particular line In lb* tented 
show business, are aa well known sa Al. O. 
Barnes, whose Wild Anlmsl Clrcna Is always np 
nmoua the wlnnere. Baeh season Ihe show goes 
Into Winter quarters with n balance on Ihe right 
•Id* of ihe ledger, and this season It la maetlng 
wllh Its consistent succes*. 


June 6 







Broadway Music Corp., N. Y., WILL VON T1LZER, Prea., 146 W. 46th St. CHICAGO, 123 N. Clark St. BOSTON, 218 Tremont St. PHILADELPHIA, 903 Walnut St 


Clipper Bureau, 8 South Square Gray's InB, London, W. C. 

Mat 23. 

Summer made an early appearance thl; 
year, and quickly there was an interval of 
Arctic weather. But the Bunehlne returned, 
nnd It IooIib as though we were In fora tM, 
hot Bpcll, that will work havoc among the 
theatre, but help the exMblUona. of which 
there nro two this year. The Spanish Inhi- 
bition nt Earl's Court opens during the course 
St next week. But the An* o-Amerlcnn Exhi- 
bition, cnglnea-ed by the K ralfy a, began Its 
career last -In every 
■way. Much effective work has been put in 
it Shepherds Bush. Six acres of ground 
have been devoted to a replica of New iork 
City. Again there Is a miniature of the 
Panama Canal, though "m nlaturc" hardly 
seems the word for a working model that 
covers 15,000 square feet of ground. The, 
Grand Canyon of Colorado Is a tremendous 
affair. In tho vast annex, known «b the Sta- 
dium. Is tho Miller Brothers & Arlington s 

1 ""Break "the Walls Down," produced at tho 
Sovoy on Saturday, Is doubly Interesting as 
the work of a womon, and as the endeavoi -of 
a business woman toclorlfy her kind. A« a 
play, it Is faulty. Mrs. Alexander Grass Is 
lie wife and business partner of a publisher 
of geographical works. The heroine of her 
nlayla Madge Beaufre, the wife of a busing 
man, full o 8 f his own Importance, secreOv. 
and obstinate as to Ws own affairs, an nuto- 
crat at home. His wife seta up a mllllnerj 
business, with n foreign gentleman for Its 
figurehead. Beaufre suspicious j sf her ah- 
Rcnccs from home, follows her, does not Imag- 
ine that the dressmaking ahop la hers, ana 
makes a vulgar scene, tot he eurjposeslber 
visit is In pursuit of an intrigue. Than 
Beaufre gets Into dlfflcultlea. eummona nli 
creditors, and among them, to his surprise, 
flndt his wife, who Buys up the concern and 
magnanimously sots him on i his feet agata. 
The temper of women at this moment may 
Induce them to support tills mi. .. 

Arolhor bedroom aketcb, this time at the 
London Coliseum. It Is of Australian ■ origin 
adapted for the English stage by that droit 
conwdian, Fred WrPjfht. as /'The Man with 
No Home." On the eve of IiIb weddiDC, a 
voung sport permitted himself a last night 
'round town, and got gloriously 'drunk. He 
could not remember where hp lived, so the 
cabmen and the police searched him. un- 
fortunately, tho reveller had annexed the 
overcoat of a distinguished professor, whose 
card was found. When a drunken little man 
was tumbled Into her bedroom, nnd collapsed 
Into an armchair. Mrs. Professor took h ra 
for her husband, and rated him solemnly. 
Then she saw that It was a stranger, she 
had riot recovered her self-possession ere her 
hiiRliand Indeed arrived. 

He examined the stupid creature in tho 
dvalr, and most conveniently decided that 
the Intruder was an eccentric aristocrat, ex- 
pected to arrive for a nerve cure. 

I understand that Oswald Stoll wilt chance 
the policy of the Middlesex In thp Pall. 
Meanwhile. It docs not appear to the out- 
sider that there Is any falling off In the pop- 
ularity of tho French revue. A fifth, en- 
titled "Vive I/Amour," was Installed on Mon- 
day and seemed most acceptable. It begins 
with tho marriage »f a country couple, and 
follows them to Paris, where many scenes 
nro enncted of (ho cuGtomary kind. A gentle- 
man In the stalls loudly criticises the show, 
but finds it better than tho Bngllshi revues, 
with their American stalrcasCB. Then ho 
climbs on to the stage nnd doeB his stunt. 
A curious and interesting law case has oc- 
cupied the courts for several days, will 
Evans, tho comedian, was engaged by tho 
'.ondon Theatres of Varieties, that which 
was formerly known ,ib the Gibbons Syndr 
rate, for n term of years, nt a salary of 
J2.000. Sometime ago he canceled contracts 
Involving S85.00O. on the plea that his 
health, and particularly his voice, caused 
lilm grave concern. Then he went to tho 
Oaletv and the I<ondon Theatres of Varieties 
brought suit. Evans declared that he was 
quite cqun! to tho strain of lighter work on 
the theatrical stage. Celebrated urtlstB were 
lined up on cither side to say whether Hie 
vaudeville work or that of the theatres In- 
volves .the (/renter ncrre strain. Tho judge 
decided for Evans, declaring that theatre was 
more delicate and suitable to a man no 
longer equal to the slapstick. 

Camarilla Ferrer, tin- (tamer, disappeared, re- 
appeared, nnit Incidentally, him scruml about a 
square mile of press millers. Carmelite Is no 
more thnn eighteen, l>nt tier short life linn beta 
a full one. Slio Is the i.lcve of Francisco Ferrer, 

the anarchist, who was shot by order of the 
Spanish government Are years ago. having led the 
revolution In Catalonia. Camellia was estranged 
from her relative, for he objected to her sUeo 
work, so early bosun. Hat she made frantic ap- 

P»at« to the king for his pardon, snd when, In 
oris, later, Alfonso sent thi- dancer a bouquex — 
lie was Ignorant of her Identity— idic flung It at 
him. Otrmcllta Ferrer nude a great hit htrc in 
tho American revue, "Come Over Hire." Lately, 
abe was dnnclng lu Purls end dluppeared. There 
was a hue anil cry. though Kit, a, her London 
ngent, never doubted that she would turn up when 
on Important engagement obortly fell dne. Now 
her mother, also In London, rays she has heard 
from her daughter and It is ill right 

"The felory of the liwary," shortly cocclng to 
New York Is, of course, nn entirely lUITexent play , 
from "The Rosarv," which John Glendeonlng la 
fcuccessfully exploiting here. Tlxre Is no simi- 
larity, except la iisroo. Walter Howard, who 
wrote "The Story of the ltotarr," Is one of our 
most omellve wrltcri of mekHimma. Hts play 
has bad a long run ou the rood, and at the Prin- 
cess Iheutre. „__ 

Melville Oldeon, the ragtime comiiOMr, was cited 
as co-rcrpoudout In a dlvoice esse- on Tuesday. 
The petitioner was Iiavld WelloV.ty Bell, a maa 
of wealtb, whose wlte, Paid Boll, was a Gaiety 
chorus girl when he met her, hut eventually 
achieved a much greater distinction en lbs atnge. 
She met Gideon nt the Theatrical Garden I'arly, 
ond afiorwards visited him frequently at his flat. 
Mr. Bell got a decree siaf. 

Arthur Bourcbler and bis wife. Violet Van- 
hrngh, spend some time on the road now with 
drama, In tbe regulnr Ihentre*. 

"Potash and l'erlm utter" will be done at the 
Queen's Theatre for tbe fiftieth lime on Wednes- 
day next, Derby Day. The play Is so popular 
here that the manager* think of a duplicate pro- 
duction If they con And another theatre. 

Elsie Janls was yesterday artiTntcn the heroine 
nf a reception given by the Lyceum, an Important 
womens' club. 

There Is an agitation of Ibren folk to get the 
censor to remove his ban, still effective, on 

Martin Harvey and his compony arc due at 
Liverpool on Wednesday next. 

Sir Joseph BeechHiii'ii o]«ra fen ran at Drury 
Lano led oft with "Der Idweii Kavnller" on Wed- 
nesday, ami "The Muglc Flute" on Thursday. 

Hubs- de Foutenny. the rifle slio.. clrculntes s 
memorial note, recalling that Colonel Gaston 
Hordeverrey died Just a year ago on Thursday, In 
South Africa. __ ,. . . 

Gwendolen Brogdeo, a Gaiety favorite, loins 
tho oast of "The Pawing Snow," at the Palace, 
oi, Monday. 

Sam Stern reports a successful opening In 

Tom Hearn, the "lasy juggler." flew from 
tonden to Liverpool on Monday last to fulfill his 
cncogenient at the Empire. 

Ambrose Austen who, for many years from St. 
Jotocs Hall dominated the concert world, cVed la 
his clghry-second yesf. 

Harry Corson Clarke and Margaret Dale Owen 
are In I -ondon , having completed a tour with 
"Whose Eoby Are 'Von I" But nfter a vacation 
they will take this farce on the road again. 
Their tour was a great success. 

Herbert G. Pouting mlimlttel bis Scott Kxpe- 
illtlon pictures for Ike two hundredth time at tbe 
Philharmonic Hall on Thurwiay. A French lecture 
was Inaugurated on Purls on Saturday. 

From the office fit the lord Clu.niberlaln comer 
the declaration that In no cliwuiMnnces will be 
aaactlon nny public pvrrcrmance of the Ohtrara- 
rncrguu Pasclon Play. 

Harry Goodson, the ngent, bus been ordered to 
pay Swaun & Edgar, the ilrspcry storekeepers, 
J05 for pajarna aults. Goodson said the clothes 
were a present In Teturn for the bold advertise- 
ment which he secured Tor the store In a revne. 

P. Mlcbrel Fan-lav will soi-modc Chnrlos 
Hawtrey at the Alalia with n farce from the 
Ocrnu.n, entitled "The Little Inmb" 

Gcorgo Edwardos, who hail k- ivrioua a relapse 
after bJs return from Nauhelm, has returned to 
that German curative resort. 

Thanks to the Improved patronage of "The 
Marriage Market," which lntely recorded Its an- 
niversary, the contemplated rrtciittrucllon of 
Duty's Theatre la postpurKd. 

"After the Girl' 1 ended Its busy career at the 
Gaiety last night. On Faturday next, J. H. 
Illckerton will produce "Allele" here. 

On Wednesday night. "A I'elr ct Silk Stock- 
ings," ntw at the Prlnee of Wale*', was played 
for the hundredth time. The Sliulwrts have tho 
American control of Cyril Haicoirrt's play. 

Oharlei Hawrrey wltlidrnw, "TIiIpiis We'd Like 
to Know" from the Apollo to-night He will tako 
n holiday, play some vauiievtire dates, snd. lu 
tbe Autumn, produce here "Seven Keys to Bald- 

Oswald Btoll has secured a new dancer of 
whom he hopes much, Km'llo Smith, of the Royal 
Open Heuce, Oopeulinijvii. 

After moro than two hundred performnnces, 
"The PeLrl Girl" was withdrawn from the 
Shaftesbury Theatre en Saturday night. An 
English equivalent of "Quten of the Movies" will 
next be done here. 

Alfred Butt has taken over tho whole Gaiety 
chorus for his Empire revue. 

Oharles Terry, a brother of Ellen Terry, has 
been appointed manager cf the Middlesex Music 

Last night saw the end of "The Melting Pot," 
at the Comedy. To-nlsht, 'Tlaster Saints." also 
by Israel Zsngwlll, will bo iioduced. 

William Abingdon, ro long our own "Adelphl 
villain," whom you time itclen from us, Is In 

Olcel7 Hamilton, the brilllrnt tuffrnylst sctress- 
autborcss, writes: "The Trolly pretty girl being 
Nature's aristocrat, need not work so hard as the 
girl who carries no fortune In her face." 

When Pavlova kissed tbe hand of the Knlserln. 
some of her make-up stained the white glove of 
the greet lady. Kays tbe dancer. "I never was 
so frlitMMied Id my life. In Bossla soeh an 
offence would have tind serious conscQuencce." 

Obarles Workman, a flne comedian, so long 
associated with tbe Savoy, Is to ho entertained 
at a public dinner cu the eve or Ids departure 
for Austrulla. 

Pauline Chase celebrated her birthday on Wed- 

Some locations for Monday next aro: Toby 
Claude, Hmplre, York ; Homey end Holbein New 
Theatre, Northampton; Maude Crurleney. New 
Theatre, Fort Talbot; Gordon Kldrld, Empire. 
Preston ; Friend and Downing, Recent Theatre, 
Salford: the Wlrtb Family, Grand Theatre. Bol- 
ton ; Goodfellow and (Irtgsou, Victoria Polace, 
london ; the Ritchie Troupe. Palace Theatre, Lon- 
don; Campbell and Barber. Hlppedroroe, Brighten; 
Sloran end Wiser, Alhainbn. Purla; the Great 
Wlcland. Empire, BlieTiberd's Bush; Irene Dillon, 
Empire, Woodgreen; Ilnyman and Franklin, Em- 
pire Edinburgh ; Ilsnlon Brothers, Empire, Leeds ; 
Houdlnl, Empire, Curilltt : Fred litrpres, Palace, 
Hull; His-oce Goldln, Duchess Theatre. Balbam; 
Helena Frederick, Empire, Hc-lbcm ; Walker and 
May. Hippodrome, Poplar; Auna Dorothy; Palace, 
Halifax ; Wilson and Wai Ing, Empire, Cblswlck ; 
Jen Latum, Palace, l<clce«ter; Willie Solar, Em- 
pire, Olilswlck; the Gleewins end Houlihan, 

Maggie Teyte, the famous loprano, Is matched 
to meet Oulmot on the golf course at Puis. Much 
Interest Is displayed In the event la musical and 
golfing circles. 

Rdwln 8. Porter sud Hugh Ford, of tbe Famous 
Players Company, have arrived lr. lCngland with 
a largo company of arllsts, and will produce 
among other Important 01ms, "The Silver King," 
"Tbe Eltmal City," and "Monsieur Beaucalre." 






The hot wave that struck town last week 
played havoc with the attendance, and mamgers 
were quick to announce tbe closing of the sea- 
son, tending SO, the Oarrlok. Walnut and Wm. 
Penn put up their shutters and all that remains 
open sre the stock and vaudeville houses. 

GiaarcK (Ohss. 0. Wanamaker, mgr.)— Char- 
lotte Walker, In "A Plain Woman," concluded 
SO, the fifth anbl final week of a very successful 
run. Howe's travel pictures start a supplemental 
season June 1. 

Walnut (W. D. Wegefarth, mgr.) — "Blindness 
of Virtue" concluded 30 a very successful four 
week's run. This was tbe concluding attraction 
of tbe regular season, which on the whole was 
highly successful. Mtml Asroglls, In repe.-tolre, 
June 1. 

Fobrest (Nixon & Zimmerman, mgrs.)— An- 
nette Kellermann's film production of "Neptune's 
Daughter," drew good nooses last week. Tbe 
third week begins 1. 

Ouxstmtt Smart Opmia. Hnuax (Ralph Re- 
nsud, mgr.) — The Orpheuai slock produces "Kin- 
dling" for tbo Urst thro a« n stock production, 
Juno 1 and week. "Her liuslKiiid's Wife" wns 
capitally acted lost week, to splendid returns. 
Blanch? Yurka and Edward Horton, is the bas- 
t'and anil wife, did spleodhlly. and scored a big 
success. George Parker, Ji>hn J. Ivan, Helen 
Travers and Florence BoU-rts bad the other 
prominent parts, 

Obphkvu (O. K. Lord, mgr.)— The stock puts 
oo "DIvonona" l and wiek. "It's All Your 
Fault" scored big last week, to flne bouses. 
Emily Smiley added to her insularity In the 
leadlog role, Harry Ingra a rnTO flne support 

B. F. Kdth'b (H. T. Jorrlou, mgr.)— Dduglas 
Fairbanks ond company, lu the skit, "A Re^ilur 
Business man." Is the feature week of June 1. 
Others are: Tbe Three ltenanis, Hoey and ixe. 
Bert levy, Gould and Ashlyn, AI. White and 
company. Dorothy Brenner, (iwer and On. r. 
Swor ami Mack, and moving tlitures. 

Qiuno (F. G. Nlxon-NlrdlloKer, mgr.) — Week 
of June 1 : Kohler, Morton and Evans, Julia Nash 
end company, Fred and Adele Aatalre, the Alex- 
evader Kids, Arthur Geary, Bounding Johnson, 
and moving pictures. 

Wm. Pbmn (Win. W. Miller, mgr.)— The sea- 
son closed on 80. Dullness during the year was 
gratlfylngly good. 

Nixon (Fred'k Leopold, mgr.) — Week of June 
1-0: Mary Dorr, Paul Oonchss, "Tbe Stool 
Pigeon," Prlmsteder Four, Williams and Wolfus, 
Price and Price, end moving pictures. 

Colonial (Harry Brown, mgr.) — Week of June 
1-0: Froslnl. "A Night In a Turkish Bath," 
"Ten Forty West," Evens and Aiken. Theodore 
Bamberg. Stan Stanley Trio, and moving pictures. 

Bboadwav (Joseph Ooheu. mgr.) — Week of .Tunc 
1-6: Heatb and Allllershlp, Lertns and .Miller, 
Nolan and Nolau. Morris and Campbell, Three 
Ragged Troubadours, E. 0. Jordan and company, 
nnd moving picture,. 

TaocAi-snc, (R, 0. Morrow, ngr.) — The Sun- 
nier stock took care of a doreu tine houses last 
week. IHllIc Kelly and Joe Phillips contln.w as 
tbe stars. Assisting than are: Frank Wixc- 
fleld, Florla MartLies, tbe Mills Sisters, and a 
boat of ethers. 

FanpLf's (O. F. Edwanls, mgr.)— The Summer 
stock nosmscs all of the elements of popularity, 
and bss been drawing good-sited liciues. 

GAYm (Alex. Miller, uicr.l— The permanent 
stock has established a rffentefs that Is quite 
regular In attendance. The Mil last week In- 
cluded: the two skits, ".Moirey Running for 
Mayor" and "Hotel Topsv Tnrvy," In which Jue 
Roue carr.ed off tbe honors. 

Ddiioht's (Frank Demon t, mgr.) — Tbe season, 
which has been a very successful one, ends June 
0. Last week's bill included a new burlesque, 
entitled "Renting Rooms to Gypsies," which was 
full of clean fun from start to finish. John 
I/orrioels Charles Royden. Bennle Franklin and 
Piddle Casaady were ths stars, snd they male In- 
stantaneous hits. 

Willow Gaova Pin (J. R. Davles. mgr.) — 
Tbe crowds last week were of midsummer pro- 
portions. Pryor's Band met with a very cordial 
reception, and tbe concerts proved very enjoy- 
able. Tbe amusements are all In fine working 
order, and are doing splendidly. 

Woonsinn Pas* (Wm. C. Martin, mgr.). - 
Patronage wss big lsst week. Perkins' Band con- 
tinues as tbe musical attraction. The amuse- 
ments are doing big business. 

Ponrr Bsebzb Pask i Stetson Bves., mgv-i.) — 
This Tvrort Is also receiving Its share of Ihe 
patronage. For May 30 a big motor cycle meet 
will be the attraction. 

Mm-tcpouTAN Opsba Ilursi.. Bijod, 


Plaza, Victobia, Alhimpiia. Palace and Stin- 
lbt give vaudeville and moving pictures. 

Ths Lambs' Gambol, at tbe Academy of Mu- 
sic, on 28, netted tbe handsome sum of 10,000. 
The stow was great, and everybody got their 
money's worth. 

Convention Hall, at Broad Street and Alle- 
gheny Avenue, has been leased by H. W. Becker, 
who wilt Install there a big moving picture ami 
vaudeville show, starting May 30. The building 
has a seating capacity of 16,000. 

Work Is being rapidly pushed on the Knicker- 
bocker Theatre at Fortloth and Market Streets. 
It will be ready about Sept. 1. and Its opening 
will mark tbe re-Invasion In Philadelphia of Mar- 
cus Loew, who has taken s ten years lease oo 
the house. 

PicTuni house managers Intend to fight ibe new 
State law concerning tbe censorship of moving 
pictures. Samuel F. Wheeler, an attorney, and 
owner of several houses, will begin proceedings 
to test the cosatltotlonillty of the law. 

Scran ton. Pa. — Lyceum (W. G. Hill, mgr.) 
entire week June 1 Feature photo-dramas and 
musical program on $10,000 organ. 

Pom (Mr. Vnnnl. mgr.) — Week of 1, the Poll 
Players, supporting Walter Richardson snd Marlon 
Barney, In " 'Way Down East." "Broidwsy 
Jones" psst week bad good houses. 

Aoaoeht (A F. Wllstrom, mgr.) — Week of 1: 
Six new photoplays, subjects changed dally, and 
special feature nights Including amateur and sur- 
prise nights. 

Bijod Damns, Manhattan, Woxdibs, Hippo- 
nnoMB, Colonial, Victobia, Ooubt Squab b, Or- 
pbbuu and Aebial Gaxobn, all doing well with 

Notes. — W. G. Hill hss succeeded B. J. I.vncb 
ss manager of tbe Lyceum. Mr Hill announced 
that the Summer policy of presenting first class 
moving pictures will continue tntl! the Fall sea- 
son, when only the best productions will be booked. 
Lnna Park opened Its Summer eeason Thurs- 
day evening, May 28, Mayor Jeruiyn pressing the 
button which flooded the park with the lights, 
inaugurating tbe 1014 season. The psrk has been 
renovated throughout, and several new features 
have been Installed and the old ones put in A 1 
condition, The manageiL-cnt announces that 
"Safety First" will be the motto, every precau- 
tion having been takea to prevent accidents. 
With this Important fenfire uppermost In the 
thoughts of the management old Lnna should 
prove more popular than ever to the amusement 
loving public of this city. 

Cnrbondale, Pav— Lake irdore owned 
80 for the Summer season. Ext union trslnc were 
operated from Wilkes-Baire and Intermediate 
points over a ran of forty-two nlles on the South, 
and from Honetdnle on the Etst. eleven tulle: 
away. This dayllrht Savntr ruort is five mile* 
East of Onrbondule. on tbe nouesililc >.f 
the Delaware mid Hudson Br.llK.aci. It has the 
modern equipment with a i/ylvan and aquatic en- 
vironment, and Is popular with the masses. The 
manager Is P. J. O'Mallcr. 

Maxsjsttc (L. A. Fsrrell. mgr.i — Prof. Schnef. 
fer's Orchestra, rnd the General Film Oo.'s ex- 
clusive dally product. 

Gsh (Alfonso Slrrlanal, mgr.) — Mechanical or- 
chestra of thirteen pieces and a dally change 
of high grade film products. Good business. 

Savot (H. B. Gary, mgr-)— Music, dally change 
of the Warner features on a mirror screen, and 
sporadic vaudeville novelties. 

Idbal (L. A. Farrell. mgr.)— Lynott'a Orches- 
tra, and a flne dally exhibit of dramatic and his- 
torical feature films. Special added attraction 
each Wednesday evening. 

Victobia (Louis Matnle, mgr.) — Orchestra mu- 
sic, dally change of pictures, and occasions! 

Johnstown, Pa, — Cambria (Soberer & 
Kelly, mgrs.) "Antony and Cleopatra," hi pic- 
tures, week of June 1. 

Majsstio (M. J. Boyle, mgr.)— Up-to-date 

Nbko fM. McOann, mgr.)— Pictures. 

Pask (Scherer ft Kelly, mgrs.)— Pictures. 

Grano and Stadium (Geo. Ponogatacos, mgr.) 
— Pictures. 

Palace (N. Notopoloa, mgT.)— Pictures. 

Globb snd Buon Damn (J. G. Foley, mgr.) — 

VlOTOStA and Ltbic— Pictures. 

Acditoriou (Z. Wstanla. mgr.) — Pictures 

Luna Pabk.— Roller skating and dancing. 

Portland, Ore. — Helllg (W. T. Pangle. 
mgr.) week of May 24, "Traffic la Souls," mo- 
tion pictures. 

Obphbuac (F. O. Cofflnberry. mgr.)— Bill June 
1-0: Annie Kent, Hill and Whlttsker, Brouson 
and Baldwin, Knjlyama, Barrows snd MUo, and 
Borneo the Great 

Baksb (Geo. L. Baker, mgr.)— Week of 24. 
"A Fool There Was." 

Eupbsbs (H. W. Plerong, mar.) — Bill 1-6: 
Three Newmans, Hammerer and Howland, Clem 
Bevlns and company, Coakleod, McRrble and 
Mllo, and Robinson's elephants. 
_ F*,"™"?' C; •*•• Johnson, mgr.)— Bill 16: 
Ethel Davis and company, Martha Russel' and 
company, Halltgan and Sykes, Dotsoa snd Gordon' 
and Juggling D'Amw. 

PsorLE's, Stab, Globs, Majestic snd Coluu- 
bia continue to offer pictures snd musics! offer- 

Sblls-Floto Oibodb appeared to Portland 18. 
J?' • n .2'.„." "1°"^ Ptnonaed to large crowds. 
Hon. William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill), waa the 
sasj fts) Sjf aa ttsattsa, and pleascl the audiences by 
his skillful riding and shooting. 
„°«".('i» F. Cordray, mgr.)— Tbe Oakes, 
the prlcclpsl smusement psrk of Portland, opened 
Saturday 18, - 

Parla, HI.— Shoe It's (Frank Weaver, mgr.) 
vaudeville and pictures. 

Majsstio (A. Menie. nujr.)— Vaudsvllle and 



Sail five packi for a dime at tain, etc. We sell It 
to yon at one cent per pack. 

HELMET CO., Broadway. Cincinnati, o. 


All that have been dissatisfied with the weather 
new commence to complain. Although It Is gnod 
and hot the local bossies sre doing good business. 

Columbia (Fred G. Bergrr mgr.) — "Mrs. Tem- 
ple's Telegram,'' May 2S-30 by the Columbia 
Players, was a mighty satisfactory performance, 
snd was tbe biggest laugh producer ever given by 
them. Earle Brown was capital, tbe concensuj 
of opinion being it was the lest work be has 
done this season. Georgo W. Barbler, Wllla.-l 
ltobertaon, Everett Butterfleld, John M. Kline, 
Violet Hernlng, Julia Blanc and Carrie Thatcher 
all good. Big business ruled. "Liberty Hall'* 
week of June 1. "Sundiy ' follows. 

National (Wm. H. Bapley. mgr.) — "Oarnen" 
and "The Talcs of Hoffman" were dellgat'ul'y 
given by the Ahorn Opera Co.. and fully enjoycil 
by large audiences week of 2,~>. "La Bobemc" 
and "Martba" week of June 1. "Faust" and 
"ijicia Dl Laminf i moor" folloi'. 

Poli's (James Thatcher, mgr.) — The Pop'ihr 
Players gave a fine account of tht-uicrivcs In "The 
Governor's Lady," week of 2J. ltirbard iluoler. 
William D. Oorbett. SUnley James, ltussel I'll- 
more, Iseta Jewel Louise Kent. Ueien Tracy and 
Gertrude Bondhlll all did capital work. Good 
business ruled. "The Spendthrift" week of June 
1. "The Blindness of Virtue" to follow. 

Cosmos (A. Jslisn Brylawskl, mgr.) — The 
rolley for Summer Is s change of program on 
Mondays and Thursdays. June 1-3: Perry's Mu- 
sical Maids. Blanco Trio, Kay and Minn, Addlng- 
ton and Franks, snd Pagaimit. Sunday concerts. 
well featured and music by That Orchestra, do 

Kami's (Roland S. Bobbins, mgr.) — Bill 1-0: 
Henry E. Dlxey, Maud Lambert and Ernest Ball, 
Lyons and Yosco, Cadets de Gascogoe, Bertie 
Herron snd Bonnie Gaylord, tbe Lelands, Gorm- 
ley and Caffrey, Twlalo, tbe Hearst-Sellg Motion 
Picture Review, the pipe organ recitals. Sunday 
concerts do capacity. 


Aa the Summer advances the patrons of stock 
companies must begin to say good-by to some 
of their favorites. During tbe mouth of June 
tbe Columbia Plavera will lose two who have 
completed their contracts. They are Violet Hern- 
lng snd Earle Brown. 

Notwithstanding the wide awake "Blue 
Laws," tbe Columbia Players will play "Sunday" 
— not on Sunday, but during the week June 8. 

William Shaites, that popular attache of the 
Columbia, who was so eager to become a 
"Sbrlner,," bad his eagerness gratified a few 
nights ago, and can now be seen limping around 
tbe lobby of the theatre wearing Moccasins. When 
asked the cause of lameness be said the sands 
were so hot '.hat his feet were all blistered, so 
he could not walk. Everything else was 0. K. 
bnt them "sanchi were some hot " 

It is a pleasure for Tbe Clvffbs to make the 
statement that Oliver S. Metxerott, of the Co- 
lumbia, baa decided to run for Oongreas. He la 
s real live young man. and will fie credit to 
old Maryland if tbey should honor him. 

With a shun at the door one Is In the office of 
Manager James Thatcher— a real cosy corner — 
and one finds Basel Tune, the girl at tbe helm, 
always ou tbe alert and alwnyx promptness ti -.-:t . 

"The Tempist in trb Teapot' 1 has some- 
what simmered and let us all hope it will con- 
tinue to simmer. That all those who agitated the 
"Blue Laws" for Sunday are now looking at each 
other to see who "woo" out While the court has 
decided against the commissioner no sane amuse- 
ment man la going to take any advantage ct this 
decision, for It Is sot so certain that Congress 
may not take a hand In this matter, and If It 
docs, there's no tellng what will result. 

Within the next three weeks the Poll Players 
are going to produce three of the latest Block 
releases, namely: "The Blindness of Virtue," 
"Baby Mine" and "The Family Cupboard." Next 
week, during the performance of 'The Spend- 
thrift," tbe uu lie: ee Is to lie given the treat of 
seeing tbe stage set before their very eyes. This 
Is one of tbe many novelties Manager Thatcher 
digs up every week or so. He now hss three 
distinct orchestras playing In his theatre. A 
Dansant every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 
and Is Installing an ice plant under his theatre, 
with s new mode of ventilation, which will make 
his theatre In July seem like October. Mr. Poll 
Is to be congratulated on having such a repre- 
sentative In tbe nation's Capitol as Janes 
Thatcher, tbe manager. 

MANAora James thatciiw ot Toll's, Intends 
to have tbe Dansante Salons for his iiatrons 
as cool ss "September Morn," It Washington's 
Ice suoply holds eat. 

Manarkb Raplkt, of (he National, announces 
there will be no more Sunday cpera In hts the- 

Oakland, CM. — Macdonougb (F. A Gelsa, 
mgr.) May 24 and week. "The House of Bondare." 
In motion pictures. The motion picture, "The 
Drug Terror," 81 and week. Marjorle Rambeau, 
Willard Mack and company open a two weeks' 
engagement June 8. 

is Libebtt (H. W. Bishop, mgr.)— Beth Tay- 
lor and Bishop's Company of Players present 
"The Right Princess" week of June I. 

OarnsuM (Geo. Ebey, mgr.)— Bill for week of 
May 81: Odlvn, Lillian Shaw, Heuriette De 
Serrls ond eompsny, Horace Wright and Bene 
Dletrlck, the Aerial Lloyds, Belleclalr Bros., 
Kelll Duo. and motion pictures. 

Pjntaoes' (Wm. H. Wright, rirr.l— Bill week 
of 81 : Lenders Stevens. Georgia Cooper and oun- 
pony, AI. Fields (lid Jack Lewis. Ihc Sevcu PI- 
csrros, Gerhsrdt Sisters, xorcat and Flor D'Allsa, 
Tracy, Goets and Trscy. the Halklns, and Key- 
stone comedy motion pictures. 

IroBA Pask (B. L. York, mgr.)— Bill weeit of 
31 : Tbavln's Band and tabloid grand opera. 

Columbia (Dillon * Kin?, mtvs.)— The Colnm. 
bla Musical Co, present, wtek of 31, 'Tlie 
Senorka " 

Bodaowat (Guy O. Smith, mgr.)— Vaudeville 
snd tnrtlon pictures. Bill dianges Weilne*la.' 
sun Sunday. 

Oakland, Reoent. Cameia. Mablowx, Hai/ 
man's, Gem. 8t« snd Oaicrr, motion plctares 

. Orand Rapids, Mleli.— Ibmer-a (Lew Re 
Lamarter, mgr.) week of June 1 : Osrly Bysl, 
Two Oarletons Ihra Barley, the Great Ho-vard, 
8hr Klrksmlth Sisters, Blossom Seeley and Prank 

Rinolino Beos.' Cmcus June 1. 

June 6 

-_a «M ati». 



That Carrie UUe. "The Personsltty GJrl." 
has been. Mrs. Erwin W. David since the 
flrst month of this year? (He's gome 
what of a personality chap himself, this 
Erwin guy, and they both look as though 
they'd and five months of the happiest 
tort of living, but Carrie will continue 
to send over the rag melodies with a 
wonderful new repertoire of gown* for 
■he Isn't satisfied unless sbes "work.- C'apltola was a charm on the first half 
bill at Proctor's One Hundred and Twen- 
ty-fifth Street Theatre tast week? • 

That Sam Howard, who manages, and In 
one of the clever Bell Boy Trio, looked 
capable of using Clothes as his middle 
name after we 'Seventh Avenue' show 
last Thursday night? (A regular Ice 
cream Beau Brummel.) 

That llalpu Lynn, who has been a feature of 
B. A. Rolfe'" "The' Purple Lady," la 
1 going to be- seen" -In vaudeville in a 

"single" next aeawrn?.""/ ; . . 

Tint Doris Page and .Mae Wallace, are still 
favorites up in the College '.Inn, even 
though Mae is "dancing ' her. h^art 
away" and Doris was working Just as 
hard . with a stitch In the "American 
Lady's" one night last week? 

That the Mnbelle Fisher Trio are j^ortng 
great triumphs oh the: Proctor,, time 




Direction James Plonkett 

with. MJss ,Flsher, ahe^ejWted,; lyric 
soprano, assisted by Bess: Dickover, at 
the. piano, and: Ruth' Guilford, violinist. 

Ttat winsome Helen Page . and her "The 
Understudy" company, Including R. 
Clove and C. Fields, were a neat little 
hit up In Harlem last week?'" 

That Al. K. Hall (not alcohol) Is buying tip 
all the automobiles in the city, because 
he and the Mrs. and "Hired, Fired and 
. Hired*' by Junle McCree, . and . bis spe- 
cial music, scenery, dances and musical 
director are all going on a vacation auto- 
mobile trip until August? . (Al. plunked 
his. cash book on another . (his third) 
machine last week, and almost had to 
drag It from Longacre Square to Loew's 
Seventh Avenue Theatre, where he was 
"working." . It's ' all fixed np now, 
though, and the tour wlllstartsoon.) 

That after a two weeks' stay in Nassau, Bo- 
hams. Islands, Al. Monte, "The Dancing 
Jazbo," returned to West Palm Beach, 
Fla.. May 23, -and opened the following 
Monday at the Arcade Theatre there; to 
good business? , . " 

That Jack Strauss is. doing .mighty well on 
on the Loew time with bis straight and 
wop turn ? 

That I caught Ben Bornsteln and Paul Can- 
inngbam up In Niemeyer's, In Harlem, 
recently, plugging "A Real Moving Pic- 
ture from Life" and "Don't Go Away," 
in behalf of Harry Von Tllser. 

ITiot Mondane Phillips. "The' Girl with Many 
Voices." and George Halley, the rag 
iplanlsfc, are again working together, 
playing return engagements for Paul 
Goudron ? 

That Zoe and Klalre El Roy, those skating 
Venuses, were a clean cut hit with their 
modern dancing on- the 1 rollers at the 
Palace last week? 

That Freddie Becque's pictnre shows at 
Congers, Rockland Lake and New Cltv 
are drawing capnclty houses — And Fred- 
die's smile is almost a gutter? 

That Ray Elllthorpe just closed his season 
with the La Mont Novelty Minstrels, 
featuring his original eccentric dance, 
and has signed to be featured with Do 
Rue Bros.' Ideal Minstrels next season? 

That I spent a "week" in Philadelphia Deco- 
ration Day? 

Donltn for Australia. 

Donlta and her company are playing rinrry 
Harm's Circuit of Summer parks through 
Ohio and Now York State at present. 

The act will sail for Australia In the Fall, 
Cor a tour of IUckards' Circuit. . - 

. Alf. Wilton's Houi.Mvnrmlnif. 
■ ■ Cards are out for the b onsen-arming of 
Mr, and Mrs. Alf. T. Wilton, at their new 
. home, ■ 216 Dover Street, Manhattan Beach. 
for June 3. 

acne Howard O. K. 
The many friends of Gene Howard, "The 
Dancing Bug," 'will relish the news that he 
Is enjoying good health, located at 35'J West 
rwenty-thlrd Street, this city, and Is giving 
lessons to a few friends. Gene would like 
to hear from his old "puis." 

- Williams and Nesville Joined. 
/, 'T. a , < ' k ^Il'Jama,- the cabaret singer from 
J-? 1 " ""*- has formed a . partnership with 
•Billy O. Nesville, a local singer, and thoy 
are successfully presenting ■ the , act, "Otd 
Chon*," written for' Mr. Nesville by Njll 
- Russell and. J, W. Jtyan. .. 

" « 100 Reward for ."Kin r." , ;. 

"King," tfe" little black" acrobatic doe be- 
longing to Barber and Palmer, Is lost. . 

'"King has been missing since last Oc- 
tober, t>ut Barber and Palmer have not given 
up hope of recovering him. He is an all 
black .Spaniel, weight thirty-five pounds, 
small .white spot on breast, lower front teeth 
gone, and Is slightly lame In left hind leg. 

-A reward of $100 is offered for his return 
to A. L. Barber, 617 North Twenty-second 
Street, South Omaha, Neb., and a liberal 
reward for information leading to his re- 

., Two Great Babes Meet. 
. A few weeks ago. in Elm Ira, N. T., oppo- 
sition theatre.) had two wonderful child art- 
iste featured. 

Baby Violet Stroud was playing one house 
as a, feature, and Baby Helen was the oppo- 
eitlon feature. 

While the managers were "outdoing each 
other" In their advertlsments In the dallies, 
P.aby Helen and Baby Violet were making 
mud pies and playing together as though 
they wore of the ordinary type of child They 
overlooked the good things said about each 
and reflecting, in an advertising sense Of the 
phrase, against the other, and when their 
engagement came to a close in that city there 
was one of the sweetest, but saddest part- 
ings to gaie upon as those two Wonderful 
kldldes said "good-bye," and they each hoped 
that in future they may play "against" each 
other many times, so as to have company 
otherwise than "grown-ups." 

About Peccary Dauichcrty. 
"It Isn't often that we are treated to a 
grand opera voice In vaudeville, but that's 
what the public will find at the Academy as 
part of the week end bill. The cantntrlce 
with this big calibre voice Is Peggy Dough- 
erty, and besides her splendid voice she has 
all the other attributes that lend to success 
In the higher circles of the musical world • 
comeliness, personality and magnetism. 

"Study at Milan, Italy, has given to Miss 
Daugherty's powerful soprano that culti- 
vated tone and expression which distinguishes 
the real singer, and her appearance in vaude- 
ville is probnbly only a stepping stone to 
higher ami better things. Her splendid voice 
will carry her there." 

This from the Norfolk Lcdqcr-Dlipatch, 
while "Peg" showed in the Vlrglnny city last 
week. This is the self-same Peggy who 
posed in Milan for Maldrelll, the celebrated 
Italian sculptor, while she was studying 
music there, for the greatest piece of neck 
and arm work he ever did model out. Some 
voice, some neck and arms, some Peg. Right 1 


Pittsburgh, Pa. — Nixon (Thos. F. Elrk 
Jr.. mar.) June 1-0. Lyman Hone's pictures; 
S-18, "Neptune's Garden," with Annette Keller- 
autnn. Business I» good. 

Alvin (John B. Bevnolds, tngr. — For 1-8: "Ma- 
dame Butterfly," by Aborn Opera Co. "II Trora- 
tore" 8-13. which will be the last week of what 
aw proved a most delightful and highly success- 
ful season. 

Ltcnjk (0. B. Wilson, mgr.)— Bore* Thomas- 
aefsky, la "Breach of Promise," fl. Pictures 
nave been doing exceptionally good the past few 

DnauasKi and Oaybct are dark. 

Acaobmt. — Pictures. 
_ Pitt (Win. M. Patch, mgr.)— "Smashing the 
vice Trust," In pictures. 

Victob. — "Dope"' pictures. 

flaura (John P. Harris, mgr.)— ThU-Wtek, 1- 
f, la the last week of. vaudeville' for the present 
season here, and. next week the house will be oc- 
cupied by the Harry Davis Stock Co. Tie week's 
till Includes: Toots Paka and company, Mabel 
and Max Focd. Andrew Kelly, Nick's, skating 
girls, Arllne and Ailler, Mullcr and Stanley, Dare 
Eros., Hermlne Shone and company, Bedford anil 
Winchester, and moving pictures. 

Hums (C. R. Unehhelt, mgr.) — BUI 1-0: 
Bert Wheeler and company. Parisian Trio, Rio 
and Norman, .Mack and Irwin, Swan's cockatoos, 
Frank Palmer, Hill and Hale, and Hennlng, Lewis 
and company. Business' la good. 

Sheridan (P. H. Tooker. mgr. 1— Bill 1-8: 
Exposition Four, Woods animals, Felix Haney 
and company 8llber and North, Frank Uanley, 
Shall and Cole, and moving pictures. 

West View Pabk (J. H. Maxwell, mgr.) — 
Fischer's Band la a feature here. Crowds attend 
•ally. AH attractions report fine business. 

KswNnwooi) (A: S. McSwlgon. mgr.) — Mlrel- 
la'a Band. New attractions and rides. Big crowds 

Amebic an (Barry Polak. mgr.) — American 
Players, under direction of Frank Readlck,- pre- 
aent "The Shores of Sin" by Mllly Freeman, who 
takes part In the production,' 1-0. 

Haohnbbck-Wallacb Snows will play bete 
8, 0. for the first time In nine years. A big 
parade will be given. 

Tub Motobda'.iik, under the able management 
Of the popular Mtndel Bm'liers. Harry and Al., 
opened Its second season May 23 to a capacity 
crowd. Many new Improvements have been raada 
which add greatly to tho comfort of the spec's- 
tor. Thrilling rliles by innny ot the world's 
greatest speed marvels are held on the truck, 
where records are in ilunirer nightly. Among 
those riding are: Ed. MeCall Blily Vauclerlwrry, 
Harry Ayranlt, Ed. Boerstler anil others. 
• Tna HiRrir Davis Stock Co. wilt open tlielr 
Summer season at the Orn:.,l, June S, presenting 
Ihe Man Who Owns Broadway." 

O R. BrjOKitLTT, bearlixz hit- usual happy smite, 
continues to greet all with i pleasant word, and 
la very popular around the Harris. 

P. H. Tookeb. manager of the Sheridan Square, 
Continues popular with his many patrons. Hot 
weather, but bo keeps on the job. 

Reading;, Pa Hippodrome (0. G. Keeney, 

mgr.) bill June 1-3 Includes: Mile. Mcrserean, 
Cal and Francis. Eralry Slaters, Willie Smith, 
and Harry filLb* and comauiiy. New bill «. 
This house closes for the Summer. 

Cabsckia I'Aan THeatbe (W. n. Kromer. 
mgr.) — Paul Rums Stock Co. will present "In 
Wytaning" week of 1. The personnel of this 
oonrpany Is as follows' Nanry Winters, Paulino 
Held. Miss Clark. Mr. Sharkey. Mr. Ely, Mr. 
Anthony and Mr. Danforlh. Business la rood. 

Ooir, Diamond, lijuiss, i'AUiir, Aiuooiia, 

Gbu, Ltbio, Majestic, Oband, Palaob, Penw, 
pictbbei.and. rsx, kotal, l'bincess, 8avot, 
Stab, San Tot, Olivette ond Victob. — Motion 
pictures only. 

Auousta Kiiemp, daughter of Assistant U. S. 
District Attorney Edwanl Krenwi, this city, will 
leave for Brookneld Centre, Mass., whero she 
will enter Brook field Summer School to resume 
her musical studies. Later she will all a mu- 
sical comedy engagement In New York City. 

Lt/blla SniiE Is visiting her parents after a 
successful tour with the Cabaret Girls. 

St. John, Can. — Opera House (H. Walter 
Woods, mgr.) the Thomson-Woods Stock Co. 
opened their thirty-fifth and last week May 28, 
presenting "Girls'* 25. 20; "The Nest Egg" 27, 
"A Gentleman of Leisure" 28, and "The Private 
Secretary" 29. Royal Gwent Welsh Male Singers 
June 1-3, "Mutt and Jeff In Panama" 4-0, "Alma, 
Where Do You Live?" 8-10; Boston Grand Opera 
Co. 11, 12. 

DKions, Stab, Gbm and Euraxsg, moving pic- 
tures only. • . ' 

Ltbio. — Vsudevllle and moving prctores. 

Ihpbbiai,.— Gertrude Le Roy and Slgnor 
Stephana Pettlnl In, operatic selections, and the 
moving pictures. 

Tore. — Local amateurs were seen In "La Mas- 
cotte," for benefit of the Children's Playgrounds, 
May 29-27. 
. Notes. — Win. T. Carleton, of Klaw ft Er- 

langer's staff. Is visiting his home here 

Kleran Kelty, formerly manager of the Opera 
House here, arrived in town 22, and was warmly 

fireeted by his many friends. Mr. Kelty Is here 
n the Interest of the Royal Gwent Welsh Male 

Singers and the Boston Opera Stars The 

pride of locsl newspaper men's baseball club has 
suffered a rude Jolt. On 13 the Red Rose Ball 
Team trimmed them 11 to 8, and on 22 the 
Thomson-Woods team did likewise 13-10. As 
each team has won one game the Thomson- 
Woods team and the newspaper men were 
scheduled to play off 20, the loser* to pay for a 

turkey supper F. G. Spencer, manager of 

tne Lytic and Unique Theatres, Is wearing a 
happy oralle, the result of a new "manager" ar- 
riving at his borne, 22. 

Toronto, Can. — Princess (Lee Grove, mar.) 
Percy Haswell, In 'The Charm of Isabel," week 
of June 1. 

Albxakoba (*.. Solomon, mgr.) — Bonstelle 
Pinters, In "Tno Darllnj ot the Gods," 1 and 

Udand (J. W. Cowan, mgr.) — "East Lynne" 
plcloraai week of June 1. Lyman H. Howe 8 and 

Sbba'b (J. Sties, mgr.)— Adele Blood, In 
■■/its." 1 and w<ek. 

Loew's (Iko Solomon, mgr.) — Bill 1-0: Nine 
Crtsy Kids, Eessle Browning. "The Tamer." 
Henry B. Towner and company, Clarerjco Wilbur. 
Welcome and Welcome, Kd. and Jack Smith, Ho 
Lisle, Joe Fontlelier. and Kcvny and Hollls. 

IlirPODBOMS (1' A. Me. Sidle, mgr.)— Hill 10: 
Nine White Husanrs, Frank's Fay, Alf. James 
Holt, Prelle's Cnulne Circus. Davis ind Walker, 
Allen and Dalimi, and Harry Tate. 

Gaiety (T. It Henry, mgr.) — Beauty. Youth 
and Folly week ot 1. 

Stband (O. betilesliager, mgr.) — Photoplays 
and Illustrated songs. 

Majbstio (F. 11. Grlffen, mgr.) — Moving pic- 

Tin John TL Robinson Fbmr Is line 8 for one 
day. Rlngllag ltrolhen IS, 10. 

Montreal, Can MM Majesty's (IT. Q. 

Brooks, m«T.) plctnrcs. "With the Gnv«s 
In the Firing Line," to good attcndinicc. week 
of May 20-30. David Wai field, In "The Auc- 
tioneer." June J -0. 

1'BiHcns (Arable Wright, mgr.)— Moving pic- 
tures of "Sixty Yenrs s Qucra," 1-6. 

OaraavK (Uco. DrtscoU, ugr.)— The Otpbeum 



may bo a good thing for those concerned 
but what every vaudeville artist needs la 



Contents include 12 dandy monologues, 8 
acts for two males and 7 acts for male and 
female, (tho real goods) is brand-new paro- 
dies, 3 great minstrel llrst parts, a slde-spllt- 
tlng tabloid farce, besides hundreds of 
orlglnslgags, sidewalk bits. etc. MADISON'S 
BUDGET No. 16 costs ONE DOLLAR per 
copy. Back Issues out of print, except 
No. 14; price, fl.oo, or Budgets 14 and 16 
together, $i.m>. Noto new address, 




Tent Theatre Outfit 

Must bo well organized and in condition to do engi- 
nes*. Have had 23 years' practical experience, 
strictly sober and thoroughly familiar with ad- 
vance and management In all its details. Ac- 
quainted with good money territory ahd promoter 
of novelty and sensational advertising that mean 
CApacfcy openings. Will consider salary and per- 
centage proptMHUpn or will buy Interest In good 
outfit. Address Tune 8,», If ' ' 

ADAM GOODFIND, Clebarnt, Tax. 

My Motto, "HUSTLE." Results, "Business." 





Address FRANglJN, OHIO (Warren Oo.) 



Join at once. Tickets? Yes, If known. Address 
BVRT STODDARD, Baasett .Hotel, Hew 
Britain, Conn. 

< OTt rt i wlM tri i i tw-tt n i * gTW 8 .MiwiM» TTiraa-lN* 8m | t u t s, M sb — ■ Cawing toon 


A Rarb Melody with a Punch In the lyrics. - --- Arthu^I^oghr^ltutjiidClcorgc Vict'onncl 


A Dreamy Hesitation that Docs lis Own Huoxtltiir 


Words and MimIo by Tom Fowcll. Tbo Real Ono Stop Hit, with New Ideas In Thcino and Melody, 
Professional Copies Free. Must Send Program. We havo a sour for every act— try us and mm out 

The Powell Leason Music Publishing Co, 


Th. Hon so that Put the "V" In Music and fne Din sir In ••Von.'* 





Desires Location 


Bast Liverpool, Ohio 
Bradford, pa.. ' 


....90 weoka Sharon, P»., 44 wodbi 

....10 vt»ka Now in 13th week, Ashtabula . 

CHESTER WALLACE, Majestic Theatre, Ashtabula, Ohio 


Parodies on "Camp Hoetlnr. Band," "Movlnit Plctnro from Life," "Diincliin Around," "Oct Out and 
Onder," "Ultl in Heart of Maryliniil," "Miss You Must of All," "Cureo Achlnc Heart," ■Tint Mum Ktid 
of World," "Hnooky Ookiims," "C'lipaancako Hay," "Much to Ho Thankful For," "Hunch of Htianirocks," 
"Cross Orcat Divldo," "llroko Heart to l'asa Time." "Can't Out Away Pram it." "Crying Just for You.* 
"On Way to Msndnlay,'"'l)ancinn; Heart Away,""Mwlo Mo Lnvo You," "LoncHomo l'itin." "In My 
Harem," "Somebody's Coming to My Honsc," "Apnlo lllossom Tlmo In Nnnnaudy," "anil "liluo Eyod 
Ilaliy." Last 12 (orllobrow, lOe. each. 3 for »&e,, or wholo at Bis Parody Rlota, 
And anotlior auro-flre latiRhtcr and applanso winner Is "Dlxlo Lou." A Dope Fiend, Horao itaco 
Ilecltatlon. Runs 3 minutes, l'rlco, asc. Other nintcrlnl. OatahHfno and testimonials /rco. 

SIRS. MAUY E. P. THAYER, S1VO Broad St., Provldenoe, R. I. 




"DIRECT." Get results. Stock or Road. Good 
appearance. Well up In old and lata bills. Best 
wishes to friends. FRED MILLER, 

!IT9 No. Howard St., Akron, Ohio. 

A FEW MORE 0000 


for small Wagon Circus. This la a real homo to 
good people. Others suey. 

. LOU KOSTELLO, Litter Pralrto, Minn. 


Double Band, LADY PERFORMERS. Others 
write. Stale all first letter. 

Abseeon, W. J. 

Theatre Orchestra 

AtLiBERTY after June 7 

MuhIo for Vaudeville Concert, etc. Dig Library. 

Addreaa GEO. Mallett, Jlui, Dlr. 
188 Easton Ave. NEW IMIONSWIOK, N. J. 

AT LIBERTY, (or Immediate Engagement 

Anything cast for except Lends and Sonbrottca. 
Reliable Mgrs. only. Slate your limit Perm. 
Stock, or Al Ucp. preferred. Address 

• 1304 South jjj St., Ht. Joacph, Mo. 



IS yra. ex. I ft. 11 in., 179, 83. Best wardrobe. 

State salary. Can loin on wire. Send ticket. 

118 W. Mth ST., N. Y. CITY. 



Moose Carnival, Newark, N. J. this week. 


A Calliope With Operator 

for use near Sprlngtleld, Mass., June 21. Answerto 
D. W11EEL0CK, 1U Pearl St., New York. 


Also Med. Performer that can fake piano. State all 
you do. Tickets, It known. Hall Show. CilAS, T. 
PHILLIPS, Box 214, PrankllnvllJe, Catt Co., N. Y. 

Good General Business Team 

Most do good lino of Specialties. Mnat Jolnntonco. Wlro quick, no time for enrrospondenco. 


Lebanon, Tonn., week Juno 1st. McMlnnvllle, Tcnn., Juno 81h. 


Ocn. niis. Woman or Clever 8lnRln(t floulirolto Willi small child («lrl) for child part. Must not bo over 
flvo years old; experience nut necessary. Hand Lender, Oreh. Loader, Heavy Nun, Tramp Cnmeillun: 
all must double llruss: Coniot, Clarinet. Hush ]>rerorred. Lunir season; sure money ; Just closed us 
weeks season. Tcrpz. Scotty, Franklo Moore, wrlto. Adilross 
S. J. LOCAMtHBR, jfgr.HAHS HAWBOH CO. MM Jaokqon BIT J., ChUago, HI. 

Wanted For GORDINIER BROS., Stock No. 3 

19 \V> eki Under Canvas, Thon Thoalrea for 40 Weeks. 
Vcrsatllo Rep.; Leadlnit Woman, HlrutiK viiniiKh to rent nre ; HliiRlnir. anil UaticlUK. Hnuliretto ; Chnraclor 

Man and Wuiiiau; Coriiedlan, with Hpeclaltles ; tlireu Ken, Hits. Men, that can play anytlilnK cast for, 
'. Piano l'layor to Doiiblo ; two men fur Leads ami llcnvles. J'uoplo dofiix HpeclaltlcH ulvun 
Must havo wardroho on and olf. Three nl niit and week Hlumls. TIiIh Show playa the largo 

Onetto direct. Piano l'layor to Double ; two men for Lviuls ami llcnvles. 

preference. Must havo wardrobe on and olf. Three night and week slai 

and Bmall ones. Stato lowest salary, Hcinl programs, pliolos. Answer by letter only, llohoarsnlil at 

Hilda, 111., Juno lsili. Open ono week later. Boozers, No. Tickets, Yes. Salarlea suro. 

Brlmhcld, 111., until 8th. Then Elmwood, ID. Addreaa CLYDE II. GORDINIER. 




YOUNG OEN. BUS. WOMAN for Characters, Juveniles and Heavies. Join on wlro. State lowest salary. 

Add. T. I. PAUL, Mgr. Clarendon Stock Co., 
Week of June 1, Dunkirk, Ohio; wcok of Juno a, Alger, Ohio. 




All people must ho young, possess personality, have flrst clans wardrobe. No boozo. Reasonable 
salary. Tell all and very lowest In flrst. Need Scenic Artist, Small Parts. 

This week Olnoy, Illinois. Wook June 7, Mount Vernon, Illinois. 



2 Bill* a week, GOOD LIGHT comedian, who oan play Juveniles, 
Also OENERAL BUSINESS MAN, to do some Heavlea 

Other people write. riHLUP MJMONT, wire. 

JOHN L. CROVO, Arotlsmy of Music, Charlotte, N. C. 


Special Prices on 3 Sheets. I Sheets* 1-2 Sheets* 

HERALDS and DODDERS, If orders are placed wltti us during tlio month of June. Pint 
Class Work. Prompt shipment*. Try our Hates at 76 Cent* a Sot. 


Players, In "y«irs of Discretion." 1-0. "TCio 
Man Prom IIoiiw'' next. 

New Oband. — It-jina llesd* Stock Co., la ".Mj.-- 
0§ Kcms," 1-0. 

Kmi'iuw. — nt.mlcy Stock Co., la "Tho Deep 
Purple," 1-0. 

Hamilton, Can. — At the Temple (J. 0. Ap- 
pleton, mar.) the stock coropony, week ot Mir 25. 
gave an excellent production ot "The Chorat 
Lady." Week ot June 1, "Alias Haunt Valen- 
tine;" followlrej week, "Mary Jaoe'a Pa." 

Ltbio (II. Morain, mar.) — High clasa motion 
pictures and mualcal act. 

Satot (W. Hpeace, mirr.) — class motion 

Kao Mill (D. K. Stewart, mir.)— 4Ilgh close 

I'ni.MjEss |W. Swanwlck, ingr.) — High claaa 
motion pictures. 

LoKsruport, Ind.— Nelson (Rdw. F. Oilll- 
gan, mgr.) Kolb ami Martin, In musical tabloid, 
week of May 20. drew good returns, this bring 
tho final attraction of the season, which, under 
Mr. Oalllgan's management, waa the beat this 
bouse liaa eniwrlcncea. Manager Ualllgan an- 
nounces tliat be hss already booked t number of 
the biggest and best attractions for next season. 

Odmihial (Harold Byerly, mgr.) — .llltl for June 
1-3 : Clyde Rlllott, Barbour ami Jackson, Nichols- 
Nelson Troupe. For t-8: Herts ami Preston. 
Marie King Hcott. PadlrvO'Brleu Trio. Business 
continues excellent. 

liaoAuwAT (Masgus & Jeffries, mgr.)— Mil far 
week ot ) : Montgomerr sml MeClsIn, Hanlry ami 
rlantrr, Azora, Uoatwlck anil Howard. Pictures 
are changed daily. 

Ask, Hbanii and Tokyo, photoplays only. 

Notes.— rTlie Hsgenbeck -Wallace Hhowt are due 
here 1H The llarkoot shows will be the at- 
traction at Uotae Oonung Week, at National Park, 

week of 19 Matt B. Kolb, of KM!, and 

Martin, reports that mtHlcal tabloid baa teen a 
lil* winner with them thla sesson. . . .. .Kilw, T. 

Oalllgan. manager of the Nelson, has made ar- 
rangements wilb toe Ft. Wayne a Northern In- 
diana Traction Company ■ whereby be will bare 
charge of the outdoor attractions at tvpeueer 
Park this Hummer. Mr. Oalllgan will confer! tho 
lirge pavilion Into a dance ball and will decorsle 
and refurnish It. Cabaret attraction* will be 
silded liter. He will also hold an auto race meet 
lil, 14, and an arlatlon meet 30 and July 1, when 
needier and Barney Oliifleld, the auto drlrers. 
will be here. Mr. Oalllgan will be assisted hy 
Cnas. L. Fallon, business manager of "The Olrl 
In the Tail" tills seaaon, who la apendlng his 

vacation In thla city Manager Bgerly, of 

the Colonial, entertained the carrier bora, even- 
ing of May 25, as the feature act of hi* bill wit 
Alice Teddy, the roller-skating bear, which proved 
a big drawing card. 

Indianapolis. Ind. — English's IW. K. Bur- 
ton, mgr.) the Wrlgtit-llunllngton plryers ap- 
pear in "Our New Mliiisloi," week of June 1. 

MmUT, Kami's. LtuauK. Lruii, AkiiAMsnA, 
Paims, Fakily nnit KarsroMB ara showing plio- 
tt'plays to good biirlnets. 

Notbs. — Tbo 1 uiubs' Chili All Star Rnmhol, at 
Kugllsh's, matinee. May 2D, was an uniiuallflpd 
tuceesa. Tho I oiik was packed. The l.ainn* were 
mot at the Union Station by a reeentlon can- 
inlttee of reproeiilatlre citluns, and esorteil to 
lbe University Club, where n reception was held, 
and thej- were gweted liy ex-Vleo-Prealdent Fair- 
bonka, Got. UaUton, Mayor Bell and representa- 
tive* of the c&uiirirrclal and civic orginloatlons. 
and lunch wns mttciI, after which he l/tmim 
marched to the Oiera House, lien. led li» Sousa'* 
UoimL Tho tomiierature. which was up In the 
■ilueTie*, was ritLer hanl on some of them In the 
street paraile. Imt lliey all declare. 1 they enlored 

II Tbo ttock season of lurleniue at the 

Columbia closed 3'1, 

r.vaiiavlllr. Ind. — New Oraml (Wra. Me- 

Cowan, mgr.) Win. Farnuin. In '"Fhl Hiwller*,' 1 
tnutlon pictures, June 10. 

(ir.nir.i'M nml NoBTIISilig (Charles Hweeton, 
mgr.) — Amateur vauilerlllo and inetljii picture*. 

Savor. CnirmunN, Puittritsa, Ittvxnain*, Nov- 
ELrr, ViBaiNiA, Ai.kamihia, Uovgnvoi, 
BiA, Fulton, Vai.aha, HTAt/iuu, Puanklin and 
Coiiinial, inotl'm f'clures only. 

Nora— The New Oraml lias dtiKontlnnel It* 
regular vmnlevllle program for the Hinniwr. Will 
re i.jn'ii Aug. ,10 Till* 1-imse will run inotb-i 
feature picture* temporarily. 

Mllwnakee, W'l«^— At the Davidson (Bhor- 
man llrown, mgr.) "Trafic lu Souls" I* Uie at- 
traction week of June 1. 

Majbstio <J. A. Illgler, mgr.)— Bill week of 
1: Montgomery anil Moore, Alice KIs mil Iiert 
French, I'. W. Cnrlierrr, l< aril Harriet Iteia. 
1*1, Uraco Kdinoml, Hildlo Itots, Kna|ip ami Cor- 
ually, and Sam Itarton. 

SuuiiBiiT (O. A. Newton, tngr.) — The ParMson, 
Block O), "Ilniudwny Jones" week of 
1. "Bought and Paid For" next. 

CnT*TAL (Win. Oray, ingr.t — 11111 week of 1 In- 
clnoes: Abo Atlvll. Kdllh Cllffenl. Mock and At- 
kiiiMin, Ann Walters anil imntniiiy, and Hawycr 
iuul Delano. 

GiiI'Iihum (Wm. Oray. mgr.)— "Lea M*cMble«" 
(In l'lcturea) will conilnuo for week of 1. 

Ran Claire. Wis.— At lbe Oraml (0. D. 
Moin, mgr.) lloyle Woolfolk'a Musical Tabloid 
Co. June Ml, Shielinu Oiiera Oo. II. 

Oiii-iibhu (Oeo. HeLaugliliii. mar.) — Vance He- 
pertolro On. will cprn a seaton of Humuier btock 
Juno 1. playltu two plays n week. 

l.rinc, IJNigun, Rex and trail, feoturc fllnjs 

Charleston, S, 0. — Victoria (Pastime Amuse- 
ment Co., ingrn.) "A Night on Broadway" Juno 

Pbincbsh. Majewtio, Oao, OoMNUtv, Onss- 
ca.ix, Casino and, Pictures, 


June 6 


continued Attractions, loevts seventh avendl 


AgrOR— iRejtnond kUtehceek, In "The Beauty 

Shop,' 1 eighth week. 
CASINO— "High Jinks," thirty-filth week; 

twentieth at this bouse. 
COMEDY— "Kitty .McKay," twenty-flrst week. 
COHAN'S — "Potash * PerlBiutter," fortieth 

ELTINGE— ^"The Yellow Ticket," nineteenth 

RMl'IRT — John Drew and Ethel Barrvmore. 

In "A Scrap of Paper," fourth aixi 

lust week 
FORTY-EIG1ITH 8TRBET— •*To-day 1 '• thir- 
ty-fourth week. „ _ ,. 
GAIETY — "Seven Keys to Raldpate," thirty- 

stxth week: eighth at this bouse. 
HUDSON — "The Dummy," eighth week. 
LONQACR0 — "A Talr of aires," twelfth 

LIBERTY— Margaret Anglln In "Lady Win 
deroere't Fan," closed May 30, 

PLAYHOU8B — "Tbe Things T6at tVynt," 
twenty-fifth week: twenty-third at 
this bone. 

8I1UBERT— "Madame Moscne" cVoted May 

3°- _ ._ 

Cooka," fi fteenth wee k. 




Hamilton. Lotw's DEi-AitcBT Street, aia, 
Fourteenth Strut, Loew'b Lincoln 
Square, Jetstrbon, Keenby'b Tbixd ATI- 
hue, Cut, Gbotoha, McKuiLii 8qu»ar. 
Union Squaib, Loew'b Third Avbnob, Acde- 
bon, Eighty-sixth Strew. Loew'b Ostpnzzn, 
Ixiaw'a National, Nemo, Riverside, Lomw's 
Grexl,t Sqtiabe. Gotham, Harlstm Opera 
House, Proctor's Onb Hundred and Twbk- 
w-mftii' Street, Proctor's Eirtt-hohth 
Stribt, Proctor's Twenty-third Stbbbt, 
Hbw York, P.iohtt-s'irbt Stbbet and 
Miner's rt.fiLt'c 


CORT — "The Escape." 
OANDUER — "Antony and Cleopatra." 
DE KALB (Brooklyn)— "The Jungle." 
GLOBE — "Neptune's Daughter," With An- 
nette Kellermenn. 
KNICKEnBOCICBR— "Cablrla." _ 
LYRIC— "The Line-Up at Police Headquar- 
ters. " 
STRAND— "Hearts of Oak" and "Soul of 

VITAGRAPH — "Captain AlYares," "Wife 
Wanted" and "The New Stenog- 
rapher." _ 
WEST END (Harlem)— "The Line-Up at 
Police Headquarters-" 


CmcLR, Unique, Savoy, Umald Square, 
Broadway, Mount Morris, North Stab, 
Rbobnt. Washington Yorkvillb, Family, 
Weber's, Wbbt End, Park and Bijou. 



Business seems to continue just as good, 
warm weather or otherwise, here. Manager 
Kahn Is doing bis best to make things com- 
fortable for his patrons 

Harry Burkhardt und company offer an 
excellent dramatic eketcti of four oeoplc. It 
Is a story of a statesman In Washington, a 
married man with B wife and three children, 
who has fallen In love -with a well known 
actress, is going to desert his family and 
have tils wife divorce him, so that be can 
marry the actress. A congressman (Harry 
Burknardt), bis best friend goes to too 
actress and pleads with her to give the hus- 
band up while at the turning point the hue- 
band comes to the actress' apartment The 
friend having gone to another room, the hus- 
band finds out another man has called, de- 
nounces the woman, who takes it all, letting 
him go back to bis family. It la a wonderful 
piece of acting on the part of tbe actress. A 
great sketch, and headed for the two-a-day. 

Burkhardt was fine In his part, and bo 
has surrounded himself by a capable company 
of clever people, sorry I havenf their names, 
as It would be a pleasure to mention them 
Individually. _ . 

Princess Indlta, tbe Indian snake dascar, 
who was Buch a big hit hero last week, has 
been held over for the flr»t three days by 
special request, and again thrilled the au- 
dience with her bcentlful dancing and daring 
feats with the snakes. 

Browne and Sylvia, a man and rather 
shapely woman, did an excelcnt roller skat- 
ing act, weerlrtg block coats and tights 
trimmed with rblnestoncs, they did look well. 
After doing all kinds of fanry skating, they 
did some of the modern dances on skates, 
dorog thorn well. Tboy carry their own 
leader, _ _ _ _. _ 

EH en Ore and Harry Do Costa offered a 
piano and Blnglug act. going nicely. 

Mile. Rlalto and rompan*/ present a posing 
act which la supposed to take place in an 
artist's etudlo. Mile. Rlnlto poses ' n * > arl ? e 
gold frame in ten different positions, while 
a young man, the artist, alnga. He Is kept 
rather busy singing all tn rough the act dur- 
ing the poses and In between. He Is assisted 
In the chorus of one number by eight men, 
dressed in sailor uniforms, who walk down 
tho aisle of the house, singing. Mile. Rlnlto 
could eerslly dispense with theso men or put 
them on the stage to help ont the other 
fellow. The act needs changing to give It 
tho proper punch. 

Spencer and Scott, In a Blnglng and piano 
act. Both sing nicely. The mnn play; well. 

.Mortimer Sisters. In a singing and dan- 
doe act. have a good act for Small thne. 

Kennedy end Potter, two men, la a piano 
and singing act.. 

RoncOdo rtros., three men. dote*- a trapese 
•oh It Is a one map act. Tho follow on 
the trapes* Is clever, but hit partners don't 
do anything. The comedy Is lacking. 

Morons and Whytdl and Francis Lomax 
»ero also o n the bill.. Bid. 


(C. r. HO AG LAND, MOB.) 

Milt Collins heads tbe bill this week. Milt 
told some funnv stortes a Jo CUB Oordon, 
and was a big success. 

Charley Orapewln offers a sketch, "Trio 
Awakening of Mr. Ptpp," which was rather 
realistic. Miss Chance speaks her Hoes too 

'"capt. Maxlmtlllan Grubncr and Miss Adc- 
hna's Equestrian Review, consisting of an 
elephant, hhrgc. pony •«*» **• WM TerT «»■ 

tertalning. . _. , , 

•Chester Kingston, tho Chinese pnsale, Is 
a contortionist of rare ability, and has a very 

* < Ernest a Evana and Wyllua Wynn offer ft 
series of modem dances, they are botn 

Iczus. e. SEWARD, xsa.) 
"Off with the New Lore, On with the Old" 
rhymed well with the fittings of this bouse 
when we dropped tw last Thursday, May 28, 
and found Jake Lubln's managerial throne 
again filled by Charles Seward, who, since 
leaving this house as manager previous to 
Burlesque Jake's reign, hat been tyerfoTEtlng 
In tbe same capacity at tbe Boulevard. 

Some one on Seventh Avenue whispered 
it that Hon. Charlie waa happy. ^X 00, 
Charlie looked happy and we found Bias 
happy, for another owl trickled it Into our 
domestic ears that ho bad wished to return 
to his "eld love," but "they" said otherwise 
down in "tb e office," they did, to when Jake 
Lubln rushed Westward in tbat automobile a 
week ago Monday, his youthful bot thor- 
oughly competent assistant manager, Joe 
Togel, was left in charge of doings In Har- 
lem until Mr. Seward was ordered to pack 
hit little trunk out of the Boulevard and 
keep going until be reached thla Seventh 
Avenue house — then hang his bat la the 
upstairs "manager's office" till further notlca 
Mystery was banging over tbe unexpected 
change, as it was generally believed young 
VogeT would assume control. However, for 
the Indefinite future you may find Mr. Sew- 
ard handling affairs here, while Marcus 
Loew awaits Joe> Vogd's becoming elderly 
enough to be one of his most valuable man- 
agerial assets, and sound enough of mind to 
vote for regilar cfflelsls to run this jere 
free ( ?) country of ours. 

strels at this snow.' 

El Cieve, the kittle garbed xylophone art- 
ist, opened the thow with class with hit 
expert music ability on. that lns tr s t a en t - - 

Carmen's Minstrels, composed of eight 
men in black face, ana a woman interlocutor 
(without foe stove polish), -followed In, and 
were a great olg successful act of fan and 
songs. Within a good special minstrel set 
their RsemMes, quartettes and solo num- 
bers were all rendered in Teal showmanship 
style while the gags between the "lnterlocu- 
trees and the ends and their leading "Bold- 
Up Rag" for a final number. Joined by the 
rest of the troupe, made good for laughs, 
and gave evidence of artistic direction. Asa 
"minstrel," Carmen's company of nine equals 
any of Its Bind seen in the city this season, 
and some previous ones. 

Blanche C. Truesdell had a rather nasty 
spot to fill after so much singing lust ahead 
of her, but after her "College Education" 
and "You're Tickling Me" were fairly well 
treated, she began to "get them" with "I 
Could Never Get Used to That " and closed 
with a display of graceful dancing In a neat 
white clingy accordion plaited dress that 
permitted her ability and a neat form to be 
displayed to good advantage. This girlie Is 
a very, Tory clever dancer, and with one 
popular song in her repertoire to replace one 
of those being used, she would bo received 
for "full worth" of the talent she possesses. 
Walker and III continue to present their 
farce wherein a young woman Haunches her- 
self into the apartment of a traveling man, 
by mistake, and Is made to drink and smoke 
by him while attired In a snlt of pajamas 
she supposed were the property of a girl 
chum. The idea and sketch has been "done 
to death." Walker and III manage to get 
some laughs from the "smoke" and "drink" 

The Bell Boy Trio were their usual big suc- 
cess, harmonising "Twentieth Century Rag," 
"Tra La La I. a," "A Real Moving Picture 
from Life," "The Rose of the Mountain Trail" 
and "Fooling Around," wbllo their comedy 
business between each number added to the 
richness of their unexcelled offering of har- 
mony. No need to tell all over again bow 
good these boys are, for they have played 
every place that was ever governed by Uncle 
Sum with equal success for the past "steen" 

The Eugene Trio of experts on tbe triple 
bar rigging are another three who are away 
up In their line of entertainment, and dosing 
the bill here, rounded out a real good Loew 
show with their slants and comedy work of 
the down comedian. 

Charles K. Harris' wonderful veteran, 
"Just Break the News to Mother," was the 
illustrated song offering. Tod. 


New (Malcolm Donglat, 
ragr.)— Uegfeld'i F.OHtt (Eighth Edition). 
TSook sad Lyrics by George T. Hobart 
Additional Lyrics by Gene Buck. 
Staged by Leon ErroL 
Music by Raymond MM 
Baeeial Notnbers ty Dacvid Stamper 
ProdSled on Monday, June 1, by F. Zleg- 
fefd Jr. 
Tbm Clxtprtb win review It at length la 
next week's issue. The east U *• follows : 





fletan Vera Mlchelena 

Benslaa Anni Pennington 

Iarafel Gertrude Vanderbllt 


September Mors .. 

I. uolduope 

Officer Keegtm ... 
Jennings B. Ryan 
Peter Peroxide . . . 
Sa| Hepatic* 


Spirit „ 
Brbol Taboo Brabojan Dbbamb, 

of the Tango. 

George McKay 
. . Kay Lanrell 

Addison Young 
Bernard Dyllyn 

Arthur Deagon 
. . . Henry Lots 
Dorothy Newell 
. . . May Leslie 
Gladys Peldman 

The 8j 

The I 

Mies Mlchelena and Miss reldman 

Joe King -• Bd. Wynn 

The Executioner Wm. Greenlaw 

Satan's Royal Chef Arthur Deagon 

The Chicken, Anna Pennington, 



flUro Leon Errol 

- n : Bert Willla-mg 


Captain Cdtdalaw .Leon Errol 

MttcTavish Bert Wlllisms 

Characteristic Finalb 
The Governor of Texas. . . J. Bernard Dyllyn 

Lieut Turkey Anna Pennington 

Captaaa Ragttae •J? aoT &.. ¥ C . K *' 

The LoaaStar Girt Vera Mlobelcna 

And entire company with Military Band find 

Drum Corps. 



Eccentric Rallbt 

Misses Leslie, Rice, Nelllgnn and Prager. 

I. Brace J. Bernard Dyllyn 

Joe King Ed Wynn 

MyrtHka Cora Tracey 

Eccbntrioub „„. 

Leon Errol and Misses Ruby Lewis, Hilda 

Hlrsob, Freda Hlrsdi, May Carmen, 

Vivian Rogers, Rose Wertx, Bessie 

Gross and Jean Barnette. 




Leon Errol and Stella Chatelaine 



On the °5tb story In course of construction 


Slim Leon Errol 

Henry Onjx Bert Williams 

Joe King Ed. Wynn 






DANCE Mlas Pennington 

FINALE By the Entire Company 

The New Amsterdam. Roof also opened. 


This resort opened for tbe Summer season 
Monday night, "June 1, and a big crowd of 
moonlight vaadevllle fant was on hand. 
Uammerstein has Installed a dance pavilion, 
where the tango fanatics can do their fa- 
vorite steps during Intermission and after 
tbe regular ebow at night with no extra 
charge. The pronvnade presents the well 
known pastoral features that have always 
made It popular. 

The bill for the week is one of merit end 
should draw. The program has been di- 
vided, and the first half Introduces the dif- 
ferent Taudeville attractions, while the sec- 
ond half, after Intermission, is given up to 


graceful, and dance well. 

Eva Taylor and company offer an act, 
•After she Wedding," which la rather silly, 
tut kanBhaUe In pkace*. 

Rita fWnod and Ixin Holtt sing and dnn<-e. 
It Is a Pleating act. The young lady wears 
some wretty costumes', 

Sidney H. Phillips effers four ehararter 
•ones Wy wdl. He has sn excellent voice, 
and knows how to pnt-hls numbers over. Ho 
it assnvted by^wTrmle White at the plarro. 

MrPhw end Hfll opened the bin with a 
very good b aT act «"■• 

Academy of Mnslo (Samuel V. Kings- 
ton mgr.)— The regular stock company pre- 
sent "One Dnv" this wwk. wltlr Mseina 
. Knowles and Theodore Friebua In tho leading 



If 8am McKee continues to give the kind 
of bills all season that he is showing this 
week, he should have very little trouble In 
playing to rapacity at each performance. 

As a special feature, Clark and Bergman, 
with their sterling musical comedy skit, 
'Tho Trained Nurses," pleased greatly, and 
one woutd think by the hearty applause It 
received that It was tbe first presentation. 
The work of both principalis was very mcri- 
toroius, and the assisting company lent good 

Those exponents of harmony and fun. 
Hedges Brothers sod Jacobson, had tbe 
cream tpot on the bill and certainly cleaned 
up. It is one of the cleverest trios in tbe 
.business, and what these boys don't know 
about putting over a song isn't worth 

Louis Hardt, the gentleman athlete, with 
a most wonderful performance, showing many 
feata entirely new In this house, made one 
ef the hits of the entertaining bill Although 
In a closing position, he hrid them all seated 
until the conclusion of his performance. 

Corelll and Gillette, In their comedy acro- 
batic performance, made them tit up and 
take notice. Both boys are capable artiste 
In their lino, performing all their tricks with 
ease and grace. The comedy Is exceptionally 
good and earned many hearty laughs. 

Fredrika Slemoos and company, offering 
a comedy playlet called "Lis," waa Interest- 
ing throughout, and held marked attention. 
Mfss Sleroona, In the -title role, gave an ex- 
cellent portrayal of her role. Her support- 
log company wss good, and the skit proved 
one of the successes of tbe evening. 

John Canrwell and Rita Walker, giving 
their succctsful sketch, "Under the whlto 
I.ijrrire," had everything their own way, the 
audience taking kindly to them from bho 
start Tho nut material of CantwsJl seemed 
to go big, and tho tlntnng and dandng of 
dainty Miss Walker were Ihe features. 

Tbe .Salon Srnaers* offering, a repertoire 
of ttartdard and operatic sriectlune, took 
about twenty bows and feverci encores for 
1hdr exidVwvdra All have excellent singing 
voices; and harmonlie well. , 

Mnrle and Wrlle nart. In the'.r own ndrel 
comedy e*lt, "The Circus GJrl." held down an 
early iposatron, and Fjhowed that it makes Ut- 
ile oUffeence now they are placed on a bill, 
their act meeting with tremendous success. 

Ford and Hewitt, nan and woman, in tho 
opening position, presented several 
dances, and went over nicely. .The male 
member is coKtoroed In a beer skin, and If 
his purpose was to try «nd present a novelty 
he mltW the mark entirely. They wootd 
do much better In straight evening clothes. 

■ t ' 

Madison Square Hoof Gardes.— The 
Madison 8qnsre Roof Garden opened Satur- 
dnv night. May 80, in blase of glory. Palms 
nnd plants and colored electric lights. Ori- 
ental decorations and the topa daadng pa- 
Ylllon converted the roof Into a pretty pic- 
ture. Ten pairs of dancers gave exhibitions 
of the new dances, and the Chinese wishing 
tree proved as popnlar as ever. 

J. Leubrie Hill and his "Darktown Foil: 
This company of well known negro players 
made a sensational hit at another city house 
the early part of the season. ^_„ . , 
AL Leonhardt. billed as the talkative Jug- 

?ler, held down number one position In good 
orm, and went over nicely. The Three Du 
Ball Brothers, singers and dancers, went 
well, the boys are very shy on tbe melody 
stuff, but what they lacked In the vocal end 
of their performance they made up for, by 
their exceptional good hard ehoe, dancing. 

Flora, the educated African monkey, gave 
a most wonderful performance, and was a 
tremendous hit „ - 

Ray-tMonde billed with a question mark, 
managed to get over. Ray-ddonde gives an 
Impersonation of a female giving an imper- 
sonation of a male in evening attire, worst, 
up the finale of tho act with double wbjs. 
Ray-Monde la nothing more than a female 
Impersonator with very little daas. 

John F. Conroy and hit Diving Girls gave 
his usual clever aquatic novelty, which met 
with its usual success. 

Ben Wrich the clever Jew comedian, aejer 
trppeared to better advantage, and was the 
big laughing hit on tho bill. 

Charlie Abeam <ind bis (ronjpany of bicy- 
clists. It ks needkees to say. scored. 

Collins and Hart are old favorites on the 
corner, and their strong men bit was a big 

ta Th a e 8 nu t t, r *Bert Fitsgibboos, kept the audi- 
ence In the best of Uumor throughout uls 
concoction of nutty ditties and extemporan- 
eouo wltticlsma __ -. 

"The Temptation of Adam and Eve is 
another one of Hammerstein'a flllers-ln ana 
box office collectors. Entile Agoust and 
Slmone Do Beryle are In the cast 

"The Darktown Follies" closed tbe second 
half of the bill. This attraction is bound to 
draw to tbe box office, and Is an attraction 
with a company of twenty people that would 
he hard to beat. 0"°- 

■ a — ■■ ^ 

Orifty (J. Fred Zimmerman Jr., mgr.) — 
The performance Monday night of "Soyen 
Keys to Bnldpate," at this theatre, marked 
a double event The Cohan mystery farce 
registered ltt three hundredth consecutive 
New York performance, and the additional 
event furnished In the announcement tbat 
the .personnel of the presenting company 
underwent an entire chance, the New York 
coat, heeded by Wallace Eddinger, retiring 
In favor of Cyril Scott and associate players, 
who have been presenting tliei same play at 
tho Cohan Grand Opera Houses In Chicago, for 
tho past six months. By this arrangement 
Cohan 4 Harris are enabled to carry out 
thdr plan to eontlnne the "Seven Keys to 
Bnldpate" run at the Gaiety, and at tno 
same time allow Wallace Eddinger and tbe 
others of the Eastern company opportunity 
for a vacation. The new cast Includes: 
Cyril Bcott, Madeline Trovers, Ilelen. Leck- 
aye, Ethel Ittropldl, Mario Taylor. William 
■L. Gibson, 8pencer Charters, Walter D. 
Greene, J. Hooker Wright, Lee Sterrett, 
Frank Monroe, John D. O'liarn and Prank 

Pollea Marisrny.— At this place, which 
charming Mae Murray is making famous, she 
and Clifton Webb are seen every evening In 
a repertoire of classical and modern ballroom 
dances of their own Invention. In conjunction 
with a cast of other favorite modern dancers 

(BUfXB r. bosses, MOB.) 
The Summer season seems to hava little 
terror on the attendance here. Monday mati- 
nee found almost every seat flllsd and tne 
general verdict given was that aeldom has 
such a wonderful variety of talent been 
shown en one program before. 

Mercedes, assisted by Mile. Btantone, again 
mystified the large audience with their won- 
derful mind reading performance. «"• 
indeed, one of the greatest novelties that 
vaudeville baa had in many moons, and 
should prove a big hor office attraction. 

Fannie Brlce, the clever singer of char- 
acters, presented a new repertoire of Bongs, 
featuring "Mootehing Along." which proved 
a big encore getter. Her other songs were 
well chosen snd rendered as only she can. 

Bert Clark and Mabri Hamilton, in their 
musical comedy skit, entitled "A Wayward 
Conceit," again showed their versatility in 
songs and up-to-date dancing. Their offering 
met with a hearty reception, the audience 
applauding thdr efforts In a liberal manner. 
Stuart Barnes, with his snappy line of 
taUt and comedy songs, had Jittle cause to 
complain at the reception accorded him. His 
new material la good and brought him in 
good returns. 

Bert UeiToao and bis tables amused here, 
at he does anywhere. He had the audience 
gasping for breath with his seeming death- 
defying stunts. - - . 

Qua Edwards and his Matinee Girls wat 
easily one of the bus of tbe bill. Gus Is 
quite a favorite herei and the crowd waa net 
slow In snowing thdr approval of his and 
his companions' talents. 

Chung Hwa Comedy Four, featuring popu- 
lar songs and a little comedy thrown in, 
please. The four harmonize well and know 
now to put over a song properly. .. 

Median's dogs, in feats of leaping and 
other tricks, opened the thow and went 
well. _. 

The HearsWWlg Weekly showed tome very 
Interesting subjects. **&. 

■ s '■ 

Jardln de Danif (EdW. E. PldgCOD, 
mgr.) — Seven -nights of special events, club 
and theatrical nights, souvenirs, dancing con- 
tents for gold cups nnd silver tea lets every 
evening, and added attractions. Including a 
new team of sodety dancers : Vlda Etbeila, 
the "Human Mocking Bird;" Don Francisco. 
the "Dynamic Director," and his band of 
ofteen; Dorothy Hentley, the Dolly 81sters 
end Carlos Bebasttan are celebrating the first 
"AnnlversaryWeek" of the Jardha da Dante. 
Dooth (Wmthrop Ames, mgr.) — "Pan- 
thea," with Olga Petrova, dosed Saturday 
night May 30. . 

Brooklyn, N. Y,— Academy of Music (P. 
MbbIL mgr.) the third and last week of 
the Abom English Grand Opera Co. began 

here Monday, June 1. . . _. 

Db Kalb (I. Flugehnan, mgr.)— The latest 
feature pictures. . , _ 

Bmshwick (William Mssaud, mgr.) — The 
Bushwlck Players present "Stop Thief" this 
week. _ , 

Comkdy (Wm. Fox, mgr.) — Pictures and 

Folly (Wm. Pox, mgr.) — Pictures and 
vaudeville. _ . , 

Royal (Marcus Loew, n»gr.)— Photoplays 
and vaudeville. 

i-'ii-th Avbnob (M. H. Saxe, mgr.) — Mo- 
tion pictures and vaudeville. 

Broadway (Leo. C. Teller, mgr.) — The 
latest feature photoplays. 

Jones (M. T. Jones, mgr.) — Vaudeville 
end pictures. . . 

Libkrty (John A. Zero, mgr.)— The latest 
photoplays and vaadevllle. 

Oxford (Geo. J. Wdss. mgr.) — The latest 
photoplays and vaodevllle. 

Linden (A. H. Schwartz, mgr.)— The lat- 
est photoplays and vaudeville, _ 

Columbia (A. Slchel, mgr.) — Vaudeville 
and moving pictures. 
Obeinpoint (Lew PRrker, mgr.) — The lat- 

* B Gaiety (William WoUfolk, mgr.) — Vsude- 
vllle and pictures. 
Crescent (AL 

Warwick (Ambrose Miller, mgr.) — Vaude- 
ville and photoplaya 

Dukkield. — The latest photoplays. 

Bijou (Geo. Schenck, mgr.) — Locw's 
vaudeville, changed twice weekly; also the 
ratest photoplays. 

Halsey (M. H. Saxe mgr.) —Miniature 
musical comedies, together with vaudeville 
and the latest photoplays. 

Bedford (Wm. Pox, mgr.) — Vaudeville end 
the latest photoplays. The program la 
changed twice weekly. 

Pulton (A. M. lighten, mgr.) — Vaude- 
ville, changed twice weekly, Is drawing ca- 
pacity houses. 

Shubert (Wm. Steely, mgr.) — Loew's 
vaudeville continues to big houses, The pro- 
gram Is changed twice weekly. 

Obphbum (Benedict Blott mgr.) — Week 
of 1-7 : Bickd and Watson, Valerie Bergere 
and com pony Arthur McWatters and Grace 
Tyson, Ben. Welch, Texas Gulnan, Bnrdella 
Paterson, Mullen and Coogan, Gliding 
O'Mcaras, and Smith and Boyle. 


Much activity la displayed these dare 
around tbe offices of the Cleveland-Fidelity 
Booking Service, In their new quarters In tbe 
Knickerbocker Theatre Building. W. a. 
Cleveland, wbo has been the manager of that 
growing and prosperous corcern for the nrtst 
year, has bought out all the other interests. 
and la now the -sole proprietor. 

Mr. Cleveland reports that tbe Summer 
season has started In with a rush this year, 
due to the early coming of warm weather, 
and gives out the following list of big at- 
tractions that he is now routing over the 

The Broadway Belles, a bevy of beautiful 
girls. In a mmlataie musical esmedy ; Cleve- 
land s Comedy Dramatic Company, In reper- 
toire of high class playlets : the Tnttl Fruttl 
Girls, ten singing and cranring beauties; 
George P. Mack's Musical Comedy Company, 
in repertoire of tabloid musical comedies; 
Slayman All's Ten Bounding Bedouin Araks, 
marvelous Oriental tumblers and acrobats; 
American Opera Song Festival, tn repertoire 
of operatic selections; Pour Bants Brothers, 
famous instrumental lata; Burton's Greater 
Dog Circus, twenty acrobatic and reaping 
dogs; Mason and Mann. leal vaudevllllana ; 
Gardner and Black, the two punsters: the 
Medley Trio, m comedy and harmony; Four- 
teen V. 8. A. Boys, in a spectacular patristic 
novelty, and many others. 
t X » 


Praxk Williams, of the vaudeville trim 
of Frank and Dells Williams, was stricken 
wfth paralysis while filling an engagement 
at FaXrview, Pa., Friday evening. May 22. 

Mr. Williams bad been well up to the time 
of the shack. Bis entire right side Is paia- 
lyzed and be is speechless. Mrs. Wirrtsms 
took her husband to their home. Woodbine 
Terrace, Palmyra, N. Y. Everything W belne; 
done for him but there Is very little hope 
of hhr recovery. 

«» a 

Frieda Hbkpix s ss s s s si ker sUre la tbe en- 

tsjBBBSl of the Royal Open, Berlin. Germany, lost 
week, appearing la "La Bokese." 
Tsa 'ThylUa." Ce. suasded In Boston last 

Jostah Zuro has been engaged by the Abbrm 
as chorus master for wxt season at tbe Century 
Opera Bouse, Uls city. 

"BoiTN Hood and Bis Mshbis Mew" will he 

fives so si freteo perfwmance Saturday evening, 
uss 8, br the Frank Lea Stort Playere. The 
performance will be given at tbe Ardtley Club, 
Tarrjtown, N. Y. 

Jans Cowl sailed. May 30, for England. 

Mascus Loew, on Jose 1. took over she Broad- 
way Theatre, Brooklyn, and, oa June 8, he- wBl 
take possession at the Fulton, in tbe same 
borough. Tbe Broadway, however. Is only a Sum- 
mer proposition for Loew, as it will retain to 
dramatic attractions 8ept. 1. 

MIES Bajos tailed for Europe May 29. 

Geo. Ttub says that "The Garden of Para- 
dise" will be the most ambitions production ever 
attempted by L'.eMer A Co. 

"Hans" Alubscht kas been re-engaged with 
"The Whip'* Co.. which will open In August St 
St. Pad. and will play six weeks before reaching 
San Francisco, where it will be an attraction riar- 
inc the Ptnaaa-Paclfic Exposition. Tie will start 
shortly on a short pleasure trip to Europe oo a 
steamer on which they serve "a good toup." Oa 
Decoration Day Bans paid hla respects to the 
memory cf his late friend. Barry Morris, by 
visiting his grave in Evergreens, and seeing tbat 
tbe orders to keep It properly attended to were 
carried ont. 

"Midakb X" ta beia,j proilnced week of Jasa 
1, tt Band's UDera Horn. Troy. N. Y. 

"Dboadwat Jonxs." tlie latest farce to bo re- 
leased fo? stock ly Geo. M. Ocbaa, was used week 
endlns Mty 30. at Poll's TL'entre, Sersnton, Ta. 

"The Ghost Bxxaxeb" is tbe attraction at 
Keith's Theatre. Providence, It L, under tbe 
management of Charles Lorenberg, June 1 and 


Trahem, mgr.) — Photo- As 


Before going oat of town over ' Decoration Day 
Mayor Mltchel signed tbe new ordinance regu- 
lating tbe size of blllboarda and advert tain* signs 
pasted by tbe Board of Alderman last Tuesday. 
*.» ■ ' ■ 

The annual meeting of the Actors' Equity 
Association, formed a year ago for tbe pur- 
pose of securing fairer treatment from the- 
atrical managers, waa held Monday after- 
noon at the Hotel Actor. 

Officers for the ensuing year were elected 
as follows : President. Francis Wilson ; vice 
president, Henry Miller ; corresponding sec- 
retary, Bruce McRae; recording secretary, 
Howard Kyle; treasurer, Richard A. Purdy. 
Members of conndl, to serve three years: 
Charles D. Coburn, Edward Connelly. Will- 
iam Cortrtlelgh, Prank Craven. Edward Ellis, 
Grant Mitchell and Thomas Wise 


Robert G. Pitkin has been engaged by John 
C. 'Fisher for next season, and will play the 
role of a young officer of the navy tn the 
trupport of Hazel Dawn, in "The Debutante." 

Mr. Pitkin recently appeared in "High 
Jinks," at tbe Casino, and his engagement 
completes the cast of "The Dehutante," the 
new musical comedy by Harry B. and Robert 
11. Smith and Vldor Herbert In which Miss 
Dawn will make her drat starring appear- 
ance. Tbe play will be seen in New York 
early next season. 


IVY TROlTM.AK returhb. 
. Ivy Troutman returned to her original role 
of Mrs. Nettloton In the cast of "A Pair of 
Sixes," at the Longacre Theatre, Monday 

■ HI 

"Tan OnosT Breakex," a play ef comedy, 
melodrama and mystery, was used week ending 
Ms* 30. it Keltb't Theatre, Toledo, O., with 
Elliot* Dexter playing the part of Warm Jarvis, 
and Gladys Alexandra In tbe part of tbe Spanish 
princess, tbe part the was especially engaged for. 
It being the rob tbe stayed with II. B. Warner 
In tbe original production. 

"Mas, Dot." 'The Spendthrift" and 'The Coo- 

Silracy" will b» early attractions at Elltch's 
ardent, Denver, Col., during the Summer stock 
season, which opens Jane S with on. of tbe best 
•toe* companies Mrs. Mary Elltch Long hat ever 
offered to Denver public. All protections wilt be 

Cooed under tbe personal direction of Bobert 
"Tns Obbat Dividb." one of the greatest of 
Western Irimu. waa playel at the Treat Theatre, 
Trent on. N. j.. week end in* Mar SO, 

• ^ I 

i • i 

Laurence Irving. 
tar st It known Laurence Irving and bit 
Ue (Mabel Backuey) were tbe only two the- 
atrical people lost oo tbe ill-fated steamship 
.Empress of Ireland, In tbe St Lawrence, on Fri- 
day morning. May 20. They were retarnuig fro* 
a tour of Canada. 

Laurence Sydney Brodrlbb Irving was the seeooa 
son of the late Sir Henry Irving. Be was born 
in London, Dee. 21, 1871. Bis father waa 
asxioes for him to enter tbe diplomatic tervtee, 
and after his graduation at Marlborough College. 
England, and College Rolltn, Paris, he wat at- 
tached to the British Embassy la St. Petersburg 
for three years. 

His tastee, however, inclined to the state and , 
dramatic literature, and be became »s. actor la i 
F. B. Benson's Sfc»t*ep»aretn company in 1893. 
and tbree years later Joined tb* organisation of 
J. L. Toole. Be also acted independently in fse 
English provinces In "A Buncb of Violets," 
•Trilby" and "Under the Red Kobe." Between 
1800 and 1804 he appeared in Us father's com- 
pany. Young Irving, as- he was called, wis wel 
knows to playgoers In the United States, la 
1809 he came here with his wife to appear la 
vaadevllle In a snort plsy, 'The Klsg and tba 
Vatasbood,'' of which hie was the sstbor. Later, 
order his own management, he produced "The 
Affinity" ("Lea Bcaasetoos") and 'Tbe Thro. 
Daughters of Monsieur Dupont " both by Br'.eux. 
As an author he was beet known In New Tork 
through. "Richard Lovelace" and "The Fool Bark 
Said," an adaptation of a Russian work by 
Dostoievsky. He wrote several other plsy. and 
sketches. His body was found Sunday night. May 
31, on the West bank of tbe fit. Lawrence River. 
and was identified Monday by a ring with rke 
Initials. "L. I." inscribed ipon it Tho face 
was bruised almost beyond recognition. 

Mabel Hackney, an actress, snd wife ef 
Laurence Irving, wbo was lost with her husband 
in the foundering of the 0msr«< cf JttlaM, May 
20, was well known oa -the English stage. She 
was best known to America rbroagh. her anpeaf- 
aacea on tbe vaudeville state wittt her bnahand. 
Her body was recovere-1 early Bsndty, May 8L 

Frederick C. Harriott. 

Frederick C Harriett, hntbtnd of Clara. Morris 
the actress, died Mar 20, at bis home. Short 
Road and Twenty-nfta Street, Whrtestone, L. I, 
from paralysis, aged aevraty-fosryeara He waa 
born in Manhattan, a ton of Warren H irrlott, 
wbo was prominent In sBStafBg ekelet la tbe latter 
part of the last century. Hla mother, before ttr 
marriage, waa Catherine Havemerer, a member 
of tbe Bavemcjer family, famous in tbe soger 

Tbkrty-elght years ass> Mr, Harriott marries 
Clara Morris, then at the height of her fame. 
For he next twenty-live yean be acted as> act 
manager and advance agent. Previou to that 
tie was with his brother In tho wholesale Soar as4 
grain business in Manhattan. For many years 
tbe Harriotts lived In RlveTdate-on-the-Hndtas, 
and the Wbltestone home was for fifteen yeast 
occupied by a caretaker. Lost July Mr. Harriott 
decided to tell tbe Rlverdaie home and to ton* 
the remainder of hla days In hla boyhood bom* at 
whltestone. Besides bis widow, who is bllsa, 
Mr. Hsniort left a brother, Samuel, aid a sister. 
Josephine, both living la Massachusetts. 

May Raymond, of the well-known tears of 
May and Edith Raymond. Incest sad mm, siea 
May 22, of cancvr of the sWsaatst. at ter part- 
ner's horns (Urs Chester Tboropeoo), to Bobtaes, 
K. J, Burial was mads In Grove Oamrcb Otasav 
tery, Union Bill. K. J. 

Frank Robert Dlven, formerly a profes- 
sional ball player, and more recently a vsafs- 
vllle performer, died at Kntiev, N. J., May M. 
Be waa a pitcher with the Baltimore Club, tt 
tbe American Association tt 18*0. and later wm 
a rstaibsr of the Newark, N. J., and Ehntra. VI 
Y„ dues. Be was bora in Brooklyn Bfly-fts* 
yeats ago. 

John Bennett, April 26. 

John A. Hunter, May 30. 

LAlfOND Ricalton, May 26. 

Thaddbus Bhint. May 30. 

GtORT Quayi.e, June 1. 

Jamxs P. Dotty, May 30. 

Mara Atix Di Siok Pasca, May 25. 

Netlik C. Beyer, — - 
i ' j i, **>. M . I 

i •> i .t : . j ii i - 

"1-4 l" •*!iv 

; i law - 

* ■ * 



An Innovation 


Professional Copies and Orchestrations in All Keys 

A Whirlwind 

CHICAfiO OFFICE: Randolph and Clark Sts. HILTON WEIL, Igr. 

F. A. MILLS-NEW ADDRESS: N. E. Cor. 48th St. and Tin An., N. Y. 


CHICAGO— SOHIXDLEB'S. Fimt half: Faleflua 
A Valerias — Msrgsret Ltsct ft Sister*. Last 
h*M: Margaret Draw * fclatrT*. 

"SStJSMS?- Clipper Post Office. 

V. B. O. TIME. 
Jane S-ia. 

ATLANTA. 01. — FORSYTnK. Merris Oronra A 
-Or — Cass, Abearu Truvpe — Alex. Irrine & 
Oo.— Elsa Ruesxer — Horton A La Trisk* — 
ftsBBBhaw, * Qladyinjrs — Martlae Bros. 

BOSTON— KEITH'S: Swot A Mack— Rjia A Leo 

Julia Curtis — Bert Melro**— Atard Bros. — 

Et Bey Soarrs — BBsxaneB 1 * Oehrrar*— Venle 

BIRMINGHAM. ALA.— LTRIC: Claire Rochester 
— Joan tM M M Post Oharko — "The rerple 
Lady "— daiiitj 4 Scarlet— aohrooe a Mol- 


BUFFALO— SHEA'8 : Fannie Brlce— T*ek Ken- 
ned/ a Oo. — Lewis Hardt — oaranofl. 

Faol Coooaas — Sid Baiter — "Hie Bride 
uTssu" Baa ml a MoOenn — Homer I.tnd a 
Oo.^Muneo a Ooogan— De Harea. Sice A 
De Have* l e na d. 

i.ew4* a Dody— Alfred Berger— Chester King- 
<tca— Howard's Ponies. 

D8TR01T— THMPT.B : Harry A..EUI*— Six Brown 
Ira.- Two Oarltoiu — Katalle a Ferrari— 
Blre a Oohen— Ward a CtHen— Grace Ed- 
aaod* — De Witt Tonus A Slater. 

Lint lag's AtJmaU — Hubert Dyer ft Co. 

HAMILTON. PAN.— TEMPLE : One rro A Ctrmen. 

llarlln Van— The Bakjs — Kenny. Nobody A 
PUtt— "Barbaras* Mexico"— Alaroool Bros.— 
Tt» Varkfa. 

KSOKVILLK, TSNN.— BIJOU. First half: Fir* 
Basle*! Oormana — Bay Samuels — May Shel- 
don A Knap Sisters— "Bed Heads." 

LONDON. CAN.— Llghtner 4b Jordan. 


Bros Raftyette's Dogs — Helen Hees'er— 

Wilson A Aubrey — Frawley A Hunt 

Hart— Ben Welch— "Motoring"— Dellt* Del 
Oro's Cows — Prince*. Floro — Buy Monde— 
•Larreiau Miller.. 

OTTAWA. CAN.— Reed St. Jobs Trio. 

PtnLADKTJPfllA — KEITH'S: Cadets De Oia- 
<«fi>e— Ceceita Wrlgnt— 4>tj For Trio — Kirk 
A Fogartr— Mr. A Mo. C.rter De Hsrcn— 
Smith A Boyle— Leo Zarrell Trio— Schooler 
C DlcUnsoa— cgsry Naab A Ob.— Jack A 
I'cris— Hopkins, Axtell Oo. 

RlOBHOcTD. TA— LYaUO: Sena Brack*. 


SAVANNAH. QA .BIJOU. First half: The 

Daley*— Marconi Bros. — Kenny. Nobody A 
Piatt — "Barbarous Mexico"— Tbe Totleys. 

TORONTO, CAN.— SHEA'S: Lcckett A W.lilron 
. — Acaaat Bros. 

WASHINGTON— EErTH'9 : irene A Bobby Smith 
— Kraama Oscar* A Oo. — Stepo. Goodrich A 
Kl.r— Marshall Montgomery — Rolandaw Bros. 
—Marie A Billy Hart— Obarles Thomson— 
Cullo Nasb A Co. 

June S>13. 

CHICAOO — HAILSTIO: Montgomery A Moore— 
fcanra Bernhardt Plcturea — Mr. A Mr*. Erwln 
Oonnoly— Wootrmus A Urlnriton — Oanf.'M A 
AA*>— *art1» A Dat< — Six Olivers— Netlna 
A Uctdca— falveoo A Lemoto. 

CniCAOO—pAtAOB: Joa. Santlej I Co.— French 
A Els— Stan Stanley Trio — six Klrksmltb 
Klm«r»— 4"rInaJow Four — Beanuynt A Arnold 
— rcidle Boas— Paul. I^ran A Dobbs— Frauk 

EWoNtOJI CAN.— UMPIRE. Last naif: Ttlxle 
Frfganra— falltnere'a H*art— Clark A \et>ll 
—Melody Maids kbd k Man— Bar Ooslln — 
The beebkets— Paol La Oro hc 


"Serleant Bagby" — Toe Berrens — Aerial 

Ubyda— Panll A Boyne — Aileen Stanley — 

, KeUI Doc— Klmberly A MOM (lecobd week). 

MsWo Twins— Cameron A O'Connor— Fla- 
Tlala — Ttre Tomer*— Weston A dure. 

HflfcPHlfl. TENN.— EAST END PARK: Fatlma 
^Da« A Lorenae— <3ba>. Olcott— Benaa- 
UoMl Castellane — Marreloos Millers. 

OAKLAND. OAL.— ORPHEUM: ^Bessie Wynn— ■ 
ROM. T. Hklaas A Oo.— Ma«r*ws, Shayne A 
(v.— Tt* Kraroeta— L» Belle Oterlta— Lllllaa 
•saw (second Veekl— Heorlette De BerrU 
(seeond week)— WrlgM A Dletricn (secood 

PO*PLAr»i>, ORE.— OIlPHRUlt: Datsty M.He— 
Liddle OlnT— Aaatrall.a Wsodchoppei a H e. 
Makoa, Diamond A Ctemwice— ».aoctaa, Ln» 
Cter A Oo. — Renter BToa.— Rlccl Trk>. 

8*. LOUIS— FORREST PARK: ONiilch AJftlch 
— CAaahRn'a Dots— Hopkln. Sisters— McOor- 
m act A Wallace — PernltoA A Boa*. 

8B4TTLB. WAStT.-OBPHF.ITM : •"Wro**'? 'rnm 
'tie Start" — Jnllna Tannen— Dorlk WIlsooA 
06. — Gardiner Trio — Paul Oorden — Bird Treat 
OroweH — Flying Henrys. 

Suratt A Co.— De I*on A Darks— Irene Tlm- 
isoa* A 0».— Jsmes H Cullen— «tellln| A 

r>IT— Belleelalre B«n.— Eddie Foy A Fam- 
(seeODd week)— Bnrry B. Lester (second 

Vancouver oan. — orpbtkitm: "Beaoty is 

Only Skin Deep"— YTette^Kr.roerA Slorton 
—Ohirle* Yolo A Co.— Ambler Broa.— Rel- 
ijw— Will A Kemp. 

June S-13. 

BILLINGS, MONT.— BABO00K : Malrern On- 
laucs— Sana A — Wxo. Lampe A Oo. — Tost 
Waters— Ls, Deodlma. 

BLTTE. MONT.— EMPRESS: Joe Cook— .Minstrel 
Kldcwo— Sam Ash — CaTana Duo— Byron A 

DENTER. COL.— RHPItRSR : Will Morris— Thorn- 
ton A Oorle'.r — Dick B-Tturd A Ob.— Four 
Qsalat Qa— OrriUs Stanm. 

Berry — Wnlttler's "Barefoot Boy" — David 
Walters A Ob.— Morrlasey A Hsckett — Plcchl- 
asl Troupe. 

aha!! — Maye A Addis — CanAeld A Oarlton — 
Frank MuBane — Imperial Pekinese Troupe. 

ily— Ballon A La Totur— Al Eane A Paul — 
"The Criminal"— Barton A Leraer. 

OQDEN. U.— EMPRESS: Ryan Bros.— Williams 
A Se;al — "Spelfel's Daughter's Bean" — AL 
Herman— Parisian Harmony Qlrla. 

Mary Oray— Tom Nawn A Oo — ^Rathskeller 
Trio— Onalp, 

Ronilr A Wsrd — Klnkald Players— Saroy A 
Bremen — Three Harbys. 

— Fire Violin Beauties— Obaa. Bactunaa A 
Oe. — Grant Uaidner— Oxford Trio. 

ST. PAUL. MINN.— BilPRKSS: Paul atepheno— 
McDermoU A Wallace — Walter Brower — 
Menettt A Sldello— Oertle Carlisle & Sweet- 

Jbhaaon — Bijou Russell— Porter J. White A 
Co.— Deoarest A Doll — Bills- NowHn A Co. 

—Greene. McHenry A Pssss f ■"Fonr of a 
Kind"— Jnlian Rose — Paul Asard Trio. 

TAOOMA. WASH — EMPRESS. Three Falcons— 
Mo.-.-rop Sl.Uif — Hul lea A Fuller — Dick 
Lynch — "More Sinned ^yalnst Than Usual. " 

ville A Button— Msrlo Stotldanl— John T. 
Doyle A Oo.— Frank Mocrell — Tcrelll's Circus. 

VflN.NirEO. CAN.— EMPRESS : M.lestle M-«lc«I 
Four — Arnxtroog A Manly — Kitty Klynr. — 
Bosalre A Prerost — Ross A Fen tan Players. 

June 8-1 St 

CALQACT. OUL— LTBIC: Isepcrlal Oners Co.— 
Amedlo— Godfrey A nrtiherson^ — Maldle Da 
Lone— Jack A Jessie Gibson, 

A Oo. — Delmore A Lee — (Hire Briscoe — Bell 
A Jones — Fred Woodward A Oo. 

Lewis — Torcaf* Roosters — Seven American 
Whirlwinds — Tracey, Ooets A Tracey — The 

OAKLAND, OAL.— PANTAaBS* (Ooens Sunday) : 
"The Soul Kiss" — Jos. Remington A Co. — 
Skinner, Kennedy A Reeves — Scott A Wallaco 
— Warteuberg Bros. 

—Clayton A Lennle— Fire G.rgonl. — Dob 
Flak*/ A OIHs— Oycllnf Brunettes. 

Bmdsy) : Frank Bush — J. Edwin Orano A 
Co.— Namba Jap* — Four Military Maids- 
Brown A Jackson. 

day) : Llltle Hip A Napoleon — OaUerlnl Four 
— Bame* A Barron — Calloway A Roberts— 
Alpha Troupe. 

A Oo — Baay Troupe — Orpheum Ooraedy Four 
— Hiiry roi s o n W oodward's Dogs. 

BAN DIEGO, OAL.— SAVOY: Lot tie Mayer A 
Mttnf Maids— Lasky's Six Hoboes— Musette 
— RacMtt, Boorer A Marie/— Oornilla A 

PAHs" — Komry, Bush k Robinson— 0*0. WU- 
son— Romano A Yaroe—De Via A De Vltt. 

YIOTOP.IA. OaN TAVTASF.S' : The Masi|asr- 

adere— ATs* ttrwosd A 0*.— Daisy Harcourt 
A Co.— DarU —Salt Kosb Mil A Oo. 

VANOOirTE*. CAN. — I'ANTAGBS': Pollard 
Optra 00. — Alls ZawloT A 04. — Ohas. Kcnn* 
— Ler«. Ouernef — Knllnowskl Bros. 

WINN1PK0, OAff.-PANTAGErP ■ Jessie Shirley 
A Co.— J.ll« ning i Co— May A CDdoR— 
Urgdse De Fogle— Thtee 11/lcg Kays. 



Jane «-18. 

OHIO AGO — McVIChKR'S: Plsk* At Fallon — 
"When Wosaea Baie"— Fantoaw Athletes- 
Lawrence Jobn.on — Klern.n, Walttr* A Kter- 
tan— The Noeasea — Leonora A Lord* — Mn- 
stail Byron*. 

CHICAOO— COLONIAL— First Tops. Tonsy 
A Spot— Wagner A Dltsn— The Great Kuehna 
—Wilfred Clark A Co.— Donlay A Merrill— 
Wllhat Tronne — Becker A Aoasa* — Power.' 
Elephants — Nathsn A Murphy. Last half: 
Powers' FJenhants — Wilfred Clark A Oo. — 
Lore A Wilbnr — Ross A Farrell — RIM A 
Cafly — Trsnrneld Slsrers A Arthor Clin — 
Dslley A Sli -'TOtook— Dsre Rffsel. 

CHICAGO — WHITE CITY. Alher's Besrs — Beol 
Esags— 'Millard Bros. — La France Bros. 
'oar Oayaors. 



r Special dbpofcA to Tag Haw loses: Ourras.) 

Colombia. — Mondny, Juno 1 (toatlaee), 
second and last week of the motion pictures, 
"Neptune's Daughter." 

Cost. — Sunday, Mot 31, oeglnniof of on- 
Basement of William Hodge and company. 
in "The Road to Happiness." 

Gaimr.— Snnoay, 31, "Isle of Bug H*ng." 

Alcazab. — Monday. 1, last week oFWUlaro 
Mark and Marjorle liambeau, supported by 
the stock company of the house. When too 
play will be "Their Market Value." 

Obphicm. — Bill open lug Sunday (mati- 
nee), May 81: Eddie Foy and the Seven 
Liuie Foy*. "Sergeant Begtay" Harry B. 
Lester, Harry Paull and Hazel Boynt, the 
Kramers, Robert T. Haloes and company. 
Bob Matthews, Al. Shayne and company. Bes- 
sie Wynn, and Daylight motion pictures. 

Empbrss. — Bill opening Sunday (matlrrecl, 
SI : Bert and Haael Statells. Greoa, McHenry 
and Dean, "Four of a Kind," Julian Bose. 
Paul Azard Trio, Five Bennett Slstera, and 
feature Alms. 

Pantioch'. — Bill opening Snnday (mati- 
nee), 31 : 8cott and Wallace. Skipper, Ken- 
nedy and Reeves, American Whirlwinds, Jo- 
seph Remington and company, 'Warte&berg 
Brothers, and Sonllght pictures, 

David Kasattra, with bla company of Yid- 
dish placers, gave a apodal performance at 
the Columbia on Banday erenlo* SI. The 
play was a Yiddish vsratoa of "Booght and 
Paid For." 

Tins following feature dims were Hie at- 
tractions at the houses named for week be- 
ginning 24 : At the TlvoU Opera House, "Mr. 
Barnes of New York;" at the Imperial, 
"Teas of the Storm Country," and at tho 
Portola Theatre, "Pierre of the Plains." 

Huoh McIwtosh the Australian owner of 
the former Blckard clrcolt, arrived In this 
city from the Antipodes Thursday, 21, and 
after sojourning for a while, reft for New 
York, to engage people tor bis clrcolt for the 
approaching season. 

Gbac* 0. KanwosmtT, formerly a member 
of the Gaiety Theatre Co., In this city, was 
granted an Interlocutory decree of divorce 
from Horace Kenwortby on the grounds of 

Fssto Thompson, of Luna Part-Hippo- 
drome famo, and whose concession of "Toy- 
land" at the 1915 exposition was annulled 
last Week on account of financial arrearagea, 
has regained his concession by the formation 
of a corporation known as the Toyland 
Amusement Co., In which A number of 
moneyed men are Inferos ted, and It Is to be 
hoped will make the venture a success. 

Tn« concession space, or what baf beroto- 
fore been known at other expositions as the 
Midway, etc., and which Is intended to be a 
feature at the 1015 exposition, to be held In 
this city, has been christened and will be 
known as El Camino Real (the King's High- 
way), which In the early history of Cali- 
fornia was the official road leading to the 
various centres or populous towns or villages 
In this State. Other titles of atreftts ave- 
nues, esplanades, so far as chosen, are as 
follows : The promenade following toe water 
front, "The Marina i" that separating the 
gardens from the exposition palaces. "The 
Esplanade;" one in front of the California 
counties brjlldmcg, "A venae of the States ;" 
bordering the South wall of the Palaces, 
"The Avenue of Palms :" the avenue bet ween 
the palaces of machinery and varied Indus- 
tries. "The Avenue of Progress f that skirt- 
ing the Western end of the exhibit area. 
"Administration Avenne f running Sonthwest 
from tho Palace of Fine Arts, "The Avenue 
of the Nations :" tbe great circle In the cen- 
tre of fbs concessions area will be known as 
•The Plasa." 



Edward B. Stratum, a ««ws v * *wr man. and a 
former c*rre*poria*Dt for Tm Msw Toss: Our- 
ras, In Holyote. Miss.. WIS tnafaixry killed 

Thursday crrealog. May 31. while drrving his 
automobile on me Westoeid Road, ta Ilol/ose, 
his .tnll beiDg crushed when the oar went towa 
an embankment at tbe side of to* road, near 
Homestead Avenne. 

Edward Stratton was tlio aoo of tbe late David 
Stratton. one of notyoke's heat known pioneer 
school ptiaclnals, and bad been •aaassu to ~ 

Kier work for tbe past fifteen or tsrsaty years. 
waa agent for his secMoo of to* Society f*r 
the Prerrntlon of Cruelty to Anttnlls, an! s mem- 
ber of Ue Mt. Tom OoK Club and other 'claw*. 
He lesee* a sister In New Jersey. 

We ore requested to notify Id. Emerson fhrmrt 
our columns tlirt her rather la HI is the Cbunty 
Hospital, In Dearer. Col. 
lie is rery low, and i«t expected to *t*t. 
♦ ■» 

"Trs MiSTsa Minh." with Bdssond •> - 
playing the part be originated, was assd tar lure* 
day. week ending May SO. a', the Oraad Tnaatra, 
New HnTen, 'Jmin. Mr. Breor was ably sapp^tcd 
by Prlscllla Kuor<>a and " 

tbetiaw Isvfc Aeailsaty 

pear f< 


(Reported to Tas Ourras.) 

Aquitanlo (Oiaurd tlic\, Weaoe*flay, June 10 
—Mr. and Mr*. J. Hartley alaaaers (Laavstlo 
Taylor), saaa Lang aseyir*. rasltae sVedcrlok. 
aVtward V. Darting. Mr. and Mrs. Wlfiisa A. 
Bracy (Oraos Oeors/ei, Arthur axaaraerateu. Has- 
latw Short. 

rolidam (Hollsnd-Amerlean Line). Tuesdsy, 
June 2 — Dorothy fctitec. Cnrallne Dell. 

Kciter tntkclm 11 (Nsrth Geeman Lloyd Line), 
IWesdat. Jane x— Mr. sod Ur* Crl Albert. Mil*. 
Maurette, B. Obsnseyrr, Mr. and Mrs. ArnoiA 
Welmrd, Oha*. ateaards Orses Ball, Mr. sad Mis. 
Ctarles Van (Fauiny Yam, 

Oiirssric (Wfi> Star Liosi. Ssraadsy, May M 
—Mrs. "Lefty" rijnn, Mr. assl Mr*. Nat* Spm- 

Sld (Hroe. Frsaossi, Bart IVlblerasn. Mr. and. 
r*. BerDand UyTIra {Marts I.tovil), Looi*e Alex. 
arMsrr. Fred Mace. Mike Slmoii. Rao Selivjn, Jack 
CinTord. Jan* Cowl, Samael OoldOsb, laxaae Gan- 
nlng, Jane Larrabe. Mil*. Adrlenne Morel, P. 0. 
w ^s saa sajs s and Rvehta Mevbtt Thaw. 

Jlfae rrMrte% wlfkerm (North Oersaan Lloyd 
Line). Satarday, Msy 80— i,e* Acsarausa, Mr. and 
lira. Max Ssnha. Dorothy Was*. 

Brraieit (North Oerausa Lloyd TAa*), Ttrors- 
rtay. May to—Mr. and Mrs. Jotta H. Mien sad 
(nmlly, Anna Dure. 

Ctltio (Whit* Star Lisa), Tborsday, May IS— 
Norman Baxter, Rowland Lowe. 

Minneapolis (Atlantic Transport Line), Satur- 
day, Uvr «0— Aiteu Farwostt, sir. and Mrs. H.r- 
riawa Forde. 

PUlaanfplHa (nsoerlean Lrae). rrUar. May t». 
Oraig Osaipsell. Ohlef CaosMUoaa, Kale Bella. 
ilONM Y FOB, -TBAs LAB&f. 

Forty-two hundred persons stteaded the fm.1 
gsssAoi of the Lamb., Sundsy srlgbt, May II, at 
■the BIpasaMsne, in this city, and trraaght its* 
total receipts for ta* dfttea perforraaaoes glnsi 
by the club In eloten oilles ui> to tbe remark- 
able Ogora at gltS.738. Of tlita .mount about 
I7B.0JW wtB. we dear yroBt, «nd wlU go to me 
building food of fa* ctaV. 

Ta* ranlsraisao* was. on as eras larger seals 
than tbe tttet performance at fbs BafropoUtaaa 
Opera l ss aaa, sad being MraBar. a lsrre wwrtbsr 
of setara wan wets tsrkaig Part to tbelr own plajsi 
at tas Mate et tbe trat, were aM* to 
Joia la lb* salnsta-el Brat, sad there www 
some three hundred well known actors en tbe 
IHnpoJrom* stage. 

John Philip rk>u*a led bis band, and tb* arrest 
aodlence stood and asnor "Tow Star apasHjIed Baa- 
ncr" ssany time* ut tbe ooocJei'on *t ta* sstsstrrt. 

Dayaaond Bltchrock. w^o was only skto t* tp- 

nr far a abort while at tb* ateWopelttan per- 

"saarrce, r«m.ilned all through Sunday nigut's 
entertainment made op In "Muck face," but with 
hi. estate tart? t^eusand by a wig, D*ngia* 
Fairbanks, loosing lery urliu nod (traiaga In burnt 
cert Was another added attraction. 

la their Whirlwind tour, the Lambs, traTatlihg 
In a aaeetal train, sppsand la Ibriadelphlu, Ci.l- 
rasa. Batten, HI. Lost*, Olnclrmatl. PltUtogh 
Induraasolts, WlK«llng, BecbearleT and Buffalo, no 
la each of tb* rlties, ted by Hoasa sod bl* band, 
tttey paraded from tio train to the theatre. 

* »» 


Hal Klter and Lueila Pullen closed, along with 
Billy Allen's Musical Ooraedy Obmpany last Wr<-k. 
snd arrlred In New York Satarday night, to give 
"tb* city" tb* "up and down" whli* ther «r« 
atosfiag to tlrerr clererly Dttod lioaa* ap la tbe 
Bronx for future weeks. 

Mr. Klter was Billy Allen's comedian the past 
sessan, wblls beau* wsa doing rnr Mg share of 
■esdtag rae dance trambsrs as wen ss rlouig a 
repertoire of snectslUe*. 

Ual will baay hltsaelf moderntilnj arscli of 
Mr Allan's repertoire dating the \ST' *ra*sa, 
»* wsU ss wmtne a few new c^rorhMvloaa for 
was next *ea*o* ; wt'Je LasrJa **>atecaa the ward- 
rob* truck *ad arranges new tatsgs la tawalaaoa 

JBAN WBIR TO 111! I i:.\ Tl fUED. 

Jau weir, ■'bfeetltBd'e little cotnerlierme," srhe 
has most recently been scoring success m Tande- 
vllks with ts?r cleser little ttfieen ulnat* osxaeuy 
ssnttoa, SaMttaet "Iwe Last Offense. " Is Usble to 
crests another Kitty MacKaj or Uaug* Duticsa 
cats skMsg Ilrsadway next 

It was at Orst rumored that Mis. Weir wools 
ge «st es the nad la a Id. t "Kitty MeeXay" 
cesnracy. but waaa Ibis deter lltlto woman dls- 
pls/*d wbot a BB JS SBb T of talent she possesses, 
SBsta "Isscond'' parts were tossed "orerboaril," 
and .he will be grsea ssstetslag t* tnate, a* a 
feature m a big production earl/ next si ssesi 
■ ■■<*» 
. Lt* g h sto r t, ta arptorrag the death at laareer* 
Inlug ta ta* atssstes* W firloaa disaster, «a*4: 
"Be was S fine rasa snd we'll salaa hiss reach. 
B* was one e* the best diirncter actors I erer 
bare seen sad took a reasrfcahto ta l l res t te etery 
little detail of bis work. It wss a gzest tissual* 
for sas ta bar* bran saaeelated wTm such a no* 
man and derer actor. 1 sin grsstly salevsd over ' 
bis Oe**," 

•3BIIROE arm o, x. 

B*ora» Son, formerly associated with the Gas 
Son etxterprlSM. ha* filly bbbb bb bI ftsm tb* 
rrltleal itlae.a Ibat awld hiss cwxAaed to his bad 
for four months, snd will lesre Hot Mraina*, Arb., 
tlil** week, for m* North, to Wo hU family In 
Toledo, Ohio. 

Mr. Run and Ills fsraflr will spend Uw Sisnunar 
In KertetB Mlct if.n. 

- ■ *).♦■■ .. 

MaoaTca Lsn ^^j iia cUtsteristlc way of 
lesdlog hds bead 4s «s* of the sttrscttsn. art Sb* 
Brlshlon Beach Hotel, Cowry liJsnd 

•Tins Bssaiaa" was assd at tbs «*ml«rt The- 
atre, SL Paai, UiBB., wsskardlagAtar M, 

Ln order to as/old mistakes and ta 
lassrs the prompt delivery of tbe 
latter* advertised 1st tills list. SUB 
envelope plainly (addressed mast be 
sesst for each letter, and a vrrltteM 
order for ttie letter, aliened vvMh the 
fn.l name and address and the line 
of baalneaa followed by the .eniler, 
anii.t also he enolosed, 

Plen.e mention the dnte (nr mim- 
beri of the CLIPPER In which tbe 
letters aent for were Mtvertlned. 
• .AtHBtr MET. 

Arnold, tfrgarstin* Macoa, Kate 


Allen, Dorothy 
Adne, Mile. 
Aadersos, Amy 
A/ers, Trlxle 
Appeil. Narks 
Aahtaa, Bervlt 
Abbstt, Besata 
Alay. Sadie 
Adsais Orsce R 

Berrrsm t.oul*" 
alljoa. nuclirxs 
Barrett llr.Veri 
Barker FiossleC 
Baals r. Jessto 
Disbell, Ada 

^Jsbel B. 
Bersefl, LocuTo 
Trrock, Rtta 
rrorn*. Alice 

Sister* (R) 
xhsnsdlct Helens 

Orasrfora, Ida 

Oalerrt, Haael 
Clifton, Oorallo 
Oalrert Virginia 
Ooatta, Mrs Jss 
Ostswr, Maud 
DsrWy, Flo 
Paris, Dora 
Davis. Bits 
De Moatr, 

Erans Bisters 
F orrest Dorothy 
Porrest, Kursa 


Frasar AtrsRiobd 
Oray, Oeorgh) 
(ttlert, Itry 
Green, Boal* 

Glhbs, Theresa Maaaaasla, laahal 
Mara. Ellaabclli 

H all, H elena 

[)v*tTWl, BrTl 

Uaftl*. Myva 

Holdsu, Leila 
lliitd, Matite K 
llllltogs, Dorrla 

Mrs Goo. 
Jago. Alma 
lneacort Elalae 

Jon me, Krelyu 

Kebm, Ray 
Klaeald, Rvrlys 
K/aaht, Lydlu 
Koliler, IHIila 
King, Msnraret 
Knoan, May 

Kurt, Josle 
I. s Dell, Btaaehe 
I,eon, Tiny 
laiBnoth, Ionise 
Marsh, Era 
Mo/In, Dear. 
Monroe Florence 

Mildred Mar, Trial* 

White, IWnlia 
Decker, Kato Melrose, Clio Vouiif, Utta 0. 
Marlew*, lam 


Mason. ITasel 
Moore, Alms 
Mssoo, Olive 
Ml ]arrs, Mr.. 
Msy. Myrtle 
tilllsn, llo-le 
Mason, Daisy 
Marland Mlrlssa 
Morettl, Mario 

Mrs, I' 
Msy, Myrtle 


Ties* Bosriln* 
Na*y. atopfilo 
Nelson, Both O. 
IVrry, Vlrs 
Piprsden, Rose 
llussoll, Bunule 
■lansesr, Mlrmoa 
Rnotell, Marie 
R*1d, Mabelle 

Ross, Delia 
llafne, Aoetaia* 

Kklpp, Mrs. MB 


Mrs. Philip itoasloiia Alaiyr* 

Trac*/. H'i'lls 
Vaugha, Krally 


Wlrroont, Bessie 


Allen. A. O. 

■mIu 1 

Ardaasre, M. A. 
Ualmonl, W. J. 
Doiger, Wat e r 
Bowea Olsronee 
Howne, Ohas, G 
Berg, 0. A. 
llrowu, Hciil. IT 
Heinle, Nell A. 
Barnes, W, B. 
Ilonth, Fat. 
Boyle, Ted 
lrarge, linrton 
Bonner Four 
rreanlt, J. A. 
mariner, II. I. 
lianas. Field 
Iwreh. Carl 
Baa B, 

lJcnncr, Charley 
CsneUsT. O. 
Clalrrnont, D. 
Collins, Milt D. 
OucdnL Antoolo 
Compter), O. L. 
Olspfasm, A. J, 
(*yio, Qtn. 
iJon-phell. Jas. 
(llnaaa, Harry 
t\irn|ilM>l,l Gus 

<»!«»l**%.ft «• 

rimsr. Will 
Chase, Hal O. 
Ohssr, Jos. HaU 
CalbBBf. W. K. 
I'asls, Ben O. 
I'arts, T. J. 
I)l"ts, Edw. 
IMckecs A Floyd 
Dabsry, Barney 
Doyle. Pet»r 
Doregau Francis 
Due, Alt. B. 
De'.lno, Ed. 
De Oascoime 

Eckels, LouOJJ, 
Klckels, Gus 

F.rsns, Brandon Moore, Hsrsld 

r.rwood, CSjss, 
Krsart, Vict 1. 
I'ssloa, Fred 
Frteman, Harry 
Fursar, O. II. 
t'laoos, lierb 
Frank, Horbert 
Fey, Frank H. 
Pltxaerald, Al. 
Frrete, Bitty P, 
Oeyers, Flying 
llrshsm. Herbert 

Fanwlius Hsnd 
Gibson. A. W. 

Coldy, Jar* 
flrliBn. Arth. 
Gillespie, Arth 

(locoon A 


Orossman, At. I'liiskl. Ia<w J 

Giinloii, Roy 
Gordon, Tho*. 
Hyde, Robt. D., 
llanrtnosid J. K 
Harford, Jack 
Hendler, Hlnchl 
He ndeler Ilersch 
Tlnyes, Walt 
Hlte, Sorer R. 
Helos, Perry 
Iletwrt, Artiiur 
Hiiyea. Rtrnt 
Gil-key, A. ta. 

Ihward Atields 
Hyile. Jac't 
llntrls, U. R. 

Ilillm.n, Fred 
Hughe* A 

Hosting, K. 
llar.dea, O. F. 
Jcunlngs W. V 
Jen Tons, ThM 
Jackson, Ed. _ 
Jesson, Obsaacy 
Junes, II. p.. 
, Kearruey, r. J, 
CoPrln, WlH n Knowles AWhlle 
Oorrry, Wnr. L. KlrVhara Jo*. Ft 

Tlnaey rlearcyd Rrerrtt 

hHlrber, M. W, 
Lsstty, Art 

I-oarers, Mr. 
fasine, Vlto 
U'V.rd. W. fl. 
I^wls, narry 
I>eo, Wm. 
l.soeeM. Jos, 
Logan, Clareo 
Uwla. Oen* 
Leveoe, wtllio 
Ustera, Three 
la^oavd, W. R. 
laigrrala, Chat. 
I#wls. 7. T. 
McGlnness, Mr. 
Mirth Uiisk* 

Mao of the Hoar 
Co., Mgr 
McKse, H.ry 
M*ore, Wm. 
Meier Ixiul* 0. 
Murphy, Jno. J. 
McOlnley, Wslt. 

misers AraMlnst 
O'iklen, Alrlse 
Cvmrs A Myers 
I'lcTson. Hul 
I'etlson AOoldle 

i'.u, r. a. 

Perry, Warm 
Peck, A. J. 
Paul, Bob')/ 
Porter, P. J. 
t'ltntsn, Krllli 
llou*rt», It. R. 
rtsTencroft, Clin* 
lloblnsoo, DsoB 
It iirufUiore. II. 
Rucker, Dr. 110 
Rossor, P. 0. 
Kelrer*. Harry 
Hysnonds, laiulf. 
SeyrsMr, Dse* 
StaffsrU, Fn-d 
•eabary, P. 
Rymeads, Jstfk 

Shermod Henry 
souu, Oso. 
lebaitle, Roy 
Sllllare, Jas. II. 

Krott. Frank U. 
H terms, J. IT. 
Mies, T A Ma Mo 
Stsnton, Will 
Seller. A. W. 
Hylrert. Prof. 
See. Wn. I. 
Thornton Jssl'. 
Thorns. A 

TTBCCO, Anirelo 
Tewrntsnd. Fran 
Tub**, B. B. 
Wi'ker, Hermsn 
Williams. Arth. 
Warner. Ben R, 
Wlltels, Mas 
Warner, Brace 
Wilson, Ned 
Wlekes, B. M. 
Woml. Geo. A. 
Wnniaber, Wm. 
Wlwman, Prof. 
Wlnterhoff Wm. 
Wilde, Jno 
Wopjiman, Oe». 
Ward, Tom 
While. Walt. 
Wltle, Wm. 
Wilson . Fred 
Wood, Geo A. 

MeOrang, Llttel Wslt*. Billy E 
Mnrpby, P. J. ,W aterbory, Kdw 
Meyer, II. II. I M. A Geo.K, 
McDowell, Oor.1 Webster, iaoord 

Mix, Clayton William*. El. 
Mrorestead, Al. Wlllamt. It. J. 
Morion, J... O. While. Geo, W. 
KeP. llarrr sVl.lle. Phil 

Veal Harry 

r < 







*-*nj i -»*-*i 




June 6 


Fonniitll In l«'.-a. 

rii'ii'iiiKr-mi. . 
Editorial mo Biihinkss Mimosa. 

MEW SOKE, JUNE 6. 1914. 

Entered June 24. 1S7D. nt (be Post Office it 
New York, N. Y.. an ai-cuud clssa matter, under 
•tie act of March 3, 1870. 





Advertisements— $2.80 per Incli, single column. 
Advertlseaie-ts act with border, 10 per ct. extra. 


One year, ll advance. $4 ; nii luoulba, 12; three 
moutha, f 1. Canada and foreigu lostage eitra. 
Single coulea will be aeut, iwatpald, oil receipt of 
10 ctxts. 

Oar Term* lire Cu*li. 
THE CLIPPER li laiucd everr WEDNESpAV. 
The Forma Cloalntr Promptly on 
iueadu}', at IO A. II. 
I'leaee remit by eiprcis money order, check. 
1>. 0. order or registered letter. All caah enclosed 
nllb letter la at rlak of ceuder. 
Aildreas All Cimiuniiilcutloiia to 
47 Writ 28lh Street, New York. 
, ' Tel. 2214-Madllon. 
Itci/litcicd Cable Aititu, "AtrmoaiTT." 
of The Ci.iitbu la located t\ Itiwiu EMS. Aablaud 
r.lock. Chicago. Warren A. I atrlck, tnauager and 

Tkk Currant can aa obtaivsd and 
Li-TAH.. at om agenta. Daw's Hteaniaulp Agency, 
IT Green Street. Charing C.-ws Bead. I-ouJou. 
W. O. England j Brentauo'a sera depot, 37 Anase 
de 1'Opera 1'nrla. France; Manila Itook and Sta- 
tionery Co.. 128 F.scolta, Manila, I'. I.; Oordon 
A Oaten. 123 PUt Street, Sydney, N. 8. W , 


During an Interesting Impromptu Inter-flew 
with Harry Rouclere, in which toe conver- 
sation drafted to the systems ot mind read- 
ing now employed by "wonders" of the pres- 
ent day, Harry Rouclere who. with Mrs. 
Rouclere (Mildred) has been at the game 
of thought transmission for twenty years, 
gave some Interesting facts concerning his 
experience In parlor and stage entertain- 
ments. . . 

Clearly with the Rouclores "every little 
movement has a: meaning." It Is unneces- 
sary for them In their own domestic life to 
resort to aup ■ ordinary conversation as 
thought transmission Is second nature to 
them. ' 

' When flurry wonts n certain Sunday din- 
ner ho merely projects the thought, and on 
Sunday the dinner Is there. When be Is to 
play a date he Imparts the Information te 
the Mrs. by the same system, and. In fact, 
their entire routine Is governed by this* 
elaborate system of signals, and signals there 
nre, as Mr. Rouclere Is frank In saving that 
there Is nothing In the theory of thought 
waves. After a year's lay-off. Mildred re- 
turns to the stage and performed tbo act 
without one error. Rouclere Is modest In 
saving that there Is not one system In tnlnil- 
readlng that he Is not an expert In. To 
demonstrate, he requested the writer to 
mark down a figure on a newspaper and, 
standing quite a distance from him, Imme- 
diately told him the right number. Whether 
by the slight sound or by the almost. Im- 
perceptible movement of the pencil remains a 
mystery, but he did It ■ 

He recently Invited a party In the Putnam 
Ilulldlng to. select a card from a new deck 
and then requested that they call up Mrs. 
Rouclere at Oath Beach by phone. She told 
them the cards selected correctly before they 
could ask. her the question. ■ 

Tho "novelty," Mr. Rouclere says, of call- 
ing for songs, for different persons In cos- 
tume, for different authors, composers, celeb- 
rities, the reading of lines from books, etc., 
are merely variations of the systems now 
employed by the modern mystery folks. 
Furthermore. Mr. Rouclere in railing for 
these readings bv Mildred, does not have to 
address her at all. The "wondcMul" part 
of these actB Is the mental training and 
universal knowledge that has to be acquired 
and retained by both, parties to the demon- 

At a - private. party given by Mrs. Run- 
Mint Pish the hostess requested Mr. Rou- 
clere to have Mildred select a certain' book 
from her extensive library, and Mildred, 
who had not set foot in tho building before 
that time, went to the book shelves with 
closed eyes and brought out the proper 

A Morse telegraph operator remembers a 
limited number of slgnnls and their meaning, 
V1I1IU a versatile mind reader Ins to be 
versed In almost Innumerable signals and 
their Interpretations. 

There has not been n book on the subject 
of mind reading published within the last 
twelve years In which the wonderful demon- 
strations given liy the Roucleres are not eet 
forth. _____ 


The Folles opened May 20. with a gorgeous 
production, a One cast of. principals and a 
lively chorus.' About forty numbers had to 
be cut out to finish the show the same even- 
ing. Leon Prrol and Rert Williams have 
several funny encounters. Arthur Deegon, 
ML W'ynn. J. Bernard Dyllyn and George 
AtcKny, also Vera MIcheletM, Horno and 
Wright nre telling factors. 

Johnny Murphy's Minstrels have returned 
for the season, at the Steel Pier. Vcssclla's 
Ivmul furnishes the music. 

Raf. Leo Wrothc and his Ginger Girls put 
In a big week at the Niton. 

June 1 Annie Russell. In "The Lady In the 
Case." at tho Apollo; June 8, Joan Sawyer 
end her dancing aggregation. "Step Lively" 
June 1 5-110. 

At the Nixon this week, "The Rllndncss of 
> Irtuc" marks a change of policy. 

At Keith's Garden Pier Theatre, Claude 
Gllllngwater and company head the bill, 
which also Includes: Flanagan and company, 
Mullcr and Stanley. Smith. Cook and llran- 
don, 'Lelttct and .leannette. George Holland 
and company. Lynch' und Keller, and Sania- 
hoff and Sonla. 

At Young's Million Dollar Pier the dancing 
contests are a feature. ■ The hippodrome 
show will entertain, ns well as the other big 
features. Including the pictures. 

Feature' pictures are the attraction at the 
City Square and at the Virginia. 


The exodus" for the "other side" still con- 
tinues. Nowadays a little Jaunt across the 
pond Is a regular routine In the life of any 
regular performer, and they think no more 
of It than of a trip to Kalrhaven, N. J. 
Among those who shook a "day-day" to the 
II. 8. from the deckB of the Olympic on May 
30 were: Marie Lloyd, who will return next 
season for the TJ. B. O. ; Mrs. Lefty Flvnn, 
Nate Sningold, Mme. Frauces (Mrs. Spin- 
gold), Ilert Kclbclmann. Louise Alexander, 
acred Mace, Bernard Dillon (not Dvllyn), 
Mike Simons, who will return to Join tho 
Sclwyns: Rnc Selwyn. Jack Clifford and 
Kvelyn Nesblt Thaw. 

Theodore Roosevelt wee also on the 
Olympic, on his way to Spain, 


Lewis F. Mulr, the composer of "Waiting 
for the Robert E. Loo," "Illtchy Koo." "The 
Barber Shop Chord" and many other popu- 
lar melodies, and who recently returned jo» 
I/ondon where he was selected by ., ignor 
Leoncavallo (of "Pugllncci" fame) to col- 
laborate for the Hippodrome Review, was 
married Monday, June 1, at Fair Haven, N. 
J., fcy the Rev. J. M. Algor. to Floryane De 
Sorel. a non-profesnlonnl. They were accom- 
panied by Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rockway. 

Mrs. Mulr Is a stately brunette of French 
and Spanish descent, a daughter of the late 
Count Ernlltn Gundoro De Sorel, and grand- 
daughter of Gustavo David, the noted Euro- 
peon painter of war scenes. She Is a gradu- 
ate of the Conservatory of Music. Paris, and 
a linguist of unusual ability. She met Mr. 
Mulr at a private reception while making a 
tour of the United States. 

After the ceremony the bridal party left 
for Atlantic City, by automobile, where they 
will spend their honeymoon, returning to 
Fair Haven for the Summer, 


The new offices of the Sbapiro-Bernfteln 
& Co., on Forty-seventh Street, Just off of 
Broadway, will no ready for occupany about 
June 15. 

Louis Bernstein has spared little expease 
In fitting up the new place, and when It Is 
complete will have one of the best music 
establishments in the world. Every known 
comfort has been Installed for the use of 
professionals, who will find the same wel- 
come In the new place as was given In the 
old quarters. 


Cbarles K. Harris. America's leading bal- 
lad writer. Is hard at work on his new song, 
entitled "When Did You Write to Mother 
Last?" and expects It to be the biggest seller 
be ever published. Ballad singers are falling 
over themselves putting the new ballad on. 


Jos. W. Stern 4 Co. write me as follows : 
"Kindly make mention of the fart that Abe 
Kasak Is no longer connected with our house 
In any capacity. 


' Harry Collins, New York manager for Joe 
Daly, of Boston, Is doing some wonderfnl 
Work for his firm In this burg. His songs 
were represented In two-thlrdB of the the- 
atres and cabarets last week. 

That's the title of Jack Caddlgaa and 
Jlmmle Brcnnan's new novelty song that O. 
K Story, of Boston. Is cleaning up with. 
Fbnrv's Trio, Smith, Boudreau. and that 
wonderful little tenor, Billy Coty, started 
(be number on Its way last week, and cer- 
tainly made a hit that went over for the 
whole four bags. The song is one of those 
openers that gets you at the start and hold.* 
you till the finish. You have got to hand 
It to this house, from the boss down - they're 

Butting a new one over every full moon, 
rennan's thinking of baying an automo- 
bole. and with his royalty, too; Caddigan 
Just bought a new power boat on "The Rose 
of the Mountain Trail," and calls the boat 
"Rose of the Mountain Trail." 


In last week's issue we announced the re- 
tirement of J. Fred Helf from the music 
game. It now comes to pass that Fred la 
still la the game stronger than ever, and, as 
he puts It, ''next season I will have several 
songs that chould prove tbo biggest successes 
I have ever had." 

Ills offices are still on Forty-fifth Street, 
where he Is always ready to welcome old 
friends and make new ones. 


Tho "Castle" dance numbers, all of which 
are controlled by Jos, W. Stern A Co., cer- 
tainly received a wonderful boost and In- 
valuable publicity during the recent tour of 
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Castle. "The C'aetlo 
Walk." "Castlo Trot," "Castle Maxlxe," 
"Cnstle Walts," "Castle Classic Walts," 
"Castle Tango" arc . some of the "Stern" 
hits which were ployed by Europe's Society 
Orchestra, which accompanied .the dancers 
on their tour. Musical directors throughout 
the country are unanimous in proclaiming 
these numbers as the best array of Instru- 
mental successes ever put on by any one 


Nat Vincent, one of the hardest pluggers 
In the game, Li looking forward to one of the 
most strenuous seasons he has ever had. 

The burlesque game is Nat's hobby, and 
although there will be some hundred and 
ten shows In tho different wheels, he expects 
to have the Broadway Music Co.'s songs 
with each show. 

Ho Is surely some world touring kid. 
Watch him next season. 



Jack Von TUzer, who Is president of the 
Empire Music Company, has a new song 
that, with the proper handling, should be 
quite a clean up for him. The song is en- 
titled "An Old Fashion Girl," and is going 
big with many headlincrs. 


"Tho Beautiful Sen," Harry Carroll's lat- 
est Summer song, has taken hold like a 
vise. It is being sung In every cabaret 
show and vaudeville bouse In town, and the 
reports have it that It Is tbo same thing In 
each city. 

It looks like another clean-up for Shapiro, 
Bernstein *t Co. 


It Is rumored that Frank Bright, who Is 
in charge of tbe Broadway Music Co.'s Chi- 
cago office, will return to New York shortly, 
and his place taken by Maurice Better who 
recently resigned from the Harry Von TUzer 


Last Saturday and Sunday* tbe boys from 
the New York music publishers reaped quite 
a harvest down at Coney Island. Every 
publisher was represented and the plug was 
not wasted, as the largest crowd Coney has 
ever seen was down. 


Now that It is a certainty that we will 
have no war with Mexico, what is toabecome 
of all the war songs? It might be a good 
idea to .change tbe lyrics and sell them to 
Villa for national hymns. 

The profession art always waiting for 
Bometalng new from ' these Trays, and they 
generally turn out something that Is worth 
while. , 

Last week F. A. Mills announced a new 
one by the boys called "I Had a Gal, I Had 
a Pal," and It looks like another Gilbert 
and Mulr success. 


Melville Maurice, of the J. H. . Rcmlck 
forces, has sojourned for the Summer to his 
home in Borough Park. Maurice can be 
found any Sunday morning looking over bis 
favorite baseball team. He even wagers as 
much as ten cents on the team. Some sport 
this guy. 


The hundreds of friends of jovial Arthur 
Behlm, the road representative of the Broad- 
way Music Company, will be pleased to learn 
that he Is rapidly recovering from his re- 
cent operation, and expects to be about 


Henry Waterson's new music and novelty 
atore, at Broadway and Forty-seventh Street' 
is now open for business, and again shows 
the master hand of this genius. It is one of 
the most thoroughly equipped enterprises of 
Its kind in the world, a place that one will 
find almost anything In too music line. 

Hardly out of the game a week. Joe Good- 
win, one of our best lyric writers, has signed 
a contract to write exclusively for Water- 
son, Berlin & Snyder. 


If the letters, telegrams and special de- 
livery letters continue to come in as fast as 
they have been coming In dnring the past ten 
days for "He Was Always Fooling Around," 
this great "clown" song will positively be 
the biggest sensation in tbe country before 
the Summer is very old. 

Anna Chandler, this week at Hammer- 
stein's, for her last number la using "He 
Was Always Fooling Around," and at nearly 
every performance she has been Interrupted 
by outbursts of applause during her choruses. 
Never in the history of Hammerateln's has 
there been such a big hit. Montgomery and 
Moore arc "Fooling Around" with great suc- 
cess at Keith's Theatre, Philadelphia George 
Ward writes that he has never had a song 
that went for him like "He Was Always 
Fooling Around" is going this week nt Keith's 
Theatre, Cincinnati Kelly and Galvtn, at 
Loew'e Greeley Square, are a positive sensa- 
tion with "He Was Always Fooling Around." 
Burton. Hahn and Cantwell, at Locw's Ful- 
ton Theatre, sing so many verses and 
choruses of "He Was Always Fooling Around" 
that they are virtually exhausted at the 
finish. Seymour, Dempscy and Seymour at 
Fox's Crotona Theatre, make them sit up 
and take notice when they sing "He Was 
Always Fooling Around." 8am Harris, the 
ever smiling "Sam," is certainly making them 
laugh with ull the extra verses and choruses 
of "He Was Always Fooling Around." In 
fact, it is such a hit for him that he himself 
has written Beveral extra verses and choruseo 
to satisfy the tremendous applause. 

"If They'd Only Move Old Ireland Over 
Here is growing bigger and bigger every 
day. There never was an Irish song like 
It It is in a class by itself. It can be 
sung cither ns a ballad or comedy song. The 
audience cannot help but like this number, 
because it has a great lyric and they feel 
like joining In the chorus every time they 
hear it. because of its very catchy melody. 

"If I Had My Way" continues to grow big- 
ger dally in favor with the ballad singers. 
It Is as pretty a ballad as has ever been 

"If I Were the Ocean and You Were tho 
Shore" Is another very prettv ballad which 
has been taken up everywhere It has ever 
been sung. 

Those who have heard "He Was Always 
Fooling Around" say that It la the cleverest 
thing Billy Jerome has ever done and when 
one stops to consider that Billy Jerom» has 
written Buch numbers as "Row, Row, Row," 
■Bedells," "Mr. Doolcy," "My Irish Molly 
Oh," "Green Grass Grew All Around," "Sit 
Down. You're Rocking the Boat," etc., "He 
Was Always Fooling Around" must be a 
wonderful number. 

Mullen and Coogan sent us a night letter 
faying the song was a eensation at Keith's. 
Washington; also President Wilson, who wan 
in the box with a party of friends, laughed 
heartily and applauded after every verse and 
chorus very vigorously. Dot Diamond Is n 
tremendous lilt with "He Was Alwavs Fool- 
ing Around," and sings It very effectively in 
her own novel way, and It may be guessed 
that it is "different' from the way an j body 
clBe does this song. Neal McKtnley, at the 
.National Theatre, Detroit, is "clowning" Ms 
way to success with "He Woo Alwnvs Fool- 
ing Around," and Neal writes that it Is 
positively the biggest and most natural song 
hit he has ever used. 

NEW. _________________ - 





Would bo glad to hear from Publishers who want their Mnslo known hero. Visiting Vaudeville Artlsta 
please pay us a visit. Always a wolcome for you at oar Hems*. Jinisui 


George Foxball, of Springfield, Mass., and 
Florence Pendleton, of Yonkers, N. Y., were 
married la Springfield, May 24, Wajland V. James 

The bride was character woman with tbe Poll 
Stock Co. in that city the latter part of the 
season, and Mr. Foxball la dramatic editor of 
7»e Sprlsp-rtcld Vnion. They are to be re-marrled 
later by the bride's father, who la a clergyman 
In Yonkers. 


ttruno Obermajer, who sailed for Liadon Jane 
2. on the A'ai-er Wilktlm II, has mmpletcd ar- 
inupemrnts with Marcus Lraa_ who Ukrs over tho 
S. * a houses, whereby all looking* made by 
Otfimayw for Its? Sullivan A Oonsldlne circuit ace 
iceepted and ratified by Mr. I/»» Sir. Ober- 
tunyer will continue as Low's London repreaenta- 
«Itc, and will boot acts for the Loew circuit. 


The European party proVcted ocmetlme ago by 
Jas J. Morton. Felix Adler, »;«——* Murphy,, 
Tommy Gray and other kindred spirits, who had' 
handed together to sail the ocean bine and to see Moraii fight on too ether aide, baa been 
called off. Chauaea In business arrargeroats 
compelled of the lenders to cancel the 
trip, and an todcanlto postroocaietit has been 
deeded upon. 

4 1 » 
On* Hill's Theatrloal Guide. It Is promised, 
mil be ready about June 25. It will contain 
much valuable information regarding theatres of 
all clasaca. Including th* picture hcn>es, wWcb, 
-oat likely will form the lougest lift. 
« ■» 
Tna New Yo.-k lodge of Elks Initiation fee la 
cow fifty dollars. 

17 T TTVPW W. 4M STRUT. BTga. 8.U. 
JSaUlinUJS Matt. Wed. and Bat, 11*. 



Remarkable all star cast with John Mason, John 
Bairymsre, Florence Beed, Emmett Corrtgan, 
j___ L'Estrange, Macey Harlam, Elaine Ines- 
oort and others. 

■ ruf llieTtDDIII *2d St, near B'way. Eves., 

ItW AMal tn Unnrl 5.15. Maw., wed.* sat, 2.1a. 



In the Aerial Gardens Atop Theatre 


C A T IT TV <«h St. and B'way. Phone no Bryant. 

UAlfi 1 I Eve*. 8.20. Mats. Wed. and bat. 2.M. 



Seven Keys to Baldpate 

Founded on Earl- Derr Burger's famous novel. 

GEO* Ha COHAN S pnone m-£ry*nt. 

EliiW * KRLANOKR BUnagers 

Evea., sot. Matinees, Wed. and Sat. JJ». 

^pferT Potash & Perlmotter 

afore laughs in one act than in all the combined 
comedletMs. N. Y. 

ilth ST. E. of Bway. Eves. 8.M, 
Mats. Wed. A Sat. 2M 
tateofHENRr B. HARRIS, Manager 
A New Detective Comedy 


Who wrote "The Argyle Case." 
Something decidedly out of the ordinary 

1 3d 

COHAM A HARRIS B'way * 43rd St. Tel. 

_. _. i - I, _■_ 287 Bryant. Eves., (.11. 

A8TOR Mats., Wed. 4 Sat., Hi. 



In ail new Musical 



48th St.. JUSt 

Phone 33 

OMCACRaaa westof-'way I EvesafsjO 

Mats, at 2.S0 Wed. A Sat. 
Tat* Laughing Bit of the Century 


Edward Peple'a Uproariously Funny Farce. 







4ist 8U East of B'way. Phone 
6194 Bryant. Evenings 



Matinees Tuesday and Saturday 2.20. 


The Comedy Success of the Season 

QOtVi CTD1M7T THEATRE, ne»r B'way 
OUln aiflEiCil Phone 413 Bryant. 
Evenings 8.20. Matinees Wed. A Sat. 2.20 
9Uk Month of Laughter - - 


By (and with) FRANK CRAVEN 

P A QTftJfi Broadway ft 89th Street. Phone 
bajainu Greeley S8M. Evenings 106. 
Mauneee Wednesday ft Saturday, 2.16. 




(Special to The Curpxa.) 

St. John N. B.. Can., May 30. 

Fire started in the tulldlng»k5o— n as the York 
Theatre here about- 10.30 last night, and within 
an hour the entire building was destroyed. Orlg- 
inally erected of wood In 1841, It was known as 
the Mechanics' Institute. Walle not erected orig- 
inally for an opera bouse, tbe asdltorlum was 
used for lectures and concerts. After the big 
St. John Are, In 1877, when the Academy of Mu- 
sic and Lanergarys Lyceum were destroyed. It 
became the only place of amusement here until 
tbe present Oucra House was erected. In 1891. 
Fran that date until 1004 It plared occasional 
attractions. In 1005 R. J. Armstrong bought it, 
ond after making some alterations, opened It as a 
vaudeville house, under the name of th« York 
Theatre. In 1007 tbe Keltti interests leased it 
and opened It as a mm lng picture, house, when It 
was known as the Nickel. 

fcJnce tho opening of the Imperial last-Sepren. 
tor tbe house kail been lemcl only for loeal ama- 
teur shows, le>!tnw*, meeilnri. etc. The last per- 
formance was glvtu May £.V27. by tocnl aautou—t , 
who presented "La Mascotte." 

At present writing it Is impossible to learn the 
eonae of the Ore. The bslblui-j was owned by F". 
E-. Wllllims. of this city and is said to be.lnBured 
for 110.000. Tut Keith Interests had It unter 
letse nuUl Way 1, 1011. Mtny of the leading 
lecturers, singers and theatrical stars of the past 
►lity years bail appeared en Its stage.- The seat- 
ing capacity was about l.OCO. It is not likely 
that It will be rebuilt, as the location Is not an 
ideal one. 



Frank Damont revived minstrelsy as it was 
.created by a quartette to 1843, as a ftttlng feature 
of the eloslng week of the season. The flfst oart 
of half circle was originated In that year" by 
Frank Brower, a Pnlladelnbtan, who was as- 
sisted by Dick Pelbao, Billy Whltlock and old 
Dan Emmett. It was Brat presented at the 
Chatham Theatre. New York. Jan. 31, 1843, and 
the acene represented a Southern plantation, amid 
cotton fields, with the planter's mansion, and the 
colored servants having a Jubilee, attired In tn* 
dress of that era, with banjos, Iddlea. guitars, 
'Old Jawbones" and other primitive Instruments. 
Tbe original "Jawbone" used Is In Mr. Dnmont's 
collection. Tbe old songs, like "Old Black Joe'.' 
and many others which were familiar to our 
grandfathers, will be rendered on this occasion, 
and will no doubt revive pleasant memories. It 
will be something of a novelty to see minstrelsy 
In exact replica of Its original presentation. 
Incidentally, the current season haa been the most 
prosperous for Dumont's Minstrels In a number of 
years, watch would Indicate that this style ot 
amusement haa by no means died out. 

♦ ■» 


Mrs. Irene Castle, wife of Vernon Castle, who 
underwent an operation for apteudlcltls at the 
Woman's Hospital, May 20, Is getting along 

Dr. Bolltn Lee. of SO West Fifty-ninth Street, 
who performed the operation, said: "Dancing had 
nothing to do with her llltes*. She baa been 
n;t;*ct to attaoks of api»— .Ileitis for some time. 
and ebc bad a very severe attack la Paris last 

«« > 

Tn» two hundred aad sevenrty-flflh performance 
of "Today" will be celebrated Friday night, 
May 20, at tbe Forty-eighth Street Theatre. 


We Insert adverttseoeBts hi this ealama at a 
special rats et ai.TS per agate line for 8 mouths 
(or II times). This will asahia local aanagsn 
bo keep their koaaea prominently and ooatlaaally 
before, the auaagers of companies. DsHag tk« 
das* ike ad. i* fuaiag we will scad saea adver* 
User a copy of Thb Oldt rn free. 

OPERA HOUSE, Belleville, Kan. House 
changed hands: reopened. At Tactions wanted. 
Beating capacity, 600. Population to draw from 
4,000. Electricity. Armstro ng ft Arbatu not, Algra! 


Seats 450. Electric lights. Good Summer town. 
On Harlem Branch N. Y. 0. K. I'.., w miles from 
N. Y. City. J. J." BURNS, Manager. 

WANTED— To Book Good Attractions for next 
Season. New Modem Opora House, equipped with 
electric lights, etc. Drawing capacity, 3,500. Best 
Show Town In Western Pa. C.O.ALT,Mgr.,K.noi,Pa 

FOR SALE -One Beautiful Fox Terrier, female, 
16 months old; turns back somersaults perfectly 
straight and high In quick succession; also Jumps 
hurdles ou hind feet. Price. $76. PROF. Y. 

WAWTED4*UIC«C— Versatile Man doing Mag- 
tc, Ventriloquism, Punch ft Judy, etc., to change for 
week. Others write. '•DAKNAKly'Mlllbrook, N. Y 

formulas, printing, line of remedies complying 
with Food and Drug Acts; advertising wagon with 
llxll stage; tent. Baker lights, tools, canopy, elgna- 
New, ready to start; splendid outfit. Will sacrifice 
to quick buyer. Ad. H. J. Reynolds, care CLIPPER 

Drama iu People, Juvenile and Gen. Bis. Man! 
Character Woman, Man with Machine and Gu 
Outfit, Vaudeville and Band Actors, Orgaa 
Faker, Lowest salary, BETHALTO, ILL . 

WANTED -AI Medicine Performers! 
Up in Acts. Strong Specialties, Must be sober 
and reliable. Write full particulars^ For steady 

£leas_it, engagement In and New York. Address 
[QRT FRANKLIN, 828 W.24th St., New York City? 

variety of 
high and low 
cuts. Bronze Kid 
and all other Leathers. 
Colored tops. All alzes, any heej. 

611 Sixth Ave- near 31 at St, 
225 West 424 St, near Times Sq 
68 Third Ave. near 10th St 

Send for Illustrated Catalogue a 
Hall Orders Carefully Filled. 



Contracts, Tickets, Envelopes, Free Samples, ete. 
STAGE MONEY, 15c. Book ot Herald Cuts, 2M. 

CROSS mi a. Dearborn' St CHICAGO 


On Acsoant of Company doling 

Gordon McDowell 


Change Often, Quick Study and Long Experience 
Join at Once. Address PARK VIEW HOTEL, 

Milwaukee, Wis. 



Owing to disappointment and parties misrepresent- 
ing, Man for Heavies that' Can arid Will Direct, : 
Woman for Some Characters, and Ingenues, Piano 
Player. Don't write unless you mean business. 
We hare been stung enough. Tickets to those who 
can give security. . CARTER, EDWARDS, ALL. 
DILLON, PAUL COIT, return money I sent you. 
A. N. BOWDISH, Mgr., Ford City, Pa., week June 1 

Lady Musicians 


Solo Cornet, Solo Clarinet, Piccolo and Flute, and 
Baritone. Long, pleasant season; all week stands 
and no lay-offs. State lowest salary, past experi- 
ence, age, height and weight first letter for Band 
Work. You must be a good musician. 
JENNIE BRADLEY, 188 Adams St., Buffalo, N.Y. 

wimD-HKDicniE niB 

Real Black Face Comedian Producer, who knows 
every Medicine Act and makes them howl. Just 
lost best In business on account of booze. Also 
A No, I Sight Reader Piano Player for piano only. 
Salary f 20.00 per week and railroad. Others write. 
Addrea. M 3. KRAUS. 
. Colonnade Hotel, Altoona. Pinna, 


Presenting by permission of U. 8. Government her 
sensational daring SNAKE DANCE, a dance 
sacred with her people, the "Moquls." of Arizona. 
- - " . ' Direction of JAY MASTBAUM, 
Victoria Theatre, Philadelphia, Pa. 

IF YOU CAN'T pnt jroar name In tbe 
Hall of Fnnae— Don't Worry, 

Put Your PHOTO on a Song 

It will be Jnst tale same— (No - r Harry). 
-. And write to 

. FRANK SMELSER, Music Pub. 

: •■ ■ Box 1"6, .St uncle. Ind. 

• • 




Al Female- Imneraonator. Cnango Special- 
ties for week. Wardrobe, appearance, ability, 
experience. Up in Acts. Double piano. Fake 
and transpose. Will consider Male Partner for 
Vaudeville Act. R. MONTROSE, 

413 Lake St.. Shenandoah, town. 



Sober, reliable, experienced Medicine Performers; 
state all In night lettergram. MANAGER MED. CO., 
Clinton Hotel, Rcnovn, Pa. 

ROTH Of 3S« WEST.. N.Y. Newly for- 
do) 111 (Jl.i nlshed large and small clean rooms. 
Refined home; Summer rates. Tel. 749 Columbus 

June 6 





A' «' meeting, held oq Decoration r> ij it tbe 
Hotel Aster, Now — York", Which »>< attended by 
sore than one hundred theatrical manners, some 
at them irom oat of town, a new organltstlon, 
representing every (arm of amusement, was 
formea. No name bad been chosen at this meet- 
iog bat this anil other matters of Importance 

JUK> UUV SVSHSWW ■»•*■■ »»—•- ■ .— -"- — »» .-.-,--.»..,... u ••••••KIM, »•* 

will oe decided upon at the next meeting, which and George -Nicola!. 

Tlce president: Charlea A. Bird, secretary; Sam- 
Scrllmer, treasurer, and a Board of Governors con- 
sisting of A. L. Brlanger, Wlltljm A. Brady, 
Charles Frobmen. Marcos Loew, Oommotlore J, 
Stuart Blackton, of the VlUgraph Company ; 
David Belasco, Osctr llammerateln, E. D. Stair, 
William Fox, Alf. Dayman. Charlea Bumham 

tabes place on Friday of this week. 

T"be purpose of tic new association, which will 
be a national one, la not to light anyone, bat to 
aid Its members In any emergency that may arise, 
seen as laroor troubles, legislation, railroad rates. 
transfer companies, etc. Membership In the asso- 
ciation Is open to all engaged la tbe amusement 
business. . . 

According to present plans, the association .'will 
bate branches In all of the Important cities lh 

Speaking of tho sew association. President 
Klaw said: 

"Tbe first meeting was most auspicious, the at- 
tendance being a surprise to all of us, consider- 
ing that It was Decoration Day. If tbe associa- 
tion continues to arouse the enthusiasm It did 
at Us formation, all will be well. 

'•Ordinarily. when a umuler of men form au 
association, evcrylsidy seems to think they n:e 
going to tight mini-body, tint 1 wish to mate it 
lair, that suck Is not our Intention. We are 

!f C filter town's of'U'^couutr'les ""'"^ '* organising for n.ult I Iwnefit and protection 1. 

the smallej towns of both countries. , cHse(| tiut MSIJ , ttae f|wa Um to tlme jjj fof 

Tbe' new association .is. similar In character, rMch all other business men prepare 

(hough moon broader in scope snd object, to tbe through their associations. By that I mean ihut 

Kstlooal Association of Theatrical Producing Man- <n>eiKciiclea such as railroad tales legislation nrl 

seers whlcd was organised In January, 1908, by labor troubles ]oi> up crcr so .often and, at such 

Henry W. Savage, Marc Klsw. tbe Sbaberts and times, all amusement promoters should have an 

•tber well known producers. Whereas tbe old ss- association through which they can all stand to- 

soclstioo was limited to this country, and In- tether either tn opposition or tepporr. 

' eluded .auxtoag.lts members only producing theat- 
rical managers,- tbe new association alms to be 
International .and will recruit Its members from 
all branches) of amusement. ■ In the old associa- 
tion, too, stress was. laid on looking after the 

It Is planned to hare this new association 
eitend all-over tbe United States and Canada. 
With branches In all tba larger cities and 
auxiliaries in tbe smaller ones. .All interests 
connected with the theatrical business will be 

Interests of managers haying companies on tbe represented at Its meetings, eren to film manu- 

load. In tbe new, associsMon this Interest will fscturers and producers both great aod small: 

be only one among many, i • ■ ' In abort, tbe theatrical men of the country are 

Tbe officers elected ate: Marc Klanv, president J Just getting round to do what other business men 

" Lee Shobert, first Tlce president r^ B. F. Albeo, of tbe country found It a wise thing to do long 

' second vice president J Henry W. Savage, third ago." 



Knrlc Klaw. ot Klaw & ETlaugv-r, returned to 
New York May" 27. after a. two months' trip on 
the other slue -of tbe "big pend.", .. ''. . 

While nbroal Mr. Klaw ttu a husy man! E« 
made tbe rounds of tbe theatre* In J;oi»ion and 
IVarls: He' too-toted' In Northern Africa and South- 
em France," and divided bis time between business 
and pleasure. * 

1 oe story of his S5O.0OO. win at Monte Carlo, he 
said, wss greatly exaggerated, as bis winning only 
amounted to J-300. . '. ,. 

. « J » 


In lost week's issue of a theatrical publication 
which prints so much misinformation concerning 
theatrical people tLst It Jfloas like a habit, teere 
appeared a story 'to tbe effect that Ben. II. Atwell 
woold succeed, A. Tdxen Worni as general press 
represents tire of the Shulicrt theatres and en- 
terprise*. , Tbe article' lias angered Mr. At well 
and be wrote Immediately tbe following lettjr to 
tbe editor:; ■.-••■•#••- 

"Dbab 8ra: In. the current number of yonr pub- 
lication yon carried a story on' page eleven stating 
that a report Is tn. circulation that t am to suc- 
ceed A. Toxeu. -Worm, general press representa- 
tive of. tte. Messrs. -Shubert. :..-.- 
■ "Permit .ma to say that I hare never heard srtch 
a report, and, regard, it as' groundless, and that 
were such a,, report la circulation It would be my 
doty to discourage It in every way as a' matter 
of loyalty to tbe Lead of the deportment In wh'ch - 
1 have been, so long employed. • •-" 

"I would be obliged to yon If yon 
will deny tbe report, either through use of such 
part of this letter as you may select, or other- 
wise, as such, publications put me in the fslse 
light of being antagonist!; to a su|>erlor who has 
always gone to great lengths to accord me the 
heartiest co-operation in usy work, and who has 
been extremely courteous In our personal snd 
social relations. 

"Very truly yours," 

(Signed) Bex H. Atwell. 

■ -: » ■ > 


llalton Powell's successful ' laldcld. "0. Loo* 
Who's Here," ended its season Sunday. May 31, 
In Michigan City, Ind., and tbe las*, lierforihlncej 
were witnessed by Frank Gastolo, who Is conall- 
erliig Hal Johnson, the star of the' company, for 
tbe Stair 4 HnY.'ln clritlt next neaton. It Is 
likely tint Hallon Powell snd Frank Oairalo 
will send Johnson over that, time In Julian F.1- 
Ihige's :o!o lu "ahe Fsselnctirg Widow." The 
season of "O, look Who's litre" his Wen n very 
successful ope. Hal Johnson lias gcuc to his home 
sf Coldwater, lllcii.. for a rtsf. 

Hilton Powell's "The Trouble Makers" opened 
st the Princess Theatre, nt Nashville, Teira., 
last week, for a tour of the U. ' B. 0. time. 
Powell's "Dollars snd Dimples." In which Klleen 
Kosar Is featured, opened there the week before. 
to a full house, and was well received". The 
musical numbers went over fine. The Musical 
Bosars were a big hit. J. E. Mnlvey and Joe 
linrr are the principal comedians of the company. 

Halton Powell's "The Runaways" closed Its 
season at the Miles Theatre, In Detroit, week 
ending May 23, and Earl Dewey and Mabel Rows 
are now playing a few weeks of -vaudeville with 
tbe act known as Earl Dewey's Dancing Dolls. 
Halton Powell -will provide a new vehicle for 
tots clever pair next season. 

• 4 .» &_ 


A H. Woods bas engaged Dorothy Nord, form- 
erly of Albert Von Tllxer and Dorothy Nord. In 
vaudeville, for the prima' donna. role In "Mile. 
Tra-La-La," now running at the Lyric Theatre, 
London. Her- Husband, Mr. Von Tllser, boa also 
been commissioned by Mr. Woods to write Inter- 
polstlons for tbe American version, and both will 
sail shortly for England, to see tbe musical com- 
edy, which has met with so much favor. 

Miss Nord Is a New Tork girl, who made ber 
Brst appearance on the New York stage a few 
weeks ago at tbe Colonial Theatre. However, 
with Mr. Von Tllser Bhe toured the Orpheum cir- 
cuit all last season. Miss Nord's appearance at 
the. Colonial attracted tbe attention of the New 
Tork managers, and among those who sought her 
services was Mr. Woods. He decided she was 
Just the type required for his Americanised pro- 
duction of "Mile. Tra-La-La," and negotiations 
were opened which ended In a contract being, 
signed recently. ■ 

i «i > 

.604 TIMES OP «PEG.'» 

Laurette Taylor closed her season in "Peg o' 
My Heart," at tho Oort, on Saturday night (May 
10), after playing the role six hundred and four 
times. The young and talented star never missed 
a performance. The first performance of "Peg o' 


My Heart," which, .by tbo way. dedicated tbe 
beautiful Oort Theatre, took .place on Friday 
evening, Dec. 20, 1912. This constitutes a 

world's record for a woman star in one play. ' It 
la also the record run of tbe American stage for 
tbe past twentv-one years.- These facts .were 
covered In the beautiful souvenir program ghen 
out on Saturday night. ' " 

More than half a million persons saw the piny 
at the Cort. The total oraount which Miss Taylor 
played to was 788,340. 

* i » 
Some months ago, when Marie Dressier toured 
tbe country with a vaudeville stock, she called the 
show the Marie Dressier Gambol. The members 
of the Lambs' Club went to law to prevent ber 
from using the word "Gsmbol" in her billing. 
bat in the two cases that the club brought 
against the actress, it lost. Then the case came 
before the Appellate Division of the Supreme 
Court, and again Miss Dressier won. And to 
make tbe lot of the club banter. It must pay all 
the court costs. 

Henderson's Restaurant, at Coney Island, has 
succumbed to tbe popular demand for dancing 
space, snd a clearing In the centre of the ball 
allows the diners to amuse themselves between 

i i » 

On Monday night. June I. Bernard Thornton 
succeeded Eugene O'Brien in the leading male 
role of "Kitty MacKay." -William Elliott's com- 
edy, st the Comedy Theatre. 
4 ■» 
William Hammersteln, manager of Hammer- 
ateln's Victoria. Is very 111 at this writing, due 
to overwork and an attack of nerves. He will 
go to a sanitarium for s brief rest. 

O f 

A theatrical paper last week In referring to the 
old Oravesehd Usee Track as a posslbllty for a 
"motordome." moved tbe track over to Ocean 
Avenue from Oravesend Avenue. 

i i !■.-;• I a .-: 
I I.O'I *!.'»■ 

I: i,l II I 

1. ItVlbS 

( ,. . pr stD. 

-:il . \) '■'■- \ ' " • 

• ■•■ (Continued -from page S.) ■ '■ 

,. Pbtncess Ijidita, who claims! to bo the 
"only" real American Indian princess on tbe 
vaudeville stage- doing a classic snake dunce, 
' is of the Moqul Tribe of Indians, of Arizona. 
The princess recently bought property and 
built a- beautiful home In Bclmore, L. I., 
which she calls "The Wigwam." 

Manacier Williams, of the Amphlon, 
Brooklyn has made many Improvements In 
his theatre since taking charge, the most 
important being a new gold fibre screen a 
duplicate of the one used at the Strand 
Theatre,. New York, ne also has installed a 
new orchestra of good musicians, 

Rosa Db Yotiso, after a very successful 
season with the Gay New Yorkers Co., Is 
doing a fine single in vaudeville..' ' 

As-Ko-Mon, who claims to be the only 
full blooded American Indian in vaudeville, 
was, brought from the' West by Normad 
Jeffries. As-Ko-Mon, after a successful sea- 
son; bas returned to his tribe in South Da- 
kota for the Summer, but will return East In 
September to play the United time. 

MAX H. Saxk, who has been general man- 
ager of What was known as the Saze houses, 
has been relieved of his duties by his part- 
ners, Ben Baruch and Al. Frankcnthal. two 
Wall Street brokers. The houses will still 
be booked through the U. B. O. by Arthur 
Ulondoll. Mr. Saxe is going to take a trip 
to Europe for a rest, but will return shortly, 
as his attorneys will take action against 
Messrs. ISarnch and Frankenthal. 

M1.1.K. Toijnkk and her Indians .were guests 
of Princess indita nt the Union Square last 
Saturday and Sunday. They created some 
stir walking around Fourteenth Street while 
waiting for tbe princess to do her act Inci- 
dentally, the Union Square played to packed 
houses both days. The "Invitation ' was 
framed by Manager Den Ka'in. It looked as 
though Hen slipped it over on the houses on 
Fourteenth Street, according to the business 

Thb new Flatbush Theatre, Brooklyn, will 
be booked by the U. B. O., opening early in 

■Tun Broadway and Fifth Avenue Theatres, 
New York, opening early In August, will be 
booked bv Arthur Bbndell, of the U. B. O. 
There will be two shifts of vaudeville bills 
in each house. 

A xew B. F. Keith house will be built at 
the corner of Nostrand and St. Marks Ave- 
nues, Brooklyn, to open tn the Fall. The 
new houso will be two blocks from Fcx's 
Bedford and five blocks from I.oew's Fulton, 
and a great location. 

Al. and Fann-ie Stbapman have been en- 
gaged by Manager Edward L. Bloom for bis 
llanky-Panky" Co. It will soon go into re- 
hearsal for a Fall tour. They will be among 
the stars, and offer their specialty In the 
second act. 

Charles Gillen and his entire orchestra 
will go direct from the Fulton Theatre, 
Brooklyn,, to Loew's Seventh Avenue, Juno 
8, which will be their new. home. 

Arthur Leiqiitom, manager of tho Fulton 
Theatre, Brooklyn : Charles I'ottsdnm. tnna.v 

eer American, and Eddie Small, of the Loew 
aoklng office, are Sunfmcrlng at SHeepshead 

Noble and Brooks are presenting "The 
Box Office Man" in vaudeville. 

The Olympic, Brooklyn, booked by U. R. 
0., commencing lost Monday, this week. 

* ■ » 


Notes from Murphy's Comedians No. 3: We 
were making a rather long Jump from Cape 
Girardeau, Mo., to Johnston City, 111., making 
a change at Chaffee, Mo., recently. Clio* Swan 
and Paul Maxwell had to make a visit as they 
m?nerally do. If only to Increase their extensive 
acquaintance. Upon this occasion it was AL P. 
Globs Ladles' Baseball Club who were In their 
private car at Chaffee. Mr. Otbbs, a most 
pleasant conversationalist, was of course glad 
lo see the boys. Messrs. Swan and Maxwell pro- 
longed their conversation to a satisfactory. period, 
giving plenty of time for their train to get away 
"right under their noses." Of course "plenty of 
lime," but when tbe box-car twins arrived at tho 
station and saw no signs of their suit cases or 
any members of' the company, one csn picture 
lite blank expressions on their faces Tbe train 
left at 2.2S v. X., and tbe next one was 2.25 
i*. x. on tbe following day. Fortunately the twins 
learned of a freight-train that was leaving sbont 
4.30 P. M.. sad arrived about midnight Tbey 
could not get satisfactory permission from the 
conductor to ride tbe train so it was a case of 
"hoeing It" In one of tbe box-cars. And It was 
some' hot. 

When the freight stopped at Tbelies you crald 
hear the familiar found of tbe csl.lopc from the 
showboat "Woudtxland." A symphony orchestra 
could not have sounded tweeter, oml here ths 
"Box-Car Johnnies" scrambled over seat-boards 
and trunks to i-wp boles, Lnt alas the were too 
miieU to see tbe boat. Worse thtn being priv- 
eiied. The boys enly had nbont eighty-three miles 
to enjoy the hit olraospbTe and presture of the 
>.euled hex-ear, As lock linppene! tbe freight 
nmred tn Johnston City atout three hours late. 

Mrs. 'Jack Mncynt, known In the profession as 
Irene DeArmond, Is paying ber mother and sister 
a visit tl Is week. 

Mrs. Kittle Melville returned from her visit 
In Texts, bringing Baby Tbelma. who has been 
in school the past nine months, nock with her. 

Tbe entire Interior of our outut Is receiving Its 
ieir dress, the color scheme beln< crrnRo on I 
maroon. Doc. Cbrlsman, of "cooklioura fnim.*." 
mil bis rtplendlil crtw are doing tbe work. Is tho 
cook-houre paying yet. Do.;? 

We are having Ideal tent weather and playing 
a few of the Southern lll'nnls towns, and nl- 
Ihough there jit? a great ninny tent shows In th/* 
ttirltory, we are getting our sbtrc 
4 ■» 

Kowitf Annex has retired from the cast of 
"To-day" at the Korty-elyhtb Street Theatre, and 
will not be a member or the company when tbe 
play goes on tour next season. 

Kbneht flLssmsMKo bss been engaged by 
Messrs. Cohan ft Harris for an Important role In 
a new nine which they are to produce In tbe latter 
part of June. 


• »a ' • l i 




Jait apply a tow drops of El Bado to the 
undesirable hair growth ; In a few moments It 
becomes harmlessly dissolved, and after 
washing off with a little plain water not a 
trace of the hair will remain. There is not 
tbe slightest trouble attached to tbe use of 
KI Rado— no mixing of powders or preparing 
cf pastes. The "ever-ready" contents make* 
El Rado surpassingly convenient tor the pro- 
fessional woman's toilet kit 

Society women everywhere regard EI Rado 
as Indispensable for their Dressing Table at 
cold cream or face powder— it removes the 
bothersome hair so quickly, thoroughly and 
harmlessly. The fact that many physicians 
use the Ingredients in HI Rado for exactly 
ihe same purpose — balr removing, shows con- 
clusively now perfectly safe It la. 

Boy a bottle of BI Rado and test it on 
year arm. If you are not entirely pleated 
with the results your money will be refunded 
without- question. - In 50c. and $1.00 tliea, 
all leading drug; and department stores, or 
direct from the Pilgrim Mfg. Co.. 88 EL 28th 
St, New York. Wrrte tor valuable In forma- 
tion on the anatomical growth of bair, and 
why It can be safely removed. 

Can be bad at JAMBS dbio stores, 

WBLL-MAggBT CO. ' ' ' 



Fannie Vedder 


Undtrthi Managtintnt of JACOBS & JERMON 


wi|b the prouokssive girls 



Under tho Management of JAMES (lllucli) COOl'HR 
Season lOM-li 


Order. Parodies Lates 
Popular Songs. S for tl. 
M 1 1. l.E R, H'tl Lung-acre Uldg., N.Y. City 




; • . 
■ 7: 



Hot Sprlmjts, Ark, — Central, Royal, Lyric 
and Star, motion pictures. 

Tub Lyceum changed hands, and after belna; 
closed for two weeks for slight changes awl re- 
decorating, was opened Msv 23, under name of 
N'ew Star, with plctuses. 

AinnoMB (Frank Head, ourr.) — This popular 
Summer theatre and cool resort opened Its season 
Monday, June 1, the opening attraction being Dan 
Russell and his Matinee Olrla In the musical com- 
edy "Tbe Man, the Maid and the Money." The 
engagement la for two weeks, with prices thirty 
and If tetn cents, boxes fifty cents. Everything 
about the place bas been repainted and freshened 
up, and. the. beautiful Illuminated fountain will 
play Its refreshing and cooling sprays for tbe 
pleasure ot the patrons. 

McAIester, Olcla.— Star Alrdome (A. Bert 
Rates, mgr.) the Nellson Comedy Co. played to 
fine business May 23 and week. Spooner 8tcck 
June 1-13. Harry Sohn Players 15-20. 

YAt,r,-M.UE-Tia (D. A. MacDonsld. mgr.) — 
Vaudeville and pictures continue to flue business. 

Fohijm (Hoy Oater, mgr.) — Motion pictures to 
good business. 

8ta» (Veno Plsascco, mgr.) — Licensed alms are 
giving good satisfaction. 

LroratTT (J. A. Stelnson, mgr.r — Motion pic- 
tures draw good business. 

Noras. — B. W. Itrophy. of Muskogee, vice presi- 
dent of the Oklahoma Picture Show Managers' 

Association, was In town 25 Dr. E. J. Mills. 

owner of tbe Forum, was here from Fort Smith 
May 20. - - 

Enid, Ok In. -American Theatre (W. S. Bill- 
ings, mgT.) la closed. 

Royal. — -Pictures only. 

OnriiKutC (Gentry Bros., mgrs.)— Pictures and 

Wosdemaio (L. J. BackwoTth, mgr.) — Pic- 
tures and vaudeville. Weeia ending May 30: The 
Mansflelds. and Williams and Mills. Business 

Majbstio. — Feature fllins and vandovllle. Week 
end'ng May 30: The Orldleys. Walters and Clare, 
nxnt. Klclaa's feature Ulm billed for 31, June 1. 

Atlanta, (in,- Lyric IH. L. Oardoza, mgr.) 
Lucille La VMM Co. continues. _ ,_ 

Cbano (II L. DeOive, mgr.) — Vaudeville and 
motion pictures. 

ItuNiTA (Qco. Campbell, mgr.)— Tab,olds anl 
n-ollon picture*. Cardner-Lawson Co 1-0. 

AML-nn-AN (J. U. Daniel, mgr.)— Frank Tunny 
and company 1-0. 

Uuou (II. l». DcQlve, mer.) — DurS 

Mill (A. K. Jcnes mgr.) — Eurloniue, "V. I. 
A. Wireless" 1-6. This house. Beating three hun- 
dred and tblrty-tlx persons, Is Installing sn Ice 
cooling sistena, and is doing the bluest burlesque 
uupikcss in tl>» city. ... , 

Fobsvths (II. L. Cardnta. m<-.i— Bill Ml 
Little Emma Burning and tlx other acta. 

MoNTooMsar aud Vaookttb, pictures only. 

AnKtiMfa, Ga. — Bllou (B. J. Sparks, mgr.) 
"For Napoleon and France" was the feature 
picture May 20, 30, the bouse closing on latter 

Casino (B. F. Benson, mgr.)— Opened June 1, 
offering musical shows and vaudeville for the 
Summer months. 

Bonita, Modjbska and DaaauLAND, motion 
pictures only. 

Charlotte, Y. C— Academy of Music (John 
L. Crovo, mgf.) the Academy I'laiers. in "Alias 
«lmniy Valentine." June 1-3. 

I'ilumont (fid. G. GIdky, mgr.) — nalton Tow- 
el's Musical Comedy Co.. In "Who's lour 
I'ricndt" week of 1. 

I'niNOESs (Tate Powell, bit.) — Multiple reel 

EkisoNia, AMtruco, Ottowat and Ilsu., pic- 
tuies only. 

Notes.— Tbo vandevllle season st the Piedmont 
dried May 30. and the house re-opened June 1. 

with Halton Potrtl'e company Tbe Acailemv 

Players are dr^ big cruwds at the Academy 
of Kuvlc. Tbe company It tn ezcclknt one. 

Wichita, Kan.— Crawford (IS. I.. Hurtling, 
mgr.) Nat O. Goodwin presented "Never Say Die. ■ 
to a packed boose, May 2i. Tho Crawford will 
remain open for a short Summer season, with 
high clssa photoplays. ..... 

I'bjnoiks (L. M. Mll'er, mgr.)— "Tho Jolly 
MlMtrel Maids," S5-27, bail good b'jalwss. Week 
ot June 1 is clcair.g week, but tba theatre will 
be opened during the .Summer season with tn-> 
full Grcbestta and high clana moving pictures. 


mgr.)— This plf» opened May 24. with Oregorie 
ami F.lmlna, Phillips snd Halley, Klorm.u, Walters 
cud Xlvrnan, Deo Itoby, and the Ealambos, to 
Mg business. 

3Icnn>lils, Tenn. — East Ifiad Park (A. B. 
MoitImjb, mgr I business veTy good. BUI week 
of May 31 : Ball snd West. Cummlngs and Oladr- 
ings, Mlas Flowette. Three Dolre Sisters, Fred J. 
Arilntl). nnd motion picture*. 

I'oruus, Muzaar, Maiiiivin, BiiLBVOs. Bivsn- 
muz. Tits Aiuoo-ui:, Oollsui, Youno, Oiiklsia, 

HlUnLANt, OlUMU. MijSHTICS (2). KtlPIRSS '2), 

I'stNCEHs, Alamo. Colonial, Qomcn, Plaza, Pal- 
Acr. Oariolltun, Ahcbioax. I'ciio, Subuubah, 
Lamar, Kusn. Cutbtal, >Ir.TBoroLiTAN. Daisys 
i2). Pastixbth iff. ami. Uotal, Savor, Pskih, 
Famous, Jor, . coluhuu, LinsirrT, Ox/osd, 
Larca, motion pictures, to good tutlnes. 

Nnnhvllle, Tenn.— frlncew (Harry Sude- 
kum, mgrl tabloids and pictures. 

Loo CAnix, Cbtstal, Kuts. Finn Avisos, 
Aluausba and Hex, motion pictures. 

Clinton, la. — Ollnlon (0. E. Dixon, mgr.) 
Is closed for the season, snd opens Kept. 24, with 
"Seven Keys lo BoJdpate." _ 

OnniCTV (II. A. Bodlna, mgr. )— Ilarwy Stock 
Oo. gives two bills a week. "The Price she Psid" 
June 1-3, "The Osll of the Woods" 4-T. 

Amus»U, Family, Boial, Coloxial and Bsst, 
— Pictures only. - 

Noras. — Business has been affected very badly 

liy the hot weather O. W. Parker sttrsc- 

lion, with twenty-three cars of equipment, will 
hold street carnival from June 8 to 13, under tbo 
management of C. E. Dixon. 

Omaha, Veil. — Ttranucui' (0. J. flutpben, 
mgr.) Solvatore Clrrlclllo's Otmrert Bond June 3, 
Ouy listen I'oat. In "Omar, the Tentmaker." 4-0. 

Kurmr. (Frank Harrla, mgr.)— Vaudeville and 
motion pictures. 

Obi-iikitu Is closed. . 

OaVbtt (li. h. Jouasoo, ibxt.)— Motion picture 

pi-ys. .,: ,. .; 

The deal reported to have gone through for 
a burlestjito wheel In England, as projected by 
J. , Uurtlf, ' of Uurtlg ft Seam'on, la a doubtful 
tiroposltioa, according to the opinion of a welt 
known amusement expert now visiting New Tork, 
after an extended experience, tilth' tbo theatres 
sad shows in England, and also la American bur- 

Several arguments cuter Into hi* views as to 
tbe total Inadvlsablllty of tho scheme. 

In tho first place, tie says, "the total absence 
of tho middle class, or those in rather comfort- 
able circumstances, who, as In America, can af- 
ford io pay a fair price for a theatre: seat, makes 
It Impossible for any manager to figure on returns 
at sll In keeping with the expense of an averngo 
burlesque show, that would play Ihe provinces," 

Ot all the shows organised in London to tour 
tbe provinces hardly one has a salary list of over 
1500. Tbe houses which could lie secured (and 
the expert denies that thirty could lie found), 
play to prices that average a thousand itollnrs on' 
I he week, a shilling being the top price In most 
of them, with a few box seats at two shillings 
alx pence, or sixty cents. 

American chorus girls could not be secured for 
less than 120 each, and any good comedian would 
want tl'iS or |ino. Then the prhn.i dnnns, tho 

saubrctte and others, where would tbo manager 
ot a show get off? 

The manager of a ahaw In the provinces con* ' 
slilers himself fortunate If he clear* a hundred 
dollars on a show that costs hint $D0O R week, 
and where Is the Interest on the coat of equipment 
If the show eats up that profit and more. 

Many years ago the Held was thoroughly gone 
over liy Lawn-nco Wels-r. and It didn't figure at 
sll. The English uinuagcis have been, observing 
tho American lurlexiue >how system for a num- 
ber of years, nud never could nguro-how tiny 
could povslbty cume out alive on any proposition 
that Involved any- where i.enr the expense' nf a 
modern. American burlesque show In the opinion 
of this expert there arc not ten houses outside 
of l^imkn that would lend themselves lo the 
scheme and Londoners would not patronise or en- 
Mingo anything so entirely American as a bur- 
lesque thow as we know It They would net 
l -atio-nlsc the*} Yankee notions a* lias becu the 
Hitd expedience of other American managers who 
lost their good money In trying to show them. 
They simply could not see It. Anil a burlesque 
wheel In any .other country than America' might as 
well never nt i n. as it vroul I take too uiu:k axle 
gieno. The bouse and tho company would get nil 
the money In Sight. A. B. ('. 

All members art* esjicclnlly rei|uratcd to attend 
the next two meetings of tho oganlsallon, Wol- 
ru-sdoy. Juno 3 and Juno 10, at H.3U o'clock, lu 
tbe clubrouou. 

The date of tho first outing Is drawing near, 
snd the committees of arrangement are losing no 
time In getting everything lu readiness fur this 
gala occasion. Tbe entertainment oouunlttiii bavo 
programmed a card of amusements bound to meet 
with the approval ot ouo and all and a wonder- 
ful day's fun Is looked forward to by all the 
members. A beautiful souvenir program will bo 
presented to each member and guest. Sight sw- 
ing busses have been contracted for to lake tbo 
members to the grove. The club members uuil 
friends will leave the Log heailiitiarlers at 11 
o'clock, Wednesday morning, June 17. headed by 
a band of fifty pieces. Tho organisation will 
motor (o Boehm'u Casino, at Now Durp, HLatcu 
Island. Baseball games, running and swimming 
races and Held sports will be the main attrac- 
tions for the day. 

A shore dinner will bo served at the finish of 
tbo day's fuu. Dancing In the big dnioo pa- 
vilion will bo Indulged In after the moist, mid 
as a speclsl feature, a tango and walls contest 
will be held for tbe burlesque championship of tbo 
Columbia and Progressive wheels. 




Boehu'h Uahind, Nkw Dobi>, H, I. 


Autos I.bavb 711 Sivbntii Avh. at 11 o'clock. 

Tickets, admitting ladles and gentleman, IB, 

Extra lady's tickets, |2. 



Jack Singer Stock Company, last week at the 
Columbli, Chicago, presented Low Kelly, In "Oo 
tbo Ocean ;" Tony Kennedy, In "Casey In Ho- 
cicty ;" and Lew Kelly, lu Jack I.nlt'a burh-wiiu) 
on his own farce, "Help Wsntcd." Tint Obl- 
cago pai>ers say that "(tell-up Wanted" was over 
the head of tho audiences. 

The cast also Included: I.on Ilascsll, Htella 
Morris*-)-, Elwood Benton, Ccorge Douglas, Moo 
Clark. Jim Ten Brooke, I.niirn Iliiyden. MurU'lle, 
Boy Seers, Edith Ksndall and Hurry Van. 

The numbers Included: "Over tho Hes," "Doc- 
tor," by Klwood Benton; "I'll Do It All Over 
Again." by (leorge Douglass; "Everybody Loves 
My Hoy." by Mae Clark; "Twentieth Century 
Bag." by Martelie; "(lood Night, Moon," liy 
Stella Morrlssey; "It's Oreat to He a Hallor," by 
Boy Seers; "It for You and Zit for Von," by 
Kdllh Bsndall; "Last Night Was the End of 
the World," by Nellie Florcde; specialty by 
Douglus, Pynes ami Van: "At tho llall That's 
All," by Nellie Florcde: "I Want a lU-gular 
Man," by Edith Bandali ; "Kate In Ireland," 
Laura Ilayden, and "Bunch ot Sweetness," by 
Stella Morrlssey, 

Show curls : Mando Stanley, Belle Adams, 
Anna McGraw. Billy Dare, Maxle Merrill, Norlno 
Levlt, Pearl Hoger, Sylvia Story. 

Mediums: Mauilo Baker, Marry Morrell, Fsllth 
Hill, Hosel Wooilbury, Tessle Hunter, Ella Davis, 
Nina Pastorelll, Olive Massey, 

Chorus Men: O. W. Miller, II, J. Roberts, (leo. 
Fsrrell. B. 0. Allen, Henri Do Cunea, Jack Archi- 
bald, Arthur Sherman, D. E. Moore. 

Ponies : Dollie West, Klslo Wheeler, llalie OrilTin, 
Anna Bennett, Harah Raye, Dalsle Perkins, Dottle 
West, Clara King, Hazel Nelson, Madeline Fred- 
ericks, Alice (lonlon, Marlon Word. Hetty Win- 
field, Adelo Doyle, Buster Le Vinton, Clertle 

In "Ucllup Wanted" the company was cast as 
follows : 

Crane, a Bookkeeper Tony Kennedy 

Gertrude Meyer lluby Ore/ 

Jack Bcott Us' Hickman 

Jerrold B. Scott Lew Kelly 

Kalherlne Wiggins Nellie Flonile 

Dorothy Will Isms Martelie 

Property Man f orgo Douglas 



Mlf.r. Kb Lion, tho fllrl In Blue, Is the fea- 
ture attraction at tbe Olympic Hi Is week. 

Davs Marion, the winner of Unit honors over 
the Columbia wheel, returiuil tn New York June 
2, after siieudlng a few days at bis Summer home 
In Toms Itlver. 

HniT IlAKRR Is kept busy these days superintend- 
lug the building of his new lionieHlcnil m Jersey, 
mid expects to be Installed In the new houso 
before Ihe beginning of the sousoii. 

Tug (Iinuku tliiii.H, playing ihe Nixon Theatre. 
Atlantic City, N, J„ the past week, drew nni'keil 
liousi's at every pt'rforiiunire. Kit, l,e« Wrotlie 
reeelveil many glowing prists nntlccH. The entire 
cuniiisny enjoyed the time of their lives. 

FitANK IKihhon, after n serious Illness, la back 
on the Job with the Golden Crooks. Frank will 
take a much needed rest, anil return under tho 
Jacobs ft Jeriuori mnnageiueni next scrriiii. 

Tub Kympliony Four have slguisl with Davo 
Marlon fur next season. 

Nki.i.ib HiirKii, the past two seasons a member 
of Max Spiegel's College Girls Co,, died sudden- 
ly nt her Summer home nt Crescent Bench, Mass, 

Jas. J. Lakr. burlesque eoineilliin, has jolneil 
bands wllh Teildy Slmuntls, and will prwluce the 
Auto Girls over the Columbia circuit. 

Sam IItamh, fur a number of Reasons with lllll 
Catinilxll on tbo Culmnbla circuit, will lunnago 
Atuly IaiwIs' Progressive wheel show ihe coming 

GiiAiu.ijt Hows, brother ot Sntii Howe, goes 
Willi Sam's Nn. 'J show. 

Job IIHLI.ANIIKJ! Iiiih forsaken Hie music huxlnex* 
lu return to the stage. He litis doubled with 
Harry Prew'ott. last Heesmi with Sum Howe, They 
will do a double during Hie Hummer months. 

UucitMiit elu-eil tho slock .liurlesqiio suddenly at 
tho Odetiii, Neirnrk. N. J., May :iti. 

KK A HNS' Ul \(i\l.0\V DICUK VTliD. 

Mae KeiiriiH bad an olllelil lioum-warmluj nt 
her buiignlow at l-'ur Ito'.-I.uwuy. May IIU. Tlio> 
bung was named Hie "I/jx Unsis." Clinrllo Ibiblii- 
soii olllclaleil iv I tit a few ►hort remarks, blilllng 
oil ivi-leomo lu the Kenrn'.i iloiufello. Sum Ilov/e, 
Joe Kniersoii, ate Iliw, Kimer MeGovern, Mr- 
and Mrs. Mutliew Kenrm, Joe ItiiisignltHin, F.llu- 
ts>lb llefferoii and "Olio" partook of a corned bett 
and lablugu illiimr, a \i Kiiuiis. Much mushr 
and many refreslnuciita una the general order 'if 

Jack Glinbs ano Fsank Lawlod, are getting 
everything In readiness for their big Columbia 
wheel production next season. 

Tom Sullivan, of Monte Carlo Girls fame, 
arrived In New York May 27. Ho will open his 
famous bungalow, on Hlaten Island, the latter 
part of the month. 

Tub International Girls Is the attraction at 
tbe Olympic, N, Y., far the current week. 

Tub Liberty airls and the Trocaderus are the 
two last shows of the season at Ihe Columbia, 
N. Y. 

Waltbb Obsavxs, of the lllucli Cooper offices, 
Is taking a short vacation at Ills homo In Boston, 
Mass.. but will bo back at libs desk duties In a 
few days. 

Bob TitAVkas, of the Marlon forces, will re- 
main In New York for tbe Summer. 

llAiiur Welch. Hie Utile comedian with tbe 
funny slhlo, Is the extra feature at the Olympic 
ibe current week. 

Kddib II. Cvillins has signed with James Bluch 
Cooper for next season. 

•I. i l-i 
i . » ' 

; i r ': 


a ISI.L r. i 
tl.-* » t I 

: ' . ti •; . 


It Is nlmost nssnnvl Hi it tlit> Goyety, In Buf- 
falo, N. Y„ will go Into burlesi|uo stock for tho 
Huimner somsoh. under tin* iiuiiiiigi'iiient of Kddle 
echafcr. Frank Finney v 111 produce the shows, 

Mann|R Borkktiiai,, inamiger nf Ibe Ginger 
Girls, writes ; "Saturday night. Muy 11(1, wo close 
here at Ibe Nixon, Atlantic City, after playing 
forty-six consecutive weeks. This bas been the 
most pniiltnlile season since the Ginger Girls' 
title, awl, from all accounts, Ed. Ixw Wrotlie 
and the Ginger Girls will aialn he one of the big 
feature shows on tho Columbia wheel next season. 
The company will dlslinnd and go to New York, 
where most of them iinvo a Hummer homo. Ktl, 
I .oo Wrothe. Mauiile Iloscnllial, (riven Martin, 
Charles Flutierg and wife, and Cutle Vincent will 
spend their Hummer vacation at Hunter, N. Y, 
(Cotsklll Mountains). 

Tub atock season of two weeks at the Odcon. 
Newark, finished May .10. Joe Opuenhclmor left 
for bis hotel ait Okauchrv, Wis. lie will return 
to attend the Progressive circuit meeting oo 
June III, ' 

Sahib IIuksthh mourns Hie loss of her father, 
Israel Sliver, who died May IKI, at bin homo In 

VnniiNiA Kblrkt will be with Barney Gerard's 
comiiany next season. 

llAuur Wki.hh anu Eiiiiib II, Collins are filling 
In this week at tho head of Hie Olympic Stock, 
New York. 

Ira A. .Mim.kii manages the Million Dollar Boll 
show next season. 

CMrr Waruan goen with the Queens of Paris. 

Maiibi, Lvnust filled Hie principal pari, In 
place of Jane La Beau, for the finishing weeks of 
the season. 

llAuur I.k C'r.AJit AND I.BsTun Allbn are busy 
lireparlng for next Reason's production, with Joe 
Usiiienbelmer's For Foster Co, Mr, Ix» Clair will 
put oo the "Antony and Cleopatra" hurlcsijiie, 
as producnl formerly by himself arid Eddie Leslie. 
Harry Fields Is reengaged with Ihe show, ami 
Martha llorton will do the souhrette. 

Al. Urvykis nunoiinces sorip surprises for next 
staron'n production of the Hixlcy-Ilonves' Show, 
wllh which Al. will piny u few choice weeks him- 
self. A "Faust" travesty, a musical tango, mil 
several specluculsr nuinVrs. 'Die company vlll 
Include: Kilg-jr Bixley. Hillb Swan, Mary Itoccn. 
Ibe Four Musical Girls, Waller Heckraaa ond 
lAiiilse Mannlan. 

Dorcas I1UZI.RT sulleil for Englnuit May 21. 

IIabrt Kaiikh STKWAr.v and Teildy Slmnmls will 
iirisluce Ihe Auto Girls mi the Colirmlita rlrunt. 
Instead nf the Iiroruhvey llurlesquers, Carol 
Srlirneiler and James J. Lako will lie featunxl wllh 
Mr. Stewart. 

IIaxxllb Mack, ivlio wan n member of tho Big 
Jubliee Comii'itiy Ihe past hcnson, Is with Joo 
levin's stock company, nt Ibe Olympic, New 
York, for the PiiumM-r, 

II i li. r Kiihtsb. who ban ' been conflneil In tbe 
Owsl Samaritan Hospital for the past two wcekn, 
In well on Ihe mad to recovery nnd exiicutn to be 
uboilt In a few iluys. 

Frank Fiibbhan anu Phil Paulrcbait are 
busy hustling on Hie business ileuartment for 
Hie Giih Hill Guide, rounding up all advertising 

Jim Tkn Biiooxn Is ls-lng kept nwsy front tils 
favorite spot on the Players' Boat Club float, at 
Fulrhuveii. N. J., by bin stock cngigctnent at 
Hie ColtimhlH, Chicago. ' 

Dick Maiuwx . Is touring with tbe Madison 
Square Comedy Co. in the Mkhlguo towns. 

v t !• 










WANTED— Chonu Ladlo*. M • <L and Ponies 
U02 BROADWAY. N. Y. City. Room 135 Phono 4110 gggjg 



Tb« date* (or ths Kast Trias Fair, to be brM 
at Nicogdocbe*. fib, haw been set for Sept. 30 
10 Oct 3. Boot. Lindsey bu teen elected presi- 
dent of lb* (air sssoctotlon. and W. B. Hargto, 
secretary. The board of directors baa been ln- 
mml from nine to (Mteen memlier*. i 

opcamittse, bar* been appointed and tee work that , 
of pwpwnnc for one of toe biggest fairs U toe effort* for to* laat few week*, and realty 
history of East Texas Is well under way. The traded to dlseontloD* tola letter entfjvly, b 


KLIRE KARRIVAL KOHMENTS. St»J* "* "J u,,, "* r, ? ? "~ dlrt , 

J *" w .£ ,d ,.., ^weeto. .^d'lcall, x2 dnWed to Mitt Lmaterg. which ... handed u» 



The Twentieth Century Girl, la Hi* cor 

•md and eltlsen* of that city «re working taT# r«ejT«d »o many re^/sts ^ lnforvMtton rxufnet of» 

together, and the which b.a manifest- regarding the abowa that I towajbt that tola 5«S?-. ," 

rfSSSi at tbU time Injure* a rood fair. II to ^Saii B toe beat way to answer them. I am til "»■ » 

planned to make every day • feature day. chief Mt t t» show* tress sges*. ^^ 

of watch will be School Children's Day and W. weU, tbe 1014 Battle of Flower* ba* come and 

O. W. Day- The amusement featores wll! be foatw , a j we (the Kline Show.) have doo* been 

dlvwtsified tbto year, and • program arranged , aa conquered. Thlt event wUl go down B 

which will b» found of Interest to all. HtttM- hl»tory a» one of the greatest that baa eter teen 

fore horse racing baa ronatitnted tbe mala fes- polled off, thank* to the effort* and tbe artist.: 

tare of the amtia«oenta, from toe fact that fbrra »Mlity of one, Herbert B.roard, who conceived 

b<r oa her antral. 

On optnlng the ■ ackag* ate found a wry am, a 

wild flowers, and a card bearing Are a 

i pare Swedish, which rained oat to 

k>T» snd a propxul of marriage. He— 

tbe man— said when tbe- show opened for that 

day, tbat be would be stinting in toe crowd ,i 

front ll> to tbe talk made by Iho speller, 

and that he would hare a tower In bis but'ou- 

bok — a Forget-me-not, I 't'r.s. — and tbat It -.,♦ 

liked hi* appearance and touurbt that ane wonli 

ulnT r " 

While tbe Talker wa* makluj II* opening, V i 
I ludberg anxiously scanned tw crowd, located b< r 

^TAe'ciat"- 1 " "'*'* l^oppoaite. "fieUpii Roekway. "jack Butter, r.'rmrra aaa'stoci raise-, are aD'aailoos to ev- fart sever met him. 

Phlck White A nifty youngster. Helen Van Burtn. liatel Ford And Jobn Lee oawrale as tawawrectote toe fact Hiat the Mm while the weather »"J»f»*I "SfiSrfv 1 ! 1 

Chick White, A nifty youngster.^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ |ne| , supported »**&*£*& 'LXZSE?** . ska**!* "££ *!£Sm TJSSESUTSZ %% «" Loftcrlo. iik«« bit tjlllti fajj-fi 

Mra. White UlUaa Enflltti bt a defer chert*, of hventy good fookloa;, **•« ln^rle* In to.t section to * ««"i^ "nd*. and, waa, a f^«^^ *.^Xln«larnl.»I Irti alwe of the taoment, udded that »he w«u:j 

fialor Moore...... John P. Griffith Shapely girts. The first part, entitled "Di- £?• ™S? f£ tSFvfiZS .»?k w« IrTr^lbK* 'J^^St n ti^T tb? erent to : Si anSer the coaply with hla wlahe*, and marry blm, ..< 

Lei DtatHddli ..8am J. AdAot reoTfrom RoatU.'' ^«Te thi inecewir, laoght, XaTaftoe I." fair «T?blta^ttr.c^n>?ci "t- %S3S**?8?tUto, VSm. Toe ^KlmTsbow. -b,e eTer after." B ftited the BkS 

Ncnre, Cblek't tT.eetheart....Rlta LorrAlne while tie "1014 ifevue 1 ' and the burlesqae, '"Son'^ gl„ ^"uSier exhibited aid toe ?'rope?weri l«.ted oa the .Alamo ..Main and HIU- ?.-« hli to toe ah% a. j*r Itttroettot. , fw» 

Tome. Moore, the Majort dAOfbter. ^Ued "Uttle Queeo," made a big h t. MUe. f^j,,, or tt » n«k. taryPlasa*. while the Miller *.L.<*?»»" d . D J ." r ; D P < S on( j u-i ,£? u^xalier now iJv 

Mt-rlon Gray Do Leon offtred her well known dancing spc- ' Tb? MIO * u true of toe poultry and agricol- Kreko Brca. were located on. tbe Military and fcrtbe .econd Uoe. 'ben toe Talker, now h> 

Tltn Sweeney, coalman FranA Flnaey clalty, which Is second to none as A box of- tnrai exUMu. The section 'to particularly (or- Market Pla«*. ESffrie. .«oildiy l? Miw lViei> rib* fni 

Viola. Vloletfe the prima donna oce AttracOon. OHo. tonat* to bring able to aeeum a splendid exhibit There weroeoonttoas conceas one, M<*j ^hlgj ^W» •JJ , S3 ^J^" 1 **,,,,^^ », "J* £* 

Florence Mills 
..Leslie Harcoart 
...Helen Bussell 


The Olympic Tbektre 

ancusl ouUng Sunday, 

Colleje Point Csadno. 

teoded tbe gala affal. _ 

ever. President Jack McCatiley, -who mado tola line. 

all the preparation*, sprung many rorprltea 

Ima Darling. 
Ura Darling. 


"June Jone, June ;'* '-When I Wat Twenty- 
enc," Jottn P. GrllBth and company ; "Honey- 
moon Bxprea." Ulllaa Fnfllah and Cborui; 
"The Legend of the lUng," enUre company : 
"Walk, Walk, Weak," Marlon Gray and 
fborut; Parodies by Frank Finney; "Hot, 
Hot Hot," Florence Mills and Escort; Table 
Bcene, Grand Opening Chorus and Company: 
"Kagtlme Regiment Band," Marlon OraV and JollnDT 

Cnorut; "8mg of too Menu," Fmnk Ftaney parading along the Great* White War the swtoe that Teia* produces. Poultry".' which ha* 
and Sam J. Au^irni ; Knd of the World, n^,.^ n^^n croMe d the Qoeentooroogh alwayt been toe largeat and moot ropalar pooltry 
Florence Mlllt ; "Yodel Bong, John P. Bridge, motored throofrh. Longr laland, and *how to Te*at, tecacse of a modern poultry 
Orlfflta; ''Bweeteit Girl of All, George arrived at tho drove In Colleg? Point, where buUdlng ; which tolla*ted properly and shows toe 
Brcnnon and Cbon»; Grand Finale — "TEe the ^^ mt down to ln c „^ rate orlakfast. fowl, off to toe be*t •f>«n*»f» v mnnoMd „ r 

AHil»tl<- mrnieii nnrt a haikwuill B*m P was . * "» Art»--Tlil. departmental* compo*M of 

ffiwSaSfe s^^JE-il^tts:^ 18 x^^^^v^^r^^ 

tnZX^&TJttZ^^ZuZ "The^monS 'w"*. f^.,"fv«lf dtolded amonpt .«. an, hlehjr and. ItAUr cooing her to ,.,oy 

In the way "of amusement for the "Mra." Tbe TEXAS COTTON PALACE EXPOSITION 

association, one hundred strong, left tho ijl. gfrA annual Texas Cotton Palace Expoal- 

Olymplc at 11 A. at., In tlent^eefna; autoa, iym w n be held la Waco, Tex.. Oct. IS, 1914 

headed by a band of forty pieces, led by Tnt four features will be live stock, which will 

tame amount of money, locatlona telog equal. Men *lnc*. It was a narro* oqoeeV, tooujb. 

MCTleotoe new Nlgro-Palmer-K.iper offerlnr. Tbe kca! brerrcr »» »r/ tnLcb .mltteo wilt 

was locatedln the Vlcilcan quarter, and owing Ml*. Offer, and thought that he wa* getting eSS 

to tbeMexIcan dWlrnlty toe ehlef of police re- One until l^jropoted to Mr. Mlas Offer 3 

Johnny Webber, of Rose 

fame. After Include tbe finest horse*, cattle. ab*ep, joata and ^ ,bo n held 1U own with tbe other show. 


aoeated that tier cot T out the part of toe show tost sac would be gtod to marry blm only for one 

SelTlnl with thTfafl of TorVeon. as be thought 5*tC .and aa he Eh pa knowing what S 

that l" might Incite tbe native Mexican* to not. wa., sue said "My j tik—t wttr. let me." Anl 

Tbe "bow teld 1U own with tbe other ibow., these »t( 

"Xbn^'H'elton't new cafe wagon la a poalOre Good 

.„c^J7*nd wa. keated In front of the po.t we*tb 

office. He did a arauhlDg Imilne*. all the time, arran) 

Boy Scouts," Marlon Urny and Company ; 
•'Awoke, My India, Awake," Opening 
Chorot; "Chant of toe Dervishes," umtlre 
Company; "Ragtime Hindoo Man," Leslie 
llsreourt end Helen. Rusaoll ; Duet — "For- 
ever Dear," John P. Urtmth and Florence 
MHb); Dance of tha Sepoys, Hallet and 
Chorut; "Tho Mnglc Man," Frank Finney 
and Bam J. Adams; "Tlng-a-Boo" Frnnk 
Finney* and Company: "Carnival Time,'' 



actually elosed up on Saturday night In 

Athletic games and a baseball game was «- ^7^7^ and taSlroctlve «hlblti to 

Ibe batteries (or the Olympic B. B. team uaoatog, Oallnsry toe Italton Colony Erblblt. 

5M!F£* .?y y. e ,tt er> i now 2 .*? Be 4^,"1 d toe BooemUn Exhibit, toe Scandinavian Ex- 

Chlef Usher Miller. Tom Bulllvan, of Monte tibit, toe 8Uto University* Exhibit.- toe D»- 

Carlo fame, held down third base. ton College of Industrial Arts Exhibit, toe 

On the opposing Bide O'Connell and Built- state School fortbe Blind Exhibit, and the 

Tan formed the bnttery. The Olympic team 
won by a score of 10 to IT. After this fun 
A ten course shore dinner was served with 

Matlon Gray and Gins: "'On My Way to n n the necessary trimming*. Among thoso 

Mand&lea, Florence Mtlit ; Bbr ke Up a who attended and proclaimed the outing a 

Bagtknc Tune" — Arrival of the Highlander, grand success were: F. W. Stair, Tom Sul- 

Entlre Company. llvan, Harry Wolch, Marcun Manuas (pho- 

The clioru*: Belle Mlllette, Jcnnnetfe Nrt- tographer), Ike Marks. Sam Kraus, Wm. B. 

•on, Marie Llttau, May Gllmore, Eva Barton, Campbell, Johnny Webber, Wm. MoRae, 

Julia Klwqod, Emma Foley, Pecue Ross, May Tommy Winters, Aldermen Connelly and 

Wheeler, Elsie Russell, Kdna Lawrence, Flor- Lane; Chief Wlnnett. Joe Henry, Counselor 

ence Bonney, Victoria Warnock, Ida Cerber, Steffel, Joo Levitt «ntl Tom Bhean, 
Eva Selgney, Dolly Wright, Helen Raymond, 

Deaf Institute Exhibit. Agriculture, a de- 
partment comiwnl of Cotton Show, tbe Com 
tbow, the Canning Cluo Show, tbe Com Club 

Krst rtand Dealaon. Tex , auspice. W. 0. W 
location, well advertised, fine lot, tint 
ber. On toe opening night a parade wai 
need, and some of the townspeople told me 
that toty never have seen more people oa the 
streets, even at a circus pjarnde. After toe parade 
The new water show tank* are also an un- tbe people swtrmed on tbe lot — two block, froa 
<in*tlned uccei. and I believe that the show did toe centre of toe town sud toe main street. Allot 
Se beat averace business, If there was sny teat, tbe shows ond concession* well jiatrocited. Prm- 
We in all of us leaving her* with regret*, a* cess Tlciorla seeming to be doing a little the bwt. 
we have enlojed ounelve* here and been treated The Tango Whirl, owned by popular little Jlmnj 
last like "other people." . Knight, also getting a big play. Jimmy seem 

Our next *tann— Austin— r»ln every «*y, bnt to have discovered some new twists for bis ma- 
clears away lust In time for u* to do a nice burl- awaaa which tho people «*em to like very much. 
ness every night. Working under auspices of the Savey Oohn'a and soda' water stanf 
Moose a lot of butlers snd good fellows. Le- 1* doing a very big business ber* — four men work- 

Show, the Apiary Exhibit, toe Collective County ate ^ ' oa t TltrlAed brick street, from which tho Itg behind It every night, and (our or Ave work 

Kvbiblts, tbe (ioreinment r.xlilt'its. tbe Eairojd rau ,,„, a , f» B > as It gets on there, so thst ffe 

Exhibits, the AgTlcnltoral and Mechanical Oollese lre m t bothered In tbat respect Advertising 

Exhibit. excellent, everything coverable, covered — newj- 

Twenty klrh clas* »how.. three bands, free con- rap er. with us »nd rlylng w plenty of pabllclty. 

rts, operatic »;Dg*r» nud v*Lc!et!lle aftemnou Again all show* »re doing »bout the »aaj* amourt 

" of business, tbe Water Show probably getting a 
little the beat of it— If there la any best. 

Blanche Fitzgerald. Bertio Woods, Rose 
Wahl, Laurette Bolton, Olive Johnstone. 

Frank Finney put over tbe laugh material 
in his own style, ably agisted by big Sam 
Adams, who took no back seat when It came 
to comedy. 

Florence Mills was- stately and graceful, 
and Marlon Gray essayed the Tomboy role. 
George Brennan, as the straight, ana John 
P. Griffith, at tbe mayor, con always be 
relied upon. Mill 


Margaret Newell, of Beef Trust Watson 
fame while rehearsing an act with the two 
Monitty boys, wns taken ill with appen- 
dicitis and had to be sent to her home, 2640 
South Tenth Street, Philadelphia, Pa., where 
the was operated on. 


Billy "Beer* Watson, who made a phe- 
nomenal run over tbe Columbia circuit the 
past season, withes to emphatically deny 
tbat he was farther down in the running 
than number two position. Bill carried no 
extra attractions, and tho report all over the 
Columbia circuit wat 8. R 0. for Beef Wat- 
son (Little Phltip). 

The running at the close of tbe season, 
according to revised figures, showed : 

Dave Marlon, first ; Wm. Beef Watson, 
second ; Behman Show, third : Bert Baker, 
fourth, and Sliding Watson, fifth. 
s ■ 

Ttib Libertt. Girls, with Matt Kennedy, 
will close their season and that of the Co- 
lumbia, New York, June 18. 

Mouua Willumb. who finished at the bead of 


swl night, dancing In CoIihtcj every night, two 

sensational free acta aftrrnoou snd nlgbt, roller 

master, old rol.l, inoto-lrome and skating vlLk 

sre to ba among the other cutreacions of amose- 


W. J. Neale Is president of toe Texas Cotton 
Palace Exposition; T. P. Duncan, vice president; 
Louey Ulgel treasurer ,sad 8. N. MsvfieM. secre- 
tary-manager. Directors: T. P. Duncan, W. W. 
Pryor, w. H. Hoffmann, E. 7. Drake, L. Mice!, 
a >H. Oor, W. J. Neale, Joo. F. Wright, I. Fried- 
lander, Asber Sanger. W. T. Hcrrlck, W. T. 
Abcmathy and H. S. Forman. Special commli- 
atoners: R. MoLendon, 0. Padgltt, and W. V. 

Many prominent vlsltora to tbe show this week, sloing exceptionally well 
Including Governor Colquitt »nd his entire •toff- 
sot once, but many times during tbe week. Con- 
census of opinion anion? those tbat know : It s 
ibe best show by a long wavs that has ever beta 
la Austin — we'll be glad to have you all come 

Nlgro A Kaaper are ante whooping up tost 
Mexlcsn ahow, and I think that It will be the 
ton raonev ehow very easily when we get North. 

Jules Ki,sper I* negotiating with tbe Fowler 
I j ml Co., for the Ust .leeplng car that they own, 
and it look* as If he will get It. too. 

Ing the shows with baskets and Jsloe. Some of 
the wheel* are doing well— pillow tops not «* 
well as tbe others. Trlxle. tbe fst girl, has 
got them talking about her, and consequently tbe; 
«re going to see ber. 

Felice Bernsrdl's ten coc.ces.lons, also, had i 
very big week here. Snooty-Oak am* and bean 


all tbe attractions got Into swing. The 
Ctstle Bouse, for dancing, proved to be a Ug 
draw, and Mrs. John Oorbln snd ber stiff of 
dancers were kept busy catering to tbe 

Honor* Patricia O'iiaUey, tbe Irish champion. 
with the water show, received a large package 
from ber home In Tlpperary, Ireland, and an 
of tbe girls with tbe snow bad their faces nxe* 
for something good to est — thought tost it might 
be some fancy Irish confection— but, lo snd be- 
hold, when Miss O'Mslley opened the packs??, 
what did It contain but a fine piece of the "ouM 
sod," tart or peat. Toe old folks at home vnt 
It to her to that the might not forget— or 1> 
loving remembrance. 

"Don Talano," the -world's greatest nerform- 
lag bone Is some borse. Tbe show, under tbe 
dlrecbloD of Cowboy Elliot, Is getting It* sb*re 

; Ma^rwlllbo at bom. for At _t * jjTg riSTCK^Mg fr*^H*^~^^£* «xott|£g g£S* ¥33 
- PoaevOlrfa Yt thYOwet? Detroit liVt weti Oerm»n garden. Among the attraction* ire: to close, getting «11 that there is in light, all 

t rosey uin», si toe usryeiy, Detroit, _ last weex, -,,_ M -j.* ri ._.|._ ni.i. in.i,,ji.. u„ winn.r th» 1 m#». 

Haiar "Dtrron" W*an and hi* wife. Battle gj over a .peclalty, and w«* the real hit of tbe 

Raymond, are spending toe Bummer months at ,now A..,. ixr.. u .w U .. _k- , «* a vi. 

Wert B.den Spring., Ind. _ H 08 *^, , Wi,H "™S? who P^ 8eDt i? h ,' a 

Nan OAtn »nd ber *l.ter. K.te, hate tlgned Rector Girls over the Progreeslve Circnlt, 

for another term with tbe Hurtlg A Beamon en- lias received a franchise over the Colombia 

terprlse.. Circuit for next season. 


(Special vAr» go Tarn Cusrm, June 1.) 


(Mort H. Singer, manager). Erna BaUot ,F, c. Bbertt. mgr.) Sprague and Mc- 

Trto, gymnasts ; Boothby and Bverdcen, come- ricece. skatorial enterulnem -. Jerome and 

diani; Plorente Tempest, assisted by Ralph Barry. „ ragtime emnJlbrlets ; Vos*off Trio, 

O'Brien (In the dance) and Harry Wilson novelty* musical and danolngispeclalty ; Karl, 

(at the Piano), h "Our American Boy ; wltard of the on* airing ; Hal Davis and 

Burke and McDonald, In "Mv Good Friend ;" company, in "Stockton's Busy Day ;" Weston 

Homer alrcdy h» two of their cart that he 

t,.. ,.,mk,,„l fr.Mn them airecaon oi wwnv aiiwi, ra geuiog lib suan 

* frff^Snt ti k?*iln*f" tte animal show front of toe money, and to making good with toe pat 
On Decoration Day tbe Island was etormed by _^°, lto 1 .SS n 1 ! n 1 * r ,t«2 P l. 5 coMcJSttons worker and troos at tb7 .tow. ^^ 

an enormous crowdTand everything In tbe Hoe of w *"^V|ent talk-r^oSe wb? ThTiies^hlt KnirllS Tbhs 'how hi. a very novel front, probsbly 

* » \ r- ' r or *" 

Jchn Cyler, mansger of tbe pit «how. w»»ld ; alM ' Ks^per't new Pullman .rrived to-d«v. 
make a good .mat* for^ Hunt Li _ Conscientious — V^., q^ ca „ tHat be to now interested In with 

toe (how. Some magnate, eh. - Tbe train now 

ha* twenty-four cars, and we expect two or three 

Winkler 1 * Dancing Girt*. Including Mrs. Winkler, toe time. tsore at any tone. 

Jobn to ably welded by Mrt. Jobn, who Is 
never so happy a* when working. Keep your eye. 
en this pair — good things In store for them. 

Tbe new Sehwarts A Turpla Uoto-Auto-Drome 
1, a "hummer." toe riders and driver* ate 
'■homiaers," toe autos aw "hmnmert." and oat- 

one of the original Madcaps. Feldm«n'«al*o pro- 
vides a moving picture theatre, where an admis- 
sion to charged and no drinks sre sold. 


Those visiting North Beach this year have 
noticed many Improvement*, chief among which 
Is toe sew filtration plant for the swimlng pool. 
New aauaieasents are "Tte House that Jack 
Built," tbe Hlndn stand at Gala Park, and toe 
Tango Palace*. Fireworks are to ba displayed 
on tbe water front every Thursday. 

It's . well known fact that very few motor- 
dromes are able to open on Monday. Well, here 
are some facts: We arrived In this town abost 
soon today. Tbe Motordrome sot It* Int load 
about 1.30. Its last toad shout o'clock, and it 
fm sre hnmnjers. snd nit- tttexty 7 o^i,^ ^ „, ^teu th,, ww nuking 

ursly toey sre aiaklng things bum sround tost 1btiT fl t op^i,,, and ae 7.15 bad a full bouse. 

show. Sehwarts built tola oatAt In San Antonio, 

pi ruble of course, and It really la portable — no 

rolts no noils to be driven, no excitement abont 

erecting It, everything Tuns smooth, snd Its cue 
of tte first show, open. Sosaeth-'ng anusasi far a 
notodtome, ch? , , 

Next rtand Houston, on a :ot on Louisiana 
Ktveet — register "Bloomer" lumber one. Why I 
Well, you've got me. Ideal location, fine weather. 

with no other show on toe grounds open or ready. 

When a nun originates anything be usually 
knows tow to improve on it. too. Mr. Schwartz, 
tbe owaer, I* one of tbe best mechanic* on tbe 
outfit, and when he does anything he usually dot* 
It right. 

Bill Davidson, of Ferrl* wheel tune, 1* soother 
of tbe real mechanics of tbe show, snd Is slways 
resdy to lend a helping hand to any of the boj. 
who get .tuck. It's a pleasure to watch Davld- 
so* erecting his gigantic "Ely" — never a wctfd, 
sever a sound, his' crew never making s false 
more, tho machine invariably ready In two boon 

David Btfipbam, the noted baritone, ac-com- 

£ anted by Ward C. Lewie, In operatic nutn- 
ert, songs and old ballads selected from his 
repertoire ; Joe Whitehead. Eugenie Blair 
and company, hi "Day of Reckoning," pre- 
sented by A. R. Sanders, included In the 
. are E 

snd Leon, classy tinging' comediennes; Butch 
Brothers, the ''Ship Ahoy Boys;'' Bollinger 
and Reynolds, fun on the bounding wire ; 
Hall and Fox mutlolana do luxe; -Madame 
Morion, In _ A Daughter of Proteus;" 

cast are Harry B, Stafford, Margaret Henry 

Tn.TOtr'a Stsxplschasb Pabic. at Coney laland, 
Tesoands with srreums of laughter. A novelty la 

Jirovided In toe line of romping suits or overalls fcf <rl inspires, well advertise-!, bow. Is, newspapers, 
or women and nru, to enable them to take In all heralds, front of cars— In fact everything was 
tbe aDtverwots without fear of soiling their cone that could be done to mate this a big thing, 
clothing, or of quitting tbe t'rbt skirts. but it didn't work. While I doc't know what 

Tub Fox River Park. Pvcatur, 111., opened tbe gross of tbe shows wis, I ennld guess pretty , Dl ooe-halt, and Bill gels all the money In sight 
Decoration Day with a special program, lneHdlng closely, but as I don't care to give away any trade tetore he closes, too 
band concerto ami dancing afternoon and eveulug. secrets, I won't tell my su-:s» — but if anybody <r 
Band concerts will be given every Sunday during company ever took In any less in a week under the 
the season. Roy Green will continue as ma nager, mrov rendition*, itx? hold tbe record. 
^ *■— — m^»^^^» j,, ererybody 1 ere Is a "resl aucovman " they 
■"""""^ ^""~ ' "" — — — — — — — ^— — - tl i t<x>k (belr ••medicine" smilingly, aa all "real 

snowman" do. 

It was here that Ohas. M. Abrahams, toe dis- 
coverer of Princes* Victoria, and bee manager dur- 
ing her life, wa* killed in an auto accident. Be 

donna In* 

Next week. . 

Joseph Stanley and company, Stan Stanley, 
Blx Kirksmltb Sisters, Primrose Four, Beau- 
moot and Arnold, Eddie Ross, Paul Le Van, 
and Dobbs and Frnnk Wilson. 


(Lyman B. Glover, manager). Power 
Brothers, European acrobats ; Henry Cata 

lano and Jack Denny, a lively ragtime diver- uq Nanjty blackface comedians 
•Ion ; Elphyo Siowden, In "special" tongs, rington and company, prctenl 

assisted in the lateat society dances by Wal 
tor Ross, conducted by Fred G. Weber: Wllla 
Holt Wakcneld, Butler Havllnnd and Alice 
Thornton, In "Oci-Poor-Quick Wellington ;" 
Ruth Royp, prluceas of ragtime; J. C. Nu- 
gent, In his original oddity, "The Regular," 
•tsltted by Jule York : Nat M. Wills, "The 
Happy Tramp;" tho Eight ForgctiMe-Nots, 
tn a characteristic diversion. Next week's 
bill : Montgomery and Moore, Mr. and Mm. 
Erwln Connelly. Halllgan aud Bykea, Wood- 
man and Livingston. Ashley and Canfleld 

Thto letter written from Shawnee, Okla. Will 
te'.l you all about this town In my next letter. 


it r. 1 t, 

Albamv. N. T., May 30. 

Agala favored wlto toe best of weather and 
boslLess these shows have endeared themselves 
In the hearts of all Albanians, snd wUl long he 
rdcemherd as the greate*t of all carnival com- 
piinies to ever visit tuto city. Many have played 
here before us, but none, from all reports, have 
rude so great a .access as that attained by the 
Blue Ribbon Shows. 

Appearing here for the Joint tolges of Mscea- 
bees of Albany we were again favored wl'h 1 Big 
•treet parade 00 the opening nlgbt, and toe nva::j 
attiactlbnt were offlc : ally opened by Major 
Stt'Vent, of toll city. Tbe psrade wis one upon 
1 which toe Maccabees sre to be commended, as 
Fnancls, singing and talking act CcaanoUy wat partially by reason of the activities ot bere k||M] ^ tato opjntor— in fact, I* reputed toey hid over a thousand in line, and of which 

' Har- A leading Eastern university to secure .sped- to b, rttJ we ,nby. wealthy or not, he's * rbrht ever six hmvlrerd were of the uniformed rank*, 
"The mens of these animals that urged Col. Barnes good fellow, and I'm glad to know him, and wish tb* rest were dressed In all sorts of grotesque cos- 
to send out his party. tbat 1 know more like him. tonve*. 

These Bid Land ponies are of small stature Milt Morris, sercetary of the No-Tsa-Oh. tbe we hsv* had three new shows tola us be**, 
and varied In color. They are extremely mainstay of toe I. A O. N.. In Houston, snd all which will credit these attractions wlto sixteen 
wild, even more untamable than the tebra, rcund "good fellow," was also a frequent visitor, p.r attractions. Cook and Harvey Joined here 

- '. . ■ ■_■ ■ •.■_ . I *~._- _> k..__A aiu4 Kail BSlStaSSBa I n> m tSait- s m p^l «■* n»lu *V>u* *^m «it*. - L.m- a.a._*_ n*_ w, 


Dickinson, N. D. (Special fo Tub Cur- 
Kramer and Ross, comedy ecentric dancers; pes). — An event of more than ordinary lm- 
Wlnch and Poore. comic operetta, "No Tres- portance wat the equipment by CoL Al G. 
- passing ;" Schaeffer and waller, two light- Barnes, at this place, of a hunting party c^Yfe' grave was visited by a number 'of the 
P C K.'i? &t n r: » v era ». Cru Jf aS!. °JS B - Rln f bu sw; Three Novarros, sensational gym- that U to go into tho Bad Lands of Montana o>emters of the Kline Shows, who had been his 
; s bill : Bert French and Alice He, nattt. and South Dakota In search for tpechnensi friends during Hfe. A very beautiful fioml 

— 1 of the wild hones said to live there. These wreath wat placed oa his grave. Among those 

tjr-trTrUTD'C horses are known among tbe Indiana bhot at toe grave: Herbert A. Kline, Root. Phcn 1, 

iuC T lUxXK J* Inhibit the Bad Lands, as "Mes-cho-nlp- Mr. and Mrs. Felice liernardl O'to Hunt. Mr. 

(J. 0. Bnrch. faanagcr). Edward Eeough pltne," Sioux Indian word said to mean Hugglns, Mr. .nd Mr*, w.lter KjB'hiey. MM 

and Helen Nelson, In "Ambition." Kari. K three-toed." . . SSfS;,. »7«W ™lt "m.5? ,' Jt^S^' 

European comedy Juggler. Louis Kelso. Tre- Perfect skeletons of such animals have bams and Ivslfe, »" <J ^L.» th .!^,-,, __ _.„. 

vltt We, MarVand Evans, comedy aero- been .found In great quantities by .nftnraUtU. jjf'i^s , ei VAeoce m Sft the^st &" 

bats and pyramid builders. Eckert and of the virlous prominent un^rslttes^a»d U ur«aB»ows. Mr Phesli h.™ cio« very well 



Craiy Janitor." Animated aonge, 



& VlK"cjaM™w.ll^ ""^r^H^S, \S^^J\A time ^tS^U from^meTlV'toey do, yon will soell No- sco^ght'y favombto'coni 

ittt; Six Abdallaha, whirlwind tumblers and weekB' Jaunt, and at the end Of that time Tau-Oh B-L-O-O-ME-R from the carnival show- we hove odded an all Amerlcsn band swl, of 

pyramid builders ; Trlxle McCoy, In a por- CoL Barnes exacts to have a number of n^a'a standpoint, anyway. The secret of tbe course, had a colored banc] join with the plants- 

trayal of Southern melodies : Bingham and these ponies, or nybrlds, to exhibit a the success of toe shows In Uouston to toe fact of tion show. Tbe Blue Ribbon Band now plays 

u,n„ auu ,,, . >„Bn,vu. ..w.ic/ auu ^.KMin^u, intTH Ol DOUIHCTII UlVIUUltT*. niURUSUl OUU LA1CBI-- t»villt3, „r mjl,.., 

Jarvls and Dare, Blx Olivers, Novlns and Gable, military niutlcal novelty, and Bond menagerie of hit show. 

Gordon, and Valveno and Lamore. 




"Ths FotTUNii llUMTtu" was moat successfully 

Bven for three dsys week ending May 30, at tbe 
sjeatlc Theatre. Aahtabulah, 0., under toe man- 
agement of Chester Wallace. 

"Manilas X," the big imwerful plsy, wa. of- 
fered at tbe Bentlr* Grand Theatre, long Beach, 
0*1., week ending May SO, with Virginia Brtaaac 
playing tbe emotlot;al load, supported hy tbe full 
strength of the World's Stock Co. 

"tuwTiioaNB or tub U. 8. A." has been 
•elected lo open the stock seasou of toe firaoos 
Oseason Player*, who will raassrurate a Sum- 
mer srasoo of Metropolitan succe ss es at tte Lake 
Ride Theatre. Denver. On!., atartlns Jone It. 

"Ths MiSTix Mind." with Xdmnnd Breose 
slsylnsr the part be originated, supported by 
Prlscllla Knowlea, did a big week's bualneta st 

"Tiir. Gnos-r nsaaxts" did s big week's busi- 
ness st tbe Ye Liberty Theatre, Oakland, 0*1., 
week ending May SO. 

"Baxwsra's Millions" opened the stock les- 
son ot the Home stock Co. at Meyer's Lake, 
Canton, O., week of May 2o. 

"Ths Guost Burners," was successfully used 
week ending May 30 st the Grand Thestre, Wor- 
cester. Msss., tbe home of toe Poll Players. 

"Otjs Wivrs" is underlined at too Park Thea- 
tre. Youngstown, O., hy the Felber A Shea Stock 

••Or/a Wtv»«." the delightful eorsedy of aa-' 
uaus l merit, s ao vid heavily vreek end Ins May SO 
at Krrllsh's Theatre, Indlnnspolls, Ind., where 
the Wright Huntington Playera are having a 


The outfit of the Wheeler Bros.' Shows was 
increased by the addition of two more cars at 
Reading. Mats., on May 29, making it a four- 
teen car outfit, A carload of heavy draught 
horses were also silded at the bsme place, and ihe 
famous Hobbs Millionaire Cowboy outfit of high 
achool horses stoo Joined toe shorw there. This 
act consist* of eight tooroughbrcd Kentucky hub 
si tool bones, featuring Tango Chief, pronounce I 
by expert Judges toe aneat piece of horse Dean 
eve? placed In a circus ring, and tho greatest 
dancing horse in tbe world to-day. 

Nature ha, also assisted In toe work of en- 
torgeisritf, especially tn toe aiesBgerle. three cab 
Boss and s baby leotard, baring tmde tbelr ap- 
pearance daring tbe past two weeks. Ospt. 9ld- 
ssey Shaw bas charge of this department at the 
present true, Cspt. Snyder; who b.a been with 

their dose proximity to the centre of attraction, 
which ,of course, are tbe various parades, which 
take place on the main street. To be successful, 
the shows have got to be within easy walking 
distance of too centre of activities. Keep this 
under your hat. 1 have been to the No-Tsu-Oh 
many times, and know whereof I spesk. 
Osrr next stand, Victoria, Tex., at which place 

nothlni but concert*, and they certainly are play- 
ing some Ane ataff. 

Mis; Ecclestou Is again back winning tbe favor 
and approval of the public anil audience* to tbe 
Water Show. Mis* Eccleaton now ha* added her 
high dive to her purt of tbe performance, and 
which I* the doting of every show. 

Lester Kogal, toe congenial manager of tbe 

WntN^KwiGitTtiooo Wis IN Flowia" Waa Mr. _Wh*eler for 'msny years past, being _ detained 

the State Firemen'* Convention wm held, while merry co-round, suffered a palnfnl sprained ankle 
tbto town bas a population of but 3.70O, it wna " 
remarkable the amount of business that our com- 
pany did (here. The only way I can iccount 
for It to that we Bust hare had msny repeaters 
to toe shows, toe Water Show atone allowing to 
more than the entire population at twenty-five 
cents admission. It was an agreeable surprise— 
no one expected to do. mack easiness. This to 
the best looking small town I have ever teen lo. 
They have a number of four and five story build- 
ings, the stores look Ilk* big city stores — but 
toey certainly do "sting" you for everything— 

last Saturday st Ponghkoensle, and was laid op 
far a few day*. He I* now again able to be 
around. Henry Kelly, tbe ranvaiman, who wa* 
severely burned by the exploding of * gasolene 
torch at Fonghkeepsle, Is expected to Join us 
sgaJn by the totter i-art ot next week at Amster- 

On Wednesday af leraoon we suffered a mild 
blow down, which, for * time threatened to he 
of a store serious nature. Tbe wind atom which 
arose very suddenly would have ranted great 
damage, had It not tees that It oc cu r r ed In the 

the Broadway Theitre. Springfield. Ma**., week played at Poll'a Auditorium Theatre, Baltimore, at Winter quarter* looking after some important to Imbibe— of eocme, you'll «ay why Imbibe soda 

business for tb« Governor. water at twenty cents per when you can get tb« 

The past week wa* ideal circus weather, and »*,, (*„ lt „ T e cents— well, we of the Kline 

.f'^.-Itt '"i 1 * ""^ "?o*?J* ler " u i5fl?: Bbows. that to, meat of u*, rrefer toe sod. witer. 

2LZ!M*2*^¥"*" Mv . ?2' . ^J'fMKSi I "> ln « the honor, for top coney were ovefly 

ggW ,*^?* J f^ flT.**?*- **.*?.' ?**,' ^ag d ' T "eJ between the "rtoorm" show, the Auto 
to the striking rattan workers st that place. Two 

you can get as nice a gists of toda water there daytime, and luckily all ot toe hoy* were nearby 
for twenty cent* aa 1 ever had tbe good fortune to lend a hand. 

ending May 30. 

"Minms Hnsaar." the musical comedy stock 
race***. It tbe offering at the Washington Thea- 
tre. Detroit, Mlrh., week of Jone 1. 

"A Mission rsoM Mil*" I* Ihe attraction st 
Ihe Lyceum Theitre. Detroit. Mich., week of 
June 1. under the nanateineiit of II. B. Carter. 

"Midiwi RstaatT" is underlined for nroduc- 
tioa at tte Temple Theatre, Rochester, N. Y., 
where the Morton Musical Comedy Ctssnpany It 
hailng a sjcceasfol teaton. 

Md., week ending May 30. 

"Tut Miii'inmis," a play In which Mme. 
Ka.lmova scored a triumph, was selected by Adele 
Blood to cpeo. her stock season st Shea's Theatre, 
Toronto, Can,, week ending May 80. 

"Ths OoNsnaicr" was offered at toe Do- 
minion Thestre, Ottawa, Can., week ending May 
30, under the management of Clark Brown. 

"Baoaowar Jims" wis also used vreek ced- 
ing May 30. st the Vsa Coxier Opera House, 
Schenectady, H. X. 

I I A 

"capacity houses" 

wss the result. 
4 i > 

"I.iasrrv Hill" Is the sttnctlon it the Oolom- 
hli Theatre, Washington. Tl. C. vnek of Jane 1, 
under tho management of Fred Eergcr. 

Motordrome. They both dkl very well, anywav. 
The Water Show gat top raosey on the "big* 1 day. 
We had * narrow escape from losing two of 
the most prominent pertorner* with the Water 
Show at tills mand — the Misses Offer and Mori- 
berg. Mis* Offer Is the heavyweight cb.mptca 

Jack Ussell, who la doing the downing on Geo. 
Yamauaka's Trip to Man, Is certainly making 

good, and Is handing msny laughs to the bunch, 
rot forgetting toe .musement no provides those 
who visit the carnival gronnfis. 

Billy Kleto. -toe serebatrrf- and rrlek diver of 
the waiter tttow, has earned himself a ssew *d- 
ditlou to his name, which sow Is "All Night 
Klein." Thto to due to toe tort test he Is oat 
•Dis-lag" aril night. 

-Next week. Jone 10. Asm*, asm. ;N. Y., with 
Little Falls; N. Y„ to follow, June 8-18. 

I 3 .-. ! 

■ r I to I- 
s.J X f 





A Oraat Novelty 

Soldering Compound 

nude so It will stick anywhere on tin, copper, 
brass nickel, aluminum and enameled ware, etc., 
>tc the heat of a candle Is requires to use 
a lady can do all her own MtchenutcnsllH repair- 
ing In Sticks, per gross, $3.75 ; per dot, 40c 

hpii'd 10c In Btanips for samplo and Instructions, 
oeua iuv. BM jj MBLU & co> 

107 g. Ede n Street Baltimore , Md. 


"hit srsek find* the show in Ysokton. S. D., a 
Li^illiir little city of somo live tliouasmt, ttat ha* 
i, vii iilnreil before by some of the companies, rnd 
W i to the present writing has proved greater 
ilisn oar foudSt isrectatlon. ■ 

We arrived here from Slcm City Sunday night 
n (Is o clock, and unleaded, and the proeeu of 
nwInK paraphernalia took I'lw* Immediately, «.i-1 
inwltbi lauding tbo fact tbit Eatorday nlgiit'a 
ricnn was one that will be knar remembered, we 
oiiiH-d Lire Monday afternoon to fair btulues«, 
rnd Tuesday nlgli:. at six oc : ock, farmers com- 
ninccd lo come lu la thi.-ir automobiles and cat 

"'ticnx t'ily atlll keeps Its reputation as being 
the ono spot- thit Ibe aliowa visit that tUey are 
iiiat os rare of a rain as that they are playing 
llir lown. The writer remembers the time six 
jetrs, ago wheat the lot opon wlilcli we showed 
tuix lime or. Wedoetday night of the engax-iiient 
re apeak of. was flooded null about four feet of 
aater and much of the show paraphernal? wss 
l»l This time Ike Tain stayed elf until iiaiar- 
dnr night. About seven o'clock small clouds was 
l> be k«. hovering over, and they became blac'icr 
siil blacker, until about 10.MI. a/ben the rain 
c.imc down In a veritable deluge, ami kept up 
cviunoovaly until Sunday morning at six o'clncl. 

The lot presented a neat horrible condition. 
Oar blj beary wcgooa aunk to the bubs, and re- 
Stared she services of slx-anilsoraelWici eight 
teems to more them. We managed, however, to 
get everything off about G a. at., and were loaded 
and out of town at 8.30. 

One of the sorriest spectacles that one conll 
kaagioe la a lot of ahow paraphernalia in mud or 
water. A night like Sstntilsy night tries the 
aasn out, and determines whether they are dry 
weather or wet weather showmen, but Ibe sun Is 
shining now end the terrible experience of Satur- 
day night la almost forgotten. 

Everything*!* In its normal condition. We are 
doing a very nice business, so we have forgotten 
Ibe moat unpleasant experience. 

This la the sixth week of the ahow, and during 
that time very few changes bare been made In 
the personnel of the company. Several of the 
aunt, however, have been discharged and more 
capable men bare taken their place, until now the 
esnagerlal and working forces are running 
smoothly. . 

The towns we have vlalted are loud in their 
praises of oar splendid equipment, nod me char- 
acter of the Shows that we are offering. Mr. 
Worth am realises that this la a day and age of 
progress, and in order to be saccessful It is ab- 
solutely necaaary that a showman nowadays elim- 
inate all Ibe objectionable and disgusting fea- 
tures possible and present to the show going pub- 
He clean, high class, meritorious performances. 
and his experiment has proved more than eoc- 

The Hippodrome presents Ilollaad'a fan- 
ly of circus performers, eight in number, who 
are more than making good. A recent addition 
to the Hippodrome abow la Cipt Gerald Irwin, 
who has charge of (he wild aniuiol portion of tbo 
show, and notwithstanding that Cant. Irwin was 
attacked by two of the lions In his big mixed 
group a few weeks back, he is now presenting his 
performance at every show that la given In the 

jUretta Derby, of the Aerial Derbys, presents 
her performance In a highly professional manner, 
and greeted with a round and rouul of applause 
at her every appearance. 

H W. Williams haa made several changes la 
Ui "Mamie" show, and baa added several new 
electrical festiires. Which make it one of the 
foremost •hows of Its kind In America. 

The water show haa been greatly augmented 
and strengthened by the addition of live diving 
atria and a uniform band of eight pieces. The 
Crystal Tangle, and Crystal Tangle's wagons were 
struck by a yard engine In the yards at Pekln, 
111., and the accident caused a destruction of 
over 1800 worth of mirrors, bat Manager 
Woetbam was equal to the occasion, and sent Cor- 
bellle to Chicago and purchased a duplicate num- 
ber of mirrors, and the ahow went on as before, 
losing two nights, which, we believe, Is the record 
tar the readjustment of a practically destroyed 

on la located near our airing of cars, snd It seems 
that the waokj ahow la Interested In the forth- 
coming gome. The lineup snd particulars Will 
be given In next week's Issue of the papers. 

John A. rollltt-tm added another new illusion 
and a team of tango dancers to Ibe Aurora Show, 
wblch la now conceded to be one or the heat 
abewj of Its kind traveling with the carnival 
<x uinsny. 

Whale Oil Go j. Ibe velernn r lisle hunter, de- 
livered no address before the faculty and studenla 
of the University In Slour Olty, la., relating hla 
most Interesting ixcerlences upon board a wtial* 
vitsel, and was ->rerented with a handsome gold- 
headed cldc aa a token of the college's apprecia- 
tion of bis very interesting talk. 

Harry HorTer, <ur new si-fclal scent, haa 
cr.unbt Ibe swing of the canival hrulnres In a 
hurry, end hia promotion in Yankton would do 
cmlk tr a seasoned agent. 

br.uford Lilting* is here ami telling of the won- 
Oers rfaat are to he fonu-1 in the Mg aide alow 
and mnenm, and hla description of tbo various 
oddities end curiosities la a rem on the market. 

Genera! Agent Steve A. Woods came on last 
weekiwlth coatmcrs for some of the choicest Fall 
dates In the country. 

We sro In receipt of a bregma of the World- 
at-lTotne Shows, wblch la a credit to the promoter 
or agent, a ho Is responsl'ile for same, and the 
CfLipany haa our very best wishes for a pros|ier- 
oiis oeasc-n. 

Prof. Charles Jamison has gotten hla band In 
(tioa shape now afer a proeeu* of elimination, and 
la giving dally concerts which are more than en- 

Mae HoUlday, of Pollltt'a "Aurora" ahow. slogs 
with the band at the Snnday afternoon concerts, 
and her rendition of "Isle d'Amour" is a const 
unusual musical treat. 

We had the pleasure of meeting cur old friend, 
oLuirlee Jencks, who now controls several theatres 
In this section of the country, who has arlseu 
from toe position of small town opera bouse treas- 
urer to one of the brightest lights In Western 
show business. Maurice hn.s charge of the car- 
nival now being held at Yankton. 

The Missouri River being close by this week, 
many are taking advantage of the opportunity of 
Ashing, and hundreds of present day Isaac Wal- 
tons line tba banks of the river, hut aa yet ws 
hive seen no fruits of their patience, bat have 
promises of a fine mess of the finny tribe. 

Gollmnr Bros.' Circus Is billed here for the 
coming Saturday, and many people with the show 
are acquainted with some of the Gollmar bunch, 
and expect to have a big time meeting their old 
friends Saturday. 

A roost unusual sight waa seen Monday night, 
showing the progress that tbe automobile In- 
dustry has made In a few years. There was at 
least three hundred autoa on the streets Monday, 
and the writer was told that they were owned 
by tbe farmers In this moat prosperous community, 
and that Is one thing that accounts for the fall- 
ing off. of tbe afternoon business of shows and 
carnivals. The fanner who owns sn automobile 
can eat supper at borne, drive In and aee the 
shows at night, but It la an lllwlnd that blows 
nobody good. If we get tbem at night, aa many 
as we would get la the afternoon and night, "we 
should worry." 





Mrs. Laura Oorbetlle, known on bbe stage as 
Laura Adasas, caane on at Sioux Olty. to stay 
sMU the Fall season opens, when she goes to 
take the loading part In Oliver Morocco s pro- 
oartion of lbe^'Blrd of Paradise." 

Plain Dave Morris la still with us. and his 
promotions In the city of Davenport, la., netted 
aim quite a neat sum. David says that Mr. 
Wortham la to be complimented upon the tact 
that be had tbe pleasure of engaging him. 

• Mr, Wortham recently purchased a Howard 
automobile, but found that the aatne was too 
small for his needs and traded the Howard for 
a big Overland touring ear, which he uses to 
head the parade, which, by the wary, Is a new 
■aeration In tbe carnival field. 

J. C. McCaffery, enperlnteudeat of concessions, 
ssade a Dying trip to Chicago last week and pur- 
chased a new style cooking and lighting apparatus 
far the dining car. Be also purchased for D. M. 
Atwond a portable ores, wblch arrived on Satur- 
day in Slour City, and waa immediately tried out, 
and the most delicious biscuits, pies, cakes, 
routs, etc., were cooked in the oven, and the 
connoisseurs pronounced them most excellent. 

Our camels at times go on a rampage and mis- 
behave in a" manner that we cannot understand. 
Upon their arrival In Danville they broke one 
huge plate glass window, snd in Des Moines they 
bit the keeper upon the arms and hack and sent 
hia to the hospital for a week, and two daya 
after his return from the hospital wu again at- 
tacked by tbe larger one of the camels, and waa 
bruised and hurt Internally. Notwithstanding that 
fact, they are a source of very much revenue to 
the show. Two Immense saddles were built and 
r-isced upon tbe backs of the camels, and a charge 
of twenty-five cents la made lo convey the patrons 
from one end of the Midway to the other. 

Several new baggage wagons have been built 
and purchased, as tie show Is growing out of the 
present equipment. A new electric lighting device 
Is being Inttslled in all the sleepers, and la prov- 
ing more than successful, dne to the ingenuity of 
■bat Inventive genius, Chsrles B. Kidder. 

Manager Btonghton was In Sioux Falls one day 
last week and Brought back the report that from 
the preparaiiona that are being made and the 
Interest that <a being taken la the affair, tbe 
South Dakota Silver Jubilee and Home Coming, 
to take place June 15 to SO, will be one big 
hammer. Tbe Commercial Club and Board of 
Trade are sparing neither pains nor expense to 
make it the biggest thing that was ever pulled 
off In South Dakota, and after looking over sev- 
eral companies they selected the Wortham Shows 
to pl«y this big event. 

One of the events of this week will be a base- 
ball game between two picked nines of the mem- 
bers of the Wortham Shows. The baseball park 
In Yankton haa been secured and the game Is 
scheduled to start at twelve noon, Thursday. 
Manager Wortham, In anticipation of tbe pleasure 
that the people with the show will derive from 
Ibe ball game, has issued an order to suspend all 
operations of the Wortham Shows ostll the game 
Is over. Inaamach as tbe rivalry Is so keen the 
hour of twelve noon has been selected as the 
gsne bids fair to go many Innings. 

Plata Dave Morris, tnanacer of one of the 
teams called the Never Swears, and J. O. Mc- 
Caffrey of the Separators, arc keeping the bat- 
teries secret. Much rivalry la going on betsveen 
the two teams. Thousands of dollars bare been 
bet In tbe final outcome, snd a real baseball game 
I» expected. 

Among the rlsyers thst will tske pert In the 
rbsmpkmshlp aeries will be Chief Two 8tlcks Kll- 
Patrick, CUef of tbe Red Moon Indians, whose 
reservation la located near Danville, 111., the 
home by the way. of 0. A. Wortham and the 
Wortham Shows. The gloves, bats, masks snd 
everything pertaining to tbe success of tbe gams 
are to the safety deposit vault in Yankton, guard- 
ed by several trusty members of tbe eompsny 
lo remove all chances of spiked gloves, sll dxed 
halls, or of loose masks. 

Tbe spot this week that tbo teams are practicing 

Lincolx. Neb. 

Nebraska's beauty spot has taken very kindly 
to the Allman Bros.' Big American Shows, and 
this, In connection with tbe tact that we are now 
in our third week on the "right" aide of tbe 
Missouri Blver. la tending to put tbe management 
and tbe various attaches in an amiable frame of 
mind end helping to smooth out the wrinkles which 
collected in their bankrolls during our short slsy 
in tbe Iowa city opposite Omaha. 

Platlsraooth, Neb., proved to ha one of the beat 
Spring dates ever played br the Allranrm Btus.' 
Big American Shows. The people fumed out 
en mauf, and patrootcd freely the various showa 
and eonossions. This, too. despite the fsct tbst 
tbe' weather daring ths week waa such that an 
overcoat was n ixtltlve rterefSlly daring most cf 
the time. 

During the Plattsmourh engagement tbe writer 
bad the pleasure of meeting Colonel M. A. Bates, 
who waa at one time In the circus business, but 
who is now the owner and editor of The Plattt- 
mouth Eccnlnj Journal.. Since lesvlng the whits 
tops the Colonel bss served several terms In the 
Nebraska Legislature. That he treated the mac- 
arernent of the Allman Bros.' Shows royally 
would be patting It mildly. A kindly snd gen- 
erous gentleman la the Colonel, and to bis liber- 
ality in giving freely of the space In his very 
bright and newsy Journal can be attributed much 
of tbe phenomenal success of this engagement. 
Tub New Yob>c Olii'pks can always be found oo 
his desk, and although, be has been out of the 
show business for a number of years, he still 
finds much to Interest him In Its columns. Ws 
shall always bold Colonel Bates In pleasant and 
grateful memory, * 

In South Omoba, unfler the auspices of the 
Bedraee, we duplicated the success which we hsd 
at Phttsmoatb, and here, too. we received the 
most kindly consideration from tbe press. The 
OmoAo Btt was especially laudatory m their 
comments on tbe merits of the sbosrs, and tie 
general sppesrance of the outfit. 

Daring the South Omaha engagement B. W. 
Scbofleld, superintendent ef cpmrrjssary. fled 
from a complication of diseases. Deceased waa 
fifty-four rears of age, and leaves a wife. Haf 
borne wss In Mstteawan, New York. 

H. Snyder visited the shows at South Omaha 
and again at Lincoln. His visits were of a busi- 
ness csture sad bsd to do with his motordrome, 
which is one of (be attractions with this company. 

Joe Ooetr, formerly local contractor with 
Howe's Great London Shows, la now doing special 
agent work in advance. Jos knows how to get 
paper out to tbe beat possible advantsge, and a 
balky billposter doesn't phase him la tbe least. 

Chsrles Mugavln, formerly of the Great Sanger 
Shows, was a visitor at South Omaha. He is 
now permanently located In Omaha, where be haa 
a growing Insurance business. 

W. B. McCnrdy Joined last week with bis 
"Pauline" show. K nest frame-up and an origi- 
nal method of presenting this sttrsctlon, which Is 
very much out of the ordinary, tends to make 
"I'aullue" a real money getting attraction. 

Charles McDonald spends his time while wait- 
ing for tbe train to poll out on Sunday mornlurr, 
collecting and stringing washera wblch be finds 
aloog the railroad tracks. This he claims to be 
his own original method of keeping his mind and 
hands occupied during this sometimes aunoylng 


Although we have bees fighting rain ever alsia 
our opening. April 23. at Jlondoo, Tex., the shows 
and concessions have been doing a nice business, 
snd everyone with the shows are well and coo- 

We crossed the line oat of Texts. Scivlay, Mar 
24, and are now In New Mexico, Carlsbad being 
onr flrst stand. We opened here last night under 
the suffices of the County Hospital, the Midway 
being packed with tcople and all ahows aad con- 
cessions did well fur the opening night. 

Sines car opening we have had a number of ad- 
ditions to cor copany, the following shows having 
Joined: Psentes Mexico Circus, with fifteen peo- 
ple, aider a 40x70 white ton : Mr. Odus. with Us 
wax ahow, which Is a model of art. Mr. Odus 
also brought Us sew carry-as-all, which Is • 

Among onr new concessions are Mr. and Mrs. 
Carroll, Pillow Top snd Pennant Wheel, swell 
stand, forty feet long: Mr. Odna, nortlty shoot- 
ing gallery; Miss Anderaon (Bed), with a swell 
cat rack, framed very nicely. 

Fred Buffer has added to Ua eonoraaloos a 
feather pillow spindle, one of the finest frsme-sps 
with any csrslval organisation. 

Everybody looks fdrwsrd to the coming of TfU 
Old RiLtABUJ Currm each week, which la hailed 
with delight. 

Best regards to our old friend and pal. "Red 
Onion." "Doc" Siswabt. 

Hat 29. 

Week of May 11 found the Liberty Shows on 
the atteeu of Dunkirk. N. T.. where tbe engage- 
ment was played under tbe auspices of the Itaglea. 
The weather man could not have treated ua better 
the six daya and nights of real carnival weather, 
wblch ass a treat to the bunch after tbe three 
weeks of rain. Although the business was not 
tulte as good as expected, there were no roa- 
plalnts made. Many of the big family spent a 
great part of their time fishing on tske Brie. 
although we did not bear many ash stories or of 
any one catching any fish except Joe I'.ud, who 
would not claim the one he did get aa bs prom- 
ised to buy a ease of beer If he get the fiat ose. 
The ruu from Dunkirk. N. Y.. to Wsrrve. I't . 
waa tbe ahortsst nade so far this season. This 
week. May 25-30, we are showing under the 
auspices of the Moose, and so far business Is very 
good. There bare been very few changes In the 
company since the opening at Braddock, Pa., 
April 23. 

Harry Potter paid us a visit one day this week, 
snd while be did not state Ms Intentions we 
believe he left to Join the Hunter Shows. Harry 
is a real agent, and Ms many frlenda with the 
Liberty Shows wish him well. 

Our general manager, George F. Dornmn, waa 
called to tbe bedside of hla wife (Caddis) at 
Braddock, Pa., where ahe haa been since the 
opening on account of illness. We all hope to aco 
her with us again soon. The good news has Jist 
reached as that she Is much better. 

General Agent Sam Boloman la back sritb the 
ahow looking after the business. 

Ssm Rich, of the Fair Amusement Co., left for 
New York City on business. 

Joe Rnd is looking after tbe wheels. ' 

The latest good news that haa been received la 
that we are going to a hew Rankin, I's.. Jane 8-lit. 
and all are looking forward to one of the bast 
weeks of the season. 

Mrs. J. E Oage stored her "Joy Mill" last 
week at Dunkirk, and returned to Detroit, on 
account of other business. 

H. Attewell atlll bis the fish pond country 
store; Richard Gardner, the knife rack: Ohaa. 
Miller, the long rangeSshooting gallery, bsJby rack 
and'hlgh striker: Mat Gay. tbe clock store; H. 
O. IV-le, the confetti, and he la doing a big busl- 
i.ess at Warren, ss well as Olyde Oaas, Mth the 
candy wheel. 

Matt Gay' Is doing the high dive, and hoMa the 
crowd until 10.30. 

Ruth Gilpin la tbe talk of every town where ahe 
sings with tbe band. Toe week of June 1 will 
be spent at Warren, O. 


Minneapolis, Minn., May 20.— Tho 8. W. 
Brundage Snows, playing this week under 
tbe auspices of the St Anthony Commercial 
Club of JCaat Minneapolis, la having one of 
the filpgcjl weeks In Us history. The shows 
which make up tbe Brundage aggregation 
arc all new and fresh looking, having bcrn 
out of tbe Parker factories At Leavenworth, 
Kan., just four weeks, and tbo masjner In 
■which tbef are formed on tbe big ttldway 
has caused armosc every man, woman and 
child wbo has visited the grounds to com- 
ment on the flue appearance of the shows 
and attractions. One of the best business 
sections of the city has been fenced off 
especially for tbe jubilee, and the crowd* 
have been coming in through, the gates by 
the thousands. The opening night, Monday, 
the grounds could hardly hold the people. 
Decoration Day the closing day of the en- 
gagement, la being looked forward to as the 
big day of the week. Several of the most 
prominent men of tbe city are to make Mem- 
orial Day addresses, and a crowd of between 
forty and fifty thousand Is looked for. 

The executive committee from tbe Com- 
mercial Club, which In handling tbe features. 
Is wideawake and la responsible for a big 
part of tl-p success of tbe Jubilee. This eoav 
iii it tee consists of W. L. Lawrence, Paul 
Bcklund and A. w". Ingehutt. 

The queen contest, which closed ■Wednes- 
day night, was the biggest success of nor 
contest ever held In Minneapolis. Bernlee 
Armstrong was the winner. She waa 
crowned queen at an elaborate ceremony held 
Thursday night on the grounds. Tbo contest 
was conducted by Ed. J.', feist, one of the 
special agents for tbe S. W. Brnndage Shows. 
wbo has been in Minneapolis for the past 
four weeks In tbe Interest of the shows. 

Tom W. Alien, of the Tom W. Allen Shows, 
was In Minneapolis the first few dayi of the 
week. Genemi Agent B. L. Lobmar, of the 
General Amusement Co.. was also here dor*- 
lnethc first part of the week. 

The 8. W. Brandage Shows, following the 
engagement in Minneapolis, go to Bocheater, 
Minn., where they play under the auspices 
of the Elks. Tbe Brandage Shows played 
Rochester last season, and tbe engagement. 
proved to be one of the best of tbe year. 
Clabk McChiro, •'Preaa.*' 

We now have six ahows, two rides and 
twenty-one concessions. 

Pilot Point. Tex., next week. 

i s l 

Dwarf Wedat Fat Lady. 
Piter Rcblnson, of Springfield Mass., s dwarf, 
with' tbe Blue Blbbco shows, was married In Troy, 
N. I„ May XI, to Adeline U Kraoee, "the fat 
woman" with the same show. 


W. n. Davis, of tbe Johnny Jorra' Snows, waa 
a Currsta caller June 1. He wants a wonua to 
talk oa and handle snakes. 

Job Rosbnthal. formerly on the advance of 


Showing onder the auspices of tbe Waterloo 
(la.) Athletic Association, wblch organisation 
has under Its wing toe local league baseball testa, 
the Tom W. Alien Snowa played to the meat suc- 
cessful week of the current season, and, with 
the exception of Monday night, when It rained, 
did capacity business throughout the week of 

I'antana. under the direction of Alloa Mellville, 
is one of the beat liked attractions on the Midway. 
Tbe clever, accurate Interpretations of famous 
paintings by Miss Mdlvllio and her company of 
fourteen performers, aided by a twelve piece or- 
chestra, make Faottna one of the top notch car- 
nival attractions of 1014. 

Tbe Taago Girls, owned and managed by Dolly 
Lyons, with a ballet of fourteen girls, makes one 
of the prettiest outside flashes ever seen oa a 
.Midway, snd the hour sod fifteen minute perform- 
ance on the Inside drives dull care away for all 
who enter. The correct renditions of that famous 
ternsichorean revel by the Tango Girls Is the fea- 
ture, while tba Todd Sisters secure favorable 
comment by their seta. 

"September Morn" opened at Waterloo and was 
a revelation to all. Tbe attraction la tbe work 
of Joe Coaler and the genial McDanlela, and both 
are to he congratolated, as tbey have a winner. 

The dog and posy circus drew big crowds, aa 
did also 'The Trip to Mara." 

"By Moonlight" and the motordrome did turn- 
away business, snd lbs erysial maar, auaasad by 
Artoiph Beemen, pleases hundreds dslly. The saaas 
is one of the most lspgliaUa snd tboroeghly «*>• 
yoyable shows oo the grounds 

Darenuort, Is., Is the neat stand, w eek Jons 1. 


XT n. J. EJtuojs. 

many of the big circuses, is now general agent 
of Washburn's Mighty aUsway Showa. Tbe big 
cacnlval coennaay is oa the way to Canada for 
fourteen weeks, snd will pity most of tbe big 
cities before retsmlaa to tba States. Members 
or Ibe Wallace and (tingling Showa thst played 
Olean. the aane week, were visitors, and spoke 
very highly of tbe new big shows. Twenty-eight 
cars, all new, up-to-date wagons and canvases 
make It look like a big alreua coming to tows. 
Kllna Mler, high diver, and the Ladles' Military 
Bead are big farorltea In every city. 
■ (CanUHUmi on pane It.) 


The Pepper Twins send Ibis clipping to 
Taa Cmppcb, from tbe columns of The 
Toronto reiearwss. May SO: 

"He's only an erlorl" 

Hare ?ou ever heard anyone say that in 
the same disparaging tone that somo people 
vttd to say "She s only a woman I" 

But a cynical world Is learning. And from 
tbe heart of the tragedy that has fixed tbe 
shuddering Kaie of a wbote world on our 
River 8t Lawrence, conies a splendid tale 
of bow an actor waa also a man. And for 
those In Toronto wbo last March recognised 
in Laurence Irving an artist and a gen las. 
there la now left a beautiful memory of 
Laurence Irving, the man. 

In this morning's dispatches from Quebec 
wss this : 

"Laurence Irving, the noted actor, son of 
I tbe rate Sir Henry Irving, died trying to save 
bis wife." 

Where is tbe weak, artistic temperament 
we hear «o much ahotit? 

According to If. B. Abbott, of Toronto, wbo 
waa tbe last person te> see Irving alive, tbe 
actor was quite calm and was endeavoring 
to hurry his wife aloft when tbe boat lurched 
and he was thrown acnlnst the cabin door. 
Then as ahe saw hla bloody face she threw 
her arms around bam and would not let hln 
put the life belt on her. But he persisted, 
nnd frantically carried ber upstairs, despite) 
her struggles. And the last thing the sur- 
vivor saw before he dived from the sinking 
vessel was Irving kissing hi* wife, as clasped 
la one another*! arms they wane down, with 
the sblp. 

It was such an end aa those who know 
and loved that devoted coople would have 
pictured would he their*. It has been said 
that to truly enact a rote one must have 
within them qualities that "under certain cir- 
cumstances would develop a certain charac- 
ter. During his Ill-fated Canadian tour, 
which had fust ended. Lawrence Irving al- 
most nightly enacted heroic figures in n Ty- 
phoon" and "The Unwritten Law." But 
greatest of all wns Lawrence Irving In his 
fast role In the Drama of Lite, when he 
played'hts last big role of Hero. 

As for Mabel Hackney, her loving euro for 
Laurence Irving proved tbelr doom. As one 
who saw them dally during their engage- 
ment in Toronto, we kna>w In some slight 
measure her devotion to him. She was wife, 
leading lady, stairs manager, electrician 
(only ons man and herself understood the 
intricate arnxtfemnt of tbe lights In "Ty- ^lll ola 
frhoon." If he had been :il she would hare 5 irtton 
fad to managed It somehow.) Never have 
we seen a more devoted stage couple and 
trith such reason. His was a remarkably 
brilliant mind, and she had brains enough to 
tnderstand last what a geulns be was. 

It was his T>asi>lon for llfo that makes the 
passing of Laurence Irving seem such an 
overwhelming tragedy to us. Ho was so 
keenly Interested in man and work. Kvery 
moment In his Canadian tour be could get 
he was busy writing; bis new play, which 
dealt with a Russian revolutionary, "Ho 
even steals time from his sleep," autd> his 

Tbey •casaod ideally happy. She eared 
for Um and. smoothed, his path, while he 
depended on her as a child la many ways. 
They had no children of tbelr owa, but ne 
has left a ltvgtbr list of the children of his 
brain. "Peter tho Great," "The Unwritteu 
Law," "Time, Hunger and the Law," "Gode- 
frot and yolande/' "A Christmas Story." 
"Bonnie Dundee," "Blcbard Lovelace," "The 
Phoenix.'' ana the English adaptations of 
"Dantar aad "Booeeplerrc " used try his 
fattier, was the work he bad already aecom- 
pllsheO. Hla was also the honor of Intro- 
ducing Brieas to tbe Mngllsh-spoaklDg stage. 

It Is a lengthy list for so young a man. 

rrlog and Mabel Hackney we 
know why tbelr -death seemed "tho aoAy 
war" for both. And it Is such deaths that 
make audi great sea tragedies bearable. 
<i » 

Fra Our On Coirespoadeit, 
Hear/ George Hibiiert. 

i.omjO!*. junto L 
"Adclc" w»s produced at the tlalety on 
Satirrdtoy. with tho complete Longacre nan- 

ny and sc-ncry. It is a popular success, 
press sohlces are lukewarm. 

Caryl) WlUror played James Horan's 
sketch. "The Buyer from Pittsburg." at tbo 
Huston Theatre, to-night. It was well re. 
dived. ' 

iSir llcerbobra Tree publishes a splendid 
tribute to tho character of Lawrence Irving. 

Morning dances arc tbe latest with Alfred 
Hurts Banlre revue, "Tho Merry-go-round." 

Frank Allen of 'Moss Umpires, engineered 
a great variety show aboard the .4 on I tans 
on the eve of sailing from Liverpool. 

Zangwill aays that an Incident In tho life 
of a well known American clergyman sug- 
gested hie "I'las ter Balnta, " 

Lily Hall Calne. the actress, and sister of 
Hall Caine, died to-night. Her Husband was 
the late George D. Day. dramatic author 
and manager. 


,-r, -^^ 

QstuatD Oiasisrsa lira Al» Ciuruf have en- 
tared vaodevllte. They .tea MM dance act. 
Uerard Gardiner was with "A Good Little Devil" 
Co., sad XI. I' II man, with "The Juvenile 1'lna- 
fuss" 00. The/ IS 00 the Losw circuit. 

Kith tarns CcaUST ia rsQueaterf to coavainl- 
cats wlih ber daughter, Doflle Dsllon, eere of 

Bceiw a Lt-ir. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
OMiae 0. Lata, will be married to ueorge Albert 
Chilis, at Oawhse City, Kan.. Jaas 10. 

Jbmmis Qaaci.Br has signed contracts whereby 
ahe will lead ilio interntlonal I.vllea' Baad. the 
latest laCy musical offering of Ohaa. W. floets. 
tVhs will conduct this laud for twenty > i con- 
aseaUve weeks. Including on eighteen weeks' tour 
of Canada and in November open no the United 
time as tolo cornetlot with a nine girl mualcal 
act, under tbe tltrsctura of Ckiaa. W. ilm-ti 

PoaoTHT Moan has signed for "Mile. Tra -La- 
La." Miss Nord and AX Too, Tllaer will asll 
shortly, for Hurope, as bs has been engaged by 
Al. 11. Woods to write the Interpolations. 

Obuno Osstmisu sailed for T.urone June 2- 

Tub Grind Opsrat Ins; Do. have taken a lease of 
the Olymrie, Rreoklvn (formerly Hyde * Heh- 
man's), for vssdevllls and pictures, ttkuon Uarr 

Hopkins Ulsters are doing well la vauds- 

■ president 

Tms IT 

it is a lengtoy Jist tor so young a 
And what promise did ho givo for the fu 
But from the glimpse we caught of 
Laurence IrvktB and Mabel Hacknoy 


(Bpecial Wire to Taa OurrsaJ 

Btrrrs, MonL, May 80. 

Canadian fair committees highly pleased with 
Rice a Dore Wale* Carnival. W J. Boyd. N. T. 
McMillan, of Winnipeg; Sheriff Cu* of Begins; 
Sheriff Henderson sari wife, of Brandon, all In- 
spected tbe outfit at fJrest Falls, our bsnner stand 
of this season. This Item of news will set st 
rest the minds of oar many nervous, talkative, 
cot responding and telegraphing frlenda wbo were 
afraid we would be canceled. Prices: Wusai.aa. 

We shewed North Fort Worth last week 
to bad ouslness. Continual rain tbe entire 

Denton, this weak, would probehty have 
been good, but rain again interfered. 

Jack Foster left the ten-in-one aTkow at 
Fort Worth to taxable sgsjr. 

Etdrcdge Faarkner opened his new Jap 
bowling uHcy concession at Fort Worth. Mrs. 
Kaalkner and P. Pessenl are In charge. 

John Oarvey has tho Canadian fever, with 
no cure rn sight 

Tbe last eight weeks constant Mia may be 
good for the farmers, bat It's not for troup- 

Cinder Slim has Joined tbe Ferris wheel 
crow, and Immediately took charge ox tbe lot 

P. Kalda Joined last week with bis Urge 
vase wheel. 

Doc Danville, under a flag of truce, at- 
tempted to parley with the Federal com- 
mander at Fort worth and, despite the flsg 
of truce, was attacked by the enemy, and 
heat a nnsty retreat to the Constitutional- 
ists' camp at the Plantation flbow, 

The minstrel show band has been strength- 
ened hv tbe addition of two more musicians. 

Tne son hasn't been out since Bvefrn 
Crltcs houfaht that new parasol two weeks 
ago. If Old Sol don't show pretty soon she 
bad better put that sua stick under lock and 


The following amntement enterprises were 
Incorporated at Albany, N V., last week : 

JovrjtND Panic, 15.000: II. Van Valken- 
burgh, D. L. Blerol. A. Underbill, 132 
Patcben Avenue, Brooklyn. 

Mouirratit View Asiuhembnt Co., rough- 
keepsle, 120,000 : 8. and H. Orecues, N. Lu- 
Llt^ 32 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn. 

Thespian BuiluimoCoiu'Obitkix, 110,000; 
W. 0. Watson, 8. A. Darr, C, Boyal Fraser, 
41 Park Row, New York. 

Tun Ali.ikd FaATtmcs, motion pictures, 
$500,000; M. a Flbk. A. B. Graham, 11. 
LuMn. Hotel Breslln, Mew York. 

•Colossmi. Films Attiuc-honk, 1100,000; 
O. a Bowling, A, T. Bell, W. W. Newcomer, 
143 W. Forty-seventh Street, Now York. 

Mahxst FIXX Rrt.KAStxo Co. 1 |2.',0(V) ; 
I". C. HeaMroft, L. J. Hartman, V, C. Bogar- 
dus, 138 Croahgr Street. New York. 

Child Piatimui Co. or AMSlttca, motion, 
picture*. ID0.O00 ; 1. Anuter. L. It. «ad M. P. 
Koto, OTO Kelly Street. New York. 

KaMrmsl, Film Mm. Co., IE0.OOO; M. 
Jegemaim, T. F. MacMahon, B. A. Health, 
1402 Broadway. New York. 

•Class i FILM Co., $25,000. L. Hutm-T, L. 
A AcMey, H HandeHaunn, 120 W. Forty- 
elrtb Street, New York. 

BivTianisa Pnonociso Co., motion pic- 
tures, 110.000 ; T. C, Heck, O. Bnrckbaltcr, 
J. Racland, 212 W. One Hundred and Ninth 
Street, New York. 

Rimwick Pass; AMOAMtatrT Co., Ithaca ; 
110.000. W. H. otetyhCTie, T, W, Wharton, 
P. K. dymer. 

l s»- -• 

George 0. Anderson, who assumed the 

sue- - 
resident managership vt Keith's, May 28, 
ceedtnf Jake Isaac, Is one of the most sue- 

jfalof younger playhouse managers. Mr. 
Anderson, before his advent Into tbe the- 
atrical annals of this city, was associated 
with the Keith Theatre In "yrneuse. N. Y., 
and the Lyric Theatre. Blehroond, Ya. 

Under the direction of Messrs. Davis and 
Harris, the new manager will present to 
vaudeville goers Jio best bills procurable 
from the American snd Kuropean circuits. 

For tbe Binnmer season tne air cooling 
mlant bss begum operations. Tbe air directly 
from off tbe surface of tho ocean under the 

?ler will be drawn by huge fans snd dls- 
rlbuted throughout the Interior of the audi- 
torium, making the theatre ten to twenty 
degrees cooler than tbe lioarawalk. 
I ii* 
"BaswsraB'a Mn.fosi" was the attrowtion at 
the AaxUtorlam Tbcatlo, Kansas QUy, Mo., weak 
ending May SO. 


Uawoas Baoiflaas amp jACoaaoif are making 
marry at the Hew Brighton this week. Tbey wlQ 
pot In a few weeks end will open again with 
•'Bringing Up Father" neat season. 

Kuhkib Hows sod her daucing dogs will play 
tan weeks 'wsy down Hast. 

Uasib i>d Billv Hast are playing tdalr an- 
neal engsa-erocrat at the New Brighton Theatre, 
Coney Island, this week. __ , 

IH'kont'b MiKSTssn.*. in Philadelphia, will 
close tho seaiixi June 0. 

CitAuus IIowAhU will play tho rest of hut 
route wltlioot Joe Rot I Iff. 

Far akd Kiuii'rr open on tbe I'nntages' tint* 
Jane 8. at Winnipeg. _ 

Ktiibi. lUnnvMjiis ano John Dnnw close June 
9, la "A Bcraj of Paper." Miss Barryanre 
will play on* week In vserlevlue st ibe New 
lit I Kb ton. 

Jolios aVraoaa will bar* a new set In vaads- 
viiis nest FsB. .. ' 

Clauds Qiu-inowatsb wall open on the Of- 
Hbrrun Circuit July 2T, at the Majestic, Mllwau- 

Mosits Oboniw starts on tho Orpheum thae, at 

tba Majestic. Chicago. July 2T. 

Ooacb Bbvah opens on the Proctor time la a 
new sketch, by Chsrles dioewlta. 

Fii'MJta awd Hiiilton win open on the W. T. 
M, A. tin* Asm. 13, for a all moswhs' toor. , 

FsAsaia oaaraNTaa mourns the leas of her 
rather, who died st Derry, N II., last week. 

Uicksi and Watson started on a thirty weeks' 
tear of the U. B. O. snd Ospbevm time. This 
seems to settle the reports of their return to bur- 
lesque neat season. 

linns Cantos will open, Aug 81, In tbe Al- 
haanbra Rem*, In London, Raaiand, 

Blaxciis Bins has ben booted for s vaudeville 
tour In l he second act of "When OlsnJIs Smile*," 
with ten people, opening In Chicago, Sept. 7. 

TUB Dancing Ker.nedye are a feaure with the 
Wehsr-Flelda' Show. 

Abt flDMtntns, "The Pocket Hercnlea." writes: 
"I was called home on May 21, and arrived be- 
fore ike 'stork' paid my wife a visit on 90, and 
who presented ua with a girl 'Hercules,' weigh- 
ing IS poands ounces who. rh* doctor states, 
will boob bo able to rsk* my place la the athletic 
1'ne. Mother snd daughter ore doing well." 

World of Players. 

WiirrNsr Collins' newest play. "Tbe Olrt 
Without a Chance," wss given Its premiers at 
Oe Kaln. III., May SI, by the Robert Bbetvaaa 
Stock Oo., at that place. Local papers were 
unanimous In pronouncing it lbs beat play tbeit 
has been offered by tbla popular company. Mr. 
fchermnn Is now arranging a note for It for neaat 
aeason. The cast was: Stave Burton, Ohrla. 
Young; Jerrr Hulllvan, Fred Ilabbsrd; Johnny 
Sharps, Ttalnh Nlcklow; Tim Kerrigan. Tom Wil- 
son; Tony llaront (afurwarda Dago Jos), J. K. 
runt: I'lctrv Matxelta, Ilalpb Nlcklow; Mag Bur- 
Ion, blanche Bpley; Big Ann, Klla nthrldgs, : 
Carious Baronl and Zerllna Maasetta. I'llssretb 

Jossji'ti If. Si.Aiaa baa been engaged by Mln- 
iielll Pros, ss stage director snd character actor 
for lbs SuaincT season. At Ibe close of this 
engagement, Mr. t'lotcr will produce his own play, 
"Miss Writs IVo.n Fsrgo." 

Tiis correct address of f-klp Do Loss, wbone 
ad. anpeirs in this Issue. Is Academy ef Mrnle, 
Lindsay, Ont 

BosscT Mahtbil Is Summering at the nigh- 
land i, N. J. II* will resume his tour In October. 

Oiiablis B. DtLLiHOSAK has engaged Belle 
Htnry tor Ibe prima donas role 'n Montgomery 
sad IVtone's new plees for next season, 

JasIBB O. litre sailed for Kucope to attend to 
rh* louden ptoduetloo of "The Dummy," 

Biaza asBOSLr played Karl st both perform- 
ances Msr 80. She will head one of the com- 
panies next sessoe. 

Ouii Lamb, of Murray aod Lane, haa lisen 
signed by II. W. Ravage for "Ssrl," 

Alma Oiabk. ofler clmtoi with the Konllirrn 
"Price flho Paid" Co., '* working with the Keye* 
Sisters Stock Oe., at Cycle Park, Dallas. Tex., 
and enjoying stock work for a while. 

riarits liavlnij play material at the office of 
tbe Isle T. If. W'nnett's RrnersBncy Play Ilureju. 
1403 Bteadwsy, win Mndly rail fo- same, aa the 
*>tBrtnl*tratri< will not he responsible for sny 
plays left after June 1. 


Mine. Scbumann-Helnk made such an elo- 
quent plea In Chicago, June 1, to Judge 
O'Connor, for an early hearing of her suit 
for dlrorce from her busbghd, William Itapp 
Jr., that the court set her caso for trial 

•Bbe told the court that sho must leave 
New York this week for Ilayrcuth, Germany, 
where, she lias an engagement to take part 
In the Wagner festival this month. 
t i l 

'Tata GstAT Dirioa" was used by the Orpbtra 
rinrero nt the laaskssas Theatre, Montreal, Can., 
week ending May £0, under the rnanagetnent of 
Clark lirown. 

*Tn« Rwwvbnaton or Attsw Masi" played to 
capsclty week ending Msy 80. at Ibe LyriS.Tbe- 
atre, Atlanta, fit., nndrr tbe direction of La- 

'Tub HprNiVmanrr" Is being used at Poll's 
Theatre, Washington. D. 0., v-tvek of Jose I. 







11 V J Ell. 



Celebrated Star to Appear In III* 

Greatest Stone Sncceu. "The 

County Chairman," 

The Famous Players film Co. ha* en- 
Raged Maclyn Arbueklc, one of the foremost 
slara of the American stage, to render his 
world famous characterization In The 
County Chairman" before the camera. This 
celebrated play, by George Ado, has otta'ned 
an International refutation, and will be re- 
corded In tho annuls of the singe as one of 
the moHt distinguished dramatic successes of 
lonteniporary theatrical art. 

Maclyn Arbueklc made hts first appearance 
In "The County Chairman" In November, 
1003, from which date he continued to play 
the character of Jliu Ilaclclcr without Inter- 
ruption until ]!M)7, thUR effecting one of the 
longest runu ever uttnined by an American 
play. . 

The story Is thoroughly typical of Amer- 
ica, and George Adc has succeeded In' Inject- 
ing Into the play a fund of humor univer- 
sally famed. The quaint characterizations, 
the faithful depletion of the stress and mock- 
RcrrousncMS of country politics, and the 
strong drama that underlies the plot, make 
the subject cue of the greatest ever yet se- 
cured for the screen, and with the added ad- 
vantage of the original star plnyiig the 
character made familiar by more than a 
thousand performances on the stage, the film 
version of "The Comity Chairman" should 
bear a tremendous Interest for all followers 
of the photoplay. 


The Famous Players Film Co. will shortly 

Iiresent • combination of photoplay and star 
hat assure success as well as euphony — 
Miss Jane Grey, In "The Little Gray Lady," 
Charming Pollock's famous romance, laid in. 
the Ilcdemptlon Office of the U. 8. Treasury, 
at Washington. 

Ulas Grey was selected for the title role of 
the piny, not alone because of her appropriate 
name, but more particularly for her clever 
work In the recent dramatic success, "The 
Conspiracy," and the lllm version of "The 
Little Gray tody" promisee to add another 
triumph to her list. 

Anna Gray, "The Little Gray I.niy," and 
Perry Carlyle are sweethearts, both working 
In a department of the United States 
'i'rensury ut \Vushlngton. Tempted by pretty, 
frivolous Hutu Jordan, daughter of his land- 
lady, Perry for a time forgets the quiet and 
modest little Anna, who grieves In sllcnco 
over his neglect of her. Finding himself 
short of funds for the entertainment of tho 

plea sure-loving llutli. Perry succumb* to the 
lure of the big bills he dally haudlcs, and 
steals from the government. When the 

foolish boy Is Inevitably caught In the pitfall 
of his own unking. It Is not the woman for 
whom he 1ms sinned who aids him, but little 
Anna Gray, who nobly forgets her own suf- 
fering ana cleverly and courageously saves 
the man she loves, oven trying to put tho 
crime on her own slender shoulders. Sue 
Is kept from making this last sacrifice. In 
spifc of herself, but succeeds in saving Perry 
from the consequences of his rush folly. 
And In so doing she saves his soul, ns well, 
for Perry nt last sees the true worth of 
'"Hie Little Gray Lady," and makes a man 
of himself for her sake. 

Besides "The Conspiracy," Jane Gray 
achieved another notable auil recent success. 
In "Nearly 'Married," In which she ■ played 
the lending feminine role opposite llrnco 


The appended communication was received 
at this office from M. A. Nell. President of 
the M. P. K. L. of A. It follows: "The 
question tins been asked, where docs M. A. 
Ncff stand on the censor question? Section 
D of the Ohio State Cemor Law positively 
states that Ohio may work in conjunction 
with censor boards of other States In form- 
ing a natlonnl censor congress, and that the 
action of said congress shall bo the same as 
the action of the Ohio Censor Hoard; In 
other words, all pictures censored by a na- 
tional censor congress shall be shown In the 
State of Ohio the same as If censored by 
the Ohio State Censor Hoard. 

"I have favored State censorship because 
It is the only pun that has so far been sag- 

{tested whereby a natlonnl censor board can 
ie established that will relieve all concerned. 
1 stand for n square deul for all, both groat 
and small, In the motion picture business, 
for a natlonnl censor board that can protect 
all, and when a picture passes the board 
that tho exhibitors may show It In every 
8tnte and territory In the Union without 
Interference from any source whatsoever. 
M. A. Neft, President. 

West Virginia will hold their annual State 
convention In Wheeling, W. Vs., June 16. 
It will be a one day convention. Rig prepa- 
rations arc being made for a large attend- 
ance. M. A. Sybert. -State' secretary, has 
charge of the convention arrangements. 

A cou vcnllon of the Motion Picture Ex- 
hibitors' League ot Virginia will be held cm- 
June 18. at a place decided upon by I). P. 
Wine, Slnte organiser. 

Forty-six exhibitors "hiTe Joined the re- 
organization lu Minnesota 1 of the It. P, L. L. 

:- .... J;.- c--." • r 

of A. The convention will be held at the 
West Hotel, Minneapolis, Minn.. Jane 4 and 
C. M. A. Ncff will be present to re-organize 
the State. 

The Motion Picture Exhibitors' League of 
Indiana will hold a convention the latter 
part of June lo elect delegates and alter- 
nates to attend the big national convention 
to be held in Dayton, O, in July. . 


Bernard . Daly, the wcll-kr.own actor of 
romanti't roles, who has starred- successfully 
for several; sea soils. In "Irish 'plays, and re- 
cently tontra/qteato appear Ir. Madame AI!-m 
Illnchc's motion picture, production of the 
sensational George Scii-irough drama, "The 
Lure," was made to appreciate the joys of 
his new calling la a manner that will not 
soon be forgotten. ... 

Several weeks of work In ihe Blachc stu- 
dios during too ranking of interesting "In- 
terior" scenes, led Mr. Daly to believe that 
the life of a motion picture actor was one 
long, sweet son.'. One day ot work In the 
open, which intruded a rough trip lying on 
his face on a flat car, a leap to the back plat- 
form ot a swiftly moving passenger train, a 
ride on the cow-catcher of an engine, along, 
hard ride up a steep hill on a bicycle, and a 
trip hand over hand on a cable, made him 
decide that one-tight stands were a bed uf 
roses compared with som* things, and that 
being the liero of a motion picture drama 
wasn't all that it's cracked up to be. 


Two years without talking business or 
signing a new contract got on the nerve* of 
James O'Neill, of the Solax Company, re- 
cently, and he began to long for the good 
old days when an actor bad a chance to 
And some excitement by being at liberty two 
or three times a year, finally unable to 
sleep and cat regularly because of hack of 
worry, he squared bis shoulders and In a loud 
voice announced tbnt he was about to "make 
a change." Immediately the world looked 
brighter, and In spite of the fact that he felt 
a little uneasy -when he discussed his new 
plans with his associates of the Solax, with 
whom he had worked for so long, he enjoyed 
the old thrill of "a season ended and a sea- 
son about to begin." 

Several nattering offers from different man- 
agers were carefully considered, hut as the 
time arrived for him to say good-by to his 
old surroundings, his enthusiasm suffered a 
sorlouB relapse: 

One morning recently he arrived at the 
Studio with Ids face aglow, and volunteered 
the information that the ail-Important ques- 
tion was decided. "What company do you 
go -with?" asked Vlnnle Burns, In a weak 
voice. "Solax," answered . Jim, "and I'm 
going to sign np for ten years." "Hope you 
nave a good season," said Claire Whitney, 
who has contended all the time that James 
O'Neill and Solax were synonymous. 

Edmund Breese, the eminent dramatic star, 
who made bis first screen appearance In the 
Jesse L. Laskv Feature Play Company's pro- 
duction of "The Master Mind," attended the 
Initial performance of that picture at the 
Strand Theatre 

Just before- the picture was thrown npon 
the screen the operator threw a spotlight on 
Mr. Ilreese, who was Bitting in a box with 
Mr. Lasky and Mr. Belaaco. 

Tho great theatre, pecked to tho limit,' 
and the ajdlcnce, amid uproars of ap- 
plause, demanded a speech. Mr. Breese com- 
piled and delivered a short address on the 
pleasure It gave nun to appear In motion 

"I compliment the proprietors of the 
Strand Theatre upon the magnificence of 
tbclr enterprise, and the motion picture in-' 
dustry In general upon the remarkable 
progress made In the past decade." 

At the finish of the speech Mr. Breese 
received another ovation, and his appear- 
ance In person created the proper atmos- 
phere, and "The Master Mind" went over, 
to use the vernacular, like a house on fire 

Joel Levy, manager ot the Philadelphia 
branch of llie World Film Corporation, Is In 
town, and predicts a very glowing future for 
his branch. 

.Messrs. Mnudelbaum. A Olelchman, of the 
World Film Corporation, have rented a beau- 
tiful residence at Itockaway, where they will 
take tliolr families for the -Summer, after 
breaking up their homes in Detroit and 
• "The Kangaroo," by Judge Harris DIcksou, 
one of the features of the World Film Cor- 
poration, has In connection with Its produc- 
tion an Interesting piece of news. During 
one of the scenes it was necessary to gather 
a number of negroes with their wives and 
families to give the picture the appearance 
of a real eluvo sale. In their eagerness to 
profit by a few nickels, the number of appli- 
cants became so numerous and unruly that 
it was with difficulty the operator saved bis 
camera, let alone his bead. A number of 
constables, however, were able to calm the 
troubled waters. Those seen in the Dim, 
although apparently calm and happy, are iu 
reality uader a great strain of excitement, 
mill the operator, a hero. 'still lives to tell 
the tale. 

After spending a pleasant evening viewing 
the premier perfonunnco of GllcVman's Lost 
Concert at New llorbclle, a party consisting 
of Messrs. Wolf, GUckman and Hite. of tho 
Thanhouscr Co. ; Itoy McCardell. of The Sew 
York World; H Mnndelbuum, of the World 
Film Corporation, and B. II. Cohen, of tho 
World Producing Corporation, Just escaped 
what might have been a serious accident. 
During a stop Mr. Wolf, who was driving 
ids own car, was powerless to apply - the 
brakes In tlmo to qvold a collision with Mr. 
iMnudelbaum'a car. Fortunately no one suf- 
fered anything more than a severe shaking 
up. Both machines were badly damaged, tut 
by the aid of the others tho entire party 
reached Now York safely. 


rose la a Mob Scene for Herbert 
Dlaehe and Htrr Two Scalps. 

If Tom Tcrriss hadn't yelled "Three cheers 
for John D. llockfcller I" a* two hundred 
I. W. W.a were storming the gates of tho 
palace In one of the mob scenes of "The 
Chimes." being staged by Herbert Blachc, at 
Fort lrfc, the result of the battle might not 
have been so serious. But Mr. Tcrriss was 
lookng for realism, and , If a brick in tho 
back of the neck Is realism, he got it 

Two hundred men, consisting of every 
type, from long haired, sallow faced dream- 
ers, to fierce, ram-boned huskies, were care- 
fully costumed to suit the period in which' 
Charles ,Ify«kvn»' interesting story li'ilaloy 
and.. their. 'thoughts were far removed from 
the alas of tjhejr millionaire enemies, VMtfOc 


Wdb&w fkmK&t. 


•rncc or 


. -i . 

-• . f 

June 1, 1914. 

Mr. M. P. Exhibitor, 
Atner ioa ana" Elsewhere . 

Bear Friend: 

I sincerely hope to have 
the pleasure of greeting you at our 
exhibit during the week of The Sec- 
ond International Exposition of the 
Motion Pioture Art, to be held at 
Grand Central Palaoe, Sew York City, 
June eighth to thirteenth inclusive. 

Very trul 


did they attack the gates, led by Mr. Terriss, 
but in spite of the fact that they were well 
armed with cudgels, rocks and blunderbusses, 
they failed to put enough spirit Into their 
work to salt their directors. Finally the 
camera started to grind, and Tom Tcrriss 
was seized with a brilliant Idea at the same 
minute. "Three cheers for John D. Rocke- 
feller !" shouted Terriss, in a loud voice and 
with a snarl of hatred that sounded like a 
pack of hungry wolves they rushed forward. 
Rocks that had been carelessly tossed but a 
minute before were thrown with a will, 
while cudgels and wads from guns did tes- 
rlblc execution. The large gates were bat- 
tered down in record tunc, and not until 
doors and 'windows had been smashed and 
the house entered did the I. W. Ws. realize 
that they were merely acting. 

Herbert Blacho was particularly delighted 
with the scene, the value ot which he was 
quick to appreciate from a picture stand- 

Lie rushed forward to praise two of tho 
worthy warriors who had shown great dra- 
matic promise by falling prone upon the 
f [round and remaining perfectly still. A very 
irief investigation snowed that one .ot them 
had stopped a rock with the bump of socio- 
logical knowledge that decorated the top of 
his head, while the other had tried to allow 
a wad of paper to pass through his classic 
features with a good start just behind his 
left car. These casuollties were most un- 
fortunate, but Tom Terriss must at. least 
receive a few words of congratulation for 
his success In getting such fine work out of 
hts followers. lie was seen to be moving 
rapidly from one man - to another and 
anxiously asking some question tbat was 
evidently of great import I "Did you lose 
something, Mr. Terriss?" politely ventured 
the camera man. "No 1 but If 1 find the man 
who planted .that brick in the middle of my 
neck" — began the great English actor, ana 
the remainder of his answer was fortunately 
wafted far away on the gentle breeze. 



Bess Meredyth, leading woman of the Uni- 
versal Joker Company, la soon to appear In 
a series of women detective stories, which 
are a combination of exhlllrating comedy and 
gripping drama. 

'Miss Meredyth Is almost as well known 
for her diversity of talents as for her ability 
m a -portraycr- of comedy roles. She not 
only is a clever actress, -but is a prolific 
writer of scenarios. , ." 

The series will consist of four pictures. 
They will deal with a voung actress who 
finds herself without funds In a strange city 
when the theatrical troupe with whom she 
has been playing "goes broke."- Unable to 
secure other employment, the gtrl disguises 
herself as a messenger boy ond secures a Job. 
Fate throws before her the opportunity to 
become a real detective. 


Fred Beck, a camera man well and fa- 
vorably known to the trade, and presently 
connected with the Twentieth Centurv Fea- 
ture Film Co., a recently organised concern, 
was the lucky bidder who secured the sou- 
venir program of the Lambs' Gambol. 

As has been the custom for years past, 
the much coveted amusement journal of the 
Lambs' yearly perlgrlnatlons was auctioned 
off at. the New lork performance given lu the 
Metropolitan Opera House. ... - , 

Fred waB there with a stout heart and a 
stouter roll, of nutiumn. amL got precisely 
what he went after, a habit' evidently com- 
jtoon to the Beck pereon. v .lncld*ntallv, the 
•Twentieth Century F, rV OK made arrange- 

ments to film the stage performance of the 

Lambs, a large open air stadium In Boston 

having been secured for the purpose. 



Within the next week the Western Eclair 
Co., at, their spacious new studio, will start 
work on a three reel production, entitled 
"The Strike at Coaldalc," and this will be 
somewhat of a novelty, for the reason that 
it is not a Western picture in any sense of 
the word. 'The Strike at Coaldale embraces 
many sensational and thrilling situations, 
one of which Is a race between a train of 
cars and a speeding motoreycle, and in order 
to insure the real thing the Eclair Western 
director has made arrangements with the El 
Paso and South Western Ry. for a special 
train, which will be at his disposal in the 
producing of this scene. Three hundred ex- 
tra people are necessary to form a mob which 
grcots the train and the motorcycle at the 
end of their exciting race, and the town of 
Tucson has declared a half holiday to wit- 
ness the taking of this particular scene, as 
it will number among tho actors many of 
the local business people who have evinced 
nn earnest desire to appear before the 


Rosemary Thoby, of the Lubln forces, en- 
tertained several members of the Vltagninh 
Co. last Sunday. Among those from Brook- 
lyn were Mary Charleson nnd Kate Price. 
Miss Theby met her friends at the Broad 
Street Station with her Oakland They all 
piled In and then the whole crowd made a 
record trip to Atlantic City, where they 
spent the day rolling up and down the board- 
walk. They also had a little swimming con- 
test at the Ilygcln pool and It Is still open 
to argument as to whether Rosemary Thoby 
Is a better swimmer than Miss Charleson. 
who holds the medal at the Vitagra-ph studio. 

George E. Rolands, director for the Ro- 
lands Feature Film Co., and producer of that 
company's first release, "Trapped In the 
Great Metropolis," left New York on May 
25 on a business trip which Is expected to 
cover several weeks, during which he will 
visit Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and other States 
In the Interest of this production. In addi- 
tion to seeing the biggest State right buyers 
and renting. firms, he will probably arrange 
for the opening of several branch offices In 
the Middle West. 

-Mr. Rolands wan one of the first men in 
the film business to realize the possibilities 
of feature photoplays. Formerly a play- 
wright and actor In the theatrical world, 
for the past five years he has been a motion 
picture director apd scenario writer. In 
addition to "Trapped In the Great Me- 
tropolis"- he has written and' produced more 
than "one hundred motion pictures, among 
them such well known features as "The Lure 
of New York" and "Mendel Bellls," the latter 
founded on the- "ritual murder" trial In 
Kiev, Russia, ' which ' commonded the atten- 
tion of the entire world. ' 


Under' direction of Manager Frank Hough, 
the Klelne Optical Company has established 
n projection engineering service department, 
which, if present plans are carried out, will 
go a long way toward solving projection 
troubles. The new department will work 
with architects In tbijtoltlal lay-out of the 
plans. In this ^aj^-be location of the 
booth, light rnytV screens and similar hith- 
erto neglected vital fnctors in good projec- 
tion will be given their proper consideration 


before the actual building construction com- 
mences. An extensive advertising' campaign 
is soon to be inaugurated, which wlllbe as 
much La the nature of a campaign' of educa- 
tion as it is for business. It Is said that 
at present only one in one hundred motion 

Elcture theatres is so constructed that tho 
est in projection is possible. Henoe the 
new department will devote Itself to thea- 
tres In contemplation or about to be re- 


James McEnnery, head of the James MO 
Ennery Syndicate, recently formed for ex- 
ploitation of films In England and America,' 
arrived' In New York last week with a num- 
ber of foreign films, pome of bis own manu- 
facture, which he will dispose ot In this 


When the Ones Company debated ihe mak- 
ing of "Quo Vndls'/" the question of repro- 
ducing "Julius Caesar" from the varfcus 
versions at hand, came up, "Quo Vadis?" 
employed 3,500 people. "Julius Caeshr," ac- 
cording to a personal letter from -Baron 
Fascial, of the Cincs Company, to -George 
Klelne, has 20,000 human beings in a single 
scene! Hence the Klicne forces arc expect- 
antly looking forward to what they firmly 
believe will be -the world's greatest master- 
piece in motion photography. All the Clnes 
"leads" who made "Quo VimHs?' and "An- 
tony and Cleopatra" famous, will *e seen in 
"JuBus Caesar." with Anthony Novell in 
the title role. 




With Ford Sterling, Eddie Lyons, Leo 
Mnran and Herbert Itawllnson playing star 
parts, the Unlversnl studio baseball team 
hrra Just won their game from the Universal 
ranch team. This Information was *ontnIncd 
in a telegram sent several davs ago to 
President Carl Lnemmle, New York; 
_ The game was played on Sunday last. 
This makes two Universal teams tied for 
SlL "'V* '? t,lft I'hotoplaycrs' League la 
California. Banking next In point of games 
won are the Keystone. American, Reliance, 
Majestic nnd Balboa. ■ ■ 

In honor of winning, the Universal studio 
team gave a big dinner In Los Angeles to 
their friends and colleagues. 

Ethel Granmn is appearing, for the first 
time In her life, in a role that compels her 
to dress and act as a boy. And more than 
that, she has to put on a fake .mustache, 
wear up-to-date clothes and act Jnst like a 
young society sport. It is a one reel comedy 
drama, "Papa's Darling," whlcb Is pow In 
the course of const rnitlou at the Imp studio 
by Director flay Smallwood. William Shay 
Js playing the lead male role in the pro- 
duction. . 

"A Beooab Prince or India" is the title 
of a stirring three reel romantic adventure 
piny, featuring Walter Miller nnd Irene 
Wallace In the leads, now In the course of 
production at the Victor studio, N. J. Ed- 
ward Warren Is directing the piece. 

Latiu Oaklet, one of the best known 
comedy actresses on the photoplay stage, 
and formerly mayor of Universal City, Cal., 
will soon be seeu again In Universal pic- 
tures. After a vacation of almost three 
months. Miss Oakley has returned to the 
West Const studios of the company wl»b the 
deelo— ' 



r , 





Grace Darmond, a recent acqusltion to the 
Sell; Stock Company, in -Chicago, who bas 
made good In a variety of parts, In modest 
and meritorious fashion. Is still In her teens, 
although- she hag had ten years of actual 
stage experience. She made her debut In 
the title role of "Editba's Burglar," under 
the direction of William Jackson. She 
traveled in this popular piece (which, by the 
way, was the first successful play of Au- 

Sistus Thomas, now one of America's lead- 
it playwrights), for two seasons. She 
next Joined the stock company at the English 
Opera House* in Indianapolis, where she 
played two seasons in every variety of part 
— from child to old woman. In recounting 
this experience Miss Darmond remarked : 
"I consider my training in stock work as 
absolutely- Invaluable. It was constant 
change and a big spur to originality, and 
good, hard work, I can assure you. It 
would be hard to name any school more 
difficult and exacting tban that of. the stock 
company where you change a bill every week, 
and are rehearsing and memorizing a new 

Slay while you- are still almost getting your 
arlngs in the medium in which you arc 
working It calls for continual study, much 
alertness and eternal vigilance. I have 
heard many actresses complain of the strain 
involved In the memorizing of roles under 
such conditions, but confess this was always 
stimulating to me. In an after experience I 
played the same roles In short pieces for 
protracted runs, and found them most weari- 
some on account of their monotony." 

'Miss Darmond played a whole season In a 
sketch by George Cohan, and was for two 
years associated with J. F. Bannister's com- 

Sany in ' "Old Lang Syne." She is simply 
ellghted with her picture experience at the 
fcellg plant. Up to date she bas appeared in 
about a dozen plays prominently, and con- 
fesses that in all points they appeal to her 
more tban the. theatrical stage. 



■Chicago's chief -social sensation during 
the past week was the tour of Helen Morton 
to the Virginia Mountains to buy a farm 
and stock it with race hbrscs. She attributed 
her flight to the '.fact that she was bored to 
death by "society", and its "nit wits." This 
original coinage, has already attracted inter- 
national attraction and has called out a 
series of interviews with all the great dailies 
so that this fair, young, Admirable Crichton 
llnds her- time rather over' fully employed 
granting interviews to newspaper men and 
freely cnscneslng the deadly dullards whose 
dollars appear to weigh upon their wits, so 
that she ■ scornfully excoriates 'fashionable 
society In -general as "nit wits." Miss Mor- 
ton might make some apropos observations 
on moving picture comedies of the archaic 
slapstick type, that seems to get its risible 
inspiration from fnnny falls, Mows on the 
head with an axe, or similar diversions of 
the Mutt and Jeff order. The censor board, 
who are -serious perssns. appear to have a 
difficult time deciding where fun begins and 
punishments lets off, but fun in a picture 
play cannot be considered either dangerous 
or deleterious to morals. 


A well known law firm In New York City 
recently made application to tie Sellg Poly- 
scope Company for different data concerning 
Importation and exportation oif film. In the 
letter of thanks that came in return, the 
writer remarked: "It Is remarkable that so 
few facts are eutaoratlvely known with re- 
Rpeet to *ls great industry. Would it not 
be wise to procure co-operation from the 
manufacturers for the establishment of a 
Bureau of Information, which could procure 
thorough -statistics, and alive all, correct 
erroneous statements with respect to the In- 
dustry which appear from time to time." 

This seems' to be rather the viewpoint 
taken of a man In' haste, who has not con- 
sidered all' the sources of information thor- 
oughly, although the company declare they 
have made a thorough search for data at 
the National Capitol concerning imports and 
exports without getting the exact informa- 
tion they desired. 

The -various publications devoted to the 
Industry certainly exert a great deal of care 
In trying to procure and publish the neces- 
sary facia relating to moving pictures in 
all detail.- With such valuable factors in 

X ration one hardly sees the necessity for 
. organization of a bureau as the writei 
of the letter suggests as a further aid for the 
Industries. The success of moving pictures 
Has In no small measure been due to the fact 
that the licensed companies In their original 
plans studied ■ the business as well as ' the 
artistic details of the new art. 

The Sellg Polyscope <^rapany last week 
received some very remarkable educational 
films from R. P. Barton, one of their travel- 
ing representatives In Klangnn, Mountain 
Province, P. I. These subjects arc absolute- 
ly unique anff original, and will undoubted- 
ly create -a sensation with ethnologists, as 
well as the general public. The strange new 
people and their curious customs in our re- 
mote Island possessions are truly something 
new under toe-sun as far as lhc experience 
of the United' States is concerned. 

When Adele Lane, the little Sellg star. U 
not working, she Is going around the dif- 
ferent animal cages feeding the Infant lions, 
tigers and leopards, of which there are very 
large families. Miss Lane does not aspire 
to acting -witIS the animals, and owns aho 
prefers them 'on the other side of the bars. 
She says she "was never Intended for an ani- 
«nsJ tamatv t.i ij*., . 

0;rrlor l «Be finest examples of «W{»1 
archlMraeeJ oocnpylng a plot of vetf villi: 
able gwfca*, lata recently removed _td. niake 



snflco for a large apartment banding. The 
tu'operty department of the Sellg Polyscope 
Company pu.'ehoscd the facade of the build- 
ing complete, and It has recently been re- 
orected In the yard of Sellg Square. Archi- 
tects declare it la the best example of its 
class to be seen In the West. 

Tin: artists of the Sellg Polyscope plant 
In Chicago have received numerous courte- 
ous letters of appreciation from representa- 
tives of the Edison, the Vltagraph and tho 
Lubln companies, who came to Chicago to at- 
tend the grand ball given by the Moving 
Picture Exhibitors at the £ollscum. and who 
were afterwards entertained informally at 
the big plant around Sellg Square. Tho 
universality of opinion is that the Sellg 
plant cis one of the most perfectly appointed 
that the players bad ever visited. 

Jack Adolfi is producing "The norse- 
Wrangler," a story from the pen of George 
Pattullo, the well known writer of Western 
'fiction, at the Majestic and Reliance Holly- 
wood studios. "The Horse-Wrangler" tells 
a graphic story of Western life, featuring 
Miriam Cooper, who is one of the most dar- 
ing horsewomen among the film favorites. 
"The Horse- Wrangler"- will be released by 
the Reliance through the Mutual program. . . 

Donald Crisp is busily engaged In direct- 
ing "Their First Acquaintance," a drama 
written by George Hennessey, at the Reliance 
and Majestic studios at Hollywood. Ad odd 
case of mistaken Identity, which almost 
results disastrously for a pair of lovers, is 
I old in 'Their First Acquaintance." Dorothy 
Glsh, P. A. Turner. Robert Harron. Miriam 
Cooper, Vester Pcgg and W. II, Lawrence 
ore featured In the production. "Their First 
Acquaintance" will be released by the Ma- 
jestic under the Mutual program. 

"The Bi'BxiF.rf," a heart interest drama, 
written by Philip Lonergan, is being pro- 
duced by Jack AdolB at the Reliance and 
Majestic studios at Hollywood. Irene Hunt, 
Gene Pallet te and Sam. De Grasse are 'fea- 
tured. "The Burden," which gives a new 
treatment to the "old" escaped convict 
theme, will be released by toe Majestic 
through the Mutual program. 

Arthur Macklet Is busily engaged In pro- 
ducing the fourth of the farce comedy "ltxv" 
series at the Reliance and Majestic Holly- 
wood studios. Max Davidson has Introduced 
an innovation In the character role of "Izzy" 
that promises to make the series very popu- 
lar. While Davidson portrays a Hebrew 
character, the Interpretation is on a good- 
natured plane that will give no offense. 

"The Rebellion or Kitty Bell." n grip- 
ping story of Western life, written fay George 
Pattullo, is being produced by W: R. Cabanno 
at the Reliance and Majestic Hollywood 
studios. Lillian Glsh is featured In this 
production,' which will be a Majestic release 
through the . Mutual program. Pattullo 
wrote "The Mysterious .Shot," released by 
the Reliance some time ago. A letter was 
Just received at the Majestic and Reliance 
studios stating that he had Just seen 'The 
Mysterious Shot" on the screen. He com- 
mended the director nnd producing company 
for the graphic and accurate manner in 
which the story was produced. 

Billy Courtrwht, who years ago was 
one of the foremost minstrel stars on the 
American Etage, Is working "extra" at the 
Reliance and Majestic studios at . Hollywood. 
Courtrlght .began bis stage career In San 
Francisco In 1807. He scored a hit In his 
song nnd dance sketch, "Flewcy Flewey," 
and for years was known to theatregoers as 
the "Flewey Flewey" man. fie later was a 
member of the Murphy & Cotton Minstrels. 
In 1873 Courtrlght married Jennie Lee, and 
for twelve years they appeared .together in 
vaudeville es Courtrlght and. Lee. Court- 
right Is now slxty-slx years old. ■ He recently 
appeared In "A Rosebush, of Memories," a 
Itel lance-Mutual movie, written by Russell 13. 
Smith. During his long stage career Court- 
right appeared in straight and farce com- 
■ edles, minstrels, vaudeville and drama. 

Harry Pollard has purchased a new bun- 
galow at Santa Barbara, and to match this 
his auto Is getting a new coat of enamel. 

Margarita Fischer Is always welcomed 
at the homes of the wealthy around Santa 
Barbara when the Beauty company takes 
Its pictures, and If she accepted an the invi- 
tations offered she would have to get an 
understudy. At present she Is working at 
tbe home of William Graham where somo 
beautiful sets were selected by Barry Pollard. 

"Closed Gates," a one reel psychologcal . 
drama, by Los Weber, is being produced by 
Mr. and Mrs. Phillips Smalley, co-directors 
of the Universal Rex brand pictures. This 
Is the seventh picture In five weeks worked 
by the Smalieys. . 

William Woldert, director and leading 
man of the Universal Joker company, is now 
turning out the third of Ms "Willie Walrus" 
pictures. "Willie" is a detective, and the 
new series by Wolbert deals with his escapes 
and escapades. Bess Meredyth, leading 
woman. Is Wolbert's Invaluable assistant In 
Injecting comedy Into tho new series. 

'The Old Cobbler" Is the title of a two 
reel heart Interest drama written especially 
for J. Murdock MacQuarrte by Seymour 
Hastings, and which gives tbe widely known 
Universal star an opportunity to show at 
his best Mr. MacQuarrle Is directing the 
production of the new story. 

A Hawaiian centipede, eight Inches in 
length, put William Clifford, leading man of 
the "101 Bison" company, on the sick list 
for eight ' days. The centipede attached 
Itself to Clifford's leg while he was enacting 
a sceoe In "Tribal War In the South Beas," 
near Honolulu. Rather than spoil the scene, 
Clifford withstood the insect's stlogs until 
the camera had stopped. 

Still running eighteen pictures ahead of 
his release schedule, Al. E. Christie and his 
Universal Nestor comedy company has Just 
completed the fourth picture of the "Sophie 
of the Films" series. Tbe quartette of pic- 
tures required throe weeks of work, vic- 
toria Forde, Lee Moran and Eddie Lyons 
*iave the principal roles In the .scries. 

Wilfrid Lucas wrote "A Quiet Day at 
Murphy's" one rooming, and the production 
took just one day and a half from the first 
dip of the pen to the cutting room'.: It is 
one of the best comedies ever put out by the 
Universal. He is now putting on one of the 
"Bess, tbe Detectresj" series, with Bess 
Meredyth. Luras wrote tbe script and called 
It "Tlck-Tlck-Tlck," and comical Bess ap- 
pears as a slavey, a dago, etc. She has a 
wonderful fund of humor.' 

Froblev. — If "The Spitfire," by Edward 
Peple, was seen by thousands of people on 
the stage then, how many hundreds of people 
will go to see the play on the screen as pro- 
duced by the Famous Players, with mer- 
curial Carlyle Blackwcll in tbe part of Mor- 
son, the young American? Carlyle is just 
levelling In- the part, which Is exactly suited 
to his type and temperament. ■ 

Harold Lockwood Is taking the part of 
Tlllford Wheeler In "The County Chairman," 
at tbe Eastern studio of the Famous Players. 
Macklyn Arbuckle Is the star, and Allan 
Dwan, late of the Universal, Is producing. 
No more suitable actor could have been 
chosen for tbe Important part of Wheeler 
than Lockwood. lie looks It and has had 
the right dramr'Ic training ns well as tbe 
picture experience. Rrpsw Bassett Is the 
county storekeeper, acq „ "Willis Swcatmann 
has his original part, • a . [ ,-■ 
.(, 11 nil <K 

In "The Oath ok Piebrb," William. Gar- 
wood did some exciting riding on a two foot 
trail on a horse blind In one eye. ■ There was 
a nice little Jaggy, rocky drop on one side. 
Billy says ho prefers a gee-gee with two 
optics under such conditions. 

At the Hotel Blltmore, New York City, 
on Monday evening. May 18, the "Safety 
First Society" held a meeting to set forth 
Its many purposes and objects In warning 
the general public, children in particular. In 
avoiding the many dangers of the streets. 
The International Motion Tlcture Eihlbltors' 
Association was represented, nnd by their 
presence slgnllled their co-operation In ad- 
vancing tho good work of tho society In 
many motion picture bouses. A scries of 
safely slides were shown on the screen In- 
tended for producton In the different plnceB 
of motion picture exhibitions. In addition 
to these the vltagraph safety film, which 
was made under the auspices of the Brook- 
lyn Rapid Transit, was shown and received 
great applause for its aptness and the gen- 
eral Influence It will exercise In teaching 
people In avoiding the many accidents which 
beset their pathway. Among. the speakers 
were J. Ogden Mills. Mayor rurroy Mltrhcl 
and other city officials. Oh, yes, by the way 
a Power's Cameragraph was the machine 

Sidney Drew with his company of Vlta- 
graph jplnycrs has returned from Florida, 
where they have been for tho past six weeks. 
Among those who come back were: Edith 
Storey, Ethel Lloyd, Ada GlfTonl. Lillian 
Burns. Jane Morrow, George Stevens, Cort- 
land Van Dusen. Frank O'NclI, Charles Kent 
and Allen Campbell. 

Tcfft Johnson, the Vltagrsoh director, has 
added another gom to his "Sonny Jim" series. 
His latest production has given him a Chance 
of showing his ability as an animal trainer. 
The picture has four bears In the cast, and 
the way he puts them through their stunts 
has put him in line for the production of 
several of these animal pictures, In whlcL 
little Bobby Connelly will be tbe hero. 


"Jerry" M. Barnes, known from coast to 
coast as an animal trainer, has been put In 
charge of the big menagerie of the Universal 
Film Mfg. Company, at Universal City, Cal. 
Mr. Barnes' succeeds Dr. W. W. Kirby, who 
died several weeks ago from Injuries received 
when an enraged lioness attacked and clawed 

In addition to being one of the oldest and 
most capable animal tamers and trainers In 
the business, the new head keener of tbe 
Universal menagerie, Is the hero of a series 
of life or death battles with "bad" beasts. 
During the twenty-five years that he has 
been an animal User he bus been attacked 
and dangerously wounded many times. A 
few years ago he figured as the hero In tho 
rescue of a woman lion tamer who was at- 
tacked by a lioness at Leavenworth, Kan. 
At that time stories of Mr. Barnes' bravery 
were printed all over the country. 

The new Universal animal tamer Is a 
brother of Al. G. Barnes, veteran circus 
owner, and was in charge of the Bsrnes 
Circus menagerie for several years. He will 
be assisted In bis new duties by his wife, 
Mrs. Ethel Barnes, who also Is prominent in 
circus life as an animal trainer. 



Francis Ford Is working on No. 11, of 
the "Lucille Love" series, and there Is one 
man who will be grateful when this strenu- 
ous serial la completed. His acting as well 
es his directing has had much to de with 
the success of the series. The Mexican Re- 
bellion gets into the present two rcelcr. 

Louise Glaum loves wild animals (?). 
That is why a hard hearted director (we 
name tho villein, Harry Edwards) works so 
many of them In. In Universal ike Jr la 
'Trouble With the Hives." Louise has not 
•nly to have a number of bees around her, 
but to face three perfectly honey loving 
bears. Louise says that Harry wants hr-r 
to let one of them hue her, and he won't let 
her have a double. lie wants It "clo?o up" 
to show her fear. Louise will do It, natur- 

Grace Ctnard, whose fine acting in the 
"Lucille Love" series has made her more 
popular than ever, ond has been approached 
with the most tempting offer she has ever 
lecelvcd. namely, to take the name part in 
another big series to be written around her 
by- one of the foremost writers of the day, 
and what is more, she has not yet refused 
the offer. Whilst South recently, Grace 
Cuirard -put on a. comedy in a day in Ha- 
mona's Garden Whilst waiting for some "Lu- 
cille" scenes. 

A BRiEr note from Lule Warrenton from 
Honolulu Intimates that Henry McRae's com- 

Eany will return about the third of June. 
iule Warenton scored a big bit with the 
Donoluans (this word copyrighted). 

Burton Kino, of the "Uaona" brand. Is 
steadily adding to his stock of plays. This 
week .he put on a 1,000 foot drama and two 
6pllt-reel comedies. The comedies are some- 
what of a departure for Mr. King, and It 
will be interesting to note how they "get 

Alexandra Phillips Fahbney Is engaged 
upon a Ave reel photoplay which she Intends 
to hold until Milton II. Fahrney can produce 
it, and he says It Is one of the greatest 
photoplays ever penned. Mrs. Fahrney Is 
also .writing some trenchant articles upon 
the use ana abuse of the photoplay, and 
what she writes Is generally worth reading. 
' Edna Maibon laughingly owns she has to 
stay In pictures, as every time she la ap- 
proached to go Into musical comedy her 
mother weeps and her father refuses to ent. 
Friends tell her she Is lucky to be thought 
so well of. Miss Matson has Just completed 
an emotional part la "Tbe Brand of Cain," 
In which sho appeared as a Western girl 
and did some hard riding. 

J. P. McGowan, of tho Kalem Company, 

Sve a delightful party at his home In Glen- 
le last Saturday, and Helen Holmes was a 
most charming hostess. Dancing occupied 
tbe best part of tbe evening. Mr. McGowan 
has a modem bungalow set -down in the 
midst of an extensive farm, well stocked 
with domestic animals and full of good 
things to eat. He spends all his spare time 

. William D. Taylor received a wire from 
from a New York friend which run* "Con- 
gratulations. Hilly, you have captured New 
York fans with your performance of Captain 
Alvarcr. Prepare for requests for photo- 

f raphe, you Irish lady killer." Taylor Is 
rtsh all right, bat he objects to the apppella- 
Hon, "lady killer." He says he isn't a lady 
killer, but— well, lie IS Irish I 

Lovers of dare devil riding can get their 
nil at the' new Vltagraph, show. Taylor Is • 
wonder In the saddle. 

Pauline. JJrsrr showed the right -spirit 
when she received the news of the burning 
*t the Imp studios and the loss of the Aims. 
She was on a ranch at the time recuperating 
after some years of hard work, and she wired 
in to Manager Bernstein to the effect that 
her services were at the Immediate disposal 
of the Universal on the receipt of a tele- 
gram. Mr. Bernstein: refused to Interfere 
wtth the well earned and needed holiday. 
Pauline Bush Is adding lots of poundage and 
having a good time, 

Ci.eo Madison- gave a rare sample of pluck 
when she returned to work In "Love' Victori- 
ous," knowing that: ''she was needed. Her 
burned feet are" 'still terribly painful, and 
she got In a full day's work after fainting 


"Hie Adventures 


No. 13 


The longest p 16 ture story ever 
told, rich In tho pageantry of 
the Orient, and exciting in 
manifold dangers— comes to a 
successful conclusion with 
heartsease for the hero and 

Released June 15 


How a cruel renegade, who slays for love of snvngery, died In tho dcnort is » striking talo of 

Imltiiu revenge. . 

Jane 1T-"0ASTLES j5 TRg AIR" 

A poor girl, who dreams herself a fortune and awakona to And It dissipated, comes Into happi- 
ness after many trials. 


Peter's mother-in-law comes to visit him and regulates hlsaHiilrs with oomia complexities, 

on the same reel with "C juckeni" In which several famulus get jealous all at oooo. 


Misfortunes never como singly, and the young man comes near losing hlsflanoeoandhls 
business at the name time, lie triumphs in the end In heroic fashion. 


Is tbe leader In war news and all other big events of interest. RELEASED HONDA Y8 AND 
TllUltBUAYa . 

N. B.-SEMfi 8 posters have combined charm of attractive drawing and beautiful color. 
Qet the Unci one-sheets on all releases; threes and sizes cu multiple reels. 



The Popular Favorite 


In the Famous International Romance 

"One of Our Girls" B 


By the Noted Dramatist, 

A dramatic; presentation of a dashing American girra 
trials and triumphs abroad 


An enthralling story, founded on the big, basio realities i 
life-— a tale of ennobling impulses and faithful love 



Studios, 213 Hf. 26th Street, Hew York 

ADOLPH Zt'KOIt, President 

/ 30 ^ 


Mgr. illr. 

Tech. Wr. 

r 30 " 

i"f ATUP.t. 

once and crying with the pain several times. 
The company doctor scolded her and will not 
allow her to go on again until .ttie wounds 
are much, better. Darkftatiier had a big surprise 
last week when Frank Montgomery drove up 
one evening in a beautiful automobile with 
all the new "fussln's and flxln's" on aod la 
It Mom met him at the door and bo 
brushed past her as he said "go and look at 
it" iMoiia did and saw the name, "I'rlncess 
Mona Darkfeather," on It. "You could bave 
knocked me down with a feather, light or 
dark," said Mens Frank Is some hujrjend— 
ask Mans. . . .. . 

Mtbtlb 6tcdmaw. who Is tTobart Ros- 
worth's leading woman In the Jack London 
stories, recently charmed and thrilled a 
huge convention throng with' her beautiful 
voice. The convention was held at Ilermoss 
lleacb. Those who only know Myrtle Hted- 
man as an actress were surprised nt her 
vocal abilities. As a matter of fact. Miss 
rMedman has sung professionally In every 
well known opera. 





for Traveling Purposes, IMl.oOf Cal. I 
dura Light (Iits Generator, $1H; Acety. J 
leno Gas Generator, |8; Htereoptl 
cons, |i'i; Moving Picture (laments, 
too; 4', lu, Proncli Condensers, etc.; 
Arc Utnp, t% 'lb; French Moving I'lo 
ture Lenx, tin; Htcrcopllcan Objec- 
tive, Mc.: M Candlo Klectrlo Lamp, 
toe.; Hlldo Carriers, 21c.; Acytjrlund 
Lamp, fi.M; Calcium Jet, t2.'i&; Feed 
Sprockets Hteel, boo.; Cam wheel, Mc.; 
Htsr Wheel, sic.: Intermittent Hteel 
Sprocket, Mc.; Tension Spring, to.; 
Aperture Plate, aoc,; Khtostst, 13.00. 
we manufacture a good many repair 
parts for different machines. 

L.UKTZ.3ME. jjj St., N, Y. City. 


8.'-H. .Frlodlasder, the well known Paclflc 
Coast theatrics 1 and motion picture oflorntof, 
has been selected as the general roahatref 1 for 
the newly orfaalsed Edwin August restore 


A Big Hedo ctlon In Film, loo reels at 1 cent a foot, 
some at 18 a reel; have Western and Indian Reels. 
BOO Sets or Hong Slides, Wd. to 11 a set; 
Power's No. 6 Machine, 176; also other cheap Ma- 
chines: Model "H" Calcium Machine, 120. Ialso 
bar B*llm, Hildas and Machines, If good. 
P.P. OAM.OT. 10 Klgalli Ave.. II. T. 

I'ilm Company, that has started work upon 

new subjects In Los Angeles. 


'•CADI HI A." 
Rrnesto Kathari, former mayor of Rome, 
Itsly, Who arrived In New. York Monday at 
rtiecltt! royal commissioner .representing King 
'Kinntiuel for t*e exlillili gf Italy at the Baa 
fraucisco Exposition; in accepted in luvi- 



.? ,n . 



H i 

■ ! 



IS ! 

; W- ■ 

11 ' 


It i 


■ -' 

Iff i 

B !i 

Hi 1 






Juke 6 



foremost poet and dramatist, and which 
takes place at the Knickerbocker r'ientre 
aeit Mondsy evening. • . - 

liOTTiB IlLAin Pabkir's "Under Southern 
Shies," that famous old play, will noon be 
«eea la motion picture!. Arrangements hove 
lust been completed by Popular Plays and 
Players. Inc., of New York City, for it; pro- 
dactlon ai a featare picture. The Labia 
Film Manufacturing Co. will produce trie pic- 
ture on a mammoth scale, at its various 


John Pclscr will be In charge of the rathe 
booth at the International Exposition of the 
Motion Picture Exhibitors, June 8 to I*), and 
also at the one to he held In Dayton, O., 
July to 11. 

Charles J. nito, president of the Than- 
houaer Film Corporation, bss made It pos- 
sible for Kills K. Qllckman, foremost of 
Jewish character actors, to be seen In silent 
drama. There has juat been produced at 
the New Rochelle studio a photoplay by Mr. 
Ollckman called "The Last Concert." In 
Hit* four reel feature production, teeming 
with heart stirring situations, Mr. Qllckman, 
who plays the lead, brings a touch of gen- 
uine humor, washing away the expected tear 
and lighting the scenes with a smile. Mr. 
Ollckman has played more than eight hun- 
dred character parts on the speaking stage, 
being at one time leading man for Bertha 

•The Last Concert" 1* Mr. OUckman's 
second appearance In the silent drama, his 
previous story, "Repentance," baring proved 
no unprecedented success. Minnie Berlin 
plays opposite Mr. Ollckman, being sup- 
ported by a strong csst, beaded by Nolan 
Oane, Tuanbouser's leading Juvenile actor. 

Henrv Mortimer sails June 13 by the 
Colamhio, Anchor Line, for Glasgow, leaving 
Scotland again by the ii H. B. P. ft 6. 
Artadian for an extended cruise through the 
Norwegian fjords to the North Cape and 
Land of the Midnight Sun. He will after- 
wards visit London and I'sris. 

Dan Crlmmlns and Rosa Gore, of tie old 
variety team of Crlmmlns and Gore, who 
have made vaudeville audiences rsugo tor 
the past twenty years, have been engaged 
by the Vlttgrspb Company to appear In a 
scries of comedy pictures similar In treat- 
ment to their recognised line of work on the 
regular stage. While the team have ap- 
peared In pictures, tbey have never worked 
for the same firm at the same time, and are 
looking forward with pleasure to their pres- 
ent engagement with the Vltagraph Com- 
pany. The first picture in which they will 
appear will be "Officer Kate," the most laugh- 
able conceit In the picture line, produced 
under the directorship of Ned Fiuley. 



Samuel Goldfish, the executive head of the 
Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company, sails 
Saturday on the Olympic for a three months' 
stay In Huron*. 

While abroad Mr. Goldfish will consum- 
mate the plans be has been working on, 
looking forward to the distribution of big 
American moving picture features, which, 
slace the recent alliance with Mr. Belasco, 
means the exploitation of all the Dolus™ 
productions there, as well as the other LaBky 


F. A. Wall, the scenario editor of the 
American Co., is known as the "courteous 
editor," and receives runny letters of thanks 
from contributors for his friendly sugges- 
tions and helpful Ideas, lie Is doing fine 
work for the "Flying A" and deserves all 
the nice things said about him. 

Advicbb from Santa Barbara are to the 
effect that Horry Pollard has turned out a 
very exceptional "Beauty" picture In "The 
Dream Maid," and that- Margarita Fischer 
gave one of the most beautiful performances 
ever seen on the screen. It Is, In tact, a 
notable production. Pollard is now putting 
on comedy, "The Tale of the Tailor," In 
which be Is the bright particular star. 


John B. Incc, of the Lubln Stock Com- 
pany, was one of the many Ltrblnitts who 
were In the Lambs' Gambol parade In Phila- 
delphia on Saturday evening, May 23. His 
wide acquaintance among the stage celebrities 
was noticeable. Other members of the Lubln 
Stock Company who attended the perform- 
ance were: totiiel Clayton, Joseph Kaufman, 
Bdwsrd J. Pell Bennlo of Lublnrllle, Barry 
O'Ncll, H, A. Darcy, Slcgraund Lubln and 
Mr. and Mrs. Ira M. Lowry. Mr. Ince oc- 
cupied a box la which he entertained his 
company, and It was later learned that It 
was his birthday, but which one he will not 


Kowin August has completed his first fea- 
ture picture for the Ualboa company, and is 
fnlng to produce a comedy drama with a new 
dea running through It. Me has moved to 
Long Reach and occupies n delightful apart- 
ment there, lie has lots of nice things to 
say regarding both his Juvenile, Hal August, 
nud his leading lady, Neva Delorcz, 

Wkkn Adele Lane, the little Sellg star. Is 
not working she Is going around the different 
animals' cages feeding the Infant lions, 
tigers and leopards, of which there are qulto 
largo families. Miss Lane does not nsplre to 
acting with the animals, and owns she pre- 
fers tliein on the other side of the bar. She 
*ays she was never Intended for an animal 

Fob Borne tttno to come J. Warren Kerrl- 
gas, Victor star, will appear only in West- 
ern pictures. During the pnst month Mr. 
Kerrigan has appeared In four pictures, two 
of them two reefers, In which he depicts the 
part of a cowboy hero. Hundreds of letters 
received each week by Mr. Kerrigan from 
admirers Indicate that he Is liked beet in 
Western stories. 

Wrrii Rdna Madison and J. Mnrdock Mac 
Qusrri as his leading woman and lending 
nan, Charles Olblyn, new Universal director, 
baa started the production of "Heart 
Strings," a one reel interest drama. Mr. 
Gltriyn now directs the Universal Nestor 
Company. Lon Chancy and Ray Gallagher 
will do heavy loads and Juvenile leads, re- 

Omh of the biggest newspaper plants In 
the country was requisitioned for on entire, 
day by Otis Turner, director of the Universal 
Special Feaaires Company, In his productioa 
of "The Sub 8lster," n two reel drama deal- 
ing with newspaper Ufa In order that the 
story might bare the real "local color" of 
newspaper life In It, arrangements weremede 
with The Lot Angrier Uramlnrr to film the 
drama In various parts of Its Immense, new 
plant. Several of the scenes are taken In 
the composing room of the newspaper, where 
linotype machines are In operation, prluters 
are busily locking up forms, and atcreo- 
tvpers nre making plates for the presses. 
Other scenes show the huge presses In action, 
reporters turning out copy, nnd nsslKnracnta 
to stories being given out. Anna Little, 
Herbert Itawllnson and William Worthlngtnn 
Plnytlio principal roles. 

nr hex. 


Rumor sayeth that there wa» a lively dis- 
cussion between a noted film star and i 
director who has a Broadway success to his 
credit, Monday afternoon, not a thousand 
miles sway from the Imp studio. 

The star, who Is of the male gender, and 
who would have little trouble In attaching 
himself to any of the more Important con- 
cerns at a salary approaching the four 
figure mart, It is reported, declared that the 
him company officials could take their choice 
as lo whether tbey desired to retain Mi 
(.ervlccs or boose of the afore-mentloned dl- 

After the smoke of the verbal battle had 
cleared away the director duplicated tho 
remarks of the actor anent fcfa future rela- 
tions with the concern. The powers that 
be are in a quandary, as tbey would like to 
keep both. Something of Importance may 

eventuate this week. 





Thinly veiled crime, vice, dope and all 
sorts of so-called "uplift" pictures will, bo 
carefully scrutinized by the Board, and 
quickly banned If found unfit 

J. Louis Breltlngcr, chairman of the Cen- 
sor Board, announced last week that any 
Pennsylvania exhibitor showing uncensored 
•films would be immediately placed under 
arrest , _ __ _ 

Samuel Wheeler, president of the M. P, 
B. L. of A., 1'cnnsylvanla Branch, will start 
suit this week, in order to test the validity 
of the new law, Mr. Wheeler, speaking for 
the exhibitors, said the suit would toe based 
on three contentions namely : "That the free- 
dom of the press Is violated, that It Is class 
legislation, and that trial by Jury is denied." 
it looks as if the exhibitors of Pennsylvania 
will make a Btrong fight against the Censor- 
ship Ordinance, which they are acVvlsed by 
eminent lawyers is constitutionally weak. 





Chas. Marts, who has bad a comprehensive 
managerial experience In almost every line 
of amusements but motion pictures, cast 
his bat Into the ring last week, with the 
announcement that he Had formed, in con- 
Junction with several capitalists, the Pierrot 
Film Co. Oeo. C. Wilson, the owner of the 
Wilson Theatre, in Baltimore, Is -the senior 
member of the holding concern of Wilson, 
Decker it Co., a company capitalized at 
$250,000. WJio will have supervision over 
the affairs of the Pierrot Co. Chas. Marks, 
for many yearB Richard Carle's manager, 
■will be the executive head of the studios In 
Yonkcra, the former Reliance plant on the 
outskirts of N. Y. City, having been leased 
for that purpose. Harry Jackson, recently 
with Sellg, and a motion picture di- 
rector well and favorably known to the 
business, has been engaged to oversee the 
producing end. One comedy subject a week 
will be the output of the Pierrot plant, and 
liouls Simon, a vaudeville and musical com- 
edy favorite, who has won stellar honors In 
both fields, will be the featured person- 
ality. Mr. Blmon will be remembered by 
students of vaudeville as an excellent panto- 
mlmlst and a comedian of unetuouB method. 
In the latter part of June i press review of 
six or seven comedy subjets now In course 
of preparation will he given. A new studio 
will bo built In the Fall, the site of which 
lias not yet been selected. 


The official program of tho second exposi- 
tion of the motion picture art, that starts 
Monday. June 8, and lasts till Saturday, 
June IS, will he as follows: 

MONDAY, 2-5 P. M. 
Opening of Convention. 
Appointment of Grievance and Resolutions 

The 8chool snd the Motion Picture Theatre, 
The Church and tho M. P. Theatre. 

TUESDAY, 10-12 A. M. 
"Censorship." Address by Frederick P. 


2-5 P. M 

Ths Manufacturer and the Exhibitor. Ad- 
dress by a Prominent Manufacturer. 

The Exchange and the Exhibitor. Address 
by Kdward M. Saunders. 

Uniform charges for regular film service and 

The entrnnos of manufacturers and exchange 
men into the exhibiting business. 

Report of Grievance Committee. Discussion. 

WEDNESDAY. 10-12 A. M. 
Report of Resolutions Committee. Discus- 
"The Press and Motion Pictures." 
The Poster Question in all its pbaees. Mo- 
tion Picture Supplies. 

2.5 P. M. 

The effect of the Multiple Reel on the five 

and ten cent show. 
Tho desirability and possibility of controlling 

the length of programmes at various prices 

of nil mission. 
Adverse legislation and the best means of 

combating it 

THURSDAY, 10.12 P. M. 

Technical Questions pertaining to ttie opera- 
tion of a picture theatre. 

2.5 P. M. 

The cstsbtlShncnt of a central National In- 
formation Bureau for Exhibitors In all 
parts of the country. 

Best methods pt combining all exhibitors of 
the country Into one Natnonal Organisa- 
tion, and' financing of same. 

FRIDAY, 10.12 A. M. 
Advertising the Motion Picture Theatre. 
Souvenirs, eonntTy stores, etc. 
Tho exploitation of fake features by 4rra- 

spcmBlble exchanges and Individuals. 

24 P. M. 

Unfinished business. 
Good snd welfare. 

A moonlight excursion on the steamer 
Adirondack, with cabaret snd tango accom- 
paniment baa been arranged for Thursday, 
and- on Friday, a banoaet to the various man- 
ufscturers snd tradesmen, at the Hotel 
Illltmore. will be enhanced by the appearance 
of many of the leading players, both la the 
moving picture and legitimate theatre world. 

Saturday evening will stain be spent In 
the Grand Central Palace with s varied as- 
sortment of enter tain meat, the cblef event of 
which, however, is the prise contest snd dis- 
tribution of souvenirs, in which the Screen 
Club promises a emprise and a farewell 

During each day of the week, la the after- 
noon, all of the tnsnr-ftctnrers who bars 
studios In New York and widolrj will main- 
tain an open house to all visiting exhibitors, 
and. In addition to the foregoing entertain- 
ment features, they will show to those inter- 
ested in the affairs of the motion picture 
world the respective method by which each 
company produces Its films. 


The latest and most Important news 
around Los Angeles snd the film world In 
general Is that Thomas Nash snd Big Otto 
hare resigned from the Sellg Company, and 
will manufacture films under their own 
brand, to be known as the Nash Motion Pic- 
ture Co. 

Mr. Nash and Mr. Otto are very busy men, 
superintending the construction of thtir 
new Btndlo end zoo, arid other matters per- 
taining to so large sn organisation. 

A large force of men art being kept busy 
under the direction of Big Otto, who Is on 
the ground early and late, bustling the con- 
struction and beautifying of their large 

The grounds consist of twenty-live acres, 
and every foot will be utilised by this com- 

A Urge shipment of wild animals has been 
received snd is now on the ground. Addi- 
tional wild animals will ha added to the soo 
from time to tune as tbey are received from 

Wild animals will be used in all of their 
productions, tbe first of which will be "The 
Mysterious Han of the Jungle," In four 

Only large productions of four to six reels 
each will be released by the sew company. 

Mr. Nash and Mr. Otto sre the originators 
of wild animal pictures, hating produced lbs 
first animal pictures for the Sellg Company, 
and these gentlemen will no doubt tarn ont 
some great productions. 


"Forgiven : or, the Jack o' Diamonds," tbe 
play which had a vogue In the early nine- 
ties and was played from Coast to Coast by 
Frederic Bryton. and later by Edwin Fors- 
b*rg. is being played by Mr. Forsberg's own 
stock company at ths Bijou Theatre. "Home 
of the Arvloe Players," at Orange, N. J. 

Great Pressure was brought to bear upon 
Mr. Forsberg to appear in the roie of Jack 
o' Diamonds, for the last time the week be- 


Motion Picture Exposition 

Brand Central Palace Opens Next Monday 








See the PLoto-Playera Tango Contest Daily 



of the Orestest Sea Disaster since the Sinking of the "Titanic" Over a thousand lives lost Exciting 
and Thrilling Escapes from Death FoUy Told la Thirty Beautifully Colored Slides, with Strong Printed 
Lectare snd 6 One-Sheet Posters. Price, flMO, Cash ortfenoalt .with order. Be the njrst in the 
field by wiring your order to THE ONLY EXCLUSIVE FEATURE SLIDE MAKER IN 
THK COl'liTRY. Established slnco 1*03. 

W. LOTDSAT OOBSXm, 207 VT. 84th St, 17. Y. City 

ginning May 25. 
Edwin Forsberg, 

. nswr 

(In unnerving odi. please mvnHon Curtis.) 

SATURDAY, io.W P. St. 
Unfinished business, 

2.5 P. «I. 

Unfinished business. 



Following the opening of the Second Inter. 
national Moving Picture Trades Exposition, 
In Orand Central Palace, ou June 8, Chair- 
man A. A. Corn announces s schedule of 
entertainment for tho delegates which indi- 
cates considerable nrtlrlty on the part of 
the exhibitors. On Tuesday. June 0, they havo 
arm need a trip to Brighton Reach with a 
clam hake and a general tour of the various 
amusement resorts In that vicinity. Wednes- 
day has been selected ss the dntc on which 
visitors will attend s specially arranged nro- 

J;ram on tbe New York Boof Garden, Inrlud- 
ng tit particlpaUen la dancing contests. 

supported *y s strong 
and notable cast, "appeared dn the photoplay 
which has recently been produced by tho 
Stellar Photoplay Co.. at a cost of $30,000, 
and for this reason Mr. Porsberg sgreed, by 
an arrangement made irltti the Stellar Photo- 
play Co., to appear la "Forgiven" on tbe 
speaking stage for one week before the re- 
lease of one of the greatest melodramas as « 
photoplay ever thrown oa lbs screen. 

Mr. Forsberg snd Wm. Kobt. Daly, the 
director of this photoplay and the members 
of the Stellar Photoplay Stock Co., traveled 
through Florida, Alabama. Texas and Mexico 
la order to get the proper locations for the 
scenes for this great photoplay -which Is 
about to be released. 

Within a amort time this photoplsy will 
appear at one Of the prominent Broadway 

(Mr. Korsberf i* very well known as an 
actor of great ability. He has been with 
many of Henry W. Savage's orodtfctlons. 
lie played opposite Donotty Donnelly la 
"Madame X," and had Just closed an engage- 
ment wKb lime. Bertha Kallch. ia New 
York before signing with the Stellar Photo- 
play Co. The critics say that Mr. Porsberg 
Is ono of the best stars they have seen In 
motion pictures. 


Alfred Norton, the character actor, en- 
gaged espedsUy by Charles J. Hits to play 
Stanley Hargreaves, In "The Million DoUse 
Mystery," will enter the fanatBa-Padac bal- 
loon race. Mr. Norton reeeatiy made an as- 
cension with Leo Stevens, the famous avi- 
ator, and came very nearly losing his life. 
The scene required Mr. Norton to be rescued 
from the roof of e house by Aviator Stevens. 
It was the first time such a picture has ever 
been attempted, because of the difficulty in 
guiding a balloon accurately. This rescue 
provided one of the thrills to the great 
Tbanhouser Mutual series, and for that rea- 
son Mr. Stevens agreed to nafce the danger- 
ous house top landing, which was accom- 
plished successfully. 

Now Mr. Norton wants to become an avi- 
ator. "Af:er Leo Stevens rescued me to 
mid air," Mr. Norton said is commenting oa 
lils proposed ballooning, "I felt that when 
I landed I would never again get Into A 
balloon basket. 

"Bat I soon changed my mind when I 
looked down and saw the Hudson River 
lying under me, seemingly like a great silver 
thread. There was no danger, and I 'began 
to love the flight through (pace. 

"Before we landed I became a regular air 
fan, and that I am now. I made arrange- 
ments to enter the balloon race to be held at 
tho Panama-Pacific Exposltise. Otr. Stevens 
will construct my balloon for rae. and ho will 
be the pilot.*" 

Mr. Norton is the first motion picture actor 
to take up ballooning aa a pastime. 

Pbok Margarita Fischer comes the Query, 
"Are Peacock Poathera Unlucky?" Margsrita 
played tbe lead In the Beauty production. 
'The Peacock Pearlier Vkm." and toe fan she 
used was of beautiful Spanish make, Inlaid 
with gold. The fan was broken and had to 
be sent to Madrid, Spain, to be repaired. 
What the expense will be Is keeping Mar- 
garita guessing. 

Viviin RicaiAKD ihd William Gaswooo, 
popular leads Is tbe Firing A colony, were 
booked for s nor«l -vaudeville sketch at the 
Potter Theatre Santa Barbara, May 80. 
Other leads of the Vlylog A and Beauty 
staff took prominent parts. 

"Ths DiRAsf Snip," by Eugene Vle'.dj, is 
being produced by ths Amerlraa Pilss Manu- 
facturing Co., under the direction of Harry 
Pollard. The sets are in the tine of Louis 
XIV, to which the Gillespie and Qrahsm 
estates. In Montlcelle are admirably adapted. 
Costumes of (he same period hare been pro- 
vided. The subject will be released June 16. 

Thomas It ir rents, of ths Frying A studios. 
Is producing a problem play replete with 
heart Interest This will be released in July 
under title of "The Bnrrler.*' Like all 
Itlcketts' productions, this will be executed 
in a thorough manner and true to minutest 

"Tub Oatit or rimns," a two-part drama 
of the forests, unfolding with the thrilling 
incidents of the story, the gorgeous besntlee 
of California's famnus natural attractions. 
William Onrwood plays the trapper and fur- 
nishes numerous thrills by his Intense action. 
tie is ably supported by Vivian Rich and 
Charlotte Burton. Jack Blchsrdson plays 

heavy in a splendid style, and Harry Von 
Ueter Interprets the character lead. 

Taw Loftus Features, of Los Angeles wilt 
manufacture two features -per month, of four 
reels aad more in length. Constance Craw- 
ley sad Arthur Maude will star la oae series, 
v,blle modern pictures, manufactured on ths 
burning question of the hour, will be utilized 
for the second output. A large monitor bas 
been made in stnelo, and Joseph Shlpnsan 
has quite an Interest In the company, acting 
in capacity of general manager. 

Sta.nlzv H. Twist hss reached Los An- 
Angeles en route from Australia. After tws 
weeks' sojourn among friends and acquaint- 
ances, he will go Co New x"ork. vis Chicago, 
stopping over in the Windy City to complete 
certain details now under way. Proposi- 
tions have been made him tor the forming of 
a feature film maoofaoturlng company along 
new and up-to-date lines, which will utilise 
certain patent rights now granted and ready 
for operation, ills New York address will 
be care of Inter-Ocean Bales Co., 110 West 
Fortieth Street. New York City. Mr. Twist 
returns with feature dims of vslne, which 
have been manufactured 'a Australia. Also 
contracts for expioitation of pictures in that 

BssrsrST Sqipvak, general manager of the 
Pan-American FUm Company, has bees 
forced to take a temporary rest from the 
strenuous labors of tbe past year. Since the 
first of June, 1918, be has been working 
strenuously building up the Pan-American 
Film Co. to Its present state of efficiency, 
and it is now managed under department 
heads. *> that the chief executive can take 
an occasional breathing spell. Many tempt- 
big offers have been mads Mr. Shipmaa for 
co-operation in connection with various pro- 
gressive enterprises, but tbe growth and suc- 
cess of the Pan-Amerlcsn bas been such that 
no outside temptations have been sufflcleait 
to cause his alleglannc to waiver. 


Since the vresentatlon of "Cabin*," the 
Italia Film Company's spectacular produc- 
tion of Gabriele D'Anaunxlo's scenario, at 
tbe Knickerbocker, on June 1. Wenba t 
lioeseher, who are conducting the American 
tour, have been besclged with tetters from 

Fieople Interested In history, religion snd 
Iterstnre, inquiring as to tbe exact meaning 
of tbe title and whether or not "Cabirla" 
Is a biblical story. 

The action of "Cabirla" takes place la the 
third century, B. <_'., daring the second Panic 
War, and the hlstsrlcal events pictured are: 
Hannibal's passage over the Alps, the erup- 
tion of Mt. Aetna, the Battle of Caimae, 
wherein fifty thousand Boansos were slain ; 
tbe destruction of the Bomsn fleet by Ar- 
chimedes, who. with the aid of powerful 
mirrors, set the .ships afire; tbe Fall of 
Syracuse before the Bonua army headed by 
Mareellas. ths defeat of the Caxtbagenlan 
army under Syphax, by Sclplo; the burning 
of his camp, and tbe Battle of Stems, to 
which the entire Gartfaagenlan amy was 
•naihuated. Hannibal escaping with but a 
handfal of men. 

The romantic story which Is oietsred deals 
with the delivery of a Soman child from the 
aacriflesi attar of the Temple of Metoch, 
god of (Ire, by a herculeaa Nomldiaa slave, 
whs, with his master, a Roman soldier, Is 
In Carthage as a apy la the interests of 
Rome.. Several years later she Is Identified 
as the child who -tvas to have been sacrificed, 
but is pardoned by Sophonlsba, wife of the 
Numldlan King. After the defeat of flypfiax's 
forces she «g»iw meets the Roman and his 
Stave. They fall In lore and leave for their 
satire land. She Is then christened "CaM- 
rla," which means "saved from the turbn- 
ient flames of fate." 

Isabelle Lowe, for three years starred to 
the part of Jone. is "Tbe Trail of the Lone- 
some Pine," recently finished her tour with 
the company, and arrived in New York to 
find that she Is very much In demsad a* a 
motion picture actress. Miss Lowe has re- 
ceived offers from several of the film com- 
panies, and may accept one from the Fa- 
mous Flayers. Her stags work Is very simi- 
lar to that of Mary Plckford, and ber wide 
experience as a stock actress and as a star 
fits her for film work, 


For years a dally news film has been con- 
sidered an Impossibility, and tbe dlmcBltiM 
attending such a radiral Innovation entirely 
Insurmountable, Paths, however, after 
months of careful consideration of tbe ques- 
tion and a thorough surrey of the field, de- 
clares it not only to be •possible, hut to be 
needed, and win soon pat the new rervlce 
on ths market. In view of the widespread 
interest which hss greeted the announcement 
ef the launching of tbe Paths Dally News, 
Mr, Uosgland, who Is personally supervising 
i he new venters, was asked for some in- 
formation concerning it. 

"In the first place," asld Mr. Doaglead. 
"we believe ihst there is a real and expressed 
demand for news in pictures that Is ebta- 
hitely now snd fresh, and that comes to the 
theatre patron right hot off the bat, ao to 
speak. To read of some great event in the 
papers, and then within an boar or two te 
see that event to motion pictures will cer- 
tainly b« most novel and Interesting, and the 
people whs are the last court of appeal, 
wilt want It and expect It. Thus the ex- 
hlWror msy run each day tbe two hundred 
feet or so thst will eomiirlse each day's In- 
stallment, snd then nt Ice end of the week 
show the full 1,000 feet, comprising the 
selection from the most Interesting of the 
tvarld's events, 

"Frankly, I believe that but one house in 
the world could turn ont sack s daily nsws 
film snd make it of universal Interest, and 
that Is Pstbe. It Is mainly s question of 
orrnn I ratios snd equipment, and see, with 
over sixty different offices and studios in all 

fnrts of the world, hare unequalled facilities. 
•atbe's Weekly has in the Cnited States 
alone, thirty-seven camera men. who ire lo- 
cated permanently In all the central points. 
It Is s pretty bard matter to find anything 
of real Interest getting away from these 
trained news gatbcrern." 

"We can receive, develop, print snd send 
out films by malt oa one sad the same day. 

Please note those words 1>r mail for speed !f 
important to mt, and only (Jade Bern's mails 
oan give us the speed we require." 

"Over here we believe that w« have s real 
■winner, and you can't pssy that up say lew 
stongry. Already the exhibitors bsve shown 
s remarkable Interest to the News and the 
bookings are coming In It Is by tbo 
numerous letters «nd by thi bookings thst we 
are fedllng the pukse of the trade, snd we 
know that it is beating strongly for tbe 
Pathe Dally News." 


On board the large two-maatsd schooner, 
Caroline, aoder (he command of Captain 8. 
Nepleton, of Newport, B I., James Johnson 
and a company of Blacue players are cruising 
along the coast of New Bnjgiand — Working 
upon the productioa of two four-reel dramas 
of sea life. They are accompanied by Cap- 
tain Harry Champion's yacht; Lillian, and 
ore thoroughly equipped for a long trip 

Included In Director Johnson's sea-faring 
company are Fay Cuslf. Albert Lang, Will- 
iam Mong, Oeorze Davis. Jack Bums. Arthur 
Hill, Frederick Ernst Murray Belmont and 
John Montbcy, ss well ss the champion fong 
distance underwater swimmer of toe world, 
Orlof 8k a vat sn, who has a record Of 180 
feet Mr. Skavaian will furnish the main 
thrills for one of the dramas which calls far 
tests of daring Impossible for an ordinary 

An aerophme is abso part of the equipment 

of the company, which includes Sandos, the 

Swiss .tv I a tor. who will play an Important 

part to tbe action of one of the stories. 



Following the recent opening of feature 
exchanges la Iidianapolls and Des Moines, 
Herbert Glache has completed arrangements 
for the estohllshn-eBt of an exchange in 
Kansas City. 

Burton Carrett, traveling representatlvn 
for Mr. Blacbe, has opened offices lo Kansas 
City under tbe name of the Blacbe Feature 
Service, and will be ready to begin booking 
early to Jane. 


Bollin 8. Sturgeon, the' able director of the 
Vitagraph'a Western company at Santa 
Monica, Cal., has returned to the coast after 
a mouth's vacation. Ho will resume his 
duties In the Far West as special producing 
director. While In the Bast Mr. Sturgeon 
had several offers from other picture firms, 
but because of his long and pleasant asso- 
ciation with the Vitagrapb Company, be 
elected to remain a Vitagraphcr. Mr. Stur- 
geon has produced a number of wonderful 
pictures, among which Is the sensational 
Broadway success, now running at the Vlta- 
graph Theatre, New York City, "Captain 
Alvsres," toe most talked of motion picture 
In the metropolis. If past performances are 
any criterion, Mr. Sturgeon will be beard 
from In the near future. 

John Bunny, of the Vltagraph Flayers, has 
a fad. It is the collecting of bis name and 
expressions about himself in foreign lan- 
guages This has become a very Interesting 
and enlo} able pastime for the Jolly come- 
dian, as mere Is usually a descriptive phrase 
attached, describing some Bunny characteris- 
tic. Mr. Bunny's numerous friends who 
•travel over the world knowing of this fad, 
take delight la sending him comments oa 
himself In the various languages, which, 
when translated, appear ludicrous in English. 
One of these friends was to London, Eng., 
recently, on one of the holidays woes there 
were a number of "Lancashire Lads" pres- 
ent. Becoming Interested as to what these 
lads thought of his fat friend, be mingled 
with the crowd assembled before a theatre 
where Danny's picture was displayed. "Owd 
John Boony." "Gud Owd John Boony" wss 
the wsy he heard Bunny described, and sent 
one more expression of endearment to be 
added to his friend's list 

The T'tagraph Co. has just completed two 
or three more Sims that might be classed as 

?hllanthropIc is their uplift, and the power 
bey will exercise la pointing out to the 
masses what tbey can do to help themselves 
end the willingness of others to help them 
do It "The Reward of Thrift," -which was 
produced under the auspices ot the American 
Bankers' Association, will be released to tbe 
near future. It points out the virtue and 
reward of putting aside for a rainy day and 
keeping the wolf from the door in the hour 
of necessity. "The Gang'' Is another one of 
these uplift pictures, exploiting tho reforma- 
tory syatems practised by the children's 
co'jrts; boys woo hsve been denied proper 
borne influences and the proper* environments. 
It shows their training oa farms snd In dis- 
ciplinary schools, and how they are taught 
good clttocnabip and bow they are elevated 
to a higher sphere. Tbe Gang" will be re- 
leased on June 20. 

"While leading the .American forces 
against fhe Mexican army, Balph Ince. the 
Vltagraph director. Is shot to tbe back by 
bis own gunner. He falls dead, and later 
leads his regiment to victory." This start- 
ling announcement Is descriptive of the tctae 
from "The Boob." written by "Kube" Gold- 
berg tbe celebrated cartoonist It Is tbe 
runniest comedy ever produced, and surpasses 
aOi other comedies of the past, present sud 
< looking far sbead) the future. It Will take 
three reels to tram, jam and ram all tbe 
fun Into one picture. There Is enough to 
make Are reels, but it would not he safe to 
overtax their laugh generators at one sitting. 




Jane 8.— "The Bthles of the Procession" (Dr.) 
June 11. —"A Jonah" <Ooaa-Dr.| 
June IS.— 'lbs Opals' Curse (Or.) 

K ales*. 
June 8.— "Nuts of the Theitre" (Dr.) First of 

the "Alice lores Series" (Fasts 1 

and ]). 
June 10 "The Onlckssnas" (Dr. Parts 1 

and t>. 
Jane 12.— "Tbe Bos Csr Bride" (Cora.) 
Jane IS. — "Tbe Squaw's Revenge** (Dr.) 


Jaoe ft "Toe Pie Esters" (Cass.) 

"Be Wore a Wig" (Cera.) 


June 6 










10.— 'Tb* QbtSfltUng" <D». Parts 1 

U.—'Tbe Lara of the Pit" (Dr. Parts 1 

ud 2). 
12.— "OUun Nssaber 8" iDr.) 
IS.— "Be Changed Bis lsW' (Ooid.) 

"A Bmu AatomabUe" (Own.) 


8.— '"Woofl Wstcb Whlfflee" (Ocrn.) 


6— "Jodge Dane's Ikc'slen" (Dr. Parte 

I tod 2). 
g._ • Heant-BeliK Neva Pictorial. No. 28." 
9— "Bngeeks at Bar 'll- Ranch" (Uoni.) 
10.— "Tbe Doctor'* Mistake" (Dr.) 

11 "Heemt-Mlir News llctcrisl, No. 30." 

12. — "DomtMrded" (Oom.) 

"Doe. Yok'a Zoo'' (Com.) 
Jane 13.— "When ibeNljbt Call Came" (Dr.) 

. . Vltagjraph. 
lone 8.— "Eve's D«o«bter" (Dr.) 
Jot* 8.— "The Hight of Way" (Dr. Paris 1 

and 2). 
June 10 — "Tn«> Widow of Med Rock" <Oom.) 
Juoell. — 'TPho Power to Forgive" (Dr.) 

Jew 12. "Tbe Aecanplletied Mn Thoropsoa" 

juoelS.— "Oor Fairy Play" (Oom. Parts 1 
and 3). 


The Tango In Tuckervllle" (Com.) 
The Voice of Sllmce" tDr.) 
And/ Goes A-PiraUng" (Oom.) (S»v- 
,.iT"- ■ 

Jen* 8- 
Jbivo 0- 
Jnoe 10.- 

Jur.e 12.- 

Ju* 13- 

Jnne 0.- 
Ja* 10.- 

Adventnre of Andj."l 

tho Patt" 



-"A Warning from 
Parts 1 and 2). 

-"A Terror of the t 

-"Jana" (Com.)) 
-"Thl» la the LIW iCtom.) 
-"!*» Snakevtlle Voloxtoer' 


Farts 1 

Jane 12.— "Tho 8ong in tbe Dark" (Dr. 

and 2). 
Jsvel3. — "Broncho Billy and the Mine Shark' 

(W. Dr.) 

(O. KIclne.) 
Jane 8. — "The Trap-Door One' 

and 2). 

Jane 8. — "By Taxi to Fcaliroe" 

"Midday or Midnight?' . 
loot 10.— "The Lore Story of Her Yoonth" (Dr.) 
Jane 11. — "Hl» Uncle's Dececttoa" (Com.) 

"floats" (Dr. Parts 1 and 2). 

"The Mommy" (Oom. Parts 1 and t). 





Princess Indlfn. 
Union Squabs, lUx 29. 

Making her entrance to a handsome In.llan 
costume, before a drop. Princess Indlta lec- 
tures on the subject of ber act, telling why 
and how It all happened, which la an Inter- 
esting story of bow she sacrifices ber life by 
a snake bite to save ber people. The drop 
goes op (bowing a pretty setting, representing 
a desert In Arizona. Tbe princess tlrst offers 
tbe "Sun Dance," carrying a bow and arrow, 
which la all very gracefully done. Tben sho 
goes Into tbe snake dance, taking two snakes. 
of about Ave feet in length, ana curling one 
around each arm and dancing In a peculiarly 
easy and graceful way. She next dances 
with a big black diamond buck rattler of 
great alie. carrying It around In tbe moat 
careless fashion, and yet seems to nave great 
control of the monster. Khe puts It on the 
stage, dances around it. and tben kneels 
down and kisses it 

Closing with a dance In which she uses 
that man-killing reptile, a python, which she 
curls around her throat while she dances 
and straggles until she finally falls, making 
a great finish for a most wonderful and fas- 
cinating novelty. 

Princess Indlta is a beautiful girl of tbe 
Indian type, and has a most entertaining 

Opening in one. going to full stage, the 
act runs fifteen minute*. Sid, 

(Dr. Parts 1 



Jane 13.—" 


Jane 8.— "Uncle Sam in Mexico." 

Jane 12. — "Enmeshed by Fate" (Dr. 2 reeli). 

Jane 8.— "The Man Who Lost Bat Won" (Dr. 

Jane 11.— "Across' the Atlantic" (Dr. 3 leela). 

Jane 8. — "The Undertow" (Dr.) 
Jane 12.— "The Masked Bider" (Dr.) 

Gold Seal. 
Jcne 0. — "Lucille Lore, tbe Girls 0* Mystery" 
(Dr. 2 reels). 

Jon* 0. — "Hla Lucky Day" (Cora.) 

Universal Ike. 
Jane 8. — "Universal Ike Jr. !s Kept from Being 
an Actor." 

Jane 10. — "A Wife on a Wager" (Dr.) 
Joue 12. — "Sophie of tbe Films." 

Jane 10. — "Mike for Bis Long Lost 

Brother" (Oom.) 
June 13 —"The Cure" (Com.) 

Jane 10.— "Wife" (De 2 reels). 

Jooe 14 "Aunty's Money Bag" (Juvenile Com. 


Jane 10.— "Animated Weekly No. 118" (News). 

Jane 11. — "Tbe Awakening" (Dr.) 
June 14. — "The Sherlock Boob" (Oom. -Dr.) 

Jane 11.— "Smalts Loves" (Com.) 

101 Blaon. 
Jane 13— "The Isle of Abandoned Hope" (Dr. 
2 reels). 

Jane 14.— "A Shadow of (be Past" (Dr.) 



Jane 8 "The Oath of Pierre" (Dr.) 

June 10.— "The Sparrow of the Clrcna" (Dr.) 

Jane 8.— "The Mutual Girl No. 21" (Serial). 
June 10.— "Tbe Cowboy's Chicken Dinner" (Dr.) 
Jen* 12.— "Dan Morgan's Wife" (Dr.) 
Jane IS. — "Tbe Bone Bangle." 

J un# 8. — "Rivalry." 
Jane 14.— "Tbe Qhrl Across tbe Ball." 

ssssj eart lo. 
June 8. — "Her Birthday Present." 
Jane 14. — "Tbe Rebellion of Kitty Bell." 

Jane 8.— "Aunty's Busband." 

Jme 10.— "The Tragedy of the Orient." 

Jane 11.— "Belle of Old Japan." 

Juno 11.— "Mutual Weekly, No. 70" (News). 

Jane 12.— "From Out the Drakes" (Dr.) 

Jane 12. — "Tbe Toy Shop." 
June 13— "Handle With Care" (Com) 

Jane 14.— "Hobby to the Rescue" (Com.) 


Greenville, Miss— Princess (It. P. Grego. 
Bgr.) week ending May '30, Domain * Jones' 
Musical Ootnedy Co., in musical comedy and melo- 
drama the entire week, lo capacity business. 
Harry Tally, in spot light singing, week of 
June 1, 

Bijou (W. F. Rlkaa, mgr.) — Feature pictures, 
to capacity business. 

Meridian, Hiss. — Gem (B. Trans Isaacs, 
aurr.) Universal anil feature dims. 

Pamcsas (Sol M. Burermaa, uup?.)— General 
Film Co. 'a service. 

Ruts (Geo. A. Griffin, mgr.) — Mutual aod 
Warner's Features. 

Bay City. Mich.— Washington (P.. 0. Beatty, 
orr.) moving pictures and Illustrated soars. 

Bijou (R. C. Beatty, mgr.) — Blanche Bryan 
and Associate Players la repertoire, week of May 

GnoTTo. — Vaudeville and photoplays. 
WamoNan, Stab, Fakixv, Tntrta and CbowN, 
asovunj pic tores only. 

Kalamaaoo, Mich— Majestic (W01 Mar- 
shall, mgr.) for Jane 1-3. "Between Savage and 
Tiger, •• motion pictures. "Dope" and "The Ter- 
ror of Drags." pictures. 4-0. 

Coloxial, Ruts. Ltbic, Nsw and OarBNaf, 
atotlon pictures only. 

Mnnafleld. O. — Casino (R. R. Endly, mgr.) 
week of Jane 8, Hall's Associate Players open an 
indefinite engag*nient. 

Ajuna Coming Jane 11 Hagenbrck-Wsllace 


Faro. Hilton, formerly traveling manager for 
Ona Bun, has :>urehaaetl a ooe-half Interest la 
to* Grand, one of the best moving picture the- 
atres here. 

Ashton and Hanson. 
Amphion, Bbookly.v, Hat 2fl. 

These two girls do a nice singing and dan- 
cing; act They open with '^Summertime" 
as their opening number, and they pot It 
ever welt. One of tbe girls then offers an 
English character song, "I Hare to Call Him 
Father," for which ibe wears n good comedy 
costume. Her partner returns and sln;s 
"Who Paid tbe Bent for Mrs. Rip Tan 
Winkle 7' very nicely, ending it with a pretty 
little dance. The other girl then offers "Any- 
body Looking for a Widow?" another English 
number, which goes well. They finish with 
"California" and a dance. 

Ashton and Munson have a good act, they 
sing well and know how to put their num- 
bers over. Their wardrobe, of which they 
have a number of changes. Is very pretty, 
and thev should have no trouble in getting 
work. Ten minutes, In one. Bid. 

Morrla and Parks. 
Union Square, Mar 30. 

Two men, doing a clever singing, dancing 
and talking act. One doing straight In a 
rather novelty get-up, the other works black 

They open with a good comedy song, which 
starts tbem off well. The straight man then 
docs a soft shoo dance, followed by his part- 
ner dancing just as well. They then go Into 
some quick-fire, witty putter, and end up with 
a song. 

The boys are very clever. They sing' well 
and can dance. They have a good line of 
talk and a nice wardrobe, each making one 
change. The comedy Is fine. 

The act went very big, taking five bows. 
Fourteen minutes. In one. Bid. 


Elliott, Lucky and Young;. 
Paocrou'4 '.25th fisin, Mar 27. 

Three man trio, ooenln.-; in evening dress, and 
using "Danclns Aronud," fcikwid by "1 Miss 
You Most of All." by Klllott, luely rende-cv 
Lucky and Youii.j for comedy soldier bit. and "7 
Don't Want to Be a Soldier Man." and final 
Suffragette number with lw> doing "sana" ami the 
comedian working straight evening soil tor "Suf- 
fering BnfTragelte." 

The boys tssssasj good vr.lcc* end put every 
number over stn-ugty, although tbo saffrogette Is 
a bit stretched. Worth tbe verdict Of — a vood 
trio. Twelve minutes, in one. Tod. 


Rose De Younsr. 

Amphion, Beooklvx, Mat 20. 

Opening with a sky-blue gown, singing 
"Celebration Day In Tennessee," Miss Youns; 
looks very pretty. Changing to a white 
gown, with spangle lace, she offers "Playing 
the Game of Love." "Follow Them Around 
was next. "Smother Me with Kisses" was 
her last and best number. 

Miss De Young Is a very pretty Wndn 
and has a good voice. She bills bertelf as 
the "Million Dollar Doll." 

The act runs nine minutes. In one. Sid. 

The Million Five. 

Union Squabe, Mat 31. 
Four men and a boy offer a first class 
singing act, formed Into a sketch. Its story 
is that of a young man who has inherited a 
million dollars and Is giving; a party to bis 

One young man plays the piano, and they 

all sing several good selections. The boys 

have good voices and harmonize nicely. The 

stare setting Is well arranged. 

Twenty-one minutes. Interior. Hid. 


The Symphony Quartette. 

Odeon, Mat 28. 

The Symphony Quartette Is one of ths 

best singing fours seen this season. The 

boys have exceptionally good voices, know 

now (o deliver their numbers, and their 

repertoire Is op to tbe minute. The finale 

of the act is somewhat of a novelty. The 

boys use "I'm On My Way to Mexico," with 

N. B, Hunter Impersonating: Colore! Roose 

velt Tbe entire act was q Dig bit Fifteen 

minutes, In one. Olio. 


Three Borrus Girls. 

Pa0CTO3'S 12&TH &TTSXT, Mil 27. 
A trio of pretty, well-formed young women, 
who are expert performers on the wire. Every- 
thing they attempt Is gracefully occonrplUbed, 
and they attempt and airouipllsli many ihluirs 
with the necessary thrill siin-ts mingled In. A 
corking good wlw act are the Hinrus Ulrli. They 
work In fieshlogH. full stigc, and are assisted ry 
three men. In erenlng dress. Tot. 


After a long absence Woonaccket, B. I., theatre- 
goers have again Its moat farorlte and talked of 
actress, Lelafi Hallack. 

Mlas Hallack. who hearts her own company, 
opened an Indefinite engagement at the Park The- 
atre, May 25, in "The Gamblers." Miss Hallack 
appeared here about three years ago, playing 
with tbe Bijou Stock Co., anil It was then that 
she became a favorite with tbe people. 

Other members of the caopany who belp to 
make ber a sscceas are: J. B. Whltemsn, Kdwlu 
Dudley, Prank Elliott, Al. Drsrocners, Jack 
White, Howard Scaopp*. Harold La Cost*. Albert 
King ud Misses Msrgaret Header and Margaret 

Mr. O Connor la personal representative, Mr. 
Dodl*y, director ; Jack White, atage manager ; 
Cbis. Stlllwell, scenic artist. 

The tubers wear white shoes and whit* coats 
with a gold "H" on the left aires*. 

A new program baa bees issued in the form of 
a book, entitled The Hallack Herald. 

Biixt and Errue Bau. closed with the Yale 
Stuck Oo. last week. They will play vaudeville 
for three weeks and will lay off Mr the rsat of 
the SuaUBfr. ■ 

ROU TB r ^IvST?. 

• ■pplemcntal List— lleeelved Too LatS 
far ClaaalMcatlwu. 

Allen. Tom W., Shows — Davenport, la., 1-0. 

"Alma, Where Do You Liver— St. John, 
Can., 8-10. 

Audley Players (ii. B. Sncdcckvr, sngr.) — 
Olney. III., l-«, Mt Vernon 7-13. 

Bryan, Blanche, Co.— Bay City, Mich., 1-6. 

Itonstelle Players — Toronto. Can., 1-0. 

Broadway Stock — Ford City, Pa., 1-6. 

Boyer, Nancy, Stock — Jamestown. N. Y., In- 

Brundsge, 8. W., Sno ws Rochester, Minn., 

Blue Ribbon Shows— Carnival-dottle Falls, 
N. Y.. 8-13. 

Bingham, Amelia— 'New Haven, Conn., 1-3. 

Boston Grand Opera Co. — St. John, Can., 11, 

Carroll A Landes— Carnival— Henry, 111.. 1-0. 

Creatore's Band) — Indianapolis 1-6. 

Columbia Stock— Correction— Closed in In- 

ClrracllIo'B Band— Omaha, Neb., 3. 

Clarendon Stock (T. I. Kahl, rmjr.)— Alger, 
O.. 8-18. 

De Krefco Bros.' Carnival— (Artesla, N. Mex., 
1-6. Roswell 8-18. 

Eddlngs, Georgians. Co. (F. E. Moore, mgr.) 
— I'lttsburg, Kan., 1-6. 

Gollmar Bros.' Circus— iBlue Rarili, Minn., 
3, St. Peter *. Waseca 5. New Ulm 0, 
Tracy 8, Brookings, So. Dak., 0. Marshall, 
Minn., 10, Granite Falls 11, Benson 12. 

Great Everett Show— Wllkes-Bat re, I'a., 1-6, 
Bingham ton. N. Y„ 8-13. 

Cordon, Kitty — Correction — Princess. Chi- 
cago. 1-6. 

George, Grace — Correction— Closed season. 

Gordlnter Bros. Co.— Klmwood, HI., 8-15. 

Gayety Stock— Correction — Closed la Hobo- 
ken, N. J. 

Halls Associate Players— Mansfield, O., In- 

Haswell, Percy, Stock— Toronto. Can., 1-0. 

Hodge, Win.— Cort. San Fran., Cal.. Indefi- 

Hacenbeck-Walracc Shows— Pittsburgh. Pa., 
8, 8, Alliance, 0., 10, Mansfield 11. San- 
dusky 12, Tlftln 13. 

Liberty Shows— Carnival— Warren, l*a., 1-0, 
Little Falls, N. Y. 

La Boy Greater Shows — Fayette, O, 3, 
Bloomdale 4, Rising San o. 

La Roy Stock (Wm. A. Stanton, mgr.)— 
Wbltehoitse, 0., 1-6, Fostorla 813. 

Leon, Great, Show— Wooster, 0.. 1-0. 

Lyon, Lillian, Co.— Marshall. Mich., 1-0. 

Marshall's Players— Oelinar. la., 1-0. 

Mnurei; Frank, -Stock — Jxbanon. Tenn., 1-6, 
McMlnxrvlllc 8-13. 

"Mutt 4 Jeff In I'anaiua"— St. John, Can., 

Mo'llw-DvaThteou Stock — Corre<-tlon — Closed 
In Fall River, Mass. 

Ma-cTaJT Stock— Herron, II!., 1-fl. 

"Mutt a Jeff" tU. M. GarAeUl, mgr.) — Cor- 
rection — Closed May M 

"Omar, the Tent Maker" — Omaha, Neb.. 1-0. 

Orpheum Musical Stock — Correction — Closed 
In Newark, N. J., 0. 

OnpeTsbcamcr Stock Burrcaqnc — Correction — 
Closed In Newark. N. J. 

"Pauthca" — CorrectJort — Closed season. 

Parker, C. W., Carnival— Clinton la.. 8-18. 

Tepper Mus. Com. Co.— Texas City, Tex., In- 

Robblns'. Frank A., Circus — .Westfleld, Mass., 
8, Spencer 0. So. From Ingham 10. 

Rentz Bros.' Circus — Wilklnstmrg, Pa., 3, 
rittsbu.-gl 4-6. 

Richardson Stock (Ensley Barbour, mgr.) — 
Lawrence, Kan., 1-6. 

Rice a Dore Water Carnival — Lewlstown, 
Mod., 1-fl Billings 8-13. 

fipangler 8fiow>— Port Royal, Pa., 1-fl, Mlf- 
lln 8-13. 

fichmlrtle's Band— Chester Park, Cincinnati,' 

'Seven Keys to Baldpatc" — Chicago Co. — 
Galctv. New York. Indefinite. 

"Seven Keys to Baldpatc" — New York Co. — 

Spooner Stock — McAlester, Okla.. 1-13. 

Sutherland Stock— Glen Flora, Wis., 3, 4, 
Canton S, 6, Clayton 8. 9. Avery 10. 11. 

(Smith Greater Shows — Marlon, 0.. 8-13. 

Bhcchan Opera Co. — Enu Claire. Wis., 11. 

Terry's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" — Dodge Center, 
Minn., 3, Elgin 4, Chatneld 5, Lewiston 0, 
Bangor, W1b. 8 Sparta Wilton 10, Wone- 
woc ll, Reedaburg 12, Barabooi 13. 

"Third Party, Tbe' f — Correction — Closed in 
Chicago May 30, 

"Too Many Cooks" — Garrlck, Chicago, 8, In- 

Thompson's, Frank n., Big Tent Show — 
Scarboro, 111., 8-15. 

"Traffic In Souls"— Milwaukee 1-fl. 

Temple Stock— Ft. Wayne, Ind., Indefinite. 

Vance Repertoire Co — Eau Claire, Wis., In- 

Victor's Band — Jamestown, N. Y.. Indefinite. 

Woolfolk. Boyle, Mus. Com. Co. — Knu Claire, 
Wis., 4-0. 

"Who's Your Friend?"— Tabloid — Charlotte, 
N. C. 1-0. 

Washburn's Mighty Midway Shows — Berlin, 
Out, Can.. 1-6, Quelph 8-18. 



Since opening night we have bad excellent 
weather and the same kind of business. Our top 
is 60 ft. by 80 ft., and to acconnnodal* tbe 
large crowds we bav* been obliged to add 20 ft. 
more. Quite an honor has been shown Miss 
Clarendon by J, Barry Clark, our orchestra lead- 
er, lie bos written and published a march, and 
named It after oar little itar. The band features 
it ooe night oach week, and It Is only one of tbe 
clever musical numbers Mr. Clark has arranged. 

Ernest Veres and Miss Clarendon are receiv- 
ing some flattering press notices for their good 
wosk. sad Baby V*tma b a close recoinl. firs. 
Minnie Hamilton (Mlas Clarendon's mother) and 
Beatrice Adams were visitors Isst week at Arling- 
ton, 0., and a pleasant week was the result 

Bxst Lrraxi. oo-atar of the Lytell-Vaaghau 
Stock Co., at Troy. N. V., extended Invitations 
to the members of the U. A. K. for Monday 
evening's performance of "The Littlest Hebcl." 
week of Hay 2ff, and In eonseouenc* a large num- 
ber of tbe veterans were present and enjoyed the 
ahow Immensely, ss It brought them buck to 
by-gone days. 

CUTRsaisrs Cotnmsa replsced Evs Lang, of ths 
Deaham Block, at Denver recently, In the leading 
rol* of "Hla Home la Order," wb*a Mlas Lang 
was auddenly taken 111 and had to be operated 
opon for appendicitis. 

Oiwill L. JaoKson has cloned a wry plsasant 
season as leading man with the Aubrey Stock Co., 
at Clarksburg, w. Va.. and Is now resting at bis 
Bummer home at Muskeioa. Mich. 

BauoiiMiN-OusTiifc Co., Whitehall, III., 1-6. 

Boas Bases held an Iricrmal nwpllon on the 
state after her first performnnea at the Arena 
on the afternoon of May 70. Xiw Re-vie re- 
newed nuay of her old friendships In Ottawa, 
and the tvist psssnl off t.ry smoothly. 

Ciabbmdon Stock Oo. Mores. — The company 
Is now In Its fourth week la Ohio, and doing *i- 
cellent business. .Oedl Wood Clarendon and 
Ernest V«v*a are doing spl*txlld work In the 
leading roles, and their ten piece band Is an Al 
feature. Don Palmer, the celebrated baritone 
singer. Is winning the highest cf laarels with his 
singing "against' ths band, Ths Ou> Keluiii.s 
visits us regularly. 

Viour BasHST duplicated her sscceas In 
"Bought snd Paid For," la Albany, last week. 

HaDorBafAsnv's AxaaLLS Ooaaxaaas opened 
their tenting season in Maryvllle, Mo., Hay IS. 
This attraction played to standing room five 
Mihts, and the one night It rained a big house 
laraed oat last the same. Company gave great 

WM. Fox will close Ms stock company tt the 
Academy of Maslc. New York, ths) week, with 
"One Day." 

6 NEW PARODIES FOR $1.00 - 6 





To get ths above material send P. O. or Express Order for ii to 

Or.Three ^ParodJes andtoigPocm ftr °u.u "PogO^CTle»ri7 T ^''LoncflomePlne.^ , 'whenl Lost Yen,'' 
aad song poem, sntlUed ''THE PASSING 80N0S OF laia-i*," dovetailing 7« aonc hit tttlcs into a 
rhythmic glory. If yon desire the 9 Parodies and Bong Poem, send |3 to the above address. 



For Repertoire Under Beeutlful Cenvae Theatre 

•lass Scripts, to Direct! CII Alt At TEH aad HEAVY WOMAMl OEN. BUS. WOMAN, 
ispabls of Play I n a Anything Oast fair People ta all lines. Those doubling Baud glvca 
preference. Btato all first letter, with photos. Programmes and lowest summer salary. All people imp* 
be good Orchestra Dressers on and off, First class Musicians for Hand and Orchestra. Want good 
Agent who knows Tent Show business. Colored Bill Phelps wire. Long, pleasant engagement to good 
people. Tickets to those I know. All people mast join on wire. Show golnaNorlh. Halarlcs absolutely 
sore. Address Manager, NOLAN-OAK* Kit. JUVB ACTION », 

Box 1IM, Ulrmlnlliam. Via. 

P. R. Also WANT 0(101) DOSS CAN VA8MAN, who can handle Big Top and unilcmtands Bulls 
and Wcyer Lighting 8y»u.-iii. ^^^^^^^ 





State age, height, weight and salary. This Is tho FOVHTH C0N8ECUTIVK SUCCESSFUL bKAMON M 
this Company In Ontario. WHAT'S THE AN8WKH. 

Address WALTER WILSON, Woodstock, Ont. 


Clever Yonng Leading Man, Heavy and Character. Man who can THrect, Comedian with Rpccl»ltle% 
Carpenter capablo of good lino parts. Other useful people write. Season opens Jiily £1. Rehoamna 
two woexs earlier. Send photos mid lato programme*. Only reliable people with plenty of up-to-ilaia 
wardrobe need reply. Charley Whitney, write. Address _._._ „ ... .. ... 

la. A. EARLE Kelly's Island, O. 


wftb fiood Singing VoIms. ONE 6000 SKATING ACT-lady and M, Prefer Ou vki 
Can do Tango facing. TWO NOVELTY ACTS— One Posing Living Picture Act. 6001 
PRODUCER, who Is Capable of Putting on Novelty Numbers, 

The abovo must he all First Class People. This Is Not a Tabloid. All week stands, and curry 38 people. 
Uiidertlie uittiiuguitienlur WM. II. IIAKIIKII. Address. .... .._ ....... „,»..«. mim 

BILLY ALLEN, tlornrd Hotel, Mth Ht„ NEW YOllK CITY 



N. Maser Street, l'hlla., I'a. 

FOB. B ALE-8 Merry-no-Roiinds, all klnda of 
Trick DogB and Jlovea. 8 Muglo Tables, Hoiln 
Fountain, Typewriter, High rjtrlker, Dull lUu.k. 
SO ft. Bound Top. Will exchange or buy good 
dims. PKOK. liAKItV SMITH. 




Either or both, ft ft,, 200 lbs. Ilespoiulble people 


Msglo; change for week; fake Piano; Straights; 
sober; age,4s. en Harrison Bt, liruoklyu, N. X. 


With the Auditorlam Tbratre cooled br a newlv 
liistallpd uMuratuH, which muki-a the hnusv un- 
aaiiallr comfurtible and cool tliese hot davs, the 
stock cotupaiiy lied sowe of Hie brat sales of th« m 
rear the iaat two weeks, iwiug "llrewster'a Mil- 
lions" as the vehicle for Ma/ 24 and week. 
Meta Miller chose > piny for her company which 
cTlilcntly, judging from the attendance, Kansas 
City has been anxious to see. 

Lonlsxlta Valentino, one of the most beautiful 
women seen in Kansaa City this year, as row. 
made her ilebnt to Kansaa City's public. With 
only the Ihntol opportenltles that the part af- 
fords, she handled it well anil carefully, and with 
a thonnaThaesa which only an actme of many 
cccompUali-nenui and careful atuly conhl. Hvr 
spontaneous and cordial applause srefiia to be In- 
dicative of the aucceaa here which she so richly 
deserves. Henry Mori liner, aa Monty, was gouil. 
Be handled his rapid Ore comedy lines In One 
style, and every one got "over." 

Bardie Meakln and Kiwi Mtiimtt made big hits. 
The character work of Iilnmi Dcwsr. Harry Uol- 
llsmrwortu and Jack lllimkall was excellent. 

Henry Mortimer leaves June T. snd will sail 
June 13 on the OoltimVIa fur Olnsguw. After s 
-week In Scotland and Ireland Mr. Mortimer will 
spend some time In Norway, and take a two 
weeks' cruise lo tbe Arctic Circle, later maklnj 
visits to London, Paris and Holland. He will 
return about Sept. I. 

■ s 

MANAOxa Fsbd CuauNcsr, of the Ohauneey- 
Kelffer Block Co., fell anil broke his snkle on 
the stage of tbe Junction Park Theatre, New 
Brighton, I'a., on Monday, May IB. Tbe Chann- 
«v-K«lffer Co., headed by Mlas Kelffer, opened 
their fourth season of Hummer stock st New 
Brighton, on Decoration Day, wllh a scenic pro- 
duction of "The House of Lies." 

Ths Bhea gtock. at Toronto, Includes: Adele 
Blood, William P. Qirteton, Marion Drntlsr, Hid- 
ney Itlggs. Mamie Chambers, John T. Dwyer. 
Maude Turner Gordon. L'Ksf range Mlllmsn, Hu- 
bert Osborne, Fred l'istier, Wllllnm J. Ilrndy. Cor- 
rlne Bsrker, Dorolhy Turner Gordon ntsl llolx-rt 

Tim nropreas Players proilucetl "The Acid Test" 
at (he Hrapress. Ban Diego, Onl., last week. The 
company Includes: Jack fraser, Warren Kiln- 
worth, Austin Adami. liose Mayo. Gladya Day, 
Helen Csrew and nulla Watts. Mr, Chapman Is 
stage director. 

Til* Wright nunthgton Players closed May 80. 

"Stop Tiiist." Hie funny comedy. Is tbe offer- 
ing at tbe Buahv-ick. Brooklyn, litis week. 

At the Orescent. Brooklyn, this week's bill Is 
"Tbe Christian," In eliibi reels. 

Ormsi Parrow's offering at (be Onlnmhla, Par 
Bocknway, L. I , Is " l.'i' to Mary'/" 

Till Coma took Players iTuiltinl "nvinvlit ami 
Paid for," with Pen JohnMiu. Pay Balnler, uud 
Prank Thomas In prlncijml roles. "Tlio Seven 
Bisters" ibis week. 

Tub Clifford PNrrk On.liorm Musical Rtoek st 
Newark, N. J,, will clo«o C, villli "I'uu Talk or 
New York." 

Tub msnsaement of tbe Audltorlnm at Hrltan- 
nla Park. Ottawa. Can., are tiylng to seenre 
Piorenoo Rltlcnhnnse and Hurry Ingram for their 
stock company. Mint Itltlenliousc ond Mr. Ingrain 
are Immense favorite* In Ottawa, having both 
plaed several slock engagements here. 

"Tils CoMHPiBAcr" ppwed a great aarcess at 
the Doruliilon Tlienlre, Otliiwa. Can. Tlie play 
gave rreat scope lo Hie lilslrlonlc ability 
of this well-halsnoml orgsiilsaflon. Mr. Howard 
IV, ul, Ion. director of the cumpany. look tbe part 
or Wlnihrop Oiarerlng. and proveil Immense. Lisle 
I^lgh also scoreit with her clever Iniiieraonatlon 
of Jainlla Peres. 

I.x»nnr! Pusi.i's' many trlctvU will be pleased 
to learn (bat sbe la tusking a splendid success of 
her engagement with tbo Oimlnkin Stock Co., of 
Ottawa, Can. 




Town off Twonty Thousand 


AiMrraa D. H. RVfSSRLL, 
411 Fort Dearborn Iluildlnsr, 
Chicago, 111. 


In High Class Stock Prodaetlonsi— 

about six foot tall, capable of playing Homo heavies 
and Juveniles. No graml n|ivnt salaries, but goof 
wugi's, fulr treatment nml a forty week sensnt 
oKsured. Please inuko ap|illcatlou by letter only, 
sending photos, programs and other particulars. 

H milt Y A. MA tic: ll, Specialist la 
•' Henalbls Priced Attrastlons," Hooni h J 
Ixing Aero lliag.. Times Square, ffsw York. 



Doable Second Violin, Piano 
or Stags. 

Trombone and Cornet, double Btago. Feature 
Novelty Act for Preo Attraction. Car Show. 

Humphrey, Bebr 




Musicians, II. and <). and Htage ; Orchestra Leader 
wire. Also real Clarinet Player. L, P. Brier and 
Puddy Dean If at liberty, wire. Cauvas Bhow 
Btato lowest Orxt Idler, pay own. 

Itatchltoehes, La. 


If quality, originality and the "Jolt" Is there. Aa 
act, sketch or iiinnolugiiu written byTBrlNBY 
Is as safo an Investment as a government bond. 

, Correspondence invited. 

| ALIEN SPENCER TENNEY. 1402 Broidwt, 
P.H "Mall tlfor BTenney Parodies— they'rogoo d'' 



Btato lull particulars. Matt bo cheap. 

U1IAB. POPE, Majestic Theatre, 
' Bprlngflelil Ave., near lllgh St., Newark, N. J. 


Material of all kinds for acts at short ponsllils 
notice. Monologues, Coon, Kid, Hnbe, Jew, Irish, 
Dutch, Italian, rJtrulght, (Jul Hklmicr, lira' 
, Mc each— all for $1.00. Hketchcs from 
for any two characters or dialects. Miami 
ply. OKO. II. ALI.KrJ, afflK.71»t HI., Si 

lie, Jew, Irish,! 
', Brain Worm, I 
from fi.oo np] 
Htamp for re. 1 
Vew ynrk City . I 

\A/a»rtts.a Qulok 

Good Amusement 

To Open llcmodclcil House. Musical Csraedy 
preferred. CENTRAL TIIKATRK, Epllfata, Pa. 

Young Man wllh a cnntlnl of ono hundred dollars 
to buy iine-half of Vamler and Alva Revolving 
Ladder Troupe oft. Write or call, day time only. 
tJB s (I KltMAHT IU VS AVK.. I'lllLA., PA. 


WANTED for Stock Co. (live full particulars 
flrst letter. Mav also locate OrganlMd Company. 
10S Stanley St. Moasfraal, Caaada 


■' I 




*» _. . iv- *- 1 .. 


June 6 




Monday, Judo 1. 
The hot weather has caused a hasty with- 
drawal of several offering* In tbe major 
bouses, and more arc to cut short their en- 
gagements at an carl; date. The last per- 
lurmance ol "The. Third Tarty," at the 
Princess, took place Saturday night, May 
80. The farce will re-open with Taylor 
Holmes and Walter Jones In New York late 
In August. Kitty Gordon, In "Pretty Mrs. 
Smith/' entered Into the farewell week of 

"Sleepy iStcTo," and numerous other one act 
plays now being used In vaudeville. 

I.Ltltla <>nllagher. a soprano, was the solo- 
ist at the North Slioro Congregational Church 
Sunday, May 31. 

John Itunkly, bass baritone, and John 
Doanc, accompanist, gave a recital of the 
ballads, romances and songs of Hans Siom- 
mer. In German, at tbe MacBurney Studios, 
Fine Arts Handing, to-night 

Blessing Strong Martin soprano, a pupil 

her engagement at the Garrlck, Sunday night, «•*&£& WUTSS^SBriMS 

It Ja said that Ilulh Chattcrton's run In P- lttnl8t ' « BV ». tl .'° »* tot . the ™?? M «> , >! < » 
''Daddy Ix>ng-I<egs" will be t< 
and the beginning of the end 

Kolb and B|ll, at the American Miiaic nan. Art a, Mary' Wood Chase, director, will hold 
. rhe .S5 I ? a 7,L, M » y 2. an L» Sa il^^2 iifiS Its seventh* annual commencement concert, 

.Srtner 5S M|t ?u_o^?an* f** 1 * aftern0 ° n ' 5 ' at the B,aCk9t0De ne » 
Ihe "Seven Keys to llaldpate" departed from 
George M. Cohan's Grand Opera House Satar- 


Eagle AutoTransfer Co, 

330 W. VAN BCHEN ST., 
Phone, Wabash C2W. CHICAGO. 

Motor Truck* Used Exclusively. 

T_t_i_l_iT_J? Society at their lecture given In the Little _,, , fl , . ..,. tm«-i..». ,„a n.hi» i 

terminated soon, /rh PB tr» Siiml.v mrmlnu Mu ai °" *• flrst na '" : "Ingham and Gable, , 

id Is at hand for The M^vl\^od Chase School of Musical Wor8e - ° ene 0recnc ' * lclt and Lyda fin 

rlcan Music Hall, .IrJS? xSZX 1 &X? I^S.^JShSi Italian. Troubadours, Gardner and. Le . 

day night, May 30. 

The one nssured survivor Mr the play, that 
has:, already been here tbe longest, Jack I,alt's 
corned? drama, "Help Wanted.'.' The end is 
not yet In sight for Mr. Kolker and bis fel- 
low players at the Cort.'- 



"Untangling Tony," by Bagg, and "The 
Bells of Cornovllle, by Planquette will be 

Slven by the Dramatic Club and the Light 
pera Club of the Stein Musical Dramatic 
Conservatory, with orchestra accompaniment, 
Wednesday evening. 8. Karl Buren Stein 
and Mrs. ■. Karl ' Huren Stein will conduct. 
The performance will take place at the Asso- 

Thomas ltyleys' Queen o;. the Movies elation Auditorium. 

^ h ? , Si.? I i U V %i- ,1 w2!:IS'..-fc^„ .„ _." Memorial Day at White City 

-SS-Wa-i 1 - 1 S__£fe."Rn2. brated by special decoration of> 

was cele- 

«gem-ent 1 rGeo. M. Cohan's Grand Opera a^r.dln'gT andT' ^^n'ta'* f*daaS 
Bouse Sunday hlghj, May 31 com rig. to ha „ _ uh * Ize3 and so t_ Tcnlrf ,; The 8oinJl 

SfiSfi ■3™^*™l2&J*%2%i 8">e Park closed its second week of the Bum- 

IiS'TLJS? p!a *h? v » Vrb ™=? ™. tr"n B y mer "™ 0D Saturday, May 30, and the man- 

rd, Lillian I/orralnc. Bernard 
alter C. Kelly, "The Virginia 
l T. Murray, Moon and Morris, 

-__& f? d H wr T» a"!..^! S°rlffi France Brothers, the upside-down actors ; 
f**ft__K„ ■?!?."" "VSSff^A^n 1 S£l y !»• Awakening Athlete,, the Dultqns, eques- 

Three Wise Men. Six Abdallahs. Last half: 
Don and May Gordon. Mable Lee, Fritz Otto, 
Gene Greene. Shipley Adamson company. 
Three Wlso Men, and Four Gaynors. 

McVickkb's (J. G. Burch, mgr.) — Week of 
1 : Kara and company, Eckert and Francis, 
lx)uls Kelso, Connoly and Naulty. Edwin 
Keogh and company, A1. Harrington and 
company, Harr and Evans, Trevltt dogs, and 
Harrington and company. 

Cbown (E. Ettelson, mgr.) — Week of 1: 
Rlchberg's Japanese Dolls occupy headline 
position' at theCri)wn Theatre for the flrst 
three days. On Thursday. 4, the Great 
Monahanv fbller skating wizard, will be the 
stellar feature. - 

Great Nohthbkn Hippoobomb- (F. C. 
Bberts, mgr.) — Week of 1 : Win* and Toore. 
a clever singing and dancing "pair. In tbe 
skit. "No Trespassing," headline one.blll_at 






100 if. -A SALLE 




TO* Majestic The-tre Bldg.. Chlcago.IH. 

Producer ol Feature Vaudeville Attractions 
Tth Floor, Gibbons Hldg. ; 20 E. Jackson Blvd., 
CHICAGO, rhone Wabash 6002. flood Chorus 
Girls and Principals Wanted at all times. 


90» Consumer* Bldg., CHICAGO, ILL. 

"New Acta Wanted at All Times." 



lU snd 1«« WASU1SOTON ST., 
(Fhone Fraiklln 4201) CHICAGO 



Booking Standard Vaudeville Acts. 

Through W. V. M. A. 

Suite 5ia. Ft. Dearborn Bldg., Chicago 

W S. BoTxsanrLO Is to have opposition In 
illcbUtin. J. U. l'llln»re is Lidldine a ibodlre 
in Bay Olty. and accordlna to rumor expects to 
enter other towns. 


LOEW OiaOGTT. ■ ..-- 
Pollowlnr his advantaxes gained by the acquisi- 
tion of the Sullitaa i Consldlne coast to coast 
circuit of theatres, Marcos Loew Jumped oa to 
Chicago recently acd closed one of the bluest 

rerrca to umoago, .Jmuiwuig. tugene ana 5 6l . u ■ k th - j,-—.. on « tat attend- BKlt . 1>0 iivspassing, neat 

Willie Howard. Lillian Lorraine. Bernard -^?nd"caah^^trlnthe Vht DarPs $£■ the Great Northern Tllppodrome. while Hal 

Granville, Walter. C. Kelly. "The .Virginia i^^w^KmVa^S^i^^. S avl S and .company, fn ^Stockton's Busy. 

, tory. This week's bill Includes the motor- 
fudge.:" 'John T. Murray, Moon and Morrto. C j C ] e act Cftlled h^ Bl0D( , , Deatll ; - Ln 

j,™. y»»" j _ " ;tli_ SC»;„ i» »%. irians; ireoous perronmng sen lions, ann 

Louis J Cody and many othbre. Therp Is an i >owerg . New y ork Hlppodromo elephants. 

.utiuBually large 'and decorative chorus. The . ThB j Klde „ the „ ew M , 8 io <( ca . 

9 a ? p i^5 \" thc wor fi.? f ilS^A? wt »nrt Parity every day, and the rathskeller, wher* 

at least be Is responsible for tho booK and £| ngerg nol j fortn , 9 popu i Br w i tn those who 

l7 l f s '«,. 8 Jf ?ml,n , d JS n * cr ?. tJ£ e J : «? P wSi 'avor light entertainment. Among the other 

while William J. Wilson .director ol the .Now attril( . t ,S n g are -tinder .the Waves," "The 

.lork Ulppodromc, has staged the production. G ohoi ,t» and "The Shadow of the Crosa." 

There arc two acts and trfclvc One. ,^, e War ot tho W orlds." thc new lllu- 

Day," top the other. Others oa tie bill 
are: Sprague and McNeece, skatorhtl enter- 
tainers; Woston end Leon, singing come- 
diennes; Vestoff Trio, novelty terpsTchoreaii 
artists, and Scbaefer and Waller, singers and 



Thb Old'Krlcn-ls' CloJ of America,' a soelil «mal««m»tlons of modem showmanship 
cr/^fiaUoa 01 uVeatrlcil mea. l-> growing so Tap- With. Aaron J. Jones. Mr. Loew met Thomas 

■d ij • srd enloyln* rach wanrleTf.d prontrlty that Saxe, of Mnwaakee. and Charles H. Miles, of 

It la b.relr issil.le that It will ai-read to other Mlnneaoolls. and secured their elguatures to con- 

cM« toldWo «w la due Uine. Ihe mcui'ie.- tracts .llowlag the ne^w Loew Westera circuit to 

Lip wm 303 « he™ the last meeting was held, control the exclusive bookings of a 1 their bouses. 

S — ■— T" , a 1 the tunetln board, at jp S -*~^*~&m g-gtaj. 

■still be the first stop for the vaudeville road shows 
of Marcus Loew, out of ChJcagp. - • 

»Ir. Miles controls tbe large vaudeville houses 
in Minneapolis, Detroit and Cleveland. 

Loew's Western Company his lust been Issued 
Its charter by lor Secretary, of SUt-. capitalise J 
for flte million dollars, ml with the following 
directors: Marcus Loew, Aaron J. Jon«. Mose 

New members announced 00 _ 
that lime were George T. 8erreU», Kugeno Di-it. 
Jchn Osgood, Jack Iloeffler. William Ljnch Bob- 
erts and Bay V. Menria. AppUctttous pHtcd 
were: Ed. W. Rowland Jr.. William B. Patton, 
Joseph O. BhJdr, Frank II.' Smth. C. 8. Wash- 
burne. Ualworth Stark. James C. Matthews, Ar- 
nold lurch, Frank G. Paiton. William II. Kibble, 
Ilarry Goodman, Tom Hanks, Fred M. Ltnota 
and Harry Roue. The latter Is ldentmod by his 

5j >!ST jlsil 1ltfil ! r- g==V - ,= Oppenhelmer, Morris Cohn, Nicholas Ikhenek and 

■ - — David Bernateln. • ." .. 

Fred Lincoln, fcrmerly prueral manager of the 
Snlllvan 4 Coa-ldine clroult.. which SOW rrei^d 

J. L. & 8. ROSTER. 
The following Is the roster of Important of- 

'^A^mBut^^liHlS \£12m t^*"* 1 l«Ve^iewr\,"a"'sp"fcwrulafprodu£ ^Z i^^Jffi£*tei^2££&. 
melodramatic^ tinge. _ This doplcts_the Mj Hon It Is not a xnovlng picture show. Its prises, Chicago: 

ships of air and ocean are real. They fly 

the air and sail the water, fire groat guna, 

and are destroyed by shots of the enemy. In 

Its pictures of the war of the future. Its 

realuun Is Intense and thrilling. Its big 
ployed, the central runway, however '"Tho g ,„ thp conflagration which destroys <™J£ «• JjKfc, ?^ST 

Whirl of the World," being augmented by a N< _ w York of 20 0O and its towers and lofty ^."l* SS 'maSSJ' of <i 
secondary circular walk which -iklrts the or- ou iidlngs _ H - •*• »P«nuth, manager or the oentrai rui 

chestra pit. The enBagement Is for a llm- Tno Vn i ieA Male Choruses gave their on- 
*ted period^ and for that rearan ..Perform- nual ontlng ot jtlvervlew Sunday, May 31. 

' A thousand voices united In songs In tbe 

open air In front of the band stand. 

Korest Park's free vaudeville bill this week 

Js headed by Lucille Mulball. thc cowgl-l. 

and her hand of riders and ropers. This Is 
crick and K.tnny I^xke Ilatton. ntithors of said lo ho one of the best of the Wild West »on. asslatanrmanagcr. 
"Years of Dlscrotlon,". opened at the Blsck- acts. Thc Tango Wheel, a revolving dance _ Oniheum, George II 

Ing of the huge superllner Vaderland, a not 
later the burning of a steamship In mldocean, 
with the attending rescues. As In tho two 
"Passing Shows" that have been seen In 
Chicago, thc Sumurun Pathway Is again em- 
ployed, the central runway, however, '"Tho 

nnecs will be given nightly. Including Sun- 
day, with three matinees, one on Wednesday, 
one on Friday and tho third on Saturday. 
Summer prices will prevail. 
"The Call of Youth." a comedy by Fred- 

prises, Chicago. 

Aaron J. Jones, president; Peter J. Schaefer. 
vice president; Adolpb Llnlck, secretary and 
treasurer; Samuel I. Levin, general manager; 
Ralph T. Kettering, publicity manager; Emll 
Mayer, auditor. 

Frank Q. Doyle, manager of Jones, Llnlck A 


ITasel Adler, lotil.y displays and nhotographs. 

McVlcker's Theatre. John 0. Lurch, manager; 
Win. Roseoblum. assistant manager. 

Colonial, George A. Harrison, manager; Mike 
Simons, assistant manager. 

La Salle, Joseph Bransk;, manager. 

Studebaker, Sam Lederer, manager; Ben Ander- 

hustness of that liame. 

List week's meeting was attended with Its nana! 
Interest. Tho nxsi lmpor:sut action was tie uau- 
In* of aa auJU.n.- (ommittec ly President Ed. W. 
Rat; land Sr., i-on.;lstlng of Janes WlnglleM, Frank 
Cazrulo and A. Sl.lo Bennett, and a nomlnit'ng 
committee by the board of managers, consisting 
of Fred Sorrenson. pu T. Kettering. Darli 
Bei'hler, Harrjr Hiejtlonand Wllllsra Alstoo. 

Remarks we« made hy Jcitph Cellahrai, Er- 
rett Bigelow, Glen Burt and Frank E. Davidson, 
ca -various matters for th-j pod of th<^ club and 
tb-s province of the social committee, of which 
Aubrey StaiilYer Is chairman, was fully established, 
which Is expeciel to lead In making future eeaslons 
douhly enjoyable. 

with the Loew and Jones, Llnlck A S:haefer time, 
two months in, cne of the Biggest, theatrical 
(h-sIs ever consummated, has been apfolnted gec- 
ernl manager of the new circuit. 

Mose OppeaUelaier, of Spokane, Waah.. be^owes 
Tlec-rreslilent inl Western tepres^ntntive. The 
Chicago hooking oflhee will be located in the 
Strauss Building, Madison and Clark Streets, ir.tli 
a staff of booking managers, Inclndine Walter F. 
Eeefe, of the Miles circuit: Frank (;. Doyle of 
the Jones, Llnlck A Schaefer circuit, anil Paul 
Gowlron formerly Western looking manager of the 
old Snlllvan * Omsldlne clrctilt. Aaron J. Jones 
win be the active head of the Cht-ag) office. 

Moore, manager; Edw. 

atone ITientre to-nlgiit. Tho cast Includes : floor, has created great Interest nt the park, Teven. assjsta manager. 

flertrude Co*ilan, Vivian Martin. Virginia as have tho Hawaiian Village and the Won- 

Hatnmnnd. Walter Hampden, Korest Wlnant, norland, Tbe resort has undergone many 

Arthur -Stanford. Schuyler Ladd, William changes, and it has many new nttractlons. 

Lowers, Edgar Norton and others. Tho plot Sans Soucl offers a variety of entortain- 

lius to do with tho deliut and brief butterfly raent, Including a big, free, opou air vaude- 

carecr of thrt-c henullful girls whose eccen- viu e show. The Casino Is In operation and 

trie and blase guardian has educated the there are two places for the danoea — a 

reared them with the unique Idea of making pavilion for thc tangolsts and the former son, manager. 



tlnlly ... 

upon the he.ttts and minds of men of all novel, is In Its seventh week at the Stude- 

stations furnish much of the fun. all. of the .baker, where it draws lnrge crowds con- = 

donoT.em'c^t'of'the ^ y tl10 Mnc nn « 1 "<»"* $*%£*■ W,lllftm KarDl,m ls I,lc,,,red » ffifainy ^nnoTwas 9 ta?taftVth. a lSS 

The Columbia held over Its travesty on The Fine Arts Theatre will keep on ex- 

"Helo Wanted," and offers In addition nn hlbltlon the (limed spectacular fantasy, "Nep- 

entertainment of musical farce and snorlnlty. tune's Daughter." with Annette Kcllermaun 

On Monday, 8, Frank Craven will bring to as the lady of the Bea. 

area them with the unique men or maxing pavilion Tor the tangolsts and the former 
icm froflclent In all the wiles which lure skating rink for the waltzers and two-step- 
en. They n,ro apt. Ingenious and esscn- pcrs. The "Penny Movies" is an innovation, 
ally moral, hut the havoc which they wreck "The SpoIlors, ,r a Aiming of Hex Bench's 

Crown, Emery Ettelson. manager. 

Wlllard. Norman E. Field, manager. 

Bijou Dream, Slgraund Filler, manager. 

Lyric, Louis Jones, manager. 

Premier, Louis Jones, manager. 

Plasa, Schaefer Brothers. 

Star, Schaefer Brothers. 

New American, to open Aug. 1, Emery Ettel- 

Boyta Woilvolk is advised that his stock 
company opened at tbe Roanoke Theatre, at 
Roanoke, vs., last wee* under very favorable 
circumstances. The onealng bill was "Thc Ten- 

tho Garrlck 'Theatre his own Comedy, "Too 
Many Cooks." 

On Sttndnv 21, "Thc F.loper'." a musical 
comedy by the late Arthur Gillespie. Fred- 
trick Stoddard and Hugo Frey, will be pro- 
duced at the Comedy, with Will Phillips, 


liar. Johnson and tbe members of the com- 
pany of "Oh, Look Who's Here?" spent part of 
last week In Chicago, losing three days. T1k> sea- 
son ended Sunday at Michigan Olty. lnd. Halton 
Powell announces that this show has had a very 
successful season In every particular. 

Frank Q. Dot 

At the Zlegfeld Theatre "Scaled Orders," 
a motion picture reproduction ot Cecil Ra- 
leigh and Henry Hamilton's newest Drury 
Lane melodrama, will be continued Indcfl- ** ow » 'a the Cede 
niteiy The MIIb at these houses last week Included some 

The La Salle Opera nouse installed new ?/, 1 Ule cn °£f olferlnss of vaudeville, and were 

well arranged 

Taylos iND Arnold, who appeared at the 
North American Cabaret. In Chicago, last week, 
are reported to have been engaged for 
Elopers." to open shortly. 

SaAprao, BtaNoTEtN & Co. have a new son;; by 
Earry Oarrol and Harold AtterHge. entitled "By 
the Beautiful Sea," which starts off In Chlea^j 
like It meant to break records. It Is a semi-ballad 
with a pretty melody. 

Onb of Madame Bedlal's ponies died last week, 
with the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus. Victor Be- 
dlnl Is seeking another. 

Mills 4 Haferkamp are tbe new owners of 
the American Theatrical Kxehuige. at 140 N. Dear- 
born Street, Chicago. They are booking the White 
Palace. Mandarin Inn. Dalperln Bros. Oafe, Quo 
Yaills Cafe. Leihr's Cafe and tbe Relic Bouse. 

Victor Witosiirhker sang "By the Beantlfnl 
Sea" at the Crown Theatre last Friday night, at 
a song contest, and wan flrstnrlze. to tbe great 
satisfaction of Slg. Bosley, Western manager of 
Shapiro, Bernstein A Co. 

Neal and Nbal opened for the W. V. M. A. 
this week at Fremont, Neb. 

Ciiarub Freeman rill be Sam Kahl's repre- 
sentative in tbe W. V, M. A. next season. 

Tns Farnum Trio, headed by Mrs. Senator 
Farnuro, was easily the hit of the bill at Mc- 
Vlcker's last week. She has a beautiful voire, 
and ls assisted by a splendid tenor and a pianist. 

Walter Netpin, youngest of the Chicago sorw? 
plnggers. Introduced "By the Beautiful Sea" at 
the North American Cabaret. 

The Llechtl-Weber Quartette appeared at the 

Mrrcnau. akd Kebr presented a new act at 
The the Great Northern Hippodrome last week, a com- 
bination ot Tom Kerr's violin single and Otis 
Mltcliell's oanjo playing. In spite of the diffi- 
culties with which they battled tbety did well. 
They do not use the orchestra, and these Instru- 
ments are not calculated to make much noise In 
a big house with fans operating. The act Is 
meritorious. ' 

Charles E. Hodeihs' sister died at Joplln, 
Mo.. 'May 28, after a long Illness. 

Janes Winoiield has gotten out a date book 
for 1914-15 which has quite a good deal of raln- 
ahle Information in addition to blanks for bookings 
of the usual sort. It has the towns In the Central 
SUtes booked by Wtngfleld's Central States cir- 
cuit, named alphabetically, with tbe names of 
the theatres, and the long list Is surprising. 

Tire Llechti-Wcber Quartette made quite an 
Impression at the Great Northern Hippodrome last 
week. It Is one ot tbe best singing organizations 
seen here In a loaa; time. The men are drwsed 
In o->era cloaks, and tbe ladles In evening gowns. 
making a favorable Impression outside of their ex- 
cellent singing. 


returned from an extended vlrlt to New York 
City, where they went to aenire new plays fcr 
Mr. Sherman's tul-lold routes the omlng seuon. 
They brought Imek a list that will give Str. Sher- 
mar. an even greater numl-cr of i»opnlar "plnya than 
he rail the past siason. Mr.' Sherman snd Mr. 
Cel.'ms also ntlnl Atlantic City, Philadelphia. 

Lf.Il booking some spicnctta Great Northern Hippodrome last week with great Bidtlmore and WeEhlngt« Ufore returning 
nlal and Sfe\ leker s Thejtres. „ lwMa . w ^" Chlcaco. 

Olgn De Itetigh, l»uls Kelso and others Irt It. f leturw Saturday May 30. offering A Mil- AHANra Hendricks, who has been phylng As- 
Thc Columbia Theatre p i a p aaai tn conduct "on Bid, • a lljmlng of the late Mrs. Milney RodaUo,, tlmt for Mnl e months, appeared at the 
Oils Summer an experiment that should bo £»'•"'» P'aj^ Agnes, and a comic picture, Aca(lwny the early part of last week, and held 
worth watching. Acting upon suggestion In "Goodness Gracious, ' In which Sidney Drew down fourth snot on a good hill f-he has a most 
nearly overv ono of lite crltlcUms of "Hell- » shown in the lending part. delightful song revue, and Ls attractive In every 

Pp Wanted,*' Its travestv on "Help Wanted," , Both the National and Imperial Theatres, 
the management has decided to continue to turning from drama to pictures offer the 
produce, each fortnight, n btirlesouc on one six reelcr called "The Drug Terror" It drew 
if the egltlmato plays In other Loop thca- >»rg? crovda when shown In the city's heart. 
.;». ™* w„rir nr ?nni.triictlnir tbess bur- „,Thc Iambs' Gambol at tbe Auditorium, in 

Chicago, Thursday afternoon and evening, 

May 28, proved n flnanclnl and an artistic 

KUTLBDon and PiCKEEixo, who present "A 
Fatted Calf," just finished e»v*ral weeks' extra 
for Sullivan & Consldlne. playing their most lm- 
imrtant hoases, and meetlug with pronounced fuc- 
ceas. The? came to Oblca^u week before last, snd 
ns this ls written are undecided as to their Sum- 

tres. Tho work of constructing these bur 

lesnuos will bo done from various angles— 

the mode of attack will be different In each »">* ^8, proveu a tinnncini nntt an artistic ^ r '"-f ana 

case. The casta will be selected from mem- f"^" 9 : The "^P* 8 . ■ Cro ^S ^l^-Jl Oiiable's Bamcroi. who la remembered In the 

hers of Mr. Singer's stock company, or. If 80l " ,cn J. r 'P^sraayaLetas.. netted In tho neigh- mldlllo Wcat RS osent for Fnd Klljrnl0Da ., .Tte. 

no member appears cnpable of handling a b ? rU ? t>, J ot *S h • » 1 ^ 1 " at *fl e ' Missouri Girl." la to be marrle.l very Bhortly. Ho 

certain part, an actor will be specially en- 
gaged to play It 

A new sketch was offered Inst week at tlio 
Kodxle Thontre. calli-d "A Midnight Appeal." 
It Is by John J. O'Connor, and has to do 
with graft and sordid politics. Tho chief 
chnracter Is n.bons who mm city govern 
tnonts and legislatures to suit his own con- 
venience. A land hill Is ahottt to be passed 

In a city council which will deprive a large t "Thcodoro Boosevelt In South Amet- 

number_ of poor people of their .homes, and fa 

which traversed tho streets In the loop dis- 
trict Thursday morning, attracted a great 
deal of attention. 

American Mvsic Halt. (Samuel P. Ger- 
eon. mgr.) — 'Kolb and Dill, In "Peck o' 
llekles.' 7 

Auuitobium (B. TJIrich, tagr.) Is dark. 

Bt-ACKtsTONH (Harry J. Powers, mgr.)— 
Beginning Monday, 1, "The Call of Youth." 

Combdt (F. O. Peers, mgr.) — Motion pic- 

also ruin another man, the boss' rival In a 
love affair. The woman In tho,.case comes 
to the boss at midnight and appeals to him 
(o have the hill halted. Tho sketch Is acted 
by George Harconrt as the boss Mary Sulli- 
van ns the secretary, end Grnre Ilnlc as tho 
woman In th> case. Mr. O'Connor is also 
author of "The Voice," "Marked Money," 



Arc Cordially Invited to Make 

Headquarters at the Western Bureau 


The New York Clipper 

In the Heart «f the itlnllo 

505 Ashland Block, Cor. Clark k Randolph 

PIHVNirs I 0KNTKAI. 5048 
PHOt.KH( Alm) jjjfl 

If not convenient to call. MAIL unuTKS 

ventlonal. It la original, aggressive, Im 
partial, reliable, and hIhivo all, IT HAS A 
TIVENESS which places it in a 

Cort (U. J. Hermann, mgr.) — "Help 

rt.NK Arts (It. E. Hnrmeyer. mgr.) — Mo- 
tion pictures of Annetto Kellermann, la 
"Neptune's IMughter." 

Gahhiok (John J. Garrlty, mgr.)— Kitty 
Gonlon. In "1'retty Mrs. Smith." 

(Ikoiiok M. Cohan's Grand OraBA Housa 
(Hnrry Ridings, mgr. — Heglnnuig Sunday. 
31. "The Whirl of the World." 

Illinois (W. J. Davis, mgr.)— ."Queen of 
the Movies." 

I.a sai.i.b OrRKA Housa (Joseph Brunsky, 
mgr.) — "A Million Bid" and "Goodness Gra- 
cious" feature films. 

has been with tbe Hlograpu. people for three years, 
nnd has a flm rosttlon. 

Katherinb bri.soR ls payfsg a visit to frlenils 
at Unlontown, I'u. She recvnlly closed a Maaaa 
with Pepplo & Shein's Colonial Minstrel Maids. 

■Frank Q. Don.B has a beautiful home In Oak 
Park, and he recently fltted op a room In tho 
basement, whlcii be calls "UaWrato Inn," It Is 
arranged for Ihe uitertaln.aent of Ids men friends 
nnd was opened reeenaly v.itli a stag party whl:h 
was a highly, en'oyable affair. Ho bad the lend- 
ing business men of Oak Park as bis guests. In- 
cTiKlln,i tho alderican, also a few of his raude- 
villo friends, Fred and I rank S-cbaeffer. S. A 
I*Tlnc, Ralph T. Ketterln;. I). B. Meredith. 
Claude Doyle and Warren Wairen tererespnted 
vaudeville, also entertainers such as Axel Chris- 
tenaen, Hager ai'd Goodwin, and Sadie Helf. 

Lson and ApKi.iNB HiSTaa.s reached Chicago 
last week, after a tour cf the S.-O. thaw, 
booked by John Nnsli, of the Chlcngo office. They 
have a few... weeks more bookings, after whim 
they co to Paw Taw Laka. Mich., for the Sum- 
mer, whore they have a cottage. 

Axel Oiiribtenssn opens on tbe Snlllvan A 
Oonsldlne clrcut shortly, at Minneapolis, and plays 
a few dates for tho Chicago office. In advance, 
starting with the Empress at Des Moines, la. 

Sopina Tuckeb appeared at tbe Kedxle Isst 


Live Tent Show News. Circus, Carnival, Wild West Gossip and 

Comment. Pertinent Paragraphs by our 

Special Correspondent. 



Oi.tmi'IC (Geo. C. Warren, mgr.) — "Twin Thursday. Friday. Saturday and Sunday, which 

Beds." marked tho closing of the season. 

I'owkbs' (Harry Powers, mgr.l — Ruth Tns Amerleua Theatre ended lta season May 

Chatterton, In "Daddy Long-I/Ogs," 81. The year has been a very succceaatnl one In 

STtiiiKtiAKBR (Sam Lederer, mgr.) — "Tho every partlculsr. The shows have been good and 

Spoilers" (root Ion pictures). business has been One. Several of Mmnie 

I.1TH.B (Maurice Browne, director) la r* 1 *"* tabloids played the house tho past sea- 

tlnvk son. wntch Increased the receipts. 

liimaiu /T niurim „,, ^ "ti,« n.„™ n,DC Adams, tn an underworld sketch, "Nlght- 

ToiSo, •• ^&JSa.. S ' m * T ->— rh0 Dru « hawks," Is playing Keith'. Theatre. In Olncln- 

Terror, photoplay. nit |, thul wceJt , working his way West, after a 

Victoria vH. C. Brolaskl, mgr.)— "Lcs successful season In the East. The act opens on 

Mlserables, • motion pictures. the Pantages time July 0. "Nlghtbawks' f Is the 

National (J. 1*. Barrett, mgr.) — "TUo work of I. K. Friedman, a well known contributor 

Drug Terror," photoplay. to Tho Saturday Evening Post. - 

Coi.i;miiia (K. If. Woods, mgr.) — -Week of J- 0. Matthews ano V. J. Hermann were 

"caned" by Medlnah Temple Shrlners. tn con- 
nection with their general Interest In the recent 

I dream throogh the day time— a vague, vain 

In my vrorktnjr world worn hours. 
Of a country clolsered amoagjt the clouds, 
And veiled la the laceuse of Cowers. 

I fashion In fancy a rlne-clad cot. 

With a ahlnlug and saluted dour; 
Where a nightingale nests lu Wild eaves 

And proud roses bow low at the door. 

I people this region with Rbo&ts of the past, 

Who oomo In n-ectral lesion. 
Wood of my liloo I, bone A rcy bene, 

The soul ot my soul — and its shnne. 

Before me thco stretckes. and surges and seethes, 

A BClntiUant star crowiu-1 sea: 
And dim throturh tbe dlstame a phantom fleet 

I/rlfts back o'er the bill j>t» to me. 

Tarn vessels that stile! In the mcrnlng of Hope, 
In the promise snd power of yeuth'H years, 

That were ton by the tewi*st and tossed by the 
And wrenched in the Hi>:bor of Tears. 

Bat the clou Is hate crept ever tbe cottage snd 
Ami tbe sea foods the face of the sky. 

Thc folks with tbe stow spent a very pleasant 
week last Wednesday In Cortland. 

Qme Milton bus tho Indian language ls a com- 
hlnntlon of sounds and bIxdk Wonder if be got 
that dope from listening to the bunch eating soup 
In the ccckhoose. 

The show is moving so fast the No. 3 Is only 
one day ahead. Tbe 24-nour man was stalled la 
the yards at Utlca 'till tbey mored. 

VTkat a fat chance Slf would hare to convince 
me Cortland ls a regular town. 

Ctn 30a lmagluo tbe tnlkfcst Gay Weadlck 
would have had la Boston 1 

Burrs, Mont., May 25. 
Dear Job: - - - 

A few words of introduction will be necessary 
to explain my letter. I was correspondent for 
Thb New Xobk Ouppeb In Vancouver, B. O., 

My folks moved to Butte, Mont., and so I 
moved here also. 

I was thinking of coming to Chicago, and may 
come In the near future. 

I met Al. G. Barnes May IT and IB. Took 
In the circus and found all things O. K. Al. Q. 
ls cue prlace of a fellow, acd lie spoke of you 
sod Tub Oupfbx In slowing terms? Re also 
said that he would see you when be got near 
Chicago, aid sends best regards to you. 

The week of May 18 the lUce at Dore Carnival 
showed here. I met both BUI Bice und Harry 
Dore, and found them both line fellows: They 
send along their best regards as well as tbe rest 
of the boys on the carnival. Oa another page I 
have a few notes I wish you would send In and 
I will appreciate same, as will tbe bojts on tbe 
circus and carnival. Mr. Rice told me that he 

While tho nightingale rooms to her famishing disposes of fifty Clippers every week In the ear 

And the' roses at the doorway die. 

Oh I ashes and embers of heart shd Hope. 

Ami tbe flres that mv. frail passion fed; 
Sheeted and shrouded yon are mine ever mine, 

Life has left ice a'.cao with tbe dead. 

May 31. Jack Singer's Stock Co. 

Stah AM) fl.vuTKit (Dick Hliler, mgr.) Is 

assB*taavsBBsT\s» »i 

Folly (It. C. Suhocncdae, mgr.) Is dark. 

Hatmaukkt (J. IV Kirk, mgr.)— Week of 
31, Mr. Illnck Crook Jr. 

.Knolhwikil- (1-Mw. 'Rcatiy, mgr.) — Will 
Roehm's Stock Co. 

1'alai'k Music Hall (Wort II. Singer, 
mgr.) — Week of June 1 : Dnvid Rbjpbam, 
Hugcnle lllnlr. Hello Itlauclie, Herman Tlm- 
bcrg, FloreiKo Tempest, lturk nnd McDonald, 
llootliby and Kbcrdern, the Hallots, and Vera 
Crust pictures. 

Durlwr. which proved such a great saocesa. Mr. 
Mntthews booked the show and U. J. Hermann 
was general stage manager. Both were given 
valuable canes at a dinner held at the Union 
Ijoanie Club, at which Oscar Kroft presided. 

Tns Windsor, at North Clark ami Division 
Streets, openod with pictures not kng ago. After 
a few weeks, one vaudeville act was put on. 
and J. O. Matthews rave them such excellent 
service Ihnt starting -this week the house Is play- 
ing rwo acts. adoiitln£ the split week system. 

"I.0VES8 ANO Lt!NAT!l•H. , ■ <IK> Of Borle WfWlI- 

folk's tabloids: Is on the II. B. O. time South, 


nival, which la ten more than any other paper 
sells with that show. He also said tbat Tns 
Old Bbuablb was gaining each week in popu- 

Tbe Al. Q. Barnes Wild Animal Circus played 
In Butte, Mont., two days, May 17, 18, to good 
business. Butte Is the finest city that this circus 
played on Sunday for some time. Even a parade 
was given oa Sunday morning. Al. G. Barnes 
remarked that the season . started off with due 
business and Is golug along floe. 

Alfred Wolr, auditor for Al. O. Barnes, is kept 
quite busy "these days handling the Immense 
amount of business being done by tbe circus. 
Rice A Dore Carnival gatherings. Butte, Mont.. 
_,. _ _ was sure some money getter for the Bice * Dore 

RY TlR lrRflTTfrT Carnival. "Ihe best town since leaving rortland," 
VI i/j\. Ui\VUV,u, , h „ __.-l.j_ Besides the water carnival 

Cheer up. "Doe," I know bow yon feel, but 
remember every cloud has a silver lining. 

Joa Haver. 

Majestic fl.yman B. (Hover, mgr.l— Week KjLS, l ^'*.» l J^JB2L_S m .' ,d „T.. f !f -*fl_ 

ot June I: Nnt Wills. WIHa Holt Wakefield. ^-W*-". "^Waajat » «*»*»" ■ Ba *« tfc 

toth Rare, the KlKht Korgetmenots. Klpl.yc n ""J JSrt. S? &£%$^* 

Stiowden and c«n.«nny. llnvllnud niul T u,rn- ln ,o,%^„ H " W W n„ "fa., been featured for two 

ton, Cnt-tellnne and Denny, and Power llroth- wnsons in Boyle Woolfotk's "Johcay Wise," will 

«rs- ._ , „, _ have a new tabloid next season, written by Hal 

Colonial (George Harrison, mgr.)— Week Stevens. 

» . V. :>U. I I • < •", !•■» -- -• 

i » .. ir 

I" < 

' .n . 

■ auaJ— a 

^..•l -I •« 

HI— '1 *•— j- 

Society Kotc. — llsnd holllag r-nrtles snd shot- 
gun practice are all tte Ta.-e. 

flee a good fellow, life — tip off tho date — ■ 
Will It conic off In tho arena? 

The ceok used a deem cgjs last week. Davis 
asked him If he thought it was Christmas. 

Hank was cxpresdnr. his views on the Mexican 
situation. Henley listened for a while, llien told 
Hank, with ono nio-o shot of that Wild Oaw stuff, 
you'll want to coiue up tho I'ast Blser la a row- 
boat and take New York. 

Kirtf. hurlinffhivn Is worried about the style 
of shirt waists for neat Winter. Never Mind, 
Kleth. ttey are getting niece ladylike all th* 

i • a«" ov 

'.•. I ••^.wE.B 

• .».,*.. 

they all remarked. Besides the water carnival, 
the concessions are: Oraxy House, "Trip to 
Mars," Prince Napoleon, midget: motordrome, two 
tenln-one shows. "Streets of Cairo." "Tjnico 
Show," "Hula-Hula Show." and several others, 
also tbe circling ware. Perrta wheel and a Parker's 
carrousel. Even-one feeling happy with this car- 

II. F. Freed, owner of the Ferris wheel and 
carorusel. Is some meebsnic. He has bis carrousel 
motors all arranged on a moving wagon, and has 
built an emergency motor In case of an accident. 
Freed Is smiling. Business Is good. 

Prince Napoleon, tho midget. Is seme attraction. 
"Vaudovlllo Is all light," says Prince, "but car- 
nival rqoftay is belter." llSN.Vi. QtBNOT. 
V.hinoahr <"> -, -1 ■[ ■ 
yill ii v .'I w M 
.*\,At h- . J'l hes 1 
Sll-Vjtg. .:%• ««ili_4i : : 

June 3 

it > .-.*■*- 

11 )M33£M H3E?gEar0BK CLIPPER. 

.-. &•*&> .iv 

.-•v*** * v**0>~> 

5.S. ' 










Untie*! ilex, meatless hash, mllklcs* milk, 
jowdered eggs. What next. Darls? Walk n round 
He steam wagon cud Inhale ou mcaJa7 

Snatch U'xjm found dot there are t,cver,tl 
things too can buy with seventeen dollars. 

TU Hack Sisters do tUe best "I don't care" 
aat I ever saw. 

TU lot In Boston is racroucded -with out fac- 

litcev wishes tn announce that his . Softool for 
autruetlon* la open. For membership apply tn 
Mr. Dire. Grand Stand Ave., No. 7-11. 

Ally Bote* soysheused to handle all the elc- 
ibeuts with the Big Show. Some lull. 

Jlcclev says Rhode Island la tn Providence, and 
that the town la eo big moat of the folks live In 

A native asked Clarence how he liked Boston. 
Clarence says: "Great, wc hare It six times a 
week In the cookhouse." 

Joe Levtt soys from now on be wtll do his 
act without a set. It takes a lot of nerve to do 
Joe's act. 

Bone one asked Buddy Miller what his position 
was with the show. Be said, I eat at the Bosses' 

Kellv his canceled all social encasements for 
an Indefinite period. And he lored her so. 

Sverfboif with the show Is stopping at the 
Copier Plata Hotel. .If a- -a— transfer Joint. 

Soaieane asked Ofll If we- had - a* dog kennell 
with the show. He .steered them to Bert Earle's 

quit Falls, Hoot., May 24. 

Dux Joe: 

I enclose the only endorsement (write np) any 
carnival agent ever received in the world (Mon- 
tana any way). 

Kiccae pen. as the typewriter has gone for 
a ire mile spin behind the two fastest horses on 
Sice ft Core's merry -so- round. Fondly thine. 
Pinch Wobbles. P. A.. R. ft D. C. 

Biggest week of this season at Butte, May 18- 
23. Here 25-30. ■ • 


Schenectady. N. Y. — Van Curler Opera 
House (Charles O. McDonald, mgr.) week of 
June 1, the Conu-tock-Tarry Flayers will present 
"A Fool There Was," giving matinees on Tues- 
day, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. 

Proctob's (Charle3 H. Oouldlng, mar.) — Vaude- 
ville and photoplays week of 1. Hill 1-3 f »ut- 
taw, Mclntyre and Sutton, Doro Pointier. Cyril 
ami Scott, Harry Gilbert. Warner and Corbctt, 
"One Good Time," with O. E. dive and bis Eng- 
bah company. 

CiriiEuii (F. X. Breyinnler. mgr.) — Bill 1-3 1 
Je Doming and company, Frederick Ireland mil 
-Neaa Oitto, Musical Simpson, and Perry and 
' matt 

Ait, Auesicam, Brandvwini. Buotr. Crystal 
Ccnc.bxss. Haiti- Houn. Keknt'b, Majestic, 
Park, I'eael and Bboadway, motion pictures 

Notes. — Barnum.ft Bailey played to big business 

liere May 29 Forest Park opened May 30,... 

A tew picture house opened lust week at Stat" 
and North Ferrv Streets. The house seats 200 
and la named the Casino. This house will show 

Mutual pictures The Kenllworth, a motion 

picture house, has closed on account of poor' at- 
tendance. — - - - ■ - 

Buffalo, TJ. Y.— Star (P. a Cornell, mgr.) 
the Bonstelle Stock Co., tn "The Rainbow," week 
of June 1. "Broadway Jones" next. 

Majestic (J. Laughlln, mgr.) — This Is the 
second week of George Klelne photoplay "Spar- 
Ucos," which has been very magnetic. 

Tsok (Messrs. Shubert, nigra.) — Howe'a travel 
pictures continue. 

Shea's (M. Shea, mgr.)— .Bill week of Jane 1: 
Six Brown Brothers, Arnnnt Brothers, Hyanis 
and Mclntyre, Locket and Waldron, Two SeJvag- 
gla, Gere and Delaney, W. J. Dooiey, Billy Mc- 

OarBTT (J. M. Ward, mgr.)— Liberty Oh-ls 
week of 1. Next. Beauty. Youth and Folly. 

Olympic. — Manager Scblesslnger offers for week 
of 1 : Foot Merry Musical Minstrel Men. Dena 
Cooper and company, Miller and Miller, Jack Hose, 
and Richmond and Mann. 

Acadeht.— (Manager Schlesstnger otters this 
week, photoplays, "The Gangster" and "Justice." 

Stband.— Manager Edel presents "Teas of the 
Storm Country" and "A Million Bid." 

Yotrao aWH Wild West comes 0, 10. 

Elrulrn, !». Y.— At the Majestic (M. D. Gib- 
son, mgr.) week of June 1: '.'Girl in the Moon," 
Baby Zelda, Mang and Snyder, Lawrence and 
Tlwtnpson, Lew Freeman, Harry Brooks and com- 
pany, Nlblo's talking birds, and photoplay. 

Mozart (G. H. Ven Demark. mgr.)— week of 
1: Elliott. Locking and Young, the Rathskeller 
Trio, and pictures. 

RoatCK's Glen (F. T. Moloney, mgr.) — This 
papular Summer resort will open Its Summer sea- 
son 8, when "The Prince of rilsen" will lie of- 
fered, by the new Manhattan Opera Co. Band 
concert and vaudeville, by Merrow Band (local) 
May 30-Jnne 2. 

Colonial (John Buddlngton, mgr.)— Week of 
Jan* I : Efrey and Fallerton, and Alton and Ar- 
llas, and photoplay. 

Ithaca. It*. Y.— Lyceum (M. If. Constant, 
mgr.) regular season has closed, and pictures 
will be given during the Summer. 

Stab (C. L. Hamer. mgr.) — Vaudeville and 
photoplays. Changed twice a week. 

Happt Hoob (L. K. Tree, mgr.) — Photoplays 
only. Changed dally. 

The Wharton Studio Is running full swing. 
Several of their films have been shown at local 

Rexwick Pabk, under managership of P. K. 
Clyroer.' was opened May 23. Dance hall, mlnli- 
tnre railway, carrousel and restaurant la opera- 
tion. Theatre opens this week. 

Jamestown, JT. Y.— Celeron (Edward T. 
Connelly, mgr.) Nancy Boyer Stock Co. opeuod 
at this house June 1, for a Summer run. 

Ltbjo (Harry A. Deardourff, mgr.) — Vaude- 
ville and picture*. 

NoTEa.—Jtoblnion's Circus gave two perform- 
ances 1 The Movie, s new picture house 

on Market Street, opened May 29 Edwjjrd 

T. Cctinellj will sing at Celeron Park again this 

season, Victor's Band supplying the music 

Celoron Park opened Memorial Day for the season. 

Cohoea. N. 1\— Proctor's (Dan Oorr, mgr.) 

feature photoplays. 

Majestic. BuonT SroT and Ektriai, motion 
pictures .only. 

Blneneld, W. Va. — Elks' Opera H.wss 
(S. H. Jolliffe. mgr.) vaudeville and pictures. 

Axvz-U (Rodgers n. Nesl, mgr.)— Tbli house 
Is playing Warner's Features. 

Rex (Russell 8. Wehrle, mgr.)— Mutual ser- 

Stab (J. B. Jones, mgr.) — Pictures sad vaude- 

Ltbjo (Edwin Leon, mgr.)— Motion pictures. 

Noras.— The Putaakt Coal and Coke Co., St 
Eckmin, W. Va., has just completed a large air 

dome, which was opened to the public May 2? 

II. G. Molholland, cwner .ind manager of toe Star, 
■t Poeahoataa, Vs.. has moved Into bis new the- 
atre building. The new Star Is a handsomely 
decorated, well ventilated theatre, seating three 
hundred and fifty, and has a well equipped stsire. 
Mr. Molholland srll) Bjav pictures tad Vaudeville. 

S. R. Woolwlne has leased, for a long 

terra, the Lyric, from Russell S. Wehrle. Tlie 
Lyric baa been closed for some time! Edwin 
Leon, formerly "operator at the Hex, will manage 
for Mr. Woolwlne W. Banks, former pro- 
prietor of the Victoria, of Blueueld. has remodeled 
-his Lyric at Keystone, and opened same May 28. 
This theatre has been under lease to the manage- 
ment of the Hippodrome, who has had tie house 
closed for a year. ...'..Rodgers H.- JJeal,' the 
lobular manager of the Aouz-U, who has been 
oonflned at his home at Roanoke, .Va., with ty- 
phoid fever. Is back at his desk again Russell 

S. Wehrle,' manager of the Rex, returned May 30 
from a business trip. to. Chlcrgo Your cor- 
respondent was cordially entertained by S. H. 
Jollitfe's Bright Light Show at Gory. W. Va.. 
May 27. L. QuHIea Is tni.nager, while W. E. 
McCroy holds down the ticket office. 

Shreveport, Ln. — Grand Opera House (Ehr- 
Ilea Bros. A Coleman, mgr.) the Hippodrome 
Theatre Co. offer motion pictures, Including tae 
entire output of the Famous Players. Jease L. 
Lnsky and All Star productions, 

Majestic (Ebrllch Bros. A Coleman, mgrs.) — 
Bill week of May 24 Included: "The Enchant- 
ment of CrockodUe Isle.'?, the Whites. George and 
Stella Donahue, and- Flo Bolland. Two reels of 
Association pictures and overtures by the Majestic 
Symphony Orchestra continues to prove a big; 
feature.. ' ■ •• - 

Saenoeb (E. V. Richards Jr., mgr.) — Associa- 
tion and Universal- -programs.. "Luclle Love" la 
a popular series at this theatre. 

Queen (E. V. Richards Jr., mgr.) — Association 
and Universal Programs. "Toe Adventnres of 
Ivitulyn" are Ibe Lopular »cilca at this theatre. 
"Dolly of the Dalles" series Is also shown regu- 

Palace (E. V. Richards Jr., mgr.) — Associa- 
tion and Universal programs. Good business. 

Mcsee (Mr. Waters, mgr.)— fair business with 
feature pictures. 

Rex (J. M. Doll, mgr.) — Feature pictures. 

Cbtstal (J. M. Doll, mgr.) — Feature pictures. 

Hafpt Houn. — Closed shortly opening owing to 
some difficulties, but will re-open under different 

Dreamland (D. L. Cornellum, mgr.) — Feature 

Hd?podboue (D. L. Cornelius, mgr.) — The 
Mutual program to good business. "Our Mutual 
Girl" Is a popular series here. 

Notes. — The Happy Hour Theatre opened oa 
the date of May 16. with musical comedy, and 
closed just eight days later. The management la 
to undergo a chanae, and the policy will remain 

the same The Gladstone Electric Park 

opened 30, with free motion pictures, music, etc. 

S i> r 1 n b field. Muss. — Poll's Palace (Gordon 
Wrlghter, mgr.) bill week of Jane 1: Harry Stepp 
and company present "The Kissing Girls." Gelger 
and Upp, Three Lorettas, Vaa Cello, Grace De 
Marr, Dooley and Bagel, Han Ion and Clifton, 
and motion pictures of Arnold Daly In "The Port 
of Missing Men." 

BnoAVWAT (D. D. Scullen, mrr. )— (Motion pic- 
tures 1-3; Amelia Bingham, ln "The Climbers," 

Fox's (J. J. Loewer, mgr.) — Vaudeville and 

Plaza (Goldstein Bros., mgrs.) — Vaudeville 
motion pictures. 

Runt: (E. L. Knight, mgr.) — Feature alms. 

Haiifoen Pabk. — 101 Ranch Wild West 0, 
Barnum A Bailey's Circus 8. 

Bivebbiob Pabc (William S. Wallace, mgr.) — 
The Summer season opened here May 30. 

Hudson, Esibonia, Gaiett, Uibbob, heel. 
Princess. Geibha, Globs, Sdbwat, Novextt, 
Palace, Stab, Nelson and Ltbjo, moving pic- 
tures. _..._ 

Notes. — The Agawan Selectmen, In which 
Riverside Park Is situated, have decided to per- 
mit the management to keen the park open on 

Sundays The Springfield Friars, at the 

meeting .May 20, unanimously voted to secure the 
quarters Tn the Cooley Hotel recommended by the 
room committee, and will hold their next meet- 
ing there. Jane 5. It la announced the charter 
will be closed IS. 

Fall. Haver, Maaa.— Savoy (J. Fred Miller, 
mgr.) the Malley-Dennlso* Stock Co. closed a t-uc- 
cessful season May. 30. This house will be dark 
during the Summer, and will re-open Labor Day. 

Bijou (Charles E. OooV, nigr.> — The BIJoo I'lay- 
era present "The Cowboy and the Lady" weak: of 

Acalemt (L. II. Boaa, mgr.) — Vaudeville end 
motion pictures. , 

Pbehied (Charles L. Beneon, mgr.) — Bill 1-3 
Includes: Gerttud? McGilI «nd company, Norelda 
Duo. For 4-fl: Fred Merit u and ftlndeletto Sis- 

Palace. Pla/.a. Ltbio, Itab. Scenic, Globs 
and f lllll 1 11 llfi motion pictures only. 

Mainum 4 Bailet Ctacus wilt appear liere 
June 12. 

Havorlilll, Mass. — Academy (Joe Maek, 
mgr.) for June 1 and week, motion picture* and 
cliorueello selections by Kenneth Shaw Usher, 
Harry Arnold and Clifford Morse. 

Colonial (Wm. E. Furlier, mgr.)— Motion pic- 
tures and illustrated song*. 

Obpueuu, Majestic, Cbown and .Scenic Tem- 
l-Lr. motion pictures only. 

Note.— Wheeler Bros.' Circus Is billed for 3. 

AVoonter, O. — Negotiations were completed 
recently whereby J. B. McCnrmlcr, of Freder- 
icksburg, took over the ilhambri Tbtatre hero 
on a live-year lease, effective Juno 1. Mr. Mc- 
Cormlck Is inteteeted In theatre pruj«rty else- 
where. He will be represented here by K. D. 
Armstrong, a-- son-in-law,' wttf auceeeda 1. H. 
b'neppcT, former minager and own-r. The latt.T 
raimil gentleman, though a young man. la pioneer picture man here, ind having built tho 
first new model theatre ln tills city, has been quite 
successful despite many odds arnlnat blm. The 
policy ' under the new management will remain 

unchanged It has been rumored that the 

Wallate Theatre may change hands The 

Great Leon t'how la exhibiting here week of 
July I Th-j advance fur Jone-i Pros, k Wil- 
son's Trained Animal Excoelllon failed to pnt In 
an appearance — re.ult — too rnaxy shuwa working 

this territory nt this time CMipewa Lake 

Park 01X001 ihe season Decoration Bay The 

Davis Aaanseinciit Co. opened at ltlttmau. May 30. 
Some new shows, and two new riding devices 

have been added to the equipment "Antony 

and Cleopatra" was the feature plctari bill at the 

Wallace. 28 Young IttnTalo Bill's Rlx.w ilre.v 

big at Orrvlll £1. 

Portsmouth, O. — Grinl u closed for tbe 
season. This theatre has been leased by Ous Sun 
for a term of six yean eommenclng Sept. 1, when 
high chus vaudeville will be booked, togeth.-r with 
Drat class dramatic attractions. 

New Sun (Fitahugh Lee, mgr.) la closed for 
Ibe season. 

Milbanc Casino opened May SO for the Bum- 
mer season, with a stock company beaded by Jack 

Ltbio. Ooluniia, Scenic, Tsuplb, BtanT, Ex. 
dibit and Aecana. — Motion pictures only. 

Newark, M. J. — Hot weather continues to 
close np tbe theatres here. 

OEriiETjEt (M. S. Schleslnger, mgr.) — The 
Spring engagement of tbe Msalcal Comedy Block 
Campany will end June 0. The final week finds 
Clifford Stork back In the lime light In "The 
Talk of New York." The house will remain closed 
for the Summer. 

Mineb's Ehpibe (Tom Miner, mgr.) — The 
vaudeville and picture seasoa was snort here and 
the house cloned for the Summer May 30. 

Kbenet's (Ray Owen, msr.l — A cooling system, 
consuming several tecs of Ice each daj, bus 

teen Installed by Manager McNally, which will 
make this house comfortable for business all 
Summer. For June 1-0: Lunette Sisters. Ixwlle 
Thurston. Six Song Birds, the Valines. Plottl, 
Jack and May, Rube Minstrels, and Jack King. 

Libio (R. O. r.tuort. mgr. 1— Proctor's vau.le- 
vllle, changed bi-weekly, end pictures, chnugetl 

-Majestic (Mr. Pope, OgT.l — Closed May 30. 

Oeeon (Sam Ross, tngr.) — Closed barlesi]ue 
Stock season 30. - 

Notes. — Manager Joo. D. McNally, of Keeney's, 
left here Juno 2. for his usual Fmuuier season, 
with his tent allow, Wyora'tg Bill's Wild West. 
He wae called before the curtain Thursday, May 
28, and preseitrd with a han-Uony diamond Elk's 
her.d button. It was a aiiontaDeias evidence of 

regard for him by the employees of the house 

The Chief of rol'eo refused to permit Millie De 
Leon to danco at the Odeoa hut week. 

Jersey City, If. J. — Orpheum (A. Michel, 
ngr.) May 30 closed the regular vaudeville mo- 
sou here. On June 1, the opening of tbe Summer 
feastcn, with Feature photoplays, oocurted. "A 
Million Bid" I, 2; "Ttie Curi* of Greed" 3. 4; 
"love. Luck and Gasoline" S, A. 

Monticello (Robinson & rums, nigra.) — Fea- 
ture photoplays. 

Oatbtt (HOEOKkN).— Fenlure plcturea. 

Hudson (Union Hilli. — The Hudson Play- 
ers, ln IThe Man from, Home." 1-J. J. Arth ir 
Young Is "a new addition to Ibe coa,pany. Busi- 
ness has been good. 

Notes. — The fcummlt, Jersey City, a new open- 
air theatre at Summit Annuo and Pennsylvania 
Ballroad Bridge, crenel May SO, with photoplnrs. 
Tbe Oakland Alrdorue, Hobokeu and Oak- 
land Avenues, opened June 1 with i-hotoplsys. 

Kansas City, Mo,— The Ben Greet Play- 
era presented "A Midsummer Night's Dream'' 
May 27, on the ground of the Iilue Hills Club. 
It was a spectacular production, well acted, and 
Ideal weather conditions prevailed. The play 
started at 8.20, and without IntermtsaioD, was 
all over at 0.(10. so the afternoon they presented 
"As Yoa Like It." Perat<ps, of the many players 
seen. Elsie Herndon Kearns made the most con- 
vincing Impression ln the role of Rosalind. Mr. 
Greet played the Jacques well. Others of the 
cast were: Charles Francis, DouKlaa Ross, Harry 
Calver, Buth Vivian, Herert Belmore, Gccnre 
Hare, George Bournes, Henry Willis. Benner Kll- 
pack, Leonard Cruke, Healey Edwards, Irene 
Bevans and Bertha Coaens. 

Bhubebt (Earl Steward, mgr.) — Mrs. Flske, In 
"Mis. Bumstead-Lelgh," made a big lmprenslon. 
ts good houses, week of 24. Starting week of 
31. ''America," in motion pictures. 

EatrEESs (Dan McCoy, mgr.) — Vaudeville. 

HirroDBOlin (F. J. Talbot, mgr.) — Vaudeville. 

OKPitEcii (Martin Lehman, mgr.) — Vaudeville. 

Acditokiuu (Meta Miller, mgr.) — "A llmu-r- 
fly on the Wh<e1" week of May 31, "la Matri- 
mony a Fallure7" June 7-13. ''The Ensign" 14- 

St. Joseph, Bio.— Lyceum (O. V. Phtlley, 
mgr.) is dark. 

Majestic (Fred Cosxnau, mgr.) — Vaudeville and 

Cbvstal (Fred Ooaman, mgr.) — nigh clan 
vuodevllle and tabloid musical cutaedr. 

Obphbwx, II..VAL, Eiirntss and Colonial, pie- 
tores and shwr* 

Aiedoke (0. U. Phllley, — The Van Dyke. 
Eaton Stock Co. presents "I.vau Rivers" May lit- 
June 3. "Boys In Blue" 4-C. 

Lake Oontrahy Pabk (Fred Cosman, mgr.) — 
Acrobatic sots nntl band concerts. 

Khuo Park .'J. H. Vaa Brunt, mgr.) — Vaude- 
ville and band concerts.. 

Hartford, t'onn. — Parsons' (it. 0. rarsons, 
mgr.) the Lyric Player*, in "A Knlgbt for a 
Day," week of June 1. 

Poli'h (W. D. Ascough, mgr.) — Poll Players, 
lu "Broadway Jones," week of 1. Edmund Elton, 
Jane Morgan and Philip Downing' are among tbe 
cast. "The Rainbow" next, 

Habttobd (Fred P. Dean, mgr.) — Bill for 1-3: 
Oherlta and Olrlo. Mark Llat, Oonlln and Ward, 
Laurie and Altene, Prevett cind Merrill. For the 
last half: Shaw Sisters. Coyrle and Orlndelle, 
Norton and Ayres, and Freehand Bros. 

Pou's Palace (W. D. Ascough, mgr. ) — 
Second week of this handsome new theatre began 
1, with the following: Six Banjo Phlends, Harry 
Holman and comnany, Samson and Delilah, Three 
Kids from School, Grace Doyle, Dngan and Ray- 
mond. Pattee'a Diving Girls wilt be the feature 
tbe last half of the week. 

Pbincesh, Stab, Emfibe and Cbown, pictures 

Babnuu A Bailey Circus Is liberally billed 
to appear here 5. 

101 Ranch follows. 8. 

New Haven. Conn. — Poll's 'Oliver C. Ed- 
ards, mgr.) the Poll Players, In, "Grocer COO," 
vi ok of June 1. 

Fox's Grand (Ben). Jackson, roar.) — Amelia 
Bnglinm snil tbe New fork Academy Theatre 
Pluyers, in "TVr C'lmbera," 1-3. Vaudeville 4-3. 

liuot; (Eugene Wilson, mgr.) — Vaudeville and 

St. Paul. Minn.— At the Metropolitan Opera 
House (L. N. Scott, mgr.)' "The Drug Terror" 

Elcture drew good business week of May 24. The 
ouse will be dsrk until June 4, when "The stlso 
and Fall of Napoleon" pictures will be given. 

Orpheum (E. C. Burroughs, mgr.) — This bouse 
Is closed until Aug. 10. ■ 

Shuiiebt (Frsnk C. Priest, mgr.) — The Hunt- 
ington Players presented "Tbe Barrier" to very 
good houses week of 24. Week of 31, "Our New 

Ehi'REsb (Qua B. Greening, mgr.) — Business 
was good week of 24. People for week of 31: 
William Halllday, Ansa Turner and company, 
Majestic Musical Four. Armstrong and Mauley, 
Kitty Flynn, and Rosalre and Prerost. 

Princess (Bert Goldman, mgr.) — Business con- 
tinued good week of 24. People for week, of 31: 
Billy R. Clifford and -company, In "Believe Me." 

MAjrsTic, OAirrr and Stabland, pictures only. 

Decatur, III.— Empress (Bollln V. Mallory, 
mgr.) the Winifred Sinclair Co. closed. May 30, 
two weeka of successful business. 

Notes.— Tbe skating rink and pavilions at 
Dreamland Park were formally opened Jane 1. 
Some concessions have bees secured and' other 

bookings under way Chas. O. Powers may 

build another theatre after all. lie has on option 
on properties across the street West of the 
Powers' Grand, recently entirely destroyed by lire, 
and la getting estimates on a new fireproof modern 
theatre, with a seating capacity of two thousand 
or over Mrs. Wm. K. Ulnes (Karl Reming- 
ton), after an absence of five years, Is, visiting 
her family here for a short stay, 

Peoria, III. — Rlvervlew Park (Rarney J. 
Wood, mar.) Ethel West, cabaret and dancing. 

At, FsbiN'J Pabk (Beaver Amuse. Co., nigra. '< — 
Lunette Slaters, Vassar Glrla - kVand, and outdoor 

AroLLo, Oobt, Crystal, Dn Luxe. Ccciixss, 
Fltsiuu, Oaroen, Illinois, Ikpebial, Liommr, 
Lthech, Palacc, Pbinotb, Saxoamo and Stab, 
plcturea cnly. 

Nuns. — Hippodrome closed Its regular season 
1. and will show pictures daring Hammer..,. • 
Carroll A Landes' Carnival Company did good 
bualueas week eliding Msy 31. 

Clarksdale, Miss. — Oscom's (flacDor Oacmn, 
nagr.) motion pictures and vaudeville. Walter 
Stanton drew eapaelty bonsea week of May 25. 
Doulhltt and Jones week of Jane 1. Feature film 
for 28. "The Adventures of Kathlyn No. 0." 

Majestic (Majestic Amusement Co., mgrs.) — 
Motion pictures and, Mop, 




11V MI.I.V CAEr.SS. 


Rlngllng Bros, World's Greuttst baa been ray 
way. It canto and the rain came with It. Ram 
has been its boon conipanli.n, .ts side "psrd," en 
each visit to Columbus since Sellsvllle passed to 
memory. But, Columbus la a Blunting stronghold. 
The elearxnts arc i.ot an cuatacle to tho people 
here, and everywhere for that matter, when it 
comes to the RingHng's ; they trudge through slosh 
scd wind and "wlmt not", to Uxor "The Boys of 
Baraboo." And say, the atraw, sawdust, cinders, 
tanliark and planks the UlLgliuga have purchused 
would together u-iike a roauway from tho AHe- 
ghenys to the Rockies. They certainly do buy what 
I've enumerated and use the snm<- lavishly to 
keep their patrons' "understandluga" out u( iho 

The show ln Ibe downpour of rain descrllwd 
turned ]»eople away aftornoou and night. You 
see those ln the Census are positive the Rlngllng*' 
will look after thici in all kluda of weather, this 
catering to the public Is a atioug Rlngllng jioshcs- 
slon. It made and built them. It In salve that 
beats the Mexican, Drop Case, pud oilier bran-Is. 

This year tbe Rlngllngs offer as opening num- 
ber of their program the stupendous historic lllhle 
spectacle, "Solomon and the <)ueen of Hhplm." 

Gorgeously they stage and present II. The 
datale. tbe big flash, talent, beauty, figure, grace, 
art, music and spot light effects lire liH-orpor-.uoil 
and utilised In modem applause drawing manner. 
It Is grrat, It is wonderful. It ln strikingly Rliig- 
llngesque. To me It recalled my first hive, tho 
Old John Robinson "Ten Big." I eau see their 
"King Solomon and Queen of Hhclia." Nothing 
ln circus realms was ever so beautiful as II. Hut 
whan that old show liulshed with It Ihe tibeurs 
hail been applied so often with vigor mid lllier- 
ullty that all remaining «t Ibe wltuliip wore a 
few ballet girls. "The unkliidcat cut nf all," 
the hardest rap the Robinsons ever gave iho 
ais^rtacle was shaving Solomon's wblsaeru and 
culling his hair, and forcing ttlieba to buy her 
own make-up. 

The displays of Iho three rings, two slages, 
hl]>podrome track and midair acrcnu were l-unier- 
ous, well balanced, and harmonised good all tho 

The clowns were many, and their stunts laugh 

Iirodueers, aindlcublo to tlie "lilts of Hie Day" 
n polltlcK. Kocleta- and foreign courts. 

The lllpiiodroaie llaces were like all pmdeees- 
sors. I wish some circus owner would apply the 
Biblical standard — "the first aball lie last mid the 
last shall be first" — and bavc the ruces Initiatory, 
and liken the event unlo the old OuIIm-iim of 
Rome, the neat-egg, as It were, of tlie circus. 
Hear me, aomo oiieulng number It could be. 

People are still talking of Rlngllng Urea.' 
Military Band. None better. J. J. Richards, con- 
ductor, Is all the money — with "notes" thrown 

The menagerie, according to tbe ministers and 
women aud children, Is isir-excellent. And tho 
street parade la a patrenage maker. The train 
of eighty cars, the horses and wagoais, nnd canvas. 
All are down 10 allspice. 

I found the two gigantic features to Is) Mljarca, 
who Is justly crowned 'The Mexican Wire 
Wliard." and Lew Graham, who, at announcing 
acts slid feats and concert. Is beyond the .--hnilow 
of n doubt "Tbe Wltard of Voice and Language." 
He has a elite abow with the big thing that 
dwindle* bis past efforts Into Insignificance. All 
bats are off to this splendid premier. 

I close with short tribute to the most Important 
men with the trick, without whom owner, mana- 
ger, agent and performer would be lu a bard 
way — tlie boss cnuvanman, his assistants, ttm 
eanvasmen, and "raxorliaoks." I have always 
been for these folks. My heart, my prayers, my 
best wishes go out to them. I began my circus 
life with them, I have a uoy bow working with 
stakss and rope nnd sledge. 1 want to live to 
see them get their Just due. 

Bless all ln circus life! 


it rLrrcung buitu. 

Pbihcbton, 111,, May 20. 

The Sparks Show (wld lis second visit to Ihe 
Chicago subset* Inst Monday. Tuesday mid Wed- 
nesday, playing at Goshen, Ind., Michigan Oily, 
lnd., and Hammond, Ind. 

Sunday was spent In Goshen, and the show 
folks passed tlie day In the big city taking lu the 
shows, for you know they don't get enough show 
during the week. 

Atlerbury's band, which was Willi tho Hippo- 
drome Shows that were put out of business by 
the flood tbe week previous, were all In tloslien, 
furnishing music for the Jefferson Theatre. 

Director Atterbury Is a hustler when It comes 
to looking sfler his men, and booked work for 
tbem right off the reel. ■ ' 

At Michigan City, Messrs. Sherman and McCoy 
were tbe guests of Muoager Charles Sparks, the 
former Is the owner of the Standard Show Print- 
log House, of St. Paul. , , _, 

Visitors flocked to nammond from Chicago 
Wednesday, and Tub Cliiteb correspondent no- 
ticed In the audience. Fred (lollmar, silting with 
Charles Sparks and T. W. Batllniier. Edward Hal- 
linger, Mrs. T. W. Balllnfer and kiddles, Carrie 
Rooney,- and members of the Fashion troupe M 
wire walkers; George nnd Hobble Valentino and 
friends, John Holland. Mrs. Uachetta, Adiilpb 
Peck, and Phillip Kartell, a brother of Al. Kailelt, 
of the Kadell-Krllchiield Show. 

Bert Mayo entertained a parly of friends from 
Line Island, and there were quite a few others 
who were recognised at the front door uurt were 
satisfied with the blues, so I did not' get them ln 
Ibe grandstand. 

■i I '. 



We are hsvlnj tegular circus weather now ant 
Jack Leonard's Midn fnelotv Is working overtime, 

Kd. Llndavv, the cowlwy steer "lliill-doggcr," 
from Lenly, Jkln., was on the sick list for a few 
days, but Is In ibe arena again this week. 

We all tako our hat* off In Prof. W. K. notera, 
The professor Is presenting nil of Ihe most beautiful 
blah school ucts lu Ibe busliuss this season,- 

The Concert line up this season constats of: 
Act I— Riding a wild buffalo. Act 3— Tho Mexi- 
can llamoiies, barrel jumpers snd pyramid builders. 
Act D— The S-hullB Bros,, black face comedians 
snd banjo spinners. Act 4 — The' Mack Sisters 
singing and dancing. Act — Frank Decker, lha 
"bobo 1 ' juggler. Act 0— illllly Caress, the Hooaler 
comedian. Music furnished by Prof. La Banc*'! 
Concert Orchestra of fourteen pieces. 

Miss Dixie Devere Is oil the sick list on ac- 
count of a bad fall last Saturday, when her horse 
slipped and tell upon her, Inflicting several Itrtn 

One of the big laughs of the show Is the kick- 
ing mule, "Frisco," trained ami worked by Billy 
Andrews. ' ■ 

Look out for "Tanlllnger and Caress' Big Va- 
riety Jubilee" next Winter. Some show these 
two fellows are framing, seven people, all from 
the 101 Ranch, aud wo open lu ICcudallvlIle, lnd. 
(ei dumb:.) 

Cant. Ray Cronan la trying out raw recruits 
for the 101 baseball train. 

Asked Davis Ihe Idea of the walking stick fad 
around Ihe show. He answered thualy : "Pro* 
tecthm agnliiHt Ilealy's stories." 

liubby Diibny makes pucv for Bert Earle's 
trailing Ihe Dixie Minstrel llmid I wonder wli.rf 

Brnitlo Kerlrr atiil Kllpatrlck. Ihe Second vlnlteg 
tig- York Slate. Doth l<'i» with the Rlngllng 

P«B IIvlHer would ninke a goal cetilre-lleldor or 
the hull lenm, us l'o|i Is strong on the high bulls. 

I iv (Xnuiors had opishiiihu hi the cutlery ilo- 
liiiiiiiiiiit ln Hen Casper's "llmii" town. Hut Us 
all right now, and cverylsidy Is happy In lb* 
Eddie car. 

Frank llogan. Hie eeentrle "elmw," and Wnp- 
plnger Fossa have wrllten n new sketch, enlllles] 
'■Wall Kee's High Hliiiprrs." 

Will him I'iiiii Bates la going big with Ml 
version of "I Miss You Must nf All." 

Barney McGinn had a hnuid smile mi his ar- 
rival In Ilmtnn, but the smile wore off, likewise 
Ibe color of his hair. 

Tommy Klrmin, are you going tn uend out In- 
vllatlonsl We sre getting luipatlont. 


(The IrmlnUbh Imprculonlit.) 

On Funday. May IT. Hie II. k B. Hbow camned 
In Newark, N, J. All tlie folks dulled up In Hit 
expectation of seeing smite of the Rlngllng Hhow 
hunch, hut only llircw of them turned up. They 
were Ksldle Nemo, Jack Foley nnd Denny Curtis. 
They received n right merry welcome from 'ha 

Tills has sure beeu one big week for visitors. 
On Monthly we had three good old timers In Ilia 
forma of Ham Watson, Kd. l^iiioc uml Jack 
Aslitoo, and to hear them talk of Ibe good old 
■lays. Old Dam sure cut her keen. According ts 
them, show business has Improved a hundred |ier 
rent. - Another visitor on tlie show wns Rosnus 
(loldfarh (the original One-Round llogan), and. 
lu Judge by Ihe welcome she received, she Is mill 
us popular as ever with everyone, In Jersey 
city Harry La Pearl sneaked a few minutes fnua 
"Pinafore ' to visit the home of former triumphs. 

The olher night all the folk* assembled la-lweea 
shows to witness one of tho main- events of tha 
season, and Ihe outcome of a bet between Jack 
Lauinr and (,'iins. Hlcgrlst, Charlie l« do a double 
on tho Loretlss' rigging, wllb J'sl. Polo to enleh, 
the first limn wlthoiil missing, U'tllng ran very 
high. (Hiarllo ami Kd. i-llmbcil lulu Ihe rlgulug, 
which Is ii much smaller one lluin their own, 
Charlie did a iwrtcct double and Kd. caught lilts 
as clewi ns a bird, Ihe hunch all cheercil mid 
carried Cluirlle shoulder high when ho came down. 

Wm "Daws" Kceiinn, who Joined Ibe show la 
New York, ami who ban eliarae of Ihe repair di«- 
parlment under llert Walwee, Is making good, 
and Is iinlte populnr annaigst all tho buys around 
Ibe show. Hniiio class In old "Daws." 

Hutch Hlegrlst lias lieen promoted to marsball 
In parade, ami on his Ilrwt day lu that capacity. 
In IJIIca, N. V., we run Into a baby cyclone, tent* 
were blowing aruund, horses were running away, 
elephant* were atainprillng, ladles were fiilntlng, 
mill what did Dutch do? Why he stoiijieil the 
horses, herded tlie elephant* together, rescued the 
ladles, blowed Ihe cixik tent, lost his rain coat. 
He's a pacer, 1* our baby inarshiitt. 

Ham Nelson lis* (sen gelling sore niriln litis 
time It. Is on his debtors, he accused Jim lineal 
of owing him the large sum of Iwo bits, and said 
he would punch J nines on Ihe prolsmels, aud 
made such a splendid exblbtllou of himself that 
he hud lo be escorleil gently but forcibly front 
the precinct* of the dining lent. 
" 1/urrlcn. — Who Is the most isipular lady with 
tin- show. Who I* the Durlynek Tr(iuno7 Who 

Ries ersay when there I* a storinl Wlio get* 
tiled out on account of said storm? Who took 
Pat Valdo's motor born? Who blowed a swell 
dinner ilown town and why? Wlio Is the must 
isrrect gentleman on Ihe show? How many bud- 
ding cowboys ere there? Who gut stung on Buck 
Raker's electric bed? 

Aberdeen, Wash., May 21.— Fair afternoon and 
good night attendance, nntallest lot of tbe sea- 
son, and Billy Curtis put up a four-pole big tup 

Hedro Wooley. Wash., May 23.— One of the 
smaller but real towns. Kacellent railroad facili- 
ties and crowded excursions came In even before 
the arrival of the circus. Packed tbem In at 
afternoon show. 

Vancouver, B. O.. May 24.— dlroke In a new 
lot here, on Main Htreet, ln tbe heart of tbe city. 
Always a good one for us, and tins year we bad 
our usual Inmaway. •*" 

Rainy Hunday and an exceaitlonalay quiet big 
town. Outside of tbe parks, absolutely all places 
of amosemeat closed, to the sorrow of the troupers. 
Karl King's Concert* nucbly ippUuded by Van- 
couter ■uuMcBcegi 


The elements were against the Yankee Roblmori 
Shows In their attempt to • xl, 11,11 In Philip, a 
small town of CIMi peo)i'.tf uLout midway Is'wien 
Rapid City and Pierre, the latter the capital ell? 
of the Htale. A rain that c : o« npiuviche'l a 
cloudburst Just before time for tbe parade ntude it 
linK-'slble for us to exhibit this finiluro. Hliortly 
after the free exhlblllon u heavy wind arose, ami 
the occasion called for some aulclc work an :1k? 

Iisrt of Charlie Ktlley. our l-css canvas man, ami 
ils force. The menagerie lent wo* blown down, 
ni'd It looked as though the big lop will also go. 
Rut everyone of Ibe show*' attache* Jumped Into 
tlie harness, and asslsteJ In lowiTlng that lejit, 
Ihouih It was badly daningeil. It was Imposslbhi 
to give the matinee, uud ne loaded up slid atarted 
for Pierre. We are Ifcnt Iho atom obmn 
when It did. Instead of an hour Inter, when tlio 
big lop wool I have held Ihe crowd of 2,000 or 
more that hal come In from a radius of sixty 
inlbs to at lend. Col. Fred Encbnnnn 1* likewise 
thankful that be has such an e'tletent bunch if 
employees. TiHr prompt tellotv In Ihe face of 
Ibieatenrd dlsnste- will long be revwutbeved by 
t-iiu. Haiivet HaLB. 

Tub Musical Holbrooks. old Miners, enjoyed tha 
101 Rani-tt Wild West Hliows at Boslon. Mary 27, 
through the courtesy ot Uieir old frkud, (leu, V. 




June 6 


One that does Haste or Bomo other act preferred. Any Single Act by lady; ono that Is good entree 
rider preferred. Long engagement. Apply AS PER KOTJTK. PRANK. A. ROBB1J8. 



YotjMOSTOWN, O., May 25.— Hsgerrbecfc & 
W'nllooa are with It at la»t. And we cer- 
taloly came In with a big noise. Vine 
-weather. One Iota, and tutnaways every day. 
Home tjuatnees and aoma ahow. We are fad- 
ing this season, end the others a>rc rolloslng. 
Arrived In town early Sunday morning. Halt 
of the town turned out to watch the uliow 
unluad. They all seemed to be well sailsiicd 
-with the alxe of the big show this season. 
•r ; Uoimkay we were an up Kith the call o( liar- 
p. . vtj Johnson' Incubator rooster, some rooster 
and some crow, and ready for one of those 
teal ftartdeo. Knofn the »ooks of the crowd 
It aeemed aa If Youngatown doubled Its 
population In the last year. To-day we are 
having real circus weather. 

Just received very bad news from the hoe- 

Sltal, in Warren, Ta., stating that John 
I'Uonnell, of the I'ete Cornalla Troupe. 
*«•. ' > passed away yeatcrdey. John was taken sick 
*•■ last Thursday with, n bad cold which kept 

fetttng worse, and when we reached Warren 
be doctors advised him to go to the hospi- 
tal, where they pronounced It a case of 
double pneumonia. Ily John's death Pete 
Cornalla looses one of his best men, and us 
hoyi loose one of our liveliest and moat 
sociable mates. 

Some matinee, and tome night shew. Both 
tum-awayfl. If business keeps up this way 
Old Uncle Ben will be buying the trick back 
again. He certainly sola a gold mine thla 
season. * 

OH City. Pa., Kay 28.— At last we reach 
; the lot It Is one Que. long drill, at the end 
of the trolley line- we get full value for 
our money on this ride. And when we 
landed In the jungle the colored rough- 
necks and razorbacks went out on a striken. 
So It waa a case of everybody pitch In 
and work ; everybody. Including ticket sell- 
ers, ushers, candy butchers and performers. 
Take it from me. that big ton went up 
quicker to-day than It has for the last five 
years. It went up so quickly that the 
strikers were so ashamed that they broke 
the strike and went back on the Job, It 
was too late for a parade, so we bad a 
little rest after all that strenuous work, and 
the boys alt needed It. 

Let's hopo this is the only strike thla 

Hesdvlllc, Pa., May 27. — nave a real lot 
today, three blocks from the nvaln street In 
town. This only happens once a season. At- 
rlvd In town very early. Nine o'clock we 
were grated with a very heavy thunder 
shower. Ten o'clock the clouds rolled by 
and let the parade use the rainy day -ward- 
robe without even getting sprinkled. Well, 
that saves something anyway, so wby should 
we worry. At it again. Once more wo bave 
thorn sitting out oh the track. Well, aa 
Louis Outtcnburg says : "'DIs Is some busl- 
iichs." Our fisherman were all on tbo Job 
today. Tbls time the big catch goes to 
I'ied Ccvene. He landed a fifteen pound 
-wotioper. It was a guessing contest 4n the 
dressing room for two hours as to what 
«las« the llsh belonged. It was finally settled 
Jt waa a German carp, by Rabbi Quttenberg, 
• > who sells them all Winter to the Immigrant!) 

from Jerusalem, 
'., Warren, O., May 28.— From MeadMlle we 

made a Jump of Ufty-nlnc miles. Got us In 
town with tbo first rays of the aun. Another 
made to order lot. Regular July weather. 
Ono of the Hardlg Bros, is trying to make 
a side show out of our dressing room. He 
Is pulling au opposition to Zip. of the Bar- 
sum ft Bailey Show. Before It Blips my mind, 
we have a real baseball team with the ahow 
tbls season. Mother Stantz (famoua for her 
x-ray gowns) will play the part of treasurer. 
I pity anyono that tries to bamboosle any 
?oncy ■bills. Let me Introduce you to Mrs. 
Arenson, Abc'a wife, she Is with us for a few 
day*. Abe's dog is very sick and It needs a 
real doctor. So you know the old saying. 
«very dog knows nls best friend. Well that 
«oos for Abo's wife, she has done more good 
for him than all the vcterburiea in the 

Ashland, O., May 20. — We had aome en- 

f:lneer last night, one of those wise guys. 
iast week he was shooting empty freight 
cars into the yard. He must think every 
train has to be shot around In the same 
manner, for be slopped every five miles to 
nee bow many he could knock out of the 
bunks. After coming to life, he Anally got 
us In town about 10.30. Ashland haa Just 
been put on tbo map, so we get a medium 
size crowd to-day, with real Summer weather. 
Tlio grass on the Jot Is about a foot and a 
half high. There seems to be an epidemic 
of feet getting hurt today. Little Helen 
Cornelia dropped a pair of scissors on her 
foot and made quite a cut. Mrs. De Koch 
tripped over n guide rope and fractured her 
ankle. And I'cfc Cornalla and Kid Kerrmrd 
are both walking around with canes. Al. 
West, our bine ointment clown, wanta It 
knowu thla is not his first season In ebow 

Kenton, 0., May SO. — Well, boys, tbla la 
kick- In day again. Did aujonc forget It? 
If you have, Doc Springer will put you wise. 
"Wo are ono lucky bunch, another dandy day 
aud lot Well, this Is the beat matinee this 
season. Somo crowd, and nearly all In 
while. It looks more like a May party than 
a elrcus audience. Yes, that's the sideshow, 
and If that Isn't Harry Nugent, the boy 
-wonder, from Brooklyn. Sure no Is married, 
and hn Is only twenty-one. Why did he do 
It I Well, look at the musical platform. 
That Is the cause of Harry leaving home. I 
don't llnnio him. Do you? What Is the 
matter over In the muscle dancing depart- 
ment? There are only two girls there now. 
lvxcusrt me, Harry. I love muscle dancers, 
and I must see where M. lingerie, our best 
dnnccr. Is. Well, some more bad news. She 
was hurt this morning by knocking her head 
against a aide pole, and was sent to the hos- 
pital. We all wish her a quick recovery. 

Columbus, 0., May Si. — Sunday, and a real 
town. Yet, It la 11 o'clock and there Is the 
lot. Bggs and ham again, some treat. Boys, 
you can double up on the full house gag 
today. How's that? Why we left the unP 
formed Ball Team over in Kenton to get 
what nioncv we left in town, and to teach 
the Wig Warns how to play ball. What's 
that? The ball team liave booked two games 
for to-day. Somo manager, Bob Stlckney, on 
the lob. Sure he has a team, the CIotto 
ltcbels, snd they have some record, haven't 
loat n game tbls season. Played the Colum- 
bus State team to-day and beat them by a 
score of 10 to 0. will let you know nest 
week bow the boys at Kenton made out. The 
Clown Rebela used the regular show make- 
up and suit. They were assisted by the en- 
tire clown band of forty pieces. Qato receipts 
totaled to 1100. 


Howe's London Shows struck a vir- 
gin Bold Decoration Day, when It played 
Wyandotte, Mich., population 12,000. with a 
territory of 13.000 to r.ull on. In spite of 
the counter attractions the big top was lilted 
rU both performances and the side tops Him- 
pry piu-kod them In as this was the first ahow 
to eslaolt in this city In years. It waa »up- 

roscd that tho territory was too near Detroit 
o turn out the crowds, but It waa demon- 
strated that a «ood, clean rtiow and plenty 
Of attractive paper liberally distributed, 
cwuld pack 'em la, 


Movndsvilli, W. Va., May 31. 

Another week and still nothing new to tell 
about either the volume of the business or 
the weather. We have the very best circa s 
wiutter Imaginable, and the business haa 
been heavy accordingly. At Coshocton we 
had great difficulty with the lot It was 
on a level below the street, and a very bad 
approach that the wagons could not get over. 
But we "gillied" the stuff from the street, 
put up the side wall and gsvc two very well 
patronized shows. Cambridge was good to 
us. Caldwell stretched the capacity. Mari- 
etta was big, and yesterday, at Slstersvllle, 
we recorded a record, a tremendous business. 

Yesterday Kit Carson, the rifle shot. Joined. 
Carson Is a grandson of the famous old 
scout end tra/pper. Kit Carson, of historical 
fame, end Is not only a remarkable shot him- 
self, but dresses Ms act In cowboy costume, 
and performs from a slack wire. Kit waa 
working vaudeville circuits last Winter, and 
Joined at tbo earliest possible moment. 

Tio-morrow Joe llerrrra and wife— the 
Mexican Joe of Pawnee Bill fame — moke their 
first appearance In our arena. Joe la proba- 
bly one of the best all around men In a Wild 
West arena In the show business today. A 
past master at the art of riding backers and 
a wonder with a rope. The fart that he 
was chief of cowboys on the Pawnee M'.H 
Show for many years Is a sufficient credential 
to get Wm Irf the biggest time of the Wild 
West. He makes a five horse catch throwing 
the' loop with his foot, and with bla bands 
can catoh as high as ten running bornr*. 
Joe will add oon*Kk>rauTe lustre to our roping 
act, which with McCoy, Stokes and Dare Bed 
Star Is now quite above the average. 

Col. Cummins Is this year taking care of 
the newspapers with the show. Besldej his 
striking appearance, the Colonel has a most 
engaging way about him, and never falls to 
interest the city edltov to the extent of at 
lea* a column of space. City editors are, 
as a rale, hard nuts to crack, when free ad- 
vertising Is wanted, but they are all grist In 
•the Colonel's mill. Col. Cummins will pre- 
cede the show by one day to Buffalo, aud 
an-ange with the newspapers there. 

Jack Beach, well known and beloved from 
hla many seasons with the Tvihlte tops, and 
lately from the Wallace Show, is handling 
the tickets on the No. 1 side show box, also 
taking care of the local advertising with the 
show. Jack never falls to get an "ad." from 
one or two -merchants In the town, and from 
the way hla signs look In parade, and the 
convincing text of his announcements in 
the big show arena, I am sure his clients arc 
always satisfied. Jack Is of the salt of the 
earth, and respected and liked by all who 
know and remember blm. Joe Kelly la on the 
other side show box. 

Now for a real surprise Last Monday 
morning. In Columbus— Just a short ride 
from Monday's town— George Slocumh and 
Mary Webber were united In the holy bonds 
of wedlock. If that la a surprise to the 
oany friends of the couple who will read 
this. It was no leas a surprise to the 
people on the show. It la not known if the 
romance Is one of this season's making or 
if it extends back farther than the twentv- 
flfth of April, this year, but, at any rate, I 
never saw a happier couple, nor one more 
apparently satisfied with the choice they 
made. George has been with tie Young 
Buffalo Show since Its Inception, and no one 
around the trick enlnys a higher regard thnn 
his wife. I most sincerely join in heartiest 
wishes for a long and happy life. 

Was talking to Professor Bower, director 
big show band, thla morning, and he told me 
that be had a quartette in training to use In 
connection with his band In the concert be- 
fore the Bhow. In proof of bis statement he 
took me over to the bandstand and had the 
quartette sing one. 



Although there waa a lot of rain up to the 
Cleveland, 0., totes, Monday and Tuesday, 
May 26 and 20, everybody with the ahow la 
in good spirits. 

The spectacle. "Solomon and the Queen of 
Sheba" Is one big attraction. The way li Is 
put on Is wonderful. In fact Mie whole circus 
Is the best ever. The clowns aje many, and 
the beet that ltlngHng's have ever had. There 
is Al MJa'eo, who has been with the Klngtlng's 
for the past twenty or thirty years, wit-) Is 
Just nke n two-yeasr o!i The writer hud en 
(occasion to meet Al.'s son, Steve Miaeo. a 
couple of weeks ago, aud asked (how his 
father A!., was. The reply was "father la 
still kicking around and he Is certainly kick- 
ing ajvjurul too." 

Oeorgo Hartsell la another old etnnd-b.v of 
the lUngllng clowns, and William Carroll, 
another veteran of the days of "Dan Rice, 
is with this ehow. Billy Jameson Is cer- 
tainly pulling off some great clown stunts. 
Talk about a homo town booster, Hilly cer- 
tainly boosts Salem, 111. -Tbla city la lnrger 
than New York to Billy. Jim Sprigs la 
certainly woaklng the policeman to perfec- 
tion. In tbo number where he makes love to 
the hired girl (Tom Mnrdo, of course), while 
ho Is wheeling; the baby, he eays, In half- 
tmdur-hls-broath tone: ^'I do tils on the 
square at home." The writer learned that 
Jim has a little youngster at home, and does 
wheel It around. There Is Annt AcgcEtnd 
with his tnugo skirt, which Is great, and Ed. 
Memo, with nls transparent skirt. Is also a 
scream. Warren Balrd U also pulling somo 
great ones. -His trained pig tie had list 
season was killed. Someone said lie fed It 
ton much malted milk and killed IL 

The Air Plane, tho Jockey and the Indian- 
apolis Speedway Burlesque were very funny. 
The Mardos aro certainly doing their part 
of entertaining. Their ash can stunt. In tho 
craty number. Is a scream, and deserved 
them a lot of credit Also throwing the balls 
at the head through the canvas, a "county 
fair" burlesque, is very funny. Jew Nnthars. 
Del. Allen, Prank Burns, Tom Burns, Roily 
Wilson, Boy McDonald, ddoso Davis. Dart 
Banbard, Joe Detorcllt A. Detorelll and 
every clown wTrib. the show deserves special 
mention. Julius Tumour was probably there 
also, hut 'tho writer failed to see him. There 
were also other names that deserved special 
mention, but owing to the swiftness of bheso 
numbers It Is impossible to see everything. 

Johnny Arte, equestrian director, deserves 
a lot of credit. Besides belcg one of tbc best 
directors In tbls country or, In fact In any 
country, Is also a champion trick rider. 
This he proved when he won the Richard 
K. Fox trophy two years ago in San 
Francisco. When lie woo his championship 
ho was up against the best riders of the 
West, and also the world. Although he did 
not have bis own horse he picked one ho 
had never seeu before and won the trophy. 
Yon should sec his wind storm machine, a 
new Invention. I don't knew whose. 

About thirty cars and all extra equipment 
wero burned In Cleveland on Monday night. 
May 26, wtrcn the lumber yards were on Are 

The show moved out of Cleveland Wcdnes- 
dwy A. M., to Marlon, 0., on lUngllng, Spc'.l- 
man, Itanium & Bailey and Amis palace cars. 
Ijindcd at Marlon at 1 P. h. (no parade). No 
parade at Toledo, but a Ions; parade lit De- 

(Continvod on pagt U.) 


VAUDEVILLE ss, £& is 

Jane 1-0 Is represented. 

AMinahs (0), Colonial, Chicago. 1-3. 
Abyalola Trio, Gordon's Olympli, Boston. 
Adams, Mahol, A Co., Orjibrain. Los Angeles, Gil. 
Adnnuon, Shipley, fc 00., Colonial, Oaleago, 4-4. 
Adair A Adair, National. N Y. C. 4-1. 
AclUlngtoa A t'rjufc, Oosnoa, Wstbltstoa, 1-3. 
Al.tirn, Obarlc*. Troooe, HsimiwrHfln's, ri. T. 0. 
At.ihergs, Tse, Keith's, Cncinnatl. 

Send for New Catalogue Stating Kind Desired 

THEATRICAL CATALOGUE of Show Print. MAGIC PRIMING Hypsollim. Illusions. 
Ing, Repertoiro. Strjck. Circus. Wild Mini Reading. Etc. 
West. Tsnt Shows. Etc. MINSTREL PRINTING. While or Colored. 

FAIR PRINTING. Fain.-Racss.. Aviation, . *'> h °' rVlthoui-T.Ue.Etc_ 

Aiito. Horse: Stock Sncwi, Etc". ' MOVING PICTURE PRINTING, Etc 

WESTERN PLAYS. Ftc. FOLDERS 1:1 Norf-Rorslt, PlJyY'wjtn frilling. 

- Show -'arid -Theafrical : -TvJ?lS M »l S f :cv Hungers and Posters 
-Pnnters : -^^.S^" 31 or, Hannor - every .Kind of 

l ' v -' hew voa* Qss.Viasi.S cmiuho -. '.V, 

Lithographers, Engravers . Trf^\ ' Amusepent Enterprise 

- Show; arid '-Theatrical.-.' 

Printers : 
Lithographers, Engravers 



KM YO«" i_4^JJ»'- CH, CXOO 



Will be Men in New York ah ortly in 
their sensational 




Alploe Troupe, Buffalo BUI-Sells-Ftoto Skowi. 
Alexander, Bon, Olyrapla Cm-alt. 
Aliliuo, Nat. GrplK-om. ItoM'n, 4-6. 
Alexander Kids, Grand, i'btU. 
Aleihla, GreeVs. Portland, Ma., 4-4. 
A I ion i ArlUs. Ouknlal, Rlalra. K. T. 


Orlartnal Orotosqao ChavimctTPamcTs. 

American N«lrsboys• Quartette, Lyric, Oalrarj. 

COB. _ 

AmeOlo, Psitatrs'. Wmnotoo. Csn. 

Americsa Whlrinlada (71, FsLiates*, Oaktaaa, 

Anthony ft Ross.Tth Ave.. K. T. O. 4-0. 
Anderson, Ab., BUoa, Ikxttoa. t 

Armstrong & Manly, Empress, St. Paul. Ulnxs, 
Arco Bros,, Keith's Bottoa. 
Aroint Bros.. Shea's, Baffakk. 
Ardarth. Fred ;., Bast End Park. Uenxobis, Taasv 
Arllnc t Adler, O. O. H.. FltUbcutfi. 
Ashley. Qsreataolya. Bljom, Boston. 



Asutre, Fred & Adele. Grind. Phlla. 

Attell, AJbe, Crystal, Ultwaofcee. 

Australian Woodchoppen, OrpLram. Seattle, Wfcah. 

Arolloa (4), American, N. V. C. 1-3; Orphean, 

N. y. c, 4-e. 
Azor*, B'dway, Logxaspoft, lad, 
Aaara Trio, Empress. Ban Fran,, Oat. 
Bates, Blanche, & Co., Orpheiaa, boa Angeles, 




Itanxa, Smart, Palaee, N. T. 0. 
Barrett ft Bell, Soiimer Park, Montreal, <Oia. 
Ballots, The, Palace. Chicago. 
'Ball & West, East End Park. Memphis, Torn. 
Birton, Sim. Majestic, Milwaukee. 
Barrows ft Mllo, OrpSeum, Portland, Ore. 
Iiachman. Okas., ft Co., Kmnress, Spokane, Wut. 
Basy Rnsslan Troupe, Paotages'. Spokane, Wash. 
Iiaraold's Dogs, Ssvoy, Sao Diego. OaL 
Harrows. Lancaster ft Co., Savoy, San Diego, Osl 

Burke, John ft Mae, Empire, ndiaoaton. Oan., 

Burke ft McDonald, Palace, Oilcego. 
Borton, Baha ft Oantwell, American, N. 7. O., 

Bora* ft Walsh, Shobert, Bkln.. 4-8. 
Barks ft Barke. Loew's, Fill River. Mass., 4-8. 
Buto ft Batrra. KeleVs, Portland, Me. 
Byal A Early, Eomano Park. Grsod Rapids, sEcb. 
CsnUIIe's Poodles, White aty. Gklcsso, 15-20. 
Carlisle. Oertla, ft Co., UnlqM, MtnnsapUa. 
Oanaeld ft Carlton, Etnpresi, Dra-nr. 
Oarltoas (J), Binwoa Pirk. Oraatt Baplda, Ml*. 
Oatalaoo ft Denny, Majestic, Chicago. 
Caatellane, SeneatlonaL Fontilre Park. Loolsvllle. 
Oarrera, thpatsj ft Co., Empire. Bdtaostoa, Can., 

Carmea. Frank. Poll's, Wll st s- B a fi e. Pa. 
Cabaret Trio, Delanoey It, N. X. C, 1-8) Boole- 

vard, N. T. C, 4-S. 
OarkHoos (2), Bamoot, Grand Rapids. Midi, 
Cain ft Newcoab, Bowdotn Ba.. Boston, 
Cirbcray. F. W., WaJesUe, MUsraokee. 
OaatelltDe ft Denny, Hijeetic, Chicago. 
Cecil. Blared ft Oerr, Etaprees, SaK Lite aty, 0. 
Chsass (4), Toartns; Eorope. 
Cbung Bwa Foar. Palace, M. T. 0, 
C.eroo, Great, ft Jnbnsoa, K. G. Bsrkoofs Bhovr, 
Clark ft Uamllton. Palace. M. Y. a 
CllLion, Novelty. Henderson's, O. 1.. rT. T. 
Cliff. Laddie. urrJieum. tJeitllo. Wash. 
Clark ft Verdi, tnrtesm, Winclpeg, Can. 
Ola/tea ft Lenole. Pantaces', Taooma, With, 
CUrk, Eddie, ft Clare, Onnean. Bosaoa, 4-S. 
Clifford, Edlta. Crystal, Ullwinkee. 
ClIfTord. Billy 8., ft Co., P^^n^e«s, 3t. Paul. 
fxjllom, Jeoale. Blily "Swede* Ball A Ox 

Dodd. Wawnle, ScMntller'i, Chicago. IS. 
Dorr, Mary, Nixon, Pblls. 
Donthltt ft Jones, Cacun. Clsrksdare, Miss. 
Dryden. Myrtle Bijou. Boston. 
Doncan, Din H., MiJoeUc Talaa, Okla., ledta- 


Ttey Say I'm Great. Ooltunbla Bnrleeqaers 

With JACOBS AHP JEnMAOaT fig season. 

Do Mali, Arthor, Republic, Los AngMea, Cat., 

Dabsl Bros. (S). Hsnrmerateln's, N. T. C. 
Daffy ft LoreDse, Bljon, Knoivllle, Tens., 1-3; 

Lexfnfton, Ky., 4-0. 
Dunn ft Dapree. Tth Ave., K. T. 0., 4-6. 
Eirley, Dors, Ramon a, Qrand Biotas, Mich. 
Ecfeert ft Frincls, McVlcker'B, Calcago. 
Bdwsrda, Tom, London. Bag.. ItHMtalte. 
Edmonds, Grace. Matestte. Mllwsnkee. • •• 
Bldredge ft Barton, New Portland, Portland. Me., 

Erwood. Mae , ft Co,. Paatsges*. Taneonver. Cm. 





no:* v. rutanx "lUCK" "430P" 

BAKER and O'NEAL 9nr i piini m 


Barbean Family Co., Park, Torrlngton, Oxav, 8- 
10: Orpbeoui, Nnngatook, 11-13. 

P.nllerlr»l, Clin, Proctor's 68th 8L, and S8d St., 
N. Y. O. S-13. 

Birdon, Frink, Grand. Breckearldge, Mlu. ; 
Grand, Devils Lake. N. D., 8-13. 

Barlow, Billy, Gordon's Olympla, Boaton. 

Barrett ft Stintoo, ScaUay *«.. Boatoa. 

Bamberg. Theodore, Colonial, Pairs. 

Berg Bros., palace, Bradford, Kng. ; Palace, Han- 
fax, 8-13: Palace, Sonthaanptos, 15-20; Boro, 
No. Shleldj. LL'-rT; Palace, Oateslaead, 89- 
Jnly 4. 


Booked by Westersa VaatslTllle Aasst. 

Berends, The, BoHcoa, Wis., 4-6. 

lVv:ns, Clem, k Co., Brnpryss, I'crtlind. OTJ. 

Berry ft Berry, Kmpress, eKtsmento, Oal. 

l'ejer Ben, A Bro , Soomer Park, Montresl, Oao. 

KcTgere. Valerie, A- Co., Ornh;um, Bkla. 

Berreos, The, Orpheom. Oakland OaL 

l'dleclore Broe, Ovpheaaa. Oakland, OaL 

Bell ft Jones. Pantages', Winnipeg, Oaa. 

' lwaox Arts." Onibeom, Bkln. 

Inrnard ft Lloyd. Delancey St., H. I. a, 1-8; 
Lincoln Ba.. N. T. 0.. M. _ mm 

Bell Boy Trfo, Otwley 8q. N. Y. C, 4-41. 

liouoett, Murray, bt James' r-oaton, 4-6. 

Itifoo City Foor, Kmplre, London, Bng,, till Jane 
20. "> 

Blekel & Watson, Orpteum, Eklc. 

I'lApuam, DavlJ, Palace, Chicago. 

ltniKbatn ft Gable, Colonial, Chicago. 1-3; t>(*lno- 
let's, OhlcagOt 4-h. 4 

nircche. Be1K>, Palace, Ctlcago 

rialr, Rogeate. ft Co., Palace. Ciiloaan. _ 

Bl.ick A White, National. N. Y. C. 14; Cohaa's, 
Newbtrrgh, N. Y., 4-6. 

Blnioell ft Txiaker, BUau, Bostoa, 

Black Crook Juniors, The. Folly, Obksgo. 

Bowers, Walters ft Orooker, Ber Majeati's, Syd- 
ney, Australia, ladeaalte. 

Bolses (4). TItoII. Cape Tanvn, 80. Africa, Jane 
8 -87: Empire, Johsanesburg, K-JoJy 18. 

Bolind ft Bolts, Beoderaoa'a, a I., N. Y. 

Bonny Troupe, The Great, Henderson's, O. I., 


Boetwtck ft Howard, B'<Jway, Tjoganspott, tni. 
lioothby ft Brerdeea, Polacc. Ohleaeo. 
Boarding School Girls, St. James, Bus too, 4 -a 
Bon A Belles, Soollay Bo,., Boston. 
Brlatow ft Warner, Andttorlnm, 9aa Bernuatno, 

Cal.. 4-Tj Audi tor! nrn. Yeolas, 8-10. 
Bragg ft Bragg, TaompaootowB, Pa. 


Wait. C. A. POt'OHOT, Palaee Bldg.,II.T. 

Brower, Walter, Uolqoe, MlnrwafwUl. 

Price, Fenny, Haumeratetn's, N. X. O 

r.rown Bros. (0>, Shea'a, Boffale, 

Brown, Geo., ft OS., Savanaak, Ga., 1-8; Or- 

pbeum, Jacksonville, Fas., 4 0. 
Biumer, Dorothy. Ketch's, Philadelphia. 
Br.uke (7), Saitttiah, Ga., 1-3, 
I irneon ft Baldw.n, Orphean, Portland, Or* 
Brunettes, Cycling, Pantages', Taoonu. Waao. 
I.- lux-o, Olive, Parrtages', Winnipeg, Can. 
Praan, Margaret, ft Slater, Cehladler's. Chicago. 
Prownlng. Bessie, Yonge'a, Toronto, Can. 
Brown, Ton, Trio, Liberty, Bkla., 4-6, 
Brown ft Hodges, Bljoa, Boston. 
Brlerre ft Kins. Liberty, Bkln., 4-8. 
Brawn ft Frailer, New Portland, Portland. Me., 

Trooks, narry. ft 0»., Mahstle, Elmlri, W. Y. 
ltnrte, Jotia p.. rplly, Detro it, Isrtenalte. 

order. BILL B B, m Uafcn Wt; D< T. Otty. 

Bspe, Al. A Paol, Majeetlc, Slonz Falls, 8. D. ; 
unique, Minneapolis, 8-13, 

Evans, Billy ft Clara, Bcoptre, SpringtWd, III., 

Erani A Alien. Ookwlil. Phlla. 
wywvt -sr ^«.^>vmw snssasaras Exposition Foor, Sheridan So... Plttaborgb. 
\A/ 1 T .1 . f;illVrt f?. TT FilrbsDks, Donglas. ft Co.. Keith's, PMUdelptila, 
VV I I af I t \S\JL%LjEJ X Kilcoos (3), Imperlsl, Vsocoover. Oaa. 

FSTber Girls, Henderson's. O. I- N. Y. 

Fatkne, Fontaine Park, Loolsvllle. 

Futon's, Joe, Athletes. White Oity BUpp., Chi- 

Fadln-O'Brtea Trio, OolonlaL Loganspoct, Ind., 

Farrell, Hargiret, Greeley Sq., N. Y. C, 1-3; 
American N. Y. O., 4-6. 

FtnneB ft Tyson, Orphecm, N. T. C, 1-8; Fulton, 
Bkln., 4-6. 

Fcrgason, Dtck, Orihenm, Pciton, 4-6. 

Kltaglfajon, Bert, Haanmeratela'a, N. Y. C 

Fields ft Lewis, Psntages', Oakland. Cal. 

Flnley, Bob. ft Girls, Pantages*, Taooeaa, Wash. 

Flshe ft Fallon. Natkmit. Lcu'snllle. 

FULer, Mr. ft Vn Perkins, Boulevard, N. \. C, 

"Fighter ft TV Iwss," Orpheom. Boston. 4-1. 

Ilynn, Kitty, Kn:| teas, St. Paul, Minn, 

Flora, Hanunentein'a, N. Y C 

Flvrette, Raat Fad Park Memphis, Tenn. 

Flavllla, Forrest Park. St. I on it. 

Flereaa Family, Lincoln Sq„ N. Y. 0.. 1-3: Ful- 
ton, Bkln., 4-e 

Flanagan ft Co. Keith's. Atlantic City. 

"Fncr of a Kinl." Kmrrej, Saa Fran., Oal. 

Ford ft Hewitt, New Brighton, Brighton Beach, 



Forget-Me-Nots If), Ma>»uc, Chicago. 

Foy, Eddie, ft Foys, Orphenm. Sin Fran., CaL 

FoDdeller. Joe, Yonge'a, Toronto, Can. 

Ford ft Mitchell, New Portliad, Portlsnd, Me., 

FoeteU ft Emmett, Plttsiinrgh, Pa. 
rcrd, Mabel ft, O. O. IL, Plttsborgh. 
Frxna ft Lesser, Bonlevird. N. Y. 0.. 1-8; On- 



Tin's, Newlwrgh. N. Y., 4-«t. 
Pruliowsky Tr.>are. Sohmar T-ark. Moaxnal, 
rinch ft Els, Alajketlc, UIHv aukee. 

The BUlT Bauattor of Vavnd -vl lie 
PaltadTUna. Direction JOE HARRIS 

Cody ft Cody, Collatam, Pheuli. CaL, 9-14; Elka', 

ITeeoot, 18-18. 
Ccnklind, McBride ft Mllo, Empress, Portland, 

OorWll ft Gillette, Near Brighton, Brighton Beach, 

Collins ft Hart Harataeretela'a N. T. O. 
Conroy. John P., A Models, Tjammersbhlti'a, N. 

Collins, Milt. Henderson's. I.. N. Y. 
Cooj-er, Harry, ft Co.. MnrWanl, Biltlmore. 
Conlln, Steele ft Carr, Keith's. Bosom. 
Oonoolly, tlr. ft Mrs. Brwln, Lyric, Birmingham, 

Conlln, Ray, Orphenm, W^n-reg. Caa. 
Ceok ft nothcrt. Kxapress, caitTeke Olty, U. 
Cot,per«ft Bleardo, Lyric, Calgary. Oan. 
Cornalla ft Wither, Pintages', Los Angelos, Oal. 
Cmnoly A Naulty. MeVlckers. Chicago. 
Colonials (Tl, National, Lonlavllle. 
Corradlcl's Animals. Empire, Eitnonton, Can., 4-6. 
Ouok, Olga, Boulevard, N. Y. C, 1-3; 7th Ave,, 

N y. a, 4-3. 
Cuichas, Paul. N:ioo. Phlla 
Cooper, Deoa. ft Co., Olympic, Baffira, 
Ooyrle ft GriadeUe, Batttord, Hertford, Oom., 

Crua ft Josephine, Bmpito. Lt-nkm, Eng., Indcil- 



Material By WILLIAM SI8TO, the 
t Itaallsui atateemavsa 

Craig, Marietta, ft Co., Orpuennv, Ogden, U., 4 6: 
faapretf. Salt Lcke Olty, fc-li. 

CmJn Morris ft Co., 3avanaak, Ga.. 1-3. A Els, Alajketlc, lullv nukee. 

Crowell. Byrd Frost, Orphtu,n, \ arcouter. Oan. Frlganaa, Trlxie, Orpneom, Winnipeg, Oan. 
Cn>mvrell, Aerial. Lyric. Hibokou. N. J., 4- i. rrancls, Mae, National, N. Y. 0.. l-S; ahubert. 

Ctcmwell, AerUl. Lyric. Hibokou, N. J„ 4-0. 
Ctclg a WUUams. Keith's. Ciaclnna tl. 



Cummlnars ft Qladylng!, East Btd Park, Memphis, 

D'ArrlUe, JeasmeMe, Montreal, Can.. Indefinite. 
"Datttown Follies, " Hssnowratetn's, N. Y. 0. 
Daleya, The. Lyric, Blrrataghua, Ala. 
Davla, Ethel, A Co., Pantages', Portland, Ore. 
D'Armo, Juggling, PinUges', Portlsnd, Ore. 
Dsvls, Psotagea', Yenconver, Oan. 
Daniels ft Conrad, Americas. N. Y. C, 4-6. 
Davis, Hal., ft Co., Qt. Northern Hipp., Chicago, 
Dare Bros., O. O. H., Pittaborgh. 
De Qroote ft Langtry, Casino, Ctarrotte, N. C, 

HUM and DEU0R1 


MOVBITT. Perm, address, CLIPPER 

Des Jarldea, Trlxie, Dan Frlendly's M. C. Co. 
De Leoo A IHtV;*, Orpheum, San Fran., CaL, 8- 

De VllhU. The Great, aillleratown. Pa. 
D*!?"^ ."'!*■ Miu < O 01 "' UanaaKstela's, H, 

fe E ,^ L_P n "*•,J' oU '• p * l *<*< flPTlngneld, Mass. 
ge Oasaahme, Cadets, Keltha, Wasfilneton. 
De Berria, HearMtte, Orpheaaa, OakUadTOal. 
8* SSaV'SPB Paalages'. fearioetoh, Oan. 
De Vltt ft De Vltt. Pantages'. Vleiorla Can. 
Delaaore ft Lee, Pantages', Winnipeg. Oan. 
lVtoove ft Light, Lincoln Sa„ E Y. 0.. 1-6: 
Ooksn'a, Newtmrgh, N. Y.ri-e. ' 

Do Lisle, Juagllng. tooge'a, TMreato, Oas. 
De Lisle ft Vernon, Pelanoay St.. W. Y . 0., 4-6. 

Rose De Young 



De Meat, New Portlaad. Portlind, Me., 4-6. 
Desnonts. The. New Portlind, Portland, Me., 4-6. 
Detaora ft Debnar, Oreeky's, Portland, Me.. 4-6. 
Dickens ft Floyd, Colombia, Detroit ; Broadway, 
Oolgmhos, p., S-13. 

m vaudi¥iiii 

Dksmsad ft Delaware, Maryktad. BaHbnore. 
Dlxey, Henry E., Keith's. Waahieirtcn. 
Dlxob Slaters (3), Greeley 3q,. N, Y 0. 1-8; 
Ajmeriean, N. Y. £ 40, ... a 

Dippy Deera, The. Keith's, Portland. Me, 
iK-isch A Itoaaell. Empras, Sjlt Lake Olty I) 



Dooley, Wta. J.. Shesi'e, Bntraki. 
Doylt. John T.. Baaene*. Beatle. Wash. 
Dooley A Bogel PoU's Pslsce. Bk>rlagneM. Mass. 
Dolce Slaters, nest End Pirk, MmnEia, Twn. 
Dotsaa ft Ooraoo, Purtagta', rortlaad, Ore. 

Bkln., 4-0. 
Froanl, Colonial, Fblla, 
Fretsian, Lew, Maj estic, Elmrra, R T. 


1st VasaderlHe. 

Fieehaad Bros.. Hartford, Brtrlionl, Conn. 4-0. 
Gabriel, Master, ft Co., Otpheam, Los Angeles, 

Gardner, Giaag, Snrpresa, Spokane, Wash. 
Gardiner Trio, Orpbeua. Yancoaver, Can, 
Gafgoals (5), Pantagea'. Tacomi. Wash. 
Gardner ft Le Roy, Colonial, Chicago, l-S. 
flayoore (4), Oolonlal, Chicago. 4-6. 
Gere ft Dolaney, Shea's, Bnfralo. 
Georges (2), Empress Taooma, Wash. 
George, Edwin, Keith's, Boston. 
Gelger, John, Lyric Birmingham, Ala. 
Gerard, Harry, A Co,, Pantages', flpokane, Wash. 
Geary, Arthor, Grand. Phlla. 
Gelger ft TJpp, Poll's Palace, BprlagQeld, Mass. 


The Original Iioae 8tar Mlautxel. 

TJ. B.O.TIME" Ulr:ctton HARBY RAPP. 

Gllllajwater, Cliutle, ft Co., Keith's, Atlantic 
Olty. .....'-• 

Gibson, Jack ft Jessie, Vantages 1 . Edmonton, Can. 
Qlbbs. Okas,, Baalevarl. N. Y. O., l-S. 
Glendale Treane, 7th Ave., N. Y. 0., 1-3. 


FsUtoaa Theatre, ■ - Baw^aUytt, B. T. 

Golden, Claade, Keith's, AtlanMe City. S-13. 
Ooald ft Ashlyn, Kfltb's. Phllldelpola. 
Oorden, Panl. Orpheom, vsneouver, Oan. 
Godfrey ft Henderson, Psntagea', Bdmenhitt, Ola. 


Permstneaat Address, N. Y. OLIPPBR« 

Oonkm, Don ft May, Oolonlal, Chicago, 4-fl. 
Oormley ft Oaitrey, Keith's, Washington, 
Gordon, Marlon, Bljon, Boston. 
Golden. Morris. Keith's, Portland, Me. 

SINGLE! 9 gPTOIi aa . " 


glgatedl srltta Bqrlrsqtte Meat ge— on. 

Graaat Lonls. Eiapresa. Onten. TJtsb. 
Gray. Msry, Empress, Tacomi, Wash. 
Green, MeHenry ft Deire, I^Bress, 1 

Oal. ' " ■ 

Gruber's, Max, Wonderful ArdnMls, assoderaon'a, 

O. I„ N. Y. 
Green. Gene, Colonial, Chicago. 
Oneraey. Ledna, PanragesV Seatila-, Waao. 
OnlD ap. Tens, Orphean. Bkln. 


Of Va\ODaBVUst«a 

June 6 




m New Jersey Central 


Fro at Liberty St., I i, I, to 10 P.M. 

tad «t Midnight with Sleeper* 


Prom W. °3d St. 


Consult P. W. HEROY, E. P. Aft. 





Van Cortlandt 

142 to 146 W. m SL aear Broadnj, 


100 Rooms— Near Bath, |l M per Day and op 

Room and Bath, f 2.00 per Day and np 
Parlor, Bedroom and Bats. ia.40 per Day 

and Dp 

Excellent Restaurant Oood Hauls 

Club Breakfast, 25 cent* op. 

Special 75 cent Table d'Hote Dinner. 

(8). BaaJmrd. R. T. a, 1-3: Bhu- 
sart, Bkla., 4-0. 

MaUar 4 Btanley, O .0. B., Pittsburgh. 
Haws, Tool, * Co., Bapnat, Ta c asa a, Wash, 




Bart Marie A BUly. New Brighton, Breton 

Bea*: KeltB-f. • waataBftOB.- 8-13. 
Hanloo Ibsa. Van Burro St. Chicago. 
liars A Hays, Gem, Ktrktvule, Mo., 1-3; Foorth 

iff, MoberS, McT. 4-6. _ * 

Balks A Poller, Imperial. Vancouver, Can. 
Bsrtrys (3). Empress. Botte, Moat 
Ball Boo. Empress, Ogden, U. 
Hsrtmsn A Varady. Keith's, Boston. 
Bswklns, Lew, Temple. Detroit. 
Hanlon A CUfton, Poll'e Palace, Sprlngeld. Mass. 
Barlland A Thornton. Majestic, Chicago. 
Balnea, Bob*. T., A Co., Orpheum, Sam Fran., 



OrlRlnator. of BaaketbaU on Blcycls. — RoJ . _ ,__,„_ .^^ j^,,. g^^ ^ 

Pittsburgh, Pa.. 8-13. 

Lancton, Lneler 4 Co., Orphrmu. Seattle, WuA- 
Ln Crolj , Paul, yrvhooni, Wimiiieg. Can. 
I .asky's Hoboes, listsgea'. Lo* Angeles, Cad. 
La France Broi., White City Bl|>p„ Chicago* 
Lai lion Kim, Empire, Edmonton, Cam., 4-0. 
Laypo A Benjamin, Orpbcnm, N. T. O., 1-1; 

Greeley Fq.. N. I. a, 1-8. 
Lawton, BIJoj, Bkln., 4-0. 
La Tour, Irene. Bowdoin Su.. Boston. 
Lrrti A Bart Co., Aadltotlon., Eaa Bernardino, 

OaL. 4-7; Parra'a, BakeraVld, 10-13. 


Nash, Mary. A Co., Keltta'a, Boston. 
Naah, JoUa, A Co., Grind, I'laU. 
Newport A BUrk, Empress, Spokane. Wash. 
Newman* (0), Empress. Portland, Ore. 
rlestor 4 Delbetf, Oreeley 8a., N. t. 0-, 4-0. 
Nlebola A Oroiz 8lst?rs, National, N. Y. a, M I 

American. N. Y. 0.. 4-0. 

"Night In a Turkish Bats. A," Colonial. Pails. 
nhtathawks. Toe, Keith'*. Orncbnnati. 
MiUo'a Talking Birds, Majestic, Klmlra. N. I. 

I Kick's SattlofGlrta. 0.0. B., PlttaboraA, 
Nosses, TbeTwblte City Hipp., Chicago. 
Nolan 4 Nolan, Broadway. Phils. 
Morton A Anas, Hartford, Hartford. Cotvn,, 4-4, 
O'Parrella. The, Rlngllng Broa.' Ctrcns. 
Orpheus Comedy Four. Ptntascs', Spokane, Waaa. 


Dtrtctlon JOE JERMON. 

nubile. liOJ Angeles, 8-13. 

■mpress. Kanaaa City, Mo. 
O'Mearsa. Gliding, Orpheum, Bkln. 
Okeott. Chas. Fontaine Park. Louisville. 
Ovale, Empreaa. Tacomn. Wash. 
Oterdta, La Belle. Orphcusi, San Fran., Cal. 
Otto. Frrta Colonial, Chicago. 4-6. 
Otto Broa., Fulton, Bkui., 4-0. 

Bekenek Bros., Empire. KAmooton. Ona., 4-0. 
SeaaeTer A Waller, Gt. Northern Hipp.. Ohleaao. 
Sevier A James. Terapl*, Fremont, Neb., lndefl- 

"Serjeant Bafny." Orpbsum. San Fran., Oal. 
Beshechs, The, Onplieuni, Wlnnlpef, Can. 
Peeley, Bkaaoin, Banjoul, Grind Rapida, Mich. 
Baaw. Lillian, Orpheon, Oakland, OaL 
nay A Bhyman, Republic, Loa Anr»lea l OaL 
Bhall A COle, Kellth'i, Ooluobua. 0.| Keith's, 

Cincinnati. 8-13, 

keek. D'Anllle A Dttttoo, Empreaa. BeatUs, 


ieklon. May, 4 Kemp flitters, BlJon. BsrstmiB, 

Oa., 1-3; Orpbeom. JackaonTllle, Fla., 4-8. 
BlBlera, Bartford, Baratord, Coon.. 4-8. 
, Bemaloe. A Oo.. 0. 0. B., Pltuburrb. 
Ll«hu, Tonfe'a, Torotrto. Can. 

Oilier A Blacktrell. RemtMle. 
OllTOttl Tnmbadoor*. Emi 


A Iaos h seresm, riot. 14M Boyd Are., Woodbsten, 
P. T. Phone 1684 W. Richmond BUI. 

etmonds A Piatt. Saroy. Saperlor, Wla., 1-8 1 

Royal,, Minn., 4-0. 
Ulber A North, Sheridan Bq., Pltlabnnh. 
Bklpper, Kennedy A Reerea, Pantafea', Ban Ftan., 
^Bl. J Pantarea*. Oakland. 8-13. 
■kelly, Jaa., Panraiea'. San Fran., OaL; Pan. 

■Uars', OakUnd. 8-13. 
Baatella, The. Empreaa. San Fran.. Oal. 
Baraona, Fredrlka, A Co., New Brlfhton, Brl4ttSB 

Beach, N. Y. 
"Slams of PtrlA," Panttae*'. Victoria, Oss. 
Saltha, Aerial, Touring Europe. 
4th A Boyle, Orpoeun, likln. 
«ath. Ed. A Jack. Voi 
Balth A Fanner, Bt. Jn 

Poll Time 

BalklngB, The. Pantagei', Oakland. OaL 
Halllgan A Sykea, Pantagea'. Portland, Ore. 
Barcoort, Delay, Pantagca' Vancoorer, Cao, 
HarrKsa AL, A Co., MeVlekef a, Chicago. 
Barrls, earn. Lincoln Sq., N.. Y. C, 1-3; Cotonv 

bla. Bkln., 4-6. 
Ball BUly, A Co., Loew'a, New RocheUe, N. Y., 

Halllday, Wllllim. Empress, St. Penl. MJin. 
Baney. Felix, A Co.. Sheridan. So., Flttsbanb. 
Bedce, Jobs, Natieatl Sydney, Anstralla. iodefl- 



Irtib Piper, 8cotcb|Pljper, Irish Dan- 
cer, Scotch Dancer, Violinist, Mo<- 
cUn. S222dATO.,N.r.,orcareH.T. 
■ OLLPPtR. Ageota keep this address. 

Benhey. Sellt-Floto Shows, Indeflolte. 
Herman, Al., Emprets, Loa Angeles, OaL 
Berman, Dr., East End Park, MexphlaTean 
Benryi, Flying, Orpbeura. Vancourer. Can. 
Hendricks' "Belle Isle" Co., Lyric, Calgary, Oav 
Heron A Gaylord. Keith's, Washington. 
Beath A MUIerahlp, Broadway, Pblla. 


"The Talented Red Skin" 

Leonhardt. Al., Hamawrateln'a, N. Y. 0. 

Lery Bert, Keith's. Philadelphia. 

Lehuds, The, Keilh'a. Waahlngion. 

tarter, Barry B., Orpbeom, Ban Fran., Cal. 

Lee. Mabel, Colonial, Chicago, 4-0. 

Lewis. Ben. A Co., Orpbeom, N. Y. C, 1-3. 

Greeley Sq^S Vo^'d^*" * °" *"*'' ne ""^ W 6l0 5 ,1 - Al ? 6^ i < ? ,1 J? dl *?J?-Ii? tIeyU, * 

Lee A Perrln, Gordon's Olympla. Boston. 
Leonard 4 Meredith, Gordon's Olympli, Boston 
Link Bros., Elks, Prescott, CoL, 13-15; Coliseum, 

Pticsnli 16-21. 
Libty A Barton, New Brlghtoa, Brighton 

N. T. 
L<Fktncr A Jordan, Shea's, lon-nto, Oan. 
Lelttel A Jeanette, Keith's, Atlantic Olty, 
Lloyda, Aerial, Orphenm, OakUnd, CaL 
Lockett A Waldron, Shea's, Baffato. 
LoretUs (3). Poll's Palace, Springfield, 
Lerena 4 Miller, Broadway, Phlla. 
Lunette Sisters. AT Fresco Park, Peoria, 111. 
Lydell, Rogers A Lydell, Temple. Detroit. 
Lynch, Dick, Imperial, VancouTer, Can. 
Lyons 4 Yoace, Keith's, Washington. 
llalccffln.ii. The, Empire. Freno^ Cal. . 3-6 ; Aah- p^&lu, $& Harts. ' Httsbu'rgh. 

h?'i, _Hanford. Cal.,. 7-9 : ™to*» Vto*ua,_>q- Vatmtr< m^ Harris', PlttBbargh. 

holding U. S. A. government papcra. 

Osford Trio. Empress, Spokane, Wash, 
Cwer A Ower, Keith's, Philadelphia. 
Pallenberg'i Bears, Orpbeom, Winnipeg, Oan. 
Par Isl in Harmony Oats. Bnjpeeas, Los Alleles, 

Parrillo A rrabtto, Maryland, Baltimore. 

ParreU Slaters A Co.. Sobsier Park, Montresi,. 

Patterson, BorosUs, Orpbentn, Bkln. _ . 
PauM A Boyne, Orpneum. San Fru., Oal. 
Powers' kBpsMsT White City Hipp., Cbleaso. 
"PayaeBt, The," belancey St.. B. Y. O, 4-4. 
Paso A Newton, Keith's, Cincinnati. . _ 
Pattefs Dlrlng Girls. Palace, Bartford. Oono. 
Paka. Toots. A Co., O. O. B., Pittsburgh. 

13; 0. 4 C. Tail. 14-16: Parra't, BakenOeld, 
17-20; Republic, Los Angeles, 22-27. 



Personal Direction PRANK BOHH 

HennlDgs. Lewis A Co., Harris, Pittsburgh 

Hill 4 Ackerman, Moss Tout, England. 

Hill A Wtatttaker. Orpheam, Portland, Ore. 

Bill 4 Bale, Harris, Pittsburgh. 

Ilcgan, Gus, Emle Mark's Co. 

Hoey 4 Lee, Keith's. Pblla. 

Holt, Alt. James, Shea's Hipp., Toronto, Ont 

Houston, Henry, Touring Australia. 

Bolden, Max, Areoue, St. Louis; Orphenm, St. 

Paul. Minn.. 8-13. 
Hong Foag, Empreis, Kanaas C ity, Mo. 

Mae Holden 


,r This Week, Brighton lieach 

Howard, The Great, Ramona. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Hunter, Hortense, Bijou, Boston. 

Ilyama 4 Mclutyre, Shen'e, BuD'nlo. 

Byatt A Le Nor*. Lyceum, Clnrkcsbarg, W. Vs., 
indeflnite. ■, Conn A Cireene, Keith's, Portland. He. 

Imperial Pekmese Troupe, Empress, Denrcr. 

"In Old New York." Boprcwi. f-elt Lake City, TJ. 

Irwin A HarrkK. roston, Long Bench, OaL, 6-10; 
Auditortnm. Venice, 11-14. 

liiii.en Troubadour..,, Cukago, 1-3, 

Jewell's Manikins, Lyric, Calgary. Can, 

Jerome A Carson, Savoy. San Diego, OaL 

Jolson, Barry, Pantiles', Spokane, Warn. 

Jones A Brown, Scollsy Sq., Boston. 

Jordan, B. 0., A Co., Broadway, Polls. 

Johnson, Bounding, Grand, Phlla. 

Kaufman, Beba A I net. Touring So. America, In- 

Phillip 4 White, Henderson's, Coney Ishnl. N. Y. 
Plcchlanls, The, Empress, Bacrsment o, Oal. 



In "SpeaWnp; of FatheT," by GEO. APE 

MacDonald. Sadie. A Oo., Boston, Long Beacil, 

Obi., 4-7. 
Malms Combines, Empress, Winnipeg, Can. 
Majeatle Musical Four, Empress, St. Paul, 1 
Marshall, Ed., Empress. Denver. 
Maye 4 Addis, Empress, Denver. 
"Matinee Girls," Palace, N. Y. O. 
Ualtland. Madge, rcntalne lark, Louisville. 

Marie. Dainty. Orphenm, Seattle, Waah. pa— ■ ■ •*»■ U aae. a<«%, ibi pw> | ■ 

Uatthewe, Shayne 4 Co., Orphenm, San BTan., |*£ |y | f"| f* \J fV C L. L 


rope A Duo, Empress. OgcVn. U. 

Power Bros., Hnjestlc, Ohlcngo. 

Pollard Opera Co., Fantagva', Seattle, Wash. 

Polsln Bros., American, N. Y. a. 1-3; Orphean, 

N. Y. a. 4-8. 
rowers, John A Jessie, Greeiy's, Portland, Me., 

Balth, Ed. A Jack. Yonge'i, Toronto. . Can. 
Balth A Farmer, Bt. Jnmes, Boston, 4-6. 
Baits. Cook A Brandon. Keilh'a. Atlaatlc City. 



Bnjder 4 Hallo, Keith's, Boston. 

Boosas, The, Tampa, Fla., Imtetlnlte. 

"Sonl Klsa. The," Pantagea'. Ban Fnn., Cal. 

Southern, Jean. National. N. Y. O.. 4-6. 

Spragne 4 McNeeee, Gt. Northern Hipp., CJIcsbo. 
Btelllog 4 BeveU, Orpbeum, San FraB., OaL, 1- 

^ Snyder «- Hallo 


1188 S6Hl USmanygoo.l tblefs 
bat beat af all Pears, the aoaa of 
qaallty Had parity -there's 1M 
years of reputation behind— 

Dears 9 


Cake far t>« Vtuotntt*- 

Walker A HI. Greeley 8q., N. Y. C, 1-8: Bonle- 

Tard. N. Y. C. 4-6. 
Wade, John 8., 4 Co., Orpheam, N. Y. 0.. 4-*. 
Ward. Bell A Ward, Loew's, Fall River. Man.. 

Warren 4 Brockway. Scollay So., Boston. 
Ward, George, Kelth'e, ClntlmialL 


Watch then. They do It 

fc Co., Crystal. Ullwnukte. 
Rlvetrkew Park, Peoria, HI.. 


Waltera. Ann. 
West, Etbel. 


Welch Ben. lU;omerat*ln*a. N. Y. C. 
Webb 4 Uiirua, Lyric, Blrmlnatiam. All. 
Wellington, Dae, Sohnwr Park, .Moulrenl, Can. 
Weston A Claire. Forrest Park, St. I.nuin. 
Welcome 4 Welcome, Youfe'a, Toronto, Can. 
Weatoo 4 Young, Orpbeuui, Boston, ill. 
Welch, Mealy * Montrose, Keith's, Boston. 
Weston 4 I*on, t. Northern Hipp.. Chicago. 
Wheeler. Naomi. „t»nmer Stock. Gaiety, 1'hila. 
WnitMer'a "Barefoot Boy," Empress, flaenmenta, 

White Uossars '01, Banvons Park. Grand Rapids, 

Whitehead, Joe, Kelrh't. Lowell. Mate. 
Wblte. Al.. 4 Partner, Keith's, Itilla. 
Wheeler. Bert, 4 Oo, Harris, I'lttsbnrgh. 
Wllllatna 4 Raukln, Tuiirlna; Austrillii. 
WllHaina 4 Segal, Empress, !.<» Angeles, OaL 
Wilson, Frank, Ramona Park, Grand Rapids. 





'World's Almost Greatest Wrcticrs." Plsjlns; 
Oultgd Tlpio. Dlrcc.lloii MAX E. 1IAYRH 

Wills, Nat, Majestic, Chicago, 

Wilson, Horla, Trki. Orphenm, Vaneourer, Can. , 

Wilson, Geo., Pantagrs'. Vlclorle, Can. 

Wise Men CI). Colonial, Chlraa... 

Wilbur, Clan-nce. Yonae'a, Tiirmiio, Oan. 

Witt's Melody Girls, llljou, Bkln., 1-0, 

Wllllatiis & Wolfus. Niton. Phlla. 

Wilton Sisters. Chester Park, Olndnnstl. 

Wluru 4 I'.ii.rv. Gt, Northern Hipp., Chicago. 
' Mo " 

uilre. Edmonton, 0) 

Womhviird, Roinaln L., ISnipire, Owego, N. Y., In- 

WUmiii 4 Aulirer, Hobinor Park, Montreol. Caa 
Wood, Ilrltt, KiiMilre. Edmonton, Can., 4-6. 

Novelty Modern Daacora 


Mayer, Lottie. 4 Diving Girls, PanUges', 
Angeles, OaL 

"Masqaeraders, The." Pantages', Yanconver, Oan. 

Mirr 4 Evans, MoVlcker's, Chicago. 

May 4 KUduf, American, N. Y. C, 1-3; Do- 
lancey St. N. Y. 0.. 4-6. 

Miyo, Louise, Boulevard, N. Y. C, 4-6. 

Mah-Toev, Tom, Loew's, Fall IUver, Mass., 4-6. 

Miynards, The, Gordon's Olympla, Boston. 

Msgulre. Francis, BIJou, Gordon's Olympla, Bos- 

Mack A Atkinson. Crystal, Mlhrankee. 

Marline 4 Martin, Keith's. Portland, Me. 

Manley, Frank, Sheridan Sq.. Pltuburgb. 

Mack 4 Irwin. Harris, Pittsburgh. 

McDevltt, Kelly 4 Lucey, Orpbeum, Los Angeles, 

McPermott A Wallace, Unique, Minneapolis. 

The McNutts 

OomedyAcrobstloCycJiaia. PtiscUonPtsnltBonii 

Violinist of the Highest Btaadard. 

Prim, Polly, Seventh Ave., N. Y. a, 1-3; Fulton, 

Bill., 4-8. 
Front, Eva, Loew's. New r.ocheBe, N. Y., 4-6. 
Prlmetader (4). Niton. PbUi. 
Price 4 Price. Nliou, Phlla. 
•■Pmcb, The," Empress. O.'den, II. 
Purteila Bros., National, A. Y. O.. 1-3 ; Delancey 

8L. N. Y. O., 4-6. 
Oseer A Quaint, Touring Nova Scotia. 
Basf, Claude, Empire, Edmonton, Oan., 4-6. 
Bay-monde, Hamme rstein's, N. Y. O. 


In too Bcreaminsly Funny Farce _ _ 
ast.l. QB ACCOUNT OP A TlTliH.** 

Beckett, Hoover A Msrkey, Psikhages', Los An- 
geles. Oal. _ _. 
Radcllffe, Charles, Bowdoln Sq.. Boston. 
Bogged Troubadours. The, Broadway, Phlla. 

MeWatters A Tyson. Orphenm, Bkta. _ Bemnel Sisters A Co., Majestic, ML- 

KAmnjerer A Howland, Empress, Portland, Ore. MoMahon, Diamond A demeace, Orpbeom, Seattle, Beynolds 4 Csrpentcr. Boston, Long- Beach, OkL, 

4-7; Andltorlam, Venice, 8-10; RepubUe, LoB 

Keogh. Edwin, A Co., _ 
Kelly 4 Gslvln, National, N, Y. 

Kartelll, Temple. Detroit. 
Kallyama, Orpbeom, Portland, Ore. 
Ksllnowikl Bros.. Pantages', Seattle, Wash. 
Kara A Co.. McVlcker's, Chicago. 


Always Working 

Kelly 4 Mack, Virginia, Cldcsgo, Indefinite. 
Kenny, Nobody 4 Piatt, Forsythe, Atlanta, Qa. 
Kennedy, Jack A Co., Temple, Detroit 
Kelll Dno, Orpheam, Oakland, Oal. 
Kent, Annie, Orpbeom, Portland, Ore- 
Kelly, Tom, Savoy, San Diego, Cal. 
Kenni, Ocas., Pantages', Seattle, Wash. 
Kelso, Loub), McVlcker's, Chicago, 


Dlroetlon EDGAR ALLEN 

McVlcker's. Chicago. 
._jsl, N. Y. 0., 1-3; Orpheam, 

N. Y. C. 4-4. 
Kenny A Hollls, Yonge's. Toronto, Can. 
Kelso 4 Lelghton, Columbia, Bkln., 4-3. 
Kelly, Andrew, O. 0. H., Pittsburgh. 
Klnkali Players, Empress, Butte, Moat 
Kinney A Clark, Forsythe, Atlanta, Us. 
Klmberly 4 Mohr, Orpbeum, Los Angeles, CaL 
Klrksmlth Sisters (8), Ramona, Grand Rapids, 

Kingston, Chester, Henderson's, C. 1., N. Y. 
Klutlnr-s Animals. Majestic, Chicago. 
Klaas A Benile, Lincoln Sq.. N. Y. 0., 4-6. 




Knapp A Cornalla, Majestic, Milwaukee. 
Knight A Benson, Bowdoln Sq., Boston. 
KnlKht, Percy, A Co.. Gordon's Olympla, Boston. 
Kohier, Morton A Brans, Grand, PUla. 
Kelh A Barland, Keith's, ClndimatL 
Kramers, The, Orrheu, San Frru., Cal. 
Krrsy Kids (6), Songe's, Tnrorto. Can. 
Ksnry, Bosh A Robinson, l'anlsfes', Victoria. 

I.t Rnsh 4 Scottlc, Qoboro's Minstrels. 

Marie La Varre 


llaren't joametmel If not— Trtr/aotf 

tj Flenr. Joe, RlngHng Bros.' Crrcus. 
I-v Mar, LaoftlBE, Republic, loa Angeles, CaL 
. laape. Wm., A Co., Eiapreu. Winnipeg, On. 
La. Deodlna. Kotf/tess, Wlrninef. CaB. 

McMillan, LIda, A Co., American, N. Y. 0., 1-8; 

Fnlton, Bkln., 4-6. 
HcKenna's Minstrels. Greeley Sq., N. Y. 0., 1-8; . 

Belancey St.. N. Y. C, 4-6. 
HcMahon A Mayne, 7th Ave., N. Y. 0., 1-3; 

National, N. Y. C, 4-6. 
McCrea, Mae, Chester Park, Cincinnati. 
McLaughlin, Nettle, Coney larand, Cincinnati. 
McDermott, Billy, Shea's, Buffalo. 
Mclcotte, Olau'Ie, Lyric, El Paso, Tax., IndoC- 

Meluctte, La Note Troupe, Rlnpllnj Bros.' Circus. 
Meinettt A Sblelll, Unlqae Uluneapolls. 
"Mcin LlebecUou," Empress. Loa Angeles; Cal. 
" Mermaid and the Man. The." Empress. Ogden, V. 



Those Ludicrous Acrobats. Boosted solid. 

Angeles, 15-20. 
"Red Heads," Lyric, Birmingham, Ala. 
Bellly, Johnnie, Btowe'a B. R. Shows. 
Renter Bros., Orpheam. Seattle, Wash, 
Remington, Jos., A Co., Pantages', Saa ITSS,. 

OaL; Pantages', Oakland, M all . ^_ 

i em, I .0haa. ■ » ,»-«. »Mi 

OCIU/i UU.,, ^ w., a 

Reynolds, Jim, Greeley I 

Sq., N. Y. CJ*. 4-6. 
Benards (8). Keith's. Phlla. , . 

Bedford A Winchester, G. O. B., Pittsburgh. 
Rio Bros. 14), Touring England 
Brcbbrrg's Jap Dolls, Ororru, Chicago, 1-8. 
Bice, Audy, Bijou, Knoxvllle, Tetm., 1-3. 
Riccl Trio, Orphenm, Seattle, Waah, 
Blpoo. Alt. fth Ate., N. t. O, 1-3; Orpbeom. 

K. Y. Q. 4-6. 

Richard The Great 

Personal Representative, Ctus. E. Ilodklns 
______■_■ Theatre Bldg. Chteago, HI. 

Stephens, Paul, Unique. Mlnneapolla. 
Stoddsrd, Marie, Kmnress, Seattle, Wash. 
Stephens, Leona. Lyric, lllrmlnaiiam. Ala. 
Stevens 4 Dordeau, Orpheum, Savannah, tls., 1-8 { 

Jacksonville, Fla.. 4-0. , 

Stanley. Alleeo, Drplieum, Los Anseles, Cat, 

Standard Bros., Lyric, Calgary, Cob. 

fltrauss, Jack, Americas, N. Y. C. 1-3; Shnhert, 

Bkln.. 4-6. 
Bt. James, W. B., 4 Co., Lincoln Sq., N. Y. O, 

1-3 1 Bhubert, Bkln., 4-0. 
"Sllok-Up Msn, The," American, N. Y. 0„ 4-0. 
"Stool I'lKeon, The," Nlxou, Phlla. 
Stan Rtanley Trio, Colonial, Phlla. 
Stiillngs, The, Keith's, Cincinnati, 
Stlllmans, The. Keith's, Portland, Me. 
Stmt, Barry, A Co., Poll's Palace. Springfield, 

Button, 'Larry, Lyndon's Big Sho— . 

Goa Sua Hooking Exchange Company of Spring- 
fldd, Ohio, has Boen closed, and -wo hereby give 
noUoe thai wo will not be responsible for any con- 
tracts Ibs ued, bills Incurred or agreements entered 
Into after this date. May 26\ 1914. 

OTja BUN DOOK INQ EX. 00., Bprtngfleld, 0. 

Sullivan, Jaa. F.. A Co., Empress, Kaiats OHy, 

Bully Fomlly, Keith's, Iioaton. 
Bwak'e Oockatoos. Harris. Plttaburat. 
Baor A Mack, Keith's, Philadelphia. 
Jack, Scollsy Sq., Boston. 
aaaas, Touring England. 



Tannen, Jullue, Orpheum. Vancoorer, Out. - 
■Tamer, The," Yonge's, Toronto, Oan. 
Taylor, Eva., A Co.. Henderson's, O. I., N. Y. 
Tempest, Florence, A Co., PaUee, Chicago, 
"Temptation of Adam 4 Eve," Bammersteln's, 

N. Y. 0. 
'•TeB-forty West," 43olonlal, Pblla. _^^ 
Their Pet-away." Empress, Spokane. Wash. 

South American Tour. 


Woodward's Bogs, Panlagea', Hpokane, Wash. 
Wood 4 Law wm, t.'nvoy, Saa I'H'go, Col, 
Woodward, Fred, A Co., Pontages', Winnipeg, 


WH. S. HRNNKSBY—Tlie Boohmaher 

Bichaond A Mann Olympla, Buffalo. 

Boas, Clark, Orpheum, Oglcn, U.. 44; Express, 
Eait Uke City. 8-13. 

Bees, AL, Boston, Long IVacb. Cal., 4-7; Audi- 
torium, Ban Bernardino. 11-14. 

Bot uison's Elephants, Bmorou Portland, Ore. 

BcsafaM A Prevost. Empress, Bt Paul. 

Bess A Fen ton Players, Empress, Bt. Paul. 

Btoaird A Ward, Empress, Brrtte, Moat. 

Base, Jollan, Empress. Saa Fran., Oal. 

Bore, Harry. Empress, Salt Lake Olty, V. 

Rochester, Claire, Forsythe, Atlanta, Oa. 

Hcye, Bath, Majestic, Chicago. _ 

Boshaaara, Orpbeum, Loa Angeles, Cal. 

Bats, Eddie, Majestic. Milwaukee. 

Lorxeo, The Great, Orphenm. Portland, Ore. 

Ttmberg, Herman, Palace, Chicago. 
Tiebor'e Sesls, White Olty Hipp.. OMeuo. 
TlBkhao A Co.. Wblto Olty lllpp-. Ctilcago. 
Tldwell, Ben, Cheater Park, Clnclnoadl. 
Torcat's Animals, Pantages', Oskland, Oal.) Pan- 
tages', Los Angeles, 8-18. 
TodfNards, Empress. Batte. Mont. 
Torelli's Clrcas. Empress, Seattle, Wash. 

Merrill A Otto, Keith's, Bciton. _ . 

Melody Maids 4 a Man. Orphenm, Winnipeg, Can. 

Mercedes. Pala»>, N. Y. C. 

Merroee, Bert, 1'ilsee. N. Y. 0. 

Mnban's Hounds, Palace. N, Y. C. 

Urllor 4 De Paula. Keith's. Fcrtland, Me. 

Merry Minstrel Men (4), Olympic, BuffsJo. 

Mercedes, Palace, N. Y. C. 

•Miller 4 Vincent, Temple. Detroit. 

Millers, Msrveloos. Forrest Park. St Louis. 

Milton Bros. (3), Lincoln Sq,, N. Y. C. 4-6. 

Millard Brothers, Chester Park. Cincinnati. 

Killer tc Mill.-.'. Olympic. Lr.Oalo. 

Uetarts, Fred 4 Eva, Jose, Sun Jese, Oal., S-13. 

Moacrop Sisters, Imperial, Vancouver, Oan. 

"Mere Sinned Against Thau Usual," Imperial, 

Vancouver, Oan. 
Mcrrell, Prank, Empress, Prattle. Wash. 
Morrissey A Backett Empress Sreramento, CaL 

Mooatt-Clare Trio, Empress, Kansas City, Mo. — ». --— — rrrr-. ^ viei/>,i» <_n. Trana-Auaraic ansa saw— ^_, 

MoiTis. Nina, A Co..Tytlc. Birmlrghsm Ala. laasaBA jb Sajsss*, Ptstnij', Js4aa».taa. _ -_*!„, A lma. AudHorlum, San Bernardifjo, OaL, 
Motilta Five, Orphenm, Los atssjsaM, Oki. W SS?' J'v'tiS*' ' ' 4-7. 

, can, «. x. o., a-u. K .„u:»ion. 

WikiiPs Anhnnla, Mhrrldr.n Sq., Pittsburgh. 
Wright, Cecelia, Forsythe, Atlmiia, Qa.. 18-26. 
Wright 4 Dietrich. Orphenm, Oakland, Cal. 
"Wrongeil From the Start," Ortdicnm, Vancosver, 

W-ynii. Bessie, (in>beom. Sin Fran., Osl. 
Xylos (£), Ht, James, Boston 4-0. 
Zanduff, Alia 4 O... Pantages', Seattle. Wash. 
Zeds 4 Hoot, Foulalne Kerry Park. Ioinlsvllle 
Klska 4 Siiunders, Natlouul, Lculsvllle., 
Zoeller, K.I., Trio, Boulevard, N. Y. 0., 1-3; Sbs- 
Urt, Bkln., 4-tL 


Tlio Judges In the Wlntlirop Ames Floy 
Contest — Augustus Thomas, president of tho 
Society of American Dramatist*, Adolpti 
Klsuber. former dramatic critic of Tile Sea 
Vork '/ime*, and Wlnthrop Ames — have 
awarded tlio prize In that contest to a play 
entitled "Children of Earth." 

The author Is Allco Brown, of Boston, the 
well known writer of New England novels 
and stories, and to her tlio ptiso of 110,000 
has been paid. Sixteen Hundred ana fortv- 
slz manuscripts woro entered In tbn contest. 
In addition to a largo number excluded for 
not conforming to the conditions, 

"Children of Earth" will be the Arst tons 
play of Miss Brown's to be produced, al- 
though several of nor one act places nave 
been itaged. Miss Brown was born of 
farmer folk In Hampton Falls. N. II., and 
her first fourteen years -were spent In that 
neighborhood. She thnri went to a glrlx' 
somluary at Exeter, N. H., taught (or a Tlttlo 
while, and loft teaching to write. Her first 
book, "Meadow Grass," a collection of short 
stories, brought her Immediate recognition. 
Blnce then she has published a volume of 
poems, 4 book of cssuya on travel, a largo 
number of short stories and several novels, 
tho best known of which are "Tho Story of 
TaWtsa and "Roho MacLeod." 

Miss Drown now lives In Iioiton in the old 
Whipple house on 1'lniknoy Struct, fre- 
qucuted In B. P, Whipple's day by the lit- 
erary men of older HoBton, She lias a gor.1t>n 
at Newburrport, Mass., and a farm at Hill, 
N. II., and is said to love more than any- 
thing else, "plays and gardening.'' 

Mist " 

r 4» rf vSl&FISmFVmi Kansas dren of Earth," 6 said to have a strongly 
oast MoT dramatic plot Its characters aro the samo 

as Hrown's prize-winning play, 


Ctty, Ma 

Toney A Norman. Lyric. Richmond, Va. 
Trnebesrt 4 Burke. Folly, Detroit, tsass sWIk. 

"Trained Norses, The," New Brlshton, Brightoo 

Traeey, 'Ooet A Tracey, Pantages', Oakland, Oal. 
•Trnth, The," Pantages'. Tacoma, Wash. 
Trevltt Dogs, McVlcker's, Chicago. 
Troy Comedy Four, National, Ixwlsvlll*. 
Trans-Atlantic Trio, Keith's, Boston. 



BoekweU A Wood, Eooletart. N. Y. 0.. 46. 
Rclland, Geo., 4 Co.. Keith's. Atlantic City. 
Base, Jack. Olympic, Buffalo. 
Boegger, Klsa, Bijou, Knox vide, Teen., 1-3; Lex- 
ington. Ky., 4-6. 
nntsell, Martha. A Co., Pantsges', Portland, Ore. 
BuMell. Kick A Lyda, Colonial, Chicago. 

Keith's, Washington. 
The, Forrest Park, St. 


Eyas A Lee, New Brighton, Btlghtoa Beach. N. Y. 
Bran Bros., Empress, Los Angeles, Cal. 
" bfaclcf. 

Byan A RkhftelJ. Narlonal, R. Y. 0. 

Ilonlgomrry 4 Moore, Maiestlc, Milwaukee. 

Morse. Bond, Colonial. Oilcago, 1-3. 

"Mtdem Match. A." Delaucey St, N. Y. a, 18; 

Lincoln Sq., N. Y. a. 4-0. 
Montrose A Hydell. Delancey St, N. Y. a. 1-1 1 

7th Ave., N. Y. a, 4-0. 
MoLle, Al., Haleattc, Tampa, Fla. 
Morris A Campbell, Broadway, PhDs. 
uMocre. Browne A CrUUe. cie,« Psrt, Otae». MAURICE S MMJOMiM 

nysu m jvicuoeiu, ^iimu.i, ... *. 

Bantell, Great. Touring Rorope. 
Sans A Sana, Empreis, Winnipeg, I 
Savoy A Bremen, Empreaa, Butte, 


Twlsto. .. 

Tamers, The. Forrest Park, St. tools. 

Tnrner, Anna, 4 Co.. Empress, St. Paul, Ulna. 

T»k>l 4 Huberts, Scollsy Sq., Bontoo. 

Usher Trio, Empress, Malt Late City, V. 

Vsitelta's Leopard*, Tlvoll, hydoey, Australia, 

Vaidatcan, 'National. Sydney, /.ustralia, Indennlte. 
Tsu. Martin, Sav.tunah, On., 1-3. , 

Vsldos, The, Lincoln Kq.. N. Y. tt, X-8| Cohan a, 

Ken-Wan. N. Y.. 4-6. 
Van Gofre 4 Culrely. Ilryon. Csnton, Mo. 
Van Cello, Poll's palace. Spimgneld, Miss 

rural New England types that faavo made her 
work famous not only at home bat In Eng- 
land. London Punoh said of her recently ' 
"1 do not know what proportion of duo 
honor Is enjoyed by Alice Hrown In her own 
country, but I sincerely envy America tho 
possession of her genlua." 

Mr. Ames plans to produce "Children of 
Earth" early next season. 
4 »» 

Gsotas "HoHST Box" Eviits bts recover*.! 
from his recent Illness, ami will make his re- 
opiwaranee on the stage the week of Any. 3, 
-when he will play the New Urlgtiton Theatre with 
bla minstrel company. Mabsiiam. haa Urn engaged by Arthur 

Ifntnmersteln, to rlay the lending lole In the ik'W 
play by Blchard Harding Datls and Jules Kdwlu 
Coodman, which Mr. Hammerstelu will produce 

early next season 
Nat Wills, In the Supremo Oonrt of New VtIt, 

asked for an annulment of hla marriage lo La Belle 

''Lswn Party." Boca's, Buffalo. 

La Tan, Paul 4 Denbs. Temple, Detroit 

Lambert A Ball, Keith's, Washington. 

Btonbromery A HcClsln, B'wsy, Lo ga jspot t, lod. 
Monahan, Crown, CblcagJ 4-0. 
Moltane, Frank, Empress, Denver. 
Murphy 4 Nichols. Henderson's, 0. L, N. Y. 
Atomy's Pets. Lexington, Ky., 4-4. 
Molten 4 Coogan, Orpbeom, Bkln. 
Musette, Pantages', Los Anseles, Oal. 
Murphy 4 Foley, American, N. Y. 0., 1-8; BMJos. 
Bkln., 4-6. 


Dlroetlon BARRT P1MCDB. 

VBO CellO Polls l'oiace. not iridic, n, »".. ssaeo .or su ■nuuiiwni ui am uiurnuhT n' >,« in-i.o 

Vernon Doris, 4 Co.. 7tb Ave., N. Y. 0.. 1-3; Tltcomb on the ground that she bad not been .11- 

PIJou Bkln., 1-0. vorced one year before aba married hlm. Jnsllco 

Vwtotl Trio, Gt Nrmheri Hlp|i.. Chicago. l'ssje, on May 28, refused to grant Mr. Wills a 

Vivian A Alton, Rickards' C.rcult, AusitsIU, In- electee. _ .. ._ . .. ... . 

iVnnlte. Tub Osrnstru, Brooklyn, will close its season 

" — ■■ - ' * There Is - 

Brighton BsskaV 



This aasae oa a Traah or Baa aasaas CAaallty Oral, last aad all the time 
■ aaaraetan, plus a reasonable profit, fixes the price. 


Wn.T.TAM B AL, Inc., 

145 W. 46th St, 

■aw York City 


tt 1 



10S B. Hala St., Memphis. Tsbb. 


74 Ellis St., Saa Praaelsco 

- i -. . 

I ' . 

• |4 . 

Salon Singe—, Now Brlabtoo 


Ssntry 'A Santry. B'dway, Lssouaiport. tod. 
Sawyer A Cote*rook, l^lsad. ■fit— - 

8sntley, Jos., .A Oo. .Temple, Detroit 


w^tin n_in«iea Vmnresa Sooksiie Wash June 6, to re cj*n early In A.igiiit. Tbero Is a 

viSS. Ed A' "Ja^oaS^^sinona Park. Grand report that the policy of* the Keith houses 

"aaassaffikL Bamons rara. uran.i to -~ Bn) ^ )y _ o.y be Int^cUinged aaat asa ssSL. 

Baby, Detase 

Temple, Detroit. 
SssapstU A Reilly, Poll's 

Palace. BpimgfieU, 

8sU~Bnsh Bill A Co., Pantages'. Vancouver, Ota. 
Barer -Mldgely A Co., Greeley Sq.. |s____E «_». 
Ssraoels, Maurice, 4 Co., Gordon's OrytapU, Boa- 

Sswyer A Delano, Crystal, Mlrwsakee. 
SsashoiT A Bonis, Keith's, Atlantic Oily. 
Salvages. The, Shea's, BatTalo. 
"Scenes from Grand Opera," Pantages'. Edmon- 
ton, Oan. 
Start A Walla*. PsnUgea', San Fran., Oal. 
Scott, Marie King, Colonial, Logsnaport, lad., 4-4. 

VaSet, Baby, bwsbb__s Bt, N. Y. O., Ml Lyrle. 

Vucent, Bob A M oriel', 0. H., St Thomas, Ont.. 

Vkanss (4), Scollay Sq.. B<*os. 
Walte. Keaentb It., Prank A. BotsUna* Show. 



Ham Rosea Is the new basinets manager at tbe 
Oalety, San Francisco. 
A VSS0ICT fcr 8900 sgalnst James O'Neill was 

T*biroe4 by a Jory before Muprrrii* Orrart Jnsllco 
Ilenedlct. in Brooklyn, N. V.. May 26, In s suit 
brought by J. >rthuT Hilton, a lawyer of 100 

Waters, Tom. Empreaa, Winnipeg, Can. 
Walters, David. A Co., Emon**, Sacramento, Cal. 
Wakeoeld. Wllla Holt, Majestic, Cbleaso. 
Ward 4 Gallon. Forest Park. St. tsafib 
Wartenberg Bros., Pantages', Saa Vran., Cal. 




Nssaau Street. 

services given In a IsaaMB belw.en O'NHtl sod 

Corse Paytou as to certain rights In the play. 

ViCTOB HMnmrr, who recently underwent an 
Operation for anrendlellla in London, IS con- 
valescing at Brlgfilon, Kag. .... _ . 

JoBBrn Sainton, wbo will b» moalcal dlrc-lor 
for "Tbe Ik-l.ntante" o«t Kail, sailed for Kng- 
Isnd Msy 27. to consult with Victor Herbert, 

"rhtaTtsii Oiimtsv sailed for America Msy 30. lo 
join Wallace Muuio's Ho. 

fi' '•''■' '; 

» l ' • • - ! '• - : i 

i : .;- 



Jvm 6 





. .V , ("Bad Onloa*) 

They all iook good far atray. 

0. K. Smith. — What became of the Hun- 
thlne Shows. We never beard after the an- 

Bobby Kane. — Why did von tarn "Cnm.- 
Hon" Into "Destruction"? . 

W. M. Muslei Is now pTCRentliig IiIh well 
feiown sketch over tbc "liuttcrmllk" circuit, 
entitled "Shunning the Maliagony." W. M., 
»e trust that you bavo a long and successful 

Hops that we make a long Jump next 
reek, as all of us like to travel. 

Jake David writes from Austin, Minn., 
that the opening of the Ii. It. I'arkcr Shows, 
ta Omaha, was all rlgbt, and that business 
In Austin was fairly good. Jake, what aro 
Jou doing with Ii. It.? 

Koums C. KABLKr. — "Once a pit showman", 
•lways a "pit showman." Noble C, tell vis 
cbout your experiences while an agent. I* 
Ihe "little lady 1 ' gslnc to be with you? 

C. II. Kikuy. — How did you like trojpJng 
•town In Texas? 

A dollar Is nothing until you arc without 

Mbs. Jennie Warden jumped from a place 
to Texas to Leavenworth, Kan., to Join the 
B, it, I'arker Shows. Mrs, Jennie is a con- 
cessionaire of considerable prominence, and 
wo wish her a successful season. ">> 

Fbed. U. (Happy) holmes ls-.tbo origin-. 
etor<»f -tbe "Suporba" style of show/ and no 
•re has as yet duplicated his succes3 with 
flils particular kind of en attraction. Happy 
fc always In the top money class when ho 
k on the Job. 

Dbnison, Tex., turns out enormous crowds 
t> carnivals, but they are not overly careless 
with their small change. Denlson, when in* 
Aistrial conditions arc good, will doubtless 
trove to be an excellent stand. The Fall of 
the year might be all right If the crops are 

-Many carnivals jump from somewhere to 
xowbere. Most or them are going some- 
There this season. 

A. B. Miller. — How were the Illinois 
towns for you ? Does tbc eighteen head' of 
Baggage and parade stock produce the de- 
Aired results. A. II., let's have some new* 
Jrom the Greater Siiows. Harry, write. 

It skews this season as if there are two 
factions In the carnival business. There 
Bay be more. We know that one of. tbem Is 
•ailed tbc "Outlaws" and n lot of other 

■ John C. Airanr. (the concessionaire) .— 
Tou have stirred them all up with your ex- 
cellent frame-ups. 

Hebb Is a new alibi for asking for passes. 
Cigar clerk to manager: "Would you give 
lie some passes, please? I have been selling 
til of your help cigarettes." Manager In 
icply : "No, but If you hadn't of sold them. 
ny I might talk to you." 

Nat Reus. — Whore are you going to take 
luto-I'olo the coming Winter? Somebody 
iald South America. 

The Lone Star Amusement Company ha* 
for Its motto: "Honesty, Sobriety and Mo- 

1. h. Peyscu says that lie does not like to 
H a special agent because there Is not 
tnough "poco dlnaro," as the Mexican would 

Trrs wtadup Of every write-up sent out hy 
nost press nrcnt Is : "We look forwnrd to 

■ good season." It's a cinch that we are 
folng to look back for it 

IUu'ii Smith. — How Is everything In the 
«ld Castle? How Is the riding device busi- 
ness? We think that the Colonel Francis 
I'crnrl Shows arc going to fool a lot of tbem. 
' Thekb Is a merchant In Denlson, Tex., by 
-flip name of I. Jab-low. From the tactics 
that some of tho carnival people use this 
same would be very appropriate for tbem. 

Willie Gaskill. — Are you with M. B. 

How was business Decoration Dav? nope 
that It dln't rain. If It did, cbcer up, Fourth 
«f July Is coming. Wonder how that holiday 
a going to treat us ? 

Gkouob *'. Dorman, general manager of 
Ihe Solomon & Doruiun Liberty Shows, says 
that everything Is moving along with them 
Blcely, considering the condition of tho conn- 
try at present. George F. Is of tho opinion 
that It Is golnir to be a regular gambling son- 
win, or In other words, this season Is going 
1o be a gamble. 

Sam limn, of the Fair Amusement Com- 
•any, Is en route this season with the Solo- 
Eou & Dorman Liberty Shows. 

TitKiiE are one hundred talkers with as 
that can and do work when tho crowds are 
coming. What we want is some workers 
when thoy are not coming. Do you grasp It' 

Ueobqe F. Dobman. — Herbert A. Kllua 
says that you played Warren, l'a., and War- 
ten, O., In succession, so that yon could save 
money by not having to change anything on 
Iho billing except the name of tho State and 
Ihe date. You should "bibblo." 
.'Paul Hunter and his troupe of Texas 
wild cats, . consisting of Kent Wltllam!, 
Homer MoClnuahan- and F. I.. Foster, left ' 
Denlson last week for Dallas, Tex., where 
they will take n vacation by operating all of 
their concessions at picnics, rc-uninns, fain 
and celebrations in Texas, from now until 
Ibe close of the season. 

Jambs Dblanky, the concessionaire, left 
Denlson, Tex.. Sunday, Mav 24, going in tho 
direction of Southwest Canada. James wishes 
lo Inform James J. llnggcrty that he Is now 
a member of "233 Country Lifo In Canada. 

Some wlso men refrain from speech, for 
fear that they may be misquoted' bv some 
-babbling simp" that might cross their path- 

Kbkn & Sitirrr Snows.— Send us in some 

Leom W. WASimrns will doubtless enjoy 
an excellent business at tho Old Home week, 
Krantford, Ont., Can. The letter head says 
"Back to tho Wigwam." 

Victor D. Levbtt, general agent for tho 
l.eon W. WrtRhbtrrn Shows, has been making 
successful and extensive tours in Eastern 
<'annda. Victor D. doesn't look for opposi- 
tion, be just diplomatically overcomes it 

Some moving picture theatres In San An- 
tonio arc guilty of adopting carnival tactics 
in drawing patronage to their houses, 1. e., 
*.v bully- booing the atleets with megaphones 
Can you imagine a moving picture theatre 
towering their dignity to such a degree? ■ 

The national Amusement Compant, of 
Montreal, la now part and parcel of the Jo- 
»cph G. Ferarl Shows, according lo informa- 
tion, having Joined ihctn at the opening 
ttand, Wllllamspoit, Pa. 

William Ukobob Kvebbtt, besides having 
Ihe Splendora Show, also has n great London 
flliost Show with the Joseph O. Ferarl 

'Mike ItrtDoi.prt is reported to have done 
in enormous business in novelties during tho 
Bhrlners" convention. In Atlanta. There was 
something llko live hundred novelty agents 
•n tbc streets during that event. 

Some of tho storms we arc having this 
season nre due to a Tyrolean Alps produc- 
tion. The lightning Hashes, the thunder 
roan and the rala comes down In torrente 
almost every other day. 

Who has the best -Streets of Cairo" this 
Kcuson? There Is only one best, and you 
know where that Ik. . 

I. IIe.ntakab. — Suppose your volume of 
endorsements from cblcfe of police have In- 
creased wonderfully since lied Onion saw you 
last? itegards to Anna Uenyakar and all 
the rest of tho big troupe. Never shall we 
forget the good old days of Coney Island. 
New York, when the people bad nothing but 
money to spend. 1., It seems that all they 
have to spend now Is a lot of time. 

Fiiank S. Reed writes that the bluebirds 
aang, their regular Spring song In front of 
his office window In Tullahoma, Tenn., but 
they did not succeed in luring blm away 
from his desk. _ 

Ben Stai.lkeb (Buckskin Ben).— Have 
you left Cambrldgo City, Ind. yet? How is 
the Wild West family ? When you light let 
us know. Ben, you've got the only anow of 
Its kind in the world. 

You cannot mako a success in the carnival 
business with pull. You must have a push. 
Very few of them started with a substantial 
bankroll. Most of them make their returns 
build up the outfit That's real showmanship. 
I,. C. Hamlton.— Write- Os -a- few verses 
about tbc "Bloomln' Bloomers." L. C, sup- 
- pose that you believe 'hi different towns 
under different auspices? 

J. C. Wodebkt. — Are you handling the 
press for Frank B. Layman? If so, don't 
forget the news letter. 

Oeobqb W, Faibley writes that all of tbc 
concessions with the Frank B. Layman 
shows did well In St. Louis, especially the 
bam wheel, which took top money, disposing 
of three barrels and over every night 
George W. figures that a tea and coffee 
wheel and a pork chop wheel would do -well 
in the South this Fall and Whiter. 

A. T. Wbiqiit has a big lob on his hands 
In St. Louis during the celebration. A. T. 
can handle big things, so we are not worried. 
William IUmsdbn still holds up bis end 
as the candy wheel "king," having just com- 
pleted a new wagon for same. William had 
the first candy wheel wagon that the writer 
over saw. 

Special Aqents. — Don't forget children's 
and ladles' days. Do things to get the home 
folks out In the afternoon. KAsrBB Is talking tbem Into the 
Mexican Village, not shooting at or whistling 
at them. 

J. R. Anderson. — We are expecting you to 
como out at any tlmo with the announcement 
that you are putting out your own carnival 
or that you havo consolidated with a certain 

Charles Bcrkell, manager of the Family 
Theatre, Mollne, HI., is an old out-of-door 
showman, and formerly owned and managed 
the American Theatre, a vaudeville house 
In Davenport, la. William (Ike) Koester 
gives Mr. Burkell credit for being a real 
fellow, and that he never gives, up. Warcb. 
for he will be a real winner in the carnival 
business In the future. He came back via 
the carry-us-all. 

Please tell us why a carnival train ii 
always late in arriving at the next stand. 
The name thing in going out 

Information readies us that Tom W. 
Allen Shows play Davenport, la., in June, 
and that the World at Home plays there in 
August Both will occupy the Dig lot on the 
river front. 

Hock Island, 111., Is due to havo two or 
more carnivals tlila season. 

Geohoe W. Faiuley gives Lew Graham, 
manager of the side show with the Itlngllng 
lli-others' Circus, credit for having the finest 
collection of side s'iow attractions ever ex- 
hibited under .canvas at one time. That's 
going some. 

Man.uiehs. — Notice that a lot of you are 
•till advertising for something that don't 
conflict with what you haven't got. Cease 
such raving. | ■ 

Jean Coyi.e was seen by a number of his 
friends In St Louis recently. Jean Is known 
to every man In the tent show business. The 
last time that Ited Onion saw him,' 1 was at the 
World's Fair In -St. Louis. In 1004. 

W. M. Madison Is making good this season 
as general agent for the Frank E. Lavmnn 
Shows. W. XL was one of the first to have 
moving pictures, under canvas, with a car- 
nival, out of which be made considerable 
money at one time. 

What became of tbe merry-go-round and 
concessions that were left on tbe lot in 
I'rescott, Ark., recently? 

Dick Collins. — Are you handling the 
press for Lew Haffmon's Capitol City Amuse- 
inent Company? If so, don't forget your 

Let's don't have any more "back to back" 

Job Conlbt. — So you shot the "chutes" 
for the last time, did you ? Joe, don't give 

G. A. Lyons' Tanoo Girls, with the Tom 
W. Allen Shows, is given credit for having 
the finest show of Its kind on tbe road this 
season. G. A., wo are glad you did It That's 
the best way to take tho hammer away from 
the knockers. 

Doc Vauqhn. — Did yon recover from your 
recent Illness? Of course you did. 
. A. B. Miller Greater Shows Is the only 
carnival we know of this season that carries 
Its parade stock exclusively. 

A gentleman nover discusses his personal 
differences between himself and another with 
a third party. 

Lkon W, WAsnnt-RN carries the only 
ladles' band in tho carnival business. 

C. A. Wortiiam fooled them alt They 
said ho wouldn't, but he did. 

Terrs Haute, Ind., Is said to be suffering 
from an overdose of politics this season. 
Therefore no carnlvala this season. 

F. M. Sbtton. — Suppose that you will 
compel them to notice you? F. M., from all 
reports you did exactly what ynu said you 
■ffcro going to do when you left San Antonio. 
Wanted, — High class attractions for a 
twenty-ln-nothlng show. 

Who has tho nest Crystal Maze? Is there 
any best? We think so, and would llko to 
know about It. Note : Tie them on right and 
they wou't elide oft tho cars. 

William: Jar Coohlan. — You are accused 
of having an automobile and two motor- 
cycles racing together In your nutodromo. 
William Jay, do you deny ft? If so, speak 

A. B. Sciiwartt has an automobile and 
two motor-cycles racing together in his auto- 
drome. He also has a man that can ride an 
ordinary bicycle around the track, as well as' 
having an extra motor-cycle and rider for' 

Tub World at Home Carnival.— The eyes 
of the nmuseuient nnd financial world arc 
upon you. Your advent marks an opoch In 






that don't conflict. We now have Animal, Diving Girls, Princess Victoria, Auto 
Drome, Jolly Trlxle, Mexican Village, Ferris Wheel, Ocean Wave and a 8even-ln-One 

Won't place any more long Pit Shews. However, WOULD PLACE LEGITIMATE 

- PIT or PLATFORM SHOWS, but nothing repulsive or disgusting. 
: v ^ Cart also p4aoe FEW SHOWS at 


Can pick you up between Kansas City and Canadian line. Time short. Will accep t 

only paid telegrams, addressed to 

If you are nervous, cry easy, cranky or don't want anyone else to work at the same time 
you do, stay where you are. We want men, not rodents on this outfit 


carnival history. Your operations and suc- 
cess argues much for -the' future of the car- 
nival business.- That you may deliver all 
that la promised Is the sincere good wlshe3 
of ftb.e writer. 

• Eabj. Enos. — You are a man of your word, 
and that's worth a whole lot to you. 

Managers.— Sorry to have to do. but must 
tell you the lot must be cleaned up every 
morning or the night before. Some of you 
yon have been neglecting this. 
" George- H. Coleman. — What is, or Is going 
to be ydur big winner this season In con- 
tests? George H.. how do you like your 
Reason In the Far East? Is It better than 

Kbaxk 0. Scott. — Thought that you had 
quit us. Much pleased that you didn't 

Managers. — 'Don't say "all new steel cars" 
If you are making out with an equipment 
that Is ten years old. Wanted. — One fifty 
foot hump backed flat that can pass through 
the St. Louis terminal. 




Alive Chinese Dragons, 

Wapongos and 
Rattangremisus l h z:\!l 



W. A. SNAKE KING. Brownsville, Texas 

Tex., to Waco. Tex., and Ardmore, Okla. 
While In Ardmore he played a short, engage- 
ment with Rentfrow's Jolly Pathfinders, 
dramatic company, under canvas. Corda Is 
back on the Nomla Show now, having re- 
joined It at Denlson Tex 

William (Ike) Koester says that he be- 
lieves the carnival business Is getting to be 
a regular business, and In the near future 
expects to see some more real men In It. 


Bhnnih Kbaos. — Notice that you still 
think that diving girls that can make high 
dives are good free attractalons. So do we. 

It. L. Lohmab.— R. M. Oray wants to hear 
from you. Same address, 

E. W. Wbaveb.— Will you kindly tell us 
something about the "diddlngs" around the 
St. LouIb Amusement Company? 

"Bun" Wises, Pabst, Sllu, Lemp, "Hyde 
Park" and Ehrct are very prominent this 
season In carnival circles. Note te every- 
body In the business : Get the. show open be- 
fore you hold converse with these gentlemen. 

W. H. It ice. — R. 'M.' Gray wishes to In- 
form you that everything around your Wiu' 
tcr quarters In Denlson, Tex. Is all' right. 

M. A.Stice.— Speak up .little one. What's 
keeping you from uttering. a few words this 

Qeorce Hawkb. — How do you find "Fly- 
ing Around the Moon" this season! Re- 
gards to Battle. 

Inez Fanjoi, tho high diver with the Rice 
* Dore Water Carnival, Is shown on the 
screen by tho Mutual Weekly throughout the 
world, making her ninety foot dive from the 
brldgo over the Willamette River at Port- 
land. Ore. Saw It in Denlson, Tex., Inst 
week. Inez, that smile of yours is worth a 
lot of money. • 

Pbess Agents and Snow Wbitebs. — If 
It's twenty-nine cars don't say forty. If 
it's eighteen don't say .twenty-five. If a' 
band has sixteen men don't say twenty-three. 
If ten shows don't say sixteen. Fair secre- 
taries and celebration committees, unfortu- 
nately, arc beginning not to believe anything 
that most managers, general agents and 
press agents tell or write about their car- 
nivals. You cannot compete by making 
false statements, or make a lasting lmpres- 
Blon with the profession with anything short 
of the truth. So tell the truth or leave It 
unsaid. They are all next to you. 

J. H. JonNso.N threatens to build a new 
kind of a ehow next ceason. J. H., what's 
the rush? This season lias Just started. 

Jambs E. Hardy, the high wire "king," 
contracted the Texas fever wMIo In Houston 
recently, and was compelled to return to his 
home In Toronto, Ont., Can., where he ex- 
pects to recover shortly and rejoin tho Her- 
bert A. Kline Carnival. 

P. J. Shell (Texas Bud.) — Whence are 
you? How Is the Wild West and motor- 
drome? Let's hoax something about It. 

Press Agents. — How many of you are 
using school children coupons In the news- 
piiwra this season? 

Cobda Bell took a short trip from Austin 


Portland. Me. — Jefferson (Jnllns Cihn, 
mgr. ) the JeSenon Stock Oo presents "Woman 
ApnJcBt Woman" June 1-d, inuoduclng Margrirot 
rut, tbe new leading lailv of the conpany, with 
Robert Oooness playing tbc farewell week of his 
engagement as leading mrui. The winner of '.be 
Rutin Boutenlr photoirraph r'How cover contest will 
bo announced S, when the lady patron showlug 
the liandKnnetit . pillow cover made from photos of 
members of tlio ttuck will te awarded a valuable 

Keith's (I. M. Moaho.'. mgr.)— Bill 1-G: rtoger 
linhof. Unfh h -Oonn an I Mired!*- Orcein- In 
"Snrwon Loader. V. S. A.;" Bnrke and ilirria. 
Morris Golden, tlic Stlllmanii. the Dippy Deeri, 
Mellur ,nd D* laala, ana Martlne and Marline. 

Nkw 1'obtlij.d iil. 0. Blurc«iil«rg. mgr.) — Bill 
1-3; Dunn and Dean, Uinta and Wilts, OoUlu* 
ami Alumina. Pierce and-AMIne, and Ruth Cnnls. 
Bill 4t0: Do. Moot, tbe Delmsnts, Eldreilge and 
ButIow, Ford and Mitchell, ind Brown nnd Fra- 
sler. . . 

OBMXLT'a (James W. Greely, mgr.)— Bill 1-3: 
Billy latum . end comoiny, Alice Farrell and 
run and Marie. Bill 4-6: Aletaia John and 
Jeesle Powcts, minora anil Delmsr. ' 

Oasco (Oirl Scranton, mgr.) — Motion picture 
feature* wee* of 1 Include: "Brangellne,'' "The 
Sheep Henier," "The Children's Hoar" and "The 
Animated Weekly." 

Bio Nickel (Win. E. ReeTes, mgr.) — Motion 
leture feature! week of 1 In elude:. "The Jungle " 
A Otrcns Bororoce" and ."The Duke of Tails- 
tain." Owning. "The Ring and the Jfan" 11-13. 

EuriBs (D. D. Leader, mgr.) — Motion picture 
feature* week of 1 Include: "The House or Mjs- 
tery," "The Perils of Pacllne." "Out'awed" »nd 
A Pack of Oarda." 

Mi?!? 1 ? ' "7. 1 * Te S!> WIM AnlraaI olrett » I* 

billed for 13 The Oape Theatre, Cape Cot- 

*«*» Park, opens about Jane 18..: .. .The open: 
Ing of Rirerton Park Theatre occurs 15, with the 
Big Three Lin* Minstrels (local). The regular 
vaudeville season starts later In the month. 

/Ji°" tlW** — i Cal — Hamburger's M«Je«tlc 
(OIlTer Moroico, mgr.) "Peg »• My Heart" M«y 
31 and week. ^^ 

.• tto a osor/ i BrranAJis: (Oliver Moroico, mgr.)— 

»7\n ^HHJ*ri T * , 5? nv Z!! ""* "* -"ttractlon 
?.i"i°- ^ h * D"" 11 ■* • To-morrow" June 1-0. 
• Offiew 000" neit. 

Oaruauu (Clarence Drown. mtT.)~Blll June 1 
and wee* Includes : Matter Gabriel ami oonmany 
Kltuberly ind Mohr. Blanche Bates and companj- 
Mabel Adams and coropiny, Alleen Stanley 
Boshanara (second week). Monlta rire (second 
week), and MeDerllt, Kelly and Lucy (second 

Kxtbiss (Dean Worley, mar.)— DM 1-0: Ryan 
Bros., .Williams and fifnl, "aCeln Llebshen," "Al. 
Ilermin, nnd Parisian Harmony Girls. 

HiproDBOME (Lester Fountain, mgr.) — Bill May 
2!l nnd week Included: 'The Now Chief of Police," 
"Courtroom Follies." De Von Sisters. Bruce and 
CVilvert, Moon and Soule. and St. Laurent. 

Pantaues' (Carl Walker, mix.) — Bill Jane 1-0 


Manila, P. I. 

JAN. 30 to FEB. 7, 1915, INCL 

ATTENDANCE, 260,000 

Correspondence Invited for 
Dumb Acts. After Carnival, 
chance to tour Archipelago 
of eight million people. 

Any information gladly furaished. 
PMIlppiae Canlwl AssotiatlM, Miilla, P. I. 

Includes : Lottie Miyer and Dlrbg Girls, Laiky's 
Hoboes, Btckett, Hoorer and Markey, OomallA 
and Wilbur, and Mutette. (Bob Cunningham, mgr.)— BUI May 
29 and week Included: Smith's Barnyard Clrcaa, 
Ous -Leonard, Brown and Lawson, the Tyrclls. 
Alma Tuchler, apd Cody and Cody. 

Olunb'b AtrorroBroM, Clune'b Bboidwat, 

Haudubobb's Abbow, MIlleb's, Taut's I'aoic- 

■wat and Wooolbt'8. — Motion plcturn only. 

| Notes. — (Itc Gaiety Theatre Compiny produced 

A Knight for a Day" at the Morocco Theatre 

Saturday night. May 30. with a notable, cast 

Tally's, Woodler'i, Qulnn's add Clune's arw pity- 
ing feature aims eiclusliely, and doing capacity 

business John Blackwood's dance hall Is 

rearing completion. It wUl be known as "The 

Jardon de Dante." Opens June IB OHrer 

Morosco will hare twelre companies of "H*k> 
Wanted" and "Peg o- My Heart" on the road 
next season ltobert Hllllard closed his sea- 
son here Saturday night, 20, the entire company 
gong direct to New York Oky. Mr. Billiard 
sailed for Europe Jane 2, on hit honeymoon. 

Racine, Wl (-.—New Orpbeom (Maurice Har- 

klnson.-mgr.) Tanrferille and tabloid. 

hex, Buoc, White Housb, Majestic, Gem, 
Cband and AMD8B, motion pictures. 

Nora— The Crystal Theatre, formerly the Col- 
lege Arenue Orpheum, with motion pictures, hnJ 



Leather and Felt 

We are the Largest MTrs of Stuffed Animals and Pillow Tops In the World 

Tip Top Toy Co, 

220 W. 19th St., NEW YORK 

Phone Chilit* «*3T » nd e »l W. Fulloz. St., CHICAGO 

June 6 



H. C. EVANS & CO. 

75 W. Van Buren St., Chicago, III. 





"Prices as Low as the Lowest" 






It doesn't require much brains to steal an Idea which has been originated by some one 
elee. When you patronize these pirates you are simply getting second grade material. 
When you buy from 




The latest 20th Century Novelty, 23 
Inches in diameter. Handsomely nlckle- 

If yon want something you can depend 
upon, something that can never go wrong, 
this Spindle flits the bill. This we guar- 
antee with every sale. There never has been a spindle Invented by any one that la 
as attractive as this one. You see over It, under it and through It — perfectly open 
and above board. 


Bend for IT AT ONCE, if you want THE NEWEST AND BEST. 

Price (wit boat Case), 1 25; with Hand name Imitation Leather Cum, f 27.50. 

76 W. Van Buren Street 

Chicago, Illinois 








30.000 Chairs— 50,000 Grand Star ds— 60,000 Circus Seats on Hand for Ranting Purposas 


1892 W. 3d St. Tel., Main 351. Conneantvllle, Pa. »09 N. Rockwell St. Tel., West 92i 



Dolls guaranteed to be unshrinkable from head to toe and always 
tain original aire. Large stock on hand. Shipments made p 
Samples sent on request, as per cent, deposit on orders, balance 

will re. 



142 Fifth Ave., Cor. 19th St., New York 

Local and Long Distance Phone, Chelsea 3131-3132 


C. A. WOltTII AM G rc.TcS^a y .VrrR ACTION 

A brand new hlgh-clajt j q -A. WORTH AM * special train of 25 cars, 

amassment snierpris* j; ; ? S0 |e OW and Manage,- ' ^90n S ,fronl S;5 ensatlon- 

playtag big lairs *n«J | Formeriy of WOflTHAfrl AND ALUEN aM"««tOnd Concert 

calibrations. Real nov- i SHOWS : Band. A World's Fair 

elites and big features^ ! Per, Addrets. Danville. Illinois on Wheals, 


The best that can be produced. By the best of Artists. Get your orders 
placed early while prices are lower. Avoid the rush, 


EDWARD P. NEUMANN St., Pres. WALTER F. DRIVER, Vlce-PreS. 4 Twaa. 



Gil NTFR HOTEL, San Antania7Ta7. 


Absolutely fireproof. We want show people, la the reason we advertise In The Clipper 

SB Tun' lepuUtion Back of Ewrj Trot 

rant? show 


Carnival Tents 

Stad for Catalog and Second Hand Urt 




I am the Largest Dealer of Snakes In the World 

If Too Want Value Received Order from Me 

Mixed Fixed Dens, $10 and up 


A Trial Order la tho Beat Convlncer 


BrownarrlUe. Texsm 

Horse and Pony Plumes 

For Show Parades, Horse and Pony Acts, Adver- 
tising Purposes, etc Send for price list. Manu- 
factured by N. SCHAEMIIS, 612-«14 Metropolitan 
Ave., Broo klyn, N. Y. 


WILLIAM BARTELS CO., 42-44 Cortland St., K. V. 


lio.oo for Pine or Turtle Head Snakes, assorted, 
4 to e foot long; also have Pythons, Hulls, luttlcra 
and other snakes, Monkevs, Birds, Small animals. 
J. HOPE, 36 N. Ninth St., Philadelphia. 

mrafcJUItWHIrSt. CARRY 118 ALE 

ma aaaeblsf earned 110,880 in 28 wis.. liO 
»ne machine earned 117,948 In 29 wka., 190. 
>ne aweblna earned 10,692 In 2» wka., ISO- 
)na machine earned 16,017 In 27 wka., 1BC 
)di ma cilne earned 112,862 In 27 wka., 190' 
rni machine earned 110,842 In 28 wka., 100 
)ne machine earned : 18,621 In 28 was , 191' 
)ne machine earned 120,188 In 02 wka., 191 
Above flforea will be verified to customers 
]. W. PARKER. LeaTcawortk. Kai 


(A Foil tl v. Cars for Weak AcU) 


Monologues, Cross-fire, Minstrel 
Jokes, 8 Parodies, 8 Recitations, 
Epitaphs and Hundreds of Orig- 
inal Gaga. Price, SO cents. 

Also write Exclusive Material. 
Author of over 400 acts, includ- 
ing "Locked Out," Raymond ii 
Bala's Success of this Seaaon. 


♦711 Wlnthrop Are., Chicago 

(In antverlng ads. please men Hon Clippbb.) 



New Oastls. p«., Msy 20. 
"We pas* this way bot once," the mentor said; 

Wisest Is he who path of wisdom chose 
By shooting Folly as she flies, Intent 

On killing Oare at Barry Hunter's Shows. 

In order to try and make this communication, 
heralding the fame of the Great Barry O. Hunter 
Shows, crlglnal (a most hcrruliau task, too, I as- 
sure you, denr ballahooer). 1 will emit reference lo 
our "having arrived at New Oaatle;" "the loca- 
tion of the lot;" "kind of weather It was" Sun- 
day afternoon when the Great Joy Dispenser* 
steamed Into the city. 

Both they and the million showmen readers 
will note that the Harry O. Hunter Shows are 
of too much Importance to eat op time and space 
In describing atmosphere effects. 

Mr. Hunter visited this bustling; hnrly-burly 
town lsst season. Both be snd the splendid at- 
tractions he presented then made most fsiorshle 
Impressions on the high, middle snd lower elasses 
— If there are distinctions of caste — "which there 
shouldn't be." What wonder that bis srrlval 
with a show— or a series of shows — pester, 
grander and more talented snd beautiful this 
season, should have been balled with delight 1 
Which they were, even to the point of cltlscns 
chortling paeans of joy as the Burner Imperial 
Marine Band marched down the main street with 
colors flying snd small bojs shouting for very 

Our very pood friends snd confreres, Jonce 
Bros. A Wilton's Cirrus, wns at be station (most 
of them) to greet ns also. Considering that this 
first class animal snd circus show was to he our 
rival In tbe exhibiting business that day and 
evening, the hand-clasps of tbe Banter Shows 
people was Just ss warm snd congratulations Just 
as sincere. 

And whether It was tbe unenvlona altitude and 
spirit that prompted both aargegations certain It 
was that both circus and Hunter Shows were 
greeted that night with audiences that strained 
tbe capacity of tbe several lots. 

"You can't keep a good show down," remarked 
Mr. Banter, as he slsed up the phalanx of folks 
hurrying to "see tbe circus," and noted, with 
perhaps more pride, the Immense multitudes that 
were surging snd crowding by thousands Into his 
big shows. 

"Opposition," replied Official Annonncer Trex- 
Ier, "fi not only the Ufe of tbe show trade, but 
it Is the tabasco sauce of business, baring no 
reference bo clams." 

A little Incident occurred, which, to the man 
with a sense of humor— and most troupers hsve 
It big — Is worth repeating. For several weeks 
past Manager Frank Knorr. team-mate with Tom 
Scully In managing the Professional Beauty Cur- 
riculum, has been trying to bur a flageolet. lie 
lias a tom-tom of real Egyptian pattern snd 
sound; also cymbals and castanets, but he welt 
knew thst a chorus of beautiful maidens without 
the presence of a real old time heathen flageolet 
was like absence of Hamlet from the play. 

Mr. Knorr advertised In Pittsburgh pspere (at 
$2 75 per Inch — think of HI). He haunted the 
music stores, looked op antiquarians who dis- 
cover strange musical curios; at the same time 
ottering rewards for the petite hole-drilled wlerdly 
expressive Instrument. But it all came to naught. 

The Hunter Imperial Marine Band were ap- 

fealed to. but in the musical wilds of fsr off 
tails, where they were born to the ravishments 
of sweetest concord, they had never descended 
to the plebeian pipings of flageolets. 

But, "all things conn to him who waits." 
Yesterday eve, aa tbe ladles of the gingery ballet 
were donning the filmy, diaphanous openworks, 
preparatory to coming revels, there drifted Into 
tbo big !o» a really-tmly Turk — net forgetting tho 
fex and beggy trouserings. Hs was su exact 
replica of All Bastion, who was crond vlilcr to 
Caliph Haroun Rachld when he wont tibottt Bagdad 
disguised In search of novelties in the under world. 
More marvellous e till I The snnrlby stranger 
curried, firmly grasped In baud, an antique flageo- 
let I 

Be was larlstted before he reached tbe lecture 
platform of tbe liourls. anil had be not been of 
tbe strong-arm Arnb-qualltlcd desert habitats, bit 
pipe would have been confiscated. 

And tbe Turk wouldn't sell bis flageolet nt any 
price. One would hsve sworn It was first cousin 
to Aladdin's wonderful lamp. 

Manager Knorr finally bad to give tho player a 
losltlon at a good salary (four or live per) for 
the season, before he would listen to nny exchange 
for his precious litstrumen. And, then, tbe man- 
agement bad to agree to furnish All a prayer rug 
nnd serve him rice at meals. 

Bnt In this annoying Incident one ftet wot 
learned that Managers Knorr A Scully appreciate, 
in Orler.tal "odlngs" a dageolet is the keynote 
of the orchestra, and creates that Indlsperislble 
lotus Dower atmosphere so essential to Arabian 
Nights scenes. 

As this gees to typewriter Hie Ilcnter Baseball 
teams are playing a game at Kiu-ccde Park fur 
tberr own and the "town boys' " amusement, 
snd there are multitudes on the grounds. This 
Is New Castle's only, and a most beautiful psrk. 
Official Announcer Trexler Is captain; Mr. Hunt- 
er, referee and generalissimo. Tbe batteries: 
Tom Scully, Keal Bunter and Fred Allen. Tbe 
Banter teams proffer a challenge to the New 
Castletons. and a real game for keeps, with but- 
tons on the side. Is looked for Inter in the week. 

Manager It. E. Jennings, of tbe big motor- 
drome, is happy over the nrccssloc of (mother 
motorcycle rider, Johnny Jenkins, from Chicago; 
or "Chi," as he calls It. John Is a fearsome 
little rider, snd keeps his team-mate, Warren 
Kropp, busy Inside the big bowl, especially when 
tbe order goosup from tho bullon, to ihe thrilled 
spectators: "Keep your hands off the railing." 

Carter and Campbell (Mr. and Mrs.), sharp- 
shooters, knife throwers and all around Wild 
West artists of unusual skill and to the manner 
born, who Illuminate the Seven-ln-One by their 
artistic presence, were dravtlng cards this week. 
Their presence drew n round dozen of the Wild 


Daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. V. K, Clayton 
(MIsb Bobby Bobbins), looking through TilK 
Old Itni.iAtiLK, at Greenville, Tex. 

West contingent from the Jones Bros. A Wllmti 
Show here. New Castles were amssed at the 
display of big sombreros snd auras of tbeae 
heroes of the plains. 

Mr. and Mrs. U. O. Hunter took ndrantige of 
the excellent trolley service snd short distance 
to roll to Voungstown, 0., Wednesday, to visit 
(h?lr rooftree and see if domestic things were 
running nicely. They will be tbe guests of the 
Price Hotel, the well known theatric hostel, con- 
ducted by Boniface John Price, for twenty-seven 
years chancier Impersonator snd comedian. His 
family furnishes five brothers to tbe stage, snd 
one (Tom) Is a valued member of the Hunter 
Show's staff of expert storekeepa In the "sweets- 
'.o the sweets" line. 

Mr. sod Mrs. Hunter return to night to wel- 
come the great crowds thst ore sore to be present 
on pleasure bent. 

Marion Campbell Is tsklng tbe first degree lo 

trooping Inside s hoopla railing, nnd adda to Ihe 
general attractiveness of the trick. She is a 
protegee of Mrs. Hunter's execuMvc staff of hand- 
some young mnldens. whose smiles are rare In- 
ducement* to patrons. 

John M. Snyder, sn old trouper, now general 
manager of pure food exhibitions throughout the 
United States, under auspices of the Great 
Oroeera' Association, was a visitor lo the Hunter 
Shows. John started life as a sign artist, evo- 
luttng Into a scenic painter, finally landing a 
dosen years ago In the niche nature borncd bint 
for. He bss s reputation world wide as the 
greatest snd best of directors of large plant ex- 
hllilts. John called upon Mr. nnd Mrs. Hunter 
and renewed old recollections, when Ihe world 
hadn't then recognised bis talents ami began Ito 
Mltlss like showers of gold. 

"The next station st which this train will 
stop at will be Sharon I"— sis tbe polite breakrnan 
might announce, looking for promotion and raise 
of salary. The Hunter Shows will draw Into 
that great milling (own Sunday, to unload ami 
delight Sharonltes tor the week commencing 
Monday, June 1. 


Special Traveling Representative for the 
Fair Department of the Western Vaudeville 
Managers' Association of Chicago. 




sr "lEiiDEirr i iiaiiasi. 

Mar 23. 

Thla company played Trinity. TVx.. tout weok. 
under the auspices of tho Civic league, in good 
business, considering local vuullicr conditloius. 

Harry Johnson's Texas Zoo bos l«en enlarged 
by a shipment of two baby black timber wolves 
and a large ssorhnent of nsmkeys. 

J. J. Murphy, our *i«-rlul aitnt left us hero 
en routs for Dills*, wlieru he Is contracting for 
a big, unique, s'riet advertising campaign. 

Captain Wlnthrow, owner of Ihe sea monsle. - 
show, has Just started -to write n book, mtltlc.l 
"The Sea Monster and n Certain Small Town 
Mayor." and judging from bis thrilling experience, 
lie will no doubt rind a gno.1 market for his wares 

Mr. Lecey, our genial cookhouse man. prom- 
ises never to work eg* In with a professional 
cigarette (lend dish washer. Mrs. O. F. Page, 
who has been Wintering In Houston, joined the 
concession department here. 

Mrs. Herbert Graham, last season with Omar 
Ssml's Illusion Show (with Herbert A. Kline) 
also Joined bere. 

acuta*, nr tub war. 

Bene One. — A Presbyte.'ian Minister, growlnj 
tired of his profession, thought he would better 
himself by Joining Ihe carnival hutlnefis, boirjli: 
out our African Dip, and o.vikiI and ran it 
for twenty-four hours. Not being as successful 
■s he expected, he gave It away, the whole trans- 
action taking place within twenty-four hours. 
Then he returned to hi* former citing u much 
sader bnt n wiser man 

(Not*). — Bed Onion, please give us s motto.) 

Scene Two. — II. Marks buying a Ferris wheel. 

arena Three. — Louie Johnson Joining a car- 
nival st Rush. Tex. 

Scene Four.— Al. Morton snoring. 

Bene Flee.— Mrs. Unrry Johnson counting pea- 
nut* and popcorn after a big day's business. 

Scene BUt. — Mrs. Klmo Hard!, of cat rack 
fame, and her experience with a clown who tried 
to schlll, but did not succeed. 

Scene krven. — Mm. Cres'Ou. who bus the nov- 
city shooting gallery concession, trying to work 
on the hUtli striker. 

Scene Eight. — K. K. I/eggett and oar promoter. 
I. I,. Peyser, standing un s certain coiirllintwe 
square discussing Ibe philosophy of block birds 
and the logic of telephone wires. 

Grand Finale. — Professor Spider ltnwlx, our 
"Slide for I.lfe" free set man. doing his stunt 
for the first time this season. (Nuf sed. I haven't 
the heart to tell tbe linlsh. ask the hunch.) 

We arc playing at Crockett, Tex., this week, 
under the auspices of (he Crockett Fire Depart- 
ment, and expect to hsve a banner week. 


(Far other fain see issacs of Uarch in, April 

i. April U, April IS. Hav £ Jfay I), ifay £1 

and Jfay HI.) 


BaftNKBVtLLB, Barnesvllle, o. 27-31, J. M. Coch- 

liiarow, OarlersTllle O. 20-23, B. 0. Sloan. 

Hui.lock, Btatesboro. O. 20-24, J. K. Miller 

Cannoi.t.TON, Carrolllon, O. 13-17, John T. 

Colvmdub. Columbus, N. 13-10. John S, Jenkins. 

Dublin, Dublin, N. 1021, N. O. ltartlett. 

Obo»3Ii1"i.ohiui, Vnldostn, U. 2t ill, J. M. Ash- 

Cwrri.v 4 Hcaldinu, Orinin, O. 20-31, K. 1'. 

IUiiqihiiau, Clarkivllle, O. 13-10, M. O. Gay. 

Hinr, IUrtwcll. O. 27-31. T. H. Harper. 

IUnuoi.1'11. Outhberl. O. 21-23. A H. Perry. 

Havannak, Saiminah, N. 18 28, J. II. Mllle,'. 

Tndir.u., Dawson, O. 28-30. Mrs. M. I.snuir. 

Thomas, Tbnmtuvlllc, O. 20-30, W. I. Mclntyrc. 

Wuirriii.ri, Dslton. 0. 12-17. Buell Btark. 

WiLKM-MNccui, Washington, O.. 20-21, J. Luke 


Anoka. Anoka, B. 2-5. D. O. Mcrktcnlmr^. 
UscKxa, Detroit, H. 2.5. 20. Geo. W. Ilnrrls. 
HrLTiiAiii, BemldJI, S. 10-lfs, O. !■'. Hclironler. 
Kenton fJauk Rapids, H. 21-23, A. II. Turrltlln. 
Bio Stcnx, Clinton, O. Ili, A. W. Htnrgea. Eautu, Oarilen City, M. 1-4, W. A. Roberts. 
Blub Earth, Manksto, M. IT- 1 p. J. A. Johnson. 
DnowN. New Ulrn, M. .1 .5, Wiu K. RngtdlATt. 
Cablton, Bsmuni, H. in 18. 'iVet- Kiienccr. 
CAaraa. Currer, n. 2120. 11 I). Meyer. 
Cms, Pine Riser, U. II, Kird S Moulsler. 

Cabs, Pllltger. ■ , I. II. Hnrg. 

Chlptbws, Monterldro, H. 2P-C. 2, James It. 

Bui dp. 
Onisaoo. Knsh Oily, 8. 1018. C. M. Johnson 
Oottonvvooo, Window 8. 17-10, L. O. Ohurchlll. 

The new treatment 
for tender skins 

Many people with tender skins have 
hem misled by the superstition that 
washing the face with stvapniu! water 
is hail for the complexion. 

Dr. I'uscy in his honk on the rare 
of the skin says, "The layer of dirt 
and fat that such persons nccinmilale 
on the skin is a poor substitute for a 
clean, clear skin and is a constant in- 
vitation to various disorders." 

The following treatment with 
Woodbury's Facial Soap is just what 
a tender skin needs to keep it attrac- 
tive and resistant. 

Set) what a difference it will make 
in your akin 

Just before miring, dip s nft washcloth In warm 
wairr and hold It n> the race. On this severs! times. 
Then make a light warm water lallier ol Wood- 
bury's, and dip youv cloth up and duwn In if lilt y nur 
t'lmb is "Unify " with mil, white laiher. Rub lids 
lalheird rloih aetrilr uver your skin until Ihe pores 
nreiipciieil and llinrtmshly cleansed. Rlnsrlhelsce 
liclnly «iih deal, riol wsler ami dry carefully. 

Useihla trestineiiipenlwetiily lor ten days and 
your skin will show a msiknl improvement —a 
promise of that loveliness widen the use of 
Woodbury's brim* to a lender, sensitive skin. 

Woodbury's Facial Suapcoats IScacakr. No 
one hesitates al the price *fttr ihrit firtt takt. Tesf 
out ihe illustration ol (he tike lielow and pis Ii In 
your nunc as a reminder to ret Woodbury's and 
try this treatment lutdf til. 

Facial Soap 

For sale by ilealers rmywhfre IhrauthoHl 
Iht United Sliiles and Canada 

Write today for tamplei 
For At ire will send a samptt eak*. Far toe, 
samples uf lf<««/liiiey'l Fatial Soap, Facial Cmm 
and l'*nrdrr. Ad- 
dren 7'Ae Andrew 
J/ey.HlCo.. Dtpl. 
/He . C'l'Reinnati, 

drelt The Aailrrw 
Jerieni Ca., Ltd., 
Dtpl. Wrrtrlh. 

Chow Wing. Pequot, fi. HI 18, V. 0. 8chroder 
Dakota. Kurmlngton. (>. 11:. Kalpb B. J. Perry. 
Dodos. Kussnn, H, IB-IS, Ted Dyer. 
Douolab. Aleasiultla. S. 21-23, Utorge I,. Treit. 
ICarioauit, Bluo Forth, H. 2 1, V V. Cisnmhigs. 

Killuobe. Preston. , Krnnk J. Ilnch. 

P'BBKnoiiN. Albert tM, 8. 10-18. O. M. Peterson, 
aoonuuu, y.iimbrotn, 8. 2-4, I.. B. Slgraonil. 

(Ibant, Herman, , W. T. Klebarlk. 

llBNNBri.v. UopkUis, B. HMO, W. H. Hmelana. 

Houston, Caledonln, . J. K. Hlenehllra 

IIunruBO. Park Ilnplds, 8. 10-18, V, A, Vnnder- 

IsANTt. Csmhrldge, 8. 14-10, Wm. II. Dunbar, 
Itabca, flrnnd Haplds, S. 23-28, A. M. Slsler, 
Jackson. Jackson, 8. 10-12, K. I. Olllesple. 
Kanabbo, Mora. 8. 10-18, 0. V Berlin. 
KANiiiroui. Wllltnsr, 8. 17-10. Wm. O. Johnson. 
Kittson. Ilslloek, Jy. 2, 8, 1*. II. Konsen. 
Kittson, 81. Vincent. Jy. 3, 8, Boy 0. Do France. 
KoooilIOIIINO, Northome, 8. 22, 23, P. It. Bcrlb- 

I.acqiii 1'ahi.b, Msdlsoo, 8. 23-20, J. 1'. Ilosen. 

wild. Qui Pablb, Madison, B. 24-20, J. P. nosen- 

I,akb, Two Hart»r.». B. 911, W. I". WorKlwartl. 
Ib Hubub. le Sueur, S. 14-10. M W. Qrlmcs 
Lincoln. Tn.en, 8. 14-17, T. P. Ilerraanaon. 

I.VOH. Marshall, , II. M. 01 ark. 

Maiisiiam,. Warren, 8. 10-17, Dr. K. T. Prank, 
Maiitin, Kalnnont. g. 24-20, M. J. Aldrlch. 
Mul.Eon, Ituteblnaon, M. 10-17. I.. A. Hitter. 
Mbbkbb, Dassel, O. 10-17, Oscar K. Mnqulst. 
Mili.b Laos. Princeton. 8. 10-10, Ira U. Htsnley. 
MotiRisoN, Motley, S. 10-18. It. U. Beneillct. 
MonntsoN, Llltlo Falls, B. 23-20, Nels N. Berg- 

Mowkb. Austin, 8. 14. J. W. Ilsre. 
stunnAT. Blsyton. 8. 3-D. Robt. II I'orreM. 
Nicollbt, St. Peter, B. 21-23. J. a Hilled. 
Nonr.Bs. Worthlngton, B. 7-0, W. FJ. Oliver. 
Noxiian, Ada, O. 1-3, Elmore Jenkins 
Ot.MnTirAn, Rochester. B. 1-4. F. K. OiKtlng. 

Ottbb Tail, Fergns Fslls, . O. II. Wright. 

Ottim Tail. Perhsm. H. 28, 20, . 

Pbnninoton, 'nile* Hirer Falls, A. 0-7, W J. r.a 

Pin«. Pine City. B. 10-18, 11. W. Hart*. 
I'ii'Bstonb. I'lKnlone. B. 17-10. Jessie B. Walkup, 
Polk, Fertile, Jy. 8-5. Nels Vaaenden. 
Pans, Olenwood, B. 21-20. W. II. Kngehretnon. 
IlAHSKV. While Hear, A 27-20. F. V. Fairer. 
Itni I.akb, Red Lake Falls, 8. 1-3, Joseph Sailer. 
IlBfiwonn. Kctrnood Fslls, B. 80-O. 3, C. V. 

Bverett., Bird Islsml, S. 23-2S, Joe Ilnagett. 
IticB, NoiiTiir-tKLO, B. 24-20. A. M. Field. 
Rook, l.merne, 8. 2i-20, J. 15. Trent. 
Rosbad. Roseau. Jy. 3-0, M. J. neglsnrl. 
Ht. I.oms, Illbtdng. H. 3-0, It. I,, (llflln. 
St. Vincbnt, Bt. Vincent, Jy. 2, S, B. 0. Tie 

Scorr ShBknoee, B. 17-10, F. II. Helnen. 
SinLBT. Arlington. A. 81-8. 2. O H. Vest:i. 
Htbabnh. Sauk Oontw, 8. l*-l», M. I), Aygsrn. 
Stbilb, Owatonna, 8. 3-0. F. A. Dunham. 
ktbvbns. Morris, H. 20O. I, fleo. W. IMms. 
Swirr. Appleton. O., 0-8. Manforil Horn. 
Tono. I»ng Pralrlj, 8. 17-10. J. W. Denhs. 
TtiAVi-asB Wbeaton. 8. HI-I8, A. T. Rustad 

Thavebsk, nrowii Valley. , H. Vf. liartelt. 

Warabiia, Plalnvlcw, 8. 21-23, fleu. F, Sylrester. 
WAnr.NA, Wadena, S. 24-21, A. II. Hughe*. 
Wasboa, Wuseca, 8. 8-B, Frank O. Kl«ler 

Wilkin, Drekenrldge. . J. A. Valentine. 

Winona. Ht. Charles, H. 16-18. John Frlaeh. 
Winona, Winona, B. 1-4. Henry lie**. 
WmoiiT, Howard Lake, 8. lii-18, 0. II. n\nm 
Watonwan. Bt. Jame*. H. 14-18. W. I). Hell. 
Ta n s y Mkdicinb, Canby, S. 20-O. 2, Frank K. 



IIBCKHAM, F.Ik City, S. 16 18, I. I.. Uoorer. 
C'aouo, Anudarko, H. 7-12, Piemont Boyle. 
Caiiiio. Ulsger, 8. 8-10, b, K. I.yon. 
COMANOIIE, Blerllng, 8. 10-18. O. K. Winn. 
DruwABx, Urorc, H. 2224, John T. Oakley, 
•laaaa, Msnguin, V. 0-12, Is. II. Dial. 
Jackson. lilalr, B. 2-S, J. K. Jdies, 
JBrrsnsi.N, Ityau, A. 2us. 1, Dr. II. Orerliey. 

Kav, Blrckwell. . I>. M. Swnln. 

Kav, Newklrk. 8. 10-18. Otn. Albrrll. 
Lincoln. Prague, 8. 1U 18, Frank B. Nipper. 
I.oihn. rjulhrle. 8. 15-18. Fred I,. Wrnner. 
OSAOK, Pawhusks, 8. 14 10, Hirraoa J. Smith. 



June 6 


A bit of fine weather ... a bit of a stroll in 
the Champs Elysees ... a bit of love-making, 
of leisure, of lightheartedness. Above all, a bit of a cigarette, 
hand-rolled in the paper Riz La Croix. 

These are but bits of life and laughter ... but, ma /oi, what 
a pleasant life It is I Life in a spangle of sunshine . . . quelle 
vie, men enfants! 

RIZ LA.*. 

(Pronounced: REE-U-KROY) 


are to be seen everywhere in the sunshine moments of happy 
days. They are the light little, tight little wrappers in which 
the epicure of life rolls his golden grains of joy, through which 
he puffs his aromatic cloudlets of content. 

One hundred and fifty million books of such papers every 
year thus give up their earthly existence to aid men's dreams 
of paradise. ^^^-% _ , 

Riz La Croix bring pleasure, because: ^-^^^^^\ 5 

They are strong. Theyaread- -^"^ 

hesive. Made from flax- 
bom linen, the 
are light 
and thin. 
no paper 
odor min- 

fles with 
he fra- 
grance of 
your tobac- 




R co. 


Two Interesting, 
Illustrated Booklets — one 
about RIZ LA CROIX Cigarette Papers, 
the other showing ho* to Roll Your Own" 
cigarettes— sentanywherelnU*, on request. Address 
The American TobaccoCo.. Room no ,111 fifth Ave..N.Y. 

New Serviceable Typewriter om y $ 1 8 

You have often wished for a typewriter that you could carry 
with you for writing letters or sketches in hotels, on tralna- 
anywhere you happen to be. The Bennett is the machine for you. It is com- 

55SLS??JSi"??jr , yfiI. onl 'I*K ,bfc -^ M » *° ltm - H "*" Important typewriter Im- 

pnnmsDta-TlslbtawrltlDi. H-chaiaotM universal keyboard, reremble Inking ribbon. 
Ttksoe-lnch paper. Tarns out Mst work. # K«ka«olear carbons. a. assesses saseessa 

Sold on money-back-unless-satisfied guaranty 


In us*. 

Order one-try It ton days-send back If not satisfactory. Why par I 
•100 or even IW tore typewriter when to* Bennett will do tbe asms 
wotfcl Bsts tbe Ms. Writs for Catalog. " 

Chas. G. Bermett Co. 

711 Ooar St.. Hsrrfiban, P.. 

Get our 
money making 


Pittsbdso, McAleslcr. S. 10-18. Frnl Stnildc. 

l'oTTaw*rouis\ Shawnee, S. 1T.-1T, Geo. A. Hi- 

l'AWNka, Pawnee, 8. 1S18. Frank Hudson 

IIasksxl, StlgleT, S. 10 IK, Mr>>. J. I/. Lants, 

McIntosh. Eufauls. 8. lrt-18. It. J. Mulllna. 

McClain. Pureell, Not Set, Chea. T. Ilockor. 

Noulb, Perry, B, 10, C. I). Jtiucn. 

KiNariBHKn, Kingfisher, S. 8-12. Arthur E. 


IUxsji. Baker, S. 14-19, W. K. Mcnchom. . 

Bbnton, Oorvalll,, S. 17-10, Mrs. Mary II. 

Cooa & Oimav, Myrtle Point. S. 23 20, L. A. Rob- 

Clatsop, Oenrhart, . 0. W. Haldcrann, 

AsttTla, Ore. 

Cuckauas. Oanby, S. 10-10. M. J. U<\ 

Douolas. Itosebnrg, 8. 10-1U, G. V. Wlmbcrly 

Jackson. Medtord. 8. 1012, I. I. Brown 

Klaiiath, Klamsth Fulls, 8. 24-20. Jnmes Pclto'.i. 

Lans, Etgrne, 8. 22-23, Walter B. Jones. 

Lincoln Toledo. S. £2-25, Jo*. Swearlngon. 

Linn, Scio. B. 2.1-2i!, Roy V. Biirlton. 

Multnomah, Grcithniii, S. 1.110 K. L, Tlioriie. 

Morsow, Heppncr. ». 1 7. 10. W. W, Hnmul. 

Malhkur, Ontario, S. Jfl-10, Hi-jtv It. Graucl. 

Polk, Dallas, , Kdgar W. Miles. 

Khekman Moro. S. 7-10, V. R. Perlncr. 

Tri-Coonty, Condon. 0. 1-3. Choi-, it Horner. 

Tillamook, Tlllaimiok, 8. 10-1S. Will Spalding. 

Umatilla, rendleton. 8. 21-20. Lee Morehouse. 

Union, La Grande, S. K:i, c. M SeCor. 

W'AsitiNuioN, Forest Oiove. 8. 23-25, Webster 

WnsiLKa, Fossil. S. 22. 23. John ■ lew-art. 

Wasco, Tlie Dalles. 8. 23-25. K. It. Hill. 

Yamhill. McMlimvllIe, a. 23-20. lira. Martin 



fiti An., 1st. 27tb and 28th Sts. ( New Yort 





Relieve the cough In Inns trouble. Be, 60c end 11.09. 
Sample Free. JOHJI L BROWS A to.1, BeaWa, Man. 




Coufht Wkllt Patting. 
bi Mr. 

Tbe past week's note baa carried tbe bis show 
Into territory where It certainly comes Into Its 
oa-n, tor none of the white tops can attract more 
coin of the realm In Montana than can toe 
Barnes Shows. 

Montana Is Ita old stamping ground, to to 
speak. It's an old timer — visited there so often 
and nlsyed to so many at the state's people — 
satisfactorily, that now when the enow la an- 
nounced tbe date Is looked upon la tbe nature of 
a homecoming affair. 

The route Included two days In Butte — Sunday 
and Monday, Msy 17, 18. Bain hit there, but 
the effect on business was scarcely uotlseable. 
Helena, Oonrad, Great Falls, Standford and 
Lewlstown completed tbe week's towns, and It 
was one of tbe banner weeks In the. show's his- 


'TIs ssld that women are doing everything 
these days. One working aa a tbresblng machine 
saleswoman waa whit I saw recently. 

"Jerusalem Store," says a Urge sign In front 
of a Junk shop In Glendlre, Mont. Tbe clerk In 
charge la an Irishman. 

This happened In Bismarck, Is the town's lead- 
ing department store: A yoang countryman and 
bis wife were In tbe store when s ravlsblnsly 
dressed young woman strolled Into the place and 
began making "eyes" at tbe farmermso. In kls 
efforts to avoid tbe charmer be fell over a barrel 
of salt and broke his leg. It dereloiied later that 
tbe woman In tbe rase was cross-eyed and was 
making eyes st another fellow. 




M. W. AUaBjaaa, - •waMrtal Haa&ajar 



■iBTK raCK, • General 

United Booking Offices 
of America 


Addressing 8. K . Hodfdon, Booking Manager of the 
United, and F. W. Vincent, Booking Manager of 
the Orpheum Circuit. 

offlcts: B.F.KEITH'S Palace Theatre Building, ■ • New fork City 

nwvwm* - i 


r AIRl 









Photo taken ibout twenty-Ovo years ago 
■veben he waa only a "kid/' working wltli 
John H. Sparks' Australian Specialty Co., 
playing opera houses. 


Want to htar from all acta, large) or small. Writ*, wire or phono. 
W. B. WOLFFS, Manager. 

NO TjONGXB coitnected with any othuh agency. 

Robinson's Opera House 

nclnnatl, Q 

Seats Over 2,000 

io -t 

Responalble parties only need apply to 

The Win. B. Poland Co., Agents 

18 E, Fourth St., Cincinnati, Ohio 

The blonde waitress taking dinner order from 
Prank Garrlgua, manager ot advertising car No. 
I, wore a large Elk's tooth attached to the cbaln 
.■ her neck. "Hello, Bill, what's jour num- 
ber." said Frank. "Room 322, third floor, back," 
replied the blonde. 

Morray Pensock. contrsctlnc r«rnt, gr,t bnek 
at the eelf-«mstltnted "Irarortrnt" In one of 
the recently-made towns along the ronte. This 
chap bad b'ocked Murray's bid for a cbclce lot 
In the town, and to mnko matters men.- exiitperat- 
lag, refused to see tbe contracting; agent that 
lb lags might be tslked over. That night Mr. 
I'ennock was booked to visit some friends living 
eight or ten miles out in tho country, and here's 
where he got even. TTie '*Imi>ort«nt'' was a doc- 
tor. Phoning tbe r-hyalclan, Murray made known 
that a very sick man living nt to >nd so moat 
have Immediate medical services; "would the 
iloctor go?" "I don't know rou nor the alck 
man." replied the doctor. I'll have to charire 
yon $2.B0 cash for the trip " "All right, would 
.von mind my riding ont with yoaV* "Not a.1 
oil," said the doe. "Ran over here and jimp 
In." The trip was made In about two hours — 
Ihe road, were very muddy. At the end, Mr. 
Pennock Jumped cut of the hnggy. handed the 
•loctor iron a good nlckle cigar, thanked blm for 
Ihe ride. Introduced himself as the circus man. 
end gave the "blow-off." 'There's i» one sick 
here. I wanted to make this trip ard the livery 
stable roon wanted 15 for bringing me ont. Good- 

Genial General Agent W. K. Peck had tried 
for nearly half a day to get an audience with the 
mayor of one of onr towns. He had been stalled 
and stood off by the clerk In the outer offlce until 
patience bad ceosed to be even a word In Web- 
ster's. Tbe last visit to the office brought tbe 
same reply: "The mayor Is engaged." Just th?n 
n hearty burst of laughter came from tbe Inner 
nflice. and then W. K. got In some fancv work. 
Hastily writing a note, he Insisted that the clerk 


Addison. Mlldlebury, S. 1-4, R 0. Dver. 
DATriN Kiu, VALLsr, Manchester, 8." 1B-17, W. 

H. Benedict. 
Blaok Rtvjdi Vallkt, Ludlow, S. 23. 24, K<lgar 

la Plnney. 
BaAT-rmnoso, Brattleboro, S. 2'.* 24, W. A. Shmu- 

Oauoomu, St. Joliiislmry, 8. 8-11. J. M. Cody. 
CAMtroNU Gbanos, Bast Ilardwlck, 8. 20, K. B. 

Don, NorlhOehl. S. 8-in, \V. II. DoiurUss. 
KtAHKMK, Shelilnn .Iinirtlon. 8. 1-4. V. A. ItIsIi. 
I.iuoiM.t, Morrlsrllte, A. 2B-27, 0. M. Wnler- 

Oslsans, Barton, A. 18-21. 11. T. SeaTer. 
ItiiTLAND. Rutland. S. 7-11. W. K. Karnaworth. 
Sraiworitio. Sprlngflelil. S. 1-.1, V. II. SntuUllng. 
I'nion. lurnbrhlge, S. 22 2 1. <;. s. Swan. 
WnaTUiN Vsbuont, Fair Hovra, A. 25-28. I>r. J. 

F. Wilson. 
Wikslow, Woodstock, S. 8-10, 0. J. Paul. 


nucKtiAHNON, BiKktiannon, S. 1-4, G. F. 

Ci.arkriiuxo. ClnrkDlmre. S. 1-4. James N. Ursa. 

KLKINS. Klktlus. 8. 8-11. II. I,. Maiming. 

1'AiRUODICT, lYlrmoimt. A. 23-28, John B. Scott. 

MABTiNsauno, Marlliishmg. 0. 0-D. John W. 

PatKxathi'io, l'arkeraburg. A. 18-24, Wm. Dud- 

Puthau, Wtnfleld, B. . F. I.. MMdletoa. 

RrroHia, Pennsboro. A. 1M4, Will A. Strtckler. 





31 Minutes from Broadway 

Hotel la directly on ocean, 23 feet from Music Hall and 10 minutes from the Brighton Theatre. Dancing 
afternoons and evenlng-g; two ball-rooms. Music by Maurice Levi's Band. Restaurant managed iiy 
"Friar" Paul Henkel. (Enough said for food and service.) Hotel has been entirely renovated. 
Wonderful modem Improvements. Tou can live here In a room overlooking the ocean, Including minis, 
for less money than ever before In this hotel's famous history. 
1 person, $17 week and up, with meals, a persons, 930 week and up, with meals 

1 person, $10 week and Up. a persons, $ID weeKjt.asjl sap. 

Write tor Booklet. Early Bookings Insure BeJ Elections. 


Brighton Beach Hotel 

Brighton Beach, N. Y 

N. Y. Office 
35 W. 27th St. 


lYIusical Comedy 


Two Good Quartettes, 2 Prima Donnas, 2 Comedians, 14 Chorus airis, 1 Musical Tab. Director. People 
doing specialties given preference. State age, height, weight, Bend photos. Like to hear from SOl'TII- 
LANI) COMEDY FOUR. Other good people write. Address 
JOHK KELLNKH, B. O. Bex 4f4, Mobile, Ala. 


singing voice, youth and looks. All ladles work In chorus. Must quote low Summer salary, ami N 
able to Join on wire. Address SKIP DeLOSS, 

Academy of Mnatc, Lindsay, Ont. 


Who docs not know blm? 

take It Into the major. Tbe note read: "Let me 
In and I'll tell you two better stories than the 
one yon Just beard." Bill sot In. 


Troy, H. Y.— Proctor's (H. B. Emde, mfr.) 
bill for June 1-3: Asb snd Shaw, Maklrenki and 
Juliette, Fern Blgelow Trio, Homer Llnd and 
company, Anna Marie and Hirry Kelly, and Lee 
Harrison. For 4-0: Leonard and Dempsey, Za- 
blno. Godtewskl Troupe, "One Good Tarn," Sut- 
ton, Mclntyre and Sutton, and Nat Brown. 

Hand's (X. 0. Mlrlck, ffisr.)— The Lytell- 
Vsughan Stock Co. presented "The Littlest Rebel" 
week ot 23, to enormous business. "Madame 
X" week of June 1. 

Pboctoi's Ltcium. Novsitt. Plaza. Kami's, 
Trojan, Majbstic end Eunas, moving pictures 

Macon, Gn. — Princes* (Ancel Soteronolous 
mirr.) "Battle of Sexes" -'5, 'The Brute" 27, 
"Our Mutual Girt" 28, "Lucille Love" 30, all 
festurc Dims. 

Palace (J. B. Mellon, ingr.) — Jack Lamey 
and Joe Combe May 2.V30. "Perils of Pauline" 
25. "The Countess Veschl'e Jewels" 2T. "Artsona" 
28. 29. 

Majbstic (J. B. Mellon, uisr.) — Musical come- 
dies once more. "Southern Beauties" week of 25. 

Woonaooket, R. I.— Park, week of June 
1, the Hallack Players. In "Paid In Poll." 

Smitu's snd Nicaat. — Met Ins pielures only. 

Babhuh & ]:.('s C-nr.vs will show here 
June 10. 

Keokak, la — Hippodrome (Mark Angel!. 
nurr.) week of Jure 1, tbe Icwij-Onrer Associate 
Players In repertoire. 

Giamd. Colonial and Oirmcai, notion pig, 
ture, only. r 

Elgin, III.— Grand Tleatre (W. B. Newman, 
local mar.) Blchmond Kent and bis No. 1 Co- 
in the romantic comedy "The Chauffeur," was st 
tbe Grand May 21-27, to excellent business nnd 
pleased. Mr. Kent inaugurated his three stock 
companies on May 10, alternating Letween Aiuvra. 
Elgin and Jollet, IU., and ha, been highly -<uc- 
cessful in all three towns. Mr. Kent Is well 
known In these towns, having starred thron-'h 
here In road attractions, the most recent of which 
were: "A Stubborn Cinderella" and "The Only 
Son." He has rented a studio In Chicago. a»d 
entraged a crew of scenic artists to supply hl« 
different attractions. Among those la bis ctin- 
pany are: Msrie Wilson, Jacqusllne Mason. Dunns, Agnes Fuller, Jane Hampton, Grace Gretorr. 
Fern Hamilton, Janet Allyn, Teresa Lor.: <' 
Dorothy Stewart. Flora Dorset, Marie Mitch"-! . 
I-oralnc Lally, Itkitsom Jennings, Wm. Brumi" 1. 
Oscar L. Brlags. BealneM Knorr, Horace V. N»i"le. 
Chic Harvey. B. M. Turner, William Balf'"ir. 
Illchardeon Cotton. Wai. J. Stewart. L. A. Ari • 'I. 
Don Wilson, Clifford L. Atwood, Edna I.""*- 
Stanley Price, E. W. Bormon. Bay Robtc. Henimn 
fToulet, Geo. A. Dayton. Elmer Flnley, SH"CT 
Hoyt snd Fred Dn Bots. Mr. Kent makes I i 
lieadquartera at the Fox Theatre. Aurora. III- 
Ocb picture shows report fslr business. 

Oenrcr, Col. — Brmdway tl'eler McO. • 
mgr.) Nat 0. Goodwin Jnne 1 week. 

Elitch's Gaslen (John D. I nig. mer.)— : ' 
Garden opened Decoration Day. The Ibealre w ■• " 
June 0. with Th«l, McGrane am', fine atoca r ■■>■ 
pany. In "Tlie Piendthrlft." 

Dr.vnAU (Wiiclviard A Homaa. mgr.) — "«■■« 
We Were Tweuty-C'i:e" JIny 31 rud week. , 

F.iinn, (Geo. A. Borver. risr.i— Bill 30 f* 
week: Imperial I'etlnene Tror.'ie. Mcye snd A'-' *■ 
Edward Marsbill. "The Ilufnan Oatsuiill" •'■'' 
moTlng picture*. 

Lakbsiob I'ahk opued 30. Opening of •'*■ 
sire June 10. with Marls Kappolil In concert. 

Taboi (Peter JlcObart mgr.) —Jacobs' <"* 
steal Comedy Co. 

June 6 












Ends One Half 
the Corns 

Do you know that 
nearly half the corns in 
the country are now 
ended in one way? 

Blue-jay takes out a million 
corns a month.-*** frees from 
corns legions of people daily. 
Since its invention it has ended 
sixty million corns. 

The way is quick and easy, pain- 
less and efficient. Apply B'ue-jay 
at night. From that time on yon 
will forget the corn. 

Then Blue- jay gently undermines 
the corn. In 48 hours the loosened 
corn comes out. There is no pain, 
no soreness. 

Don't pare your corns. There is 
danger in it, and it brings only brief 

Don't use old-time treatments. 
They have never been efficient. 

Do what millions do — use Blue- 
jay. It is modern, scientific. And 
it ends the corn completely in an 
easy, pleasant way. 

Blue -jay 

For Corns 

IS and 25 cents -at Druggist* 

Bauer & Black, Caicaia and New York 
Makers of Physicians' Supplies 



Rentes Intended (or This Column 

Unit Reach This Offlce Not Later 

Than Saturday Before Day o( 

Publication to Insure 


Araglla, Mlml— Wolnut. Phila . lmlefinle. 

Aborn Open Co. — Buffalo Indefinite. 

Atom Opera (Jo.— Brooklyn in. 

Aborn Optra Co.— Washington Indefinite. 

Atom Opera Oo. — Pittsburgh Indefinite. 

Cotttertos, Both — Powers', Chicago, Indefinite. 

Okrke t Owen— London, Eng., till July IB. 

Gbbtnu Plovers— Fargo, No. Dik„ 3. 4, Grand 
Forks 6. 0, Slonx Glty, la.. 8. 9. Ames 10, 
Orlnnell 11. Des Moines IS. li. 

"Call of Youth, Tbe"— Blactotone, Chicago, in- 

Drew, Joan, a Ethel Barrj more — Empire, New 
York, 1-0. 

Dillon a King's Hui. Com. Co. — Oakland, Cal„ 

"Dummy, The" — Hudson, New York, indefinite. 

"Follies of IMS" — Zlegfeld's— New Amsterdam, 
New York, Indefinite. 

0»rge. Grace— Little, New York, Indrtlnlte. 

Goodwin, Nat 0,— Greeley, Colo., 3, Olicyenn?, 
Wjo., 4. Ofden, U„ 0, Silt Lake City 3-10, 
Reno, Ner., 12. 

Gordon, Klttr — Otrrlck, Chicago, Indefinite. 

Qatar/ Theatre Oo San Fran., Oal.. Indefinite. . 

"abort Breaker, The"— Merle H. Norton's— CM- 
cago, Indefinite. 

Hitchcock, Bajawnd— lAator, New York, Indefi- 

"Help Wanted"— Oort, Chicago, Indefinite. 

"High Jinks"— Casino, New York, Indefinite. 

Kolb a Dill Oo. — American Music Hall, Chicago, 

"Kitty McKay"— Comedy, New York, Indefinite. 

"Lilly. The"— VanconTer, B. O., 1-6. 

UoGtnJey, Bob and Era — Pleasure Park, Minn., 

"UUleidlng Lady, The"— Colonial, Boston, indefi- 

"Madame Moselle"— Bhuberr. B:rteu, 1-6. 

"Mutt and Jeff In Panama" IB. M. Garfield. 
mjr.1- tfendallvllle, Ind., 8. Hlcksvllle, O., 4. 
Ottawa 6, Chicago Junction 0, Loudonrlllc 8, 
Kent 9, GreenTUle, Pa., 10. Oooneaut, O., 11, 
Oorry. Pa., 13. FredonJa, N. Y., 13. 

"Pair of Mies, A"— Loogscre, New York, Indefi- 

"Potash a Perlnmtter"— Cohan's, New York, In- 

"Panties"— Booth, New York, indefinite. 

"Owes of the Maries"— Illinois. Oblcigo, Indefi- 

Ramban-Mack On.— Oakland, Cal.. 8-20. 

Russell Annie— Apollo, Atlarrtlc City, 1-6. _ . 

"Bed Ro*. The" (W. J. Derthlek. mar.— Hall- 
far, N. B„ 8-8. Wolfrllle 8, Yarmooth 9. 

'Seres Keys to Baldpate," No. 3 Co.— O. O. H., 
Chicago, Indefinite. 

"Serea Keys to Baldpate" — Gaiety, New York, 

"Smart Set, The"— Lafayette, New York. 1-8. 

"SlTla Bona Away"— Wilbur. pctton. Indefinite. 

"Things That Count, The" — Playhouse, New York, 

"Too llany Cooks" — Thirty-ninth Street, New 

York, Indefinite. 
"To-Day" — Forty-eighth Street, New York, Indefi- 
"Third Party, The" — Princess, Chicago, Indefinite. 
"Twin Beds"— Olympic, Chicago, Indefinite. 
"Thelma" (Richardson & 'filbert, mgrs.i — 
Svrlngfleld. So Dak., 4, Tyndsll 8, Verdure, 
Neb., 8. Albion 8, O'Neill lu. Ainsworth il, 
Valentine 12. Chudroo 13. 
"Under Oover" — Plymouth, Boston. Indefinite. 
Warteld. David— His Majesty'!, Montreal, ML 
Weber 4 Fields Co.— Boston 1-6. 
"Whirl of the World" — O. 0. H„ Chicago, Indefi- 
"Yellow Ticket, The"— Eltlnge, New York, In- 

Permanent and Traveling;. 
41 bee Stock — Frorldesce, Indefinite. 
Associate Players — Springfield. Mass., Indefinite. 
Alcazar Stock— San Fran., Cal., Indefinite. 
Angell Stock (Jos. Angell, mgr.)— Oswego, N. Y., 

Arvlne Stock — Terre Haute, Ind., Indefinite. 
Academy of Music Stock — Wo. Foi's-^Academy, 

NewYork, Indefinite. 
American Stock — Phila., indefinite. 
Auditorium Stock — Kansas City, Mo., Indefinite. 
Academy Players — Charlotte, N. C. Indefinite. 
Allen, Jack, Stock— Clinton, 111.. 1-6. 
Bijou Players— Fall River, Mass., Indefinite. 
Brown, Clsrk, Players — Montreal, Can., Indefinite. 
Bishop Players (H. W. Bishop, mgr.) — Oakland, 

Cal.. Indefinite. 
Brysnt. BUly, Stock— .Frankfort, Ky., 1-0. 
Beesey, Jack, Co. — La Crosse, Wis., Indefinite 
Baker Stock — Portland, Ore., Indefinite. 
Broadway Stock — Springfield, Mass., indefinite. 
Buahwlclc Players — •Busb.wlck, F.k'u., indefinite 
Brown, Clark, Players — Ottawa, Can., Indefinite 
Brows, Clark, Players — Hamilton. Can.. Indefinite. 
Barrows-Howard Players— Lincoln, Neb., Indefi- 
Boostelle. Jessie. Co. — Buffalo, Indefinite. 
Blood, Adele, Stock— Toronto, Can., Indefinite. 
Brown, Kirk, Stock — Altoona, Pa„ indefinite. 
Castle Sq. Mas. Stock — St. Louis, Indefinite. 
Colombia Mus. Com. Oo.— Oakland, Oal., Indefi- 
Clarendon Stock— Dunkirk, 0., 1-6. 
Courneen Players — Jamestown, N. Y., Indefinite. 
Columbia Stock — Indianapolis, Indefinite. 
Cahn, Julius, Stock — Salem, Mass., Indefinite. 
Columbia Players— Washington, Indefinite. 
Court Sq. Associate Players — Springfield, Mass., 

Chicago Stock — Honesdale, Pa., Indefinite. 
Comstock Players — Albany. N. Y., Indefinite. 
Comstock-Terry Stock — Schenectady, N. Y., In- 

Chestnut Street Opera House Stock — Phlla., In- 

deanlte. , . 

Oolbura Stock — Trenton, N. J., Indefinite. 
Colonial Players — Norfolk, Va.. Indefinite. 
Craig Stock — Boston, Indefinite. 
Cotinea* Players — Wilmington, Del., Indefinite. 
Chatlerton, Arthur, Co. — Akron, O., Indefinite. 
Crescent Stock — Columbia, S. 0., indefinite. 
Carter, Sutanne— Manhattan, Kan., 1-6. 
Darls Stock (Harry Davis, mgr.) — Pittsburgh. 

Pa.. Indefinite. 
Dowell Stock— Ssn Diego, Oal., Indefinite. 
Deno, Bessie, Stock— Nowata, Okla., 1-6, Musko- 
gee 8, Indefinite. 
Dennam Stock — Denver, Cot., Indefinite. 
Ds Voss Flora, Oo. — La Salle, 111., Indefinite. 
DiTldson Stock — Milwaukee Indefinite. 
Dominion Stock— Ottawa, Can., Indefinite. 
Empire Stock — Providence. R. I.. Indefinite. 
Elltch Stock — Denver. Col.. Indefinite. 
Empire Stock — Syracuse, N. Y., Indefinite. 
Enterprise Stock— Chicago indefinite. 
Ferguson Bros.' Stock— Okmnteee, Okla., 1-6. 
Glaser, Vaughan. Stock — Cleveland Indefinite. 
Gayety Stock — Hobok-.-o, N. J., Indefinite. 
German Stock— Cincinnati Indefinite. 
Glbney, Sarah, Stock (Walter Wilson, mgr.)— 

Chatham, Out., Can., Indefinite. 
Gagnon-Pollock Stock — Houston. Ter., indeflnlle. 
Gordlnler Bros.' Co.— Brlmfleld, III., 1-9. 
Goodwin Players — Hudson, Wis., Indefinite. 
Gaiety Musical Stock — San Diego, Oal.. Indefinite. 
Otnalvan Dramatic Oo. — Ploocer, 0., 1-6. 
Gorman's Mus. Com. Co.— Lowe], Mass., Indefi- 
Hallack Stock— Woonaocket, R. I., Indefinite. 
BUlman's Ideal Stock— Omaha, Neb., Indefinite. 
Hayward, Grace, Co.— Oak Park, Chicago, Indefi- 
Bant Stock— Vlcksburg. Mich., 18-23. 
Harrison Theatre Co. — Indianapolis 18, Indefinite. 
Huntington, Wright, Stock — Indianapolis Indefi- 
Home Stock — Akron, 0., Indefinite. 
Harrington, Beatrice, Stock— Denlsos, Tex., In- 
Harvey Stock — Clinton, Is., Indefinite. 
Home Stock— Meyers' Lake, Canton, 0., Indefi- 
Huntington Players — St Paul, Minn., Indefinite. 
Hlmmeleln Associate Players — Joplla, Mo., Indefi- 
Hudson Stock— Union Hill. N. J., Indefinite. 
Harrison Theatre, B Co.— McKlnney. Tex., 1-13. 
Hagh'a Comedlsna— Le Boy, la., 1-6. 
Henderson Stock— Aberdeen, So. Dak., 1-14. 
Harris Mos. Com. Co. — Waco, Ter., indefinite. 
Jefferson Theatre Stock (Julius Oahn, mgr.) — 

Portland, Me., Indefinite. 
Jefferson Stock — Auburn, N. Y., Indefinite. 
Keyes Sisters' Stock (Chester Keyes, mgr.) — 

Dalits, Tex., indefinite. 
Keystone Dramatic Co.— Muskogee, Okla., 1-6. 
Klunt A Gaxxolo Stock— Baltimore, Md., Indefi- 
Kecnan Stock — Kscanaba, Mich., Indefinite. 
Knickerbocker Stock (B. J. Murphy, mgr.)— Ber- 
lin. Cat.. Can., indefinite. 
Keith's Players — Toledo, O., Indefinite. 
Lyceum Hock — Now Britain. Conn.. Indefinite. 
Liberty Stock— Oakland. Cal., Indefinite. 
Leonard Player*— Sedan, Kan., Indefinite. 
Ly.ell-Vui.gtan Stock— Troy, N. Y., Indeflnlle. 
Lawrence, Del. Stock — Vancouver, Can., Indefinite. 
La Verso, Lucille — itlantn, On., Indefinite. 
Lynn, Jack, Stock— St Ali.ans, Vt, 1-0, New- 
port 8-13. 
Lewis-Oliver Associate Players — Keokuk, la., 1-0. 
Lyric Players — Hartford. Oca.. Indefinite. 
Lyceum block — DulDtn, Minn., Indefinite. 
MacCurdy Tlayen — Gotham. Bkln . Indeflnlle. 
Morosoo Stock (Oliver Morosco, mjrr.) — Los An- 
geles, Cal., Indefinite. 
Mailer & Dennlton Stock — Fall Biter, Mass., In- 
Majestic Stock— Des Moines. la.. Indefinite. 
Metropolitan Stock — Cleveland, indefinite. 
Marcos Mos. Com. Oo. — Brockton. Mora., 1-0. 
Merrimack Sq. Players — Lowell. Mini., Indefinite. 
MsGUl A Bond Stock— Elisabeth, N. J., Indefinite. 
Morley, Ernestine. Stock— Waterbruy, Conn., In- 
Madison Sq. Com. Oo. (W. 8. Freed, mgr.)— 

Dowaglac. Mich., 1-6. 
Norman Field Players — Pensncola. Fin., tndefinle. 
Orphean Musical Stock — Newark, N. J„ Indefinite. 
Orphean Players — Montreal. Can., Indefinite, 
Orphean Players — Cincinnati. lnCi Unite. 
Orphean Players — Phils., Indefinite 
Piyton, CVrse, Block— For Kocksvrsy, N. Y., In- 
Poll Stock — Scran too. Pa. indefinite. 
Prtngje, Delia, a Stock (0. K. Van Aukeo, mgr.) 

—-Empire, Butte, Mont., Indefinite. 
Pell Players (Jamas Thatcher, mar.) — Wsthing- 

too, D. a. Indefinite. 
Pearl Stock — Wlnalon-Salem, N. 0., indefinite. 
Poynter, Benlab, Stock — Birmingham, Ala., Indefi- 

Poll Players — Baltimore, Indefinite. 

Poll Player*— Worcester. Mass.. indefinite. 

Poll Players (Kendal Weston, mgr.) — New Haven, 
Conn., Indefinite, 

Poll Players— Hartford. Conn., Indefinite. 

Park Players (H. A. Todd, mgr.)— Ns* Oastle, 
Pa.. Indefinite. 

Roehm's, Will, Stock — Chicago. Indeftulle. 

Beade, Roma, Stock — Montreal, Can., Indefinite. 

Reade, Roma. (\>. — Ottawa, Can., Indefinite. 

Royal Theatre Stock — Bronx, New York. Indefi- 

riemond'B Players — Sacramento, Oal., Indefinite. 

Rae, J. G., Stock — Republic, Knn., Indefinite. 

Sherman Stock — Milwaukee, indefinite. 

Stanford riayers — Philadelphia, Indefinite. 

Shannon Stock — Wapakoueta, 0., Indefinite. 

Sayles, rrancls, Co Superior, Wis., Indefinite. 

Snedeker Comedy Co. — ■Muttoon, 111.. Inilelnlte. 

Seattle flock — Seattle. Waoh., Inilediilte. 

Shorten, Al„ Comedy Co.— Batli. N. Y., Indefinite. 

Shertel, Al„ Stock— Kingston. X. Y„ 1-11. 

Servoue, Mary, Stock— Oleveli ml, indefinite. 

Strceter-Lryaa Flayers — Bay City, Mich., Inilefi- 

Stanley Rock — Montreal. Can.. Indeflnlle. 

Trlplett-Owens Stock — Louisville, Ky., Indeflnlle. 

Turner, Clara (W. F. Barry, mgr.) — Yonkers, N. 
Y., Indefinite. 

TIvoll Stock — San Fran., Cal., Indefinite. 

Tempest Dramatic Oo. — Smyrna. Del., 1-0, Fed- 
eralsbnrg, Md., 8-13. 

Van Dyke & Eaton Co. (F. Mack, mgr.) — St. 
Joseph, Mo., Indefinite. 

Van Dyke ft Eaton Co. (0. Mack, mgr.)— Des 
Moines, Is.. Indefinite. 

Wells Stock — Nashville, Tcnn., Indefinite. 

Washington Stock — Detroit. Indefinite. 

Woods Mas. Com. Co. — Brantturd, Can., Indefi- 

Blue Ribbon Shown — Amsterdam, N. Y., 1-0. 

Coney Island Shows— Huntington, W. Vs., 1-6. 

Christy's R. R. Shows (Geo. W. Christy, mgr.)— 
Kindred, N. Dak., 3, 4. Marlon 5-8, Oasseltea 
10, II, Dasey 13-15. 

Cllflon-Kelley Shows — Chicago Heights, III.. 1-6. 

Groat European Shows — Pocahontas, Vs., lu. 

Great Sutton Shows — Baraboo. Wis.. 1-6. 

Qreat American 8hows — Tiffin, O, 1-0. 

Hunter, Harry C, Shows— Sharon, Pa., 1-6. 

Hall ft Lattlp Shows — Salem. Mass. 1-6. 

Hampton Great Empire Shows (J. W. Hampton, 
mgr.) — Salem, 0„ 1-6, Coshocton 8-t3. 

Kline. Jack, Eastern — Dover, Del., 1-6. 

Kennedy^ Con T. — Terro Haute. Ind., 1-3, So. 
Bend 8-13. 

Lagg, Oka- Greater Shorn™ — St. Bernard, O.. 16. 

Loos, J. Geo., Expo. Show* — Jonesboro, Ark., 1- 
6, Blytbevlll* 8-13. 

Metropolitan Shows (0. B. Barfleld, mgr.) — Hen- 
derson. Ky., 1-6, Lexington 8-13. 

Macy's Olympic Shows — Apalachli, V*., 1-6. 

Peerless Kxpo. Shows (0. F. Mitchell, mgr.) — 
Alliance. 0„ 1-0, Now Caslle, I's.. 8-13. 

Sheesley Greater Slows — Tarentiim, Pa,, 1-0, 
Rldgoway 8-13 

8mlth Greater Shows — Kenton, 0., 1-6. 

Thompson's, Frank II., Big Tent Show — Oompton, 
III.. 1-0. 

"World at nome, The"— Cedar Rapids, la., 1-0, 
Dubinue 8-13 

White City Show* — Veederburg, Ind., 1-6. 

Wortham, 0. A., Shows — Watcrtown, So. Dak., 


Barnum ft Bnlley — New Haven, Conn., 3, Water- 
bury 4, Hartford S, Holyoke, Mass., 6, Spring- 
field 8, Norwich, Conn., D, Woonaocket, It. I., 
10, Providence 11, Fall River, Mass., 12, New 
Bedford 13. 


Josephine V. Johnson Is a talented composer of popular songs, which are being sung all orer the 
country. She make* her residence In Clilcugo, but her acquaintance with professional people extends 
from ocean to ocean. Possessing a charming personality and an extended knowledge of the require- 
ments of a popular song writer, Miss Johnson looms up u a striking figure In the profesilou of 


"Dollars and Dimple*" — Cliuttonoogn, Tcnn., 1-0, 
Augusta, Gs., 7-1.1. 

Friendly, Dan, Mua. Com. Co. — Cleveland, 0., 

Jacobs, L. B., Oo. — Denver. Colo., Indefinite. 

Rapier, Gus. Mus. Com. <>>.— Indiannpolls, Indefi- 

Busaell's, Dan, Mus. Com. Oo. — Sbrevenort, I,s„ 

Thomas' Mus. Com. Co.— Bnngor, Me., 10. Bath 

Columbia Wheel. 

Beauty, Youth and Folly (Win. V. Jennings, mgr.) 
— Gayety, Toronto, 1-0, Gayety, Buffalo, 8-13, 

Liberty Girls (Alex. Gorman, mgr.) — Gayety, Buf- 
falo, 1-6, Columbia, New York, 8-13, cloee. 

Rosey Posey Girls (Louis Livingston, mgr.)— 
Gayety. Detroit, 1-0. 

Trocaderoa (Frank Pierce, mgr.) — Columbia, New 
York, 1-6. 


Oobum, J, A. — Daytona, Fla., indefinite. 

Dumoat'a — Phlla. 1-6. 

Down In Dixie (W. A. Thomas, mgr.) — Waliaiha, 
Minn., 8. 

Gorton's — Rshway, N. J„ Indefinite. 


Ballmao's Orchestrs — Chicago, Indefinite. 

Ferrnllo's Band — Hutchinson, Kan., Indeflnlle. 

International Ladles' Band (Cbaa. W. Goels, 
mgr.) — Berlin. Ont.. Can., 1-0, Guelpli 8-13. 

Kryle'* Band — Tullahoma, Tcnn.. .1, Fayetterllle 
4, Franklin S, Pulaski 0. HiinUvllle, Ala., T, 
Decatur 8, Florence 0, Jackson 10. Memphis 

Nstlcllo'a Bsnd — Fontaine Park, Loulsrille, In- 
11, Dyershnrg 12, Union City 13. 

Perkins' Band— Woodalde Park. Phlla.. Irulefinlle. 

Pryor'a Band— Willow Grove Park, Phils., Imlefl- 

Kusso's Band — Cleveland, Indefinite. 

Tharla's Band — Idora Pork, Oakland, Cal., Indefi- 

Vessels's Band— Steel Pier, Atlantic City. N, J., 

Weber. John C, Band — Cincinnati, indefinite. 

Wallace Orchestrs— Altoona. Pa., Indefinite. 

Aiken. W. B., Shows— Coldwater. Mich., If!. 

Allman Bros, — Kesrney. Neb., 1-6, Grand Island 

Adams, Otli L., Greater Expo. Shows — York, Pa., 

Berter Backett Shows— Green Bay, Wis., 1-7. 

Bsrkoot, K. a.. Shows— Terra Haute. Ind., 1-0. 

Bauscher French Amuse. Oo, — Oranhrook, B, 0., 
1-8, Femle 8-16. 

Barnes, Al. G.— Jamestown, N. Dak.. 8, Coopers 

town 4, Valley City .1. Furgo 0, liralnerd, 

511m., 8, Allkcn 0, Ol-xiuct II), Luluth II, hu- 

pcrlor, Wis., 1Z, Ashland 13. 
Haienbeck-Wallaco Shows — Zauesvllle, O., 3. 

Steuhenvllle 4. Wheeling, W. Vs., D, Wishing- 

ton, Pa., 0. 
lloag, Mighty. Shows— Ottawa, Can., 8, Cassle- 

man 4, Alexandria 0, St. Johns 6. 
La Tena'o — Wsltham, Mam., 8, Wakefield 4, 

Gloucester 5, Salem 0, Haverhill 8, Newberry- 

Sort 8, Portsmouth, N. H.. 16, Dover 11, Bid- 
eford, Me., 12. Portland 13. 

101 Ranch Wild West— Pawtucket, R. I., 3, Wor- 
cester, Mass., 4. I'lttsileld 0, Springfield 0, 
Hartford, Conn., 8, Merlden 0, New Haven 10, 
Ansonls 11, Bridgeport 12, Danhury 18. 

Rlngllng Bros.— Flint, Mich., 8, Port Huron -I. 
Chatham, Can., 0, St. Thomas 0, London 8, 
Woodstock 8, Stratford 10, Berlin 11, llraiit- 
ford 12, Hamilton 13. 

Bobbins. Frank A.— Mstleawnn, N. Y., 8, Pongli- 
keepsle 4, Hudson S, Chatham 0, 

Silver Family (Bert Silver, mgr.)— Mlddlovlllc. 
Mich., 8, Wuylnul i, Hopkins rial Ion B, Alle- 
gan 0. 

Sparks' Shows— Mrotlcello. la., 3, Strawberry 
Point 4, Cresoo B, Poslvllle 6, Decorah 0, 

Tompkins' Wild Weat — Tarlftrlllc, Conn., 8, 
Windsor Locks 4, Thompsonvllle S, Somroers 6. 
Stafford 8, Palmer, Mass , 0, Ware 10, Warren 
11, N. Brookfleld 12, Spencer 18. 

Wheeler Bros.— Haverhill, Mass.. 8. 

Young Buffalo Wild West— Martins Ferry, O., 8, 
Toronto 4. Wcllsvlllc S, Bhsrpsvllle, Pi., 0. 

Gayety Stock Burlesque— Phils. Indefinite. 
Lucey, The*. — Barnes City, la.. B, Granger 0, 

Farnhsmvllte 8, Karly l>, Klngaley 10, 11, Ro- 
land 12, SSoarlng 13, 14. 
Oppenhelnier Stock Burlesque — Odeon, Newark, N. 

J., Indefinite. 
Peoples Theatre Stock Burlesque— Phlla. Indefl- 

Blcton's Big Show— Plain OHy, 0., 10, Weat 

Jefferson 8-13. 
Ramsay's Empire Shows — Chsf mso, Neb., 0, 

Kockvllle 8-10, Pleaunton 11-13. 
Sawyer, Josn, Co.— Apollo. Atlantic Oily, 8-13. 
Singer. Jack, Stock Burlesque— Columbia, Chicago. 



Containing cols of Leading- Conjurors, Wc. New 
WMts book OaUL, 100. Rone free. 
W. P. L.KBOY, lfj» Ooart BU, Boaton, Mass. 

(In antieering ad*, ptosis menffon Clippu.) 


Do you want ono for the hlg timer 

Ik) you want to bo a liemlllnort 

Let mo write you au act at a price that defies 
conipctltlon. Your money back If vou aav so. 
Write me. N. J. UUCKWHKKT, Huntington, Mass 

ER'S WANTED. Join on wire. Low, miro 
salary. THE UHHAT HICTON, W. JelTer- 
■on, Ohio. p. 8.— ThlslBtlioliesteqtiliiricil Medl- 
cliio Show nn Earth. "Ami thoonly rellalilootiB." 


for any Instrument or number of lnstrnmsnt*. 

Songs, Words and Moalo, sketches.ew, Sand stamp. 
0HA8. L. LEWIS, tag Richmond St., OlnolmaU 6 . 


Stock, Repertoire and for amateurs, AM. OF 
160 Royalty Plays and Western Agent for oior 400. 
Send stamp for lists. A. milo iiknnett, m W. 
Randolph 8t„ Chicago, 111. 


No imrailes. AL. MAKTZ. Route: Wvloiillloi'k, 
Mo., June lft; I'toiiIIhm, Iff; Springfield, if, 


Only Hook containing comptcto Instructions Tor tho 
rial Tango. Ono Step, 1 limitation, ami other Values, 
Casllo Walk, Tho Itinovatlnn, Maxlxe anil all lato 
Dances. Written anil Illustrated by fsinoiu lliast- 
rlcal producer ami fancy dancer. Steps cloarly 
cxplalncil by copyrlghteil Count System. "Tho 
Tango llixik" equal lo siuo worlli of Icsmoiih. 
Price, nnstpnld, »l.ou. Parllciilars free. 

Address OLD FORT SUPPLY CO., '• 
Look Box Wo. N, Fort Johnson, IT. V. 


l»v Joseiihino V. Jolinaon anil Andrew Hem. 

By Josephine V. Johnson and Andrew Kern. 

lly Josephine V, Johnson. Orchestration and pro- 
fciwlonal copy sunt upon rocotpt of lato nroarannno. 
Hong (words unil music), Parodies, Hkelchca, Plays, 
Monologues, Kto.jvrlllen loonier. HemlHlaiiipfor 
3440 Carroll Avenue, Chicago, III. 

Ten Thousand 

12x18, four pages, each page 0x1?, for 

$15. 00 



Union IjiIiuI used. Houtl for Price Mat. 

The Gazette Show Printing Co. 





h>l>. nr Per. Hloclf.. Height, oft. T: welglit.l Wilis 
"K». fl- Aililrms TRKMIMT, PA. 


e 111 mi 

with (jooil.Hirong H|iuclaltlDH. flood Hinging anil 
Dancing vuinlovllle Toam who can play parts. 
Hlaio lielghi, age, weight, very lowent salary. 
Must lie able to Join on wire. 

BAUflllMANOUHTINK CO., White Hall, III. 


PA8HK8, VARUS, KTO. Write for rJamples. 
Webb 1'tg. Co., Hi Ho, Dearborn St., Ctilasgo, Ilia. 


to iluiililo stago and work In acts. Wo pay all. 

Tills hIiow never climes. 



i'uik Tticatro, Torrlngton, Corii., Juno I, w, 10; 
Qrplieimi Theatre, Naugatiick, 11, 12, IB, 


OUTFIT. FREE Bar rata Book lit 


■ PltllvOFIELD, 1LL1WOH, 



for nimbly act of renulallon. Must <lo flip flans 
iukI backs ana bo full of action. I'leuso rncnlloii 
all to MAN IdEll 
MM Madison ■«., Chicago, III. 



llcn. Huh., Lcaila, Heavies. 
lit., ft ft. lot WL, 147. 
Joint only. Have 
Ckii Jlrect Write or Ytlru, DowglHc, Mich., week 
of ai, tlicn NIIcw, Midi 


Sinibriillo, Ingenue, 
lit., ft ft. t, wt., Ill 
Have library of short csxl scrlpls. 

C w 7 Dksmftsmss From vour Pnoto or 

OX I rnOIOS awn*. 20 for $1. 

Htanips for sninplo and prlcn list. 


E. lirl,l H n. 
Oswego. It. V, 


Vlollnlsl of thu lllfhjst ■landarsl. 






June <; 

8. 6. & B. SPECIAL 



Body built of three-ply B. B. & B. 
trunk wocd. All edges Bound Willi 
oar New Cold-Rolled Steel Bind log. 


New York Agents: 8TKKN BROS. 
Chicago Agents: MARSHAL!. FI F.I.I) & CO. 

B. B. & B. TRUNK CO. 




Pliln KM, • • $3.60 
Patent Lsathsr, $4.80 
All Colon, - $6.00 

Extra neat, will not rip. 


In Oxfords, Sllppen and 



IB.OO '^•Ssa^kW Bend for Catalog 

Bent C. 0. D. If 11.00 per pair la advanced. 


ute at SOeta. par aqnara foot. 


T8» W. Madison Street 

Ope Rayaaarkat Tbaatia Chicago 


Axinj Goods Loaned Moving Plctmre Oa.'i 

Earn $35 to $500 Weekly. Study 

STAGE RftSffg 

Vaudeville Acta, Sketches. Drama. 
Ifnateal Comedy ana New Nov- 
eltles In Star* Dencee. Write for 
Illustrated booklet how 8,000 eta- 
dents succeeded. Engagements 
guaranteed. Failure impossible 

Alliens Theatre School of Acting 

8Sd St. and Bah ATe,!»ew York 



^«a«TII fauilik Music lir rnr Wota'i 

JOHN T. HALL. for imtColiti.M Clrtlr •fWT»< 


Uniform in Color and 
Quality Guaranteed 

riirr ( Hemenniain Date' Book 
jgt JBoottht AitofMaHatDp" 



raMay U. Haw or aeeond hand. Bend for 


St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Sx3 South I 


Tights, Shirts, 

Leotards and Combinations. 

In Worsted, Mercerized or Bilk. 


PADS— all klnda-from stock or 

made to order. 

15)17 Ridge Ave., Pnlla, Pa. 


Costumes and Millinery 

56 West 45th St., New York Q ty 

Ankle and Short Drcuu on hand 
Phone, Bryant 5ST8. Bend for Catalog ne 



Cotton Tight*, pair 

1 Tlghta, pair. 


Plaited Sllk'Ttghl 
Bert BUk Tights, 
S loch cotton t 


, 8.00 



Calf, Tblfh and Hip PaJdloge. 

Geld and Sliver Trimmings. 
Send deposit and route with order. 
887 Washington BL. Boston, "~ 

IMA Real Hair, Silly Kid, ai; Negro. Sar.: Dress 
■II! Wig, Import, Bald, 8oui>rettc,fi.Meat-h;4j<b>. 
nlU Orepe llnlr, Kk'. Ask catiilug. Carnival paper 
caps, lie. dz.; t'liltotiTlghlH. iierpr.. JOcjHIIkoloiie KLllTERT,Mrr.,4«CoopcrSq., N.V 


Complete Line of 





Alwa/i em Hand 

Order* Filled 

Cotton Tights, very good quality, ■» pr. • .75 
Worsted Tights, medium weight, a pr. 2.00 
Worsted TIeiits. heavy weight, a pr... 2.7B 
Silk Plaited Tights (Imported), a pr. 2.BO 

Silk Tights, heavy weight, a pr 0.00 

lira Silk Tights 8.BO 

Shirt to Match, same price ea Tights. 







In endlesi variety I n • toe k and mad* 
to order actordi ng to sketebea. 





OATAXOQCES and SAMPLES npon request. 
Whan ask tag for Catalogue, please mention 
what goodi are wanted. 

ttUALrTTES the beat. 
PRICES the lowest. 


8. W. Cor. 27th BL ft Madison Ave., N. Y. 

P. 5,-Qgr A-K Safe* far Ska TraMa 


description. Padding, Frew, 
Snake and Hooker Suite, 
Blaetle and Cloth Supporter., 
Gymnastic Pomps and GsUtero, 
SpaBBlea and Bnllloa Fringe. 
Send for catalogue and sample of 
Ugnta— taawX 


Successor to Bpteer Broa. 


■' S^SJrS^uS^St&fr^rtTSS 
HlCtsuar. Wd bo»»* la, lad JiM via •fa- 
il** txaaclu el hov to coDitraft.i poplar }Ji*i 
■ ,io e sik in i trnaf t. Baa- to cosjrlrtt, un tag 

BOOk CO, trftaai JJdg, Ml* Tori, 

Em a 

II »e*i 




for an acceptable new ritual. Full Infor- 
mation given by T. M. DONNELLY, Supreme Sec'y, 
27ft Prove 8t., Jersey City, N. J. 


Acts of All Kinds 

500 Letterhead, and Flae Cat for fa. 
FINN, the Printer, 84 Baat Slat Street, 

Bet Il'way and Fourth Ave, New York City. 


WARDROBI8T, 1038 Blue Island Ave., CHICAGO. 


Stage, Evening and Street Gown* 
Slightly used. From 11.00 to tlo.oo. 
;. ANDREWS, 345 E. 31st street, Obtcago, 111 


and Vaudeville Sketches. Large cat- 
alogue FREE. Mate-up book lie. New 
2 Male Sketch, 24c. ; Coon Win, 50c. 
A. B. KB1H, Pub r 
403 Grand Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 


Polo Grounds 


With Washington, June 3, A. 


With St. Loul i, Jan* B, 0, 8, ». 
With Chicago, June 10. 


otter class of Performers have 
much use for a Trunk, or 
give It harder wear than the CIRCTJS 

U built aperially for the Clrcna Pro 
feaalon, convenience and dura- 
blllt r being the strong Feature*. 
CHICAGO, 82 East Randolph Bt 
NEW YOBS, 181 West 88to BL 


(In ansKtring ait, please mention Cutpib ) 


Tie extreme hot wav<3 last vrtek took what- 
ever starch there was left In the local theatrical 
linen. The beaclie* nnd rarks ojien were well 
patronized. The 101 Rauci S-lKtv had a h'ood 
week, the night shows U'lng especially lirsc 
The torrid weather kept the matinee stteO'lancv 

WiLBun (WUbnr Theatre Cc. safxavl — After en 
announcenient that this bouse would close IU 
ecnMui 23, with Deris Keene, In "Bomanoc," It 
was orranged to reopen 28, with "Sylvia Rues 
Awiy." The cast Includes: Allien Erown, Alice 
Brady, Geraldlne O'Brien. Ned A. Srarks. Klmer 
Booth, Charles Guise, J. V. Hutchinson. Chirlec 
Lothian, Edward l^ingtonl and Charles Homer. 

Tbihokt (Jno. D. Seboeffel, Bgr.) — Tne r<?gu- 
lar senson may now said to t« cloeed. A suii'lc- 
mectary seusoo consnence* Jrne 1. with Aiuiftte 
Kellerman featureil In tb-j phttoplsy. "Nepiune'a 
Daugtiter," shown In alx reels. Trices to be 
twenty-five and fifty cents. "Allele's" limine?* 
was fair. 

SIajestic (Wllbur-Shobert Co.. mgrs. )-^John 
W. Ruskln'i aeries of motion pictures, entitled 
'^How Wud Antmala Live," opened here 25, after 
a previous announcement the house was to be 
closed for tie season 23. 

Shuddt (Wlkbur-Shubert Co.. mgrs.)— Joan 
Sawyer snd her dancing carnival oompany attract- 
ed many enthusiasts, notwlthstandlns the weath- 
er. June 1, "Madame Mocelle" begin? au **> 

Boston (WIUIsjii Wood, nigr.)— Second and la«t 
week of Weber and Fields. In "Hokey-Pokey." 
The banner business of the week was done ty the 
well known comedians and rbelr company. The 
popular price scheme on the part of the manage- 
ment was a rood business more. 

Cost (J. B. Oort, mgr.) — The new musical 
comedy. ''Phyllis," is now In Its second week. 
The hit of the show has been made by Mantlll.i 
and Lloyd, two graceful and expert dancers, who 
were seen here a short tune ago In a local 
vaudeville bouee. Tango dancing between th? 
acts Is a feature. (Charles Froliman & Win. IlinrU. 
mgrs.) — Fifth weei of "Th'- Mlcleadlng Ijid)" 
with Lewis S. StoM as the featured plarer. Tliere 
Is every Indication that many more wilt follow, 
which goes to prove that a pleating perforuiaiicc 
knows no teason. climate or Wntion. 

Pixiiouth (Tied B. Wright, mgr.) — Twraty- 
fourth week of "Under Cover." It Is now un- 
noanccd the engn|:euient will end July 4. Mr. 
Wright, manager of the bouse, by strange coinci- 
dence, has been associated with the bualnea* im,v 
ngeaent of practlrnly erery oltiactlon that una 
c.iceeded 1(0 peifotmnnccs in this city. 

OiSTLS Sqc inn (John Crulg. mgr. ) — "The 
Man o' War's Man" proved to be a highly ex- 
• Iting series of life ss rx'sts In Mexico at the 
present hour. This week, 'The End of tho 
I*r!dge" Is revived. 

Olobb (Robert Jinette, mgr.) — Fcurth week of 
'The Drug Terror." 

Waldrun's OasiNO (Charles H Waldron, mgr.) 
— After lb] most successful season this bouse 
joined the dark brigade after the night |vr- 
firrnancc 50. August will see the reopening. 

Kbtr's (Harry Gustln, mgr.) — This week an- 
other strong olll, Including Mary Nash, Hardman 
and Varady, Conlls, Steele and Oarr, Welch. 
Mealy snd Montrose. Transatlantic Trio, Edwin 
George, Sully Family, Snyder and Halo, Broth- 
ers Areo, and others. 

Goboos's OLTMrta (Jchn E Comerford. mgr.) 
— Week of Juno 1 : The Maynards, Abyssinia Trio, 
Leonard and Meredith, Billy Barlow. Lee and 
Ferrtn Percy Knight and company, and Maurice 
Samuels and company. 

Scollat Squaisb (Gordon t lord, mgrs.) — Rn<n 
and Belles, Jock Symoods, Warren and Brock- 
way, Tyjon and Roberta, Barrett and Starto:i, 
Jones and Brown, and tour Vienna*. 

Bowdoin Squabs (George E. Lothrop, mgr) — 
Violet Mascott'a Merry Maids have arrived from 
the Howard for a Summer reason. Extra fea- 
tures are Knight and Benson. Cain and Xowcomb, 
Irene La Tour, Charles Itadcllffe, and Mary Pick- 
ford, In photoplay. "Good Little DevU." 

Bijou (James W. Craig, mgr.)— -Ai. Anderson. 
Hortense Hunter, Blondell and Tucker Brown and 
Hodges, Owendolyn Ashley, Francis Uagulre, 
Marlon Gordon and Myrtle Dryden. 

OiiPHsru (Victor J. Morris, mgr.) — The "Or- 
rLeum habit" Is certainly *oue habit among 
local playgoers who enl>v vnudevllle and pic- 
tures. This week's bill find! twelve seta and 
as many pictures. 

St. Jambs' (Manns Loew, iLruapement). — This 
bouee. like the Oiplieiun, ofiers n lengthy and 
curable bill of vaudeville imil pictures. 

1'ABAOON Pabk (G. A. Dodge, mrr.) — The tenth 
season of ihl* park opened 30. The palm garden 
cabaret, where dancing sessions will be given 
under tho direction of M. end Mroe. Oannlti. 
Wm. H. Wolff e, of the I'arntttn Booking Agenrj, 
has provided a splendid bill for tbc cabaret thow. 
Among the artistes are Kdr.a leader. Mile. FID. 
Three reiry Sisters. Blllle Myers, Itosamn.-.d 
Martin, Maria Ounillla nnd Amy Evans. Extra 
features are tho Maxwells, Floretta Clark, Mnhr 
and Dwycr Sister*, and Alice De Garmo. 

NoruiiUloa Pask (Carlo Ail«rte, mgr.) — This 
outdoor risort Is now open. Initial bill. Don, 
educated |ony; Three lxirettas, Three Dancing 
Bugs. Ini.tss and Ryan, and Ad. Iloyt's Minstrels. 

OrrxBiNO vaudeville end pictures are the Shaw- 
niut, Exeter Street, Washington, Old South, Stir, 
Unique, Comlque, Olympic, New Palace, Snperb, 
Roxbury, New Back Bay, South End, Niagara, 
•Harvard, Dorchester, Wlnthrop Hall, Congress 
Hall, Eagle, Scenic Temple, Cambridge, Puritan, 
Dreamland, Apollo. Huntington Avenue, Gem, 
Day Square, and others. 


Tits promised production of Owen Johnson'* 
"Salamander," which wa* to have been done tor 
one performance at the Plymouth, has been post- 
poned until next season. Jar.e Cowl will ;irob.Uly 
play the leading role, that of a daring young lady 
who would "erplore, but not experience." 

Tua tango dancing contest at the Bowdoln 
Square every Wednesday night Is getting to b* 
very popular. 

LitxiAN Baow.i, the ;levcr little dancer from 
South Boston, has terminated her season with the 
"Mutt and Jeff" Co.. and returned to her home. 

Tits Harnum 4 Bailey rxtplc nrc doing i-ojk 
great billing to.- their »bow, which comes to Boe- 
ton week of June IB. 

As statto last week the eld Howard closed lis 
doors .'or the Summer June 1, nfter an ull-dar 
benefit i«rf ermine* to the at die hies. 

A latb announcement la that cf Ihe end of the 
mgapeirent of "Phylls." «t Ibc Cort on 30. Jnno 
1, Lyrain H. Howe Travel Festival. 

Tne ninth season at Lex.'Lttou Tark begins 30. 
Excellent program* of vauiTevIlle and motion ntc- 
turcs will be given during the Summer. 

Tub Ktnemacolor motion pictures ire doing 
very nicely at the Tremoot Temple. 

A nbw theatre to be devoted to viudevllle and 
pictures Is being built In Maiden. It la to be 
called the Mystic Theatre. The owners: Maiden 
Amusement Co., and the manager Frank I,. 
Browne, well known locally sa oanager and actor. 



116-117 So. Wabash Ave.. 

1472 Broadway, 

Locgacre Bldg., 
aid BL A B'way 

608-10-12 First Ave., So. 


728 aUaalon St 

The A. R. Andrews Co 


Leading House in America for Theatrical and Street Shoes 

Theatrical eatalorne "60" mailed free. We fit ont theatrical companies without delay. 
"CAMMEYER stamped on a aboe means Btandard of Merit," 



Phono Central an 

DELIVERIES For All Theatrical Merchandise 






Itt No. Dearborn St., OHI0AOO, 0. 8. A 






order la received, or we will let you know by card. 
Wa are the LARGEST THEATRICAL MAIL ORDER HOUSE In the country, aod we will 
send our large Illustrated catalogue, lately revised, to any address free of charge. 
AMATEURS NOTE that we carry the largest stock In the country of Costumes for 
jour shows and school plays. 19 W. LAKE STREET, CHICAGO, ILL. 


20in„ 110 ; 23in., Ill ; 321n„ $12 : 861n.. $13; 40la, $14.50. arena Trunks, 24x18x18. $9.30. 
BUI Trunks, 30x23x16, inside, $13.50. Lltbo. Trunks, 42^x28^x12 inside, $16.50. Shipped 
on receipt of $3. balance C. O. D., except over 300 milee, then remit whole amount 
CENTRAL TBDNK FACTORY, Est- 1864. SIMONS 4 CO., S. W. cor. Tth A Arch Sts., Phlla. 



And th* Lattit ind Most Popular Stylsi In Udlas' Hair Drstaing 

A. M. BUCH & CO. 

119 N. Ninth Street - - - - ■ Philadelphia 


HU li IIV HAND 506 S. State St., CHIGA60 



Vaudeville, Bnrleaque. Designs by oar own Artists 

150 West 48 Street NEW YORK . - Telephone 3440 Bryant 



We specialise In Stock Wlsrs. 




amusement, Negro Plays Paper, Scenery, Hra. Jarlej'a Wax 
Works. Catalogue Free I Free! Free! 

SAHIEL FIIESCU, 28 West RSth 8t„ New York. 


Send for Catalog C 136 pages, UP N. Dearborn St., CBICAGO 



How to get the richest effects for the least expense la readily solved by using CRONER'S SPARKLE 
EMBROIDERY on your Costumes, Gowns, Curtains, Banners, etc. Sparkle Embroidery also works 
wonders with Old Costumes and Gowns that yon might consider worthless. Chiffon Tunics a Specialty. 
Send 60c. for Spangle Butterfly or Sunburst fully demonstrating Sparkle embroidery. 

•Phone Bryant 8778. OROKER'S SPARKLE EMBROIDERY WORKS, MS W. *2d 8L, N. Y. 



and FURS 

R. H. MAYLAND & SON, 64 Willoughby St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 



EST. 1800. 

A A ft ft A A Ast A: ft A A A; AASfAAAAAAsrA^raV 

J STARR & SACKS 8e «Sow N r d w 

w. Evening snd Sonbrette, Fancy Stage and * 
A Street Dresses, Opera Coats and Furs, Full- * 
A dress. Tuxedos, Prince Alberts, and English w. 
A Walking Suits, SUk and Opera Hats. * 

W, . . . .y?.".'. c ?* r . fc ■*•• Chicago. A 

is minute Monos and Sketches to order, $2; Silly 
Kid and Dutch Speech : tho two for 23 cents. 
J. W. ACHENBACH, 217 Hull St., B rooklyn, N. Y. 


Apparatus, Rolling Globes, Clubs, Batons, Gnus, 
Wire Walkers' Apparatus and Novelties. Stamp 
for catalog. ED*. VAN WY0K, Cincinnati, O.Y 


And the right to produce them at 
cost of manuscript. Get New Cat- 
alog. N. Y. PLAY BUREAU A 
Theatre, N. Y. 0. ' 


Toupees, Ladles' Hair Goods. M. Stein's Make 

Up. Bend for Price List GEO. SHINDHELM, 
232 W. 41st St., New York. Tel. 3720-Dryaqt. 



Melodies written to song poems. Rer Wltmarl 

A Bon. W. H. NELSON. 128 W. 8«th St. N. Y. 

Planters oR BLAC K 



Joseph Nolan 


of I^eoturds, Tights, Shirts, I'ic- 
ture Suits, Contortion, Ilea rand 
Monkey Suits, Paddings, Hus- 
tle Supporters, Pumps. Sena 
for price list. 

05 and OT Ellery SI. 
Brooklyn, Hew k "Jk 


Are yoo worried, nti-wous or bhwT J >*■ 
WBtit txtpcltuvs, beavltli aikI courwri' v 
you w»at aoccvma In txuloma or i" rtM 
ssffBlraT Do jroo wawt to Irrtreosar f«« 
■KMyrtry, ambiiign, memory? Do T"' ***• 
"o proflToai Aid Btt tho moat «it f 1 ' W 
'itolour tnmches til tht*. U ■ JT- 

Vi proRTosi Aid *T<.t tho moat 
itcloBT tciReheA til this. lt» _"*"^w~ 
•nta\T«rrd phjslcal kwiks of < ir*j|7l! 

11 saaasssi rm"**™ *■ ■ i,__ 
nit mutcrr And mm. (w ■"•fiS 
•«WTOO«ll««d*lt-WTU«llrntww. I»~ 
•MaUpwUeuUn frc. AoJrc 


70S Ule Bldg., Kansas Cit>, Mo. 


Prodnctlons, H. P. Theatre Oatilti. 
Banner*. Best work at lowest prices. Sat- 
isfaction guaranteed. Given* the dfmensloi ? ot 
the stuff you need and we will send you Hl--*r 
and lowest estimate of cost that yon can omnia. 
ENKEBOLL 80ENI0 CO., Omaha, Ne b.. O.S.A ^ 


Villi !VVilkJ, Rt RI0 ^ T PRI0E8, DONI BY 
GEORGE 8CHVLLBB (Boeder), care ol 
PanI Taaalsr. 10* B. lath St.. N- V- g gP; 

SPECIAL €Ai.¥AS BAXafER8 ? 5 feet u " " 

30 Inches «i*. 
Any wording In colors. Sent postpaid for j=_ 
Side Show 1'alntliigs. 8 l>v 10 feet, to order. .- ■■« 
AU II. llAFKNEIt, 208 New St., Ph: J- 



JUNE 13, 1014 

• ■ • 

r '■am -w a -w -^*- ■ _— j_ "<bhi^ "W ar' 

...,-•. ■>>>;.... 




• . ;-. ■/.-- . . ...»■.-.•.• ■ .- . ag& 


.'■ .V--'V/"^". V-.:,- ■ •.■' 

.' .• - . - — 

01dest Theatrieal Journal in America 

Founded in 1853 by Prank Queen 



■ ' .. ■: ■ . 




• . • 





13 9 

It., BO*. 


June «3 










John Bennett. 

Jotin Bennett, Mid to bo the oldest snd at ono 
time tbe moit iirouilnent theatrical manager In 
Australia, <Ue<l Bundtr, April 20, at bin resi- 
dence, 8 Men Street, North Sydney, aged elgbty- 

Join Bennett iu heralded h tbo "Father cf 
the Australian 8ta«e." Nearly alxty years ago 
be launched out la * theatrical concern that made 
blm famous, and (are the Australian public tue 
opportunity to ace and bear many or the world's 
then rout famous artists. He carried on many 
theatrea, prominent among which was the old 
Victoria iWtre, lo l'lit Street, Sydney, where 
Messrs. Bordern Brothers now stand. 

Amour tbe great artlata Introduced by blm, or 
under his direction. Included; Anno Bishop, lion 
dl Mursau, Ulslorl, Brooke, Arabella Ooddard, 
Jefferson and Sotberu, an imposing list. Ills own 
reminiscences of theatrical affairs of Australasia 
extend back aa far aa tbe gold fever of the early 
nfthas. tJU father was Immigration agent, and 
brought the drat shipload of free people to Sydney 
orer one hundred years ago. John Ilennett could 
apeak of the old colonial days, and enjoyed the 
extraordinary api and downs which then Invested 
life with more than a species of romance. He 
received bis education at Backer's, la Pitt Street, 
and amonE his schoolfellows were Deniehy, Sir 
George Dlobe, 81: James Valrtax and other notable 

At the age of twenty-one be was the bead of 
a hardware bualneaa in Melbourne, In which his 
vesny business was £700,000. Then it Is said be 
lost £10,000 In a great station of his near Bock- 
hamuion. 'Next he made and lost mora than a 
fortune gold mining In New Zealand and Australia. 
It was lu 1805 that he entered upon bis career 
as a theatrical manager, which lasted twenty 
jeer*. In those days theatrical enterprise wua 
no juke, for apparently a man had to begin by 
Lunolng theatres In every direction. He erected 
a sue theaure at Lamplougu (Vic. J, another at 
Xaluot, and one at luglewood. The last two he 
oi*ued with Ouitavus llrooko and Avo'ilca Jonas 
as Stan, the lXrat with Benry Nell Warner and 
Mrs. Kobert Heir. This lady, who afterward; 
became Mrs. George Darrel). was the sister of 
J. V. Oalbcart. long since tbe Sir 1'cter Xeasle 
of the Australian stage. 

In New Zealand Mr. Bennett built tbe Ibames 
Theatre, which he opened with Mrs. Robert Heir 
and Bote Evani, aud he put up the Newcastle 
Victoria Theatre, which he opened with Helen 
Dtuvray, "Tbe Oaliforula Diamond," as atar. In 
Sydney Mr. Bennett's operations were chiefly car- 
ried on at the Victoria Theatre. Here the new 
lessee opened on Sept. 80, W7i, with Mrs. Heir, 
Morton Tavarea and Miss Surtcea as principal*. 
Tbe company also Included J. W. Sweeney, H. h. 
Douglas and W. J. Holloway. Mr. Bennett had 
previously Introduced Madame Anna Bishop, the 
English soprano, at a concert room in the lloyal 
Hotel, Oeorge Street, originally the first theatre 
In Australia, and then st the Victoria. Mmc. 
Slraonaen made her debut In "The Grand Duchess," 
with Charlea Lascelles aa i'rlnce 1'aul. Lydla 
Howard created a stlt at the Victoria In April, 
18T2, to "Orphtua." At the same time Mr. Ben- 
nett organised a tine concert party for the Ex- 
hibition Building, with Slgnor Gloria as con- 
auctor, and Mae. Agatha States, tbe American 
soprano, tJualnl; the famoua basso, OrlaniiUil, 
baritone, and Boaenatl, tenor. In 1872 Mr. Ben- 
sett produced Frank Hutchinson's "Butcher Baro- 
net," s play founded on tbe claims of tbe Tlch 
borne claimant. The following month the late 
Uirry ttlckards mad* a great success as a serio- 
comic vocalist. Probably the most noteworthy 
engagement Mr. Bennett ever mad* was that of 
Adelaide Blstorl. This great tragedienne arrived 
la Sydney In July, 1878, wltb a complete Italian 
company, the calibre of which may be Judged 
from the fact that it Included Slgnor and Sig- 
nortue Majeroui lu the juvenile lead. At price* 
ranging from 1 pound to 4s. the Italian season 
drew crowded houses. 

Among other famous actors Mr. Bennett Intro- 
duced to Australia were Bland Holt, who was 
Imported from America, and he said that Mr. 
HoM was one of the beat and most hard working 
stars he ever engaged. Among others who played 
at the Victoria were; Oreawlck, Bmlly Melville, 
Armea Beaumont, Horace and Alice Lingard, 
Bottom and Fred Lister, Uerr Bondmann. Miss 
Cleveland, Alfred Dumpier and Amy Hhurwlu. 

Tbe old "Vic" was destroyed by fire on July 
88, 1880, sftcr which Mr. Bennett leased the 
Gaiety Theatre, where Wybert Beeve and Maggie 
Knight, W. E>. Sheridan and other prominent 
artlata appeared. At his benefit at Auckland, 
in the early days, Mr. Bennett was "assisted" 
by. the Duke of Edinburgh, who played a violin 
solo, and by the Hon. Ellott Yarke, A. D. 0., . 
who appeared as Bamlet, an which occasion the 

Sgveraors of three different colonies and the of- 
cere of the entire fleet were present. 
Mr. Bennett is survived by his wife, six sons. 
Dr. Arthur Bennett (W. A.), Herbert Bennett, of 
Manly, Dr. Percy Bennett, of Waloha; William 
Bennett, of Ooogee; Frank Bennett, nf Li swore; 
and Bert Bennett, and ono daughter, Daisy Ben- 
nett One son, Harold, predeceased him. Tin 
funeral took place at Gore BUI Oevnotory. April ilfl. 
John Benuett wan also a renowned life saver, 
having rescued twenty-four persons from drowning 
at different tiroes. He possessed fifteen medals 
and a cup as trophies won in swimming matches. 

George J. Kraut. 

George J. Kraus, who was associated with the 
late Tunotuy D. Sullivan lu theatrical enterprises 
under the name of Sullivan A Kraus, for twenty 
years, died June it, of a complication of diseases, 
In his home In the 8\vannanoa apartment house, 
10B Bast Fifteenth Street, after an illness of 
three months. Be waa sixty-five years old. Mr. 
Kraus was born an the East side, snd had lived 
lu tbll city all his life. 

Mr. Kraus' theatrical Interests were centered 
In this city, the firm of Sullivan A Kraus being 
Independent of the Sullivan A Oonaldtne circuit 
of theatres, which extended to the Pacific Coast. 
Sullivan A Kraus had a proprietary interest in 
tbe Imperial Concert and ether old music balls, 
and In the Dewey, Gotham, Circle and City thea- 
tres. Since Mr. Sullivan's death the partnership 
had continued, the Supreme Court having denied 
a petition by the committee on Mr. Sullivan's 
estate to dissolve It. 

Mr. Kraus was active In the management of 
the Sullivan A Kraus theatres until hla last Ill- 
ness. Us Is survived by his wife and three 
children, David and Samuel Kraus and Mrs. 
Julia Bels, all of New York. 

Jntnt** F. Daffy, aged fifty-seven years, who 
for forty years was on tue vaudevillo stage, died 
of heart failure Hay 80, at hla home. 2321 South- 
ern Boulevard, thla city. He Is survived by his 
wife snd one son. 

John Cornnlla. 

The funeral of John James O'DouneU (profes- 
sionally known aa John Corn alia), bod of the 
late Neal O'DonneU and Mrs. Mary O'Donnell, 
took place from St. Patrick's Olmrcb, la Kokomo, 
Ind., Tuesday morning, May 20, solemn regoleum 
mass being offered, with the Bev. Father Charles 
l. O'Donnell, of Notre Dsme University, a 
brother of the deceased, as tbe celebrant ; the 
Bev. Father John McGinn, cf Notre Dame Uni- 
versity, as deacon; the Bev. Father Ham met as 
sub-deacon, and the Bev. Fatter Pratt, priest of 
the parish, as master of ceremonies. The ser- 
mon was delivered by Father McGinn. Interment 
wsi made In Crown Point Cemetery. 

Mr. O'DonneU died Sunday, 24, in the Emer- 
gency Hospital at Warren, Pa., after an Illne ss 
of four dsys with double pneumonia. Be was 
thirty-two years of age, having been born at 
Greenfield, Ind., May 21, 1882. His surviving 
family comprises Mrs. Mary O'Donnell, bis 
mother; Mrs. Bote Ludgreo, of Atlanta, On.; 
Mary O'DonneU and Mrs. Con Carey, of Kokomo. 
allien, snd Michael O'Donnell, of Kokomo and 
the Bev. Father Gbarles L. O'DonneU, of the 
chair of English .itersture, Notre Dame. Hla 
father, Neal O'Donnell, who was widely known 
died nearly Ave years ago.- Mr. O'Donnell bad 
called Kokomo bis home from infancy. At 
the ace of sixteen he became Identified with 
the Cornelia Famly of acrobats as a "top- 
mounter," and for eight years toured tbe 
country with this still famous troupe of circus 
performers, headed by "Pete" Cornells. Be as- 
sumed tbe name of John Oo'nella, by which he 
was known In tbe show business throughout his 
career, U'.ougb to his Intimates st home and with 
the various attractions with which be traveled he 
was always called "Hsrmy" O'Donnell, 

He performed In many "families" and troupes, 
notably the Harris Family, tbe Gordon Family 
and the Percblco Family, but In the opening of 
tbe present season returned to the Cornelia 
I'amlly. with which be made his debut sixteen 
years ago, engaging ns on ' uuderstander" with Ibe 
Oomcllas who had come Into the world, some of 
them, after "Pete" Cornelia had "put him In tbe 
business." The Cornelia Family la featured with 
the Hsgeuleek-Wallace Shows this season, and 
many of "Barmy" O'Donnell't Kokomo friends 
visited him In Peru when the Shows appeared 
there, early In May. He was In the pink of 
health, and the Intelligence, of his sudden death 
Drought greater shock to those who met him there. 
Wanderlust was Strang In him, but home snd 
mother were never out of hla bead and heart. 
At least once each year he found his way to 
Kokomo. All in all, he was a man of moat gen- 
erous impulses and kindly thought, loyal In bis 
likes, chivalrously conalderate of all womankind, 
and as a friend, unfailing. 

John A. Banter. 

A number of bis old time theatrical friend* 
from New York, as well as members of tbe 
lodges of Elks in Northern New Jersey, attended 
Use memorial services for John A. Hunter, charter 
member of Kewark Lodge, So. 21, at the Elks' 
Home Saturday night, Mar 80. Mr. Hunter, who 
died at his residence. 200 Washington Street, 
Thursday sight. May 28, was chaplain of the 
Newark Lodge more than twenty years. 

He was born In New York seventy-three years 
ago, and went to Newark In 1881, opening a 
Jewelry store. Later he became engaged in the 
theatrical business, acting as traveling manager 
for the Gray A Stereos attractions. It was 
while handling one of their shows In nn lowa 
city, twenty-four years ago, that ono of hla cjea 
became poisoned, ■which eventually cost him the 
sight of both. Mr. Hunter always believed the 
affliction was caused by the counting of tickets 
or money contaminated with diseased germs, 
which later he communicated to his eyes by rub- 
bing them, Mr. Hooter was cared tor by hla 
aged wife, bis only surviving near relative. 

Mr. Hunter's death Is believed to have been 
hastened by an accident which happened to blm 
and Mrs. Banter while they were returning from 
Proctor's Theatre, In Newark, one night last May. 
Crossing Park Place they were run down by an 
automobile, and were In the Olty Hospital tor 
more than a month. Mrs. Hunter Is still suffer- 
ing from injuries she sustained then. 

The body of Mr. Hunter was taken to the Elks' 
Home May 80, where the funeral services were 
held, In charge of Exalted Ruler Daniel F. Ga- 
vaa. Burial was made In Fair/mount Cemetery. 

"Clint" a. Ford, notice of whose death ap- 
peared in s recent issue, died Hoy 15, at his 
home In Now York. He was fifty-two years of 
age, and was born In Owensboro, N. Y. For 
many years Mr. Ford toured the West and South 
wltb hla attraction, the Clint G. Ford Dramatic 
Co. He also played "An American Bero" for 
several seasons In the popular priced bouses, and 
later appeared In a play called "The Gate* of 
Justice. 1 ' Of lute yesrs he tad oVvoted m.wily 
to specialising negro characters. In which he had 
few rivals. .Besides) appearing In "Secret Ser- 
vice" and "The County Chairman" Mr. Ford also 
created the part In "Genuce of tbe Hills." 
which appeared at tbe Aster Theatre, this city, 
and the last two yesrs of his professional 
career played In "Polly of the Circus" with 
Mabel Taliaferro, and also with her sister, Edith, 
his last appearance being In 1000. Since then 
Mr. Ford had been an invalid, due to the results 
of a fall about seven years ago. During hla 111 1 
iiesa hla wife (Lillian Kingsbury) found him a 
most wonderful'.,/ patient Invalid, with a fund of 
lore and tenderness under the most trying circum- 
stances. Tbe remains were shipped from the 
Campbell undertaking rooms on West Twenty- 
third Street, to tbe New Jersey Crematory. 

Mane. Mix Marie Adelaide tie Slou 
Psien, wbo, forty years ago, was one rf tbe 
foremost emotional actresses In France, died In 
Paris May 25, at tbe age of seventy-nine years, 
lier stage experience lasted from 1884 until 1883. 
la 18T0 she went to Russia snd bnllded upon hat 
former success by depleting a great variety of 
modern characters. She then returned to Paris, 
and her popularity grew even greater than before. 
In 1885, at the sge of fifty, she retired from the 
•tare with s competence, snd had lived quietly 
In Paris ever since. Her principal plays were: 
•'Demi-Monde," "Ideas of Mme. Auhray, "Fanny 
»sr," "Father of Martial," "Party of Woruen." 
"Romance of the Poor Young Mao," and "The 
invited," a vaudeville aketch written for her by 
F. de Curvl. 

John B. Lewis, a well known actor, died of 
cirrhosis of the liver, at hla home In New Berlin, 
H. V , Mry 20. Be bad closed an engagement 
with the Graham Stock Co. last December, owing 
to lit health, and grew worse until March SO. 
■when bis condition became critical, In spite of 
the best medical aid tendered him. Mr. Lewis 
was married to Allda L. Atwood seven yearn ago, 
and she had traveled with blm in hla theatrical 
tours. Funeral services were held from the late 
residence of Mr. Lewla May 20. and Interment 
made In 1'alrvlew Cemetery, New Berlin. 

Lomond Rlcalton.— i'rof. James Blculton, 
noted as on African explorer, wbo Uvea on Valley 
Street, Moplewood, received a cable message, hiny 
20, telling of the death early on that day In 
Nairobi. British East Africa, of his son, Lo- 
mond Blcaltoo, frwn typhold-pnemnonU. Young 
Rlcalton, who waa twenty-four years old, went 
to Africa three years ago with his father to mai-i 
moving pictures of big game for Thomas A. Edi- 
son. Prof. Rlcalton returned seven] months ago. 
leaving bis son among the friendly tribes of East 
Africa, and expecting him to come home next 
October. The young man became IU two weeks 
ago. He was buried In Nairobi. 

Thnddeus Shine, brother of the late Giles 
Shine, died May 30. In Bellevne Hospital. thla 
elty, where he waa taken Ap.1l 18 last. He had 
been acting for s year In "A Romance or the 
Underworld," snd wss lost employed In the com- 
pany presenting "The Confession." Be waa fifty- 
eight years of age, having been born In this 
country, of Irish parents. Voneral services were 
held June 2. 

Nellie C. Beyer, aged twenty-two years, 
died auddently at her Summer home at Crescent 
Beach, Mass., last week. She recently closed he- 
second season with Max Spelgel'a College Girls 
Ilnrlescaers. Ber mother, father, one brother and 
two sisters, Eathryn and Bose, well known in the 
profession, survive her. She was also a niece of 
Boss Mack Lester. 

Glory Quaj-ie (Mrs. Geo. W. Day), a re- 
tired actress, sister of Hall Calne, and who starred 
In ber brother's play, "The Christian," died at 
Alderstot, Bug., June 1, of pneumonia. 

B. B. Emanuel, assistant director of tbe 
Chicago Grand Opera Company, died In Chicago, 
IU., June 2, aged slxty-slx years. 

Daniel Hcxjan, father of Gus Iloran, tbe we'- 
known young Canadian actor, lor the pas.' three 
seasons with tbe Krnle Marks Co.. died at his 
home In Brantford, Can., May 21. He was well- 
known In theatrical and nthletlc circles, snd was 
born near IDramoss, Can., a suburb of Ouolph, 
sixty-four years ago. He Is survived by bis 
widow, two sons, Gus and Tim, and three daugh- 
ters, His. M. B. Hayneo-Burtch, Mrs. James 
Graham and Kathleen Bognn. one sister, Mrs 
John Hurley, snd two brothers. .Michael, of Prince 
Albert, Can., ami John, uf Uocbo-ter, X. Y. 
Funeral services were held :n St Basil's Church, 
and mtemrat made In St. Joseph's Cemetery, lu 
Brantford, May 23. 

Mas. Cstrruhr Shaw, aged seventy-four 

Sears, mother of BUly Maclyn, "The Human, 
clsaors," died at her borne In South Bend, Ind., 
May 20, of stomach trouble. She Is survived by 
one daughter, Mrs. Nora Kemerley, of south Bend. 
Members of the I. A. T. S. E.. No. 1ST. acted as 
pallbearers, snd interment wss In Blvervlew Ceme- 

Ohajuvb W. IIyns. father of Marlon Seeiey, of 
Feeler and Clucas, and gran'lfatlwr of Jnne Pel ton. 
tbe famous child actress, formerly with Robert 
Billiard and Mrs. Leslie Carter p.tased away at 
his home, £88 Crane Ave., Detroit. Mich.. May 31. 
Death was due to cirrhosis of the liver. 



Sell fire packs for a dime at fairs, etc We sen it 
to job at one cent per pack. 

HBLatBT CO., Broadway, Cincinnati, u, 


Eugene O'Brien, a Boulder (Colo.) boy, who 
has risen to the position of the leading Juvenile 
actor on the American stage, is to be leadlnc 
man of the famous T. 0. Gleason Players, of 
Chicago, during its Summer engagement at pretty 
Lakeside Theatre, Denver. 

This announcement has been made by WU1 T. 
Gents, general manager of Lakeside Park, wbo 
also la directly responsible for the Impending 
dramatic season at this park, and the appearance 
there Jnne 18 of Madame Marie Bappold, the 
noted cantatrlce. 

Mr. Gents supplements this Interesting an- 
noincement with one hardly less In importance. 
This relates to the position of leading woman. 
for which one of the Broadwa) luminaries of the 
season has been chosen. She Is Irene Fexwlck, 
whose notable nuccess in "The FamUy Cup- 
board," In New York, thla season has won her a 
starring contract from Charles Frohman tor next 
Winter, when she wlU appear In "The Song of 

The personnel of the Gleason Players, accord- 
ing to Mr. Gents, Is to Include two sets of prin- 
cipals. Besides Mr. O'Brien, whose most recent 
Broadway appearances were in "The Governor's 
Lady" and "The Case of Becky," with Frances 
Stair, Harry L. Mlntarn will appear la leading 
roles. Mr. Minium has been leading man in 
productions headed by Blanche Walsh and Julia 
Heme, and was a member of T. 0. Q lesson's AH 
Star Co. during the Summer of 1813. which or- 
ganisation included; Frank Sheridan, Emrneti Cor- 
rlgan and Edith Lyle. The alternate leading 
women Is Dledre Doyle, who has Just closed an 
engagement In "Tbe Man Who Would Live," at 
the Blackstone, Chicago. 

"We have made a happy selection In 'Haw- 
thorne of the U. 8. A.' for our Inaugural offering, 
I believe," Mr. Gents affirms. 


At the first annual meeting of the Gamut Club, 
which alms to be the foremost professional wom- 
an's dub of tbe world, the ofllcers for the en 
suing year were chosen. Mary Shaw was re- 
elected president and Lillian Bussell again named 
as vlco-pi evident. The new officers chosen were 
Meta Mayut-rd Budd as secretary and S. Ludlow 
Nledllnger. treasurer. 

On Thursday, June 4, the club celebrated Its 
house-warming of tbe new clubrooms at 80 West 
Forty-sixth Street. Brief taikB were made by 
Mary Shaw, Frances Starr, Edith Ellis Furneea, 
Lillian Bussell and Winifred Harper Cooley. The 
Gemot Club enjoys tbe distinction of having 
opened two clubhouses within six months. Their 
original quarters were a total loss in the fire 
which destroyed the Gibson Studios last February. 
Tbe members started the work oC re-organisatlon 
Immediately, and while building new quarters and 
repairing their early losses they have also man- 
aged to double the club membership. 



, "*»«SKSWr > VWSRfaB l 


Winner of Wlnthrop Amce' 810.000 l'rlze Play Contest, with a play called 
"Children of Earth.'' 


Everything la lovely and the "goose t , -, 
high." Wo find tbe addition of our twenty iwt 
middle-piece a big help, hat I am afraid we «ul 
have to sad that much tgaln aa tbe crowds vie 
still too largo for us. 

Mis* Oisrendcn la soJering from a severe 
this «<ek, but she Is holding her own in >pue 
of it, only cutting uer specialties. Mm. j, 
Harry Clark (Harriet Mayer) Is s visitor this sack, 
as Is little Baby Clark, and all we can say ,ur 
her la that she Is s "chip erf the old block. ' 

Several of the boys went lo Keuton on |H»i n 
tkin Day to tee tho Wallnce-Uageuljeck Show Tu-t 
had quite a visit with Prof. Al. J. Mossey. 

Baby Velma was presented last week with a 111!"* 
white rabbit by her admirers st Forest, snd the 
has christened It "BUI Fahl," after our business 

Ernest Teres and Don Palmer are certainly 
making 'em take notice with their good work ,u 
leads. The former la doing the juvenUe leads, 
the latter the character leads. 

The ahow will stay (fen the year round, going 
South far the Fall ceasoa, then via the South- 
western territory to the Pacific Coast. 

Why doeen't Paul, of Murphy's Comedians, .No. 
8, write us'. We are naiting patiently. The *a,uc 
goes for C F, Myers, with the No. 6 r<how. 

Mtrsrai's COJUUiajts, No. 1. Notes.— Galius- 
vllle, Tex., was practically a turnaway busineas 
for three straight weeks. This town (Wichita 
Falls) has taxed our tenting capacity :2.i;.:j 
for four weeks (aak anybody). The comujuy 
numbers thirty-five people, including a sliteeu 
piece band and twelve piece orchestra. We also 
nave the champion hail club of tbe dramatic 
tent show world. (Did 1 hear anyone dispute 117) 
A two ton auto truck la used for band wsg-.-n, 
therefore the objectionable process of "klesin' 
'em'* Is eliminated. Manager Murphy treated the 
company to an old time tlah fry lost Krliay. 
There were tub, onions (not "lied") Pickles, 
black coffee, and— and — "grape juice " 

Jim as rxost TRB La lior Sxouk Co. — ■Busi- 
ness continues good, snd everybody happy with 
the La Boy Stock Co. We are playing the same 
territory that thla show has been over for tbe 
past four years. Boater: Wis. A. Stanton, lead?: 
Carl dark, comedian; Tom Williams, general 
business; L. Wayne Darby, characters, Dana M. 
Bailey, juveniles; Paul Btemller, hoavles; John 
Moran, general business; Elolse Adams, charac- 
ters snd heavies; Edlthe Lee, general business; 
Mrs. Williams, pianist; Hilda Peterson, violinist; 
Marie Hayes, the Utile favorite, leads, snd 
Beauty, our mascot. We carry a eeveu-plece 
band, and feature our orchestra. 

U. W. Boras, manager of the Boyer-Y lucent 
Stock Co., woa In New York last week. He has 
been resting at the home of his brother, Willis 
K. Boyer, at Saugertles, N. Y., for the last two 
weeks, and has organized a company to open Jane 
18, lu Neva Scotia, for a tour of the Ouiadlnu 
provinces, also the coast lowus in Maine. 

The Columbia Stock Co., Win. Kralce. man- 
ager, are playing West Virginia towns. They vlli 
oj/eu June 28, at Tumbling Bun Park, BrldgKou, 
N. J. 

arm s successful stock encagemnt of thirty- 
four weeks in Covington, Ky., Lorcu Sterling std 
his wife (Ella Collins) are now with the 
Qordlnler Bros.' Stock Co. for tbe Summer tea- 
son. Mr. Sterling la doing principal comedy and 
cpeclaltles. and Mrs. Sterling is doing characters 
and genral business. The company is now in !ta 
fifth week, and bos had excellent business since 
the opening. 

H. SoMksviLLE will pat la a stock company la 
the Temple, Kane, Pa. 


Grace George sails for her European vacation 
on board the new Ounarder Aouifonia June lu. 
Miss George wlU remain abroad through June and 

There will be four companies Best season 
In "The Things That Count.' 1 In certain States 
where the child labor laws sre such as to posi- 
tively prohibit tbe employment of children upon 
the stage, no attempt will he made to produce 
this play. 

"Sylvia Buns Away," the new comedy by Boh- 
ert Housum, dramatic editor of The Clevelani 
Leader, wUi have its New York opening In Au- 
gust at one of the William A. Brady theatres. 

"The Things That Count" has crossed the 
border of Summer at William A. Brady's Play- 
house, surviving many playe of better promise st 
the time of launching. When this drama had its 
Initial presentation at Maxlne Elliott's Theitre 
the house management was quite frank in ex- 
pressing tbe opinion that life for the entertain- 
ment would be brief and uneventful. But Mr. 
Brady signified that be thought otherwise by 
opening to it his own Plsyhouse, where at has 
remained in steadily gaining prosperity ever 
since. The further stay of "The nines That 
Oount" wUl be undisturbed until the weather 
becomes so oppressive that theatre going amojuts 
to positive martyrdom. 

,. At tho Thirty-ninth Street Theatre "loo Many 
Conks goes merrily on In the pteeonce of aall- 
wees which rarely leave a seat anoecupled. 
Doubtless the Intimacy of thla small but coxy audi- 
Itrlum ha» added considerably to the electivenesj 
of Mr. Craven's quaint comedy, In which few 
of the points go astray when delivered to close at 
hand. Now that New York has begun to Ull u-« 
with tourleu, whose presence is noted at nearly 
overy turn. It la observed st the Thirty-ninth 
street bax-oMce that theatre parties sre lncreas- 
ln^' In number and Bias, Indicating to s certainty 
flat knowledge of the favor lestowed upon the 
craven ccniedy la broadcast During faV> Bumsier 
run of "Too Many Cooks" there will he a special 
mructlou In the prices nf hnlcouy seats for the 
Wednesday mallnees. At these times tbe scale 
for the first balcony will lie sevcuiy-flve cents and 
one dollar, while for the second balcony the 
uniform charge wilt be fifty cents. , 



Arthur Depew, one of the organists st the 
Strand Theatre, New York, Is scoring a big sized 
hit afternoons and evenings by tbe playing of 
ragtime airs on the organ. At any organist will 
tell you. this Is a difficult thing to do, but Div- • 
la a genuine artist on- this Instrument. 

♦ »» 


Betty Martin, the toprino. has been engaged n 
soloist by Maurice Lev], and Is scoring s big u.t 
afternoon and evening at the Brighton Beach Hoti I. 
Brighton Beach, L. 1. Miss Martin has a sopra:-o 
voice of great strength and sweetness. 


A lather that needs "rubbing In" with the fingers Is the wrong kind, sure to IxuQams the pores and cause smarting and soreness. Avoid these needless tortures by using only 


the ideal shaving medium for all beards and faces. Saves half the time and all the dlsoomfbrts. Actors prefer it. No roughness or soreness when getting ready for the "make up." 

Full siae tube for sale everywhere, 26c, Bend ten cents for a demonstrator tube, containing enough lor CO shaves. 

GERHARD MENNEN CO., IM«ws»rU;, M. J., Maker* of the Celebrated Mermen Borafced Talcum Toilet Powders Trade Mark 


Copyright 18H. by the Front Queen Publishing Company (Limited). 

• r- 

Founded by 

NEW YQRK, JUNE 13, 1914. 

Prloa, 10 Csnts. 




When "The Klopers," the Comedy Thea- 
tre's Summer show, Is unveiled In this 
month, a singer new to Chicago In a profes- 
sional way will havo In her keeping the 
principal songs for soprano. She la Olga de 
iBaugb. whohas her homo in thla city and 
here found her education. She naa been 


Most Jubllent over the way "He Was Always 
pooling Around" Is showing up. Why 
wouldn't he be with so many acts using this 
great song. There may he songs written 
around It over or under It, but they cannot 
imitate It exactly. The original Is always 
the best. The proof of the pudding Is in the 


FOR 1914-1B. 

elDKlng the part of the title in "The Pink f*t« n gj. *nd performers are simply eat ng up 
Or on tour for two seasons, but she will "He Was Alwiys Fooling Around 1 ' as Is also 
find nt the Comedy her first employment iu g» silences who have the pleasure of lls- 




James Madison Is writing now acts for 
Oenaro and Bniloy. l"nul Morton mul Naomi 
Glass nnd Carl McI>onogh. Harry Cooper. 
and Hugh Cameron aro also presenting, nt 
the 1'nlaco Theatre this week, a comedy 
sketch by the same author. 

Tun Brighton Feach Music ITall will open 
June 27. Doc. Breed will offer somo big 
surprises for the opening 'hill. 

Morris and Tarks are the talk of vaude- 
ville. Thoao clever boys formed their act 


Under this hearting we will publish each week 
ImiHirtant and liftormllug amusement events «• 
cnrrliui In Die coriwiHrtidlng week a quarter of a 
century ugo. 

Theatre. Guthrie, I. 
by Marie Ilnt.l- 


Juno 8, IRfifl.— Tlio 

T., opened. 
Juno 8. — "The Ofiientt> Ward," _ 

win (Mr*. J. W. Phillips), originally acted 

i 1.; — *• I~1 at the »U<«i Tlieatre. Pittsburgh, IS>. 

anu worked hogother eight days when Irving Juno 8 ._.»ri M . circuit Judge." 

I>y Soott Marhle, 
originally acted at ilennoiiKiwoc, Win. 
JuivolO. — "No. 22T." by Kdward Hoy«, orlg- 
Jimlly anteil at tho Grand 0|iera Ho\»ie. 
Atlantic Oily, N. J. 
June 10.— "Tlio Dear Iruah Hoy" flmt acleil In 
,, , In New York at tho Windsor Tltealm 

Tun Mnrlott Troupe will sail tho middlO j im o 10.— lloMclii, la.. Opera House tksllcaled 

Cooper caught thorn at the Union Squaro and 

5ave them forty weeks pver tho Loow time. 
Iioy closed ai the Union Square Sunday 
night and opened nt tbo Fulton, Brooklyn, 

a Chicago theatre' Louis Kelso, principal *«>«»£*• «§fi ?reat , S s°" B - » .__ 
comic Assistant to Dave Lewis in ^Septem- Special delivery letters, telegrams and let- 
ters by the ordinary mall brine cheerful news 
dally... While it Is conceded by everybody 

her Mom," will bo another of the players. 
Two of the song hits in "The Elopers" are 
"The Right Road" and 'Tango Band." The 
lyrics are by Fred Herendecn, and the music 
by Otto Frey. 'Stern A Co. control all the 
musical rights. 

Leo Feist last week purchased the build- 
tog at 219 West Forty-sixth Street, now 
occupied by the Jerome H. Remlck Music 
Publishing Co. 

Paley receives daily some heavy profes- 
sional mall for his puMlcaitlons. ''Beautiful 
Eggs" is spreading very rapidly, and It Isn't 
confined In popularity to New York alone, as 
wires axe coming In from Chicago and as far 
West as Frisco. 

His array of professional friends lor so- 
small a house is remarkable, ile Is adding 
new nets to his list of headllners singing his 
songs. Here are some of the artists : Jack 
Norworth, Adele Ritchie, Juliette Dika, 
Knwlcs and White, Ellda Mor.-ls, Gertrude 
Morgan. Demarest an<J Doll, Manson Twins, 
Harry Tlghe, Dorothy Wahl. Maurice Wood, 
VloletiDale, Annn Lehr, Darrel and Conway, 
Bessie Wynn, Grace De Mar, Harry Lc Van. 
Frankie Heath. May West. . Freeman and 
Dunham. Coate and Marguerite, Burke and 
Harris. Bell Boy Trio. Uilllo Hill, Farber 
Girls, Irene Orange, Lillian Herleln and hun- 
dreds of others. 

He has a catalogue of wonderful numbers, 
among which you will find "Beautiful Eggs." 
"Oeorglc," "And Then," "Painting New York 
Town, ' "Oh, Mrs. Fortune Teller" and a 
new and beautiful ballad, "Bmgen on the 
Rhine." Eugene Platzman has Just published 
with him two tuneful hesitation waltzes, 
"Kissing Cap" and 'Kitty McKay," which 
ore tlie feature numbers of the June issue of 
the Columbia Phonograph catalogue. 

He will undoubtedly put over several hits 
before the year Is over. 

The Leo Feist Co. has a "new" Boston of- 
fice. Thioit Is. new in the fact that It has 
•been entirely done over. Under tho direction 
of "Billy" Lang, a corps of painters, paper- 
hangers and others havo been on the lob for 
over a week and as a result the local Fclst 
office is one of beauty and a pleasure to 
enter. The color scheme is Ivory white and 
crimson, with pearl gray trimmings, and two 
score or more appropriate pictures adorn the 
walls. New Manogony. pianos have been In- 
stalled, and ihc room for professionals is 
certainly a "dream." 

Since connecting himself with the Water- 
son, Berlin & Snyder concern, Joe Goodwin 
has turned over to "them Ids latest effort, 
called "My Croony Melody." 
It to rumored that Joe McCarthy Is no 
longer connected with the Broadway Music 

"Rlot, M "knockout," "whirlwind," "sure- 
lire," "greatest," "biggest," "clean-up, 'all 
sound fine, but "hit,"— ah I that's something 
else 1 

•One of the best tonics for a run-down 
business is an ad. every week to Thb Cur- 


A bad place to boost — an airdome on a 
•rainy night. . ' . 

Popular expression with the music pub- 
lishers: "Business Is rotten 1" 

A certain young team of writers submitted 
some songs to a publisher the other day, and 
■fter singing and playing their best turned 
inquiringly to Ms majesty, who nonchalantly 
asked: "Do you know where I can get a 
olco baked apple?" „.. „ 

It's the "open season" Jor "throwaways" 
and "post cards." ., 

Lockhart'a elephants nnd Woodwards, 
seals are not using any published songs this 

Fred Fischer la batting over 300 In the 
Melody League. _ . _ 

Gono but not forgotten— Paul Dresser, 
James O'Dea, Ron Shu-Ida. Arthur Gillespie, 
H. P. Danks, EthelDsrt Nevto, Herbert In- 

Princess Flora, at Hammerstcln'a this 
week, is not a singing act— it's a monk. 

The Feist 'boys are meeting with great 
success with "When You Play In the Garden 
of Love," In Boston, and predict It to bo one 
of the greatest ballad hits Boston has baa 
to many years. 


"In tho Town Where Jane and I Were 
Born" Is a clever number written by Chas. 
E. Uockberg and Henry E. Hockbcrg, that Is 
being featured .by many vaudeville nets. It 
is published by tho Utlca Music Pub Co.. of 
New York. 

that there has been a depression In business 
in general throughout the country. It looks 
like "He Was Always Fooling Around" has 
wakened up things considerably. Funny what 
one song can do. 



Marcus Lobw baa leased the West End 

- Thcatro hv Harlan for a period of years to 

Now comes Bert Fitzgib- toko possession in tho Full with vaudevlllo 

bona and says that he is sorry ?ie didn't buy 
"Fooling Around" for his own personal use 
for if there ever was a "nut" song or 
"clown" song written that was a "classic" 
it Is "He Was Always Fooling Around." 

Mqrrls nnd Parks aro closing their act 
wibh "He Was Always Fooling Around" and 
state It Is rhe best closing number they 
have ever had. 

Sam Harris writes fiom Boston : "As lot* 
as I have been la the profession I never baa 
a song that meant so much in my act. While 

and motion" pictures. This makes the third 
theatre Loew has added to his string In 
Greater New. York within three weeks. 

Stella Hamhebstbin, Oscar nammor- 
stcin's daughter, and her company have 
started on the Marcus Locw Circuit, hi a 
■ketch colled "Tho Alias IrWh 1'esslc." 

Wilsos ANT> AtJBBBV, who bill themsetvea 
"world's almost greatest WTostlers" havo 
made another change In their act. They aro 
now closing in one, doing five minutes. Wilson 
and Aubrey are going bigger Uvun over. 1 

I sing ever so many versions and choruses, iT" ~ol tLft'ostT comedy°aots of its Wad In 
I don't seem sole torsive them. enough Ste 'ISTpS tte Audita- 

of It" It Is all rhe way Sam sings it. 

"If I Had My Way" certainly Is In a class 
by Itself where ballads are concerned. It is 
"chock full" of hsart interest, something 
that appeals to eve.Tbody the world over. 
The melody is haunting and clinging. Ono 
cannot get away from It. 

"If They'd Only Move Oil Ireland Over 
Here" Is the king of Irish songs. It is en- 
tirely different from nuy Irish song ever 
written. It can be suns aa a ballad or as a 
otaedy song. It is a gem of the first water. 

"If I Were the Ocean and You Were the 
Shore" Is fast becoming popular and will 
be before long one of the regular ballad hits. 

To mention all the acts who arc using 
"Foolmg Around" would require more space 
that Is allotted us at this writing however, 
HUfflco It to say that It has not fallen down 
for any performer, which Is proof enough of 
the merits of this extraordinary number by 
Billy Jerome and Abner Grccnbcg. 


One of the most auspicious openings In mu- 
sical circles occurred Monday night at Rec- 
tor's Restaurant. Broadway at Kortyelghta 
Street, when Itolma and her band of all star 
soloists made their appearance In that most ' 
modern and beautiful restaurant. The ap- 
pearance of this big attraction caused a 
great deal of favorablo comment, as It was 
a complete departure from the ordinary 

On the stage were seated twenty-four men, 
each one a soloist and top-notch musician. 
The appearance of Itolma created quite a 
stir, as it was quite unexpected to sea a 
dainty- Summer dressed lltle lady pick up a 
baton and start to motion this obi body of 
men to a manner that was almost electrlfy- 

rluru, Quebec, this week, 

Mllr. Sidonib mode a big bit with her 
dance at the Union, Providence, last week. 

Gracb Dovlh Is going big on tho Poll 
circuit. Grace put several new numbers la 
her act and reports say they are great 

Cecils DtfHUK is back In vaudeville 
after making a name for herself a few 
months In burlesque. She goes back wltTA 
Jacobs & lennon again next season. 

Hita Gould, some hit with, the Follies. 

Daddy Grasluud we will have to call him 
after this, ,is »ur old friend, tbo publicity 
mnn of tie Loow Circuit, Is now the proul 
father of a. bouncing baby girl. Juno Grau- 
lund and mother arc doing nicely at the 
Granlund country homo outside of Provi- 
dence, B. I. 

Majothh Mack and Wimnib Crawford 
went big at the Union, P.'ovldeace, last week. 

Mdbrt BBXNlJrr, character comedian, has 
been engaged by Edwurd L. Dloom for ono 
of the loading pasts In "•Hanky-Panky," 
which will shortly go <» tour again. 

Doris Vebnos and Company, to a new 
sketch, "The Finish," written by Billy 
(Swede) Hall, bos started on the Marcus 
Loew Circuit. 

Lew Diamond, manager of Jack Kllnea' 
Carnival (Eastern) writes: "Just a lino to 
let you know business Is groat, and we havo 
one of the most beautiful Midways ever laid 
out. Bight shows, thirty concessions, and 
•Major Stewart's Wg carry-us-all." That 
Bounds good, Lew, but tell us mora about the 

Elisabeth Matob still going fine, after 
finishing somo Now England time with her 
partner, 1b back to New lork again, playing 
tho Locw Circuit. 

Heard 'way over 'n Brooklyn last week 
that Polly Prlai Is go'ag to get married. 
Sorry to lose Polly, but "ho" la a nice fel- 
low, so we will have to make the best of It, 
and we are all going to do our share. Tommy 
Grey la going to write a new number for 
Polly to use in her act, a pretty "baby 
number. Frank Glllen Las offered his ser- 
vices at tho piano, and Harry Shea Is after 
the big time. Polly will remain to vaude- 

TitB Stewart SUtcrs and Escorts, Who re- 
cently appeared at the Palace, started on 
tho Loew ;imo Monday at the American. 

•Tnn Yellow Pbril," dramatic sketch, 
which has olayed for several years, Is a big 
Lit on the Lo;w time. 

Polly Pbim In be'ng headlined on '.he 
Loow circuit, and moio tbr.n making good 
ft try where. 


b.u-l; on the I.oew time a^aln, with new char- 
acter songs by Mr. 01 trite. 

(Tascott has Joined the Loew forces and 
gving as bhj m ever. 

TitB Molnoifo Twln^, frenh from their 
triumphs on the big time, are back on (he 
Loew clrciiLi and doing better, than ever. 

MIarcdb Lobw took over the Fulton Tho- 
etro Monday, and started a ftfleen year 
tenancy there with tho best Mil the Fulton 
over had Increased attendance la expected 
under the Loow regime. 

Lb Roy and Camill this week at tho Har- 
ris. Pittsburgh, and cleaning up. 

Mar Francis, who bills herself the "Fash- 
Ion Plate Girl," and who, by all means, 

of December, to open In Loudon. 

Ton Byrrs, stago manager, nnd Bcnnle, 
"props" at tlio Union Square, nro having 
their own troubles theso Jays with figuring 
out the many difficult Mago problems of 
some of the acts "showing" at the Square. 
But they got away with them and camo oat 

Wbbbr and Field will not open the Brlgh- 
Ion Beach Music Hall this season, bo says 
Doc Breed, but Instead a real classy vaude- 
vlllo bill of boadllners. 

Espb and Paul open 'his week on the 
B. & C. timo at Minneapolis. 

Wbbd and Bmms going big at the New 
Drlghton this week. 

Mab Holdbn, weaned from tho Federal 
League, now a regular at Ebbetts' Field. 

Smith, Cook and Marib Brandon a riot 
at oho I'alace this week, closing a very sue- 
ceKSful vaudeville season Sunday. Then for 
a much needed vacation. 

Flo Talbot, going big up In New England, 
make her first New York npnearnmo 

Juno 10.— "Jeniilo Kortler," Hmlly Hohleue'* 
wlnplalUm at "l.a t'orleiwe ile rain." 
tint acted In America at Nlblo'n (lank-n. 
New Y«k. _ , „,, 

Juno 12.— "liatM Fortune," by Oliarlcs Thoinnt, 
anil "MyirtfrlouH Meswiiger," by John 
HU(ilot«ii, urlBlimlly acted at Uie Oilcngo, 
111., Oonserralorjr. 

Juno 12.— "Tho Venilotla," a tiratoatlaatlcm of 

Mario Oupelll'H novel of Hie *fliu« name. 

lint acted under that title nt White's 

Oihth House, Ooncoril, N. II, 

duuino TUB W«K. 

rmonoj! Turner and James Oarobn were with 

"TW OaatsHttBta Hpy" 0>. 
Ihaiisi. Mokiiihon, Kate Ohestcr, Kate Alma 

nn<l Herald rltuart nrrlvol .'mm Awtrntlfl. 


of Oincliinnitl, were nnnt«l for Violating the Snn- 
iav. Tliey liti'l beeu nolillal cot to open, bat 



shortly. Flo 'fralbot Is considered ono of tho 
"llnds' of the year, and has a single differ- 
ent than others. 

Aloha Twins, the Hawaiian dancers. 
cleaned up la Detroit and Cleveland the past 
two weeks. 

Maude Db 'Lora, tho physical culture girl, 
will sail for Europe In July, to llll eugiiue- 
ments which will keep her on tlio other nldo 
for somo tame. 

Frank Booa, treasurer of the Fulton, 
Brooklyn, up to Juno 7, will leave New 
York t.hlH -week to manage n Iwill team at 
Lako Itranlngham. N. Y., fjr tho Summer. 
He will return to tho show bustni'ss In tho 
Fall. Gii.lbn and Mb orchestra will re- 
main at the Fulton, Ilrooklyn. The I.oeW 
oillce notified Chns. to that effect Inst week. 
« »♦ 

«!85!*&&A£2!££e*!S. KiS 

boring LlBZt's "Hungarian BhnpBody," "'rhe 
Blue Danube Waltzes," "Trudelfa," "William 
Tell," "Poet and Peasant," and many of the 
airy and breezy musical comedy selections. 

"Ton Changed the Sunshine to Shadows" 
la the title of a now iballad from tho pen of 
Jas. A. Louergan. of Watorbury, Conn. 
Among the acts using same to good results 
nro tho A. B. C. Boys, -the Harmony Four, , 
Harry Kelly, and Daly and Kidney, who re- west recently, and will start over tho Loow 

ceasful" vaudevlllo season to a few week?. 
She will spend a few months rest at At- 
lantic City. Mae tea had several offers for 
big shows for next season, which she will 
"think" over for owhllo. 

Job Woods' **Scen«B from Grand Opera" 
Will start on the Loew timo to a week. 

Tub Great Tollman-, exiwol champion, Is 
again hack oa the Locw time, 

Willy Zimmerman, European Imperson- 
ator of great leaders, returned from the 

port great success with It 

_ Jko. F. Hnoms, a vsodovllto performer, was 
flood |100 by Magistrate MGulre, m the Flatb-isU 
Cbnrt, co Jane 3, for speeding on Oocaa Partway. 

First "Clown" Song Ever Published 


By Billy Jerome and Abner Greenberg 

i*s w. 45th at. , n. y. o. 

^ ssi ssm 


Announcement has been raado of plans for the 
erection of a $050,000 theatre In Milwaukee, 
Wis., to homo the bookings of a new gtiuuitta 
consolidation of vaidsvlllo Interests by Tlioraaa 
and J. II Saxe. 

The now playhouse, which Is to be the laat 
word In tlieatre construction will bo located in 
the downtown district on Third Street, adloln- 
rng tho Hotel Wisconsin, Plans have bocn drawn 
by Lamb A 0b.» of New York, and the cmnfnic- 
tlo o work awaits only approval by tho Milwaukee 

Circuit soon 

Tub Princess Indlta, who was such a sen- 
sation at tbo Union Square last week In her 
daring snake dance, and repenting her suc- 
cess at the Harlem Opera House later In tho 
week, was bitten to tho leg by the big black 
diamond back rattler sbo uses In the set and 
poisoned so that she had to bo carried off 
the stage at tlio finish of her act at tbo 
first show Saturday. Hho was removed to a 
ho«pltnl to be operated on. Princess Indlta 
was to start rehearsing last Monday In her 
new act with a brlbo of twelve Indians, which 
will have to be postponed until aho to ablo 
to get around. 


Mr. and Mi* Alf. T. Wilton gave s house- 
vunntnK at thalr beautiful rtiimnier lionic. 210 
Doner iHnct, Manhattan Uracil, N. Y.. Wednrs- 
cay eranlng, Juno 8. fully 1.10 people visited 
tlie house dtuliiit tho evening. Among tlmiw pres- 
ent wero: Kilwant V. Darling, who txwka U. IT. 
Kelth'« GK-atcr Now Yort Theatres : If. T. Jor- 
dial, raanjscr of Keith's Thoitro. Philadelphia; 
Ilobt. O. Larsm, uuinaiter of Keith's. llOHton ; 
diaries Lovcnhenr, manager ot Kolth'a, Prnvl- 
Once; Prul Hhanliergcr, nuiu.Tr at tbo Maryland 
Theatre, Bulllinoro; (l«o. W. Metiel, imnnirer of 
the Wm ream Theatre. I'hlladeliihla; Harry 
Mundorfl, who books a string of HouflitTn lio-isn ; 
Ooney Ilolnwa, of the Western Waudevillo Mana- 
gera, Aaiochitlon. Gblcaito office; Samuel MeKee, 
manager ot tho Now llrlghton Theatre, llrlwhtan 
Deoch; 0. H. Itrwil, inanaser of tun Hrlnhton 
Ueoch Music Hall. Hrlghton lleiich: Oarlton lltng- 
land, manaser of Ilimderaon's MuhIo Hall, Conev 
Islantl ; Uruco DuBIs, of tlio Olancy Agency ; N«l- 
ma Iluriia, rotireaentlng H. Z, full; 0. J. Fits- 
t>atrlck, ranresenttn« fclber A Hlica; William 
Qrady reiireseiitlng tho Boston United Office. 

Waller J. Ktngrlvy, lUiynmnil Hoilirdon, lack 
nolgtloi), Joiejih 'Hart, Mortimer Nortlcn, Prank 
WWte, John liolvoord Jr., Julian Norman, Alliert 
Hicks. D. 8. nodgera, A. N. Wliltmy, Bdjrnr 
Allen Woolf, I. Itobort naiuueli, Ucorgr It). 
O'ilrleo, Jack Wlhion, Josouh 1'lneus. I^wrenco 
Bcliwab Ilutolil Kemp, I'loyil Btoker, Hnrry Itnpp' 
Joe I'roncvNiu,, John 0. I'wIiIcm, Max Hayes. Il/iy 
Meyers, John Hnrrntt-McKee, Frank McKee, 
Siunnel Kwuiey. Thomas J. Kitstiartrlck. 

Jack (fc>ruuin, Jack Henry, Onas. I'oueliet, Oor- 
■Ion IluHtock, C. W. Ilostock, Mr. and Mrs. 0. V. 
Zittcl, Hoi>l>jo DaTimrd and Una Aiu;er, Mr. and 
Mrs. J. J. Oilllim, Mr. and Mrs. Ijiwreneo 
D'Orsar, Mm. Ilruee Dullln, Mrs. Lily nallaghi-r, 
Mr. and Mra, PA. Oallaoher, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph 
A. Gordon, Mr. mid Mrs, Ik'njamln Chiefs, Mr. 
and Mrs. W. K. Hill, Mr. and Mra. dene Hughes, 
sir. and Mrs. Max -Hart, Mr. and Mrs. l/v Muck- 
lirfuBB, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel McK*e. Mr. and 
Mrs. Jnraca n. McKowen, Mr, anil Mm. Joaepii 
P. Morrlser, Mr. anl Mrs. Geo. H. Poutaon, Mr. 
and Mrs. Joiec/h S, Natlinn. Katberlno Holier and 
Leander niaiuiin, Mr. niul Mrs. Jo i'alge Smith, 
Mr. awl Mra. Sol Hclrworts, Mr. and Mra. W. I*. 
Wolfe, Those who entertained tlie gumta wero 
Kllzittieth M. Murray, fonmir ktnr of "Mailams 
Sherry" and "High Jinks:" Sophyo Unman), late 
■Ur of "Tba Red Widow;" Jura Ntlolr. violinist; 
Angela I'atrloolo, idanlat, formerly with tlie tale 
Milium Noriltea; Thrra Doloo tilsteri, and Mrs. 
Ah*. T. Wilton, professionally known aa Ktith- 
erlne Dahl. 

Nisneron* telegrams and letters were recelred, 
amonif others from Davis nispham, Wllllun Mor- 
tis, Krank l»Ior, Illanctio Wilnti. l.ulu Glaser, 
Vletor Moore, Itoliert Orau. Frederick M. Mc- 
Otoy, Mr. and Mra. Horry V. Welwr, Kilwtn 
Stevens, Tiiotnas J. Oray. William llaymond Hill, 
Mr. and Mra. W. II. Murphy, Oarl MoCulIongh, 
Sully Family, Mr. and Mrs. W. fl. Ifcnnmsy, 
Jcnolo Jacobs, George IXmnellan, Wm, Delaney, 
D. IT, lleniinuey, A. S. itlondell, Walter Vincent, 
Mr. and Mra. Edward S. Kollcr and Itokiud littrko 

Samuel Lyons, of Henderson's, Ooney Island, 
wa» the caterer. 

The Manhattan Reach K*tatai furnished speclil 
car service for tho ovenlna. The autoinoldles 
wero lhwd up for several blocks. It was early 
In tlio morning whm Uio last of the gueats de- 
parted, and all declared that they spent s very 
tnjoyahlo evening. 

' ■- •*»» 

The nvmt Important theatrical mrprlso of tho 
aenwaa friiin l»ul>rrl lie. Ky., occur iwl when the 
National TUmtro there, wlilch la contrnled by 
Detroit aiul Ixiutsrllle capitalists, waa taken over 
by the Krtlh'a Intermt. 

The Keliti Theatre will lie opcraleit by tbo 
National tKwiple. Manager Weed atatml It has 
l«en the plans of the Keith forces lo secure 
larger <|trart<>m, ami that In securing tlio National 
they now have ono of the largest thenlren on the 
clrcnlt. The seating cnfiaelty of tlie National 
Is over three thousand, to tho Keith's ono thon- 
waiid tlireo humtroil ami fifty. The theatre will 
l« known as Keith's. National Theatre. Nothing 

W. W. Toms was In advance of Dockitador's 

Hi;nkkith worn given nil t.ver tho country for 
tlie Johnstown Floral "fuAVlim, 

Tim J. OuoNiN hIrihiI Willi Angustln Daly. 

Ixiiiihs IlAi.ra HlgiKsl for "linns, the llonliuan." 

lilIMH UllllHON Ull.MHTl, Itisii'KlA Drew Harry- 

imire and 'Hairry Ilrnhiuu slgn-.'d for W. II. Crane's 

AtrnusTUS PtToif returned from Knglniul from 
Ida trl|i with tho W. J. Scnnlaii On. 

Jmssir iionhtki.i.b jiliiniied her lour in "Tlio 
Llttlo General." ... 

In* Waij.ino was Siaiamerliig nt Ooney IiilniuL 

II*nnr Mhi.vii.mi sailed for Knniie. 

Tils cffoels of Marie Ahnei' wero stitd at nue. 
thin in Now York. l*Mf. Herrmann liotnilit a 
d. amend cnworait, a linmeti and a trunk full of 
oiiera Hoore*. 

Tn3 Sluyvesniit OiikIiio. Is Harlem, opened. 

A ii nt mi anii 11 kk hi ii Kiikiins were wluh the 
Mardell Hluiws. 

A. L. lHM.Miis was general uxent fur Slg. Sau- 

J. J. Zauiiii* wns wllii IMi-fouliaeh's Stums, 

OiiuioM, Johnson and Hon Hlavin dlssolveil 

John W. Dunns, manager of lNittl Itosa, ro- from F.tigliinii. 

Tii » llarl of Dnnrnreii eliiillenged for tho Aiaor- 
lea i '.in. 

IIakiiv IfARiir niinoiuussl thai Oonnau Minstrels, 
headed by John, Jaunw nnd George. 


P. II. Thurlier writes it* from Buenos Alr^s, 
Bouth America, May 12, as follows t 

"Wo npenml a.t Uio OiihIim, May 0, and |imved 
an absolute riot, livery linn In tJin act went 
"over" big, (ilUiongh tliey havo scon travesty 
lifting with the Invisible- wire here a mindier of 
times, our mothoil of working It was ait aiayiltita 
senmOon, and after our opening nlglit wo wits 
placed last in tho second part, which la considered 
Uio beat spot on tho bill, and wo still retain It, 
which you will see by tho prounuu we aro mailing 
you with this letter. 

"Wo have wen somo hltfli grids on the various 
stages, such as the Oillaouan, London; tho Win 
ntro. Dublin, etc.. hut this one cap* llieni all. 
It la m:j meters from stsgo to grid, whleii la ap. 
iiroihuntely till feat, Our suuply of wire just 
hiiiiiened to bo enough to reach plcely. I shouiil 
uilvlse any aerial act who may lie hookcil to 
piny hero to bo woll supplied with ntrotclwr wires, 
This month hero correspond* with our November 
In the Ninrtli, but tliey have muoh more rain than 
w» do. It la not ijiilto a* mid as our Novnntier, 
tuit you can comfort nl>1y wear an overooat at 
night. Mostly everything Is eipraslve. but not 
aa much so as I was led to believe, A kiiuwlmlgo 
of how lo spend your money and Its value hero 
helisa a whole lot. Tlio O.islmi Is doing a Dna 
business liere. awl tuey say that the rtas'nn, 
Miintovlileo, (iniguay (whoisi wo play after tin* 
lulling our mouth here) is also dolnj a tine busl- 


"Wo return to lfraiiiN- the nuinlli of Aitgust to 
piny ttiriw Snininer resort*, Mien tlm nvular imi- 
sou In Germany, noamwncliig In Snplomher. Willi 
goal wishes to all Uio staff ot Till! ur.u Ubi.ia- 

„ , -^.»,, 
Mara Klaw, tho president of the recently organ* 
lied United Managers' Protective Associate*!, 
which enibrsoes iirueilcally all the theatrical In- 
terests of tho IJtilled Slates anil Oniiada, itii- 
Iitmttcally dontew that tliis asHoctatlim was fonmnl 
o light unions or Individual*, "tjvr organisation," 
«ald Mr. Klaw, "la a ilefenalve me, We havo 
banded togelliiT, as Hie iiunie Indicates, to pro- 
tect our Interests from liijustlee and unuccesHary 
liardslilp*. No doimvnd has beam made upon us 
by tho stage carpenters, as some ot the now*- 
iiaiiers Inlltnale; eoimeiiiiently Uiero la no question 
ln'foro tho iirgaulasttoii. 

"Tlie muali'jal untisi has formuhvtol a circular 
anil m-nt It around, but as tho union has not yet 
acted i*;>ou tlio provision* contained therein, we ilo 
not clash. 'Pliero sro nmny things t«i|iilrlng our 
attention beside union labor, sudi as inaemntlMinl 
cn|iyrlght, (smwirshlp htlls, lll-advu<ed legislutliai 
and railway ratasi. Wo aro proiifuvd to moot any 
of them, but wo are not organised for any ono 
specllle pnn*>*n. Tho assoHntl'm promises to lav 
a very powerful one, but It pro|io*o» to use Its 
power as a imleld rath«r llinn as a sword," 


picture apiK'ar* on the front page of 
•ntercxl the music pulillshlng bii*lnes* s 

Whose pletatro apirnir* on the front page of this) 
Issue, entered tlie music publishing liii«lnes» some 
tliteo years ago, and In this short space of lltiuj 
lias netoiiiiilliilK«l thltiKS that some of Ills com- 
petitor* havo taken a score of years to do. 

lie Drat connected hlmsidt with tbo Geo. V. 
Meyer Music Co., as general liooster of uniigs-, 
nnd at Uio dls*4uUon of that firm was selected nsj 
profeiislonsl manager of Uio Maurice Itlchmisiii 
Music Go., and has been In Hint capacity with 
that firm ever slnco, 

Ilo I* known as "Smiling M»" Kle™nn Im- 
cause of hi* happy manner In greeting wrformers. 
He ho* a nieltKsl all hi* own In placing song* 
with profeisiloiinls. and has msdo several rum- 
hern for his cimeern Ihrough his persistent monni-r 
hi tiuluclng perfonners in nso his material, lie 
Is, at present, bard at Work on Illlly Jeroinr a 
latest song. "Ilo Wn* Always FooMng Atounil." 
and e<|ieets It to bo the biggest hit the Maurice 
Itlchuioiid Mush- Co. ever had. 

Muiinv Hsnnctt has Iss-n engaged for ■ tMdlraf 
Woulu like to liare Elmer Fuhrllng'a ad- lm* tsi-n decided about the feature plans ot tho rolo In "llaoky I'uuky," which Ifttwird I* Bloom 

A — ..llu.r Sam, will ■hnrtltf lUlt out' * * 


other htiuK. 

will shortly Pill; «uL 



June 13 









CHICAGO, 123 N. Clark St. 


New Idea. New Stage Business. Great Harmony. 

Will be the talk of the country Inside of a few weeks. 

Great Double. 



Broadway Music Corp., WILL VON T1LZER, Pre3. 


■■ i " ^— 
ASTOH^Raymond Hitchcock la "Tie Beauty 

Shop 7 * ninth week. 
CASINO— ?'Hlgh Jlnki" thirty-sixth and last 

week; twenty-first at xhli house. 
COMEDY — "Kitty McKay," twenty-second 

COHAN'S — "Potaan k Perlmutfer," forty- 
second week. 
BL/TINOK-— "Tbo Yellow Ticket" twentieth 

GAIETY— "Seven Keys to Baldpate," thirty- 

seventh week ; ninth at this house. 
HUDSON— "The Dummy," ninth week. 
LONGACRE— "A Pair of Sixes," thirteenth 

NEW AMSTERDAM — "Zlegf eld's Follies," 

second week. 
PLAYHOUSE — "The Things That Count," 

twenty-sixth week; twenty -fourth at 

tola house. 

Cooks," sixteenth week. 


Loaw's B. T.oew'b Grand Strfet, 
Bijou, Hamilton, Loew's Drlanchy Street, 

NUE, Cm, Cbotona, McKinlet Square. 
Union Square, Loew's Third Avenue, Audu- 

I.oew's National. Nemo, Riverside, Loew's 
Oreei.y Squabk. Gotham, Haiilbm Opera 
House, Pboctor's Onb Hunpbed and Twen- 
rr-RiPTU Stbbet, Phoctob's Fifty-eighth 


New York, EiaHTt-riitsr Street and 
.Miner's Peofli's. 



COItT — "The Escape." 

CANDLER.— "Pierrot, the Prodigal," and, 

"The Naked Truth." 
GLOBE — "Neptune's Daughter," with An- 
nette Kellermann. 
STRAND— "The Wrath of tho Gods." 
VlTACrRAPH — "Captain Alvaree," "Wife 
Wanted" and "The New Stenog- 


CrecLK, Unique, Savoy, Herald Square, 
Broadway. Mount Morris, North Stab, 
Rboxnt, Wahiii.notos. Yoiikville, Family, 
Weber's, West End and Park. 



An All star program again holds forth here. 
It leerns to be getting the habit in this bouse 
in presenting nothing l.ut feature acts. 

The third successful week of Mercedes, 
assisted by Mile. Btantone. began June 8, 
nnd this wizard continued to be one of the 
greatest mysteries ever seen in vaudeville. 

Wilton Lackaye, Assisted by Emmett King 
and Ruth Gates, in his latest aketcb, entitled 
"Quits," met with n henrty reception. The skit 
Is very Interesting and holds marked attention 
throughout. Mr. Lacliaye's work was ap to 
his usual standard, nnd the performance of 
his supporting cast was excellent. 

Elisabeth Murray, playing a return engage- 
ment, with her dialect i.ongs and stories, bad 
one of the best positions on the bill, and 
certainly held her own. 

Showing several dances of the Far Rnst, 
Boshanara, a most graceful and beautiful 
young woman, lived up to her reputation as 
one of tbe world's cleverest dancers. 

Smith and Cook. Kith the assistance of 
Marie Brandon, were pun In their entertain- 
ing specialty. ''The Millionaires." That they 
were successful would be putting It mildly. 
The audience simply 'lapped their hands 
sore applauding their efforts. 

Harry Cooper and Hugh Cameron, In a 
sew performance, were the lilt of the bill. 
(See New Acta.) ' 

Ralph Biggs and Katherlne Wltchle, in 
songs and their vcrilon of t.hj tango and 
several different rap*, tat waltzes, had little 
to complain at their reception. Both are 
finished artists In their fine, and walked 
away with a good sited lilt. ( See New Acts.) 

Adler and Arllne, In their offering, "A 
New Ides," went over as usual. It Is easily 
one of the best novelties In vaudeville, and 
Is always sure of success. . 

Woods and Woods Trio, featuring OIHe 
Woods, with their comedy pantomime, "An 
Elopement by Wire," opened the show, but 
bad little trouble in couvluclng the audience 
that they were there as tight wire walkers. 

Tho Hearst-Sellg Weekly, snowing all the 
latest happenings of the past week, was very 
entertainin g and held much atten tion, Jock. 


The trill for June 4-7 Included Bant Mann 
•nd company, In "The Now Leader," and tbe 
buck stage "business" with props and tbe 
etage manager, nnd tbe re-union of the split 
couple by the Dutch music master was 
heartily enioyed. 

Kelly and Galvln. as tho "Straight and the 
Wop," did woll as usual, tbe dialect of the 
little swarthy Italian and the exact lan- 
guage and dress of tbe partner forming a 
marked contrast. Their songs Included 
"He's a Devil," "Fooling Around" and "He 
Had to Swim Back to the Shore." 

John P. Wade nnd company offered 
"Marse Shelby's Chrlutinns Dinner." and the 
devoted darkey, the old massa and the re- 
turning daughter were equally well played. 

Nome and Douglas, a natty and versatile 

many," In Dutch dialect, and a ?rcuchy fin- 
isher with appropriate dances. 

The ToUtn Brothers offered a lively rou- 
tine of acrobatics and tumbling, with comedy 
trimmings, employing a see-saw springboard 
with good effect. 

The four-reel Eclectic, "Faithful Unto 
Df nth," was Interesting. 1/(11. 


Rltlnste (Arthur Barney, nigr.) — There 
were several Important change* In "The Tel- 
low Ticket" company on Monday nlgbt. 
Josephine Victor succeeded Florence Reed ns 
Marya Varenkn. and guve a splindld per- 
formance. Edward Foley la now the Ameri- 
can Journalist, the role created by John 
riarrymoro, and Frank Losce has Emmet 
Corrlgan's old role. The newcomers gave 
excellent accounts of themselves. 

BIJou (Walter Rosenberg, mgr.) — Six 
■vaudoviille acts were shown 8, Including : The 
Judges, comedy acrobats ; Barrett and Both- 
well. Mile. Maxlne. ventriloquist ; Bayes, 
dancer: BlSBett and Evelyn, song nnd dance; 
Bx.Jock«r McDowell aod Princess. 

Nome ana uougins, a natty ana versatu 
couple, correct as to ftyle and dress, agal 
scored. They sang 'There's a Girl." "I'v 
Got Everything I W-tnt and You," "Gei 


(Oast printed last iceek.) 

Hew Amsterdam. — It nay be said at 
tbe very beginning of this review that the 
eighth edition of tbe Zelgftld Follies to a 
huge success. In comedy ft is far and away 
tbe best of tbe FoUle productions. Of the 
"book" there Is so little tbst one wonders 
If its an t dot, George V. Hobart, can take bis 
royalties without Mushing; for the plot ( ?) 
begins and ends with tbe first scene. 

The production Is unusually rich. There 
are dozens of beautiful aad shapely young 
women, who wear tbe most gorgeous -ana 
startling gowns and costumes and bats, and 
they all tasks s. feast for tbe eye. There 
are catchy songs and cleverly executed 
dances by the seers. In abort, there to not a 
dull moment In tbe entire entertainment, 
which lasts more than three hours and a 
Halt Tbe lyrics, too, are very good 

The scenic equipment Is wonderful. Tbe 
first scene shows the "Reception Hall In 
Hell," a rather unique picture. A scene (hat 
brought much applause showed Forty-second 
Street and Fifth Avenue during the recent 
snow storm of last Whiter. A scene of great 
beauty was "Prunella's Garden." A patriotic, 
tableau closed tbe first act The famous 
generals who took part In the Revolutionary 
War, tbe Mexican War of 1819 nsd the Civil 
War were Impersonated by the men of the 

In the second' act the scenes shown were 
"In Peacbland, ' a picture of exquisite charm, 
end this was followed by an interior set, 
which was beautiful and unique. 

A scene out of the ordinary, and one that 
was loudly applauded, showed a skyscraper 
in the course of erection. The dosing scene 
represented Palm Beach, one of tbe most 
beautiful sets we nave ever seen. 

Bnt it Is in Its comedy scenes and dancing 
numbers that this unique and popular enter- 

place of much oeaaty and a superb dancing 
floor. John Henry Hears Is the manager of 
this resort, which has jumped into Instant 
popularity with pleasure seekers. Kelcey. 




Sow such shows are continned here makes 
mystery easuer. Not only are the programs 
continuing "as good," but tbey have been 
growing stronger with tbe incoming change 
of Bin each ''naif," until it seems that Harry 
Swift wul have to ta*e bis plump little self 
around the comer and borrow tbe Alhambra, 
so as be may accommodate the moss that are 
swarming into tbe H. 0. H. afternoon and 
night these days, when "by the beautiful 
sea" to so popular a phrase, as well as a 
long number. 

The prices remain the same and the house 
is "making money," which again speaks 
worlds of things for the Harlem Opera 
House weekly reel of pictures, which shows 
on the screen neighborhood happenings from 
week to week, and the idea of which crept 
out of that brilliant "round thing" that 
poises atop of Manager Swift's shoulders. 

And in "back" of the house, running the 
stage In the proper way as only proper stage 
manager* know bow, la tbe little laughing 
manager, with a voice that reminds you or 
the Metropolitan Opera House, Sol Levoy. 
There are stage managers who are stage 
managers — Sol Levoy. 

There are stage managers who know what 
a stage manager should be able to do— -Sol 

There are stage managers who think they 
know what tbey are doing — Sol Levoy. 

There are stage managers who do know 
what tbey are doing — Sol Levoy. 

And there are stage managers who can 
«lng, and so on up and down the line until 
you bit the One Hundred and Twenty-sixth 

talnment wins ont. Its principal tun makers Street stage door, and eay "I must see a real 

aro Bert Williams, Leon Errol and Ed. uve stage manager,'* and right away you 

Wynne hump luto Solly Levoy, the gay who sports a 
Mr. Williams makes his entrance from be- 

lle gave tbe huge audience 
He has several 

hind a snowpile. 
one look and it was bis. 
songs that be sings in his own peculiar 
stylo. The best Is 'The Man Who Wrote the 
Vampire Must Have Known My Wife." To 
hear the comcdlin sing it is a rare treat He 
has a golf gams with Errol that Is a comedy 
classic, and the scene on top of tbat sky- 
scraper threw tbe audience Into fits of laugh- 

Another strong favorite was Leon Errol, 
who la a comedian In every sense of that 
touch abased word. As a comedy "stage 
drunk" he is without a superior. He is re- 
sponsible for much of tbe fun of tbe show. 
As an ccentrlc dancer he Is a wonder with 
a capital W. Tbe audience laughed Itself 
tired when he wandered Into a tango parlor 
while he was Intoxicated and was mistaken 
by the young lady pupils for tbe new dancing 
teacher. His efforts to keep on his feet are 
mistaken by the pupils for new dancing steps 
and tbey try to Imitate him. Nothing fu:i- 
nler has been Been on tbe stage in clowning 
lor many a long day. 

He. In company with Mrs. Errol, known 
professionally ss Stella Chatelaine, have an 
eccentric dance called "The Tango-maniacs," 

wreath of smiles on 'is 'andsome face, tbat 
has braced and saved many an act from 
going "out there" and doing a real genuine 
Harlem "flop." If there's any performer 
who has met Sol Levoy and not been won 
ay the wonderful personality that bulges 
from every portion of bis overalls, dress suit 
or whatever brand of a Marx Bros, be Is 
all lag — please write. 
Therefore, when one elts down to it, figures 



A big bouse was on band Monday matinee. 
Manager Kahn bas installed an Ice Air 
Blower In the lobby of Ms theatre, which is 
very inviting to the sweltering throngs of 
Fourteenth Street. 

Smith and Harvey, a man and woman, do 
a classy piano and singing act and easily 
topped the Monday bill. Smith plays the 

£iano well and sings nicely, and looks well 
i his> dress suit. Miss Harvey is a little 
"jewel" of a performer. She sings wril and 
puts her numbers over great Sue is grace- 
ful and a pretty dancer, and knows bow to 
wear her gowns, which are ont of tbe or- 
dinary. This little girl to some class. Tbe 
act went big. 

Ethel Dawson and company of four people, 
a girl and two men riding bicycles, and a 
young man announcing, offered a sensational 
bicycle act of riding around a small upright 
track. The act Is good. With a little mors 
work It will be in first class shape. 

The Poem-o-Grapb, a picture of tbe fa- 
mons poem, "Tbe Face On the Bar-room Floor," 
with a lecturer reciting the poem at the same 
time. It to a good piece of business and 
went big. 

Delphino and Delmora offered their musical 
novelty act, which went nicely. They do a 
good act. 

Hatlen and Burt do a neat singing and 
dancing act The girl makes several changes 
of costumes. Their dancing and singing are 

The Strand Trio of three young men have 
good voices and put their numbers over well, 
but the comedy Is lacking In places. 

Billy De Vens and company of two young 
ladles and two men offer a Western sketch. 
One man sings very well. There isn't much 
to the set sb it is rather silly. 

Koppe Trio of young men opened the show 
with a hoop rolling and club juggling act 

Gale Stewart offered four numbers and 
wore some tasty costumes of good quality. 

Sprague and Dixon offered a singing and 
talking act, StiL 


and Stage Manager Sol Levoy to sing you 
lullaby melodies, as lie continues to do at 
each show, why, tbat aforesaid cbatter about 
capacity business Is not so mysteriously 
mysterious after all, and J. J. Murdock must 
feel safe in knowing that Swift and Levoy 
are headliners enough to assure tbe corking 
good bills be is shipping uptown enough at- 
TendaLce to buy eats for tbe mere-bride- Mrs. 
Swift and Mrs. Levoy and tbe little Levoy s 
down In Lakewood for tbe Summer, as well 
as pay the acts and cover every other ex- 
pense, with a deposit left for tbe U. B. O. 

Hardeen, be who wriggles from any sort 
of vise, was the headllner when we caught 
the show that was on the first half of last 
week (June 1-8). After the customary speech 
which to very frmny. And It "STST dTflteuit an* the WJ"9ffl£°*!fij£&& 
tbat Errol need not worry that there will be f » •*«» *?,£> »?°? ^"J*' 11 ,?* '** b °£Ln n, 
anv raceeufnl Imitations at It "P. '"d liberating himself irom seven or 

WlTieTt WU Uam, boba. - a very funny ft^W'J^VS'l't'bTn dVtB 
scene atop the uneomnlftted nine hundredth decent. looking strait-Jacket, and then did the 
floor of a' si 
midair seateL 

perched on another beam nearby. The "busi- 
ness" and dialogue aro very funny. There 
is also a certain amount of real danger In 
this scene, for If either of the comedians 
should fall he might be seriously Injured. 

Ed. Wynne, with Ills funny hat. fitted in 
nicely and got many laughs with bis gags. 

Little Anna Pennington, In a striking cos- 
tume, carried off the dancing honors among 
the women. She did an eccentric dance that 
proved to be one of the biggest bits in tbe 
show. She is a fascinating little woman, 
with much personal charm. 

J. Bernard Dyllyn to also prominent in 


Some bill you have for us this week, Mr. 

Manager. One of class, good from beginning 

to the end. 

Gus Edwards and His Matinee Girls are 

= the headrlners. Gus bas put over a good act, 

tbat with House Manager Harry Swift to with plenty of catchy music end songs. He 

give you a shore dinner .smile as you enter, baa Irene Martin, a nice little dancer, with 

K-Ssp^^lSSl'iWWlS Prd^k^^n^l^^e? -£&.' 
: k ea B V'n P rbea E m"an , d 8 «£ ti ^?p«ii« the bin w« Be.uj, and B, 

Baker, a 
cenpie of young chaps who have been heard 
in their piano and violin act hereabouts to 
no better advantage than th?y were at this 
bouse last week. The piano lad still getB 
much from bis Impersonation Of a motion 
picture pianist bit, while bis partner la reV 
strlnglna bis "fid" lor es,:h show. It's 
worth It. 

James Leonard and company and his trav- 
esty. "When Cassar Sees Her," vied with 
Hardeen and Francis McGinn and company 
for headline honors. Jast as ridiculously 
funny as ever Is enough. 

Irene Langford was in No. 3 position. In 
the' production, appearing first as a police a ven pretty costume, before red velvet drop, 
official and lacer as the Governor of Texas. Miss Langford sang au_ operatic number to 
He has a stirring song, which he sings un- 
commonly well. In this song he has the 
backing of tbe beauty chorus. Dyllyn ap- 
pears to be getting younger every year. 

Louise Meyers was dainty and charming, 
and ban a pretty duet with ft. Merlon Home, 
who Is tbe possessor of a good tenor voice. 
Tbe duet Is called "Good Nlgbt," and the « 

"cosiness" Is founded upon a clever scene in Sol Levoy was given the came usual recep- 
Fnnny Ward's plsy, ''Msdam President." tlpn Previous to singing Tie Rose of tbe 
Later Miss Meyers has the stage to herself, M « u ,'"£ ln , Trtfi, ln a w »*. J na 4 ™ ade . n | 

m t - • - »..- X _%^ . _-__ fhlnlr Q..l'a wlf.,'. nam. miiat tu* HA1A Awrt 

blm, as well as a dandy chorus of pretty 
girls, who look and sing well. One of them. 
Gene Ford, is particularly deserving or 
credit. She bas an excellent voice and la 
deserving of better than chorus work. Tbe 
big number. "I Waat to Go to Mexico," was 
the real hit Gus had half a dozen boys 
singing from the box in this offering. The 
two bell boys did well. 

Lewis and Dody, after following Edwards* 
big act, which runs nearly an hour, came on 
and were a riot These two boys have a good 
line of comedy repartee and songs which 
they know bow to put over. 

Flanagan and Edwards present an act en- 
titled "Off and On," first showing them ln 
the room of their hotel after a Dig night, 
then ln the theatre doing their act It's a 
very good act and the boys put H over welt 

Kohler, Morton and Evans company put 
over an act which is nothing but nonsense, 
bits from burlesque and rough-house stuff, 
but the audience ate it up from the amount 
of applause they got 

Alfred Bergen, assisted by a young lady at 
■the piano, offered four numbers In a rich 
baritone voice which was a treat to bear. 

Eddie Borden and Irene Shannon were 
good, particularly Borden, who Is a very 
Sever young fellow. He can sing and dance 
very well. His partner la a rather pretty 
blonde with a good voice. 

The Novelty Clintons comprise a man and 
woman. The man does some great feats 
of jumping through rings, high kicking and 
tumbling. His ending of lumping through 
a hoop Into a suit of clothes wag a good 
piece of business and a dandy finish. 

Monty and Dob did a neat singing and 
dancing act 

Owe.- and Ower, ln a good comedy acro- 

open, followed with -When the Angelas Is v.^*f^ a "? A ^*v'i.' n h " * 
Ringing." and finished with "My Little Gray oat,c act » dosed the show. 
Home In the Well." Rhe» possesses a good ' 


. possesses a gooi 
coprnno voice that Is better suited to "con- 
cert" work rather than vaudeville with popu- 
lar numbers, 

After tbe H. O. H. Weekly was shown, and 
aroused the usual excitement and interest, 

and the sings' with much charm a 
called "Nothing to Wear," which Is a 


phrase to Raymond Hitchcock's great song 
In "The Beauty Shop," called "All Dressed 
Up and No Place to Go." 

Arthur Deagon played several parts with 
success and sang his two comic songs ex- 
ceedingly well One Is entitled "I'm a 
Statesman," ln which he appeared as Will- 
iam Jennings Bryan, with the dove of peace 

on his arm and the three Swiss yodlers ns vllle. 

^ k.4. _..._,« TO... M»V„»» la " \*V TJftl* Tic. 

think Sol's wife's name must be Bose. Aad 
she's away to the country, too. 

"The Cop" shall ue7er lose a bit of its 
goodness so long as it continues to be pre- 
sented as Francis McGinn and company pre- 
sented It bero. Tom Barry wrote some good 
sketch when be wrote "Tbe Cop," around the 
original Officer C60. It is nnrlonbtedly one 
of tbe cleverest sketches dealing with police 
svstcm that has ever been offered to vaude- 

o body guard. The other song Is My Little 
Pet Chicken," which deals with the Broad- 
way product Instead of the barnyard variety. 

George McKay, late of vaudeville ,was. also 
• favorite. He played several "bits" with 
success, and proved to be a very good dancer. 
He baa a song called "I Can't Tango," which 
was well liked. 

The prima donna la Vera Mlcbelena. She 
has an excellent soprano voice, but Is given 
few opportunities to use it She merely 
■walks through tho show. 

Klta Gould singe two songs in excellent 
style. They were "I Love That Man" and 
"Rock Me In tbe Cradle of Love." In the 
last song sbo was accompanied by the male 

Gertrude Vanderbllt has very little to do. 
She sang sweetly a eong called "There's 
Something In the Air In Springtime," which 
was one of tho song hits of tbe evening. 

Herbert Clifton, a female impersonator, 
also aang, bnt bis songs were not new. 

The others In the company have very llttlo 
to do. The production was staged by Mr. 
Brrol, and be deserves praise for his work ln 
this line. 

Rettt and Cbldlnw, with a few new ones 
"put ln" since we last caught them, do well 
on account of Belts' "silly ass" English 
character Mt He's rood, and his partner 
might took more comfortable with that cane 
we spoke about tbe last time caught further 
East on One Hundred' and Twenty-fifth Street. 

Instead of closing tbe bouse for tbe In- 
stallation of new ofebestra chsirs and a 
thorough renovation, Manager Swift Is losing 
some winks working till the wee ran' hours 
auperlntendlng "Just bow this and that must 
bo done." It appears that the H. 0. H. la 
going to put up a stiff fight towards becom- 
ing Harlem's leading vaudeville theatre. Tod. 
s ' 


Big crowds attended the roof performance 
of the house on the Corner Monday night, 
June 8. Tbe program Includes seven hold- 
over acts from last week. Bay Monde 1 
Prince Flora, "The Temptation of Adam and 
Eve," John F. Conroy and bla diving models, 
Ben Welch. Collins and Hart, and Charlie 
Ahetn's bicycle act 

The following acts are new: The Mar- 
Thls production of tho Zleafeld Follies laftvelous Metis, Roman ring performers; Grin- 

well worth seelc,^ 
on Monday evenlg, June 8. to a large au- 

After the show those who wanted to dance 
got Into the elevators and were lifted to the 
Dance de Follies atop the theatre. The ad- 
mission price la one dollar. Tbey Jouod a 

dell and nenry, tbe Tango VloUnlste, Cbes- 

ier Kingston, contortionist ; Blossom Seely, 
tickle and Watson, George White and Isa- 
bel's Jason. Mae A. Sulllvsn. booked on ac- 
count of tbe newspaper notoriety she re- 
ceived la the Hoe breach of promise suit, 
find Nclsoa and Crawford. 


If Manager McKee continues to give his 
patrons the kind of acts that he Is present- 
ing this week be will have little trouble ln 
playing to capacity houses. At tbe Monday 
evening performance every seat was occu- 
pied, standing room being at a premium long 
before the start of the entertainment 

lamed, tbe Turkish pianist, although not 
billed as the headllner, easily walked away 
with the 'biggest bit of the evening. He ren- 
dered several classical numbers, and left the 
audience asking for more. 

B. A Bolfe's latest offering, "Tbe Bride's 
Shop," featuring Andrew Tombes, ran their 
usual race. The work of the principal and 
his supporting company <waa good, and their 
efforts met with plenty of applause at the 
conclusion of an amusing skit 

Paul Conchas, assisted by Julius Newman, 
cleaned up as he does in almost every bouse 
he appears. Tho comedy business of New- 
mnn Drought many laughs. 

Homer Lind and his company, presenting 
"Tbe Singing Teacher," bad little to com- 
plain of at the way they were received. The 
skit la Interesting and the singing of several 
of tbe members much enjoyed. 

Conlln, Steele and Carr, replacing Melville 
arid Hrgglns. went over nicely. Singing, dan- 
cing and piano playing is s feature with 
them and they surely showed the patrons 
here that little conld be taught them In this 

■xT- -m. -T-TC- tc" " 

Be Haven, Nice and De Haven, ka song* 
•nd dancing, featuring tbe tangle footed 
monkey wrench dance in an early position, 
met with much favor. ■ • 

aMsey Baxter, assisted by Beatrice Sovth- 
wicfc, ln songs and clever stories, opened the 
show, snd took several encores. 

Webb and Burns, those two clever wops, 
held the stage for twelve minutes, and sup- 
plied a laugh a second. Jack. 

Academy (Samuel F. Kingston, mgr.) — 
William Fox presents the regular stock com- 
pany, Id "Damaged Goods," 8-13, with Theo- 
dore Friebus and Prlacllla Knowles ln the 
leading roles. 

Brooklyn, N. Y.— Bnshwiek (William M»- 
sand. mgr.) the Baihwick Plum present "The 
Karalfy Onpboaid" Jane 8 and week. 

Gbmnpoikt (Lew Parker, BftT.)— Latest pboto- 

Cttscsxv (Al. Trabern, mgr.)— The photoplay, 
"The Spoilers," 8-13, 

Warwick (Ambrose Miller, mgr.) — v»i»i>tlll. 
sad photoplays. 

PurriExe. — Latest photoplays. 

Buou (Geo. Scbencs, mgr. I— Loew's vamlnl !!'.>, 
changed twice weekly, and tbe latest pboloiila)v. 
Bill 8-10: Kelly and GalvlD. "Tbe Yellow Petti," 
Two Richards, uoy and Peters, two to fill. Foe 
11-18: Four La Delia Comlqocs, Norrls and 
Douglas, Foot Avolos, Younx Bros., three w Ml. 

Haisbt (M. H. Sale, mgi.)— Miniature musical 
comedies, vaudeville, and tbe latest photoplays. 

Banroan (Wo.. Fox, mgr.) — Vaudeville aD d the 
latest photoplays. Program changed twice weekly. 

Fulton (A M. Llghton. rngr.) — Vaudeville 
changed twice weekly, to capacity booses. Bill 
8-10: Maxima Troupe, Frank Rogers, Friend and 
Lesser, W. H. St James and company, Mclnotte 
Twins, and Young Bros. For 11-13: McKenna'i 
Minstrels, Elisabeth Cntty, "Tbe Fighter and the 
Boss," Anthony and Ross, John La Tier, one to 

Skubebt (Wm. Sbeehy, mgr.) — LoewU vaa'le- 
vllle, changed twice weekly, and dally change o( 
pictures. For 8-10: Browning aad Small, La 
Dell* OomiQoes, Llda McMillan and company, 
Herrii aad Donglas, and Lawton. For 1 1-13: 
Melnotte Twins, El Cleve, Sam Mann Players, 
Tom Mahoney, Juggling De Lisle, two to till. 

Or/rxno (Herman Wacke, mgr.) — Continuous 
vaudeville and pictures. 

Linden (A. H. Schwarts, mgr.) — Tbe latest 
photoplays aDd vaudeville. 

Columbia (A. Slchel. mgr.) — Vaudeville and 
moving pictures. Bill 8-10: Beluc and Baker, 
Anthony and Ross, Fischer and Sanl, two to fill. 
For 11-13: Don Carney, Eva Weatcott and com- 
pany, Brlerre and King, and Three Milton Boys. 

Comedy (Wm. Fox, mgr.) — Pictures and vaude- 

Follt (Wm. Fox, mgr.) — Pictures and vaadc- 

Botal (Marcus Loew, mgr. )— Photoplays and 

FmH AvatrcB (U. H. Saxe, mgr.)— Motion 
pictures and vaudeville. 

Jonbs (M. T. Jones, mgr.)— Motion pictures 
and vaudeville. 

Libisty (John A. Zero, nvgr,)— Tbe Jatevt photo- 
plays and vaudeville. BUI 8-10: Don Carney, 
Eva Weatcott and company. Rockwell and Woo.!, 
Milton Boys, one to fill. For 11-13: The Leigh- 
tons, Kelly and Galvln, Eva Front, John Delmore 
and company, and Three Johnsons. 

OxroBD (Geo. J. Weiss, mgr.) — Tbe latest 
photoplays and vaudeville. 

Oatbty (William Wollfolk, mgr.)— Vaudeville 
and pictures. 

Bboadwai (Leo C. Teller, mgr.) — Photoplays. 


Tbe following amusement enterprises were In- 
corporated at Albany, N. Y., week ending Jnce 6 1 

CxNTi-ar Film Co., 1300.000; J. Strelchner. 
F. B. Oolgne, F. Leonard, 307 W. Forty-second 
Street. New York. 

Wiltwick Fbatubs Film Co., Kingston, 
* 10,000; H. O. Obrlstlao, S. I. Berliner, B. W. 
Feeter, 41 Brewster Street, Kingston, N. Y. 

Hauskb Amusbmcnt Co., {10,000; J. and D. 
Eaoaer, J. Rosenberg, SIS St. Mark's Avenue, 
New York. 

F. B. 4 M. Enttofbisi, motion pictures. 
$5,000; H. Miller, S. Bomltx, E. Freund, 546 W. 
One Hundred and Forty-seventh Street, New York. 

Qxxo Films, $10,000; H. Wandmacher, J. F. 
Crater, L. Gero, 700 West One Hundred asd 
Eightieth Street, New York. _ 

aloo Film Co., $10,000: E. Knight and n. 
Harris. R. A. Kotn, 31 Nassau Street, New Ywk. 

HaoroB Film Cobpobation, $10,000; N. o. 
Goldberger, J. B. Vaugfaey, E. Frankel, 233 
Broadway, New York. 

Famous Play ebb -Chables Feohman Co . 
$250,000; K. A. Kohn, S. Knight and H. Harris, 
31 Naasan 8treet, New York. 

PoifPEt Construction Co.; $10,000; S. ua- 
laaal, V. Boblso, 0. L. Bowen, 2248' Webster 

DiNBDt Art Film Oorpiibation: $fi0.000: F. P. 
Schenck, H. D. Scuall, H. J. O'NeiU, 270 CSInton 
Street Eiocklyn. 

Bell Fxatubbs OosrnvumoN, films, cameras, 
$25,000. Sylvan Blsooh*. llroi and J. D. Llpklns, 
103 West One Hundred and Fourteenth Street, 
New York. 

Titan Film OorporatioM; $23,000: Harry 0. 
Coughlan, T. R WaUaee, P. H. Felt 89S Carlton 
Avenue, Brooklyn. 

Sun Williams Thsatrical EnnnrBiits; 
$5,000. Danny Mack, tt. D. and S. J. Goodman, 
46« Central Park We«t New York. 

At Trenton, N. J„ the following were Incor- 
porated : 

Savor Amusbmcnt Co., Newark; $50,000. A. 
W. and Mabel Edelmeyer, E. B. Frederick. East 

PaiNcarroN Motion Picturs Co. Englewood; 
$75,000. H, O. Fink, Englewood ; H. A. Lapaufli, 
N. Y. ; Louis D. Pfender. Crsnford. 

CoNsoUDATRO Amusskv.wt OomtaMt, Onmden, 
1500,000. W. H. Carpenter, W. H. Parrott, Cam- 
den; W. R McCallnm, Oollingviwood. 

"WANTED, «2O,00O.» 

Cohan A Harris will open their new play, 
"Wanted, $20,000," at the Apollo, Atlantic CHy, 
June 22, with the following cast: Bract Olen- 
denning. Oeorte Nash. Boss Why-tal. Rlc'.inrl 
Sterling, Jamee O. Marlowe. Harrold Gran, Dea- 
mond Keller, Isahelle Garrison, Ethel May Davis 
and Basel Lowrey. 

9 ■ > 

As has already been announced in Tns Ourra, 
John Oort's new playhouse, the Standard (no* 
being erected at Brosdwsy snd Ninetieth Street 
New York), will open 1st. to August, wltk 
Lanrette Taylor, tn ''Peg, o" My Heart.'' Tfcj 
second attraction will be "The Marriage Game." 

H.rry Oort will b> the house manager. 



iso wbi 3ist vaaan 


. j t ii • 

:C <mi 



JUNE 13 



The Greatest Double since "You Made Me Love You." 



GO 00T 

145 VT. 46th St., New York. 

BOSTON: 218 Tremont St. 

The Most Talked of 

Song in the 





joe McCarthy 

PHILA.: 903 Walnut St. 








Tike Big Double Burlesque Show, "HAHRIED FOB A DAT" and 


Address or call CHAS. M. BIKER, Kuiur, 

Room 438, Knickerbocker Theatre BaUdlag, ■, Y. 



Fannie Vedder 

■■if tin Mamgwwiit of JAC0B8 a JERMOU 






Under the Management of JAKES (Blacu) COOPER 
Season I914-1S 


Order. Parodies Lates 

Popular Songs. 5 for Si. 

MILLER, 891 Longatore Bldg s.\. City 


Everything la In readiness for toe tint outing 
*f the Lox Club which will be hell at Boebm'e 
Castoo, Kew Dorp, 9. L, Wednesday, June IT. 
The outing will leave tbe Loz headquarters, Til 
leventh Avenue, at 11 o'clock, sharp. Auto* bare 
sees chartered by tbe organisation to take tbe 
members and their friends direct to tbe grove on 
Ststtu Island. 

The club will parade down Broadway headed by 
Tic Baravelll and bis band of forty pieces, and 
It la predicted that this will bo tbe biggest event 
ef lta Und ever held. Everyone woo la any- 
thing In burlesque will be on band, and a wonder- 
ful day of fun la looked forward to. All of bur- 
keqee's headline comedians, prkna donnas, aon- 
krette*. Ingenues, straight men and last, hut not 
Iraat. tbe fair ones of the cboraa will be there 
to make the affair "the" occasion. 

The commiite* of arrangement hare pro- 
grammed a wonderfttl day's fan for all, and 
beautiful prises hare been docated. Sam K. 
lewis, the well known boilng referee has several 
saring events programmed between well known 
luteins of the ring, Including Battling Levansky. 
Billy Murray, AL McCoy, Johnny Dundee and 

Tbe tango contest and waits championship la 
(asslng no end of speculation between tbe mem- 
bers, and man/ well known dancers have sent la 
akrtr names as contestants. 

The Moaparld Film Co. mil take moving pic- 
tures of the Dating, from the atart of the parade 
*> the- grand finale. After the regular day's fan 
sinner will be served a la Boehm, well known 
share style, followed by dancing. Meet at Til 
Seventh Aveaae, next door to tbe Oblmnbla Thea- 
tre, at 11 o'clock. Tickets, admitting ladles and 
gentlemen. S3.00. Extra ladles tickets, |2, la- 
eledlnr, everything. 

' s 

Barney Gerard wilt offer a sew Idea <n bar. 
lesaue next season, using written a novelty hook, 
entitled "What Does tbe Public Want?" Every- 
thing will be new, Including lyrics, music, book 
and production. There will be many special 
sumlCTS written by Lew Brown, the well-known 
song writer, besides those Mr. Gerard has already 
written. Tbe cast will be the strongest hi bur- 
ksqne, Including tbe following people: Sam Sid- 
aaan and Gertrude Hayes, Chester Nelson, Jobs B. 
Williams, Lew Brown, Jack McSorley, Ed. 
O'Hsus. Elsie Miy, "the old-fashioned girl;" 
Anna Propp, Both Sullivan, tbe Olark Staters, 
"The Dancing Bricktops," Jack McNamart, 
aianager; Barry Chapman, musical director; Mor- 
ton II. Fok. carpenter. Many of these people 
were with the "Follies" the drat year It was 
induced, rod there will be a big re-uulon which 
will remit In a show that will be one of next 
season's newest and i-lggext sensations. 

Barney Gerard has completed tbe cast for bis 
sew show on the Columbia's popular priced cir- 
cuit. The orgaalaatlou will be known as "The 
Gardes of Gfrla." with Andy Gardner and Ida 
Moolst. Virginia Kelcy. Kelt and DaMont, the 
Three Shews. Kid Lonaell. and another big com- 
edy act. Louis Gerard will be the manager; J. 
A. Martin, carpenter; the remainder of the staff 
v.U be announced letter. A new big production 
strl be carried, and the show will be sure to 
establish itself as the show masses are looking 


There were certainly big doings at Lake Hopat- 
eoag lsst week. Tom afcKenaa celebrated the 
third anniversary of his marriage to Violet Hilton. 
In honor of tbe occasion Tots pat on tbe Gillette 
and canceled a Summer growth of alfalfa. Among 
the merry makers who celebrated the occasion 
were: Borden asd Dunlap. Walter .Myers asd 
wale, aUodoe Ease snd wife. Johnny less and 
wife, Sidney Mason snd wife, Gardner and Soh- 
ajern, Geo. McDrlde, snd Charles Raymond and 


Riie Uaynor. formerly «f the Merry Whirl, 
Bas Joined the rettnen of Jane brides, and la now 
Mis. Peter !■* ansae, the finale or a seven-years' 
romance. The eoeple were married at tbe Brook- 
Vn Cky Ball, Jane 6. Dorothy Rostov.. «f the 
Tltag tanh Co.. waa the cridesmsid. while Cbai, 
arewae acted as best sun. Tbe xsrwfywBlg win 
spend their aoneyuoea touring tbe country in a 
sew Oole car, the gift of the groom to bis Juno 


Te stamp oat the remit ramon stating that 
Ibo Walnut Theatre In Ixralavillo will book Pro- 
gressive lairt e aquu shows next season, tbe Spen- 
cer Arssiaeroent Company, of that elt.v, whleb con- 
trol the Wtltmt. have leased tbe theatre far a 
ieem of years to the Iric<adv,ay Amusement Com- 

'red J. Dolle and Joseph L. Steurle win man- 
age It ami motion pictures will be the feature. 

• i a 

_ Ftoaamcs Bblmoht will be With Lewis ft 
Dotra "MlUlan DoUar Doll." 


Murray Belmont's absence from Broadway* 

Dick Pattens' three day hide away. 

Ohas, Flnberg's shadowed shirt. 

Jake Lleherman's new hair tonic 

Bert Baker's golf slicks. 

Lewis & Dody's Million Dollar DeU. 

Mae Kerns' bungalow. 

Sam Howe's trips to Freeport. 

Tbe Lox Club's oettng, Jose IT. 

Abe liter's nssal decoration. 

Hal Lane's trip to the BaatUe, 

Dare Quran's neadaohe. 

Bert Bernstein at Atlantic City. 

Matt Kennedy and the Liberty Girls are finish, 
leg their season this week, at the Colombia, New 
Tork. Mart Franklin la playing the Dutch char- 
acter ; White Hawk Is out of the cast, owing to 
illness, and Bed Feather old s single. Moos Ray- 
mond, Brad 8oUon, Joe Dillon, Frankie Rice and 
Tom McKay do good work, and the entire show 
is a hit. 

The chorus Includes: Fanny Waablngtoa, Martha 
Rice, Florence 8age, Jeanette Lyman. Boxte Let- 
He, Vivian Harden, Kitty Francis, Kitty Wilcox, 
Marie CkhUlTvlrglnla Burnell, Dora Williamson. 
Hssel Miller, Arils Arlington, Nora Henry Stella 
Uawley, Mabel Levone, Dorothy Brown, frankie 
Altaian, Florence Atkins, Grace Le Mar. 

Gene Gomes was a pussier la his Impersonations 
until he removed his wig. Caprices dancing spe- 
clsltles mode the usual hit 

The Columbia will undergo a tborsngh renova- 
tion during the Summer, asd will open early hi 


phil Isaacs Birrs. 

Phil Isaacs has pnrchased the Star and Garter 
Show from Frank Welssberg. Jack Conway will 
remain aa principal comedian wMh the show. 
tinder tbe new management. Belle Hill has alined 
as prima donna for tbe coming season. Wn. 
Gross wttl plsy opposite to Conway, while Ten 
Welch will be tbe straight The Electric City 
Four bare also signed. 

Mrs. Murray Belmont, who Instituted suit 
against Sliding Billy Watson, of the Girls from 
Happyland Co., wis given Judgment to the 
amount of $10,000 against the defendant, Jsne 1, 
in the Supreme Court, Brooklyn. 

s .1 


Abe Lcvttt'i big Bummer burlesque show, at 
the Olympic, New Tork, Is In its third week 
and doing big business. Mile. De Leon Is held 
over for another week. 

Moixn Woluus has forsaken burlesque. She 
has signed a contract to appear In vaudeville In 
an act which will probably be written for her by 
either Junle MoOree, Tommy Gray or Eddie Mad- 
den. Harris W. Watklns, who Is st present run- 
ning the Warwick Tbestre. in Brooklyn signed 
up Miss Williams for a vaudeville tour. Through 
William T. Mryera, Watklns" associate and repre- 
sentative. It Is planned to make Mollle ss well 
and favorable known in the two a dar realm a* 
she was in burlesque. 

Thb Fotxr, Chicago, has been secured for (be 
Pantaass Circuit. 

Jack Cpnwat la spending; his vacation at bis 
beautiful Summer home at Melrose, Mass. Most 
of It Is his new touring car. 

Wttl Ooiih has signed with Hortlg A 8esmon 
tor a term of three years. 

Buna Basucsmir, of tbe Folates ef Pleasure 
fame, arrived In New York June 6. from Toronto. 
Be Intends to offer an entirety new production 
over tbe Progressive circuit 
Falrhsven. N. J. 

FaiBHAvn N. J., Is livening up for the sea- 
son, with all tbe old Inhabitants back for as- 
other season, and msiiv new recruits, for "This Is 
the Lite" vlllaee. The boat dob members bad 
their Jrit meeting recently.' sad several new 
fleet craft hsi been added to roe navy, frank 
Pierce came home for good on Tuesday. Johnny 
Weber. Tom Morrlssey, Mr. and Mm, Das Gracey, 
tbe Huntloga, Ted Evans, "Osi" Nelsoa and Mrs. 
Nelson, Fred Rider, Lon Haacell. AL Pierce, 
Annie Bart, Jim Ten Brooke and many others 
bare pot their bongalows Into commission. Toe 
Iwneflt for the boat clnb, for which tbe Inhabi- 
tants look eagerly each year. Is now being ar- 

Billt Itonw anrounoes bis marriage on May 
SO to Msry <]alun. The urre.aosy occu r red in 
Boston, Msss. 

A caso from 'Hamilton, Bermndi, dated May 
20. reminded as that Mrs. At. Beeves was tsklng 
ln the sights of that beautiful Island. She la 
back home. .and wtU sail for Europe on tbe 
Mauritania, June 10. 

Dobotht BrantaT. who Tost dosed with the 
Pat White Show Is spendlsg the Summer In Ssra- 
tngn Springs. K. Y., where she hopes to regain 
her health so that she will be on (be job for next 
see non. 

Bio Fume Williamson goes with (be Ginger 
Girls next 

11EHE AMD TiiliKB 1A Bl'BLESI|lll{. 


Jos Bowasd ami Jinny Fulton, the two peso 
lar managers of tbe Jacoos A Jermou tercet, bavs 
rteelteJ a franchise over the Columbia Mo. S 
wheel next season. 

Mossis Wainstook, of Rector Girls, ant Loads 
Talbot, pilot of the Eva Midi show, have taken 
franchises over the ColamMa No. 2 wceel. 

CiiiRLia IIakss has received S franchise over 
the Progressive wheel. 

Louis Talbot Is mourning the loss of kit 
brother, who died In Minneapolis, June 3. 

Lillum Matthhws will forsake the cabs rets 
at the beginning of the regular burlesque Mesa, 
and go with a wheel sbo». 

Billt Van. arrived in New York June 1, from 
Indlsnspolla, where he has been rnaitgnag tbe 
Columbia Theatre the paat season. Billy will 
menage the Oayety, Philadelphia. Pa., next sea- 

R. B. Paths will manage one of Jacobs A 
Jermou 'a Columbia wheel attractions next season. 

JlMXr RoasM the diminutive comedian, former 
ly with Ben Welch, Is now playing vaudeville 
dates, In bis laughing sketch, entitled "Mama's 

Billt Fostix, the Dutch comic with the Social 
Males, who has been 111 for several weeks and 
osassed to the Good Samaritan Hospital. Brook- 
lys, kaa entirely recovered, and Is plsying s few 
weeks' vaudeville engagement, under the atnage- 
■est of Hurtlg & Seamen. WABD amo Entis Swabto, of Itoselsnd 
Girl faase, are making a decided bit In vaudeville, 
playlag over the Loew time for a short Summer 

Ohabus Howabo has taken a new partner la 
his well known Taudevllle act, this time, Bobby 
Watson. The act will be billed aa Ohas. Howard 
and company. Playing D. B. 0. time, and hi 
booked solid. 

Minsk's PxoPLi'a Thbatss, for the past set- 
son playing Columbia Amusement attractions has 
been leased for next season by the Miner estate 
to Adler A Adeunan. Tbe now policy of the 
house will be Hebrew shows. 

Jos Finns, the original Little Joe, who has 
been with the Taxi Girls, snd la signed with the 
same show for next sesson. 

BLAHcnn Elliott, tho girl from Chelsea. Mass., 
who baa beta with narry Strouse'a Girls from tbe 
Follies for four years, la spendlsg her vacation 
at Mt Clemens, Mich. 

Mi.lh. Da Lion, tbe Olrl In Blue, made her 
uual bLr hit at the Olympic the past week, and 
was held over for the torrent term. 

Pass Lawbbnos aid Ci.irr Wobjiam have joined 
bands and are offering a specialty over tbe Loew 
time, whleb la scoring at every pe.-funnance. 

Bab ar Bbntlst, the Jew Comic, signed with 
Pete Olark for next season. 

Flam Rsass, the paat season with Wm. Beef 
Watson, baa signed with Tom Dlnktns for next 

Glaris Sans, of Tango Girls fame, is making 
■ decided hit playing the W. V. M. time. Gladys 
arts a big drawing card at the Prlscllla, Cleve- 
land, O.. tbe psst week. 

OaafrtiBLi. A Cook's Boblsbub 8took at the 
Star, Oleveland, 0., closed Saturday night. Msy 9. 

Sam Bows Is now a lealdent of HeasMe. Sam 
ll quite a sea-dog, playing a double bender May 9 
as) Use fiakrng crssmAs at Vrsepe.'t. N. Y. The 
Brownsville Tbestre is sot worrying Psaj. aa It It 
welt under way. and will open early la September. 

Jam LiBBxaitAK Is kept busy these days, put- 
ting on a big borleaqae rlctare for tbe ritagranh 

Ohabus Eobiksok Is spending bis vacation 
down by tbe sea. During (he 8ommer months he 
Is tbe big real estate kin; at Rocksway. CharUe 
owns several roan of easy bungalows. 

Tub Morrlssey 8Utere bare signed with Jake 
Golden berg for next season. Wilbur Dofabs has 
alas signed. 

Mauds Booksrau, goes with Dave Gordon fee 
next season. 

Jakb lstt goes In siTsnce of one of Hnrtic A 
Seaman's shows next season. 

Jnrarr Oohhosui ha* Sagned with Hurtlg A 
Seamen for next season. 

That board of laymen it Minneapolis who cen- 
sored tbe Columbia Shows would make one critics. 
Tbelr views would certainly cause some msnaget* 
and producers as buck to posting Mils. 

Haltoh Powau. Is considering putting s show 
on tbe Progressive wheel next season. Ee bas 
been very succesefnl in tabloids, and should lis 
Invade burlesque would be fairly certain to pot 
over s winner. 

Thb Trocaderos closed the season Jane S St the 
Columbia, Nsw York. Frank Finney. Minnie 
Bnrke, 8am J. Adams, Jobn P. GrilBth are re- 
tained for next season. Florence Bennett will 
replace Florence Mills as prima donna, as Miss 
Mills joins (he same snow with Abe Reynold* next 
year. Miss Burke is recovering sod expects to 
be ss good as new next season. 

Wajltbb Johmsok silled for Europe Juoe 3. 

Thb Columbia circuit will hold their meeting 
for the fuul allotment of dates and routes June 

Th» Progressive circuit meeting Is called for 
June 13, to New York. 

Haibt Hastings will call his show next sea- 
son, the Winter Garden Girls, on the Auxiliary 
circuit. Tom Coyne will be (be principal come- 
dian and Mildred Delmontc goes aa aoobrette. 

Mauds Dabbill, the heavy woman with the 
Mollle Williams Sbow last season, will lend her 
valuable services, aa character woman, with 
tbe Globe Trotters next season. 

Rcbt Losst bas signed with Wm. S. OampbelL 

Tna slock at (he Troesdero. Philadelphia, in- 
dudes: Margie CaUlu, Gloria Martlnes, Made 
Melville, Ross Bell. Louise Maun. Billy Kelly. 
Clyde J. Batea. Frank Wskefleld snd Sam ansae! 

AT TBS Gaiety. Philadelphia, the stock com- 
pany Includes Joe Rose, Lillian Perry, Lily Lang- 
don, Naomi Wheeler sad Al. Martin. 

Jambs Tbm Bsooee airo Lou Hascali amJahcd 
with Jack Singers' Stock at the Oolmnbls, Chi- 
cago. June S, snd are now holding dawn their 


favorite apota os tbe Players' Boat Ola* tat at 
Ta vioi's Tab-so Qraxa, a show (bar: la playing 

tbe Progressive circuit, and of which diaries £ 
PlteMs »ragola IS 
he Mbssssss, people s 
er. Tea bnaeay, 
iwler, Bertha Rich, 

the Progressive 

Taylor Is sole owner, snd PIseMt »ragola ts 

meslcal director, kaa signed the 

Frank Chamberlain Carpenter. 

Sam Bacben. Collins sad Baa). 

Allen end Arnold, Gsmett Teal Barmcand. Helen 

Mihoary. and (wenty-four ebons girls. Scenery 

by Tom Creamer, ma til saw wardrobe try 

Arlington A Adler. 


fgpedal dtipofak to Tna aasy Yotuc Currsa.) 
Columbia. — Monday, Juoe S, oneaing ef regular 
season, with Blcaazd Bennett sad ctxnpany, in 
"Damaged Goods." 

Oorr — Sunday, T, second and last week of Wm. 
Hodge and coaaspany. Is "The Road to Barsptuess," 
Oil btt,— (Monday, 8, "Isle of Bong Bosg." 
ALCasAB. — Monday. 8. beginning of special ses- 
son of Bessie Barrlscale snd Than toe Dsll, sup- 
ported by tbe stock cotnpasy of the bouse, when 
tbe play will be "AB-oC-s-sadoVa Peggy." Cheaper 
prices will prevsQ beginning -with tail engsge- 

OBrnstrst.— «andey (matinee), 7: Vslesks 
Aorstt and company. Walter De Leon sod "Mug- 

Sua" Dsrles. Irene Tlmmoas snd company, James 
. Oullen. Stelllsg and Beretl, the Bejledtlre 
Brothers. Bsrry B. Lsauer, Kddle Foy snd Seven 
Little Foys, and DayjUrbt motion pictures. 

Kmp«bs»— ennday (madseei. 1: Orrat Jolm- 
son. Bijou Russell, Porter J. While sad ceaaoaoy. 
Derurest snd Doll. Nat Ellis. Klla Nowlsa and 
cormiany. "Tbt> tncorrlKlble." and feature filsas. 

Pawtaobs. — ousday (matinee), 7' Frank Bush, 
i, Edwin Crsyio and company. Brows and Jsck.- 

V. B. 0. TIME. 
Jam* 15-20. 

ATLANTA, OA.— FOR9YTBE: Oeuaro A BsiliT 
— Schrodo A Mnireg-— Bmma Francis A Arabs. 

Three Types — Drooks A Bowen — Geo. MoFit- 
lias ntanlln Steele 4 Oarr— Morris Croula 
A Oo. — "A Tatepaoee Tingle" — "Tbe Porch 
Party" — Augusta Close — Boeder's Inve n tion 
Adeline Fraada— -Ernests Monkeys. 

BUFFALO — SHEA'S: Same A Week— Frtdkow* 
sky Troupe— Ward A Oullen— Byal A Early— • 
The Ballots. 

BOSTON— KEITH'S I Oallabsn A Meek— Salts A 
Doyle— Friti A Lucy Brack— Valerie Slaters 
—OTie Becklless. 

UBMMraBAM. ALA.— LYBJO: Ray Samuels— 
Bale A PaiteraDo— Martlse Bros— Kiss Rang* 
ger— Richards A Urover — Chung Uwa Four. 

index Bros.— A. Alas worth A Co. 

DETROIT— TEMPLE: Mereeat A Deltta Bras- 
Montgomery A Moore— Frank Wlsson — Prim- 
rose Four— Wilson ft Aubrey— Tats* Dltr 
cing Bugs, 

Harry A. Kills— Paul La Via ft DotAe— Hop- 
kins, Axtell ft Co.— Prelle's Dogs. - 

JACKSONVILLE, FI.A.— OIll'HEUM. First hilf: 
Osunmlugs ft Olailylsgs— Horton ft Iji Triska 
— Oormler ft ClnTsry— Zeds ft Hoot— Dorothy 

KNOXVILLE, TFINN.— BIJOD. First half: Mar- 
tin Van— Four Obarles— John Oekyer. 

LEXINGTON. KY. Last half: Martm Van- 
Four Ohirloa Jrjin Gelger— Hecry Lewis. 

LONDON, CAN.: Milter A Vtoeent 

MONTREAL. (JAN.— ssSBBBwf Park! Big OUy 
Four— The Brads— Urn ft jajsaasal Slim 
Bracks— Handera ft MiUlas. 

N. Y. 0ITX-PAT.AOE! "Tbe Trilrssd Nbtsss"— 
Bart Fltiglbbon— WUllama A Wolf as— «irk ft 
Fogarty— MoLallea sad Carson— Lllllsa Asb- 
ley — Leffd Trio— Alexander Bros, 

.V. Y. OTTY— HAMMEB8TB1N'S : Caclets De 
Oaseogse— Howard's tnlmsls Mulne Bras. 
A Bobby— Dolly Sisters ft Irksstlis Obarles 
Ateara Troops— Collins ft Bart— ttoppe Trie 
— Leslie Thurston — Delle Blanche. 

OTTAWA, CAN.— Onero A Csrmen. 

and Mary MscFarland— Alice Newell— Harriet 
ft Bessie Rem pel A On.— Cere ft LMsney— 
Sharp ft Baker — Oaaray ft Mod ak Hysas ft 
Mclntyra— Aillne ft Adler. 

ei'BINariELD, MASS — POJ.I-g : '-slstermr'— 
Oorvo — Maud Dw Loro— The AsUlrea, 

BAVA.fNAH. OA.— BUOV. First half: Lrittel 
ft Jsannette. Last hslf : Ounsalags ft Olsty- 
ings— Horton A La Triaka— Ooraley A Oaf' 
fory— Coda ft Hoot— rxrutky Kenlon. 

De Toy ft Co.— Clara Bdlertm— Cartaseil ft 
Ilsrrfs— Amsut Bros.— Cpea e er A %W"" 
— Dowtiy Moatber— Sauuroff A foals. 


June 10-10. 

CHICAGO— MAJESno-. Uenalne Shone A Co.— 
Marvelons Mltlea — jTsanle Bi t ot Sat Brosra 
Bros.— Billy McDennott— «Kaa SIibbbW Trls 
— stoDerlu. Kelly ft Luoey— Cbrs. Oleott— 
Diss's Monkeys. 

eon* Tempest ft Oo. — Hopkins SMtsart Per- 
nlkaff ft Boss MeOorasrw A Wallace— 
Lougblia's Dogs. 

— LllUaa Shaw— Bobt. T. Bslaes ft Oo.— 
Msithaws, Shatrae ft Oo.— BearletU Ss Saris 
— Wright ft Dietrich— Odlrs (second week! — 
The Berscae (seooai wt*fe.| 

Holt Wskefleld— Croocu ft Welch— PUvlUi— 
The Turners. 

Family Borneo, last Great— Os Iamb A Dtsls 
—Barry B. Lester— Ansle Ken:— Ls Belle 
oteriu (teenS wtsw) Bartsws A Mile. 

rORTLANO, ORE.— ORPHBCM : 'Wreag from 
the Start"— Jaltus Tannen— Doris Wilson A 
Co. — Gardiner Trio— Paul Oorden — Byrd Frost 
CroweU — Flying Henrys. 

— Brouson A Baldwin — Homer Miles A Co. — 
Hill A Whltskcr— Valeaka Suratt A Co.— 
Ireuc Tunmons A Co.— James Oullen (second 
week)— Stelllng ft Retell (second week). 


Only Skin Deep" — Yvette — Kramer A Morton 
-Oiaa Yale ft Co.— Ambler Bros.— Rellow— 
W1U ft Kemp. 

Fred J. Ardsth ft Oo. Fight For-get-me-noU 
— Georgette— M Barton. 

erra A Co.— John ft Mae Burke— acbrnek 
Bros.— Lai Mon Xlm— Brltt Wood— Claude 
Rant— Corradlnl's Animals. 


Jnse 1S-20. 
BOTTB, MOST.— EM37BBSS : Ls Deodims- Sang 

ft Sans— Wsa. Laape ft Co. — Tom Wa ters 

Malvern OonHssaa. 
DENVER, OOL.— EMPBES8 : "la Old New York" 

— Usher Trio— Oedle, Eldrsd A Cart— Taw to 

KABSAS CITY, MO.— bbbbbbbubsbi I W1U Mortis— 

Tbenstoa A Oorlew— Dick Bemara A Oo.— 
"Quaint Qs"— Orvllle Sttaco, 

Qr a W B, MeBenry A Dean— "Four of • 
Kind"— Jul! an Boas— Paul Aiird Trio. 

Brownies — Rstelle R o sa "Broadway Love"— 
They- I snDa U oyt'e Miastttit. 

OODRN, V.— OBPHEUMt Berry A Berry- fWhlb. 
tier's "Barstoot Bay"— David Walters ft Co, 
— Motrlaey ft Hackett — Plcchliul Troupe. 

PORTLAND, ORE.— KMPRhWS: Three Falcone 
— Hoscrop Sisters— Hsllen ft Fuller— Dirk 
Lynon— ''Moos Sinned Against Than Usual." 

Sam Ash— Byron A Langloa— Joe Cook— Mln- 
ttiel Kuldles. 

eon— Bijou Russell— Porter J. White A Co.— 
Deatrett A Doll— nuts. Nowltn A Oo. 

Riltos ft Li Tour— "Th» Criminal"— Burton 
ft U n set Jackson Family. 

Renalr A Ward— Klnkald KUtlea— Savoy A 
Bremen— Three Harbya. 

SAM FRAN.. OAL.— EMPRESS: Three Newmans 
— Xammcror A Howland — Olem Kevins A Co. 
— Ooakland, McBrlde ft MUo— Bobluaou'i Bis- 

—Williams ft Begsl— "Spiegel's Daughter's 
Btaa" — Al. Herman — Parisian Ilirmooy 
Girls. ^^ 

TACOMA, WASH.— EMPRESS : Sebcek, D'Arvllle 
A Dutton— iMsrio Stoddard — Jobu T. Doyle 
A Co.— frank Morrdl— ToralU's Circus. 

S tl B h OTre violin Beauties— Obarles itaoh- 
sua A Co.— Grant Gardiner— Oxford Tdo. 

W1NN1PB0. man.— EMPRESS: Ptul Stephens— 
MsOenaott A Willsce— Gertie Oarllslo A 
Sasajgaearto—Walter Brower-sMtnnetu A 


June 1B-30, 
OALOAJsT CAN— i.YBIC: Obis. Rclly A Co.— 

Ddmors A I«e— Olive Brlacos— Bello A 

Jones— Fred Woodwsrd A Oo. 
EDMONTON. OAN —PANTAGES' I Jtsjadt flh'r- 

m 'A Oo.-Jnlle Ring A Co.— May A KllduiT 

— Loalse De roggl— Three Flying Ksyj. 
OREAT PALLS. MONT.— PANTA0H8' : lnri>erls1 

M OflH 1,00.— Oodtrey ft Uendersuii- 

Aiiiedlo— otaldle De Long— Jack ft Jessie Olb- 


Uw i!r Jn>M !Si.'• .abJosters-JTracey, Hoeti 
ft Tmeej-Tbe Hal kl ngi geren American 

Whirl winds. 

OAKLAND. OAL— PANTA0B8 (opens Bvndsy) : 
"Tbe Soul Klss-'-Jos. Bemtsglon A Cu.- 
itsotl ft Wallace— Skipper, Kenuely ft Beeves 
— Wittenberg Bros. 

P0 *X t,A fP< _ 0M - — I'ANTAORSi "Sinai ef 

E*S*Jr7*55!L. P"* * Robhimn— Rsmii.. 

i gpi Assawji Wilton— De Vltt A De VIM. 

aVOKANB. WA8H. — PANTAGES (opens Hun- 

WLSS&i aSHU"*. CoV^fewell'. 

SSj*n!rfi!2^ ™»trto— Amorlcan Nows- 

beyi* Quartette— S Und a rd Bros, 

?9?!£ n . _B *. r, 2!. * Barron— Gollerlni Four 
"-CUlowsy ft Bober is— Alpha Troune. 

* A *auIS*? 0I 2S?' OAtV.— PANTAGES' (open 
•S**T> '"^ ,?•"• t Oo.-Miriht mi, 

Outta-Oe"Ar»o. ln " * «'*«- Do ^» ■ 

T4 °afoea_Jl? 1 li=^^ J ^5 lr 'J n, » Br^BaWT- 
■W etae Brwood A Co.— Deny Harcourt 

A Oo— Da vis I— Salt Bub Bill #/oJ 


aLi r 0o w^'Ji, amUB , TToupo^oih",,,, 

Peabsj l>sgs? ^ * )Ucn — Woodwsr.1'. 

"^^li. OA r f .r£v Jf I* C i5 8,, J!'< >n « rt Out* 

Co.— Alia Eandoff ft Co.— Ohas. Kent! a — 
KsllnowiU Btct,— UonaTauoraw. """- 
WINNU'EO. 0AN.-PANTAOE8-: CbM. Carter 
* .Oo-^Oordoa Bros, ft Jeanstte CSUds— 
"He. Nadye— Eddie Howa rd A Co. v "" u ^^ 


Job* X5.JJ0, 

°**&&Z:l£*!. cll ' t *' ,s > *»»» Aden -Dave 

avmT'r%! , ?5L n 1 , Foa r.-r ,cml0 Dufiu-Jobu 
Rills ft Oo.— Hellg's "Battling Bob PIU"— 
— iaaaswl * Goodsrtu-Oeo. WiODmiu! ™ 
<OT0A00--ppLONIAL. Flnt half- U Roy ft 
Rors— LUtto Oiruso ft Bretlier— Woods A 
BI^Arnoid ft Whlto-Walter Parker ft 
gc*Hr V.ssassjSSaV Lust balf: Plewart Hla- 
iSi-tJ^,'"^'^ aryowty-Ocell Jeffer- 

tSZjSftii- a V *.'.V D , 1,cra ,* Ambler 81a- 
tert— Barttedge A l'lokerlng— Zanclts. 

0HIOA00— WIHTr OTTY: Don A lfny Gordon— 
Jerome A Ijerry — Three A-nereai — Hlnur 
Arabs— Oimillo Drako A Ob.— Tbo Naeasec— 
Txat Dsttoas. 

OmCAC^BCmNDLER'S. Pint half: Stewart 

ft Blstor nieU— Margaret Ilraiin 

5r >l T — S2L W,1, J;r" lja '"nee Orolhera— Mil- 
lard Brothers— Rleeo— Carl Kruegtr. 


"Vtrtae," Percy Moere tad coapsoy. Mamtto 
StinUgM plcurcs. 

PJsUfUttAta at Hut 
were lbs attraction far 


imisiilsg Mil SI: 

At the Tlvoli Opera House, ' The" FsiaT Wedding' 1 
ang 'Xove, Luc li sad aesclaae." At me " 

be Isosoriali 
"Tbe Master ITnd." At tbe Fagtosa Theatre: 
"The Btrsngln* of Paris." 

Hazu Kounsu. professonally kuoam is Maito 
King, ariaolsal dssoer, wltb the "Fusing Sbow 
of 19U." baa teas granted an bMersKsdnrr 
Aeone of dlroroe la fhls City from ber bssband. 
Floyd H. NoaMe, a book aasot, on tbe grounds 

Tarsi nsae "■) Osaano Real" (The King's 
Highway"), heretofore arisen ont as tbe title toe 
tbe amusoine-Jt area In the 191K lUsvdtloi, baus 
beta re-ealled oo acooost of disss rlsfactlon m Its 
being too Isag. anpronosDosable to aunr snd sot 
appllesble. and in lta stead (be tlUs "Tbe Zone" 
has bees oOclslly substituted. More (baa a year 
ago tbe eiposltlon aanagemrat aruHssaoed aa a 
prise for the beat name suggested for the amuai 
tnrnt avenue s season pass to the fsir. Something 
like 30,000 inanvrrs were received, and they ill 
bsve been carefully studied. "The Eoae" waa 
Anally ct-osen because of Its distinctiveness and 
its association wltb the Panama Canal, tbe com- 

?letk>n of whleb the expoelttou Is lo celebrate. 
be season ticket was won by a San Francisco 
woman. Mrs. J. OortlsiM, atw being ef (be flrst 
eli to amgxest thst title, having sent <a ber tide 
of "The gone" Jaly 7. I91J. jest twenty -three 
days ahead of tie next la order. "The Zone" 
will alallarlr repres e nt what "TTv> Midway" was 
st Chicago, and "Tbe Pike" at St. Lojia. 

Tils Hirer Pageant at SauU Oral, OcnUal Call- 

eereni^r.rottndliMa wm be staged in the up™ 
Hirer, whleb runs throngb tne dty. and la banked 

ir rh. 1 5!.!**iSlw wU1 ^"Rr ■ Wrtw of a mile 
_ SB *?X' r . b * n *' aasd will cairv tootllgliis and 

££&%?&! , 1U^nBsaVai 

pageantry who hare lnapsoted the Blver Theatre. 

^HUP*.' 1 -* < wlu » "• »«»»» aweep oftree^ 
'?S? e Z!£j i ""- ""y, 1 '? background of forest 
and enrted sween of land, atage a quarter of « 
mile In Jengtli) to be tbe most beaotitul snd Im- 
posing outdoor stage letting they hive ever seen. 
The aodltoritm to MO feet lonj, built among (all 
vSSl "JiPS.'* Tin '' Bu ■ sealing capacity of 
ir W, '. w J , A, J»aH * na awata covered with canras. 
Over 100,000 feet of timber were used In t» con- 
struction. Tbo stsge settings will Include Span- 
ish caravela, a U. S. Frigate, floats for Htn'ilsU 
aloftrs, redwood trees, the Monterey Customs 
House. Santa Crus Mission Solium s Plata, and a 
glittering Pslnee of Aladdin. 
Si t 

At the eledlon, held June 8. tbe following 
Friar ticket was chosen for the ensuing year: 

Geo. H. Cohan, abbot; William OoUler, dean; 
John J. Gleason. oorrmpoodUig secretary; Ren- 
nold Wolf, recording secretary : Richard J. lilt- 
vel. treasurer; Ham II. Harris, Mike Simons. 
George 8. Dousberty. Ralph Trier and Jobn W. 
Ttumaoy, governors. 

< s | 

Trams Gt-ii.nriT baa canceled ber rontrict for 
an asserlcsa (our under (be direction of B. K. 
Johnson and Chirks L. Wagner. 



June 13 




»r jeo. 














s I 



T is a significant fact that the largest space occupied! by any ono 
I Company at the Second International Exposition of the Motion 
I Picture Art is devoted to the interesting and vital branch of the 
motion picture industry, THE PROJECTION, as exemplified by 
the highly developed and efficient Projecting Machines manufactured 
by the largest producers of this class of machinery in the world. 


M».»i.ctur... - Power's CameragraphTSTo. 6A 
Ninety Gold Street, New York City 

f J- 


Legitimate dramatic star, who Is oem in the loading role in the Lnsky Feature Play Co.'s 

current bcrcon version ol "The Oul> Son.' 


No less a parsonage than President Wilson 
pressed a button In the executive mansion 
at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon, and signally 
opened tho Second Intcruatloiml Motion Pic- 
ture Exposition In Grand Central Palace Xer 
a week of wbnt promises to divulge every 
step of progress which has been developed 
by the moving picture and photoplay pro- 
ducers during the past y«nr. As soon as 
President Wilson's slgnnl was r.'ielved the 
exposition was formally opened by the ren- 
dering of tho national anthem, In which rep- 
resentative m»n and women from every walk 
of life pnrliiolpiitqrt. Tho opening cere- 
monies .concluded with nu address lu which 
the .purpose mid feature* of the exposition 
were explained for tho tenellt of the many 
hundreds of exhibitors, manufacturers and 
others allied with the motion picture trade. 
One of the moat important features of the 
exposition is a specially constructed studio 
In the esposltlon floor, wherein the Cooper 
Hewitt Company has Installed a $10,000 
lighting plant. Herein one. act photoplays 
dully will bo rehearsed and enacted before a 
motion picture camera, and a number of ■the 
most prominent pliotoplnvers will appear 
during the week. 

Theso Alms ire being developed in the 
Rtudlo and shown on the same day In nil of 
the free theatres on th-j inctxnuliie floor. 
Each company will produci at least ono piny 
in this studio during the course) of the con- 


As the following program will show, the 
entertainment committee has outdouo Itself 
In this regard. A full report of all outings, 
etc., and convention doings will be found In 
the next issue of this paper. 





llonday. June 8. 
10 A. M.— Opening of tin exposition. 
2 P. u. — Ofllrrii opening of the exposition 
ana convention by President Wilson, Gen- 
eral introduction to manufacturers, 

Tuesday, June S. 
Op. m. — Clambake. Leaving Brooklyn 
Bridge In special trains at T p. m, for Brigh- 
ton Beach Hotel. These special trains will 
leave Itldgewood Platform, Brooklvn Bridge, 
7 P. m. sharp. Dancing contest at hotel Tor 
prize to best dancer. Then a general tour 
through the varlvis amusement places at 
Csney Island. Special trains returning will 
leave Culver Terminal, Coney Island, at IS 
Midnight, sharp. 

IFixfncnlay, June 10. 
_ 8.30 p. m.— A night atop the New York 
Itoof Garden, Broadway and Forty-fourth 
Street, where a specially arranged program 
of high class professional tslent will be pre- 
sented. Dancing between sots. 
Thursday, June U. 

7.30 p. m. — A moonlight excursion an the 
beautiful Hudson aboard the specially char- 
tered magnificent Steamer Adirondack. Boat 
will leave Pier 80. N. B., foot of West 
Fortieth Street, at 7.30 p. m. There will be 
a cabaret, tango dancing and a general good 
time aboard. 

Friday, June It. 

7 p. m.— Banquet at Hotel BtHmore, Fortv- 
fourlh Street aud Madison Avenue, tendered 
to the visiting exhibitors by tho various 
manufacturers nnd distributors to the mo- 
tion picture lndurtry. Specially arranged 
musical program. 

Sown CM Sight, SaturtaH, June IS. 
Parade from clubhouse to Grand Central 
1'alnco by entire 8>roen Club. Then the big 
"Screen Club Surprise." Distribution of 
souvenirs, prizes and a. farewell dance. 

During the entire weok. dancing every 
night at Grand Central Paisce, and danclDg 
contests between photoplay stars. All stu- 
dios in New York nnd vicinity will maintain 
open house to all visiting exhibitors during 
(he week, when the sfrt of producing motion 
pictures will be demonstrated and explained. 

Aaron A. Cork, Chairman, 
Arrangements and Entertainment Committee. 

Wit. UiLKEUxin, Vice Chairman. 


Monday. 2-5 p. m. — OpoatDg of convention. 
Address of welcome by Hon. Marcus M. 
Marks, President tiorouga of Manhattan. 
Addresses by David Bciaseo and Adolph 
Kukor. "The School and the Motion Picture 
Theatre," nddresB Oy Dr. Albert Shields, of 
Jhc New York Department of Education. 
"The Church and the Moving Picture Thea- 
tre/' address by Kcv. Wililam Caiter. 

Tuesday, 10 to 12 A. si.— "Censorship," 












Boob of onr dlatrilmtera la principal cities of the World -^ 


£ 220 W. 42d St., NEW YORK CITY £ 






address 'by Frederick P. Howe. Director of 
the People's Institute and bead of the Na- 
tional Board of Cansorwilp. Discussion. 

2-5 P. M. — "The Manufacturer , nnd the 
Exhibitor," addrcsB by J. Stuart Blackbon, 
Vltagrnph Co. "The Exchange and the Ex- 
hibitor," address by Edward M. Saunders, 
Universal Film Mfg. Co. 'Uniform Charges 
for Begular Film Service and Features. The 
Entrance of Manufacturers and Exchange 
Men Into the Exhibiting Business." Bcport 
of Grievance Committee. 

Wednesday, 10-12 a. m.— Beport of Eeso- 
lutlons Committee. Discussion. "The Press 
nnd Motion Pictures," address by W. Stephen 
Bush. 'The Poster Question In All Its 
Phases," address by Joe Brandt, Universal 
Film Mfg. Co. "Motion Picture Supplies." 

C p. u. — "The effect of the Multiple Beel 
on the 6 and 10 Cent 6how." "The DcBlra- 
mblllty and Possibility of Controlling the 
Length of Programs at Various Prices of 
Admission." "Adverse Loclslatlan end the 
Best Means of Combatting It." 

Thursday, 10-12 a. m. — "Technical Ques- 
tions Pertaining to the Operation of a Pic- 
ture Theatre." Address by Frank II. Wch- 
nrdson, "Projection." Address by Nicholas 
Power, "Projection Machines." Address by 
F. J. Rembusch. "Screens." 

2-5 P. M. — "Best Method of Crunltfnlng All 
Exhibitors of the Qountry Into One Na- 
tional Organization and Flnunclug of Same." 
Address by Jacoo W. Binder. "Organisation." 
"The Establishment of a Central National 
Information Bureau for Exhibitors In All 
Pasts of the Country," 

Friday, 1042 *- m.— "Advertising the Mo- 
tion Picture Theatre, * address by Win. A. 
Johnston. "Souvenirs, Country Stores, etc." 
'The Exploitation of Fake Features by ir- 
esnonslble Exchanges a>nd Individuals.'' 

2-5 P. m. — "VoflDlelicd Business." "Good 
and Welfare" 


Saturday, 10-12 a. M— "Unfinished Busi- 
2-5 -p. m.— "Unfinished Bosiness," 


The Famous Players Film Co., through 
Adolph Zukor, its president, has engaged 
Pauline Frederick, one of the most promi- 
nent stars of the American stage, who is to 
be presented In a feature film production of 
Hall Calne's master work, 'The Eternal 
City," to be produced in Italy. This engage- 
ment is one of the most significant ever 
made between a film concern and a legiti- 
mate artiste. 

Miss Frederick called on the Imperater, 
Saturday, June 6, to join Messrs. Porter and 
Ford, who have been in Europe for some 
weeks past producing the feature notion 
picture of "Monsieur Beaucoire," bv Booth 
Tarklngton, with James K. .Hackett la the 
stellar role. Miss Frederick is one of the 
best known emotional actresses of the mod- 
ern stage, and has achieved distinction in a 
series of dramatic successes, most prominent 
among them being "The Little Gray Lady," 
"The Dollar Mark," "The Fourth Estate," 
"The Music Master;" "Samson," "Twenty 
Days In the -Shade," nnd, more recently, 
"Joseph and His Brethren." 

"The Eternal City," universally conceded 
to be Hall Calne's mantelpiece, also ranks 
as one of the greatest literary achievements 
of the past century, and has .been printed In 
every modern language and circulated 
throughout the entire civilized world. The 
environment and atmosphere of Borne and 
the classic backgrounds of this ancient city 
lend themselves admirably to a film por- 
trayal of this famous subject. At the pres- 
ent time Messrs. Porter nnd Ford pre com- 
pleting the production of "Monsieur Beau- 
coire" in Famst, wbeacu Uw will go to 

Borne to> meet Miss Frederick upon her 

arrival. ! ; 


George H. Cbrlstoffers, special representa- 
tive of the Syndicate Film Corporation, who 
have the distributing of ThanhouseT's "Mil- 
lion Dollar Mystery'' serial, is the father of 
a baby boy, Bern May 27. Both the baby 
and his mother who is the sister of MJenon 
Anderson, of Tbanhouser fame, are doing 
nicely. The lad is a ten-pounder. Mr. 
Chrlstoffer Is tue second "Million Dollar 
Mystery" representative to be honored with 
a boy within the month. Both fathers hope 
that the million curse pursues their offspring 
right through, life. 


Marguerite Snow. Countess Olga in "The 
Million Dollar Mystery," has received from 
Col. Sander Badanlvich, the famous St 
Petersburg collector, a fire and one-balf foot 
walking stall. This staff 1b made of a peculiar 
wood very much like ebony, but which re- 
flects various colors when It Is held up to 
the light. Originally the walking staff was 
worn at the Russian court. It Is said to 
have been the Invention of a royal princess 
who used it to disguise? her lameness, conse- 
quent upon aa ankle deformity. From that 
very useful origin the walking staff became 
a fad. It is now seen at the famous spas 
of Europe. 

Miss snow claims the staff, now owned by 
her, and which she carries In "The Million 
Dollar Mystery," is more than fifty years 
old. A peculiar design, half heroic and half 
religious. Is engraved on the cold handle. 
According to Col. Bndlnlvlch. the staff was 
an heirloom sold to the highest bidder when 
political disturbances had broken up the fam- 
ily and scattered its members throughout 
the world. This is given some coaamutitctf 


June 13 


br the fact that the family coat of ami, 
<nnaved upon the gold handle, hag bees 
fBOtllstet), so that the name ot the ruined 
noose stall eter be secret 


Mlgnon Anderson, Tb&nbonser's dare-devil 
Ingenue, owns a pet monkey that can play 
• piano. The Uttle beast Is a natural mu- 
elckn. Hiss Anderson haa appropriately 
■ Mm "Mozart." When "iioiart" ar» 



named him 

rived at Hiss Anderson s home he was ex- 
hibited to a group of her friends, perching 
himself easily on a piano bench. Mlsa 
Anderson sat beside "Mozart" and played 
end sang a little lullaby. To the amusement 
of everyone, "Mozart" showed an apprecia- 
tion of Miss Anderson's efforts, and tried to 
reach the hey9 to Join in. He was restrained, 
tint exhibited so much disappointment that 
Miss Anderson flnnlly moved the plnno bench 
so that "Mozart's" little tinkers could ramble 
over the keys. Miss Anderson silently cau- 
tioned those present to remain perfectly 
quiet. They did. And to their astonishment 
•Mozart" slowly but surely, and with a true 
sense of musical accuracy, played the open- 
ing strains of "This Is the life," whereupon 
ill who beard declared he couldn't be a very 
nice monkey. 


Perhaps the first motion picture feature to 
te installed at Smithsonian Institute will be 
the negative of the Lasky-Uelasco produc- 
tion, '^he Rose t<f the Rancho," which win 
be taken 'midst the old California missions. 


The purpose of giving the film to the insti- 
tute Is to perpetuate the fast crumbling mis- 
sions of tie Pacific State. "The Rose of 

the Rancho" will be taken with some half 
dozen missions a] scenic settings. The films 
will possess rare details of mission and 
mission life which future fenerations can 
look upon as :he actual deletion of Cali- 
fornia's oldest remaining relics of Spanish 


A new company that will be known as 
Allied Features, inc., was given a charter 
last week by the State of New York. 

The corporation Is capitalized at $500,000, 
and was organized for tbe purpose of estab- 
lishing a chain of film exchanges throughout 
the Dominion of Canada and the United 

Tbe presMeit <>f the Allied Features, Inc., 
Is Herbert Lubln, formerly engaged in a like 
capacity for the International Feature Film 
Corporation, Ltd., of Montreal and Toronto, 
Can. Charles (Feature) Aiinims has been 
appointed general manager and buyer, with 
headquarters la New York. John B. Clymer 
will attend to publicity maters. 


Negotiations are now under way for an 
alliance with a big feature combination 
whose specialty is the production of widely 
known plays, starring noted actors and 
actresses. These negotiations are expected 
to be consummated within ten days. 

For the preseac the new corporation will 
confine Itself to the Dominion of Canada. 
In addition to the' offices in Montreal and 
Toronto, branches will be immediately es- 
tablished In Winnipeg, Vancouver and in the 
Maritime Provinces. 




The Exclusive Program forms the back- 
bone of the features alreadv contracted for SHBBEHTS AND WOULD FILM COIt- 
for Canada. Among the braids whose entire POHATION EFFECT WORKING 
output will be taken are Itaia, Great North- 

K" A 

■ ■ . 


- ; 

-f5v v - v • film? 






i%- '*■ ■'• 

>. sSofeaSfe ■■■*■■* 1 
IP? fe" 


; ■ 



* ^Br 

• * 


pwVi fl¥-- 

if ^SBfl 


t .. 

• j^yi^aj 


& ' >** 

• f* 

•>*• j&ftS 





■ ■ 


f " 


" "■^iJHI 



t\ . - ' 


«*• • 



Eminent artiste of the spoken drama, who will shortly be seen in an original photoplay 

entitled "The Nightingale," written by Augustus Thomas ana 

visualized by the All Star Feature Corporation. 


en I can't see the finish for smoke In the 
. The moving pictures for me hereafter. 

era Special, Film Releases of America, Solas, 
Blacbe and Great Northern Preferred. 
Several Wall Street bankers aro Interested, 

A A. Davison, superintendent of the Scllg 
' as been sorely troubled with 
"Jobs-Compators" almost to tbe point ot 
troglc termination, has happily fully re- 
covered, and after a long and severe selgc 


The Shuberts, wiio have been quietly but 
actively engaged In putting several of their plant, who 
. numerous dramatic successes in motion pic- 
as well as prominent film men, including ture form at various studios in and around 
Harry B, lta/er, president of the All Star New York for the past three or four months, . 
Feature Corporation and director-general of effected n working agreement with the World he Is again on duty. 
the Itala Film C«.. : Ingvn.ll C. Oes, president Film Corporation last week whereby the Kobe Evans, of the Scllg Stock Co., who 
of the Great Northern Film Company : Her- latter concern will market the theatrical lias earned an enviable reputation as a public 
hert Blache, president of the Exclusive firm's productions, speaker during several political campaigns 
Supply .Corporation, Solax and Blache Fea- , .„__, __„_.„., «..«,„«,, ,«,■„,,» »no ln the South, was called upon last week by 
lures, and Jose.rvh R. Miles, general manager **£!&*£?££?¥"* J£VMEAE£Sl3SS Alderman Carmack and several other city 
of the Exclusive .Supply Corporation. JI„„. SH %?. li „ „t.«?H.?rfI. ^ fathers, who besought her to speak on Pcr- 
Three features a week will comprise the WORLD FILM CORPORATION 80na i liberty before the great meeting of 
Immediate releases, which will rapidly be A well known foreign film manufacturing the United Societies, held last Sunday. Miss 
Increased. Inasmuch as Cnaadlan exhibitors company, now allied with one of the largo Evans thanked her visitors for the compll- 
ran a. feature at least two days, this will groups of motion picture producing concerns, 
ensure a weekly feature program. Herbert will, it is said, when their contract expires, 
Lubln, executive head of Allied Features, cease releasing their product through the dls- 
Inc, la a strong advocate of a diversified trlbuUng channels now ln use. 

ments, but declared she was too busy with 
her professional duties to comply with tbelr 
Tub Sellg Polyscope Co. has received a 

program, and declared flls system of ex- The World Film Corporation may become very valuable consignment of unusual and 

changes would release weekly a series of the American marketing agents, 

sensational, classical and notable play sub- .,-,-■,■,,,, .„«,,« rTnrl fnlvniv 

ieots. the latter to have tne advantage of ^H-fi&lgfiLf ^SSSL^SVSR 

the name prsstlgo of soma well known legltl- 
mrfte star. ■ 



Interesting films from our far Intend posses 
.sions that show <tbo habits and customs of 
tbe Aborigines, la very vivid fashion. This 
series of film is considered a very valuable 
addttlon to the great and growing catalogue 
of Seiig educational), which Is tho most 

It Is conceded by those "In the know" ln the universal this week 

Ray Smnllwood and Ethel Grandln leave unique and comprehensive of any film col 

film circles that Allied Features, Inc.. Is tho 
answer to another and vastly important co- 

alition, of film exchanges announced a week The Vita-graph, will be her next .nop, 

Augustus -Carney Is no longer a Universal 

«r so Ago ln this paper. At the time that 
the latter combination was forming the All 
Star Feature Corporation representatives at- 
tended a meeting held in a New York 
hotel sot a hundred miles from Forty- 
second Street and Broadway. Through this 
tact becoming known to the sleuths (?) of 
« small Western amusement paper the peri- 
odical ln question Immediately jumped to the 
conclusion that the All Star, Famous Play- 
ers and Lasky concerns bad consolidated. 
Tho fact of the matter was thit the hot-jl 

lection ln Hie country. W. N. Sellg spared 

neither effort nor expense to secure the very 

Leah Balrd leaves the Imp Co. this week, best records of strange peoples in the odd 

corners of the earth. 

Cbas. Dc Forrest has loft the Crystal Co. 

lte. Augustus Is known to fame as "Alkali TW o FAMOUS BEAUTIES APPEAR AT 


Rumor has It that Warren Kerrigan also 
may jump shortly. 

Wbat's up 1 




The mixed program now being offered at 
George Klelnc's new Candler Theatre is caus- 
ing comment of the two beautiful women 
playing the respective leads. Probably not 
before in the annals of plcturodom have two 
such expensive beauties been featured on tho 

Seng's wonderful production of Hex same bill. Lyda Borelll la unqucstlonab y 

. BeacbTs book, "The Spoilers." now in its tho highest paid motion picture actress i In 

ineoting was generally known throughout thj eighth consecutive week at the Studebakor, tie world. She plays the lead In Tho 

-»- Naked Truth," tho big production which 

Alt Star Corporation was con- wnen tne iomous L,amos uiuo a 

s. w. a, paper printed the an- annual Gambol at the Auditorium. 

of the alleged combination. pened that William Farnum, who v 

all doubt ln the matter and to Man Behind the Gun" ln one of 

eeraed, the s, 
»oun cement ol . 

To settle all doubt in the matter and to Man Behind the Gun" ln one of the big 
■ake it clear to our esteemed Western skits given by this extraordinary coterie of 

It hap- sic for which was written for Qvery move- 
was "The ment of the film. Both women represent the 
highest kind of clean-cut Italian beauty. 




"A Kingdom at State," the three reel 

Zt the tnflSraii i^t .Sos£ tr? Tales from the Tslde Klelne-BJcllpse feature, is scheduled for re- 
e?'win doo\rof% , he 8t s a tuaXJie? tS^\u\SZ ft-jgSS'jSrf Fllm C ° mPan7, " 
iky and Summer, notwithstanding the tons of Ice * »P««hU feature Juno Jl>. 

friends, we will elucidate once more: The artists, embracing one hundred and fifty 

Paramount Pictures Corporation will di3- well known aclors and singers, was tbe hero 

tribute the prodU'.-- of Famous Players, Lasky (Roy Glcnister) In "The Spoilers." It so 

and Bosworth. There has not been, Is not, happened that the stage door ot _the t Audi- 
•nd as tho publicity promoter of one oT 
film concerns mentioned states, never 
•e. any combination of the F. P., Lasky _. 

Bosworth concerns in the manufacturing end that are daily consumed ln the rofrh?orat»r HILLIARD REFUSES TO SIGN A CON 

•f the business. Hope it's clear now even to of the Studebakcr Theatre, Manager Samuel TRACT IN WHICH HE CAN NAME 

tbe denizens of what Fritz Beecroft aptly Lederer leaves the side, doors openod by night, HIS OWN salary— so WOULD ANY- 

terms Sour G.-.ipeville. and lnstructd the guards on this occasion to ONE UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES. 

MTPirraT mrii rAnnnniwAK Timvfis ,et the Lambs have peeps at It If they j t torj . t evcrjp actor who tlx \B financially 

Mir iwHim? a?S?rhT1 to TEST Si 001 ' 1 ^f p ^.. to come ^Ti £° n "*» aW» *» refuse to sign a contract calling for 

ppVTn htIth r^vsn^i^w The result of this was a continual procession hiB apP earance before tbo camera at a salary 

PENN. STATE CENSOR LAW. back and forth across the alley of strange to be named by tie actor himself. 

Suits were besun last wesV In Phlladel- characters, gor/teouEly garbed, as the curl- Yet thl8 experience came to Robert nil- 

•hla by the Mutual Film Corporation, tho ous Lambs) rushed over between acts and llBrd tho 8tar of .-r he Argyle Case," re- 

Interstato Film Co. and tlie Overbrook The between "cues" In order to witness the pro- c^t!,, in Los Angeles. 

•rtre Co. to rawraln the Sute board of con- gross of ' The .Spoilers. De Wolf Mopper. During Mr. HJIIIard's engagement In tbe 

•ore from carrying out th new State law Wilton Lackaye, Frank Croxton, Glen Uall, An „ e , <* lty ho rIg , tco tho ^^ Monica 

wbkh requires that all films exhibited in Thomas Wise, 1> rank Mclntyre, Maclyn Ar- 8tua io of the New York MoUon Picture 

Pennsylvania be first examined by tho cen- b 1 uc ' : , le > Andrew Mack, Charles J. Ross, Irving Corp . Director-General Thomas II. Ince per- 

•ore, who exact a fee of $2.50 for every Berlin. George 'Nosh, Edwin .Stevens, Blchle »o n a]iy conducted Mr. HUUard about the 
thousand feet of film exhlblteL This act'on Ling. Jos. W. Herbert, together with Edward scattered "locations," explained to him tho 
Is merely a test case In order to take th 3 Abeles, Brewster^s Millions, • and Joseph va8t resources of tho New York Motion Plc- 

thonsnad feet of film 

. tho constitutionality of the act tested, ture actors themselves, and many other stars been deeply impressed with tho bigness and 
«he law want into effect June. 1, but by hopped across theaUev and stood pranced importance of all he hod seen, Mr. Ince 


reason of thS liol Drying* TsHrted I tt« So"on» the call boys had great difficulty in alk^d: 

■T^lflfljTj n» TT - 8 - ■ • - hrlM ttay baek fc duty "The Spoilers'' ™.# ow would yon ]lke u, pUly yu Ar „ Io 

Mt to put the act Into effect until a court nndoubtedly made the biggest hit of any- Ca^. and 'A Fool There Was" for us?" 

tteclslon Is reached. ^^S on the side tue Lambs Gambol had ..rjke nothing bittter ln tho world," 

In the meantlm* Fred's L. Brcltinger, ?oe n t J Us t 8 ?^ ^, .i.?*^"? 11 ^ act . s .^I'S promptly answered Hllllard. 

■aOMTtWaSbd of SUte Censors, las d *° n » lr f „ Jo i U th P "i V» tSlh^tJS^ni c^S "A. r ' Sl,t ' ,OU ' r0 °" ! COme "° f ft- th .? ? fflCe 
{peneu offices at Thirteenth, nnd Vine Streets, allegro to see the blr fight scene, and came nna - dictate your own contract Don't be a 
■hero a pr^octlng imS will , also bS located! back with emotions he admitted were too big b lt bashful about the matter of salary: I'm 

for his musical chords to master. j U8t gamo enough to stand for anything you 

The universal opinion was that "The think you oueht to have," Ince said. 

It was a speech that would have landed 
any actor ln the world— ithat is, any actor 

Up to date some one hundred films have nl- 
ady been censored* 

The lob thiit the 'censors have on hand Is Spoilers" bad real leadership In motion pic- 
i envious one. ai there are two hundred turea. "Dully Gee I" remarked the enthu- 


on _ 

each of* these "hou^es"haV™new r films every operatic comrade, Dlg6y Bell, "did you see " The well l.'ked and clever ots? explained : 

*»y, It Is feared St it will be n rlhyslcal BUI Farnum give him 'the twice over Y It "You see, I have 'been married only a matter 

impossibility for th» censors to havo each was the limit, believe mo" "Sure." ad- of three weeks now. Tho ceremony occurred 

fim censored unle-ga they obtain the services mltted the canny connouteur, Bell. "Ira not during my ci.gagiment in Denver, and I 

■X luge number ot assistants, « oln « to spend live dollars to so to fights want a real txmtfmm ttxno M f i BB BI I can 

ME and BILL 

A charming poetic play 
of rural life, showing the 
sentimental side as it 
drifts through three gen- 
erations. A series of won- 
derful attractive human 
documents with a strong 
heart hold 

Released June 22 



Girls are the premium In a locality where a O.ully loose their attmoUvo MM nisldn by tho 

nuttrliiionlal route. A clover Comedy dealing with a perplnxlng problem ingeniously. 

On the suma reel With •'DOC YAK AND TUB LIMITED TAAIN". A "hummer". 


A youus pair from tho country hnvo rxcltlnir trials In the great city nttd Itapptly (tee from It* 
temptations to peace and prosperity at home. A well constructed drama, with u stronit moral. 




envied for his wraith by u n worthy rclntlvvs tiostnwi 
most good. A wholesome contribution tor Hellg's funny Friday. 

An old sailor who Is envied for his wraith by u n worthy rclntlvvs liostows It whoro It does tho 

fa .. 


dd criminal surroundlnKS rise; 
traits of winsome wuumuiiooii. 

A girl raised amid criminal surroundings rlsos aiinorlor lo tliom, nml shows tho nobler 

A vivid and forceful play. 


8co the big events ln Mexico and elsewhere In tho World. HKLKAHi:i> wii.nha vs AND 


K. ii.— SBLIO'S postern have combined charm of attractive drawing mid lioautlful color* 
Oct the linel Ono-sheots on ail releases; threes uud sixes on mnltlplu reels. 



The Popular Favorite 


In the Famous international Romance 

"One of Our Girls" 

Ry the Noted Dramatist, 

A dramatic presentation of a dashing; American girl's 
trials and triumphs abroad 


An enthralling story, founded on the blg-.bailc realities of lift 
—a tale of ennobling Impulses and faithful love 
Hazel Dawn's «rst appearance before (he camera 1. a acreeB 
event and due to h«r brilliance, charm and complete lovell- 
ncii, "One of Our Girl," preient* a totally new heroine. 




213-229 W. 26tb Strut, tow York 

ADOLPB zi'Kim, Preildant 

¥ 30 

' f-AMOUS- 


S^A YtAP-y 

Munuglny Director 

KWiM *. rami 

TciMiulcul Director 

r 30 ^ 






Booths 381. 382, 383, 384 


PROGRAM— Thursday Afternoon 



Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Co. 

Long Acre Theatre 



Director (loneml 

I. V. o. 

W. 48th Street 

Trc ub. A (lea'l Jlanagor 

think ot. lo thin end I am bringing my tour <im going to lump direct to London. Sorry 
In "llic Argylc- Cantf to a sudden tormina- timt 1 cannot tnke ndvnnlngo to WTttO my 
tloa la U>j Argdee. ITrom tills Uno city I «wn salary In a contract, tor that I* A ftea*' 

io:U t 

. IS 'i I* 

»a.f* i 

j .1. 

■ /'I. 
V Kt 

t :-'! 



June 13 

am I btro been dreaming of *v*r slat* 1 at- remuneration I'd loop at yonr tntroat ana 

tracted managerial attention to tie extent o< SSfSlioff*^ '**•* *° r " M ■ am < * a ~ 

having my same In the b% typo In *dm- "mShuu,^ ^oold worry about money 

tltements. I admire everything that I hav* matter* when tbe newly mate Mrs. Robert 

seen. It's wonderful, la thla photodiama boat- Milliard la worth something like Are all- 

ncss, and If I didn't want a hontjmoon bet- Hon In her own name. She Is the daughter 

ter than anything la the snap* of financial of Ehrot. tbe New York brewer. 



1>Y lt*X. 


The present M. P. exposition at tbe Of and 
Central Palace New York, started off finely 
Monday and baa done a larger tuttneea for 
tbe firai three days than tbe gbow held In 
New York last year. A comtriet* enrono- 
logtcal report of tbe apace holder* general 
activities, etc., will be recorded In the next 
Issue of tblo paper. 


Win. N. Bclig la home at headquarters In 
Chicago after a brief 'but busy experience In 
California, where be baa been Inspecting and 
regulating tbe Sellg Interest! In Loa Angeles. 
Thomas Nash, who bad been associated with 
Mr. Bells for many years, formerly manager 
of the Sellg Edendale studio, resigned, and 
Thomas Persons, who bad been next In 
length In Sellg service, was appointed as tbe 

fencral mensg/r, and will continue In bis 
ormer capacity as manager of tbe Sellg zoo. 

Tbe artistic department of tbe Sellg Poly- 
scope Co., In Los Angeles, was never more 
active or progressive than it is at present. 
Tbe stock company unitedly enlists over a 
hundred people and seven producers, each 
with his Individual company, are continually 
at work utilizing the sunlit boars. MY. 
Sellg, who superintended the start of "Thn 
Adventures of Kathlyn," "Tbe Spoilers" aa» 
other noted films that have made tho name 
famous as a household word, started work 
on "The Boaary," a big seven reel subject 
based upon Rowland A Clifford's melodra- 
matic masterpiece by Edward Hose, which 
baa been a wonderful stage success for many 
seasons. Producer Colin Campbell will have 
charge of this big production, while Kathlyn 
Williams, Charles Clary. Wheeler Oakman 
and other popular players will figure promi- 
nently In the cast, which will be notably 
strong. On the completion of thla play Mr. 
Campbell and his players will voyage to tbe 
Panama Canal Zone, where thuy will visual- 
tie Bex Beach's romance, •The Ne'er Do 
Well." Tbe farsightedness of W. N. Sella 
long ago discerned the possibilities of 
Pnnamn, and for four years peat bis oper- 
atives have secured every Important stage of 
the greatest engineering project the world 
baa ever known, so that tneee important 
records may come In handy in association 
with this new production, which Is claimed 
will rival "The Spoilers." The spirited and 
colorful romance of B. M. Bowers. "Chip of 
tbe Flying U," is being produced in Cali- 
fornia with Tom Mir, the champion cowhoy, 
in tbe leading role, which will sustain tbe 
leadership of tbe diamond S brand in the 
Western line. 

TbomaB Snntsciii, who has been associated 
with the Sellg Stock Company longer than 
any other actor, has been appointed a pro- 
ducer, a position well earned both for faith- 
fulness and artistic capacity. Bessie Eyton, 
another well known member of the organiza- 
tion, will soon appear as the heroine in a 
series of unique and attractive playa. She 
has a gift for comedy as well as emotional- 
ism, and Is remarkably resourceful in ac- 
complishing the dangerous tasks that may 
fall to the lot of the picturo player. This 
new series is of marine character, and will 
show daring as a swimmer and her skill as 
a sailor. 

The Sellg Zoo a most desirable tract of 
fifty acres, situated In the city of Los An- 
geles, Is being placed within attractive bound- 
ary walls, and will have an Imposing Interest 
as unique as It Is artistically attractive. This 
tmpovement, which ins been under way for 
considerable time, will be completed some 
time In September, and will certainly give 
Loa Angeles tbe most remarkable zoo In the 
country. Mr. Sellg has alreadv the largest 
collection of carnlvora of any similar estab- 
lishment In tbe world and Is constantly add- 
ing the rarest types of afl wild animals to 
this remarkable menagerie. In addition to 
tbe fauna of many cones, the flora of tbe 
6elt(T Zoo Will compare favorably with any of 
the famous botanical gardens. Arthur Ben- 
ton, architect of tbe famous Mission Inn, at 
Riverside, Cal., has all tbe architectural plan- 
ning associated with tbe Improvements of 
tbe aoo. and will make them harmonious and 
Attractive. Signer Carlor Romanelll, tbe 
Italian sculptor, wbo has made a record in 
Chicago, is on the ground modeling a series 
of arched entrance, end make tbe facade al- 
together Interesting and Imposing. A num- 
ber of these animal groups have been de- 
signed with a view to fountain forms, and be 
placed at advantageous intervals on one 

John 0. Robinson, of Cincinnati, of tbe 
famous circus family, who for half a century 
have ministered tbe entertainment of tbe 
country, a man particularly versed with all 
that pertains to too making and keening up 
a fine menagerie, baa been engaged for this 
service at the Sellg Zoo, and the result of 
ids care and selection la showing in tbe 
finest aggregation of wild anlmt.1* In cap- 
tivity. Some idea of the else of this col- 
lection may be gleaned when It it stated that 
Mr. Sellg owns now over four score lions, 
sixteen tigers, twenty leopards (Including a 
pair of rare black leopards), not to remark 
Mars, wolveB and the smaller carnlvora. In 
tbe herblvora class he has a pair of beautiful 
giraffes, six elephants, fifteen camels, two 
pair or sebrae — some fine blooded horse 
stock, Including a fine Arabian stallion. 
With the elaborate plana of this Sellg enter 
prise only partially complete, It looks as 
though It were destined to become tbe most 
famous wild animal too. 


The Universal Film Company save an In- 
formal dance to the West Coast employees 
June 6, in appreciation of the splendid work 
of every man and woman connected with the 
organization in making up for recent nrc loss 
la New York. 

The dance was held at the Hollywood 
studios on the great four hundred foot 
stage, which was enclosed with canvas and 
golly decorated for tbe occasion. Refresh- 
ments were also served. 

Herbert Rnwllnson, leading man in Otis 
Turner's special feature company (Univer- 
sal), not only looks to bo the ideal type of 
American manhood, but such is actually the 
case. Mr. Rawllnson Is one of the most well 
known amateur athletes In Southern Cali- 
fornia. He bas medals for swimming and 
rawing, and has only recently acquired a 
biplane with no other motive In view tban 
the outdoor sport It will afford. 

"May we do your head on King 
Edward, President Wilson and Mark Twain 
are among those whose faces we have pre- 
served to future generations." 

So wrote an art company to Jack Warren 
Kerrigan, handsome star of the Victor pro- 

"Phewl" said tbe actor when he received 
tbe letter. "Bom«r classy company I'm In, a 
monarch, a president and a humorist." 

Ethel GranAln. the "linn" of the Imp Com- 
pany, is to be eeeh shortly in the role of a 

female reporter. It It th* lead Initte ml 
melodrama, known as "The R*porteT."»»»w 
being produced by Bay UmaKwood, director, 
at the Imp studio. 



Frank Crane, 8. P. D. (Soft Pedal Di- 
itctor). experienced rather a difficult tlae 
in living op to his reputation WWI» stagiag 
tbe two-part melodrama, "Tbe Bkall," lafet 
completed at tbe Imp studio. Six fistic 
battles — mors or less strenuous, and mostly 
more — ere among tbe features of tbe pta*. 
.Frank was tbe principal combatant In sev- 
eral of them. His opponent was a fallow 
twice bis alie, but Freak insists thai Be 
Lever yelled 'lime" .once. Alexander Otden 
and Dorothy Phillip* enact tbe lead roles. 
The play la by Stuart Paton. 

Wben the play, In two reels, will hare 
been UniBhed at tne Imp studio. King Maggot 
will hate established a record. King will 
have enacted every role, fourteen In alt, 
from tin cowboy heroine to tbe scheming 
villain. Naturally there will be a wealth of 
doable and even trkple photographic effect*. 
Tbe play Is from the pen of George Hall, and 
in feeing produced by Mr. Baggot himself. 


When tbe enlarsement and refitting of 
the Imp studio Is completed, sil the present 
scenery at tbe studio will have been replaced 
with new and considerably Improved sets. 
Also, all tbe lighting systems win have been 
remodeled, a fact that will materially Im- 
prove what with the new developing plant 
that Is being Installed ,the Imp photography. 


Al. Christie, director of the Nestor come- 
dies, in aiding In tbe re-bulldlng of the 
bumod program. Always tar ahead of bis 
own releases, tbe comedy director offered to 
produce tbree dramas to fill in belated re- 

Tbe personnel of tbe Christie company. In- 
cluding Victoria Korde, Stella Adams. Eddie 
Lyons and Lee Morn, did a quick about-face 
act and threw themselves wholeheartedly 
Into drama. 

"The Way of Life" a story of the peculiar 
acts of fate In the underworld, bas been com- 
pleted. "On Rugged Shores" will be anothet 
bit of realism, while the third Christie drama 
will be "Tbe Good Within." 

Henry McRae and hU company of Uni- 
versal Players will sail from Honolulu for 
San l-'rauclsco on board tbe Steamship i/ol- 
sonlo, June 3. The company is due to arrive 
in the California city June 0, returning to 
tbe West Coast studios at Hollywood June 10. 

The company, Including William Clifford, 
Sherman Balnbrldge, Marie Walcamp and 
Lule Warrenton, among tbe principals, im- 
mediately upon their return to Hollywood 
will commence a series of big animal features. 

The Rolands Feature Film. Co., of New 
York, tbe producers and owners of the sen- 
satloual five-reel photoplay, "Trapped In the 
Great Metropolis/' bas made arrangements 
with the Trans-Oceanic Films, Inc., to act 
as its English representative. 

Allyn 13. Carrlck. vice president and gen- 
eral manager of tbe Trans-Oceanic Co., who 
sailed for England on Friday, June 0. on 
the St. Louis, carried with him a print of 
this photo-drama, together with a nil line 
of advertising matter. While In England 
Mr. Carrlck will arrange through the London 
headquarters of his firm for the sale of the 
negative of "Trapped In the Great Metrop- 
olis." or for the booking of this film in Eng- 
position in tbe Montreal exchange. 


Batting over 400, Charles Handford. re- 
cent manager of the Montreal office of tbe 
Interaction Feature Film Corporation, Ltd., 
was entertained at dinner last week in New 
York by Herbert Lubln, president and gen- 
eral manager of tbat company, which lately 
bas been taken over by the Allied Features, 
Inc. Handford is ploying centre field for 
the Buffalo Federal League Baseball Club. 
At the end of the season he will resume bis 
position in the Montreal exchange. 


Contracts were signed last week between 
Felix Isman, of New York, and Carlo Sola- 
mengp, of tbe Itala Film Company, of Turin, 
for tbe presentation of d'Annunzlo's remark- 
able photo-spectacle at the New Champs 
Elysees Opera House, in Paris, directly fol- 
lowing the present highly successful season 
of grand opera by tbe Boston Opera Com- 
pany, under Henry Russell's direction. The 
signing of this agreement followed tbe sen- 
sational success In New York, and Mr. Ismi>n 
states that tbe motion tableaux will be pre- 
sented in Paris with an orchestra of sixty- 
live musicians, and tbat the entire chorus 
of the present Boston Opera, Company will be 
retained to provide the accompaniment. 
Wtlllam Gane who will act as Mr, Isman'a 
special representative, sailed on tbe /itera- 
tor Saturday to arrange the detail* for the 


Frank Montgomery, the director of the 
Indian photoplays which feature Mona Dark- 
feather, at the Kalem Company, is offering 
two prises, one of $75 and one of $25, for 
tbe best songs with music with an Indian 
theme. The prize songs to be the sole prop- 
erty of Frank Montgomery, and to be copy- 
righted and published by him with the 
writers' names. All rejected scores will be 


Jaw 15.— 'It* Prise Employer" (Oom.1 
Jeer lf>— "Bwwn's Bachelor Supper" (tan.) 
3«s«l».— "Be* Neighbors Next Door*' (Dr.) 
JahsxTj.— -By the Old Deed Tree" (Or. 

Jar* 15.— "Mrs. Paytra's Pearls" (Dr. Part 1 1. 
Jess 15.— "Mrs Peyton's Pestle' • (Dr. Past 2). 
BE- "The Missing Jewels" (Dr.) 
Jane IT.— "Home Baa Baker's Doable" (Dr. 

Part 1). 
June 17.— "Hunt Ben Baker** DoahW" (Dr. 

p*n i ) . 

June 18. — "Th* Wages of Sin" (Oom.) 
Jane 1».— "Military Tattoo at AUcrflbot Big- 
Baas 20.— "Brought to Jostle*" (Dr.) 

Jane }».— "Whiffles, the Spotter" (Oom.) 

" — "OOornsille., Brliuay" (Travel). 
Jlm 16,— "Blast* ExptttBMDts is Efcetrteiry" 

Jon* St.—" 

til es, Bi 



June 1A— 'Taretigh tie Bsapeores" (Travel). 
Job* 1L— "Paths Weekly No. 41, 1914" (News). 

Jane llv— "tie Adventure* of Kathlys" (No, 

Jane If.— "The Court of Death" (Dr. Part 
Jane IS.— "Tee Omrt of Dsstk" (Dr. Part 
Jane 1*.— "Beaiet-StUf News Pleterial" No. 

k ltST I 
Jane 16,— "How Lone 'Volt DM'! (Dr.) 

i IT.— ''Castles In tt 
i IS.— "Btsrst-eeUc 
i It.— "Peter's Ma 

the Air" (Dr.) 
News Pictorial" 






Jane _. 

Jaaeii.— '•Ceteksa" f 

June 120.— "1st Girl at Bit Side* 
June 15.— "The Orbs* of Cal a' 
Jane 15.— "A WsjwaM " 

• Pen 1). 
Jane I*.— "A Wayward Daughter" 

JnMl7.-'ttf Ladles' War" (Oom.) 
June J8.— "Oely _a Sister" (Dr.) 

No. 31 


Daughter" (Oom. -Dr. 

Pertinent Mr. 


Jane ».— " 

June BO. — "Father's Flirtation" (Oom. Part 1) 
June BO.— "Father'a Flirtation" (Oom. Part I). 

June 15.— "The Adventure of the 


June !«.— 'The Gap" (Dr.) 

Jane IT.— "A Modem Baiaaon" (Oaav) 

Jane IT. — "On the Steps" (Coin.) 

Jane It. — "The Hand ot Honor" (Dr. Part 1). 

June It.— "Tbe Hsod of Horror" (Dr. Psrt 2). 

June ».— "In the Days of Bmvery" (Dr.) 

June (6.— "Tbe Little 'He and She" ■ (Com. -Dr.) 
Jane 17. — "Tbe Fable of the 'Braah Drummer and 

the Nectarine' " (Com.) 
June 18.— "The Wooing of Sophie'' (West Dr.) 
Jane ft.— "Finger Prints" (Dr. Part 1 ). 
Jane It.— "Finger Prints" (Dr. Pert 2). 
Jane 20.— "Broncho BUry, Outlaw" (West. 


(0, Klein*,) 
June IS. — "On* Woman's Way" 
June 15. — "One Woman's Way" 

Jane 18 "The Shell Comb Industry" (ted.) 

Jane 19.— "Good Older" (Com.) 

Jan* IT "The Straggle Everlasting" (Dr. 

Part 1). 
Jane IT. — "The Straggle Everlasting" (Dr. 

Part 2). 
June 18. — "Tbe Honse of Darkness" (Dr. Part 1). 
June 18. — "The House of Darkness" (Dr. Part 2). 
June 19. — "The Parent Stialn" (Dr.) 
Joe* 20.— "Getting Solid with Pa" (Com.) 
June 20.— "Long May It Wave" (Com.) 

Jane 15. — "On tbe Bea:h" (Com.) 
Jnne IT. — "Hts Dream PoHrlM" (Com.) 
Jnne IT. — "Rrerybody's Doing It" (Com.) 
Jane 18.— "Hidden Death" (Dr. Psrt I). 
June 18.— "Hidden Death" (Dr. Pa.t 2). 
June 20.— "Pills and Plllt" (Com. Part 1). 
June 20.— "Ptli* and I'll !»" .(Oom. Part X). 




Part 1). 

Jane 15.- 
Jane 19.- 

Jnne 15- 
Jaoe 18- 

Jane 15.- 
Joee 18- 

Jase 18.—' 

Jane 16.— 

Jnne 15. — 

Jsne 17.- 
Jooe 19.- 

Jnne 1T.- 

jene 20.- 

June 17.- 
June 21.- 

Jone 18.- 




"The PnBdhlll Lorers" iWrst. Dr.) 
"A Singular Cynic" (Oca. S reels). 

"Tbe Baited Trap" (Dr. 2 reels). 
"The Fatal Step" (D.-.l 

"Kids" (Juvenile Oom ) 
"A Jealous Husband" (Com.) 

Gold Seal. 
'Lucille bote, tbe Girl of Mystery" 
(Dr. 2 reels). 

Iloxet and Boxers" ami "Foolish Lov- 

Uulversal Ike. 
•Universal Ike Jr. B*urly Won HV" 

■" 'Cross tb* Mevlcan Line" (Dr. 
■ 'Sophie of tbe Films" (Com.) 

"Th* Fatal Step" (Dr.) 
"A Oalet Day at Murphy's" (Oom.) 

■"The Mask of Affliction" (Wert. D.\ 
2 nelai 
-"The Bluadeier'a Mark' (West. Dr.) 

."Tb* Law Unto Himself' (Dr. 2reeli). 
-"Tbe flxrlock Boob" (Oom.) 

-"The Brand of Oain" (Dr.) 

101 Bison, 
-"The Forbidden Uoom" (Dr. S reels). 

■"HU Diet* Rehearsal" (Dr.) 

returned it accompanied by return postage. 
The songs should be submitted to Frank 
Montgomery, S447 Russell Avenue, East 
Hollywood, Los Angeles, Cal. 

The director of the Eclair etudlo at Tuc- 
son, Arts., baa been on a still hunt for tbe 
UtBt few days for forty bull snakes, a strange 
sort of property, to be sure, but they are 
absolutely necessary to the filming of an O. 
Henry story entitled "Wildcat Represents," 
which tbe Eclair Players are making at the 
present time. In one scene of this picture 
the leading character, "Wildcat," breaks up 
a lynching party by turning forty bnfl 
snakes loose among tbe "necktie party," and, 
with his customary desire for true atmos- 

Ehore and realiBm, tbe Kclalr director will 
ave nothing but tbe real article. Thus far 
he has managed to gather In three of tbe 
writldng creatures, and It Is a notable fact 
that all of the players around the Tucson 
stnflio are giving the boudoir of tbe snakes 
a wary eye and a wide berth. A large 
nmotint of excitement is promised to all 
those who witness the taking of the scene, 
in which the bull snakes will take tbe leading 


June 16 "Jim" (Dr. 2 reeUV 

June IT.— "The Unmasking" (Dr.) 

June 15.— "Oor Mutual flirt. Bo. 24." 
Jane 17. — "Tbe Pe*ch Brand" (Dr.) 
June 20.— "The Stolen Code" (Dr. 2 n*ls). 

run* 16.— "Itemors*" (Dr. 3 reds). 
June It.— "The Man wiinoat Fear" (Dr.) 
June 21. — "The Outlaw's Kemesti" (Oom. -Dr.) 


June 16 "Their First Acquaintance" (Dr.) 

June 21. — "The Severed Thong" (Dr. S reels). 

June 15,— "The Dream Ship" (Dr.) 


Jnne IT.— "Tbe Boor of Reckoning" (Dr. 2 

June 18.— "In the Soothers Bills" (Dr. 2 reels). 

June 18.— "Mutual Olrl Weekly No. 77." 

June IS.— "Tbe Vole* at tbe Phone" (Dr. 3 

Wd * ) ' P 
Jnne It.— "The Little Seaorlta" (Dr.) 

June 20.— "Such a Business and tbe Busy Mas." 

June 21— "Tbe Deceiver" (Oom.) 

Nsw Marssno.— >'Sspbo." 


TaaMHCUSSB.— "Robin Hood." 

TRiirHoussa. — "K Lec*n<l of rrovtace." 

TiiiNHOtssa. — "Krou-Frou " 

THAHnoussa. — "Joseph in the iJind of 

TiuNnorsSK. — 'Cardinal BicMieu's Wsi 

Kai-Btr. — "Tb* Battle of Gettysburg." 

JCbtstohs. — "Kn, Zo, the Bandleader." 

MajasTic. — >"Ruy Diss." 

Musbtic. — "Itoar. the SerTitor." 

B A M.— "Tbe Great Leap." 

B * M.— "The Gangsters of N«ir York.' 

R a M.— "The Battle of th* Braes." 

B a M — "Tb* Floor Above." 

B a M.— "The Dishonored Aleaal." 

II 101 HI 



(GUlen Patent) 







(Dapnl* Patent) 


' 4 

The Perfect Projection Machine 

Kind e rg a r ten s 


T. M. C. A's 


Traveling Salesmen 
Scientific Lecturers 
Home Entertainment 


ECLAIR Fill COMPIM, Inc., lannte*™ and MriMm 




B A M.— "The Mountain Sat." 

Mutuil Spbo. — "Seeing Sootb America with 

Mutual Srac,— "Mexican War Pictures." 
a— *^^^^ 


Maurice Brodkln, of the Dmby Feature 
Film Co., of Neir York, ■would ltke very much 
to relieve th-i Itala Film Co. of America, of 
which Harry B. Haver Is the director gen- 
eral, of the tidy sum or $50,000. 

Not piastres, rubles or ponrtolky's. but good 
old Yankee stmoleons, and not a cent less 
than 50,000 either. 

Mr. Brodkln's yearning In this regard Is 
tbe cause of a lawsuit Instituted last week 
by aim in the Supreme Court against the 
Itala concern. Specifically alleging that he 
deems "Cablria," which wonderful photo- 
spectacle is the prime cause of the litigation, 
a "general" release, Brodkln asserts In the 
court papers, that Inasmuch as he holds a 
territorial contract for all of the Itala Cc's 

feneral releases that he bas been damaged 
o that extent by not being allowed to dis- 
tribute and exhibit, the big production lu 
question. Furthermore, tbe plaintiff asks an 
lnjnnctlon restraining the further exposition 
of the feature now playing to capacity at 
tbe Knickerbocker Theatre, at Broadway and 
Tblrty-nlnth Street. New York. 

Werba A Luescber control tbe American 
rights. Arthur Bell Gkaham Is the attorney 
engaged to defend the action for tbe Itala 

The chief question Involved seems to be 
tbe interpretation of tbe term "general re- 
lease." Tbe concensus of opinion among New 
York film men Is that "Cablria" does not 
come under tbe head of wbat Is commonly 
termed a "general" release, but Is most de- 
cidedly a "special" of the first grade.. How- 
ever, the Supreme Court will determine tbe 
issue in tbe coarse of the next few weeks. 
i e 


The New York Motion Picture Co. has just 
completed an ambitious effort In a motion 
picture of most pretentious proportions. It 
Is a sensational spectacle, entitled "The De- 
struction of &skurarJla>a ; or, tbe Wrath of 
the Gods." The photoplay was produced 
under the personal direction of Thos. H. 
luce, wno was responsible tor tbe successful 
feature productions now famous and known 
under the titles of "The Battle of Gettys- 
burg" and "Cutter's Last Fight." 

For some months past Manager Ince has 
teen gathering together tbe performers for 
this stupendous offering, which shows tbe 
volcano In action, with lava flowing, ashes 
falling, bouces crumbling, whole villages 
burning and the pandemonium attending 
such catastrophes. An entire Japanese com- 
pany was engaged for tbe production, among 
which Is said to be some of the cleverest 
actor and actreases of the Flowery Kingdom, 
and who are famous In their own country. 
■ s 


Annette Kellermann, the star of "Neptune's 
Daughter," the feature film now running at 
the Globe Theatre, has arrived In Paris, 
where, under the direction of Nellie Melba, 
sbe la taking vocal lessons with a view of 
going Into grand opera. Years ago, when 
Melba began her singing career In Australia, 
Miss Kellermann's mother played her accom- 
paniments, snd now In return Melba has un- 
dertaken to prepare the daughter of her old 
friend for opera. 

" a i 


Joseph Partridge, former general manager 
of the Canadian offices of the General Fum 
Company, has been pat In charge of the same 
territory by the World Firm Corporation 

Due to the able management of R. S. Bell, 
manager of the Toronto ofllce of tbe World 
Film Corporation, It has become necessary 
to add to their staff In order to oocn up addi- 
tional offices throughout tbe Dominion. 

Mr* John Ennny was a guest of the World 
FHm Corporation last week. 


Viola Dana, well known on the legitimate 
stage since her appearance In 'The Poor 
Little Rich Girl." has signed a contract to 
appear In pictures produced by the Edison 
Company. Her debut on the screen will be 
made In "Molly, the Drummer Boy," a Civil 
*Var picture to be releaicd soon. The Edison 
Compnny congratulates themselves on ob- 
taining seen a valuable addition to their 


A Big Redu c '* '} 'n Film, loo reels at l cent a foot, 
some at *3 a reel J have Western snd Indian r~ 

800 Sets of Song Slides, 60c. to $1 a set; 
Power's No. 6 Machine, $76; also other cheap Ma- 
chines: Model "B" Calcium Machine, (20. I also 
*>«y Film. Slide* *>md Machines, if arood. 
G. P. G ALLOT. 16 BlRhtb Ave., S. V. 


Offices were opened in New York City, Fri- 
day. June 5, by the Mott-Le-Galge Animated 
Advertising Company, a corporation formed 
bv gome of the best known figures In the 
theatrical world. Messrs. Sam H. Harris, 
Mortimer Shea, Crosby Gatge and Jack 
Welsh, general manager for Conan & Harris, 
are among those financially Interested. 

The M. L. G. Co. controls a rather re- 
markable automatic machine for the projec- 
tion of moving picture advertising in natural 
colors. By the use of a very Inexpensive and 
ingenious glass slide, photographic negatives 
taken from life are super-imposed, one over 
the other. In a war that produces an ex- 
tremely brilliant colored moving picture, th* 
translucent properties of tie glass far sur- 
passing those of any film yet devised. By 
means of this device the article advertised 
Is shown In actual use. and as complete a 
demonstration of that use given to the ob- 
server as though a salesman were demon- 
strating tbe artiele to a customer. It la 
rather startling to see tbe nationally known 
advertisements popularized by newspapers and 
magazines, actually moving and going through 
all tbe motion of real life. The pictures, 
because ot their brilliancy and lifelike colors, 
are expected to compete in Interest with tbe 
regular "movie" films when shown as intended 
in the higher grade moving picture houses. 

These pictures show equally well in .a 
darkened room or In full daylight, as th* 
show window of a store and the company I* 
confident that they will to a large extent, 
revolutionize tbe business-science of adver- 
tising, as the machine gives an actual demon- 
stration of the advertised article In use In a 
way which letter press can never accomplish. 

The machine will be a prominent feature 
of the moving picture exposition held at the 
Grand Central Palace this week. 
i •••■ ■ ■■ 


The Tltagraph Co^ under the direction Of 
James Younr, is proanclng tbe historic play 
of "David Garrick." This production will 
possess not >nly great dramatic power, but 
the most gorgeous costumes ever wom hy 
any players on the stage or in moving pic- 
tures. Mr. Young, who has played In "David 
Garrick" himself? and made a special stud? 
of the drama, will leave nothing undone that 
will tend to make It a masterpiece and tbe 
greatest feature production of the past and 
present eras. 




The Industrial M. P. Co., of Chicago, ha* 
recently completed a two reel subject wma- 

?rebenslvely ehowlng the paper Industry 
rom the time tbe trees are cut In the forest 
until the finished newspaper is In the hands 
of the public 'j he pictures were taken at the 
plant of the Minnesota and Ontario Paper 
Co.. International Falls, Minnesota, for Pea- 
body, Hougbteifng & Co.. of Chicago. 

They will be used as a feature of the Urge 
educational campaign to be conducted by 
tbe paper c oncern. ^ , . 

Horace G. Plimpton, manager of negarlv* 
production nt the Edison studio sailed »r 
Europe on May SO, on the Olympic, He will 
vlolt the principal motion picture centres, of 
Europe, end will be absent from this country 
for about six weeks. This is the trip thit 
Mr. PHmptor. bad planned to make on March 
28, but which he was compelled to postpone 
because of the disastrous fire at the Bronx 
studio, which broke out a few hours before 
he was to MIL 

i s 


The BdlMKa Cooraany, to producing a film 
of the well known play, "My Friend from 
India." In three parts, will have the services 
of Walter B Peaalns, Who took tbe lead- 
ing part In thla production when it bad <roeh 
a successfnl run m New York. City, praying 
first at tbe BlJou TOeatre ana later at tbe 
old Madison Square. 




.\ -. 





! . . * 








This question Is asked daily by the AMATEUR 8ong-Writer. Well, the writer of 
MY DADDY NOW," "CAMP MEETING BAND," etc., etc. will tell you. 

For the sum of 810.00 L. WOLFE GILBERT will RE-WRITE, REVISE, change 
"Ifs," "ands," and "buts," PUT IN A BAR WHERE YOU LEFTONEOUT, re-wrlte your 
melody, words, all that helps to make same a " hit," but HE WILL NOT PU BUSH SAM E. 


fUBOISTHB Uao latter 7011 wnd your mannscrlpt* ln-enelo*o a. ilO.OO moa« y order, and wKh w« 
manaserlpt it vriU. be eligible to b* offered to a iu! pub) liber for publl aUon. 


fclpsclal Ktre to Turn Currsa, Just 8.) 


1*1 wi 

►T 48th 8TI 

soNG-rorrraG bureau 

:^a/ v« 



•PAtnjicg Bosh writes from a ranch that 
tier holiday is nearlng Its end, and that she 
has added- considerable poundage. She has 
been writing a series of psychological ar- 
ticles for one of the prominent magazines. 
These are published under a pen name, and 
ere remarkable for their thought and in- 
eight Miss Bush Is one of the most Intel- 
lectual actresses on the tcreen. and certainly 
one of the moat earnest and deserting. 

William D. Tatlob, now filling a special 
engagement with tbe Balboa Company, baa 
received a contract to write three vaudeville 
sketches, one of which is for the Orpheom 
circuit. It la not generally known that Mr. 
Taylor haa written a number of successful 
sketches including "The Mills of tbe Gods," 
or tbst'he 1» engaged upon a psychological 
three-act play which may make its first ap- 
pearance In Los Angeles. He is also the 
author of several photoplays. .... _ 

Wiibv J. P. McGowah, of the Kalem. Co., 
selected Helen Holmes as his leading woman, 
be made a wise choice. He acknowledges 
that be ran a risk, for Miss Holmes was 
better known in tbe Artists' than the mo- 
tion picture studios, and her beautiful face 
and figure are depicted upon Boveral famous 
canvasses. Director McGowan had a talk 
with tbe ambitious voting womnn and en- 
gaged her, and Helen Holmes has far sur- 
passed his anticipation and is one of tbe 
most popular artistes on the screen. 

Wubn Carlyle Blackwell reached New Yor* 
from Los Angeles recently he found that his 
change from the Kalem to th9 Famous Play- 
ers bad been widely heralded, and one hun- 
dred and sixty-five letters of congratulation 
awaited him, which goes to show how keenly 
photo-fans follow their favorites' movements 
and keep in touch with them. 

Gbacb Cukaid underwent an operation at 
the Sisters' Hospital tbls week, and was out 
of the "Lucille company for several days. 
Before going she and Francis Ford put in 
two strenuous days taking the scenes in 
which Grace appeared. "Lucille Love" with- 
out Lucille seems like "Hamlet" without the 
melancholy Dane. Francis Ford hai worked 
up a very interesting "No. 11," with tbe 
Mexican troubles for atmosphere. 

Habbt Pollabd Is producing an interest- 
ing photoplay for the "Beauty" brand, en- 
titled "The Other Train," and in it Mar- 
garita Fischer takes a character which starts 
with girlhood and goes through to old age. 
Mr. Pollard atitoed to Los Angeles and back 
last Saturday to obtrln special costumes for 
this production. Tbe roads between Los 
Angeles and Santa Barbara are In fine con- 
dition, and Harry enjoyed the Jaant. 

Bess Meredith Is spending a few days at 
Catalina Island, where the natives are wont 
to be surprised at her many disguise*, for 
she Is BtiU "Bess, tbe Detectress, hounding 
down villains who annoyloglv turn out to 
ho very unoffending parties. Last week she 
wore a full beard for the first time. "Never 
again." says Bess, "baards taste very nasty. 
Just like old fashioned hair mattresses 1" 
Tie "Bess" series are making quite a hit 

EnvA Maison Is being featured la a strong 
military story, under t'.io direction of Charles 
Glblln. Edna has a fine acting part as a 
secret service woman, and there Is no better 
actress en tbe screen when it comes to re- 
pressed or expressed emotions. The Universal 
are outlining some big things for tbls really 
fine performer 

Cleo Madison's burned feet are not nor- 
mal yet. but she Is hard at work again. 
"Can't afford to be idle," she says. She Is 
at present entertaining a brother and his 
wife, who never saw a picture In tho making 
before. They tell Cleo that she Is a popular 
Idol in their home city, and jxnt-caras of 
her are given away frequently by the thea- 

Harold Lockwood is very enthusiastic 
over his part In "The County Chairman," 
and is just as enthuoed over his director, 
Allan Dwan, who was recently with tbe 
Universal. Lockwood has an ideal part for 
him, and bis work with the Famous Players 
ever since he started to play opposite Mary 
Plckford baa sbown a remarkable advance. 
This Is due both to tbe actor and his di- 


Tbe Cuase-LlJter baseball team, known as the 
Chase-Lister Clippers, won a one-sided game at 
Greenwood Park last -week, from tbe Essie drove 
team. Score. 9 to 1. Tie drippers bare two 
C<m«i for this week with tbe Clarion team, 
rollo— log is the score by Inning*: 

Clippers 02 100000 t 12 i 

Eacle drove 00 100000 13 5 

. Batteries: CtabUl and Kemmerer; Nobel and 


Arthur Cbattrrdon Stock On. opened Its Summer 
engagement at Lakeside Park Casino, Akron. 0.. 
week of lone 3, with "Brewater'e MIllloos" at 
tbe bin. 

Tbe company includes : Arthur Chatterdon, Win. 
McCarthy, Waller Davis, Fred R. Wlllsrd, Jerry 
©"Rears, Harrv W. Beeves. Fred Van Etteu. 
Wm. Howltt. Geo. Manning. Hamld ClsOls, 0. L. 
Douglas, Q«o. Mack. Joe Good. H. S. dlaflin. G. 
8. Manning, Lillian Albert, Flow Frost, Eva 
Jlalln, Freda Tymerson, Cocda Daroy and May 

'Tin Famllv CtrrsoASO" la the stock offering 
at tin- Bailiwick, Brooklyn, tbls week. 

"DiMAOBo. aeons'' it tbe bill at the Academy 
of Muaac. New York. 1hla week. 

Tub Oooiatock Players beaded by Pay Batoter 
and Frank Thomas, am nlaylog "Pcby Mine" 
this week at Hamulus Eleecker Hall, Albany, 
N. Y. 

Tub Foil Players, at tbe Auditorium. Balti- 
more, are ehnwiDg "fesby Mine." Wm. Desmond. 
Edith Oomnbell. Roy Gordon and Mrs. Wood- 
ibjme ,r » ■ the cast _ 

Tub Orpheus Rtoek Co. has moved frost New- 
ark N. J., to Tooagatown, O. 

Tna Musical Stock Co. for Olympic Park. New- 
ark. N. J., will open lone IS. under direction of 
Jas M. Beldeu. It Includes: Blanche Rae Ed- 
ward". Bars Rdwanls. Rattle Arnold. Edward P. 
if - pie, Erna Temnle. Vernon Dalhsrt. John C. 
gajpa a Marshall Vincent. H. P. Briggt, Chts. 
Scribner. James Black, Jas. HcKlhera. 


J. C. Raoiand has secured tbe rlfrbts to "My 
Beat Girl" (la which Oilftea Crawford began his 
career as a star), and will send the musical play 
oa a long toar, corning early In September. The 
bookings Include Chicago, where It will remain for 
an extended stay. Mr. Ragiand will toon en- 
gate bis company, which will be headed by a well 
known comedian. As entirely new scenic eulp- 
n'tnt Is now being built, 

F.LsuNon Batgrr baa been engaged by Henry 
W. tavage for tbe role of every woman next sea- 
son In Walter Browne's play of tbat name. Mr. 
Savage will send out Eievywotcan" on a big 
scale and for a long season that opens Aug. 13, 
In New London, Conn. 

P. Ziioseld Js. has signed Will Marlon Cooke. 
the composer, for the Danse de Folllee, atop the 
New Amsterdam, to arrange special novelties In 
dance music and to conduct one of the orchestras, 
commencing June 9. 

Fbancbs Fields, daughter of Lew Field*, and 
Charles L. Manna were the guests of haoor st 
a reception at Delmonlco's, New York, Jane 7. 
They are to be married In tbe FalL 

Ghahlxs Klsin announces from Iondon, Eng., 
tha be haa finished his new play, "Money Min- 
ors," and ststes that It will he produced at • 
New Tork theatre In the Fall. 
' Ix is Just announced from Berlin Alfred Herts, 
the German conductor of the Metropolitan Opera 
House, New York, recently married a Viennese 
concert singer, 

Una, BxaxHAlot has withdrawn her suit 
•gainst F/lmcnd Rostand, which was occasioned 
by M. Rostand's advertising a cinematograph per- 
formance of "L'Alglon." 

Rnbjoo Oasvso, tbe famous tenor, haa settled 
the breach of promise salt brought against him by 
Mildred MefferL 

Otrvsa Moaosoo will send seven "Peg o' My 
Heart" companies on the road next season. 

"RoatH Boon and Bis Masai Mam" was pro- 
duced nlgbt of June 8 on the lawn of the Ardsley 
CInb, Tarrytown, N. Y., to an audience of 250. 

Da. Gsoaoa BsANosa, the Danish critic sad 
essayist, delivered a lecture on Shakespeare, Bun- 
day night, June 7, at tbe Comedy Theatre, New 

Lao DmicBSTEiw will star under the direction 
of David Belasco la a play by Frana Moloar, 
which, Id the original text, is called "The Legend 
of the Wolf." 

Fxahk Noacsoss 1» In Flower Hospital, New 
Tork, with rheumatism. 

"Mr Bbst Girl" will be toured next season, 
comnvenclag Sept. 1, by J. C. Baglsnd. 

David Bxlasco will produce hla new play 
(name not announced) about Joly 20, at Long 
Branch. N. J. 

Milton Adobm sailed Jane 6. for Europe. 

Davb Wabs-isld closed hla seaaon 0, at Mon- 

Wins axd FisiDi dosed their toor, 6, at 

"To-dat" dosed at the Forty-eighth Street, 
New York, June 6. 

H. H. Fix lis has signed Joseph Ktlgoar for 
"A Pair of Sixes." 

FlAHCiNS Labauobb Suianne Morgan and Becky 
Gardiner have signed for "The Salamander." 

p,iiKA Ddhh is signed for the picture play of 

Feed Brits, of Fred Byers A Co., Is In town, 
from Gladbrook, Is., and has opened offices at 
S13-8H Loagacre Bldg., 1476 Broadway. Mr. 
Byers will promote the following shows from 
these offices: "The Girl and the Tramp," two 
companies. Eastern sad Western, and live famous 
Fred Byers Stock Co. He will be with the East- 
ern company of "Tbe Girl and the Tramp." play- 
ing the part be made famous. After leaving New 
York, Mr. Byers' business will be in tbe bands 
of Charles A. Burt 

Fiioisiox WASoa started on bis cbasstsuqsa 
lector* toor June 2, for five weeks in tbe South. 
He will then rest la Sullivan Cbanty. and will fin- 
ish bis new book, entitled "Tbe Christianity of 

Maiis MrrcnsLL has dosed with "Mary Jane's 
I'a." and is now at her home In Elgin, III. 

J. Msa-roif Stbock has lost closed a season of 
forty weeks In vaudeville, having played tbe part 
of Arnold Webster, In Walter Brown's dramatlo 
playlet. "His Father's Son." 

Emilt Lsa la with the "Whirl of the World," 
at Chicago, under a three year contract with 
Shubert Brothers. 

Waso's MASrrra Band, with Rice ft Dore Water 
Carnival, Includes: Cornets: V. Ward. Lee Brock, 
A. B. Messle. B. B. Crawford and L. D. Moenkky ; 
trombones: Glen Whettstlne, Abrle Moore, H. 0. 
Falls. Robt. A. Burns, Ed. Doyle; altos: George 
Ehmbere, Eric Eckmart, Jess Harkness; tubas: 
Arthur Colp, B. A. Davla; baritones: Boy Hedges, 
Harry Moore; clarinets: Otto Kllngspoo, L. A. 
Davis. J. D. Hill; drums: C. P. Wayne snd 
Bert Mays. 

F. F. Pnocroa Is named ss defendant in s salt 
Instituted by Stacy ft Perrin. of Albany, for ser- 
vices due as brokers In purchasing the property 
for the Colonial Theatre, in that city. 

Tbb Brighton Beach Music Hall will open Its 
reason with a matinee, 27. with Chas. 8. Breed 
as manager. 

Walteb Gums, Violet Hall Calne. Frank Cromn- 
ton, Leigh Caatnue and George Smith will present 
a new sketch, entitled "Tbe Meek Mr. Meek." 

Tbb Sistsss Kaufman-, Roland, and Thstber 
and Tbarber opened st tbe Casino, Baenos Aires, 
Bo. America, laat month. 

Natb Lsipzio sailed for Eorope June 6. 

Brrrnra FAairwosTir of Birtlne and Voanle, Is 
very ill in St. Lake's Hospital, Ottawa, Can., and 
will most likely have to undergo an operation. 
Tbe team Is a new one and has been working 
ever since they Joined hands. Tney were playing 
the Frsncsls Theatre. Ottawa, when Miss Fsrn- 
worth was taken JL 

LnxuH Hatdk, wife of Tommy Hsydn, of the 
firm of Haydn. Barton and 'Hsydn, has lost re- 
covered from an opetatlon at >be German Hos- 
pital. Brooklyn. N. T. She Is dons; nicety, snd 
left the hospital Friday. She will remain with 
her mother for a few days. 

Moirisom's Rockaway Beach Theatre opened 
Decoration Day, and will open Satardara and 
Sundays only, to July when dally u ei fm a u ances 
will be given. The bin for Jane 6 and T In- 
cluded : Wilton Lackaye, Honey arris, Bysn snd 
Lee. Nonet te. Abrahams and Wchlaaso, sad tbe 
Kid Ksbaret. Oscar Frtedlaader Is tbe local 
manager. . 

Oaoaox Evans will he seen In vsxJevllle next 

Mxacanss la held for s third week at the Pal- 
ace, Now York, and had to cancel Ms trip oa 
the Aqailaaio. 

English's, Indianapolis, will give vaudeville, 
under direction of Barton ft Olson, wdtb U. B. O 

Tna Colonial, Albany, has stopped vaudeville 
and la playing pictures. 

Minkis VioTossoa Is HI m St. BUsaheth's 
Hospital. New Tork. 

Tbb Melnotte Twins have signed for tbe Loew 

Mabshau. MowrooHaaT will open at the Pal- 
ace. New York. Jaly 6. 

ANrmin tour of the Loew circuit Is scbedaled 
for Thee. J. Ryu. 



(Lyman 8. Glover, maoRier). Vatveno and La- 
more, funsters athletic; Chas. Nevlna ami Ada 
Gordon. In "Tbe Typewriter and the Type;" 
Erwln and Jane Connelly hi an Idyl of tendervat 
heart interest, entitled "Sweetbearta." by Sir W. 
s. Gilbert; Billy Halltgan and Dama 8ykes. tbe 
1015 entertainers; the six Olivers, aenaatlonal 
gymnasia; Herbert Ashley snd Al. Canoetd, In 
a novel specialty: William J. KoMgotaery and 
Horence Moore, late atari of 'The Pleasure 
Seekers;" Sidney Jsrvta. late feature of George 
M. Cohan's ''LUtle Millionaire." aaalsted by Vlr- 
gtala Date; Weodasan and Uvlagaton, presenting 
Ternalchore'a lateat voguee. Neit week'a b : 
Fanny Brlce. Herman Shoae and company, Billy 
McDeemott: Marvelous Millers, Stan Stanley ■ Six 
Brown Brothers. McDevltt. Kelly and Lucy, Chas. 
Olcott, and Dlaa'a aaeakeys. 


(Mort H. Singer, manager), rani. Devan snd 
Dobbs, aciobatlc comedians. "Blackface" Bddte 
Rosa, coswdlan and banjolat The Sharrocks, la 
"Behind the Grandstand." Bertea Beaumoate 
and Jack Arnold, vreeeattn* 'The Doetorlne," a 
musical melsnge of pills and puna, by Jack Ar- 
nold. Alice Ms and Bert French, In "La Rnoge 
Bt Hotr" (Red and Blsck) "Tbe Dance of For- 
tan*" Stan Stanley Ttls. "Puastera." /oerph 
Ssniler. ssslated by Rath. Randall and Olalja 
Zell, In a variety of songs snd dances. Primrose 
Foot, one of vaudeville's greateat singing ouar- 
teltea, loclaotng Bob J. Webb, «nt tenor: Cbss. 
Relnhart tanond tenor: Thomas Murphy, bad. 
teas, and Bob Olhaer, haaao, Frank Wilson, mas- 
ter of cycles, Neit weeks bill : Summer engage- 
ment of Lyman If. Howe, who will present his 
remarkable travd pictures, including "The Panama 


Ksansasj City, Ho.— Audltedsta (Keta Mil- 
ler, nagr.) "A Batternj on tbe Whed'* May «!• 

June «. "Is Matrimony s Faltarer' MS, "The S__________-_ - f - — S--H— ! ____E___H 

^sSassV'liis. Mccoy. mgr.i-Biu Msi xd Fffur MANAGERS' ASSOGATION 

ward llanball. Mare aud Addis. Ca-tVM and *™«" aaaaaaHaas-ssakWi H*ivwnnw« 

Carlton, Frank Msdlans, aad laaperul Peklncaa 


Hifpodioub (P. J. Talbot, mat-)— Week of SI, 
the Caro Miller Trio. Kilns Gardner, the Oarr 
Trio, Wlltmr, and a motion nictate six-reel sftots- 
drsnva, "Between Savage an 1 Tiger.' 

"A Bormni on tub Whbxl," the Auditor- 
ium Stock Oo.'s offering for the week of ill wss 
played with careful attention to details, sad pro- 
nounced conviction, to exceptionally Cood hosasss. 
The hot weauber here does not seem to take any 
of the company's large following to outdoor 


(P. a Rberth, manager). Dsy show: The 
Duttooe, society equestrians; Beaaie Browning, 
eoags Sid Imiieraonatlons ; Webster's Musical 
Melody Malda, musicians de lose; Kartell 1. sii|h 
nortea by a wire; Latouralne Pour, barosouy 
singers; nong Four, Ohlneae camedlsn; Lily 
Irvine, poslug act. Night show: Taamanlan Van 
Dlemana. lady gymnasia: Laurie Onhvay, Eng- 
lish coroedMenoe : Prelle's Mlnlstore Circus; 
"Overland Mall Robbery ;" Lulgl Dd'Oro, premier 
vlrtaoso: Portia Sisters: eqalllbrlallc novelty; 
MoOoanell and Nlemeyer, In singing and dancing; 
Kawsaa Jape, Oriental novelty. 


(J. 0. Bureh, manager). Charley White, con- 
queror of WUllo Ritchie. "When Women Rule." 
original sketch prvarnted by Roland West. Lau- 
rence Joboatoa, Mvelty ventrlloqulat. Joe Pan- 
tea's Athletes, sensational and dancing Karopraa 
mvHty. Ieooarvl ant) I.oule. acrobatic comedians. 
Musical Byroos. Spaalali TruvbadooTs. Kiev- 
bhb, Walters and Klmaii. a clever trio. Flake 
aad Fallos. eoaarily slagtug, talking aad plvw. 
Animated song. "MelaJMhoty babe." sung by Blllle 

(George A. Harrison, manager). Hower asd 
Notthlsnd's travesty, "In ac J Out of New Tork ;" 
Hippodrome Blephants, late aenaatlon at New York 
Ulppodrosoei TOpay and Sport, unlqae raodTvtllo 
narreuyi Becker and Adams, comedy eoeverM- 
tlooAllsta 1 lbs Wbeelrag Wlihata. aenaatlonal com- 
edy cycllata; Dsnlay and ifetilll, wlttboot thyme 
or reason 1 Nsthso and Murray, comedy roller 
skaters! the great Kuehns, eingtni ami tansies 1 
nareltlet; Iadlanapolla Aoto Races, in motion 

places of amusement This la, perhaps, dse to 
the splendid "cool house" publicity being ob- 
tained by that amiable publicity manager, A. D. 
McKlnnay, who has gotten out some excellent bill- 
board and newspaper hot weather copy, 

Fbamobs McHbwst returned to the lead sfter 
a vacation of two weeks, and lodging by her ex- 
ceptionally enthusiastic rew-ptioa and applause at 
every performance, Kansas City was mighty glad 
to hare her back. She bandies the rathe*, trying 
part of Peggy Admasion with great skill. 8he la 
best In those changeable parts which give good 
opportunities for her versatility. 

Gsoaoa Fishss. ss Lord Ellerdloe, made his 
most pronounced hit of this year, his appearance 
and manner assisting la making his cbsraoterl- 
sstlon a really splendid one. The audience*) were 
hla. and got over bis laughs without a alip. 

Hinbt Mostiiub gave to the role of the Hon. 
Oeorje Adraaatoo a splendid reading, to big ap- 

Jack Blunkall, as Sir John Btrrrongb. was 
very good. 

Otiiih handling -the support wdl were: Harry 
Ilolslngsworth, Dorothy Mortimer and Diana 

Hsricax Fad) was on from New Tork, May 29, 
and whlio here gave a dinner party to Meia Mil- 
ler and George Henry Trailer, st tbe Baltimore. 
It wss a jolly reunion of old friends, with rovers 
laid for teu. Business of tbe past and furore 
was discussed sfterwarda. 

Habit Hollinoswostii will take the lead for 
the Summer, commencing 7, la "Is Matrimony a 
Failure?" Two new members will Join the com- 
pany oa 7. Tbey are Besale Farrie, wbo will play 
seconds, and Marlon Kreaky. wbo baa been In 
vaudeville for two years. Both have many fol- 
lowers here. 

Jersey City, N. J.— Hudson Theatre. Union 
Hill, tbe Hudson Flayers, la "The Family Trou 
tie*,' June 8-13. 

Loo Oaiun. Jxatair Amcons. Oiriutnt. Mom- 
vicxLLo and Oakiakd Aibdomb. featoi* pfcoto- 

^WOTR Miller Bros.' 101 Baadi will show here 


Ho bole en, N. J. — Oayety. feature photo- 
Summit. — Feature photoplay*. 


Froi Our Owo Correspooileit, 

Henry George Hibbert 


Amertcsn rnanagers are lie re aplenty. George 
Tyler managing director of tbe Lleblec oomposy. 
haa Just sxrlred in Louden from a motor trip 
through Algiers, Northern Africa. Sidly aad Italy. 
He will do a lot of work on Edward Bbeldosva 
play. "The Garden of Paradise." snd will etagsay) 
a number of well-known English players for the 
American product loo of tbe play. 

Henry w. Savage has also arrived hero from 
a three thousand mile motor trip through. Barone. 
but up to the present has bougUt no play or opera. 

Other American theatrical people noticed at 
tbe betels are: Mr. snd Mrs. Charles DUllsgbsm. 
Mr. Dillingham Is far from well ; William Gillette. 
Wilson Mlsner, Mr. and Mrs. tlolbrook Bllnn, 
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Selwyn (Margaret Mayo). 
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Sothern (Jails Marlowe), 
and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bernard. 

Alfred Butt may close a contract to present 
several Winter Garden production* in London. 

Hoadlnl Is now playing bis fsrc-ell week. He 
sails for New York 00 the Impcrotor, June 18. 
end opens st Hsmmersteln's on Jaly 9. Ho will 
be absent from Engisod for several years. 

CouFtneldge produced "Tbe Queen of the 
Movsea" ss "Star of tbe Slneoa" at tbe Seaftes- 
bnry. It Is a great success. Dorothy Ward, bla 
new leading lady, made s hit. 

Marls Lloyd arrived safe at home, aad had s 
boisterous welcome. 

Sam Bernard successfully Opened tas "Tbe Belle 
of Bond Street," at tb* Adelpol. In* dure ws. 
given s supper after tha show, at the Savoy Hotel. 


• apple aaentsU L I a t— Bee el vest Tat* I* t • 
to* Classification. 

Baugtiman — Guatlne On. — CarroUtoo, TIL. 8-18. 

Carlton, Comedy Co.— Hardwlck, Vt., 8-13. 

LVAvlno's Bssd— Riverside Part, SprlngtWd. 
Mass., 8-13. 

ainnlvan Drsm. Co.— Wsldron, Mich., 8-13. Fay- 
ette, 0.. 10-20. . 

Lyons, Lillian. Stock— BeL'erae, MlduB-U. 

La Porte, Mae, Stock— Wheeling, W. Vs., 8-13 

Mooce-Eddlnger Stock— Cameron, Mo.. 7-1S, Milan 

Swain, W. I„ Show, No. J— ^rtagfleid. Trsa., 

Taff. Mae, Co.— West Fraakford. ni.. 8-18. 

Tsnys^'C. T. O." Co.— Iteedsoara. Wis. K. 
Barsboo IS. Verona IB, Mt. Uorefa IS, High- 
land 17. 

Wsshhams Mighty Shows — Woodstock, Co., 15- 

Toanf Buffalo Show — Batavla. N. T., 11, Geneva 


Edwajd Jossrn EmWAM, Msy SI. 
Airnos Bizowskt, Jms 3. 
Baaix Mat (Mrs. Fred M. Brown), June 1. 
W. A. Mnxaa, Jane 3. 
If adit. AfAlLOWB. Msy 17. 
Notices of the sbove will appear la next issue. 
For other deaths see page 2. 


The newly orgsalsed theatrical msnsgers have 
decided upon this official Ban*— "Tbe United 
Managers' Protective Association of Amuswueut 
Interests of tbe United States and Canada"— at 
a meeting at the Hotel Astor. New York, 01 
Friday sfternoon, Jons 6. Tbls wsa the second 
meeting of tbe new orgastsstlos. There was an- 
other one held the previous Monday. 

At tbe meeting held on Friday last more than 
one hundred mancgera (Kpreaeatlng all beau>-l:ea 
of the profession* were present President Marc 
Klaw preald-*t, sad sppolnted an execntlvs cooi- 
mlltee, cwisistlng of A. L. KrUnger. William A. 
Brady. Walter Vincent. B. a?. Altee snd Alf. 
Hamon. Tlio < dicers of the association are ex- 
o(Dck> iaem'«"rj of tho committee, which haa au- 
tborlly to act for tbe main body at times. 

Mr. Klaw said that 30 demands had been made 
uikiii the aaaoclatlun by any of tbe theatrical 
unloas. The musicians' imlon, be ssld, had sent 
sot a circular, snd be hinted Uist In all proba- 
bility it would come before the mausjera In aosne 
phase for consldi-ratloa. 

As for the Actor's Equity Association, Mr. 
Klaw said: "There arc very few ditferencos be- 
tween us snd the actors." 

One of the Imuortaut matters discussed st tbe 
meeting wss thst of tbe annual dues. It had been 
proposed to grade the daes according to the slae 
of the clly represented by tho member, with a 
maximum of (30 a theatre and J20 for each 
production owned by the member. Several of the 
members did not take kindly to the Idea of pay- 
ing does on a dosen or more theatres, or the 
same number of productions, strains! another mem- 
ber who bed but a single theatre or production, or 
perhaps two. The matter was referred to the 
newly appointed committee. 

Tbe officer* of the U. M. P. A., are: Han 
Klaw, president; Lee Shubert. first vice-presi- 
dent; S. V. Allee, second vlee-nreslaent ; Henry 
W. Savage, third vice-president ; Obavles A. 
Bird, secretary; Ham Scribner, treasurer. The 
Board of Governor* consists of A. L. RrlsngR, 
William A. Brady. Charles Prohman, Marcus Loew, 
Dadd Belasco, Oecar Hammeret.'ln. K. D. Stair, 
Alf. Hayman, William Fox. Cbirlea Bornhstg, 
George Nlcoljl, Commodore J, Stuart Blaektoa. 
Wlnthrop Ames, Alfred K. Aaron*. Waller Vin- 
cent, George II Nlcolal, John Cod, Ram H. Hat- 
rls. targesat Aborn, Joseph Hsrt, Oliver Mocosco 
snd Harry O. Sotntnen. 

Howard Kyle, recording secretary of the Actors' 
Equity Association, said at his office, 1472 Broad- 
way, that no demands bad been marie el the 
asaaagers' organisations, rnd be said ha did not 
believe it would bojeceswiry to meke any de- 
mands, because be Dad alwaya found the mana- 
gers willing to make any reasonable concessions, 

"Tbe trouble has been," be aald, "where there 
baa been trouble thst there has been no organisa- 
tion of either the actors t.r the managers. With 
both sides organised we will know where to go to 
make a complaint. It ve have any to make, and 
the managers know where llii-y can find as. I be- 
lieve the organisation! will bring greiter harmony, 

"A strike would be too lsst resort sfter every 
other mesns had failed. That Is why we are 
getting the sctors to sgree to stand firmly to- 

gther, so thst in a yesr or two, If we should bare 
make demands to get our rights, we could 
show a solidarity that would compel results, even 
If a strike hsd to be resorted to." 

Kyle ssld the organisation of tbe Actors Equity 
Leagne was completed In May of last year, and 
that It now has core rbaa 1,000 members. More 
than SSO tnamhera have slxned tbe circular pledg- 
ing that tbey will stand tognber ,'n tbe demand 
for a uniform contract. Since *be organiiatiea 
of the leagne s number of grievances have been 
settled between manager* and Individual actors, 
Kyle ssld. He recalled that in thee* Instances 
tho league took the side of tbe managers against 
tha acton because the counsel of the league de- 
cided tho actors were In tho wrong. 
♦ s » 

Tbe bill at Keith's tbls week Includes: Cist 
snd Bergman aid "The Trained Nursea," Bert 

Fltxgibbon. Imhoir, Conn and Oorteiie, Wrists 
Wynn and Ernest Evan*, Correlll and Gillette, 
Lillian lierleln, Mailer and Statley, and tbe 
Alexander Brothe.**. 

The Steel Pier v III start the ball arolllng 10, 
In the new ballrtou. Veiisella'a Band furnishes 
the uiumIc. 

At the A poll), "The Queen of tbe Movies" Is 
played liy Vslll Villi Stella Hotnn, Nlgei Barrle, 
Fells Adler, Dan Oollyer, Dlnne (late. Frank 
Moulsn, Jeanete Horton and James Redmond. 
Neit week, "Step Lively." "Wanted, ♦22,000" 

At tbe New Hlxon "Onpld's C-rten" will re 
staged 0, under suaplces of the Morris Guards. 

A number of amusement managers were fined 
by Becorder Keffer for keeping tpra Snndsy. 
Tbey threaten to cau«e tbe blue laws to be 
strictly enforced and close everything along tb* 
Boardwalk. Those wbo paid $10 each were V. J. 
Bergman, of the Columbia Bowling Alley*; Will- 
iam rernaa. manager of the Sleepsecbase Pier: 
Philip Wolf, of the "Wots Thriller;" Oeorg* 
Meyer, manager of a esrrossd it Missouri Ave- 
nue ; William FT. Dentsell, ma nsger of a almllar 
attraction at Virginia Avenue, and Jnllos Gold- 
man. of the "Magic Walts," near the Million 
Dollar Pier. 

That tbey wilt employ private detective* to 
secure evidence against atercaants and the owners 
of theatres and other place* of amusement which 
are still allowed to remain open, was the state- 
ment Issued by one of their number, following 
their srrslgnraent. 

The Criterion Alrdotno opened Juno 0, greatly 
improved, with picture*. 

Pictures st the Virginia, the City Sqosre, tbe 
Million Dollar pier. 

Sheridan Dopont aid Mis* Msnsfssad are dan- 
cing st tbe Bcdolf Hotel. 

BlUy Allen snd hi* wife, both looking well. *r- 
rived In New York lsst week after closing the 
BID/ Allan Magical Comedy Oi. op la Gonads 

Mr. Allan Is re-orgsnrbUnir bis oompany for next 
season, and will .tart rehearsals Immediately 
after a week or so rest at his home la Allenhnrsl, 

Si. J. He will add a few new productions to 
Is repertoire next season, and It b expected be 
shall hare the Musical Rosas and Harvey Max- 
well, and tbe Wheeler Sister* back with him. In 
addition to Hd Klter and Lorlla Pullen, who were 
with blm the sesson Just cloned. 
Kowain Knoblauch; announces, from Huron*, 
thst she rights to bis newest jilsy. "My Lady's 
Ureas." baa keen sold for Germany, Austria, 
Hungary, Holland, Deasaark. Norway, Sweden and 
Buss La. 


Walter Rosenberg hss booked the Darklown 
Follies for tbe Btjoo. New Totk, ooentnj June IS, 
for aa Indefinite engigement. Tbe show will be 
given aa originally presented at the Lafayette. 
where It was a .big hit and Attracted universal 

The words, music snd lyrics of the shuw sre 
by J. Lsabrlo Hill, who slogs the leading rales. 

All the employees of the Btjou wilt he colored. 
The orchestra, too, will be mads op of colored 

The DIJou la bring re-4*ooraied for tb* openlaj 
and tho [rice of the beat seats will be $1. On 
certain afternoons the management plan* to give 
IKTforraaucei when white persona will bo ad- 

tn addition to the musical comedy which will 
be offered there will be several tesma of "so- 
ciety" dsneers at the Blkm doing the mailxo, 
tango, and other up-to-dato dances. 
• *» 
(B fecial Win to Tub CurrnJ 

Tbe Folly Theatre, Chicago, lias bees granted 
■ Pautsgss franchise, snd. under the management 
of F. M. Cull, will open - Aug. 80. playing tbe 
Pantacca mail shows intact, two show* a day. 
The negotiations wero concluded by J 0. Mstthews, 
Chicago reiireacntatlre for tbe Panlagr* circuit, 
who Inforua ua that the l'antagea vnuiVvllle the- 
atres will all remain open throughout Ihe Summer 

W. H. nine was a Curesi caller and ststeil 
thst tlie Rice 4 Dore Shows would come out of 
Csnada In August, Minneapolis to bo tho first 
stand In the States, under tho auspices of tbe 
yacht club. 


The twelfth rnnlverssry, and tenth snnual din- 
ner of the Society of American Magicians was 
celebrated at the Ilotol Marselllos, Jsno 5, Harry 
Kellnr waa tbe guest of honor, sod wss toaated 
as "tbo dean among living magiclsoa," 

Uond M. Uomtmrger, chairman of the execu- 
tive committee, was the host, and tbe entertain- 
ment was looked after by Frank Werner. 

Mr. Werner both opened and closed the Show 
ss lightning change actor and magician. Nate 
Ldnlg did bis clover card tricks. Others who 
took part were Jim Borrow, Htiry J. Kline and 
Frank Da dot 

«i > 

(Qetene Vlolette, tbe winsome little blonde who 
met with success in tha rolo of tbe District At- 
torses', la "Court by Girls," Is teal well, snd 
oa the road to ber "old self," sfter a critical 
Illness la a sanitarium in Philadelphia. 

Mlas Vtolstte Is st present Inhaling tbe fresh 
air of the Oatiklll Mountains, and expects to be 
"back to Work" la •boat three weeks in bet own 


Worcester. Mas*., is to have a "Drat Bight" en 
Monday, June IS. when the Poll Players will be 
area in "Tbe Day That Never Onto**,' by Frincl* 
Oonlan, a young actor sppesdnAt la one nf the 
leading role* In "The Dainmy," st (he Hudson 
Theatre, New York; at tha Orsnd. This play will 
be aeon early next teaann In New York. 
•J 1 > 

Vina Bailey opens on tbe Oruheum l'srk drnilt 
on Monday, Jane 13. Her first eniageasent will 
be st Ranaona Park, In Grand Baptoa, Mich, 

Mlsa Bailey, In private life Is the wile of 
Harry A. Bailey, mansger of tb* Colonial Thea- 
tre, New Tork. 

* i > 


In last week's CUPPIR It was announced that 
Jo* Hollnder bad joined nanda with Ikiiry 
Prescott. for vsoderllle. It Is Joe Holland, who 
la 1'rescobt's pnrtuer. Joo Hollender la still with 
Harry Von Tilser 

♦ ■ » 

Tna Western company organised to present "A 
Pair of Hlies" next season will open Ms tour In 
Grand Rapids, Mich., on Aug. 8, and will settle 
down In Chicago 00 Aug. 0. At the head of It 
will be Frank Mclntyrc. 

Ivg TBOinitaJf returned to ber orlulnil role of 
Mrs. Nettlclou, In tho cad of "A Pair of Sixes." 
st tho Losigacre, New York, 

SiLwrtf A CowpAxr have engaged William 
Cburtldgh Jr.,for tbo Chlcigo coupany of "Un- 
der Oover." The same firm hi* engaged Oeoeire 
W. Dever*. tbe wdl-kaown delineator of negro 
cbsracter, tor the tole of Josephus, In The Bala- 
m 11 Oder." 

E, J, BATOLirrr bss signed with Wdker White- 
side for "Mr. Ws." 

Vioroa HsBSsurr hit entirely recovered and 
will sdl for America on June 18. 

'Tits OANDr Biior" will be on toor again next 
season, headed by Bock and Fulton. 

AnaAHOiuiHTa wero completed last week between 
Arthur Oonaa Doyle and V. Bay Comstoek, of 
Comstock & Oeat, tor tho production by tbe Prin- 
cess Player* next season of "Daws," S one set 
play, dnusstlsid fey Perclval Wlhle from Doyle's 
aniort Story, called "How It Ilsupeaed." 

Haa. A. H. Woods started June 2 on an sato- 
molills trip from New York to Ron Francisco. 
She expects to arrive at the latter clly Jnno 30. 

OauBAiiAi s bsve been cslled for "II* Come* 
Up Soiling." which A. H. Woods will give a 
try-oat July «. at Atlantic Ollr, N. J. . 

Doais Ksani sails for Rurope Juno 10 Instead 
of June e, aw originally plsnned. 

IlnfBT W. IivxxBTT, s retired actor, waa struck 
and Inkocbsd down by an automobllo at Broadway 
and One Hundred and forty-second Street, New 
York, on June 3. Mr, Rverett I* seventy yesr* 
of sge. 

Sasah BnwnAin* Is to make another "fare- 
well" toor. opening neit Fall, under tho manage- 
ment of Wm. P. Connor. It M to be a tour of 
tbe world snd will consume twentr-slx months. 

FLOismon Rbsb retire d from the cast of "The 
Yellow Ticket" st tbe Rltlnge Tlieotre, New York, 
on June 6, snd will take a rest. Josephine 
Victor replaced ber Monday night, June 8. 

Tni Catholic Actors' Guild of America wss 
formed Juno 8, with tbe following ofScera; Presi- 
dent, Kmmet Corrlgsn: first vies president, Jerry 
J. Cohan ; second vice president, Jsmes B. Snlll- 
T*n; treaaurer, Frlti Wllllaois; cecretsry, Will- 
iam Cotter. 

ALtfB A. BxadT returned to tbe cast of "The 
Things Tbat Count," sfter s month villi "Sylvia 
Buns Away." 

Tits atage children will have their Msy Walk 
In Central Park. June 13. 

Padxins will plsy the leading role 
in "The Ktemal City" film, to be produced by 
the Famous Players slim Co. 



■ : 




JUHB 13 











("Bed Oniom.") 

Let's "aw" All the ticket takers. 

Mas. Jai O. Tcbxeb la all peered now. 
She don't see wbj all the "kings" in the 
carnival twslnes* won't do something to earn 
the right nod file to klnglr honors. Kpusb. 

Cabltox B. Tib.veb. — After Jacksonville, 
Fla, where did you go? Carlton B., remem- 
ber jour pron,!.«e. 

Shebuan, Tex., will probably haTe a Fall 
celebration about Labor Day we*, saybe. 

We abe with it, but wfcero is It ? 

Robebt H. Beaslet, a baritone player 
with Prank G. Walllck's band. Is now con- 
flnr-d to the city hospital In TX-nlson, Tex., 
suffering from a complication of diseases and 
trpnold fever. Tbe doctors env>rt«Ja T#ry 
little hope of his recovery, ttobert n/s 
father Is at his bedside. 

Dox C. fciEviKsow. — They do tell ns that 
'"Texas show" shall remain In the Lwie Star 
State all season. Don C, why not put on a 
water shor? 

Tn carnival grounds In Denlson, Tex., 
are owned by tbe city nod are located two 
blocks from the main thoroughfare — neat to 
the baseball (rounds. Well, suppose they 

Why don't yen ret a horse and go "buggy" 
with tbe rest of tbe "nuts." 

Jake Glass wears a sailor suit when 
working tbe lions. Jake was standing in 
front of Harry Lnkeui' Animal Show In 
Shawnee, Okla., last week, and an Indian 
walked up to him and Inquired what ship. 
He replied "Lion Heart." Tbe redskin said 
"Hub I" then walked away apparently Tery 
much In doubt as to whether that was tbe 
right ship or not. 

D. 1L Attwooi). — Why can't you let us 
know bow things are with you? 

Geoeoc P. Doxovax Is reported to be hav- 
ing some trouble with some "abeet-workers" 
In a laundry. 

Katimgs or a Talkkb. — When 70a go to 
the water show you are going somewhere. 
You arc going to a real show. 

H H. Dabtwick. known as tbe "Babbling 
Brook" from Saginaw, Mich., Is now flowing 
wild through Oklahoma. The latest report 
Is that Herbert A, Kline is going to d-a-m 
the brook. We can swim the Bed Biver. 
Can y-o-ooo? 

John I'atbick Mas-tin is not a space 
crabber, probably not? But — he, meaning 
the "fellow" with the Allmann Brothers car- 
nival, da getting to he a regular front tbrc, 
doable column, special edition carnival press 
agent George Locke Macfarlane, kindly take 

Lawbence Plain Gates. — Many- of your 
friends want to know how your health la 
Lawrence, are yon still in Arkansas? Let us 

Uanageis. — There Is a wrong transfer 
company In Dcolson. Tex., and a very wrong 
newspaper In Shawnee, Okla. It somehow 
will break out on them. 

H. B. Danville. — What do you sayoth 
now about a wagon front carnival now:- II. 
B„ we are for you all tbe time right or 
wrong. Go to it old scout. 

Dana Thompson. — Where and how beeth 
the "Sunny" Dixie Minstrels? Dana, wo just 
heard you were coming hack and be one of 
us again. Let's bare It straight. (Bboapwat) Green. — Arc you tn 
New York or Boston for the Summer season? 
Billy, give ns some New England news. Tell 
them all howdy at Savin Buck. New Hnven. 

Makagek.3. — Don't forget the Fourth of 
July. You get the flreworks tb?n. If not be- 
fore. It's seme season and don t let anyone 
tell ns any difference, either. 

Toil Iles. — Some people arc asking for 
yon, Tom, will shoot you twenty. Tell 
W. C. Uugeins where to forward your mall. 

W. A. (Snake) Kimj. — What are those 
weird and st ranee creatures, "wnpongos" 
and "ratUncT&nlsus?" W. A. has them and 
they must bar* cost him a lot of money. 

Ciibis. M. Smith repo-ts fine weather and 
good business for the Smith Greater Car- 
nival during their Ashland, Ky., engagement. 
Chris M., you always seem pleased when you 
cross the Ohio Hirer. What is your Fourth 
of July "spot"? 

Manaoebm. — now many of you put up 
flags and special decorations Decoration 
Dai? Well, why don't you! 

J. II. JOHNSON left Den I son. Tot.. -Sund-IT, 
May 24, to Join tbe Great Patterson Carni- 
val, at Port Dodge, la., with bis Nomla 
Show. The entire Nomla company went with 

W, R. Wcncc was a Tlsltor in Kansas City, 
.Mo., recently, while en route from Denlson, 
Tex., to Port Dodge, la. 

To evebiuout in the carnival oaue. — 
If you cannot stand tbe "gaff"' act out and 
get Into some other buxlness. Do you hear? 

U C. Hamilton. — When arc you going to 
write tbnt book of Terees? 

H. W. IIeckkb. — What has become of "Ye 
Ould English Pleasure Pair Company?" H. 
W., where are you and what's going on? 
Will there ever be another one In Frankfort, 
Pa., like tbe real one you put on there some 
few years ago? 

J. W. Hampton has arrived as a first class 
carnival manager. 

IT is a good thing for some managers 
that there are plenty of towns on the map. 
Yes. she said. 

WiLBi'B S, Cherry, tbe general agent for 
the Smith Greater Carnival, must be siren 
credit for originating "mayor end city coun- 
cil" auspices. 

Del Gabuneii left Shawnee, Okla.. Sunday, 
May 31, for Cedar Rapids, la., to attend the 
opening of the World at Home Carnival. 
Del had been talking on "Mexico" for Kas- 
per, Nlgro A Palmer. 

B. HT (Skeet) Jabrjbd. — We Just heard 
that you are no longer connected with Luna 
Park, In San Antonio. Skeet, are you going 
to take out the Ruby glass again? Question, 
plcaso answer. 

Ratings of a Talker. — "Don't ask for 
your moner back, you won't get It." 

8. N. IIolman, of Montreal. — Arc rou 
ever going to lend us your presence again? 

Georoe WiLsoK.durlng and before the 
Spanish-American War. operated theatres in 
Manila, P. I., end Hong Kong, China. Ho 
has been out of tbe amusement game for 
several years. George, up until last week, 
lwd the advertising banner privilege with 
Herbert A. Kline, a la Bert Cole with the 
I IsRenbeck- Wallace Circus, no closed with 
Herbert A. in Shawnee, Okla. 

JIMMIB Simpros, of the Rutherford 
Greater Carnival, is one of the most ver- 
satile men In the carnival game. He Is 
.-qiinlly good is manRgcr, general agent, 
special agent, treasurer or adjuster. 

What will be the next newest riding de- 
vice? We can use a few new ones that are 
perfectly poi tabic. 

Thomas F. Ccnsikoium. — Hew Is the 
"Hall of rV>mc?" Thomas P.. you arc hereby 
requested So let us kn,»w how everything 
with the Hall * Latlop Carnival la pro- 
gressing. Arc you with It? 

Pbess agents In an branches of tbe 
amusement business. — When in Shawnee, 
Okla., be sure and see Lou S. Allan! of The 
J'rett, and Lourie Keller, of Stitn-iltrala. 

James J. IIaooebtt, of Country Life in 
Canada fame, writes a fr'rnd of bis that all 
tbe shows with C A. Wr-rtbam are doing 
well, and that Jay W. Coghland's aatodrome 
is doing excp'.ionally welL James J., so 
you admit that tbe concessions are not doing 
much. Well, tbe truth of the matter, busi- 
ness all over the country Is bad for conces- 
sions, so don't let that pit jou off your plat. 

Con T. Kennedy.— Sudbury, One., Can., 
was an excellent "spot" for you last season. 
Are you goiag to play it this reason? 

It. L. Lohrror. — lour friends la Caere, 
Houston and Denlson asked about yon. 

Carnival Manauebs. — The title "World's 
Greatest Shows" Is morally the property of 
tbe Singling Brothers' Circus. There are no 
"world's greatest shows" in the carnival 
business. A carnival Is not technically a 
"show," but is a distinctive form of amuse- 
ment. If yon managers would call your 
organizations "world's greatest carnivals" 
that would be all right Do you grasp It? 

II. L. Montandon, superintendent of con- 
cessions and admissions of tbe "Battle of 
Flowers," San Antonio, after a three weeks' 
visit to the Herbert A. Kline Carnival, re- 
turned to lils home in San Antonio from 
Guthrie. Okla., Monday. June 1. H. L. Is a 
fine fellow and wUI always be welcome to 
get in tbe "game" any tune be likes. He 
may become one of us before tbe season Is 

L. B. Walkeb Is the amusement extra- 
ordinary purveyor of Boston. L. B. are 
you going to lake "Neptune's Daughters' out 
to the fairs this Fall t Give ns some news. 

J. W. Hampton keeps within close range 
of the tall su-Ls Id the Pittsburgh district. 
and be gets the loose change, too. J. W. is 
the carnival "king" la teat part of tbe 
world. Make note of this. 

What has Become of the "Frolic" rides? 
Have any of the carnivals got them this 
season? If so, make a noise about It. 

Raymond E. Flues. — Your write-ups abont 
the Great PatUrson Carnival are good and 
we believe you put it out straight A I. V. 
GonnaD, please note. 

Wallace Wiiittinoton True has been 
added to tbe list of regular real secretaries 
and treasurers. Wallace Whlttlngton is also 
a good press agent. He is and has been all 
season with tbe J. George Loos Exposition 
Company, which Is also a real carnival, if 
anyone should drive up and ask you. 

Shawnee, Okla., is au excellent three-day 
stand for a carnival. The Moose Lodge or 
tbe Chamber of Commerce is tbe auspices. 
The Moose Lodge amusement committee Is 
composed of O. O. Black chairman; M. W. 
Brown, secretary ; C. E. MrWaugb, treasurer, 
and J. L. Moore. 

M. W. Brown, of Shawnee, Okla.. has 
been on the carnival committee in that city 
for tbe past I've years, giving s celebration 
about once each year. It is bow planned to 
have a eclebrauoa on the principal business 
streets there rome time this Kail. M. W. 
Brown Is known as tbe merchant showman. 
He started in as treasurer of a email wagon 
show about twenty years ago, and was for 
several years afterwards secretary and 
treasurer of the Grand Opera House, in 
West Superior, Wis. So he is entitled. 

iFirst class gentlemanly talkers are 
wanted and needed very much this season. 

Where are they coming from? you say. 

So do we. 

John S. Beboeb. — They (meaning a lot of 
carnivals) ere still talking about your ex- 
ploits In the .lays gone by. John S., bow is 
the world serving jou new? 

E. J. Haydlx. of Bro lklyn.— What Is it 
"Danto's Inferno 'you are exploiting? E. J., 
Wbo are you with' 

'Herbert A. Kline Is trying out three-day 
stands and doing very well with them. 

C. W. Parker is doing a wonderful busi- 
ness this year in riding devices. C. W. Is 
going to spring something new in this line 
shortly. Walt and see. 

Notice that nearly all the "big" inde- 
pendent carnival showmen are beginning to 
flock to tbe "big" established organizations. 
Had you noticed or contemplated the 
changes? Why te surprised? It happens 
every season. It's one of the weak spots of 
the game. 

CuLiiBT Wiiitset, BcrUia Llndberg and 
Josephine Pluming say no more "blcyc'e 
working" for them, lfs "find," but they 
can't sec it that way. Di v'.ng girls, get them 
to tell you this one, it's good. 

Clarke B. Feloar Is a lirst class talker, 
but— where is he? Clarke B., bow are tbe 

Wilson, Koua and Ebbitts. at one time, 
and maybe now, for that matter, were 
leaders in fair ground shows emanating from 
Coney Island, New York. Get together. 
What's doing, W.-K.-E.? 

The way the weather bos been up until 
now they could all be railed "Water Car- 

Captain Pacx Botton must be give* 
credit for originating the water carnival. 
John B. Warren, do you remember about 
seven years agi when Walter K. Sibley spoke 
to you about putting on a water snow? John 
B., it would nave gotten Bac money then. 

Captain Riddell was cues the "Carnival 
King" of Florida. 

Leon W. Washburn and Francis Febari. 
— Which one of vou play Nova Scotia and 
Newfoundland? Oh, yes, they have celebra- 
tions In those places. 

Who has the best flea circus, M-? Be It 
so, "bug circuses" are much In demand with 

At, F. Gorman Is one of the best general 
ngents in the game. Al. F.. don't work at It, 
only once in a while. He Is a manager now. 

fl. U. l'ATTKK. — Why don't you give us 
another celebration like the one you put on 
In Cambridge, Mass. some years sgo? LI. 11., 
Cambridge Is a good town. 

J. B (SiioBrY) Freezr is ooe of tbe best 
calliope players in tbe carclval game or any 
other place. Wbo says any differently? 

General Agents. — Here Is a new one, 
"auspices city hall step-*" You have heard 
about "auspices town clock." 

Kino Karlo. — What about a Wild West 
to play the fairs this Fall? Regards to Sam 
Gum per tx. 

G. G. Gill. — Where are you end your rid- 
ing devices? fl. O., Just heard you were 
Summering in Springfield, III. 

William Hecklku and John Ritr/Lr know 
how to frame flea circuses Do they? Yes. 

Grassy lots :n the Springtime as a rule 
are not good for carnivals You don't say 
to : 

"HAi-pr ni" John S. Hihward. — Sorry to 
learn of your '.Mother's death. Happy 111 
attended the funeral In New York. Ilia 
mother was eJg'.ity-four years old, 

W. U. it ice tcports Great Falls, Mont, u 

tbe banner town so far for the Rice ft Dore 
Water Carnival. 

A. E. Bkntlet, Jor many years In various 
branches of tbe show business, and for the 
past two seasons special agent for Don C. 
Stevenson's Southern Amusement Company, 
is now in Gutaile, Okla., where he has been 
since last Fail. He experts to remain In 
Cutbrie aU Summer. AC Is Just recover- 
ing from a several weeks' Illness, caused by 
an abress on the wrist, which kept blm from 
scceptiog some very flattering offers to go 
out this season, one of which was from the 
Earner R. Parker Carnival. 

A. IX says a female minstrel 
show would get money with a carnival If 
properly framed up and costumed, with a 
band and orchestra- What do yon think 
of it? 

Who knows where the anti-horse thieves' 
convention Is going to be held this Fall? 
Red Onion had the pleasure of attending 
«ne In Arkansas City. Kan., once, and it 
was an swful "bloomer." with a capital B. 

IIappt Hi HrBBAHo write* that The New 
York Clipper '.a die real showman's paper, 
and that It Is resd sll over and Is every- 
where. Happy m, many thanks for the good 
boosts yon are putting out over tbe country 
for Tub Old Reliable. 

The oil boom now on in Alberta, Can., 
should make business good for tbe exhibi- 
tions and celebrations to be beld in that part 
of the Canadian Northwest 

W. David Cohen Is a first class general 
agent, and it don't make any difference what 
is said to tbe contrary. 

Special Notice.— The "Goof is elf We 
are not going to have any more bloomers. 

Ptnch, Sidney Wire, Stanley 
Huntley Lewis, John P. Martin. Thomas L. 
Wilson, Raymond E. Elder, Ed. 8. Gilpin, 
Walter K. Sibley and all ether press agents 
and carnival writers. — : Klndly let us have 
your views on the "Uses end Abuses of 
Passes ; or. The Pass EvlL" Your views will 
be appreciated and published. Would lute 
for all managers to get in < r. this, too. Let's 
all say something on tbe subject Thanks. 

'Mrs. George P. Dorxan. — We trust you 
have recovered from your recent Ulness. 

JaXX RosENcaALL, of Dubuque, la. — Does 
Cora Beckwttb play the Fall fairs and cele- 
brations? Jake, how Is Summertime vaude- 

Charles Washburn, of Boston. — Where 
Is your diving girl show. Charles, there is 
no reason for you keeping so quiet 



A fcHorr bank toU is jvst as much good to 
you In trying to operate a carnival as a 
tooth pick Is when trying to open a Pullman 
tar window. 

Newman Babtlett. — They said you 
couldn't do it. but you did. Where are you 
of "miracle" tame? 

A. B. Miller and Ed. L. Hkinz. — What 
is this we hear about you two forming a 
partnership? A good combination, whether 
H is done or sot Ed. L. was general agent 
for A. B. last season, so we will not be sur- 
prised Jf the above combination Is formed. 

Barney R. Parker. — Playing three-day 
stands, are you ? Well, how goes It? 

A lot of predictions made by the perne- 
rators of these "mutterings" are coming true. 
Egotist leal, you say? Not at til. 

Harry w. Wright and Haibv S. Noras 
are two general agents that are hard to beat 
If anybody ask9 you. 

Jounny J. Jones. — So you ire not going 
to stay out all Winter any more- Johnny J., 
some sense to that Do it 

West Side Commercial Clitb, St Paul, 
allnn. — What carnival is going to play your 
celebration this time? Moral— Get a good 

Pcnch Wheeler. — Ten columns of ad- 
vance mention in three dailies Is some 
record. Punch, It the typewriter had not 
stopped to shave himself what wonld have 
happened? "Now open" Is a good catch line 
for ads 

Managers. — Managing and routing a ear- 
nival has been reduced to au exact science. 
Are you a carnival scientist 7 

Job FLOKEf.— Thanks for tbe good things 
said about The New York Clipper. Best 
wishes for all tbe he and she "mermaids," 
Charles Sodenberg, Martlne, Inex Fanjoy, 
Adele D'Young and Ame M. Ames. - 

Alonzo Scelsi Is again directing the 
Italian band with tbe Smith. Greater Car- 
nival after a stay of three years at his home 
In Naples, Italy. Alonxo, welcome back ; you 
are one of tbe real ones. 

Chris M. Smith calls attention to tbe 
fact that the Smith Greater Carnival has 
been first lu a great many things, among 
which are: To use the title "Greater," which 
has gotten to be synonymous with carnivals ; 
thr> slogan "coming your way," quite gen- 
erally used on carnival stationery ; first 
portable Jumping horse carrousel, "Tbe 
Hurdlers," with $1,400 Incandescent lights 
and a $5,500 llcrnl orchestrion ; first gaso- 
line engine for motive power and first port- 
able electric light plants ; first three-ln-one 
show, managed bv Frank Thornton at the 
North Carolina State Fair at Raleigh in 
1800; first to "bill like a circus," dolne 
country routes with paper, cloth banners and 
heralds ; among tbe first to operate "cooch" 
shows, so-called "graff" and confetti; among 
the first to own their own rolling stock on 
which to transport the paraphernalia. Among 
tbe first to create a press department and to 
recognise the potent value of newspaper 

The Smith Trained Wild Animal Show 
sow features an eight lion act and an ele- 
phant. Must be some strong show. It Is. 

Good folks, save up your money, the car- 
nival Is coming. 

8. W. Brcndaoe. — Ton d'.d not tell us yet 
if you finally succeeded la putting the Ferris 
wheen on wagons? S. W., let us have H. 

Jons F. McGbail Is operating a theatrical 
booking exchange In Chicago. John P., are 
you ever going to can-nl-val again. 

Sctii Cabell Halsey has been making 
Pittsburgh, Pa., his headquarters for amu 
time past. Both Cabell had some carnival 
experiences once. Thanks for the boosts for 
■ he Old Reliable. 

To all In the arnavRl fcustnesai— Bf. 
•ore and get Tub New loss Clipper next 

H. C. EVANS & CO. 

75 W. Van Buren St., 

Chicago, HI. 





"Prices as Low as the Lowest" 




It doesnt require erect traits to steal an Idea which has been originated by some one 
ease, when jam patronise these pirates you are atnrply getting second grade ««t»rtn1 
When yon boy from 





The latest 20th Century Ncresty, 28 
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If yon want something you can depend 
upon, somethlog that can never go wrong, 
this Spindle fllls the MIL This we guar- 
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Horse and Pony Plumes 

For Show Parades, Horse and Pony Acts, Adver- 
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factured by W. SCHAH11BS, 812-014 Metropolitan 
Ave., Brooklyn, K. Y. 

week, bearing date Saturday June 20. Big- 
gest doings yets. Don's miss it. 

SreriAi, Notice. — All mall or telegrams 
for William Judklns Hewitt (Red Onion), ad- 
dress his week General Delivery Hutchinson, 
Kan. remanent address, care of New Yobe 
Clifpeb 47 West rwmty-cighth Street, New 



Manila, P. I. 

JAN. 30 to FEB. 7, 1915, INGL 

ATTENDANCE, 250,000 

Correspondence Invited for 
Dumb Acta. After Carnival, 
ohanoe to tour Archipelago 
of eight million people. 

Ad, Informal ob gladly fonished. 
PbillppiH Ginlnl Assoclatlos, Mnlli, P. I. 


WILLIAM BA£T£LS 00., O-M Cortland St, N. T. 



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FttsB* Ckilws »137 aad 691 W. If niton 6 U, CHICAGO 

JUNE 13 




Clipper Bureau, 8 South Square Gray', inn, London, W. C. 

One person at any rate Is never In doubt 
.,3 to tie Taioc and lmportanro of Israel 
/angwlU's plays. That is Israel Zangwtll. 
\ week ago he complacently remarked ot 
■•I foster Saints," which was produced at the 
comedy Theatre on Saturday, that It would 
surely provoke a controversy. Bit It has 
■iot done so. It has been recelced by tie 
i rltles with much restraint, merely as a play 
.if toe second crass; certainly not as a coal- 
l*nge to a controversy. Its craftsmanship 
is faulty. Its humor Is trivial, lis satire li 
too savage. It Is curiously rich In lines which 
(crept the audience to laugh at (he author, 
not with him. As lor Instance, when a 
woman comes to a clerygyman to unpack her 
troubled soul of a confession, he eays "let 
me get you a glass of water." 

Dr. Rodney Vaughan, a non-conforming 
(Urine, Is the dominant figure of the play. 
Dr. Vaughan was an eloquent preacher an! 
busy social worker. Incidentally be was an 
ti; terminable talker. He bad a common In- 
trigue with his typist, who toft his employ- 
ment to bear n child. Eventually this came 
to the ears of his wife, an overt-prudish 
woman, who only e»w one course open to 
him. He must make public confession of his 
sin. must submit to a divorce and marry the 
tvplst It was the typist herself who settle! 
the question. She had probably been to see 
•Hlndlc Wakes;" at any rate, she had no 
further use for Dr. Vaughnn, snd married 
elsewhere. Still, Mrs. Vaughan said there 
must be public admission of the wrong doing 
i'"i expiation. Dr. Vaughnn raid no, but 
said it at great length. His point was that, 
as a sinner, he knew how to deal with sin, 
therefore It was for the good of the com- 
munity that oe should appear In his pulpl f . 
with unshaken credit His pretty daughter's 
love-match saved the situation ; for ber sake 
Mrs. Vaughan agreed to be silent, and so 
the play ended In a few words "Plaster 
Saints" discredits the clergy for no public 
■rood, and does not even make a good play 
In the process. 

Jerome K. Jerome tried to work on a 
plane too high for his mental and mechanical 
equipment when he wrote "The Great 
Gamble," produced at the Haymarket on 
Thursday last. The result Is a very tire- 
some play, redeemed by an occasional glimpse 
of humor. Mr. Jerome meant. It Is plain, to 
be picturesque snd philosophical and fantns- 
lie and lust a little daring, but he does not 
rcal're his ambitions. The scene Is a beer 
garden on the outskirts of a German univer- 
sity town. Student life has formed the char- 
acters of most of the persons represented. 
Students hover in the distance, the retrains 
of their song point the moral and adorn the 
tale. The aged Scottish lady woo kept the 
garden nurtured a beautiful girl, a relative, 
as to whose past there Is a mystery. It Is 
no more than that her mother, supposed to 
he dead, Is an outcast. The maid is beloved 
by a young American who Is silent, because, 
In his life, too, there Is a shameful secret 
It Is father was a crook. The foolish chit 
dren bridge over this preposterous gulf, of 
course. Store lnterestlnfg than this elabo- 
rate romance Is the comic underplot. An 
amorous colonel ran away impulsively with 
the moon-struck wife of a London tradesman, 
and Immediately regretted his Quixotic act 
After an amusing process of adventure he 
restored her to her husband, whom be was 
able to. assure that all the tine he had re- 
spected her as he might have done his own 
sister t 

"A Little Lamb," the faro' from the German 
which PMllp Mlchiel Ftradiy produced at the 
Apollo Theatre on Thursday, Is of the btd, old 
Criterion kind. Probably ruthless excisions from 
the original hare made the remnant poor and 
erode. Bat In his time Arthur Wltnperls hi* 
written good dialogue; not so In this case. The 
"Little Lamb" from whom the play takes lis 
name Is the -nysterloos offspring or a Spanish 
dtnoer who, having bad an affair with each of 
several gentlemen who ought to hare known 
Utter, circulated among them the picture of a 
child with the Inscription : "Hen! I am, yonr 
little Lamb." In return she secured from her 
terrorised admirers a series of Incomes. Twenty- 
five years are supposed to have elapsed before the 
dramatist takes up the tale. Madame Dubonnet 
had meanwhile become the dominant figure of the 
little circle of reprobates. Monsieur Dubonnet 
was a mustard manufacturer. His calling was 
selected apparently with the object of per- 
mitting the dramatist to get In a little humor 
about "hot stuff." Madame Dubonnet was a 
dragon of virtue. She ran a purity league. 
The four or Are or six elderly gentlemen who 
believed themselves to be responsible tor the 
little Lamb — It boots not to count them ex* 
actly — were all unwilling members of madame's 
league. Additionally, there was a smart young 
lawyer who wanted to marry Dubonuet'a daughter. 
He was not acceptable to the family. But he 
got bold of the little lamb story, and with s 
shameful disregard for the amenities of his pro- 
fession coerced Dubonnet to consent. The supreme 
Joke will have been guessed by the experienced 
playgoer. There never was a little lamb. The 
Spanish dancer hsd fooled them all 'round. Al- 
though, for the humorous development of the play, 
an asslnlne youth Is made to address everybody 
as papa. Tbe audience assembled In the Apollo 
Theatre on Thursday laughed freely, and the play 
waa enacted rather better than It deserved. 

"Grumpy" tie pleased London Just as much as 
It pleased New York. The booking Is "tremen- 

For the Acton' Pension Fund, the performance 
of "The 8Uver King," by celebrities, at His Ma- 
jesty's Theatre, before the king and queen, has 
realised 18.800. 

_0<orge Edwardes might revive "The Merry 
Widow, 1 ' Id succession to "The Marriage Market," 
at Daly's. 

Marie Tempest has bad to admit a failure In 
respect of 'The Wynmsrteue." She will Imme- 
diately revive "The Duke of KlUleerankle" at the 

On June 8, "The Story of the Rosary" will 
be withdrawn from the Princes' Theatre, and 
thereafter remitted to America. 

On Monday night "The Laud of Promise" was 
plsyed for the cue hundredth time at the Duke 
of York's Theatre, and on Tuesday night, "Mr. 
Wa" was played for the two hundredth time at 
the AldWyon Theatre. "Mr. Wu" Is to be followed 
by a revival of "The Sliver King." 

Sir Arthur Plnero took n birthday on Sunday, 

Martin Harvey and his wife are safe home from 

George Bernard Shaw has told the promoters 
of the People's Theatre, where they play Shake- 
speare for a nickel, that they can play his "Fyr- 
rasllon" for nothing, "bloody" and all. But the 
general opinion Is that unless Mrs. Patrick Camp- 
bell says tbe naughty word, It will not count for 
so much. 

Alfred Lester, tbe comedian, has gone to Italy 
"or a long holiday. 

"Adeie" la rtne at the Gaiety tonight. In super- 
session of "After the Girl." 

Horry Louder has lust republished hit autobio- 

Mstt O'Brien, known to every actor as the pro- 

V victor of Rule's Saloon. In Maiden iJinc, is dead, 
lis wife was a popular actress as Carrie .Inline. 
Gaby Detlys is again In London. 
Sam Bernard, who Is shortly to raske his ap- 
pearance here tn "Tbe Belle of Bond Street," •s, 
one recalls, a Birmingham boy. 

On Thursday Robert Courtneldge will produce 
at the 8haftesbury Theatre a version of "Die 
Klne-Konlgen." entirely different from "Queen of 
B» Movies." It has been prepared by Jack 
Hnlbert, tbe young actor who Is to marry Cicely 
Oourtneldge. and It Is to be called "Tbe Star of 
tbe Cinema." 

Anna Sfmnard, tbe American actress now for 
some years resident In Loudon, Is giving a recital 
of Rossett's poems, with Illustrative living pic- 
tures formed by thirty of the theatrical celebrities 
of tbe day. 

Helen Mar gives her annual matinee at Stela- 
way Ball on Monday week. 

Ernest Warner, a nephew of Richard Warner, 
has acquired Nathan's Agency. 

Alfred Butt was the buyer, at public suction, 
of the Globe Theatre and the Queen's Theatre, 
tor 1330,000. 

Tom Reynolds, appointed by Alfred Bult, stage 
manager of tbe Rmplre. was for a long time a 
member of Irving'a company. 

Oxford profits were down $20,000 during the 
last completed year, and the dividend was reduced 
from nine per cent to seven and a half per cent 

Francis 4 Days, handling "You Made Me Love 
You" In this country, have secured an order cf 
the courts prohibiting Bert Feldman from selling 
a "reply" song, called "You Didn't Want to Do 
it— But You Did." The' contention was that 
Feldman's song, under the guise of a "reply," 
was really nothing hut a copy. 

Stephen Townsend, the husband of Mrs. ITorig- 
son Burnett, died after n long Illness. He was t 
qualified surgeon, but as Will Dennis became • 
useful actor. ■ He wrote some plays and sereral 
novels of merit. 

Gaby Dtslya has been secured l>y the Famous 
Players Cempsny. and proceeds Immediately to 
work st their Paris studio. The ruinous Players 
are rending Mary Plckford on s world's tour. 

Reynolds and Doncgan open at the Loudon 
Coliseum on Monday. 

Ernest Iepord, so long manager of the Canto*. 
tnry, more recently of Iho New Cross Einnlre. 
has Joined the booklnj committee of the Moss 

Tom McKaghten and Alice Lloyd were safe 
rrrivsls by the /.taffonfi. 

Louis Meyer, who bss been 111 since his return 
from America, has gone to the beach to recuperate. 

Lydla Yavorslta announces the last atglrts of 
"Anna Karenlna" st the Seals. She will next 
revive "La Dome aux Camellias." 

Charles Frohman tins arranged with Frank Car- 
son to do Michael Morton's ^'Yellow Ticket" at 


'■' '?- ' ■ IsE^-JafmaarMJl 

B*- snsaaaaamlllW^^iafi&A' '"^f" 

: 'Pti 

fB*Hs§5*?i^ * m 



gjjgjggft- ■ i *S 


IPS*- « 


Laura Laird, who Is at present resting 
with ber folks in Omaha, Neb., after having 
Dished a long season with several Broad- 
way attractions, and In vaudeville under the 
management of Arthur Hopkins, Is preparing 
a single which she is trying out In two or 
three towns id the Went with great success. 
Miss Laird expects to make her debut in the 
big time in the Blast this Fall, with a com- 
plete new act and a beautiful line of ward- 

tbe Prince of Wales' Theatre In tbe Autumn. 

Max Hlrschman, a German, was fined $50 or 
sixty days Imprisonment, at Aberdeen, tor treat- 
ing a boy acrobat with cruelty. 

Some locations for Monday next are: Eddie 
Howard, Empire, Preston; De Btere. Empire, 
Hackney; Stoddart and Hynes, Hippodrome, 
Hnluse: Mooney and Holbein. Pavilion, Liverpool; 
B. O. Kncwles. Albaxnbrn, Morecainbe ; Charles T. 
Aldrlcb, Hippodrome, Goiders Green; Scott and 
Whaley. Queen's Theatre, Poplar; Paul Olnque- 
valll, Hippodrome, Portsmouth ; Campbell and liar- 
ber, Hipped rome, Portsmouth: loweuwlrth nn>l 
Cohen. Hippodrome. Liverpool ; Hayman and 
Franklin, Empire, Glasgow; May Moore Dupres, 
Empire, Liverpool; Fred Dupres, Empire, New- 
castle; Jen Latoua, Empire, Newcastle; the Four 
Readings. Empire, Sheffield ; Clarice Msyne. Palla- 
dium; Walker and May, Hippodrome, Ilford. 

Harry Tate promises the publication of bis 

Gllday and Fox write cheerfully of their success 
in Australia. 

Jack Norworth Is here — he opens In the Hippo- 
drome revue on Monday. 

Diamond and Brennan make their London debut 
at tbe Victoria Palace on Monday. 

Cyril Maude la diligently plugging his scheme 
for the establishment of an actors' home here, on 
American lines. 

Having achieved a hundred performances. "The 
Joy Ride Lady" ends her career at the Gnrrlck 

Lester Donahue, tbe Collfomlan pianist, caro 
•n effective recital at Stetawsy Hall on Wed- 

Wlfkie Bard is making a hit at the London 
Parlllon this week, with bis new song, entitled 
"The Hall Porter." 

On Mocday week Oswsld Stoll Introduce" his 
new Scandinavian dancer, Euicbs Smith at the 

Alfred Butt reveals tbe name of the mysterious 
dancer whom he has persuaded to return to the 
West End stage. It Is Mordkln, who Is to play 
a prominent part In the new Empire revue, with 
Balsschowa, who succeeded Pavlowa in the esteem 
of St. Petersburg. There Is to be a tremendous 
ballet, reviving the historic glories of French 
dancing and spectacular work. 



All that remains now for the Summer amuse- 
ment season to he complete Is the weather that 
Is supposed to accompany It Nearly all CM In- 
door theatres open are given over to oletures or 
a comMtwtlon of vaudeville and pictures. Tba 
parks have had a fairly good start 

Colonial (Charles Frohman • Win. Harris, 
mgrs.) — "The Misleading Lady" enters ft, on the 
sixth week of Its run at this house. Grace Bar- 
bour now assumes the leading role of Helen. 

l'LTMOi'Tii (Fred B. Wright mgr.) — Several 
new members appear tn the cast of "I'n.lev 
Cover," no»- In Its twentyslith week. Vent Mel- 
llsh has taken Lola Fisher's part as Nora, and 
Ernest Cwanrt Is seen as Michael Harrington. 
The engagement sill terminate July 4. 

CUstls Squabs (John Craig, mgr.j — Tbe play 
this week, the farewell week of the season. Is 
the force, "Baby Mine." The revival ot "The 
End of tbe Bridge" wu thoroughly enjoyed 
by good-sired audiences, 

TasHONT (Jos. B. Scboeffel. mgr-)— Second 
week of tbe motion picture play, "Neptune's 
Daughter," In which Annette Kellermacn Is seen 
as the heroine. The pictures are rvmukabte, 
for clearness and beauty, while the story la di- 

Oosr (J. B. Cort, ragr.)— One of tbe most In- 
teresting, amusing, and at the same time. In- 
structive sets of talking-motion pictures ever 
seen or "heard" la this clly, are being shown 
at this house. Lyman II. Howe's Travel Fes- 
tival Is In its second week. 

BosTox (William Wood, mgr.) — Second and 
final week of Joe Weber and Lew Fields. In 
"Hokey-Potcy," brought cut very good sited 
bouses. This house, which Is under the Keith 
loanagenKnt, Is now closed for the session, nothing 
being announced for the Immediate fulure. 

M.usfflTio (Wllbur-Shuhert Co.. num.) — The 
third week of the motion pictures, "How Wild 
Animals Live," begins S. Business Is increasing. 

Wilbur (Wilbur Theatre Co., mgrs.)— This 
house clo:wl Its season May 30. It was origin- 
ally Intended to close the season with tbe ter- 
mination of the five weeks' engagement of Doris 
Koine, In "Romance," but Wm. A. Brady wished 
sn opportunity for a few public performances of 
bis production of tbe new comedy, "Sylvia Runs 
Away," which opened here May 27, to enshle him 
to decide upon Its availability as an attraction 
to open the season st bis theatre in New York 
ueit August. 

Kami's (Harry Gustln, mgr.)— This week's 
billing says: "Grand Carnival of Fun. a Shower 
of Mirth. 1 ' The causes are Bert Melrose, Swor 
and Mack, Bran and Lee, Colonel Diamond and 
company of dancers, Julia Curtis, Stella Tracy 
and Victor Stone, Asard Brothers, and Vlnie 
Kaufmans. An Interesting feature of the Keith 
show is "Boston in Motion," local current events 
l*lng shown In pictures. 

Onrmcu (Victor J. Morris, mgr.)— 8-10: Ro- 
land West company, Hilton and Wyre, Sara Har- 
ris,, Poltln Brothers sod others. 11-13: Mr. and 
Mrs. Perkins Fisher, Oscar Lorraine, Cabaret 
Trio, Lyrics and others. Many exclusive pictures 
are exhibited weekly. 

St. Jakes (Marcus Loew management). — First 
three days: Mr, and Mrs. Perkins Fisher, Oscar 
Lorraine, Cabaret Trio, Lyrics and others. Last 
three days: Poland West Players, Hilton and 
Wyre, Sam Itcrrls. Polsln Brothers, snd others. 

Gordon's Oltktu (John B. Conerford, mgr.) 
— Week of June 8 brings to this house La Parvs, 
Hondrl.x and Psdnls, Harry Nelson and company, 
Laurie and Ellen, Scbrode and Chaptlle, and "The 
Maid ot tbe Orient" 

Clous (Robert Janette, mgr.) — Tno 8unrm;;r 
policy Is now on, an entertaining picgram of 
ssststvnrl end pictures lielng given. Vaudiiilllani 
this week are: Nlblo and Spencer, the Delmonts. 
Theles and Miller, Haggerty and U> Clow, and 
Henry Murphy. 

Bijou (James W. Craig, mgr.— No matter what 
tbe weather changes are this house always seems 
to be well taken care of In the matter of attend- 
ance. Once a patron always a patron seems ,o 
be the slogan. Week of 8: Fiorsoce Roberts, 
Fred Webber, Robert Minis. Corlln and Roberto, 
Merlda Eltryn, and Gwendolyn Ashley, who Is 
very highly spokas of as an accomplished violin- 
ist, qutte out of (be ordinary. 

Puuooh Park (O. A. Dodge, mgr.) — The first 
week of this New England seashore resort was s 
record bresker In the matter ot receipts, and Wm. 
H. Wolfre Is to be congratulated for bis selections 
in tbe attractions booked. Edna Leader, Three 

season of Mle-IA. Mr. Orslg's seventh season 
will opes early lo September. 

Mas. Jons J. Qtnoin, mother of Jehu J. 
Qtdg'ey Jr., theatrical booking agent, In ttisa city, 
dlsd at ber home la JlmaTea Plain. May SO. 
Funeral smites were held Jane 1. and aitorutcl 
by many friends la the theatrical profession of 
air. Qttgley Jr. 

Tns engagement Is announced of Alice Sheehan 
and Francis J. D. Ferguson, business manager and 
treasurer of the Boston Theatre. 

Tns one performance of the Lambs' Oamhol 
at Btttoa Opera Hoase, 30. netted that organisa- 
tion about $T.00O. A performance at Worcoalcr 
on tbe afternoon of the same day brought out 
about $1,400. 

John F. Botox, the Boston newspaper young 
man, who Is now manager ot Keith's Cincinnati 
bouse, Is rtdiy missed at the local ball parks, as 
be was one of the dyed-ln-the-wool fans. John, 
however, must be ratlsocd, as the city Ik* Is now 
In can Isy elsbn to a ball lean that Is caus- 
ing some uneasiness. 

Mittr friends of "Billy" Lang, manager of the 
Boston offlee of the Leo Feist Music iMbllahlng 
Co.. gave a birthday dinner In his honor at the 
Hotel Woodcock, May 28. William ray acted as 
roasfmister, and a aosee or more rsudcrllle acts 
furnished tbe entertainment. Mr. Lang wss 
warmly congratulated for bis work In behalf of 
the Louis Gold benefit, and the newsboys' organi- 
sation expressed, officially, Its thanks to him for 
his efforts. He was given a cigarette case by the 
n ewsboys, a watch and chain by his employers, 
sod many other gifts by guests present at the 
dinner. Arrangements tor the affair were In 
charge of a committee composed of representatives 
of the newsboys, and William Day, Harry Bultnn, 
Jack Hewitt Richard Christy and May Green, of 
the Roston Leo Feist staff. 

Lkxinotox i'aiik wss open May 30 and .11, but 
the regular season does not begin until June 10, 


Of the General Staff tn aJrance of the 
General Amusement Co. 

Greenfield. Moss Lawk-r (f.awlcr Bros., 

mgrs.) pictures and vaudeville. 

Vic-roan (L. rtosewlg, nurr.) — Pictures and il- 
lustrated songs. 

Bijou (B. fctreeter, mgr.) — Tno pbctcdrams. 
"Creation,' June 8-13. 

Noras. — "TUe Gentleman from Mississippi," at 
the Lawler, under the auspices of O. of O. Corni- 
ce!, wu very pood Wyoming Historical Wild 

Weet Is booked to show here 12 N. J. Law- 
ler, better known as "Nlckle," attended the meet- 
ing of Esstern Theatre Managers Association, In 
Philadelphia. ?nd was honored In bring elected 
a director of the association. 

iiv VAui>:E>vi:i--yX,:E>. 

swsssasMSTsaswasasa *■■..?«.-/ 

■afa^Mfe. ' • 




will nassxfe- 



ssaar* " 

/-' .Ml M-. fir^ 

yt^ -j ' ah 

fV k 

-Y^y-,'.;', BsT^ 

■" - 

■JO ^ 


,'•'- ' '■' 

' " ". '- ". 

ft ' ' 

V/,.\ '- 

■v ! - 

Klf'-\ - 

? . V -. 

'^naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ■>«'•' asaaaaaaaaaafEV 

| ' ,.' 



.■ '--*»*"• 


I&k-: ■ ■ 

.' ' -■» ** -"••"* - 


" ' .'. "- .-"" - 

Ban ' ***1 


■ ■ .'■ . . ' .'■ . 

mat •:>,*,- 

fy^' "■" - 

.. »-. '.-■S';i'i|H|j 

■jf* •. 

r/**l?" :■•'■■"'. 

• .*"■*. i :■; /-j < «. 

1 '• w 

%- . ' ■ '-H^' 


Loew Time. 


United Time 


United Time. 


General Amusement Promoter. 

Perry Sisters, Mile. Fin, Blllle Meyers. Rosa- 
mond Msrtln, Marie Caanllle, Amy Evans and 
Art Spsukling were recorded ss fsvorltes from the 
start. Holding over current week are: The Max- 
wells, Floretta Clark, Mahr and Dwyer Sisters, 
and Alice De Garmo. 

NosuMBioi Paax (Carle Alberts, mgr.)— "I 
Should Worry." J- W. Oorman's offering, attracted 
large stsed audiences to the open air theatre.. 
Current week's bill: Le Roy and Arthur, Verdi 
Quintette, Daring Darts, the Nagels, sad others. 

BcoLLir Squabs (Gordon A Lord, mgrs.) — 
Week of 8: Deland and Carr, Violin Beauties, 
Mareena, Nevarro and Mareena, Ashton and Mtm- 
son, Jimmy O'Brien Trio, Elliott and Mullln, and 
I'm right and Stone. 

Bowdocn Souaaa (George E. LoUirop, mgr.) — 
Violet Mascot te's Merry Maids. Morton and Rossi, 
Baker snd Murray, Tom Hefron, snd the motion 
picture "Strsnglers of Psrls." 

New vaudeville sod motion pictures st the 
Shswmot. Exeter Street, Washlngtoa. Old South, 
Star, New Palace, Obmlque, Olympic, UnIo.u?, 
New Back Bay, Huntington Avenn*. Roxbury, 
Harvard. Hsmilton, Wlnthrop Hall. Ragle. Puri- 
tan Apollo, Dreamland, South End., OOns-ress 
Hall, Orescent Gardens, Gem, Day Saoare, Cam- 
bridge. Scenic Temple, Superb and others. 

Tits new musical comedy, "Phyllis." came to 
an abrupt close st the Oort, May 30, with the 
arrest of James O. Grey, author, and Charles 
Phillips, the manager of the company, for debt. 
The prsy wss hardly s week old, snd In the first 
Ave weeks that the company had been rehearsing 
and playing, its members claimed thai they had 
received lust one week's pay snd a half, the half 
weeks' remuneration having been paid them almost 
two weeks before May SO. In the company were 
twelve principals, twenty-two chorus girls, ten 
chorus, men, a negro orchestra and ltn> special 
dancers. Mantilla and Lloyd. This Is Mr. Gray's 
third anso cc rssfnl venture In this city. His 
"Country Olrl" and "Tbe Courtiers" met a slm- 
llsr fste. 

Dissctlt after tbe close of his season at the 
Castle Squrre John Craig will, as nsasl, mike a 
trip over to New York to secure plans and sin 
contracts with players for bis company of lbs 

Haverhill, Moss. — Academy (Joo Mack, 
mgr.) motion pictures ami Illustrated songs. 

Oolonial (Wm. E. Farter, mgr.) — Jrsee L. 
Laskey'a photoplay. "Biewsiei's Millions," awl 
Illustrated sotvrt. June SKI. 

OaritiuM, ccxNio Taiiiu, Masxhtio and 
Ciowm. motion pictures only. 

Nora.— La Teoa's Wild Animal Circus exhibited 
here 8. 

San Dleago, Cal. — SpreckeU' (Dodge A 
Hsyward, mgrs.) "Peg o' My Heart," with Peggy 
O'Neill In the title role, scored a hit May 27-20. 
War pictures featured week of June 1, 

Euraiss (B. Been Loos, mgr.) — "The Acid 
Test." with the author, Austin Adsms, playing 
tits leading role, closed a two weeks' ran hers 
June 7. "What Happened to Mary" 8-14. 

Gaibtt (Boy Van Fossea, mgr,) — Exposition 
Stock opened to good business in "The Chorus 
Lsdy" Msy 28, followed by "Freckles" week of 
Jane 1. "The Traveling Salesman" 8-1*. 

Bavot (8cott A. Palmer, mgr.)— BUI for week 
of 8: Lottie Mayer and Diving Nymphs, Raekelt 
Hoover and Marker, Uornalls snd Wilbur, Lssky's 
Six Hoboes, and Keystone comedy pictures. 

Majsstic.— Revi» Girls and vaudeville, 

Noras. — The Princess, formerly s vaulcvlllo 
theatre, which wss dark for several week i. re- 
spened May 30. with pictures. Gro. E. Kenrnr. 
manager of Iho Casino and Jewel, will control Ihs 

Princess, end will show only feature aims 

The Panama Canal Rstraragnnra Company, wlilu'i 
will exibli at the Exposition here. Is titling up 
an Illusion theatre on Fifth Street, and one at 

Wonderland Park, Ocean Reach Dick Hamp- 

sell Is directing the vaudeville performance* st 
tbe Casino. Wonderland. 



El Rado Exceptionally Conven- 
ient for tht) Professional Woman 

There li no trouble at all In removing un- 
sightly hair growths with Kl Rado— no mix- 
ing of powders or mussing with pastes. 
You simply saturate tbe hair with the liquid; 
In a moment or two It becomes dissolved, 
and after washing otl with a llttlo plain 
water not a trace of the hair will remain. 
In place of the undesirable hair growths on 
face, neck or under the anna, all you see tl 
smooth, clour, velvety skin. 

Tba quick, thorough, harmless action ot 
El Rado bus mado It a great favorlts among 
society women everywhere. They now re- 
gard ft as indispensable a toilet preparation 
as cold crenm or faco powder. The fact that 
many physicians uio tbe Ingredients In El 
Rado for ciactly (he same purpose, hair re- 
moving, sliows conclusively how perfectly 
safe It Is 

Buy a bottle of Rl Rado and test It on 
your arm; if you are not entirely pleased 
with the results your money will be refunded 
without question. In ISOe. and S1.00 sises, 
at all leading drug and department stores, 
or direct from the Pilgrim Mfg, Co.. New 
Vork. Write for valuable information on 
ch« anatomical growth of hair, and why It 
csn be safely removed. 

Can be had at JAMES DRUG STOHES, 

Oakland, Cnl Macilcnnugh (P. A. Gelos, 

mgr.) Wlllanl Mack, Margoris lUmbrau Co. pre- 
sent "So .Mix* for So Much" Jons 8 and week. 

Ys I.intitTx (II. W. Bishop, mgr.)— The Liberty 
Stock Co. pnwetrted "The Greet DIrWe" 1-7. 
"The Right Princess" 8-13. 

Obfiibum (0«o. Kbey, mgr.) — Bill T-U: Dessle 
Wynh, Robert T. Uslnes sad company, in "The 
Man In tbe Dark;" Matthews. Stayne snd com- 
pany, tbe Kramers, Mile. Oterlta, and Orpheum 
motion pictures. 

Psntaoss (W. H. Wright, mgr.)— BUI T-1S: 
George fonts and coarpsny, Joseph Remington and 
company. Wsrtenbnrg Bros., Dainty Musette, Skip- 
tier, Kennedy and Reeves, Scott aid Wallace, and 
Keystone comedy motion pictures. 

Ooi.tincu (Dillon ft King, mgrs.)— The Colum- 
bia Musical Co. present '"The Cupid Express" 
week of 7 

Inns* Pask (B. I*. York, mgr.) — Tbavln't 
Band and tabloid grand open. 

IimutvwAv (Gay O. 8mltti, mgr.)— Vauilovlllo 
and motion pictures, bill changed semi-weekly. 

Uaklano, CAMsnt, RaniMT, Mami.ows, llir.i,- 
han's, Oxk, Htas and (Utmrr, naulkin pictures 

Mnskogfee, Okla. — nroadwiy (D. Myers. 

mgr.) motion pictures to capacity houses. 

Yals TnsAtss (O. I,. Srltton, mgr.)— Motion 
pictures. Capsclty buslneai. 

Oaibit (II. I. Goddsrd, mgr.) — Vaudeville and 

OLTiino AtatOKS (f/on nemhire, mgr.) — Key- 
stone Dramatic Stock Co. Business fslr. 

Noras. — Vvalure pictures are drawing big st 
Ihe Broadway, "Dope." 'The Great Leap" and 
"Floor Above" playing to big houses. The 
women are showing great Interest In "Our Mutual 
Girl Series," "Our Mutual Olrl Weekly Mam- 
slne" being distributed the dsy previous to the 
picture, the coupons fur diess patterns being the 

drawing card The Keystone Dramatic Co., 

playing at tbe Olympic Alrdovne, la a good com- 

&any, numbering twclvo people, with "pedal ties 
etween acts. Nowats, tlkla., being their next 

stop, June T "Lucille I/>ve" continues to 

play to crowded houses once s week at the tals 

Atlanta, Ga.— Lyric III. L. OarVas, mgr.) 
I.uclle 1* Verne Co. continued to draw well. 

Gbano (II. L. De Give, mgr.)— Vaudeville and 
motion pictures. 

Dojtita (fjen. Campbell, mgr.) — BUI June 1-0 
featured : Cardner. Mwso-i company, for 8-m : 
Karlnelll Trio, Kamplln snd Doll, and Krnest 

AMaaiOAir (J. II. Daniel, mgr.) — Tabloid ami 
motion pictures. Prank Tunny and company s-l.'l. 

Iluou (If L. De Hire, ragr.) — For 8-III, Jew- 
ell Kelly Co., in "Why Girls leave Home." This 
company opened hire after Ihe hontw dark 
for two weeks. 

Mill (A. K Jones, mgr.) — Burlesque, "Via 
Wireless," did sjced business. "1'atsle's Trou- 
bles" 8-13. 

Momtuokssv "id Vaudctts, photoplays, to 
good houses, 

Btacoa, Ga.— Princess (Angel floteTotxlotir!. 
mgr.) Billy Beard, "Party from the South," 
closed a successful engagement here week ending 
June 0, Feature pictures of "The Brute" 1, 
"I'owers of Destiny" 2, "The Nation's Peril" S, 
"Our Mutual Olrl/' "The Tollers of the Sea" 4, 
"Jano, the Justice," B; "l.ncllle's Love" 0. 

Pat-ack (J. li. Melton, mgr.)— Jack I.amey and 
Joe Combs 1-0. Great team. Feature pictures: 
"Advenlures of Kalhlyn" 1, Paul Rodney's pie- 
lures 8, 4. 

MAyssvia (J. n. Melton, mgr.)— Tabloids have 
regained this house again. "The (lay Sisters" 
will open here with two bills for week 1*0. "A 
Cabaret Night at Delmonloo's" snd "Jane's Birth- 
day I'nrty. Light musical comedies reem tn piny 
at this house boiler thsn pictures or vaudeville, 

Dublin, Ga.— Dertlis (llsrry P. Dlggs, mgr.) 
Is dark. 

OarsTAi. Palacs (Harry P. Dlggs. mgr.) — Fea- 
ture films, "Gold" A, "The Twin Double" 0, 
"Into the Foot Mills" 10, "Heart of lbs Hills" 
11, "The Acid Teal" 12, ''Discord and Ilarmouy" 

Denver. Colo. — F.lltch's flarden (John D. 
Long, mgr.) opened June O with 'The Spend- 

DsNrtAK (Woo-lward « Homsn, mgrs.) — "Mrs. 
Wlggs of the Cabbage Patch" 7 anal week. 

LiaeasiDS (Will T. fienta. mgr.)— This theatre 
will open 11 with Msrle Ilsppold, In concert. 
Regalar sesson opens ID with the Olesson Players. 

Rhpssms (Oeo. A, BoTytr, mgfr.)— Bill fl and 
week: Will Morris, Thornton snd Oorlew, Four 
Quaint Qs, Orvllls Stsmra, Diamond and Beatrice, 
and moving pictures. 

Tabob (Peter McGourt, mgr.) — . Jacobs Mostcal 
Comedy 0o„ Indcdntte. 

irlllwankee. Wis.— Thealricals In this clly 
after June 13 will be rather quiet, all tbe thea- 
tres, with the exception of tbe Shubert, either 
closing or turning to moving pictures. The Ma- 
jestic and Crystal are fie latest to present mov- 
ing pictures, the Crystal having been fortunate 
enonght to get "Prom Dusk to Dswn" for week 
of 8. Tbe Majestic has a regnlsr ran of Dims. 
The Orpheum continues for another week, with 
"I*re Mlserables." _ „ 

diicnm (O. A. Newton, mgr.)— The Davidson 
Btnek Co. present "Bought and Paid For" week 
of R, In which Klielley Hall, tbe newly engaged 
leading man of tills comrisny, makes bis Initial 
appearances. Mr. Hull bas been leading man of 
tlila company In previous seasons, and the stock 
patrons here gave blm s Aim reception 8. 

Meridian. Hiss.— Gem (B. Frank Isaacs, 
mar.) Universal and feature films. 

Pbincsss (Sol M. Sngermin, mgr.) — aencvel 
Flhn Company's service. 

Kr.tTS (Oeo. A. Orlflln, mgr.)— Mutual snd 
Warner's feature pictures, 

Richmond, Kr-— Grand (W. P. Daxler. 
mgr.) week of June », "Richmond In Motion," 
also lbs regular run of Wnrnrr Features. 

Amiakdua (8. n. Bparks res. mgr.)— Motion 

The Song You Are Hearing Every where 


liy Billy Jerome and Abner Greenberg 

148 W. «5th it., !». Y. City 


HALF TONS PICTURE! la the rescl- 
<>ST pasrea of TUB CLIPPER will be 
Inserted at these prlcesi 

Front PaaTS Cat •rta.00 

Doable Coloraa 91040 

■ male Colasssa •*.«> 




June 13 





("Bed Onlos.") 

Let's "can" all the ticket takers. 

Muh. Jat O. 'I'lJiiKF.R u all peeved now. 
She don't sec why all tbe "kings" In tho 
carnival business won't do something to earn 
the right and Utle to kingly honors. Bpush. 

L'Aiu.TON II. TuBNen. — After Jacksonville, 
Flo., where did you go? Carlton B., reroem- 
her your pron.iw. 

Siiebman, OVx., will probably hove a Fall 
celebration about Labor Day wcj!i, maybe. 

We are with it, hut where Is It? 

Robert ii., a baritone player 
with Frank 0. Walllck's band. Is now con- 
fined to the city hospital la Donlson, Tex., 
suffering from a complication ot diseases ana 
typhoid fever. The doctors entertain very 
little hope of his recovery. Robert U.% 
father Is at his bedside. 

Don C. Stevbnsom. — They do tell as that 
"Texas snow" snail remain In the Lone Star 
State all season. Don C, why not put on a 
water show? 

Tub carnival grounds In Dcnlson, Tex., 
are owned by the city and are located two 
blocks from the main thoroughfare — next to 
tbe .baseball grounds. Welt, suppose they 

Why don't you get a horse and go "buggy" 
with the rest of the "nuts." 

Jake Glass wears a sailor suit when 
working the Hour. Jake was standing in 
front of Harry Lukehs' Animal Show In 
Shawnee, Ukla., last week, and on Indian 
walked up to lilm and Inquired what ship. 
Ho replied "Lion Heart." The redskin said 
"Huh I" then walked away apparently very 
much In doubt as to whether that was the 
right ship or sot. 

D. M. Attwood. — Why can't you let us 
know how things are with you? 

Okoboe F. Donovan is reported to bo hav- 
ing some trouble with some "sheet-workers" 
in a laundry. 

Ravings or a Talker.— When you go to 
the water show you are going somewhere. 
Vou arc going to a real show. 

11 H. Habtwick, known as the "Babbling 
Hrook" from Saginaw, Mich., is now flowing 
wild through Oklahoma. The latest report 
Is that Herbert A. Kline is going to d-a-m 
the brook. We can swim the Red River. 
Can y-o-ooo? 

John 1'atrick Martin is not a space 
grabber, probably not? But — he, meaning 
the "fellow" with tbe Allmann Brothers car- 
nival, Is getting to be a regular front "page, 
double column, special edition carnival press 
agent. George Locke Macfarlanc, kindly take 

Lawrbncb Plain Gates. — Many of pour 
friends want to know how your health Is. 
Lawrence, ore you still in Arkansas? Let us 

Managers. — Thcro Is a wrong transfer 
company in Dcnlson, Tex., nnu5 a very wrong 
newspaper in Shawnee, Okla. It somehow 
will break out on them. 

H. II. Danville.— What do you snyeth 
now about a wngon front carnival new ? II. 
B., we are for you all the time right or 
wrong. Go to it old acout. 

Dana Thompson. — Where and how berth 
the "8unny" Dixie Minstrels? Dana, we Just 
heard you were coming 1>nek and ho one of 
us again. Let's have it straight. 

Billy (Broadway) Green. — Arc you in 
New York or Boston for the Summer season ? 
Billy, give us some New Englnnd news. Tell 
them oil howdy at Sn/vln Rook. New Haven. 

■Manaoeiw. — Don't forget the Fourth of 
July. You got the fireworks thou. If Dot be- 
fore. It's seme season and don't let anyone 
tell us any difference, either. 

Tom Ilss. — Some people aro asking for 
yqti. Tom, will shoot you twenty. Tell 
W. C. Huggins where to fcrwnrd your mall. 

W. A. (Snake) Kino. — What are those 
weird and strange creatures, "wnpongos" 
and "rattangrcmlsus?" W. A. has then and 
they must hare cost him n lot of money. 

'Ciibis. M. Smith reports fine weather and 
good business for the Smith Greater Car- 
nival during their Ashland, Ky., engagement. 
Chris M., you always seem pleaBed when you 
cross the Ohio Itlver. What Is your Fourth 
of July "spot"? 

Managers. — How many of yon put up 
flags and special decorations Decoration 
Day? Well, why don't youV 

J. II. Johnson left Dcnlson, Tex., -Sunday, 
May 24, to Join the Great rntterson Carni- 
val, at Fort Dodge, la., with his Nomln 
Shuw. The entire Nomlo. company went with 

W. R. Wedge was a visitor in Kansas City, 
Mo., recently, whllo en route from Dcnlson, 
Tex., to Fort Dodge, la. 


If you cannot stand the "gaff" get out and 
get Into Bomo other business. Do you hear? 

U C. Hamil'ion. — When arc you going to 
write that book of verses? 

H. W. llKCKKR. — What has become of "Ye 
Ould English I'leasuro Fair Company?" B. 
W.. where ore you and what'B going on? 
Will there ever bo another one In Frankfort, 
Pa., like the real one you put on there some 
few years ago? 

J. W. Hampton has arrived as a first class 
carnival manager. 

It is a good thing for some managers 
that there are plenty of towns on the map. 
Yes. she said. 

Wilbur 8. Cherry, the general agent for 
the Smith Greater Carnival, must he given 
credit for originating "mayor and city coun- 
cil" auspices. 

Del Gaudnku left Slmwnee, Okla., Sunday, 
May 31, for Cedar Itnplds, In., to attend the 
opening of the World at Home Carnival, 
Del had been talking on "Mexico" for Kas- 
pcr. N litre & I'nlmer. 

B. II. (Skkbt) Jarrjrd. — We Just lieard 
that you are no longer connected with Luna 
Park. In San Antonio. Skcet, arc you going 
to take out tbe Ruby glass again? Question, 
please answer. 

Ravings op a Talker. — "Don't ask for 
your money back, you won't get it." 

S, N. tloLHAN, of Montreal. — Aro you 
ever going tn lend, ub your presenco again? 

Gkorob Wilson, during and before tlio 
Spnnlsh-Amerlcnn Wnr. operated theatres in 
Manila, P. I., end Hung Kong, China. Ho 
has been out of the amusement ganio for 
several years. George, up until last week, 
had the advertising banner privilege with 
Ilerbort A. Kllue, a la Bert Colo with tho 
Hagenbcck-Wnilace Circus. He closed with 
Herbert A. la Shawnee, Okla. 

JlMMID StuirSON, of the Rutherford 
Greater Cnrnlval. Is one of the most ver- 
satile men In the carnival game. He is 
equally good as manager, general agent, 
special agent, treasurer or adjuster. 

What will be tho next newest riding de- 
vice? We can use a fow new ones that aro 
perfectly potlable. 

Thomas F. Cunninoham. — Hew Is the 
"Hall of Fame?" Thomas F., you are Jicrehr 
requested io let us kn.>w now everything 
with tho Hall * Latlap Carnival la pro- 
gressing. Are you with It? 

Press agents in all branchcn of the 
amusement business. — When In Shawnee, 
Okla., be sure and see Lou S. Allard of The 
I'rctt, and Lourle Keller, of Hctci-JleraU. 

James J. Hagoebtx, of Country Life In 
Canada fame, writes a fr'cud of his that all 
the shows with C. A. Wertham are doing 
well, and that Jay W. Coghland's autodromo 
Is doing exceptionally well. JatneB J., so 
you admit that the concessions are not doing 
much. Well, the truth of the matter, busi- 
ness all over the country Is bad for conces- 
sions, so don't let that put you off your pins. 

Con T. Kennedy.— Sudbury, Ont., Can., 
was an excellent "spot" for you last season. 
Are you going to play It this season ? 

R. L. Lohieor.— Your friends In Cuero, 
Houston and Dcnlson asked about you. 

Carnival Manauebs. — The title "World's 
Greatest Shows" is morally the property of 
tbe Rlngllng Brothers' Circus. There are no 
"world's greatest shows" in the carnival 
business. A carnival is not technically a 
"show," but is a distinctive form of amuse- 
ment- If you managers would call your 
organizations "world's greatest carnivals" 
that would be all right Do you grasp it? 

II. L. Montandon, superintendent of con- 
cessions and admissions of the "Battle of 
Flowers," Ban Antonio, after a three weeka' 
visit to the Herbert A. Kline Carnival, re- 
turned to Ills home in Man Antonio from 
Guthrie, Okla., Monday, June 1. H. L. is a 
line fellow and will always be •welcome, to 
get in the "game" any time he likes. He 
may become one of us beforo the season Is 

L. B. Walker is the amusement extra- 
ordinary purveyor of Boston. I,. B. are 
you going to take "Neptune's Daughters ' out 
to tho fairs this Fall? Give us some news. 

J. W. Hampton keeps within close range 
of the tall stacks In the I'ltUburgh district, 
and he gets tho loose change, too. J. W. Is 
tho carnival "king" in that part of tbe 
world. Make note of this. 

What has become of the "Frolic" rides? 
Have aay of the carnivals got tbem this 
season? If bo, make a noise about it. 

Raymond B. Kijjer. — Your write-ups about 
the Great Patttrson Carnival are good and 
we believe you put it oat straight. A!. F. 
Gorman, please note. 

Wallace Whittinoton Tbub has been 
added to the list of regular real secretaries 
and treasurers. Wallace Whlttlngton is also 
a good press agent. He la and has been all 
season with the J. George Loos Exposition 
Company, which is also a real carnival, U 
anyone should drive up and ask you. 

Shawnee, Okla., is an excellent three-day 
atand for a carnival. The Moose Lodge or 
the Chamber ot Commerce Is tbe auspices. 
Tho Moose I»dge amusement committee is 
composed of O. O. Black chairman; M. W. 
Brown, secrcta:y ; C. E. MrWaugh, treasurer, 
and J. L. Moore. 

M. W. Brown, of Shawnee, Okla., has 
been on the carnlvai committee In that city 
for the past live years, giving a celebration 
about once each year. It is now planned to 
have a celebration on the principal business 
streets there feme time this Fall. M. W. 
Brown Is known as the merchant showman. 
He started in as treasurer of a small wagon 
show about twenty years ago, and was for 
several years afterwards secretary and 
treasurer of tho Grand Opera House, in 
West Superior, Wis. So he is entitled. 

iFiiiKT class gentlemanly talkers ere 
wanted and needed very much this season. 
Where are they comlug from? —you say. 
Bo do we. 

John S. Bergbr. — They (meaning a lot ot 
carnivals) ere still talking about your ex- 
ploits in the .lays gone by. John S., how Is 
the world serving jou now? 

E. J. Haydb.n. of Brooklyn. — What la it 
"Ikanto's Inferno 1 ' you are exploiting? E. J., 
Who are you with? 

. 'Herbert A. Kline 1b trying out three-day 
stands and doing very well with tbem. 

C. W. Parker is doing a wonderful busi- 
ness this year in riding devices. C. W. Is 
going to spring something now la this line 
shortly. Walt and see. 

Notice that nearly all the "big" Inde- 
pendent carnival showmen are beginning to 
flock to the "big" established organizations. 
Had you noticed or contemplated the 
changes? Why bo surprised? It happens 
every season, Jt'e one ot tbe weak spots of 
the game. 

Curiinv Whitney, Bcriia LlnJberg and 
Josephine Flioilng aay un more "blcyc'e 
working" for them. Jfs "find," but they 
can't see It that way. Diving girls, get them 
to tell you this one, it's good. 

Clarke D. Fblgab Is n first clasB talker, 
but — where la ho? ClnrUj B., how are tbe 

Wilson, Koqa and Euerrrs, at one time, 
and maybe now, for that matter, wero 
leaders In fair ground ebows emanating from 
Coney Island, New York. Get together. 
What's doing, W.-K.-E.? 

The way the weather has been up until 
now they could all be called "Water Car- 

Captain Paul Boyton must be given 
credit for originating the water carnival. 
John B. Warren, do you remember about 
seven years ago when Walter K. Sibley spoke 
to you about putting on a water show? John 
B., It would have gotten the money then. 

Captain Ridiibll was cuce the "Carnival 
King" of Florida. 

Leon W. Washburn and Francis Febari. 
— Which one of vou play Nova Scotia and 
Newfoundland? Oh, yes, they havo celebra- 
tions In those places. ■ 

Who has the best Ilea circus, M-? Bo It 
so, "bug circuses" aro much in demand with 

Al. F. Gobman Is one of tho best general 
agents In tho gome. Al. F.. don't work at it, 
only oneo In a while. Ho Is a manager now. 
ii. II. Patter. — Why don't you give us 
another celebration like the one you put on 
In Cambridge, Muss, some years ago? U. H., 
Cambridge is a good town. 

J. B (Suori'Y) Fiike/.u Is ono of the best 
calliope players in the cnrclval game or any 
other place. Who says any differently? 

General Agents. — Here is a new one, 
"auspices city ball stop* " You havo heard 
about "auspices town clock." 

Kino Karue— .What nhout a Wild West 
to play tho fairs this Fall? Regards to Sam 
Hum pertz. 

G. G. Gill. — Where are you anil your rid- 
ing devices? G. G., just heard you were 
Summering In Sprlngflold, III. 

William Heckler and John nncr.E know 

how to frame flea circuses Do they? Yes. 

Grassy lots in tho Springtime as a rule 

arc not good for carnivals You don't say 


"Hatty Hi" John S. Uiiuiaru. — Sorry to 

learn of your mother's death. Happy Hi 

attended the funeral In New York. His 

mother was clglity-four roars old, 

W, II. Rice reports Great Falls, Mont., M 

the banner town so far for the Rice A Dore 
Water Carnival. 

A. B. Bentlby, for many years In various 
branches of the show business, and for the 
past two seasons special agent for Don C. 
Stevenson's Southern Amusement Company, 
is now In Guthrie, Okla., where he has been 
since last Fall. He expects to remain in 
Guthrie all Summer. A. 12 1b Just recover- 
ing from a several weeks' Illness, caused by 
an abcoss on the wrist, which kept lilm from 
accepting some very nattr.rlng offers to go 
out this season, one of which was from the 
Barney R. Parker Carnival. 

A. EL Bentley says a female minstrel 
ahow would get money with a carnival if 
properly framed up and costumed, with a 
band and orchestra. What do you think 
of it? 

Who knows where tbe anti-horse thieves' 
convention Is going to bo held this Fall? 
Red Onion had the pleasure of attending 
one In Arkansas City, Kan., once, and It 
was an awful "bloomer," with a capital B. 

Happy Hi Hubbaiid writes that The New 
York Clipper Is the real showman's paper, 
and that it is read all over and Is every- 
where. Happy HI, many thanks for the good 
boosts you are putting out over the country 
for Thb Old Reliable. 

The oil boom now on In Alberta, Can., 
should make business good for the exhibi- 
tions and celebrations to be held in that part 
of the Canadian Northwest. 

W. David Cohen is a first class general 
agent, and it don't make any difference what 
is sold to the contrary. 

Special Notice.— The "Goof" Is oft*. We 
are not going to have any more bloomers. 

Punch Wheeler, Sidney Wire, Stanley 
Huntley Lewis, John P. Martin. Thomas L. 
Wilson, Raymond E. Elder, Ed. 8. Gilpin, 
Walter K. -Sibley and all other press agents 
and carnival writers.— Kindly let us nave 
your views on tbe "Uses and Abuses of 
Passes ; or. The Pass Evil." Your views will 
be appreciated and published. Would like 
for all managers to get In on this, too. Let's 
all say something on the subject. Thanks. 

■Mas. George F. Dorman.— -We trust you 
have recovered from your recent Illness. 

Jake Rosenthall, of Dubuque, la. — Does 
Cora Beckwlth play the Foil fairs and cele- 
brations? Jake, how Is Summertime vaude- 

Charles Washburn, of Boston.— Where 
is your diving girl show. Charles, there is 
no reason for you keeping so quiet. 



H. C. EVANS & CO. 

76 W. Van Buren St., Chicago, 111. 







"Prices as Low as the Lowest" 






It doesn't require cmch brains to steal an Idea which baa been originated by waatt one 
else. When you patronize these pirates you are simply getting second grade material. 
When yoa bay from 




The latest 20th Century Novelty, 28 
Inches In diameter. Handsomely nlckle- 


If you want something you can depend 
upon, something that can never go wrong, 
this Spindle fills the bill. This we guar- 
antee with, every sale. There never baa been a spindle Invented by any one that la 
as attracttve as this one. Ton see over It, under it and through It— perfectly open 

and above board. 


Send <or IT AT ONCE, if you want THB NEWEST AND BEST. 

Price (vri thout Caa e) . $23 j with Handsome Imitation Leather Caae, 927.60. 

75 W. Van Buren Street 

Chicago, Illinois 




F0 ^ CHAIRS ™ 

30.000 Chairs— €0,000 Grand SUndt— 60,000 Circus Satis on Hand (or Raiting Purpout 



lWJIW. 3d St. Tel., Main 361. Conneautville, Fa. »09 N. Rockwell St., Tel., WeatWt 

A e>iiort bask roll is just as much good to 
yon hi trying to operate a carnival aj a 
toobh pick is when trying to open a Pullman 
car window. 

Newman Bartlett. — They eald you 
couldn't do it. but you did. Where arc you 
of "miracle" fame? 

A. Ii. Milleh and Ed. L. Hkinz. — What 
is this we hear about yon two forming a 
partnership? A good combination, whether 
H is done or not. Ed. L. was general agent 
for A. B. last season, so we will not be sur- 
prised if the above combination Is formed. 

Baunky R. Parkeb. — Playing three-day 
6tands, are you ? Well, how goes it? 

A LOT of predictions made by "the perne- 
rators of these "mutterlngs" are coming true. 
Egotistical, you say? Not at all. 

Habrx W7 Wright and Habuy S. Notes 
are two general agents that are bard to beat 
If anybody aslis you. 

Johnny J. Jones. — So you are not coins 
to stay out all Winter any more. Johnny J., 
some sense to that. Do it 

West Sidb Couuebcial Clcb, St Paul, 
Minn. — What carnival is going to play your 
celebration this time? Moral— Get a good 

Punch Whbeleb, — Ten columns of ad- 
vance mention in three dallies is some 
record. Punch, it the typewriter had not 
stopped to shave himself what would bavo 
happened? "Now open' 1 is a good catch line 
for ads. 

Managers. — Managing and routing a car- 
nival baa been reduced to an exact science. 
Are you a carnival scientist? 

Job FixinEY,— Thanks for the good things 
eald about The New York Clipper. Best 
wishes for all the he and she "mermaids," 
CharleB Hodenberg, Martlne, Inez Fanjoy, 
Adele D'Young and Ame M. Ames. - 

Alonzo Scelsi Is again directing the 
Italian band with tbe Smith Greater Car- 
nival after a stay of three years at bis home 
In Naples, Italy. Alonzo, welcome back ; you 
are one of the real ones. 

Cuius M. Smith calls attention to the 
fact that the Smith Greater Carnival has 
been first lu a great many things, among 
which are: To use the title "Greater," which 
lias gotten to bo synonymous with carnivals ; 
the slogan "coming your way," quite gen- 
erally used on carnival stationery; first 
Sortnble Jumping horse carrousel, "The 
lurdlers," with $1,400 Incandescent lights 
and a *5,50O Bcrnl orchestrion : first gaso- 
line engine for motive power and first port- 
able electric light plants ; first three-lu-oue 
ehow, managed bv Prank Thornton at the 
(North Carolina Stato Fair at Raleigh in 
1800; first to "bill like a circus," doing 
country routes with paper, cloth banners and 
heralds ; among the first to operate "cooch" 
ehowa, so-called "graft*" and confetti; among 
the first to own their own rolling atock on 
which to transport the paraphernalia. Among 
the first to create a press department and to 
recognize the potent value of newspaper 

Thr Smith Trained Wild Animal Show 
now features an eight Hon act and an ele- 
phant. Must bo some strong Bhow. It Is, 

Good folks, save up your money, the car- 
nival is coming. 

S. W. Brundaob.— Ton did not tell us yet 
if you finally succeeded lu putting the Ferris 
wheen on wngons ? S. W., lot us aavc It. 

John F. McGuail Is operating a theatrical 
booking exchange In Chicago. John F., n.e 
you ever going to canrnl-val again. Caiiu.l Halhby has been making 
Pittsburgh, Pa., his headquarters for imo 
time past. £cta Cabell bad some carnival 
experiences once. Thanks for the boosts for 
■in Old Reliadi.e. 

To all In She tamdvirj business. — Be 
sure and get Thb Niw 1'oek Cluteb next 



Dolls goarant«e<l to be nnihrlnkable from head to toe and always WU1 re. 
tain original size. Largo stock on hand. Shipments made strosnptlT. 
Sample* sent on request, 33 per cent, deposit on orders, balance C. O. D. 


"Tint KINGS OT 1M at.t. " 

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Local and Long Distance Phone, Chelsea, 3131-3133 

tents h;i banners 

(SIDE 8H0W1 

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week, bearing date Saturday. June 20. Big- 
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for William Judklns Hewitt (Red Onion), ad- 
dress his week General Delivery Hutchinson, 
Kan. Permanent address, care of New York 
CuprEB 47 West Twenty-eighth Street, New 


Manila, P. I. 

JAN. 30 to FEB. 7, 1915, INCL 

ATTENDANCE, 280,000 

Correspondence Invited for 
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JUNE 13 



ccooocccocccococccoocooooc^:ir> w ^x;;:xxK»cccocccoocii 


Clipper Dor«B, 5 South Square Cra 7 'i inn, London, W. C. 

One person s.t any rate la never In doubt 
■.. to the value and Importance of Israel 
/nugwIITs plays. That is Israel Zangwlll. 
\ week ago he complacently remarked ot 
•■Plaster 8atot«," Which was produced at the 
I'oaicdy Theatre on Saturday, that It would 
surely provoke a controversy. But It has 
■iot done so. It has been recelced by the 
critics with nrnch restraint, merely es a play 
<•( the second class ; certainly not as a chal- 
lenge to a controversy. Its craftsmanship 
is faulty. Its humor Is trivial. Its satire it 
too savage, tt Is curiously rich In lines which 
leapt the audience to laugh at Ihe author, 
not with htm. As. for Instance, when a 
woraan comes to a cterytryman to unpack her 
troubled soul of a confession, he says "let 
me get yon a glass of water." 

Dr. Rodney Vanghan, a non-conforming 
.V.rinc, Is the dominant figure of the play. 
Dr. Vaceban was an eloquent preacher an 1 
busy social worker. Incidentally he was an 
ti.termlnable talker. He had a common In- 
trigue with his typist, who left his employ- 
ment to bear n rhild. Eventually this came 
to the ears of his wife, an urer prudish 
woman, who only saw one course open to 
him. He must make public confession of his 
sin. most submit to a divorce and marry the 
trplst It was the typist herself who settled 
Hie question. She had probably been to see 
"lllndle Wakes;" at any rate, she bad no 
further use for Dr. Vaujrhan, and married 
elsewhere. StIU, Mrs. Vaugban said there 
must be public admission of the wrong doing 
ago expiation. Dr. Vanghan mid no. but 
sild it at great length. His point was that, 
as a sinner, be knew how to deal with sin, 
therefore It was for the good of the com- 
munity that De should appear In his pulp)*. 
with unshaken credit His pretty daughter's 
love-match saved the situation ; for ber sake 
lire. Vanghan agreed, to be silent, and so 
the play ended In a few words. "Plaster 

good, and does not even make a go 


Jerome K- Jerome tried to work on a 
plane too high for his mental and mechanical 
equipment wlicn he wrote "The Great 
Gamble," produced at the Haymarket on 
Thursday last The result Is a very tire- 
some p'ay, redeemed by an occasional glimpse 
of humor. Mr. Jerome meant, It Is plain, to 
be picturesque and philosophical and fantcs- 
ilc. and lust a little daring, but he docs not 
rcal'Ke bis ambitions. Tbe scene is a beer 
garden on the outskirts of a German univer- 
sity town. Student life has formed the char- 
acters of most of the persons represented. 
Students hover in the distance, tbe refrains 
of their song point the moral and adom the 
tale. The aged Scottish lady wno kept the 
garden nurtured a beautiful girl, a relative, 
as to whose past there Is a mystery. It Is 
no more than that her mother, supposed to 
be dead. Is an outcast. The maid Is beloved 
by a young American who Is silent, because, 
In his life, too, there is a shameful secret 
It Is father was a crook. The foolish chit 
dren bridge over this preposterous gulf of 
course. More interesting than this elabo- 
rate romance Is the comic underplot An 
amorous colonel ran away impulsively with 
the moon-struck wife of a London tradesman, 
and Immediately regretted his Quixotic act 
After an amusing process of adventure he 
restored her to her husband, whom he ms 
able to. assure that all the time he had re- 
spected her as he might have done his own 
Bister I 

"A Little Lamb," the ferco from tbe German 
which Philip Michael Faraday produced at the 
Apollo Theatre on Thursday, la of the bad, old 
Criterion kind. Probably ruthless excisions from 
tbe original have made the remnant poor and 
crude. But In his time Arthur Wlmperli lu 
written good dialogue; not so In this case. Tbe 
'Little Lamb" from whom the play takes lis 
name la the Hystericus offspring of a Spanish 
dancer who, having had an affair with each of 
several gentlemen who ought to have known 
tetter, circulated anions (hem the picture of a 
child with the inscription: "Here 1 am, your 
little Lamb." In return she secured from her 
terrorised admirers a series of Incomes. Twenty- 
fire years are supposed to hare elapsed before tbe 
dramatist take, up the tale. Madame Dubonnet 
had meanwhile become the dominant llgnre of the 
little circle ot reprobates. Monsieur Dubonnet 
was a mustard manufacturer. His calling was 
selected apparently with the object of per- 
mitting the dramatist to get In a little humor 
■boat "hot sluff." Madame Dubonnet was a 
dragon of virtue. She ran a purity league. 
The four or Ave or six elderly gentlemen who 
believed themselves to be responsible for the 
little Lamb — It boots not to count them ex- 
actly — iwere all unwilling members of madame's 
league. Additionally, there was a smart young 
lawyer who wanted to marry Dubonnet's daughter. 
Be was not acceptable to the family. But he 
got hold of the little lamb story, and with a 
shameful disregard for the amenities ot his pro- 
fession coerced Dubonnet to consent. The supreme 
Joke will have been guessed by the experienced 
playgoer. There never was a little lamb. The 
Spanish dancer had fooled them all 'round. Al- 
though, for the humorous development of tbe play, 
an asslnlne youth I. made to address everybody 
as papa. The audience assembled In the Apollo 
Theatre on Thursday laughed freely, and the play 
was enacted rather better than It deserved. 

"Qrxunpy" has pleased London Just as much as 
It pleased New York. The booking ia "tremen- 

For the Actors' Pension Fund, the nerformuice 
of "Tbe Silver King," by celebrities, at His Ma- 
jesty's Theatre, before the king and queen, Has 
realised S8,B00. 

George Edwardes might revive "The Merry 
Widow, 1 ' In succession to "The Marriage Market," 
at Daly'.. 

Marie Tempest has bad to admit a failure In 
respect of "The Wynmartcns." She will imme- 
diately revive "The Duke of KlUlecrankle" at the 

. On Jane ft "The Story of the Rosary" will 
be withdrawn from the Princes' Theatre, and 
thereafter remitted to America. 

Os Monday night "The Land of Promise" was 
played for the one hundredth time at the Duke 
of York's Theatre, and on Tuesday night, "Mr. 
Wo" was played for the two hundredth time st 
•he Aldwyeh Theatre. "Mr. Wu" Is to be followed 
by a revival of "The Silver Kins." 
Sir Arthur Plnero took a birthday on Sun'inj. 
Martin Honey and his wife are safe home from 

George Bernard Shaw has told Ihe promoters 
of the People's Theatre, where they pl.y Shake- 
speare for a nickel, that they can play his "Fyr- 
maHen" for nothing, "bloody" and all. But the 
general opluton Is that unless Mrs. Patrick Camp- 
bell says the naughty word, It will not count for 
so much. 

Alfred Lester, the comedian, has gone to Italy 
tor a long holiday. 

'Allele 1, la due at the Gaiety tonight, In super- 
sesslcn of "After the Girl." 

Horry Louder has Just republished bis autobio- 

Mstt O'Brien, known to every nctor as the pro- 
prietor of Rule's Saloon, ih Maiden l,nne. Is rtenrt. 
ills wife «'m . popular actress as Carrie Jailer. 
Gaby Detljs Is again In London. 
8am Bernard, who Is shortly to make his ap- 
pearance here «n "Tbe Belle of Bond Street, 

one recalls, . Birmingham boy. 

On Thursday Robert Courrneldge will produce 
st the Shaftesbury Theatre a version of "Die 
Klno-Konlgen." entirely different from "Queen of 
the Movie.." It ha. been prepared by Jack 
Hnlbert, the young actor who Is to marry Oleely 
Oourtneldge. and it la to be called "The Star of 
tbe Cinema," 

Anna 8ra.nn.rd, tbe American artreaa now for 
•ome years resident In London, Is giving a recital 
r< Roasett's poem., with Illustrative living pic- 
ture, formed by thirty of tbe theatrical celetrrttles 
of the day. 

Helen Mir give, ber annul matinee at Stein- 
way Hill on Monday week. 

Emeat Warner, a nephew of Richard Warner, 
has acquired Nathan'. Agency. 

Alfred Hutt waa the buyer, at public snctlon. 
ot the Globe Theatre and the Quecu'a Tbeatre, 
for 1330,000. 

Tom Reynolds, appointed by Alfred Butt, stage 
manager of the Empire, was for a long time a 
member ot Irving', company. 

Oxford profit, were down 120,000 during The 
last completed year, and the dividend was reduced 
from nine per cent to seven and . bait per cent 

Fr.ocl. ft Days, handling "You Made Me Love 
You" In this country, have seenred an order <f 
the courts prohibiting Bert Feldman from wiling 
a "reply" song, called "You Didn't Want to Do 
It— But Yon Did." The* contention waa that 
Feldman'a song, under the guise of a "reply," 
wa. really nothing but . copy. 

Stephen Townsend. the husband of Mrs. Hodg- 
son Burnett, died after a long illness. He whs t 
qualified surgeon, but, as Will Dennis became a 
useful actor. ■ He wrote some pUys and several 
novels of merit. 

Gaby Dtslys has been seenred by the Famous 
Players Oempnny. and proceed. Immediately to 
work at tlielr Paris studio. The Famous Players 
are sending Mary Plcltford on a world's tour. 

Reynolds and Donogon open nt the Loudon 
Coliseum on Monday. 

Ernest I«pard, so long manager of the Canter- 
bury, more recently of the New Cross Empire, 
has Joined the bookinc committee of the Mo*s 

Tom McKaghten and Alice Lloyd were snfe 
rrrlvals by the tusffantj. 

Louis Meyer, who has been 111 since his return 
from America, has gone to the beach to recupewte. 

Lydla Yarorska announces the last nhrbts of 
"Anna Karenlna" st the Seals. She will next 
revive "La Dame anx Camellias." 

Charles Frohman lirts arranged wit* Frank Cur- 
xon to do Michael Morton's "Yellow Ticket" at 

Saints" discredits Ihe clergy for no public 

good i 
la tbe process. 

jr.-,' - .-. .,,. 1 -^..-f.;-.r>' ; rr*««i 

~- : < ■ ..vVr'.' 'l-'^-iiu 


Jjj£f8='S3«H?5r«:-"'*' : 

»wj*. \-tJf- 2 v* £J£iHtfA(kjC* 

^jSP ■ B£& i*! 

vSL ■ 


9k ' jm 

Hi 'l 

'■V- ' ' ■ 1 

XSafl ' IF - ifB 

LaaK * 

'■■^ftsr .aWr^Bw^ *g 



BP* 'SH 

ffiSffr*^'* 1 'fl 

8§s3#v * ' 'ifl 


gss^ >M 

SBf r T r > 

K&js&v? '^H '^H 


5^J3ft$*Ti~ /. v ; 

ss ■-JHnvL. i 

iLaura Laird, who Is at present resting 
with her folks in Omaha, Neb., after having 
finished a long season with several Broad- 
way attractions, and In vaudeville under the 
management of Arthur Hopkins, is preparing 
a single which she is trying out in two or 
three towns in the Went with great success. 
Miss Laird expects to make her debut in the 
big time in the East this Fall, with a com- 
plete new act and a beautiful line of ward- 

' tbe Prince of Wales' Theatre in Ihe Autumn. 

Max Hlrschman, a German, waa fined 950 or 
sixty days Imprisonment, at Aberdeen, for treat- 
li« a boy acrobat with cruelty. 

Some locations for Monday next are: Eddie 
Howard, Empire, Preston; De Biere, Empire, 
Hackney: Stoddart and Hynes, Hippodrome, 
ilulme; Moooey and Holbein, Pavilion, Liverpool; 
B. 0. Kncwles, Alhimbn, Morecauibe ; Charles T. 
Aldrlch, Hippodrome, Golders Green; Scott and 
Whaley. Queen's Theatre, Poplar; Paul Clnque- 
valli. Hippodrome, Portsmouth ; Ciunpbell and Bar- 
ber, Hippodrome, Portsmouth: (.owenwlrtu. ami 
Cohen, Hippodrome, Liverpool ; Haymm and 
Franklin, Empire, Glasgow; May Moore Duprei, 
Empire, Liverpool; Fred Dupres, Empire. New- 
castle; Jen Latona, Empire, Newcastle; the Four 
Beading.. Empire, Sheffield ; Clarice Mayne, Palla- 
dium; Walker and May, Hippodrome, Ilford. 

Harry Tate promises the publication of bis 

Gllday and Fox write cheerfully of their success 
in Australia. 

Jack Norworth Is here — he opens In the Hippo- 
drome revue on Monday. 

Diamond and Brennan make their London debut 
it the Victoria Palace on Monday. 

Cyril Maude Is diligently plugging his scheme 
for the establishment of an actors' home here, on 
American lines. 

Having achieved a hundred performances. "Tbe 
.Toy Ride Lady" end. her career at the Gorrlck 
la'roed lately. 

Lester Donahue, tbe Collfomlnn pianist, enra 
an effective recital at gietoway Hall on Wed- 
nesday. . 

Wllkle Bard Is making a hit at the London 
Pavilion this week, with his new song, entltlod 
"The Hall PoTter." 

On Mei'dny week Oswald Stoll liitrorfnces Ms 
new Scandinavian dancer, Bmche Smith at the 

Alfred Burt reveals the name of the mysterious 
dancer whom he has persusded to return to the 
West End stage. It It Mordkla. who Is to play 
a prominent part In the new Empire revue, with 
Balascbowa, who succeeded Pavlowa In the esteem 
of St, Petersburg. There Is to be a tremendous 
ballet, reviving the historic glories of French 
dancing and spectacular work. 



All that remain, now for tbe Summer amuse- 
ment season to be complete Is the weather that 
Ii supposed to accompany It Nearly all the In- 
door theatres open are given over to olcturei or 
• combination of vaudeville and pictures. Ths 
parks bare had a fairly good Mart. 

Colo •< hi. (Charles Frohman • Wm. Ilarrli. 
mcrs.) — 'The Misleading Lady" enter. 8. on the 
sixth week of It. ran at this house. Guce Bar- 
bour now assume the leading role of Helen. 

Plyxovtu (Fred E. Wright, rag.-.) — Sevml 
new member, appear In the rut of "tinder 
CoTcr," sow In Its twenty-slalh week. Vera Hel- 
lish his taken Lola Flahrr'a part as Nora, and 
Brwst Cotsort I. seen as Michael Harrington. 
The engagement will tocroluite July 4. 

CUstls Sooisa (John Craig, mgr.J — The ptiy 
this week, the farewell week of the season, la 
the farce. "Baby Mine." The revival of "Tbe 
End ot the Bridge" was thoroughly enjoyed 
by good-sired audience*. 

ra.Mo.KT (Jno. B. Schoeffel, nor.) — Second 
week of the motion picture play, "Neptune's 
Daughter." In which Annette Kettermann Is seen 
as the heroine. The pletnres are rem triable 
for clearness and beauty, wMIe the itory Is di- 

Con (J. E. Oort mgr.)— One of Ihe most In- 
teresting, amusing, and at the ium time. In- 
structire set. of talklng-uotloii picture, ever 
seen or "beard" In this rlly, are being shown 
at this bouse. Lyman II. Howe's Trtvel Fes- 
tival I. lu tt. second week. 

Boston (William Wood, mgr.) — Second and 
final week of Joe Weber and Lew Fields, In 
"Hotay-Potey," brought cut very good sited 
Louses, ills bouse, which Is under the Keith 
managenHnt, is now closed for the season, nothing 
being annouueed for the iininedlite future. 

M.UE8TIO (Wllbur-Shubert Co., num. ) — The 
third week ot the motion pictures, "How Wild 
Animal. Live," begin. 8. linelnes. Is increasing. 

Wnsux (Wilbur Tbeatre Co., nigra.) — This 
house ck>r«d Its sewoo May 30. It waa origin- 
ally Intended to close the scuou with the ter- 
mination of tbe lire weeks' engagement of Dorli 
Keane, In "Romance," but Wm. A. Brady wished 
an opportunity for a tew public performance, of 
his production of the new comedy, "Sylvia Runs 
Awsy," which opened here May 27, to eneble him 
to decide upon Its availability aa an attraction 
to open the season at his theatre In New York 
licit August. 

Keith's (Harry Gustln, mgr.)— Tola week'i 
billing says: "Grand Carnival of Fun, a Shower 
of Mirth. The eaoees are Bert Melrose, Bwor 
and Mack, Ryan and Lee, Colonel Diamond ind 
compirw of dancers, Julia Curtis, Stella Tracy 
and Victor Stone, Asard Brothers, and Vlnie 
Kanfmann. An Interesting feature of the K«Hh 
show Is "Boston In Motion," local current events 
Wing shown In pictures. 

OnrHtuM (Victor J. Morris, mgr.) — RIO: Ro- 
land West company, Hilton and Wyre, Sam Har- 
ris,. Poliln Brothers snd others. 11-13: Mr. and 
Mrs. Perkins Fisher, Oscar Lorraine, Cabaret 
Trio, Lyrlca and others. Many exclusive pictures 
lire exhibited weekly. 

St. Janes (Marcus Loew management). — First 
three days: Mr. and Mrs, Perkins Fisher, Oscar 
fiorralnr, Cabaret Trio. Lyrlca and others. Last 
three days: Roland West Players, Hilton an'l 
Wyre, Sam Hrrrls. Poliln Brothers, snd others. 

GonnoN's Olyvfu (John E. Oomerxord, mgr.) 
— Week of June 8 bring, to this house La Parvi, 
Hendrlx nnJ Psdula, Harry Nelson and oompsny, 
Laurie and Ellen, Schrode anil Chaiwllc, ami "The 
Maid ot the Orient." 

Glob. (Robert Janette, mgr.) — Tho Sanmvr 
policy Is now on, an entertaining pKgrszn of 
vniidcvllH end pictures l*lng given. Vaailerllllans 
this week are: Nlblo and Spencer, >.be Delmoats, 
Tholes and Sillier, Haggerty snd Lo Clow, and 
Henry Murpby. 

Buou (James W. Craig, mgr. — No natter what 
the weather changes are this bouse always steins 
to be well tsken care of In the matter of attend- 
ance. Once a patron always a patron seems o 
be the slogan. Week of 8: Fforonc* Robert?, 
Fred Webber. Robert MllHs. Oorlln and Roberto, 
Merida Eltryn, and Gwendolyn Ashley, who Is 
very highly spok» of as an accomplished violin- 
ist. Quite cut of tbe ordinary. 

IUiuoon Pibk (G. A. Dodge, mgr.) — Tbe first 
week of this New England sesshore resort was a 
record breaker In the matter of receipts, and Wm. 
H. Wolffe la to be congratulated for his selections 
In the attraction, booked. Edna Leader, Three 

of Wll-in. Mr. Craig's seventh season 
will opes early la September. 

Mis. Johk J. Qoiolxt, mother ot John J. 
Qolgley Jr., theatrical boohtng agent. In this city, 
died at ber home la Jamaica Plain. May so. 
Funeral aervteea were held June 1, and attended 
by many Mend, la the theatrical profeaslon of 
Mr. Qulfley Jr. 

Tna engagement Is announced ot Alice Sheehin 
and Francis J. D. Ferguson, business manager snd 
treasurer ot Ih* Boston Theatre. 

Tna one perfontMnce of the Lambs* Gambol 
at Boston Opera House, 30, netted that organisa- 
tion about »7.000. A performance at Werctvtcr 
on the afternoon ot the same day brought out 
about $1,400. 

John F. Rotai* the Boston newspaper young 
mm, who la now manager of Keith's Cincinnati 
boose, Is n.dly missed at the local ball parks, as 
be was coo of the dyed-in-the-wool fins. John, 
however, must be ratlaucd, as Ihe city he I. now 
In can lay claim to a ball team that Is caus- 
ing some uncaalners. 

Mimi friend, of "Billy" Lang, rauutger of the 
Bortou once of the Leo Feist Music Publishing 
Co., gave a birthday dinner In hie honor at the 
Hotel Woodcock. May 28. William Fay acted as 
toaatnaater, and a dosen or more vaudeville acts 
fornlahed the entertainment. Mr. Lang waa 
warmly congratulated for bli work In behalf ot 
the Louis Gold benefit, ind the newiboys' organi- 
sation expressed, ofBclilly, Its thanks to him for 
his efforts. He wa. given a cigarette case by the 
newsboys, a watch and chain by his employers, 
and many other gifts by guests present at the 
dinner. Arrangements for tbe affair were In 
charge of a committee composed of reprcsentatliea 
of the newsboys and William Day, Harry Roltno, 
Jiok Hewitt Richard Christy and May Green, of 
tbe Boston Leo Feist staff. 

Lbxinoton Pa.k was open May 30 and 81, hnl 
the regular season does not begin until June IS. 

A. H. n.UlKLIiY, 

Of the General Stall In advance of the 
General Amusement Co. 

Greenfield, Ma... — Lawler (f.awler Bros., 
nigra.) pictures snd vaudeville. 

Victoria (L. Ronewlg, mar.) — Pictures and Il- 
lustrated songs. 

Buou (Ii. Streeter, mgr.) — The phctcdrama, 
"Creation,'' June 8-13. 

Noras. — "The Gentleman from Mississippi," nt 
the Lawler, under tbe auspices of 11. of 0. Oonn- 

cel, wu very rood Wyoming Historical Wild 

West la booked to show here 12 N. J, Law- 
ler, better known as "Nlckle," attended tbe meet- 
Ing of Eaatern Theatre Managers Association, In 
Philadelphia, rnd was honored In being elected 
a director of Ihe association. 



Loew Time. 


United Time. 


United Time. 

M. 8. BODKIrT, 

Genera] Amusement Promoter. 

Perry Sisters, Mile. Flffl, Blllle Meyers, Rosa- 
mond Msrtln, Marie Camlllc, Amy Evans and 
Art Spauldlng were recorded as favorites from the 
stirt Holding over current week are: The Max- 
wells, Floretta dark, Mahr and Dwyer 8l»ters, 
and Alice De Garmo. 

NoatnfnnoA Paaa (Carls Alberts, mgr.j— "1 
Should Worry," J. W. Gorman', offering, attricted 
large sited audiences to the open air «beatre.. 
Current week's bill: Le Roy and Arthur, Verdi 
Quintette, Daring Darts, the Nagels. and others, 

Scollat Squabs (Gordon A Lord, mgrs.) — 
Week of 8: Deland and Oarr, Violin Beauties, 
Martens, Nevarro and Mareena, Aahton and Mim- 
son, Jimmy O'Brien Trio, Elliott and Mulllo, and 
Bnrigfat snd Stone. 

Bownonv Squabs (George E. Loihrop, mgr.)— 
Violet Mascotte's Merry Maids. Morton and Rossi, 
Baker and Hurray, Tom Hefron, and the motion 
picture "Strangle!* of Paris." 

New vaudeville and motion pictures at ths 
Shawmut, Exeter Street, Washington, Old Booth, 
Star, New Palace, Oomlque. Olympic, Ordque, 
New Back Bay, Hnntlnrbt Avenus, Eoxbury, 
Harvard, Hamilton, Wlnthmj Hall, Bagls, Puri- 
tan Apollo, Dreamland, South End,, Congress 
Hall, Orescent Gardens, Gem. Day Square. Cam- 
bridge, Scenic Temple, Superb and others. 

Tn. new musical comedy, "Phyllis." cane to 
an abrupt close at the Oort, May 80, with the 
arrest of James O. Gray, author, and Cgiarle. 
Phillips, the manager of the compiny, for debt. 
The piny wm hardly a week old snd In the first 
live week, that the company had been rehearsing 
and playing, .'Is members claimed fist they hud 
received Just one week's pay snd . I, elf, the half 
weeks' remuneration having been paid them almost 
two weeks before May 80. Ia the company were 
twelve principals, twenty-two cboro. girls, ten 
chorus, men, a negro orchestra and two special 
dancers. Mantilla and Lloyd. This Is Mr, Urat's 
third unsncre»«ful venture In this city. Ills 
"Country Girl" and "Toe Courtier." met a sun- 
liar fate. 

DrtacTLT after ths close of his season at the 
Castle Squrre John Ctolg will, as nsusl. nskc . 
trip over to New York to secure pirns and alga 
contracts with pliyers for Us coapsny of the 

Haverhill, Mas.. — Academy (Joo Alack, 
mgr.) motion pictures and Illustrated snngs. 

Colonial (Wm. E. Kurber. mar.) — Jose L. 
Laskey's photoplay. "Biewster's Millions," anil 
illustrated myrs, Juno S 13. 

Osrasoji, Ecxnio TaMi'ia, Majehtu sn-1 
OsowN, motion pictures only. 

Nora.— La Tena's Wild Anunil 01 re us exhibited 
here 8. 

San Diego, Gal. — Spreckeli' (Dodge & 
Hayward, mgrs.) "Peg o' My Heart," with Peggy 
O'Neill In the title role, scored a hit May 27-20. 
War pictures featured reek of Jnne 1. 

Kurasis (B. Beers Loos, mgr.) — "The Acid 
Test," with ths author, Austin Adams, playing 
the leading role, closed s two weeks' run here 
Jnne 7. ,T Whst Happened to Mary" 8-14. 

GArsrr (Roy Van Fossen, mgr,)— Exposition 
Stock opened to good business In "The Chorus 
Lady" May 28, followed by "Freckle." week of 
June 1. "The Traveling Salesman" 8-14. 

Bavot (Scott A. Palmer, mgr.)— Bill for week 
of 8: Lottie Mirer and Diving Nymphs, Racked. 
Hoover and Marker, Cornalla and Wilbur, Laskv's 
Six Hoboes, and Keystone comedy pictures. 

Majbstic— -Revue Girl, and vaudeville, 

Noras.— The Princess formerly a vnmlcvlllo 
theatre, which was dark for several weeks, re- 
opened Msy 30, with pictures. Geo, R. Koarns, 
manager of Ihe Onilno snd Jewel, will conlrol ll'o 

Princes., end will show only feature lima 

The Panama Csnsl Extrsrnganr.i Company, trhlet 
will exlblt at the Exposition here. Is fitting up 
sn Illusion theatre on Fifth Street, and one st 

Wonderland Park, Ocesn Bench Dick Romp- 

sell Is directing the v.udorllle performances st 
the Casino. Wonderlsnd. 

The Song You Are Hearing Everywhere 


By Billy Jerome and Aimer flreenberg 


148 W. 45ltt ■(., K. V. City 


El Rado Exceptionally Conven- 
ient for the Professional Woman 

There Is no troublo at all In removing un- 
sightly hair growths with Rl Undo— no mix- 
ins' of powders or mussing with pastes. 
Yon simply saturato the hair with tho liquid ; 
In • moment or two It becomes dissolved, 
and after washing off with a llttlo plain 
water not a trace of the hair will remain. 
In place of tho undesirable hair growth, on 
face, neck or under the arms, all you see la 
smooth, clear, velvety akin. 

The quick, thorough, harmless action of 
El Rado has made It a great favorite among 
society women everywhere. They now re- 
gard It as indispensable a toilet preparation 
aa cold cream or faco powder. The fact that 
many physician*, use the Ingredients In HI 
Rado for exactly tho game purpose, hair re- 
moving, allows conclusively how perfectly 
safe It is. 

Buy a bottle of Rl Rado and test it on 
your arm; if you are not entirely pleased 
with tbe result, your money will be refunded 
without question, in flop, and ffl.OO sixes. 
nt all leading drug and department stores. 
or direct from the Pilgrim Mfg. Co., New 
York. Write for valtirublo Information on 
the anatomical growth ot hair, and why It 
can be safely removed. 

Can be had at JAHBfl nnto stores, 

Oakland. Cal.— Macdonoagh (F. A. Oelsa, 
mgr.) Wlllard Mick, Margorle llarabeau Co, pre- 
sent "Bo Much for So Much" June 8 and week. 

Ya I.insRTT (II. W. Dlabop, mgr.) — The Liberty 
fltock Co. presented "Tho Great Divide" 1-7. 
"Tbe Right Princess" t-lfl. 

Oaritnuu (Geo. Rosy, tugr. ) — BUI 7-18: Desnle 
Wynh. Robert T, Halnea and company. In "The 
Man In tbe Dark ;" Matthews, Bhayne and com- 
pany, the Kramers, Mile. Oterita, ind Orphenra 
motion pictures. 

I'ANTAom (W. fl. Wright, mgr,)— -Bill 7-13 ; 
George Forde ami company, Joseph Remington and 
company, Wartenlmrg Bros., Dslnty Musette, Sklp- 

K>r. Kennedy anil Hooves, Scott and Wallace, and 
eyatono comedy motion pictures. 

Coi.uimiA (Dillon ft King, mgrs.) — The Colum- 
bia Musical Co. present "The Cupid Express" 
week of 7 

IrxiRA I'AitK <n. L. York, mgr.) — Ttavlu's 
Band and tabloid grand opera, 

IiiinAiiWAT (Guy C. Smith, mgr.) — Vaudeville 
ami motion pictures, bill changed semi -weekly. 

Oakland, CAHaav ItsuaxT,, Iiii.i,- 
man's. C'km, Ktas and (iAirrv, niullon pictures 

Mnskoarcr, Okln. — Broadway (D. Mien, 
mgr. I motion pictures to capacity houses. 

Yalb TrtsATB. (O. L. Brltton, mgr.) — Motion 
pictures. Capsclty business. 

GAierr (II. 1, Ooddsnl, mgr.) — Vaudeville and 

Oiruno Ainnoica (Ixin IlembiTe, mar.) — Key- 
stone Dramatic Block Co. Business fslr. 

NoTrs.— Feature pictures are drawing big at 
the Broadway, "Dope." "The Great Leap" and 
"Floor Above" playing to big bouses. The 
women are showing great Interest In "Our Mutual 
Girl Series," "Our Mutual Girl Weekly Mag.i- 
slno" being distributed tbe day previous to tho 
picture, tbe coupons for dress patterns being tbe 

drawing card The Keystone Dramatic Co., 

playing at tbe Olympic Alrdome, Is a good com- 
pany, numbering twelve people, with spectaitlc 
between acts. Nowata, Okla., being their next 
stop, Jnne 7 "Lucille I.ovo" continues to 

?lay to crowded houses onco a week at the Yal* 

Atlanta, Co.— Lyric III. L. Osrloss, mgr.) 
Luclle I<a Verne Co. continued to draw well, 

Obaxd (II. L. De Olve, mgr.) — Vaudeville and 
motion pictures. 

Bonita (Geo. Campbell, mgr.)— Bill Jtmo 1-fl 
featured: Cardner, Lswaoi company. For 8-11): 
l'arlnelll Trio, Kaaiplln snd Bell, and Ernest 

Ambuoik (J. II Daniel, mgr.)— Tabloid and 
motion pictures. Frank Tunny and company B-lfl, 

Ruotf (n. L. f> alv,*. mgr.) — For 8-13, Jew- 
ell Kelly Co., In "Why Girls l*ave Homo." This 
company opened hue after Ihe house dirk 
for two weeks, 

Mn.r, (A. K Jones, mgr.) — Burlesque, "Via 
Wireless," did gtod tnisiiiess. "I'atslo's Trou- 
ble." 8-18. 

MoNTaoM.nv mil Vaudette, photopljys, to 
good houses. 

Macon, On. — Princess (Angel Roterornloas, 
mgr.) Billy Board, "Parly from the Booth,' 1 
eJosed a successful engugement hero week ending 
Juno 0. Feature pictures of "The Brute" 1, 
"l"owers of Destiny" 2, "Tbe Nation's Peril" 8, 
"Our Mutual Girl/' "The Taller* of the He*" 4, 
"Jane, the Jusllcr," B; "f.uellle'o Lore" 0. 

Pamcb (J. It. Melton, mgr.) — Jack Lamer and 
Joe Comb. 1-0. Great team. Feature picture*! 
"Adventure, of ICalhlyn" 1, Paul Rainoy'. pic- 
tures 9, 4. 

Majkhtio (J. B. Melton, mar.) — Tabloids bars 
regained Uila house again, "The Gay Sisters" 
will open here with two bills for week t-fl, "A 
Cabaret Night at DclmonloD's" and "Jino's Birth- 
day Party. ' Light musical comedies reem to piny 
at this house belter tlmn pletnres or vnndoville. 

Dublin, On. — Berths (Harry P. Dlggs, mgr.) 
I* dark. 

OavsTAf. 1'Ai.Aca (Harry P. Dlgg*. mgr.) — Fen- 
ture films, "Gold" 8. r 'Tbe Twin Doufile" 0. 
"Into tho Foot Hills" 10, "Heart of tho Hills" 
It, "Tbe Acid Test" 12, ''Discord and Harmony" 

Denver, Colo. — Witch's Garden (John D. 
Long, mgr.) opened June with "Tho fljieiid- 

D.NnAM (Woolward k Hnmsn, mgrs.) — "Mrs. 
Wlggs of tbe Cabbage Patch" 7 ami week. 

Lakisids (Will T. Genu, mgr.)— This thestre 
will open 11 with Msrle Itsppold, In concert. 
Regular season opens HI with the Oleason Players. 

Bursas* (Geo. A. Bovyer, mgrr.)— Bill fl and 
week: Will Morris, Thornton and Corlew, Four 
quaint Qs, Orrllle Stamm, Diamond and Beatrice, 
and moving pictures. 

Tahos (Peter McCourt, tngr. )— Jacobs Moslcil 
Comedy Co., Indefinite. 

Milwaukee. Wis.— Theatric*!* In this city 

after June 18 will be rather quiet, all Ihe thea- 
tres, with the exception of tbe Bhnhert, either 
closing or turning to moving plclures. The Ma- 
jestic snd OrysrUl are the latest to present mov- 
ing pictures, the Crystal having been fortunate 
enough! to get "From Dusk to Dawn" for week 
of 8. Tbe Majestic has * regular run of 81ms. 
The Orphenm continues for another week, wltb 
"I** Miserable.." 

flnusarr (0. A. Newton, mgr.) — The Davidson 
Stork Co. present "Bough! snd Paid For" week 
of 8, In which Shelley Hull, the newly engaged 
leading man of this company, makes his Initial 
anpesrsnee*. Mr. null Ilia been leading man of 
this company In previous aeasons, and Hie atock 
patron* here gave him a fin* reception 8. 

Meridian, Miss.— Gem (ii. Frank Isaacs, 
mgr.) Universal and feature films. 

PsiNasss (Sol M. Sugermau, mgr.) — Gcnc?el 
Film Company's service. 

Kr.iT. (Geo. A, Griffin, mgr.)— Mutual ind 
Warner's feature pictures. 

Richmond, KTV-Grand (W. P. Bailer, 
mgr.) week of June 8, "Richmond In Motion," 
also the regular run of Wnrner Feature*. 

AuiAHsnA (S. IT. Bpnrks re*, mgr.)— Mollon 


HALF TOlvlS PICTURES Its the re.d- 
lassr paa-e. of THE CLIPPBR will b. 
In.erted at llieao price. i 

Front Page Cot (ftitLOO 

Doable Column glO.OO 

Sinsle Colnsnn f»B.0O 



June 13 




Ami. 80. 

TiiBiTB* Rotai, (J. C. Williamson, Ltd.) 
— The fame of the I>rury Lone drama. 
"Sealed Orden," having preceded It from 
London, little wonder (hat this theatre was 
picked In every part cm Saturday, April 25. 
The play la one of the beat of the Drury 
Lane dramas, and this la saying a good deal. 
It possesses a joowrcful j-iot, and the story 
Is well told. The following rendered excel- 
lent service: Btlicl Warwick. Beatrice Day, 
and Messrs. O'Ncll. Pluramer, Lincoln, Tearlc, 
Bryant and Cambourne, with c liost of auxll- 
liarlea. There are aldo many magnificent 
scenic effects, which include the deck of a 
Erltlsh man-o'-war, the Chelsea Embankment, 
the Klower Show. Hatton Garden, the Burg- 
lary, etc., etc The performance as a whole 
Is one of all round excellence. 

iIkb Majesty's (J. C. Williamson, Ltd.) 
— Ijerge and delighted audience* nightly 
greet s The Forty Thieves." Saturday night, 
April 25, being no exception to the rule. 
from rise to fall of curtain Is one long pro- 
cession of good things, nenutlful ballads, 
dances, marches, groupings, etc.. while the 
fun. In the hands of Harry Luplno and I'd- 
win Brett, never tings for a moment. The 
charming costumes and gorgeous and kaleido- 
scopic scenery arc nluo worthy of the warm- 
ist praise and commendation. 

Little Theatric (Hugh Buckler, lessee). 
— Hugh Buckler and Violet Pag*t. with their 
clever company are at prevent treating their 

ritrons to a very fine portrayal of "The Gay 
ord Qucx." Indeed, the I'lncro play has 
prnbobl> never l<cen given n hotter all round 
production than It Is receiving at present. 
The house was crowded last night, and 
heartily applauded tho p-.'ifonncni. 
C'wtebiok (J. C. WIUIaniEon, Lid.)— Fred 

meat, frolic and fun. are the wonderful per- 
formance of the Ellljct-Savonas, In their 
elaborate) nmalclscena ; Billy Fields, the Jug- 
gling anient humorist; the Shtntons, In tlvir 
spectacular vocal dancing turn, and Mile. 
Marguerite and Frank GUI, In ballroom tango 
dances. Kosa Roma, the gypsy vlolonlst, 
continues popular, and gave a welcome 
change of program, which was pleasing and 
artistic. The Five Merry Youngsters have 
returned, vastly improved, showing more 
pace and energy In their business. Bam 
Htcarn, English character comedian, and 
Marshall Crosby, baritone ball ad 1st, are the 
remaining favorites, who fill the bll to per- 

National (Fnller-Bronnan. Ltd.) — There 
were four popular re-appearances and one 
rtw turn at this vaudeville show on Satur- 
day. April 25. The new comers were the 
K-nuts. a trio of vocalists, who gave a smart 
net but their harmonizing was far from 
being perfect. The reappearances were 
1-Vrn and Llzette, ragtlm-j duo ; Fernandez 
and May, eccentric musicians, whose tum 
went specially well : the Georgia Trio, sing- 
ing comedians and dancers, and Hilary Long. 
Km loop the loop artist, who throws somer- 
saults up and down a (light of stairs. Other 
performers who make good are : Vemadc, 
I lie scrobat; La France, dissolving view art- 
ist. Tango dancing by Carl Bcntzen and 
I'liyllls Lawton ; Denis Carney, the York- 
shire comedian, while the dramatic sketch 
work of Fred C. Hagan and company con- 
tinues to he the star act of the MIL 

Sydney Notes. 

William IlAUBtoAN, a light comcdlnu, who 
arrived today oy the fl. 8. I'tnlura, to play 
In the J. (.'. Williamson dramatic comi>anles. 
lms done good work In Amnion, wlr-re his 
father, lsdward Harrlgan (we+1 do I remem- 
ber him) played for over thirty years with 

the Law" company. "Madame X" Is sombre 
no doubt, and is drawn hi grey tones all 
through, but evidently tie public are eager 
for tragedy when It Is powerfully portrayed, 
oi in this case. 

Kino's Thbatkb (Wm. Anderson lessee). 
— The Bert Bailey management nave no 
cause to regret having added "What Hap- 
pened to Mary" to their repertoire. The 
play has a grip which holds the audience 
from start to finish. Capacity business rules 
ot this house. 

Tivoli (H. D. Mcintosh, governing direc- 
tor). — The m»re one sees of Ada Bceve at 
this house of amusement the more ono I Ikes 
her. She lias a charm which Is ail her own, 
and her versatility Is a thing to marvel at. 
It isn't that she la possessed of any extraor- 
dinary vocal powers. In fact, there have been 
heaps of comediennes from time to time in 
Australia with better voices, but Miss Reeve ts 
not only a singer, but a connitnmate actress 
as wen. The other members of tho ■umpaiiy 
are: The Golden Athlon**, Tucker, the sing- 
ing violinist ; Rusell Carr, ventriloquist : Vera 
llociidale, serlo uud dancer, aad other*.. 

Pbincekb (J. & T. Tate, ■cssces). — Harry 
I>auder has been drawing crowded houses 
here, and patrons have come from even re- 
mote country districts. Scotchmen scran al- 
most to worship him, nnd attend in large 
numbers every pcrformsn.-e. The other Mem- 
bers of the company are greatly appreciated. 

Bijod (Futler-Brennan, Ltd.) — There are 
several good things here tbls week, and the 
program continues to maintain a high stand- 
ard. Chief amoDK the new comers ere Rifle 
Fay and Howard s bears and dogs. Elflt Is 
a young lady with the most mobile counte- 
nance we have observed in any Artist In her 
line to date. She Is gifted with repartee 
calculated to make the proverbial cat laugh. 
Howard's animals perform all manner of 
amusing things natue never Intended them 
to do. Stewart and Lorraine fumlsh a mu- 
sical act of a very high order. Le Bruns 
presents an Australian act, step dancing 
and roller skating Is Its main feature. An- 
other new turn is furnished by t". > ll< -a 
Vricrlo Sextette, described as "speed fiends 

artists have been showing here for soma time, 
and making things go with a swing. Here 
are the names of tie artists: The «° rT *' 
duottlsts and dancers ; Vernon and Blnglur, 
cross-talk comedians ; the Ciardy Boya^ ath- 
letes; IUsden and Lome, pattertrs and dan- 
cers, ani Harry Sadler. 


Empire (Ted Holland, propr.)— Tho vaude- 
ville company here is really fint class, and 
big crowds foregather nightly. ^ Josephine 
(Idsanan end her Picks ore Mill first favor- 
ites, but she Is ably supported by iavermifrss 
animated doll, a novel act, to which a lady 
Appears made up as a doll. Fernandez and 
Jiay eccentric Instrumentalist*, . are clever. 
Corona on the cornet, Is attractive. Oilier* 
are- Gale and Sadie. Ray Laurence. Oliver 
Recce, and Leslie and Sol Bern. 


Tivoli (H. D. Mcintosh, director).— There 
is a particularly strong bill here. The Two 

these tho Four GinneU rre a striking quar- 
tette which performs some fine equestrian 
work'. The posing and grouping of these 
artists axe good, their riding thrilling, and 
their costumes magnificent These nit una 
come to Australia with world-wide creden- 
tials. An amusing act was that performed 
by Dablado's Spanish sheep, with Ui-> assist- 
ance of two clown pigs. Mme. Heretic, the 
"mlMonalre horse-trainer," showed another 
Interesting «mim.i turn :n which some iionlcs 
and a mute did wonderful things. In the 
world of trapeze anil balancing artlns. 
Whin's have secured some of the best. Cro- 
ton and Sbermka, from New York are expert 
gymnasts, both on trapeze end other difficult 
appliances. The Brothers Boston allowed 
their powers in various equestrian balancing, 
culminating in a head-to-bead balance on n 
galloping horse. Perhaps the balancer who 
received the greatest ovation, however, was 
Albert Toulouse, who. with I he assistance of 
his wife, uses tables and chairs in an un- 
orthodox but successful manner, his climax 
consisting of sitting In a chair, which is rest- 
ing on two legs only upon a pyramid of ta- 
bles, bottles and chairs, and while la that 
difficult position successfully juggle* plates, 


It will only take you that long to 'glance 
in songs, we are going to liana you £ 
sensical junk about a dozen songs tha 
SONGS and we are featuring just TH1 
that uses ALL THREE OF THEM will? 

playing in Chicago. 


It cost u» T » bunch of money to release it tor you. It was written Uy HARRY B. SMITH and JEROME D. KERN, and never has the general profession 

"fZQ O' MY HEART", ''ISLE D'AMOUR" and ' 'CURSE OF AN ACHING HEART" speak volumes. We have had three of them goir 

A song writtehVabout the greatest game -in the world. It has Base Ball beaten in the first half. By AL PIANTADOSI 

Th» ii.«,Ynrit and Chicaeo oar>ers raved so much about it that everybody knew of it before they heard it. Then AL. JOLSON, ELIZABETH MURRAY, SA 
me new ima ««u : v - "* * r . It is the greatest comedy novel 

By the writers oi "I'm On My Way to Mandalay," AL, BRYAN and FRED FISCHER. These two 

Niblo and Josephine Cohan and the popular 
company supporting theiu eoutiuue to ingJtiy 
Uli this theatre with "Never Suy IMe." "1'uc 
fortune Hunter" will bo stogeU next Satur- 
day night. May 'i, which, will mean tho ilunl 
appearance In Sydney, a fortnight hence, of 
air. uud Mrs. b'rou Nlblo. After the de- 
parture of these popular artists, another of 
Wlllluiuion'b, Ltd., companies will appear lu 
at exciting detective ploy, "The Argyll 1 
Lake." Tho cciilral riguic. l>elcctlve Hay- 
ton, will oo impersonated by Charles M.ll- 
ward a new leading man. J. Uartlgau, a 
well known Now lurk actor, Is expected to 
urrivu by Uio next American boat, aud take 
part In tho piece. One of our oldest and 
uiost popular actors. J. W. Uaslett, fur a 
i.uuibur ot years leading man to tho lute 
ocorge lllffuuld, and of lute years principal 
slugo uiuuugcr for Ihu J. C. Williamson, 
Llu., la now in full command as manager ul 
this then ire, and 1 can csturu you, from uiy 
owu personal knowledge of this sterling art- 
ist, he Is "thu right man in lbs right place'' 

i'alaci! i Allan llooua, lessee), — The Irish 
population lu and around isytiney till tills 
uieiilre to ovurnowlng, and ii goes without 
baying Ihut Allan Doouu is u tavorltu Willi 
onu and ull. 'Ju Saturday night thu house 
was overcrowded to wlluens the comedy - 
diumu, "Molly linwn," In which Mr. L'oouo 
hcoiiu heavily, his underlie of the songs. 
"Molly's Kyes an Irish,'' "A Toast to hliia' 
and "Molly liawn," brought down thu house 
la each cute, Uarbcd us tlie Utah patriot, 
ltobcrl Lmmeit, he presented a uioat pic- 
turesque llgurc. Capable support mis ren- 
dered by Luna Keeiy aud .Viessra. Culllnauu 
and llueuley. 

AukLl'iu itieo. Wlllo;ig!iliy, Ltd.) — Tho 
lad nights oi the American uiusical nnuiiy, 
"The Aeiderlooi, ' are uuuuui-ced at tbls the- 
atre, in spue of the fact tuut tbls popular 
xuuslcnt morsel Is to be wlindiuwji, li baa 
been decided by the man.i^e.ueut, on account 
oi lite limited period ovc.' willcb tue season 
oi tbo company eiteuds, to replavu It with 
an entirely new prodir.'tlou. ilils is '■'ilie 
Mayor of Tokto," which lu America proved 
Itself a big success, uud which, when llrst 
played, run for nearly a year In one iLciurc. 
The management ol tbls llieutre nuuouiiio 
that Amy Murphy, thu wcikmiwu Austra- 
lian prima donnu, will make her llrst appear- 
ance ut the Adelpbl lu "The Uayor of Xoklo." 
blie will play Oiotu Sun, one ol the principal 

Tivoi.i (11. C. Mcintosh, governing di- 
rector). — The leading i'e-iturcj of the pro- 
tuan at till* popular Jiouso ol humor, uivrrl- 

Ills own company in New York. Ills mother 
accompanies her son on his trip to Aus- 
tralia. He has brought with him a num- 
ber of his father's successes, which he 
might produce later on. Mr. llarrlgoii's en- 
gagement, which extends to two and a half 
rain was carried out by table In oDe day 
aud a half. "Uow Is thu forUIck buslwtsV ■ 
naked Uio nowx-omer. Why, my mother had 
lo come over without Uie trunks containing 
her clothes, bo thort was the notice -we re- 
ceived. During the fourteen years Mr. llar- 
rignn has been o* the stage, tie has tilled 
many light comedy parts, ind he will open 
at tiho Criterion, Sydney, on May 0, In "ihe 

UN "board 'tho Venlurj, which arrived here 
to-day from America, was the Har'tngton- 
lleynolda' Company, brought undea- upcrlil 
uigngeiucnt to the Urm of Or*. Wlhoughby, 
Ltd., to produce "The Itoaary," one of Uio 
most successful Ameiiciivi plays of recent 
years. Mr. lteynolds, the leading nun, will 
lutorprot the role of Father Urloa Lelly, 
which was written spccully lor him, arid crc- 
uted by him In the original New lock pru- 
dcctlon a year ago, whlh the oUier mcmberB 
of tho original tost will also play their oifl 
parts. The new artists wlli leave for Mel- 
bourne by this evening's mall train. In com- 
pany witi Oea Wllioughby. who will direct 
tho production of tho new emotional play at 
the Vrincess Thcctre on Saturday, l»*jr 0. 

u K « majkstx-s (j. c. SS"B5r-H9l 

—Tho gay rovue. "Como Over Here, sUU 
uooma nt this Uieatre, and seems to be more 
atlrncllvc each Ume It Is scon. ' " Ja * lot 
of silly nonsense, many of the theatre ca- 
bituM smilingly decUn/bttt add. "it U good 
illly nonsense, though, and keeps ono laugh- 
ing." As a big proporUoa of the public 
loves to bo Ucklcd nud amused, naturally 
the burlesque wins their hearty approval. 
Tiicro Is something in It for every frivolous 
laste, and much of the frlvollng Is very ar- 
llBtic and dcvei-— eong. dance, burlesque, 
kome acting, bright nnd beautiful setUngs. 
and a perfect feaBt of gorgeous clothes of 
lutest dote and of 1'antian mode. It Is 
llko a plum pudding— a comblnaUon ot rich 

"theatre" Rout, (J. C. Williamson, U4) 
—Tho fine strong, play or "Madame X l» 
being eonllniied at this house. It li rarely 
that a "star" part Is as well supported is 

on the silver wires." They are cnUtled to 
the deaorlpUon. It suits thorn. Others on 
the bill are : Clement May, Davis, Allen and 
Pnvla, the Georgia Trio, Tern nnd Llzette, 
ond last, but not least, Bailey's posing dogs. 
Ada Ilccve'i Reception. 

A remarkable reception was given to Ada 
Koeve on Saturday night, April 18, ut the 
Tivoli, Melbourne. The audience packed the 
house from lioor to celling, nnd even then 
hundreds of disappointed ones bad to be 
sent awry. Tho booking was extraordinary. 
Ihe Thursday night preceding there wis nn 
interesting meodig bctwttn tue two gicatest 
vaudeville artists in Australia to-day. Mr. 
and Mra Harry Lauder were In the box at 
the Tivoli, and were afterwards entertained 
to supper by the only ii. D. Mcintosh. It 
was then that the pcoricss Scotch comedian 
and the "Queen of Comedy," who are In a 
way, rivals after the applause of Australian 
audiences, met lu quite an amusing minncr, 
and chatted over their latter-day experiences. 
Mr. Lauder wlto had olieedy seen tbc per- 
formance at, tho Tivoli, Sydney, expressed 
bimsc-lf that the program? he bad seen at 
the two T9voll Theatres could not be im- 
proved upon in any part of the world. He 
was highly gratified with the class of pro- 
gram provided by II. D. Mcintosh for his 
theatres In Australia. 
Harry Lauder's Melboarne Triumph. 

Harry Lauder, the great Scotch come- 
dian. Is achieving a most ccnsatlonal success 
In Melbourne. The whole of the Melbourne 
press refers to him in cordial and compli- 
mentary terms The Herald says: "When 
Harry Ijudcr faced th» packed audience at 
tho Princess on Saturday night ha took a big 
risk. He stood In a somewhat similar po- 
sition to that of the manager who produced 
Tlamlet' and vraa met hy a new-lli'ilged 
critic who remarked that It was surfed full 
of quotations. Ilia songs and speeches hive 
teen distributed all over Australia by other 
clever artists and by means of the talking 
machines and Id picture shows, and conse- 
quently every woro was more familiar than 
the quotations in 'Hamlet' to that audience. 
Pel he was the conqueror and the fact of 
hU triumph was proclaimed In unmistakable 
tcttns." The Argue says: 'He has a whole 
battery of methods at lili eemmand, nnd lit 
kaet each In turn with unerring effect." 



That Wonderful Production Ballad 


Percy Wenrich's Greatest Melody 


Eastern OH ice ; Western Office : 




lnYhls ca^se" Jiurlel'BUrr u"tbe"e**^sJh»ra; , Thiamb Ioxal (Habatt. SaAUr A <5a. 
iw, a* atae was leading ludy at thT*'Wltnl* !«»*•*•) .-^A «* Ml fcnitairy ariujtMUaa, 

Hobs, a brace of clever tagtlmcre, are first 
favorites, but the Watcrbury Bros, and 
Torny are a dose second. The Daunton 
Ebaw Troupe of cyclists ara deserving of 
praJsc for their clever work, likewise tha 
Tom Davis Trio, who perform a fearsome 
motor act on a track suspended In nld-alr. 
Other* on a drst-rlaw bill laolcds: Gabiiil 
Hope, Instrumentalist, mvt Amy totaclle, so- 

King's Tbeatrb f Fuller Brtvnan. Ltd.! — 
The bill at this bouse is good. The Five 
Musical Lassies band out one of the best 
musical acts error seen In the city. The 
ltongala'a are daredevil cyclists. Nell Cant, 
a Scotch comedian, anil May Neal, a dainty 
coubrette, who aloga and dances to perfecUon. 

■wiUTiis cincrs. 


The perennial charm with which rlrcmoit 
appear to b* Invested drew a packed nuuquo* 
to Wtrth'a, at Prtace Altml Park, on fjielr 
opening, Easter Monday night, aad those 
*ho w«*e fortuMLb* eajugh t» tata adalt» 
taaaa *vr aaay tnna w*ei are -aot. a* a 
ppf ptaaaff Ji WvaVai clr<%» taae. Of 

dishes and balls. Other noted nod successful 
arcsts were: Tbc I'lyim; Codona's, Wezxaj ■: 
Bedouin Arabs, the Rowland Family, Senorltji 
Delincta Alfredo the Flying Man, and aMKt 
of other good turns combine to make Vt lrtn s 
thirty-fouiUi appoaranre la Sydney a nolann 

Wlrth's famous iiiemigci la. In addition to 
to* above, is now large.' and better than ever. 

May 2. 

Thecf. were somo biuncrous happenings at 
Melbourne on the opening xnjht of the J. C 
WilllamFon's revue, "Come Over Here." Some 
of the artists, effectively disguised, made 
their appearance amongst the audience, who 
st times, do not know whether the alterca- 
tion that takes place between the people <>n 
the stage ond lu the f.icatorliim Is genuine 
or not. it was shortly utter Kred Leslie 
cennmenced his musical term that a lady and 
gftitlemsn appeared In th* referred stall". 
and. while Mr. Leslie, on the stage, was iiUy- 
lag a cello solo, a loud voiced argument er.- 
j"d u to the etats with which tha visitors 
Bjorlded. "Hiey as* aet the *aat* 
L" shouted the mala zeenbar of th* 

JUNE 13 



r-lr and ft nol^y «nh|1« revolted. In the 
icldst of which a policeman mads his ap- 
pearance. One of the nst>cra surMonly burst 
Into tie business xnanag«r's office with the 
jiewi "there's a row In the stalls, and a 
l oliceman has gono In.' When the business 
n:flue«cT hastily arrived, ha found that the 
lonrpMnlng couple and the policeman were 
all on tho stage making Iiarmt.ny with various 
landbella, directed by t'rwl Jx-slle, 

Ale* id \" J. C. Williamson Ltd. are making 
nrrangenjents In connection with their next 
Christmas pantomime, which Is to be "Cin- 
derella." Same Important engagements Have 
keen made In the way of m lists and spejlal- 
ties. It wiH be good news to those who have 
teen Barry Luplno, In "The Forty Tuleve*, ' 
to learn that the roan-agcroont have exercUed 
their option on the services of Mr. Luplno fur 
the Cinderella j-nnto., which, by the way, will 
be produced by Charles A. Wentnan. 

Tim stay of Fred Nlli'o and his eh iriulng 
\»ife, Josephine Cohan, In Australia, Is 
(-•wlftty drawing to a close. They leave Aus- 
tralia for America In August. 

The American idea of a backing for a 
Fong Is that If Eomeone Is singing about a 

fo the next best. As lr. the caso of the 
Gone Greene eaTopetttloiw, the audience w:ll 
M the judges, and competitors gaining the 
most applause will be accorded the rrlics. 

Bill* Fields, the clover tlient humorist, 
now performing at tho Tlvoll, Sydney was 
Interviewed a couple of days ego by the 
writer, end asked how many actual tricks l:e 
does la the course of his performances. 
'•Gee," lie raid, '-I'm hanged If I know." mil 
hi asked his brother, who nets as his assistant. 
And 9)19 assistant said "lie.!." too. and .hat 
was as far as he got. Then Mr. Fields went 
right through bis act there In his dressing 
room. Some of the tricks dovetail, as It were, 
until they seem like one long trick. They are 
all separate Items, the details In the detailed 
account, and they all lad to be practised, 
and practised, and practised until they were 
perfect. It has taken Mr. Fields seventeen 
years to bring his show up to its pre&ent 
standard. The trtck of the stick and liat 
alone took two years of that tunc. He 
explains that it Is quite sin'nlc to balance a 
stick on 1be forehead, but not so easy when 
one foot Is off the ground, and a bat Is being 
held on that foot, and still leas easy when 


Ad., and il you are in any way interested 
You won't have to read a lot of non- 
R HAPPEN I We only advertise HIT 

ch one is a positive riot and the act 

show will be of much mora than ordinary In- 
terest. Ills icccsitsB**. the Governor, Lady 

Mcilrv_> Strickland and their daughters are 
t> be present, and oth.-r leading members of 

It docs not fall to the lot of many vaude- 
ville artists to break record* in the takings 
of the theatres In which they appear, fa 
this respect, however. Ada Reeve, during her 
short stay In Australia, has i cm remarkably 
successful. To begin with, ler open in.; was 
£25 better than the best house known at the 
'llvoll Theatre, Melbourne. ,">n her second 
appearance, Hosier Monday n.cht, sb> broke 
the record by CtO, and when ine cue] of the 
week came it wa^ foun I tha; the takings f-ir 
tho six dnys were far ahead of any others 
tor a similar period. This remarkaM'.' nir- 
n fs of Miss lleevo has mart than Justified 
Ihe enterprise uf 11. D. Mcintosh In hrlnglug 
tils clever artiste to Australia. out in the White Star Liner Runln 
to Australia. Jimmy Athlone (of the Three 
Golden Athlones, now at the Tlvoll, Mel- 
bourne), and his two partners, were very 
popular with the ship's company and officers, 
and also with the passengers. Kvery morn- 
ing they held a physical culture class on 
deck, and even the captain of the ship took 
part In these exercises, and all expressed 
themselves as being much benefited thereby. 

Vaudeville "stars" have peculiar hobbles. 
We have had la Australia ladles who keep 
tame snakes, breed bulldogs, cuddle tiger 
cubs, or have a cat farm. Ada Reeve has a 
most Insipid hobby compared to these. It Is 
growing cocoanuts. This she does In Portu- 
guese Fast Africa, where she and her hus- 
band have a plantation. I'.very year she 
makes It a practice to visit the place, the 
trip being her annual holiday 

Daisy Jkkomk. the Uvc-wlrc comedienne, 
administered a well-deserved rebuke to a nvr- 
tinaceous member of th? eurtltiKO at n per- 
formance of "Come Over Here," at Her Ma- 
jesty's, Melbourne, one night during the week 
Sealed close to the front, lr. the rc*;rv.-d 
stalls, n would-be hnmoilst constantly In- 
terrupted Miss Jerome, who, In the etsrse. 
-t her customary lltt!'! speech it the c;osc 
of her performance, sharply reproved tho 

of heredity. This is indeed a great picture 
that thrill* the audience and makes them 

Colonial (J. D. Williams Co., Ltd.) — 
•'The Wild Tribesmen of Arabia" la being 
shown here, and baa proved successful. The 
picture gives an Insight Into their lives nnd 
ways, and is aenaattonal as well as Interest- 
ing, because of the strange men It pictures. 

EJirRESH (J. D. Williams Co., Ltd.)— "Tho 
Terrible Alternative," a story of the "Un- 
speakable Turk" and hla peculiar way of 
doing away with those who oppose him, Is 
screened hore dally and nightly. There Is 
plenty of sensation and swift action. 

Amrrican I'ictubk 1'alace. Ltd. (Mart's, 
Gcrghan, mgr.) — "Ufc's Hitter Dregs," a sen- 
sational unci high-class society drama, holds 
sway at this theatre. There arc 3.0(h) feet 
of Miperb acting and retting*, by the cele- 
brated Clnes Co. Also the soul-stirring; 
drama, 'What ibo Crystal Told." 

Victoria, Newtown (A. Melville, proprie- 
tor). — "Tlio Open Door" (Sctlg) Is now be- 
ing successfully screened here. It Is the tab? 
of how a photograph of an unknown waif 
proves his Ideality. It Is a Milking story 
filled with human Interest. ' Tighten of the 
Plains," a drama of the great WtMeru world. 
Is aleo screened nightly. 

Victoria. Summer lll.l (Foes. Ltd.) — "The 
nine Rose," a delightful Vltngmpa special, 
and "The Third Degree.'* Rolh these Inter- 
esting pictures arc shown hero to delighted 

AN AGKNT'S TIME IlflOKIM) 80l.ll). 

M. C. Warn, the well known advance audit. 
wae a Ci.uticb visitor last week. lie Informed 
u* be wna married March 2n, to Charlotte A. 
McDougal. at Plttsflchl. Mn«s. Mr. Warn was 
divorced from his former wife (llnlie IV Miurnea) 
Ang. 11. 1012. at Omaha, Neb. Mr. Warn will 
be found seven daya ahead of a leading attraction 
M-ssoii of 1P14-1A. 

♦ >» 
Charles Emersoi Cook, for flfteen years general 
press representative for David Itclnaco. has re- 
signed that position. He has not as yet deckled 
upon bis future plana. 


Harry Shannon's Famous Show wis caught In 
a storm May 37, at St. Marys, O. The b<( tent 
went <k>ivn In less time than it takea to tell about 
It Two of the big polos were broken and con- 
aUlerabto damage done, but foriiiDi'e'y no ono 
wn« hurt Tho storm caused much damage In tho 
town, a Mg plate-glass liclug blown In nnd trees 
uprooted, while ono house near tlie lot was taken 
from Its fiHimlatlon. The shov was quickly re- 
rnlred, nnd Is now on Its w:iy to Michigan. 
♦ »» 


A gnttierlug of representative vaudeville people. 
Including manager*, agents and performers, helped 
Mr. and Mrs. Alt T. Wilton to properly dedicate 
their new and beautiful residence at Manhattan 
lieach. In the heart of tlie Ideal and select resi- 
dential colony. The guests were royally enter- 
la lued. 

aj »«■ 

THE ii.vt -iiHi.b-r ii, n. 

A company to exploit M. ll.-tchrlct'* Invitation 
Railroad Is being formed In with 100.000 
one pnnnd shares. Mr. Bachelet recently exhibit- 
iil hla modela In London nnd •nteroslcd, among 
oiliers. Sir Ilerry Samuel, Major Gasrrcll and Sir 
Alfred Paget, who will be directors la the cor- 

a »» 

Ix>ln Ob Hon nnd llohv C. Jones neve married 
Msy 20 at San Diego, Ual., by the Iter. Orabtree, 
of that city. 

Mrs. Jones la well known In vaudeville aa 
"Lola, Ihe Myatlc." 


Miisioai, Walksr, who Is also known aa "Ilav- 
n-laf" Walker, has signed for the Summer with 
(Irawfonl A Humphreys' lion Ton Musical Oomcily 
(In., now in lis third week at Ihe llest Theatre, 
Itlnnlnghoni, Ala. Walker Is doing principal com- 
«-dy ami producing, nliio upcr laities. Ilia comedy 
inn-den] ael Is lirlng featured. 

I.'hank Oakmkn. Imh>i) iiiaiilnulator. nfler n sue- 
rcMsfut ser.K.n In the We^t. playeil IlnuiincrsMn'a 
the week of Muy 2.1, nn-I Is honke.1 fur a return 
eng.igeiuent Ihe week of June 22. 

SAimXY to "WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE"; the soh* hit ot CHAS PROHUatv>« .,iat«o,^ „.,.-.. , 
"THE FOIXIES Or 1914 " now pUylog to opacity at thV New A^Vtord™^}^/ n5w York U ' " T HE QUEEN OF THE MOVIES", now_ 




id 1U lautlia are sure and clean! 1^" »«i », wuahed up with IT- and now it Is up to you! 

Uten the largest numborol consecutive hits In years!. This is their greatest t Get it now! 



By the Writers of "Italian Serenade", 


Tommy Gray's Great Comedy Song 


, 135 WEST 44th ST. Parkway Bldg., 


railway train, the chonis siiould come on 
at ence and commence. laying the rails. This 
nx'thod, of hacking up a Ming Is kept to In the 
revue, "Come Over Here, ' new being played 
at Her Majesty's, Melbourne. Every aouj 
lia its appropriate setting and chorus action. 
And every action is suited ti the word. Tha 
i'»Milt Is decidedly effective In such chorus 
Dirmbers as "On Ihe Mlssissliipl," "My Uon~y 
Eoy •• "The Mlnttrel Show.^ "Dear Llttlt 
Muff," and others. It kteps the chorus busy 
all tho time, and also means a. big: stag) 
crowd, for while each set of girls) la getting 
leody for a song-backing, anctber is already 
worklt4T on the stage. The cliorua of "Come 
Over Here" Is tho strongest numerically tba 
nvicajwriont have ever to provide. It 
totals 150. 

Owino to the buocess of (he tango at the 
TWoM tango teas Sydney, nnd the numero>i« 
Ingiiirica and requests with which II. D. 
Mclnrtosh his keen Inundated, tango comnetl- 
titns will be the next Innovation at this* 
futetlons. l\i°sday afternoon. May S, will 
sta the opening of tho competitions simul- 
taneously at Srdney and Melbourne. H. D. 
Uelnueb offer* a prise of £10 and a untf 
medal for tba bast, and £2 <md a allvsr malal 

the hat has to bo kicked Into uhe air and 
caught on tho top of the stick. "You may 
be surprised tbat I did not know how many 
tricks I do," be went on "Uut I have 
never before been asked. It may bo strange, 
bat It is true. And 1 have never before 
counted them. It amazes ine, almost, to know 
there are so many of my crick* working over- 
time, and If there was a silent comedians' 
onion, I guess they'd bar me or class the 
rest aa slow workers. One reason why I 
have never noticed It, I supp<*o. Is bccauio 
there's no script to my act I can't read It. 
I can only read of It In the papers. And they 
ere very lenient with me, and generally very 
nice. I was washed ooco— but, there, that's 
anothor story." 

Tub South Sydney Hospital, and (be St. 
MnTKjrtt's Hospital for women will folntl; 
benodlt by special matlntte given by IVJrth'a 
Circus, on Monday, May 4. No efforlc* bave 
been spared to make the whole entertainment 
one of exceptional brilliancy, and tha pres- 
ence of tnch well-knrwn name* r.s Hugh Buck- 
ler and Violet Isget. Fred Nlblo anil Ju«e- 
pblne Cohan, Barry L/upIno, W. C. Fields, 
Btbal Warwick, Ueatriss Day. and otters In 
tha program. Is rjfflcawt sajtnjrte* tbat tha 

man In a few WssVdlrcttcd wcrrte. "It Is 
uot often I have Ho do this sort of thing," 
aays Mis* Jerome. "y,>:i know, there nrj 
some people who think tbat an artist on tbc 
stage la fair game fo:* their alleged huoior. 
I mn lie much a spo.*c ns anybody, but I 
think that the people who <eme to tbc show 
to enjoy themsj-ves have to be protected Just 
as much as the artist, and it la In the 
nttlst's hands (u prevent srureiess Intcrrrj- 
tlons that only annoy and Irritate." Tre- 
m<?i,tlou3 cheering greeted th.4 little lady upjn 
htr retiring from the stage. 



Lyceum (Spencers, Ltd.) — "London by 
l>ay and Nlgnt" Is the living, breathing, 
throbbing and thrilling film now nightly 
shown at this theatre to crowded audiences. 
Nothing has hitherto approached this mar- 
velous depiction of this fascinating subject, 
comprehenslng the Tower, Westminster, 
Houses of Parliament, Rotten Row, the gor- 
geous palaces, the great hotels and theatres, 
the upper reaches of the Thames, the British 
Museum etc., etc. 

GLACiABtUM (Wests Olrmpla) (Edwin 
Geach, managing director). — "The White 
Lie," West's biggest star, a story of the 
uiiderwoild. by William Le Queux la now 
being screened, with big success. Including 
the world famed nnd beautiful Mile. Regina 
Hadct. This Is an exceptionally powerful 
drama, superbly mounted and portrayed by 
a brilliant Parisian company. 

Alhambba (The Alha'ahra Co., Ltd.) — The 
program at thh theatre Is rcrv itrong Uilc 
week, the headltner, "In the Hands of tl.e 
Ix>i,don Crooks.* In flv* pert*, la most ex- 
citing. This picture la In Addition to tho 
I'susl program of dramas and conrlcs. "The 
Maelstrom" Is another exciting drama. '"Die 
Old l'artor" Is a pathetic story drama. "Tbc 
New Birthday Present" heads ibe comedy Hat. 
The Journal helps to nuke up a splen- 
did program. 

CararAL Pal^cs (J. 1j. Wl:lltm« Co.. L*d.» 
— "Offleer John Donovan" (Vltagrophl. two 

Eart speclai drama, n moxt unusual aiul 
eoutlful lMthe color. "A Plight in a lfnlrj- 
plane. Itcaiivllle to Buc. Up the Hirer Mm ;" 
"A Tango TunBlc,•■ Kcyatonc comedy, ami 
oilier pictures, urc succesefuly screened here, 

Ltiic (J. D. Williams Co., Ltd. — "The 
Seed of the Fathers," a truly fine problem 
drama. In three long reels, and featuring 
Marios "Leonard la aa ultra-powerful story 


Olio lit uler. the rjeroniii liuincrist, ln» com. 
I.lletl a llxt of original pnxluoti-ma, pome uf nlilcb 
ore herewith iireaentcd : 

The Unit Are act — Ellas, who aseenileJ In a 
Oery cr.rrlugo. 

Tlie Brat lion tamot — Daniel In tho ilen 

The first hair uthloto — Alnol'.iu, who liung by 
liln Imlr. 

'Jlie flrst muilcal act — Dan I with lit. Imrp. 

Hie drat lenor — Sokmum, tvbo sang a high aong 
of praise. 

'ihe atioogcst brosa band — The truni.-Kicra of 
Jericho, who Mew iloarn tlie walls. 

The flrst diving girl— Suhiiuh lu the buUi, wllla 
only two »pectalora. 

The flrst aword expert — Judith. 

Tlie Drat soothsayer— Joaooli, who Inlt-Tirrctfil 

Tho flrst fasUr— assasa, forty days ami nights. 

The flrst Projectoscope operator— Moaes, because 
lie thro*- light Into the darknctH, 

The flrat Juggler— Sainwn, lecause be threw 
everything to the ground. 

The flrat change arllatc— Lot'a wife, tie waa 
chunitcd Intc a pillar of salt. 

Tlie flrst tango— Tuo Israelites around tiio gol- 
den calf. *" 

Tlie flrat ventrlIo«iulat— Abrabaa, be heord a 
voice within him. 

The flrat mcnogerls keeper — Nosh. 

The flrst barmaid— Iteheccii, yhu .vnlered the 

The flrat wardrobe lady— I'uilphar'a site, she 
toolt Joteph'a mantel. 

The flrat Impresari*— Jacob, he !>oug"it nil rklita 
for a uieaa of jiottaje. 


Marc Klaw denies the publlaked report tbat 
* rancls Wllaon. on behalf at the Acton' Equity 
Aaxoelatrnn, and Mr. Klaw, on behalf of the 
United Managers' Protective Association, bave 
conferred. Mr. Wilson called a few days ago 
unpon Messrs. Klaw k Erisnger, and there was 
an InformaJ talk about Ihe Amors' Equity con- 
tract a, but Messrs. Klsw 4 Erlanger represented 
no one except tbenuelTea In the conference. Aa 
A. m ?i , * r ? t .! Kt - «' ,nc i,me Mr. Wilson called 
toe Wnlted Manager*' Protect!?* Association had 
not been organised. 

• » » 

Tl»e Nemo. One Hundreil and Tanlh Street and 
I.rradnay. N'ew York, will »« ,-lo<td for ten w"eha 
lis Increase llm veiling eapaelty nnd niclie oilier 
i Iterations. Manager Lew HMdons hna '«n trans- 
ferred to the roi'e Jamaica 'riicnti*. 

a » a> 

Cally Brown and flertrute Taylor will plsy tbs 

2 rDh *VEL ,il,> f w1Ul ** lr «*•*■ *««. "Otat* Oueta 
<kaa WYeag." "^ 

Ilowano l.'ooo writes us froni Orant's I'asa, Ore., 
May a7. ns follows: "I iiuvo closed out my hold- 
Uig» In Kl I'nuo. Tex., whldi oonalstcd of the 
, four thealrca. which your reoonla or any the- 
ntrlcal jiu|iera will allow, to asuunio the manege- 
jM.nt of the IX>n Oarlos Bhows, of which I am 
hair owner. Ixiat May I played this show, and 
at 'ince became cutliuacd with lie merit, and the 
roatilhlllty of Its derolopnicnt Impressed me so 
I then arranged to buy a half Interest, and pro- 
coeclod to dispose of my theatres in El Paso In 
order to giro tills my uiidlirldul attention, snd 
baro Just reached the ahow <May 20), which 
has enjoyed s very satisfactory buslneu, It Is 
my dtslre and positive IntenUoo to make thla 
one of the foreowat shows of America. We will 
proceed to l'ortland. Ore., and strengthen the show 
J.';' 1 ESS' *! Ptc " " ia tbm «• «ady for business 
Wc wfll be at tfie rrlaco Vslr. after then^dl 
eomnete wlih tiio best of them. At Se Oaks 

Lm ' ■ ,0 n'. lnnd ( <lu r ln « ""> »*> 'OM weeks, we 
will rebuild and gather new atock and equipment." 
Jas. Cui-s, of Hughe* and Oole. travesty team, 
had to cancel two „eeka' work on account of 
Mr. pole being laid up with rheumatism. He 
has been cooflned to his room at the Hotel 
O'llrlen Philadelphia, P«„ for ten "ay" II. l, 
iww able to be around, and will resume hie en- 
gagement at th* Colonial. Harrlsburg, Pa. 

h?SKI /uSe-fl'. ""- wT*ir * mm 

EfS W ** — returned from Europe June 3. 

"ami Vkuimim, principal comedian the past 
season, wl h JJilly Allen &., write* that be baa 
.nif.nlse.1 the Imperial Mualenl Ooiocdy Co , ," 
hey ore filling n ttnmmor eneagemmt at Hnrlng- 
hunk Park. London, Out. Tin. ioemt*rj of tho 
r^mpany are: Garden CKy, Om, WI 
Henry Oarr. Geo. Pete] and J„ck Beaton, |B 

Llrl lighten. ' mCU 1 ' e " 1 * n ' 1 Mm 

JlJl'Vo* S^FtS^SS I nm ''»''«'<"•. Africa. 
America* '° H ' '" renwmliers 

*nl'' sB "' sBfiW"" ft!'" "* fmm 5 ''- «n«. 
enn. Mich.. June 2, aa follows: "Juat a few lluca 
ror me L-ocUp cnluinn. I'm ot Ml. Olement ■ 
K.«*t of Tltth/Mllllo Price dU Mm li™w set- 
lied ns ono of the residents «f Ml. Clemens. Hare 
S.i ■' °' ■ f ^ or fol «" stopping here, taking buth., 
n J a *' tl W i < >n *>y»!« J*t» I" tho glorious Ilatb 
Wl r?' ck Nor '' m '» hore, also our 'Mt. Olen»)n'< 
SB <%<>*"*<. nn* Washlium an.1 husband, Paul 
Hell, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, turn the Bianlre, 
l/..ili.»lll w Ky.; oiadyo flodgera, of the 'Girl at 
tlie (late Co., and a lot more whom I do not 
tff'- I ;■"« ,T"«t 'Inlshrd Ihe .l„i«. Llnlcr. * 

E&Jfe t QgJ mm °" lc " so ' u,d w) " 

r,»i.A Cilhini arrived from Europs June 4. She 
will open en Ihe llan.-nerateln uZt i n »n 

Vntn and Eo. Rsimss had an accident on 
"'"•nrcyel, Jnno 4, and wtr* Uken to Beney rL» 
PU.L Erocklyn. .uUovlng from mtSSn ZH 



June 13 


has many qualities which no 
other cream possesses. It 
will prevent make-up pois- 
oning, it will not dry and 
it positively will not grow 

Supplied In half and one pound deco- 
rated screw up caos by all flrst-class 
druggists and dealers In make-up. 

Simple Prtt on Regno I. 




Bend for Professional Copies. We will 
mall them free ofcharare to professional 
gingers lending late programme. 

''Somebody I,ovcs Yon" 

'•I Vonld Love to Have a Utile Girl Like Yon, Dear" 
''At a Broadway Uabarel" 
''If Uve lie One" 

''When Yon'ro Thinking of Someone, Think of Me" 
'One Olrt Who's Bver True" 
''A Great Day Coming" 

'•We Most Keen Our Little Temper In the Ice Chest' 
''Songs That Will Uve Forever 
'•The Cycle of Utile Norway" 

*'Mj Little Southern Olri" 
'■when I Cease to Love You" 
''Under the Koscs" 

'•Why Do You Say Goodbye Sweetheart" 
''Love Beyond tho Hills" 
''My Olrl of Dreams" 
'•Dreams That Can Never Come True" 
''Ttio Forgotten llahea" 
'■In Dear Old Texas" 
'■Tlio Truest Love the Greatest" 
''llellol What's Your Number, Please" 
''Ills Salanlc Majesty's Success" 
'•1 Want to Go Home to Mother" 
''The Girl I Can't Forget" 
''The Girl Who Docs the Tango with Her Kycs" 
'•Where There's a Will There's a Way" 
'•OliI You I»erfectly Lovely Classical K-A-G" 
''Please Go Way" 
''Our Dear Old Homo" 

'■Dear Little Blue-Eyed Bahy" 

"Take Me Back In Dear Old U. fi. A." 
'■Undornesth an Old Palm Tree" 
"I'll Come Hack When You Sec YnurMlstako" 
"In Love's Fairyland of Dreams" 

''If Money Makes All the Difference" 
"San Francisco" 

"Where the Sunflower River Flows" 
"Castor OH" 

"When I'm Lonely and Thinking, Dear, of You" 

"The One Last Rag" 
"Hot If Bhe Don't" 
"If You Love Me as 1 love You" 
"That Old Virginia Moon" 
"While Dad's Got Money In tho Hank" 
"Tlie Olrl with the Dimpled Chin" 


» Oolnaabua Clrela, Haw Yosk City 


(A Poal 1 1 v • Car. tor Acta) 


Honoloa n«i, Cron-flre, ■lmitral 
Jokea, 8 Parodies, 8 Recitations, 

Epitaph a and Hundred, of Orig- 

inal Cfiags. Pries, BO seats. 

Also write Exelnilve Material. 
Anthor of over 40O nets, Includ- 
ing "Locked Out," Raymond <fc 
BMn's Success of ibis Season. 


•Til Wlnthrop At*,, Chicago 

Quick Relief for Sufferers from 


Days' Free Trial. Write today 
' Ret our ID days free trial offer 
tho guaranteed 


Relieve* i niti nt Ir - k«p» 

ihoo* In shape— ovar 

ferO.COO •ufTer«ri bene- 

- fitted. Got It OD 

freo trial— no p*j If no 

relief. Send ilso of tboet 

and if for right or left foot, 


140 >>--i*r Bui ltfli| 

a*1rw»Mh»«, Wl.* 

Medicine People 


Sober, reliable, experienced Medicine Porformore; 
htflle all in iilBlit Icttci Kiani. MANAGER MED. CO., 
Clinton Hotel, Itcnovo, l'a. 

INSTRUMENTS for Musical Art, especially 
Tap Dells. Tnpantionos, etc. 

K. DOtlMliABS, 830 N. (Oil St., 1'hllH., l'a, 


Polo Grounds 

"With Chicago, June 10. 11 IS, 13 
With Pittsburg, Jans IS, 10, IT. IS 


The Orpbeum slock, at the Caestnit Street The- 
atre, and Doraont's MlnstrelLs cooetorted tirfr 
seasons on 0, and from now until toe litter put 
of Anrnst things will be at a low ebb theatrical!?. 
This ritr la uotorteulj s bad one for Banmrt